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RE: =OS= Card Mechanics/Combos Discussion

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2/8/2014 15:03:07   
The Death Angel

He is perfectly fine with his Iron Hide + poisons.
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 101
2/8/2014 15:05:39   
The Jop

So which dual elements haven't been made yet? Ice/Neutral, Energy/Neutral, Earth/Neutral, Neutral/Water, Fire/Water, Light/Water, Shadow/Water, Energy/Water, Earth/Water, Ice/Energy, Light/Energy, Water/Energy, Earth/Energy, and Neutral/Energy. Only counting ones that have charge cards of another element, not just free cards like surge/empower/sacrifice.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 102
2/8/2014 15:09:42   

Water and Energy sounds cool...could be a Jellyfish type character :D
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 103
2/8/2014 15:33:30   
Gorillo Titan

I've been saying we need a jellyfish character for a while now even someone suggested one in a past contest.

A card that has a chance to stun and does damage.

A chaos card that has 1 of 2 effects 1 does 1000 damage for 7 energy or stuns the user for 1 turn.

It would go first instead of how most magic cards go after the regular attacks if it stuns you lose the turn its best to use it when you have a nice size shield built up.

A card that can turn the table when you go second in a dual I haven't figured out exactly how it would work out maybe skips opponents turn for no energy when your charge is less than 5 energy by charge i mean the energy you gain a turn.

A card that works like iron hide but for energy instead for two turns have +10 energy no matter what when it wears off you lose ten if you have less than 10 energy it goes to 0

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Post #: 104
2/17/2014 16:56:54   


A jellyfish huh? You mean like the Crystalized Jellyfish monster in AQW or something? Or like a Gell-Oh-No . .which I believe could be part of the character tree for Slime maybe?

We have petrify for that I think . . . .. unless someone adds a CHANCE to stun on cards like Powerflow and Deathflow >.>

As for your Chaos card. . .lol funny. Stuns the user. xDD But I guess that's Chaos for you. . .

As for turning the tables. . . . I don't think that will be required much since in the future, I believe the Speed stat will determine who goes first >.>

As for your Iron-hide similar idea. . .. like a Nature's Gift for your Energy instead? Lolol.

Could be like mage-like card. . .borrow energy from the Arcane Field! :O Arcane Gift? Lololol..

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Post #: 105
2/17/2014 21:51:01   
Gorillo Titan

I mean a card that does damage but also has a chance to stun you and I did mean jellyfish lol

We are suppose to get stats? This game is lagging behind a lot >.>
Post #: 106
2/17/2014 21:59:42   

@Gorillo: Stats, E-resistances, Alignments (which I hear is scrapped), Artifacts, Multi-character duelling, and Wild Card drops (which was supposed to come with CC). Tell me if I'm missing anything.

If you can imagine all of these features taken into account at their full potential, the mechanics of the game and the ultimate gameplay cannot even be fathomed for how good of a game OS can be.

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AQW  Post #: 107
2/17/2014 22:04:00   
Gorillo Titan

alignments I heard about would of prevented us from getting all characters Might be a little overwelming to get all of that at one time weak characters would become strong while strong become weak very strategy based in the future smarter person could always win.
Post #: 108
2/17/2014 22:12:42   

I agree, alignments was most likely scrapped for the best. Although, what is so wrong with the game being strategy based? Pardon me if I got you all wrong, but in a PvP game the smarter person can't always win because there is luck involved, but they should win most of the time given it as a fair match in terms of characters.

Anyway, consider all the other features. Oh man, am I patiently waiting for the day when OS becomes complete. I truly wonder how the card mechanics of this game would differ from then and now.
AQW  Post #: 109
2/17/2014 22:16:19   

@Jmagician I think that he was saying it would be hard for the people before all the features came out to figure out which was the best character with Stats and Artifacts and E-Resistances factored in, the list of best characters might change a lot.
DF  Post #: 110
2/17/2014 22:20:08   
Gorillo Titan

Saw something troubling on twitter about the future of OS on cysero twitter today not sure if I can post the link since its about BG.
Post #: 111
2/17/2014 22:20:32   

See that's the thing. When OS becomes complete with all the features I listed as part of the game, there will be no best character. No one has to worry about OP characters anymore, unless the character is truly godly. That is how I envision it anyway. However, there will be upper class characters that just naturally excel, but nothing will ever be the best due to how diverse and complicated OS will be.

@above: PM me the link, I want to see!

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AQW  Post #: 112
2/18/2014 0:01:29   

@Jmagic: Yeah, but all those features to make the game complete. . .will take AGES. . . . . or that's what it seems of right now. . .

No important updates. . just characters and characters. . .

No communication from staff. . . . . .

Oversoul's startin' to feel like some kind of AE mini-game. . .Lol.

What kinds of new cards would be produced as of currently anyway. . .maybe that's why there have been no new cards. There are no new updates. . . .game-changing updates I meant, not just more characters. . .

More game-changing updates would lead to more ''new'' cards. ..

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Post #: 113
2/18/2014 0:26:23   
Gorillo Titan

maybe we should switch to another forum so no one gets in trouble for talking about this?
Post #: 114
2/18/2014 18:53:54   

What about ''Energy Conversion'' card. . . .

So like. . . .say you're charging at 5 energy per turn, and you have 12 Fire energy currently.

Then you use the card, and change to Water energy. . .

You'll have 12 Water energy, charging at 5 energy per turn. . ..

Or something like that. . . . .
Post #: 115
2/19/2014 15:38:54   
Gorillo Titan

A card that transfers energy into shield for each energy you have it gives you 100 shield works like natures tree ask it would use all of it

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Post #: 116
2/19/2014 17:49:26   
The Void Calls

Sounds like a reverse version of Ice Snap.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 117
2/19/2014 17:54:20   
Gorillo Titan

Whats ice snap? I didn't alpha test
Post #: 118
2/19/2014 17:57:02   
The Finnish Phoenix

It cost 5 Ice energy and converted your defence (which was 100 times less at the time) into Ice energy. It was replaced with Shatter though.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 119
2/19/2014 17:57:48   
The Void Calls

Ice snap is a now removed ice card that would change your total defense into Ice Energy

EDIT: Ninja'd

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 120
2/19/2014 18:05:54   
Gorillo Titan

So ice would of been pure turning its deff into other stuff than?

A card that can be used to activate another card for no energy charge such as having a lightning card in deck but having no energy you activate the card and it tells you to click another card and activate it for no energy.

< Message edited by Gorillo Titan -- 2/23/2014 1:51:09 >
Post #: 121
3/8/2014 19:37:53   

What do you guys think is the best CC for a neutral character? (for Arcane Ranger if possible, and I have all the cards in the new neutral deck)

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AQ DF  Post #: 122
3/8/2014 20:27:21   
Magical Winds

maybe more ironhides for survivability, and corruptions for damage
AQW  Post #: 123
3/8/2014 22:59:47   
Lupus the Wolf
Heres How We Roll Winner
July 2014

What do you think about a card that will deal big amount of damage for low cost but the catch is the opponent must not deal over a certain amount of damage to you the turn you activate it for it to work? Like a less restrictive version of Pokemon's Focus Punch. It means you need to take in a certain level of prediction and planning to make the opponent let you use it.


A calculated tragedy, miracles are foolish
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 124
3/8/2014 23:05:35   

@Lupus: In a game where the majority of people charge 4 turns before ACTUALLY attacking, I think it would be considered a little too OP. Even in the middle of a battle, it is quite easy to predict when you will get hit for a damage, or even if your in for a big beating at that. It certainly is an interesting card and would love to have a card like that in game, but the metagame of OS would definitely have to change in order to have such a card viable.
AQW  Post #: 125
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