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Masters of Fate

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11/28/2012 5:22:45   
Anamar Keth

The Masters of Fate

Focus: To help people, to provide assistance where we can.

Alignment: Good (But we will help anyone if they need it...)
(We have members that are Good, Evil, and Chaotic….)

Quote: “Fate is fickle. Sometimes it tries to ruin you, make you helpless...even kill you. Sometimes it needs to be changed. Someone needs to step in, and we’re the ones that do. We…are the Masters of Fate.”

“I was nobody back then. I lived many lives, I was many heroes. But nobody knew that. In this life, on this Lore, I was a wounded kid from Darkovia that had not ever fully grew up. One with a burgeoning salvage business near The Span. I was just a shadow that nobody noticed.
One day I was in Yulgar’s conducting some business when I overheard a brute blustering to a compatriot. He was going to form a guild, one which he would only accept the strongest, with items of great power. With warriors like these, he would quickly gain power and take over. Anybody else need not apply, they could rot under his heel for all he cared.
I thought it was disgusting, vulgar, and terrifying. What about the people that he could help with all that power? Instead he chose to use it for personal gain. Something had to be done, something to stop monsters like this from gaining too much power. An opposing force.
I would make my own guild. One that provided aid to the weak, the powerless…. When I had a chance I did precisely that. One after another, individuals, some Good, some Evil, creatures of darkness and light, others touched by Chaos found me, my brother and my wife. All bound by Fate, imbued with the mind and will to help….”
And that…is the beginning of our story….”
--Nash, otherwise known as the Hero called Nox



ArmorNox (Co-Leader)
>AKA: Nash, Nox (if you call me by character name, use Nox, not Armor or ArmorNox. Thank you.)
>PATH: Dark Knight of Atropos
>ELEMENT: Darkness
>SIGNATURE CLASSES: Doomknight Overlord, Cardclasher, Blood Titan
Most of the time, I have the Dark Bloodtear equipped as a pet, i am identified by this, and I wear the Nocturn Guard helm and Skyrenders cape most of the time. I keep generally the same look.... Nocturn Guard, Skyrenders, and dark armor, so i'm easily identified....

Yiskah (Co-Leader)
>AKA: Quin
>PATH: Bard of Lakhesis

Dieimoore (Co-Leader)
>AKA: Ace
>PATH: Star of Clotho
>ELEMENT: Fire and Light
>SIGNATURE CLASSES: Pyromancer, Elemental Dracomancer, Alpha-Omega
Wears Leprechaun and samurai related equipment a lot of the time. Also wears the Hot Head or the Dracomancer helms.


Savious Faythe
>AKA: Sav
>PATH: Graceful Assassin of Atropos
>ELEMENT: Time/Chaos
>SIGNATURE CLASSES: Chaos Classes, Time Classes
This guy is the -King- of Chaos! :D

Cobra Venomheart
>ELEMENT: Darkness/Poison
>PATH: Bloodknight of Clotho
>SIGNATURE CLASSES: Doomknight Overlord, Blood Titan, Alpha-Omega

>PATH: Follower of Lakhesis
>ELEMENT: Darkness, Ice


Elaine Chrono Faythe
>PATH: Follower of Atropos

>PATH: Follower of Clotho
>SIGNATURE CLASSES: Pyromancer, Evolved Shaman

>AKA: Nash
>PATH: Hand of Atropos
>ELEMENT: Darkness
>SIGNATURE CLASSES: Mage, Alpha-Omega, Blood Titan
My other account. Most of the time, I have the Dark Bloodtear equipped as a pet, i am identified by this.

AKA: Yiskah, Quin



>PATH: Follower of Lakhesis

>PATH: Follower of Clotho


>PATH: Follower of Clotho


Shadow the Superior
>PATH: Follower of Clotho


Noah Brennan
Moe Taha


Not a lot.
1. Help people. If you hear a request for help, you have to respond. Responding can be simple as asking, “what do you need help with?” If it’s general information, hit the wiki and see if you can find an answer. If the request is help with an enemy, help the person. If you cannot beat the enemy, request assistance from a fellow Master. If you cannot, apologize to the person for not being able to help them.
2. Respect people. Do not insult them, troll them, harass them, flame them, anything stupid like that. However, this does not mean being a doormat. If a player, including a person you are helping, insults you, break off contact and leave the room. If they persist, Report them and then Ignore them. Then tell a Fate or other guild member as soon as possible.
PERSONAL NOTE FROM NOX: I -REALLY- really don't like the word "noob." It's disrespectful. If I hear any Master saying that word in a derogatory way, they -will- get talked to seriously.
3. Have a Battleon Forums account. Most of the Masters share completely different schedules. This is to communicate with recruits freely....

See? Simple. But the internet with its anonymous nature sometimes makes people lose their manners. That is okay. You just can not be a Master of Fate. That is okay too. However, not following these simple rules may deny you help when you desperately need it. No one can accomplish everything on their own.

Also proving you’re not trustworthy will get removed too. It’s a big thing with us….

None actually. No level requirements, nothing. This guild was made in response to those with, in my opinion, inane or unfair requirements.

However a working knowledge of AQW and the wiki can be immensely useful.


The Masters of Fate is a loose Guild. We are not the most serious of Guilds out there, though we do take our guild mission seriously. We are not big into PVP, level grinding, or hardline about being active. If you are looking for those things, perhaps you should go look at one of the many other fine Guilds out there. While AQW is important to us, we hope to make it better each time we help someone, the Fates, and our members, do have other, more important things going on in our lives. We don't really stress PVP, that's up to the individual, and we only require members to be strong enough to help, and members log on when they can. Though a long enough absence will have a Fate questioning the member's status.
For those players ambitious enough to make up back stories for their characters, we have a running theme of merging the new and the old, or opposites, such as a knight in technological armor, or a good warrior using what is commonly believed to be evil classes and equipment.
But this is not necessary.


Entry into the Guild is rather fast. When you enter the Guild, most times by the mutual vote of the Fates, or the highest ranking Guild members online at the time. And an interview may take place afterwards by the others. But we tend to give anybody a chance. You will be a “Page”. There will be a one month long trial period. This period is to see to see how we mesh with the Guild and how the Guild meshes with you. After that period, if everything went well, they are promoted to “Squire” and they will have a true say in the guild. (Provided that they are online when the meeting is called. Sorry about that….)

If you have any interest in joining the Masters of Fate, please contact me, ArmorNox, Dieimoore or Yiskah. We're usually on Evil Sir Ver, or Safiria for any Masters that are non-Legends, but can be on any of the chat servers


We have in-Guild ranks based on player trustworthiness. Basically if you prove to trustworthy you will be promoted. No, it’s not a contest. It is not, such as, if you help out 50 people, you will be promoted to the Guild rank of Captain. It’s WHAT you do, not HOW MUCH. Quality over quantity. And it may take time. Or not.
This is the highest rank members can achieve. There are only a few Centurions in the Master of Fate, the Fates do not give this rank out easily. This rank is given to individuals who have proven to be the most trustworthy and experienced. They are in charge of the Guild when the Fates are away.
Captains are Masters of Fate that have taken the Guild Focus to heart. They go well beyond the line of duty. And they do anything in their power to help in general. These guys deserve this rank.
Spartans are the elite knights of the Guilds. These are individuals who proven to be increasingly loyal to the Guild, and are true Masters of Fate.
Knights are Masters that usually are senior members, that proved themselves to stable, reliable players.
These members of the Guild who have passed their trial period and proved they can be permanent members.
These are beginning members of the Guild, most times still their trial period.
Also, players that are on probation are temporarily at this rank. It will be permanent if an offense was deemed serious enough. Pages tend to be watched by higher members of the Masters, including the Fates. An informal report might be asked for, such as, “Hi, what are you doing?” or “What did you today?”

This guild is not run by just one person, it is technically led by three, though full members do get a say in how the Guild is run. I cannot do anything that will affect the Guild immensely, or can the other Fates without letting at least one other know of their plans. It is because this policy that no Officer can induct anybody without approval from at least one of the Fates.


Any standing member not following the rules, induction policy, or proving they are not trustworthy, disciplinary action will be taken upon, such as one week probation. If the member continues to be problematic then they will be demoted, or at the most extreme, removed from the Guild.

Players will have to explain what they were doing for re-induction....


However, we do have suggestions:

Any equipment that is, or resembles, the following: Needles, Wheels, Scissors, or a Stick.
Also, scythes, keys, clocks and lanterns are good too.

*=The Awe Enhancements
*=Any version of the Chaorrupter Locked.
*=The Dragonoid of Hours and/or the Chaotic Hourglass
*=Unarmed, or the Fists of Fire or the Azure Flaming Fists. (Cool weapons, used for meetings.)
*=The Alpha/Omega Class (or Alpha DOOMega). (Good class that packs a punch with Healing. Very Useful.)
*=Berserker Class (Believe it or not, very good support damage class.)
*=The Pyromancer Class
*=The Bard Class
*=The Evolved Shaman Class (Excellent farming class)
*=The Horc Evader Class
*=The Oracle Class
*=The Paladin Class.
*=The Chaos Slayer (any variant)
*=Blood Titan Class. (Good solo class with self healing capabilities. Highly useful, possibly AQW's best tank class.)
*=Elemental Dracomancer Class (or any variant)
*=The Darkblood Stormking Class
*=The Drudgen Assistant and/or Nulgath Larvae Pets. (Highly useful to other players.)
*=The Giant Mirror from Bulbug’s House Shop in The Span.

*=Any equipment dropped from Ledgermayne, or the Para-Elemental Plane. (However, we all know how difficult farming Ledgermayne can be….)
*=Any equipment from The Span is good too, except the ChickenCow. (C’mon, folks….)


We also have Guild Weapons. Though not a necessity, most of us do have them.
These can be:
*=the Gnostic Cleaver
*=the Scythe of Nibiru
*=the Galaxcythe
*=Astral Scythe of Lilith
*=The Lilth Katana
*=Mystic Bleu
*=the Raw Mana Blade
*=the Academic Acoutrements
*=the Astral Stingers
*=The Atomosian Armaments
*=the Blades of Corruption
*=the Radiant Ledgesword
*=the Supreme Arcane Staff.

If you truly do not like any of these, the Guild Weapon is not necessary and/or can be discussed.

Once your trial period is finished, you will be asked if you wish to choose a path. That of Clotho, Lakhesis, or Atropos. Represented by the Fates. DieiMoore represents Clotho on AQW, Lakhesis is represented by Yiskah, and I represent Atropos. These paths are represented by weapons, that are different than Guild Weapons.
There are some overlap between the Paths, but it’s mostly based on play style….

CLOTHO: “The fires of creation that burn away the merciless….”
The Clotho are the front line fighters of the Masters of Fate. If you like to just run up to monsters and pound them into the ground, Clotho is the Path for you, my friend! No Path is Class exclusive, so if you can deal out lots of damage with, for example, the Mage Class and you want to be a Clotho, that is perfectly okay.
CLOTHO PATH WEAPONS: The Sword of the Fanatics and/or the 8 and a Half Inch Nails.

LAKHESIS: “The waters of balance that both mend life and crush tyranny….”
Lakhesis tend to be support players. If a player needs healing, and you automatically reach for the “heal” button, you just might be a Lakhesis…. Keep in mind that support is not just healing and buffing your allies, it’s also debuffing the enemy. Classes that have heal, buff, and debuff abilities are, of course, preferred. In fact, they tend to use these abilities to great effect. However, the Lakhesis tend to use a wide variety of different classes equally well, and adaptability is preferred over even that. If you are adaptable and adjust to Classes easily, this Path is definitely for you.
LAKHESIS PATH WEAPONS: The Wooden Crescent Staff or the Scythe of Sisyphean.

ATROPOS: “The dark blades of inevitability that cut away hearts of cruelty….”
I love that line!
While the Clotho are the front line fighters of the Guild, the Atropos are the ones who have staying power to see the battle through. The Atropos prefer classes they can use not only deal out great damage but also outlast opponents. Relentlessness, endurance, persistence, self reliance, these are the qualities of an Atropos, maybe a little streak of stubborn. They tend to rely upon equipment that has proven useful to them and cast off anything that has not. Or they latch on to favored equipment fiercely.
An enemy might defeat an Atropos, but sooner or later, that enemy will fall at their hands….
If this sounds like you, the Atropos Path is right up your alley.
ATROPOS PATH WEAPONS: The Doom Scissors, or any scissor weapon available, or claws, most notably the Claws of the Astral or the Titanium Wolf Claws.

Again, if you truly do not like any of these weapons, the path is not necessary and/or can be discussed.



Be careful out there and play well….

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"Where does he =get= those wonderful toys?!"
"Well, I sell my soul, of course!"
AQ AQW  Post #: 1
2/18/2013 15:56:28   
Legion Slicer Silencer

First and foremost, congratulations on your first step into becoming an official guild, with much luck, a successful at that.

As for your goal/intention, helping people, it is a great intention, especially as AQW becomes more and more noticed, new players would require help, a kudos to that intention.

Alright, once again, congratz, and I hope to see you around.

~Legi Slicy Silency
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
3/9/2013 11:30:19   

'Gratz on getting promoted to an official guild!

It's nice to see some other guilds who are out to help "newbies" or new players.

Although I'm not too exciting I thought I would drop on by!

Have fun evolving your guild!

~Dragon/Danny, Leader and Officer of Toxyn
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 3
3/16/2013 11:04:35   

Glad to be a part of it.
Post #: 4
6/21/2013 17:25:05   
Savious 23

I like how it's set up to help others in need. if others call they help, simple.
AQW  Post #: 5
6/21/2013 18:19:44   
dragon wrath

Congrats on nearly becoming a offical guild


AQW  Post #: 6
6/23/2013 2:29:05   
Anamar Keth

Okay, i might be getting lost here. I THINK I've completed all the steps to becoming official, but we're still not on the list.... Am I missing something? Can anybody clarify this?
AQ AQW  Post #: 7
6/23/2013 2:44:28   

I think your guild is already approved, but not yet in the official guild list. It's here: Link
Or maybe he only saw your guild until now. People rarely look at the second page to be honest.

< Message edited by Swordblitzer -- 6/23/2013 2:45:07 >
DF AQW  Post #: 8
6/23/2013 9:32:18   

I would like to join. I like the goal of this guild, as it is similar to my own personal goal.
AQW  Post #: 9
6/25/2013 23:30:46   

I would also like to join the guild. My AQW character name in Powerkin. Is there still available space for the guild?
Post #: 10
6/27/2013 22:12:27   
Anamar Keth

Yes, we have a few more slots left. Sorry i haven't responded until now, i still am not feeling too well. I'll be on tomorrow andon the weekend, we can arrange a time to meet then.

< Message edited by Anamar Keth -- 6/27/2013 22:16:58 >
AQ AQW  Post #: 11
7/4/2013 14:49:10   

im waiting to see from another guild, but if i dont get in i would really love to join this guild. it sounds exciting and perfect for a hardcore player with a soft spot like me!
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 12
7/5/2013 13:42:14   
leon is awesome

hi Me want to be guild pm me
obey leon


Prize master Leon at your service!
Post #: 13
7/10/2013 20:30:12   
Anamar Keth

Okay, Salene.

SuddenlyKlutch, Squirtlet, Decimus:
You were removed from the guild because your status is unknown. If you read and truly want back in, contact me and we'll talk....

< Message edited by Anamar Keth -- 7/10/2013 20:48:15 >
AQ AQW  Post #: 14
8/30/2013 15:53:10   
Sir Dargwrath

hey guys oos has been deleted. can i join please
AQW  Post #: 15
9/2/2013 12:17:24   

Hi I would like to join because I just want to help others as well as needing help myself so yeah.

Char Page : http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=Lich%20Miraak
AQW  Post #: 16
9/22/2013 4:59:58   

Can I join?

Aqw name : oznerich123
Post #: 17
11/3/2013 0:16:40   

I'd like to join. I created a new account, been a couple years since i played, but i still remember quite a bit of info for newer players. Also i like to team up and help those that need it.
AQW name: sumchick

< Message edited by sumchick -- 11/3/2013 0:17:03 >
Post #: 18
11/14/2013 11:31:39   
Anamar Keth

sorry about the delay.
I'm usually on Evil or Safiria. Can you message when we can meet please


"Where does he =get= those wonderful toys?!"
"Well, I sell my soul, of course!"
AQ AQW  Post #: 19
11/17/2013 23:51:32   

May I join this guild? I would like to help and contribute to the guild as much as I can. This guild is awesome!
User: bnguyen101
Please PM to reply

< Message edited by bnguyen101 -- 11/17/2013 23:56:22 >
AQW  Post #: 20
11/20/2013 17:24:49   

May I become part of this guild?
Please reply.
Aq name:eddie342

I promise to faithfully serve this guild when ever I can.
Is there still space in the guild for me to join?

< Message edited by eddie342 -- 11/21/2013 17:11:00 >
AQW  Post #: 21
11/22/2013 2:20:15   

Room for one more? I'm skieth777 ingame.
Post #: 22
11/22/2013 22:27:13   
Anamar Keth

yeah, there's room. for all of you....

< Message edited by Anamar Keth -- 11/24/2013 12:16:56 >
AQ AQW  Post #: 23
11/22/2013 23:34:36   

so how can i join?
AQW  Post #: 24
12/6/2013 23:21:36   

Is there still room in the guild ive been failing to find an active one.
AQ  Post #: 25
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