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Tale of the two heroes

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1/11/2013 10:12:10   
delta blitz

disscussion thread

“Come on James don’t leave yourself open” The Smasher said as his ten year old son threw a haymaker towards him, the Smasher playfully deflected the haymaker using only the pointer finger of his right hand; the red haired boy quickly swung his other fist behind his haymaker but the Smasher caught it with his left hand and quickly placed the boy in a elbow lock.

“Too slow the Smasher said with a grin as his red haired son conceded defeat, come now son, you mastered both boxing and kickboxing in the last few years, surely my Muay Thai shouldn’t be too much for you”;
“That’s not fair James said as he pouted, You have 30 years of military training and I’m just a kid”.

“Actually 22 counting my unawake years the Smasher said but that is no excuse, look at your little sister, she just finished learning kickboxing last year and she has better form than you”; “That’s because she has mom’s flexibility with your natural affinity for martial arts James said as the Smasher’s white haired daughter tried to sneak attack her father from behind, all I have is some of your intellect and mother’s shadow powers”.

“Don’t underestimate yourself the Smasher said as he employed a elbow block against his daughter’s hurricane kick, those abilities matched with hard work and determination will allow you to get out of situation even I can’t handle”;

“Aww I thought I had you that time” the Smasher’s 8 year old daughter said as she landed on her feet.

“Sorry Hinata but you already know daddy can see in every direction the Smasher said as he patted his daughter on the head, well anyway I guess we should get inside we don’t want your mother getting mad at us again”.

The trio left out of the forest’s clearing and entered the Smasher’s 3 story house, “Well look at my little troops Maura said as she hugged her children and kissed her husband on the cheek, it seems daddy has finally decided to go easy on you guys”, “I wouldn’t too sure about that babe the Smasher said with a grin, after all tomorrow we will be training under twice this planet’s gravity alongside the training bots”.

“No not the training bots the two children both said simultaneously as they sat at the dinner table, beating them up only makes them stronger”.

“I know the Smasher said as he sat at the table, I designed them for the purpose of pushing my abilities to their limits”.

“No way Hinata said with a frown, let’s train with you instead”.

“Nope the Smasher said, because the robots don’t have emotions they will fight you like a real enemy would, rather than go easy like I sometimes would”.

“Then at least let Hinata and me both fight against the Drakkon256 model James said, and you handle the Drakkon1024”.
“Sure the Smasher said, the Drakkon1024 is too powerful for both of you to handle currently, but I will be dialing the Drakkon256 to level 7 seeing as both of you are double teaming it”.

The two children smiled and then frowned again at their father’s last remark, knowing full well what level 7 meant; “Now, now everyone we all can talk about training tomorrow Maura said as she came out of the kitchen with a tray of hamburgers and fries, right now we need to focus on eating”, “Yay mommy’s cooking” Hinata exclaimed as the family dived into the food.

“Such a wonderful life you have earned for yourself Smasher I thought to myself as I watched my favorite persona eat with his loving family, a beautiful wife and two amazing kids, you carved your legend into that world in a way that no other persona has”; “At first I expected you to be the weakest I said as I placed my hand on my chin, as I merely made you a lesser hyper(nickname for hyper human) with a little of my intellect and determination, but then again I expected you to become better than any average hyper so it’s no surprise that you did”. “But still you have gotten a bit soft over the years; perhaps I should send you off on one last adventure worthy of your skills”.

Chapter 2: The Summoner………

“Why….why must I still suffer the Summoner said as he floated in the cold abyss of my mind, didn’t I die, so why can’t I see my family”, “Or is this how the afterlife really is the Summoner said, silent, dark and cold like my soul”. “No I refuse to believe this the Summoner said as he tried to move his body, my last attack must have not been enough to defeat Ancient and now I’m trapped in his power”, “If that is the case then I have no time to float here whining to myself, I have to find a way out of here, I refuse to let another *Clown* terrorize Maura’s world”. “Come on the Summoner said as he focused all his energy into moving his body, no matter how powerful his spell I am not going to let him win”, the Summoner’s body began floating faster through the abyss, seeming responding to his will.

“I must, I must find a way the Summoner said as his eyes began to shut on their own, I must….I must…..”, “I MUST NOT GIVE INTO THE DARKNESS the Summoner said as he forced his eyes open and took control of his body, I hold the pride of my clan in my heart and that burning light will shine its way through the dark.

“Hmph just as I expected of you Summoner I said to myself as I watched him float in the confines of my mind, willing to give everything you got to make everyone else around you safe and happy, even when you are so sad and miserable yourself”. “It has been said that a wise man knows when to back down I continued, but you on the other hand refuse to back down or bow down to anyone, you’re stubborn when comes to the things that are important to you”. “You want out of this place? Fine I said to myself as I opened a portal in front of his floating body, you who died saving a world that wasn’t even none of your concern deserves this reward”; “I will grant you a new body and bring you back to your peak I said with a devilish grin as the Summoner floated through the portal, but I will be taking my zero energy back and locking you in sychro mode”.

“Nice job honey that was a very tasty meal the Smasher said as he finished washing the dishes, I’m sure the kids enjoy it as well”,

“No thanks needed babe, Maura said with a smile as she leaned against the kitchen wall, so how was their performance today”;

“Well for Hinata she kept up with my Muay Thai a lot better than she did last time the Smasher said as he leaned against the sink, but James on the other hand is having a harder time sparing with me, he seems to think his high IQ matched with your shadow powers aren’t good enough compared to Hinata’s traits”.

“Well you do focus on martial arts a lot Maura said, maybe I should teach him how to control his shadow abilities to boost his self esteem”.

“Yeah maybe the Smasher said but the boy needs to learn how to rely on his physical skills first and his powers second”.

“I agree but he isn’t like us Maura said, we were trained from the day we drew breath and we both were born with some natural fighting talent”.

“Alright the Smasher said, I’ll think about it while I take my nightly run”.

“Maybe you shouldn’t go on a run tonight David Maura said I just have a feeling something bad is going to happen”.

“Don’t worry babe you know I’m always prepared the Smasher said with a smile, but since you’re so worried I’ll bring my new suit with me and the rest of my equipment too”.

Chapter 3: The Meeting

The Smasher went into his bed room and opened his closet, activating the eye scanner that opened the door to his libratory; the Smasher went inside the libratory and retrieved his B.O.M.B.A tech, alongside his upgraded deltium revolvers, upgraded army uniform, nanotech gloves, nanotech cowboy hat, upgraded army boots, his deltium snakes (chained blades), his upgraded army watch and a couple of clips for his revolvers. “That should be good enough for just a nightly ride on Drakkoniss’s motorcycle the Smasher thought to himself as he locked his libratory and closed his closet door, I don’t need any of my nanotech sniper rifles or my bazooka rifles for such a small trip and my gravity generators would only take up space”. The Smasher placed his cowboy hat on his head as he left his house and walked out into the night air, waving good bye to Maura as she watched him head off into the forest on Drakkoniss’s motorcycle.

“Hmm…trying to place a portal in front of the Smasher wouldn’t work because his search eyes would see it coming and his zero reflexes would allow him to dodge it, so I’ll just directly warp reality around him” I thought to myself as I snapped my fingers, teleporting the Smasher to the planet Koki in the center of the star shooter galaxy which stood in the middle of universe#1024.

The Smasher quickly skidded to a stop at the sudden appearance of the sun in the sky, “Hmm…judging by the fact that I couldn’t feel anything in the slightest during the transition the Smasher said as he got off Drakkoniss’s motorcycle and surveyed the land, I’m guessing dimensional transportation came to play”, now too far from where he stood the Smasher saw the Summoner laying face first in the soil”. “Hmmm…..control of basic elemental energies and unknown energy type, super endurance, superhuman speed, beyond super strength, flight, dense hide shows that the child has a lesser version of my old suit’s defenses, thus making ordinary bullets and weapons useless, but however subject shows possible mastery of using devastating, large scale elemental attacks and creating multiple barriers 10 times stronger than his dense hide the Smasher thought to himself as he approached the Summoner’s body, chance of survival of 59.9999999%, deadly force not necessary unless cornered”.

“Hey kid you ok” the Smasher said as he passively activated the nanotech in his hat, creating a dark mask over his face, the Smasher stopped a few feet away from the Summoner, his body tense and ready to react to the slightest movement, “Hey kid the Smasher said a little louder as he took two steps forward, are you ok, do you need some medical treatment”. The Smasher took another step forward, when suddenly the Summoner sprang to life firing a ball of negative energy towards the Smasher, who did a back flip and dodged it at almost point blank range thanks to his zero reflexes; The Smasher landed 6 and a half feet away from the child as he quickly got into his Mauy Thai stance.

“Where am I” the Summoner spoke as he got to his feet.

“I don’t know the Smasher said, you ok kid, I found you laying there on the ground”.

“Yeah I’m fine the Summoner said as he dusted himself off, and hello by the way my name is David Blitz”.

“David Blitz eh? The Smasher thought to himself, yup I was warped to an alternate universe, I better play it safe and explain my situation to him, so that maybe he can help me out”; “My name is David Blitz as well the Smasher calmly said, though most people just call me the Smasher, I don’t hail from this dimension…so is there any chance you can help me get back to my world”.

“Another me eh The Summoner thought to himself as he examined the Smasher’s appearance, he doesn’t look like a magic user, and his magic energy level is almost zero, I smell a lie”;

“Oh really the Summoner said, can you prove that you are David Blitz”.

“Sure the Smasher said as he pulled up his digital military ID out on his watch and showed it to the Summoner”.

“As I expected the Summoner thought to himself, his real name is Db4096 thus making him a clone of some kind, he doesn’t seem that bad, but still I have to make sure I’m not falling into a trap”; “Ok *David Blitz* I’ll help you the Summoner said as he pointed his fingers at the Smasher with a fake smile on his face.

Chapter 4 Science vs. Magic

“Ok the Smasher said as he slowly turned his back to the Summoner and walked towards Drakkoniss’s motorcycle, come and hop on my motorcycle, we can cover more ground tha…..”.

“Nega graviton” the Summoner said as a giant black energy dragon head came flying out of his hand towards the Smasher; The Smasher quickly cart wheeled to the side, allowing the dragon head to fly pass him and destroy Drakkoniss’s motorcycle.

“That motorcycle was really important to me kid the Smasher said without turning around, I hope you have a really good reason for attacking me”.

“You’re not David Blitz the Summoner said, I could have easily blocked that spell, you’re a fake”.

“That’s not how alternate dimensions work the Smasher said as he turned around, your alternate self won’t alwa….”.

“Kamaitachi” the Summoner said as he cut the Smasher off and fired a blast of air cutters towards him, the Smasher ran to his left to move himself out of the way of the attack and then circled around towards the Summoner and began charging at him at less than half speed.

“It seems that this kid isn’t going to listen to reason the Smasher thought to himself as he charged at the Summoner, I don’t want to kill him so I won’t be using my weapons and my fists should be more than enough to knock some sense into him”.

“Aququious: Tsunami” the Summoner quickly said as he pointed his hand at the Smasher.

“Aququious can be attributed to the word aqua the Smasher said as he made a U turn as a 24 foot tall wave of water came chasing after him, thus giving it away the fact that it is a water based attack”.

The Smasher turned his steady dash into a full on beyond superhuman sprint as the gigantic wave followed him, “The wave is 24ft tall which is much higher than the 20 feet I can naturally jump The Smasher said as he activated the gravity repulsion feature of his boots, but if I can build enough momentum and time my jump just right I should be able to rocket myself right over its crest and ride my way down the other side”. The Smasher kept moving forward, increasing his momentum to the limit that his scarred leg could take and then made a U turn in order to sprint directly towards the incoming wave, “Closing the distance in 5……4…..3…..2…..1 the Smasher said as he leaped up and then used his boots’s gravity repulsion feature in order to leap off of the air, giving himself the extra boost needed to clear the wave’s crest.

As the Smasher ran down the back of the wave,the Summoner said “Kabalonone” firing out a massive ball of lava towards the Smasher.

“Ok so it’s lava now eh the Smasher said as he fired one of his deltium snakes into the ground and retracted it, pulling himself out of the lava ball’s trajectory, my suit can handle it but I haven’t gotten to test if my gloves can”. “Ok so I’ve seen wind, water and fire (via lava) the Smasher thought to himself as he dashed towards the Summoner now all that is left is earth”.

“Earth Shatter plus Kabalonone equals…..” the Summoner said as he watched the Smasher coming towards him from the distance.

“Uh oh” the Smasher thought to himself as he felt the ground under him beginning to break apart.

“NOVACANO” the Summoner shouted as the ground before him had split open and then exploded.

“Man that was close” the Smasher thought to himself as he sat at the side of the massive trench the spell left behind, trying to catch his breath, “Devastating indeed the Smasher said as he got to his feet if not for these amazing reflexes and the fact that I maintained my beyond superhuman speed then this battle would have ended right there”. “This kid isn’t playing around the Smasher thought to himself as he ran alongside the massive trench toward the Summoner once again, he really is trying to kill me and he won’t let me get close enough to smack him without him blasting me to bits, hmm…..but unfortunately for him I still have 100 more plans to try out”.

“Excalinadoe” the Summoner said as he saw the Smasher dashing along the trench, the Smasher quickly dived into the trench and then pinned himself to the trench’s wall with his deltium snake as the whole area was ripped off the ground by the massive tornado. “That guy was pretty good at running away I’ll give him that the Summoner thought to himself as he watched his spell rip massive pieces of rock off the ground, but in the end he was still a fake and there is no way he could have escaped my Excalinadoe”.

Chapter 5 Science vs. Magic part 2

“Ok all I have to do is ride out this attack and then catch him by surprise The Smasher said as he held on to his deltium snake with all his might, seeing as he stopped firing off attacks that means he mostly thinks this attack will finish me”; as the winds died down and the massive pieces of rock began falling back towards the ground, the Smasher activated the antigravity feature of his boots and the sound dampening feature of his suit, allowing him to fly in silence.

“Hmmm….the Summoner thought to himself as he watched the massive pieces of rock fell back to the ground, maybe I really did get him, I mean it didn’t look like he could fly, but still I better check to make sure”.

As the Summoner dashed over towards the rubble, the Smasher landed 10 feet behind him, slowly creeping up on him. “Most likely he has to say those words in order to use those attacks the Smasher thought to himself as he quickly grabbed the Summoner from behind, covering his mouth, with his mouth covered I should be safe”. “Now listen to me kid the Smasher said as the Summoner struggled in his grip, not every alternate versions of yourself are going to be same as you or are even similar to you, in fact it is actually rare to find a alternate version of yourself that has the same abilities as you".

“Dang I didn’t even hear him coming the Summoner thought to himself as he struggled in the Smasher’s grip, he is really strong for a non magic user, but still I won’t be beaten”.

The Summoner created a negative energy barrier that blasted the Smasher off him, “Ok so he can create barriers without speaking the Smasher thought to himself as he landed on his feet and quickly dashed towards the Summoner in order to close the distance, good to know”.

“Kathoron” the Summoner said as he pointed his pointer finger at the Smasher.

“Thor is supposedly the Norse god of lightning meaning…” the Smasher thought to himself as he was struck by the lightning bolt at point blank range.

“What the heck the Summoner said he watched the Smasher slide backwards and then stand up perfectly fine, you just took an bolt of electricity that was stronger than a actual lightning bolt to the chest, you should be burnt to a crisp right now”.

“Well if you were facing an ill prepared fool then yes I would have the Smasher said as he pointed at his left glove, these gloves I wear are built from special nanomechs that have the sole purpose of turning kinetic and electrical energy into potential energy, no matter where you hit me the current will be drawn to my hands”. “Also…the Smasher said as he pulled back his fist and the Summoner created a negative energy barrier, I can take all that potential energy and convert it back into kinetic energy”; the Smasher slammed his right fist into the barrier, cracking it and then slammed his left fist into the barrier shattering it.

“Quaker” the Summoner quickly said as the Smasher leaned forward to swing his fist again, sending the Smasher flying backwards, “I don’t know what the heck all that potential and kinetic energy nonsense is the Summoner said as he prepared to cast another spell, but still it doesn’t matter, I would never lose to someone with zero magical ability”.

“Power isn’t everything the Smasher said as he landed on his feet and circled around the Summoner at beyond superhuman speed, I’ll take military strategy over power any day”.

“Hold still” the Summoner said as he fired nega gravidons into the whirling circle around him.

“Why would I do that the Smasher said as he slowly allowed his deltium snake to stretch out more and more, only a fool would give a more powerful opponent a clear shot”.

“Fine the Summoner said as he flew up into the air, I’ll just level this whole place then”.

“I wouldn’t be too sure about that” the Smasher said as the Summoner started to descend thanks to the deltium snake that was wrapped tightly around his feet. The Smasher stopped in his tracks and quickly yanked the chain with all his strength, surprising the Summoner as he quickly slammed into the ground, as the Smasher retracted the chain and charged at the Summoner, the Summoner said “Jeto breaker” and swung his fist at the Smasher who deflected the attack.

Chapter 6 Science vs. Magic finale

The Smasher jumped back as the Summoner swung his other fist forward, “So you think you can beat me in hand to hand combat eh kid the Smasher said as he got into his Muay Thai stance, oh you don’t know how wrong you are”.

“Twin nega gravidon” the Summoner said as he covered both his fists in negative energy that took the shape of dragon heads and then charged at the Smasher, the Smasher deflected the first punch and took a step backwards to dodge the second and then calmly moved his left hand in front of the Summoner causing the Summoner to slam his own stomach into the Smasher’s fist due to the speed he was moving at.

As the Summoner leaped backwards the Smasher adjusted his hat, “Sloppy….the Smasher said as he pointed at the Summoner, your fighting form is extremely sloppy”, “I mean how do you think you’re going to hit me if you announce your attacks before you strike the Smasher said as he went back into his Muay Thai stance, and even if you didn’t you still over swing, making it easy for an experience fighter like myself to counter attack when you leave yourself open”.

“Quiet the Summoner said as he caught his breath, you haven’t won this fight yet so don’t act like you have, my next attack will be so fast you won’t even be able to see it”.

“Sure, sure the Smasher said, let’s get this over with I have a family waiting for me at home”.

“Speed Quaker” the Summoner said as he sprinted forward at beyond superhuman speed and swung a haymaker toward the Smasher, the Smasher took a step to his right, dodging the attack and slammed a cross into the back of the Summoner’s left elbow, “What the heck did you do to my arm the Summoner said as he leaped back away from the Smasher, holding his left arm, I can’t feel it anymore”.

“As I said before when you call out your attacks and over swing you leave yourself open the Smasher said, I struck the ligament that holds the two halves of your arm together, normally it is supposed to cause overextension but arm numbing nerve damage works too”.

“I’m not done yet the Summoner said as he charged towards the Smasher, Jeto Breaker”.

“That attack again the Smasher said as he took a step forward and deflected the punch before slamming his knee into the Summoner’s stomach while slamming a karate chop to the back of the Summoner’s neck.

“Man I really need to take it easy on James the Smasher said as he watched the Summoner fall to his knee gagging, because compared to you’re fighting style, his form is perfect”.

“Don’t count me out yet the Summoner said he got to his feet, Speed Quaker”.

“Deflect the Smasher said with a grin as he deflected the punch and watched the shockwave produced by the punch make a hole in the ground, see doesn’t that sound annoying”.

“Don’t make fun of me” the Summoner said as he leaped backward away from the Smasher.

“Ok kid now it’s my turn” the Smasher said as he charged at the Summoner slamming a haymaker into his arm as the Summoner tried to block his punch, then the Smasher slammed a roundhouse kick into the Summoner’s guard, followed by a hook kick, followed by a jump kick, followed by a hurricane kick and ended his attack with a descending flying kick. The Summoner’s knees buckled as he fell to the ground unconscious, “You did better than I expected from a magic user the Smasher said as he picked up the Summoner and placed him on his back, but facing me in close combat was a childish mistake”. “Now let’s see the Smasher thought to himself as he looked around, seeing as I can’t see a town anywhere within 10 miles in any direction, I believe walking southward towards the wind until I reach a town should work for now.

Chapter 7 The adventure begins

The Smasher carried the unconscious body of the Summoner for an hour or so until he reached a western looking town called Dusk Flats; the Smasher dropped the Summoner’s body next to the outside of a bar as he walked inside. The Smasher quietly walked over to the bar area and sat on the first bar stool, “One lemonade please kind sir” The Smasher said as he tipped his hat to the bartender.

“Hmm.. you don’t seem like you’re from around here” the bartender said as he poured some lemonade into a glass.

“I’m not the Smasher said as a large and muscular man with a huge x shaped scar on his face, kicked down the front door and walked up behind the Smasher.

“You’re in my seat boy” the muscular man hissed as he stood behind the Smasher.

“How annoying the Smasher thought to himself while he remained silent as the waiter placed the lemonade in front of him, I really am not in the mood for this garbage”.

“Sir….I really think you should move…you wouldn’t want to anger this man” the waiter said as the Smasher reached for his lemonade;

"I said, you’re in my seat the man behind the Smasher said as he slammed his fist onto the glass of lemonade right before the Smasher could reach it, move or die, you choice partner”.

“Another lemonade please” the Smasher said as he signaled to the bartender, “DON’T IGNORE ME” the man behind the Smasher shouted as he swung his fist at him, the Smasher calmly dodged the punch as he pulled his deltium revolver out of his pocket and pressed the barrel to the man’s forehead.

“Now I know you didn’t just try and throw a punch at me the Smasher said as he imitated the most western voice he could, I’d reckon you take a seat partner before I blow what’s left of your tiny brain out of your head”.

The other ten men in the bar pulled out their own weapons and pointed it at the Smasher, “Look I ain’t here to cause no trouble the Smasher said as he continued to imitate a western voice and the muscular guy next to him slowly backed way, I’m just passing through this town, so leave me in peace”.

“Well too bad son one of the men who was carrying a 9mm pistol said, cause you just found some”.

“Well I’ll be the Smasher said as he drunk the new glass of lemonade the bartender just had placed in front of him, it would seem we have come to an impasse”.

“Indeed we have” the muscular man said as he grabbed a nearby glass bottle of liquor and broke the bottle on a nearby table.

“Ok then boys the Smasher said with his regular voice as he twisted around on the stool he was sitting on with his dual revolvers in his hands and shot the muscular man and the man with the pistol in the middle of their forehead, killing them as their heads exploded, let’s dance”.

The Smasher leaped behind the bar counter as the remaining 9 men began to open fire on him and the bartender ran out of the bar, “Hmm… let’s see the Smasher thought to himself as he ducked behind the counter, 9 enemies, though none of them are armed enough to leave a scratch, best solution to this problem is picking them off one by one”. “First disembowel the shotgun wielder and begin the fear factor the Smasher thought to himself as he closed his eyes and used his search vision to locate the position of all 9 men in the room, fear factor will slowly set in, causing the enemies to panic and focus fire on the bar counter as I go under the floor boards, silent takedowns will increase fear factor causing the remaining enemies to run out of the bar, giving me easy shots at their legs, chance of survival 99.99999%”. The Smasher began carving a hole in the floor board as he focused on his target.

“What’s wrong boy the guy with the shotgun said as he fired at the counter, come out and fight like a man”.

“Yeah, yeah” the Smasher thought to himself as he fired a shot mentally guided bullet around the corner of the counter which guided itself into the stomach of the shotgun wielding man and exploded, sending his internal organs and blood flying onto his buddies.

“How the heck did he do that” one of the guys said as the Smasher dived under the floor board.

“I don’t know another guy wielding a .357 S and W Magnum, I didn’t see him pop out of any of the corners”.

Chapter 8 Declaration of war

The Smasher silently crept under the floorboards, putting good use to his suit’s built in sound dampener; as the Smasher got under the position of the man holding the magnum and placed a B.O.M.B.A patch under his feet, the Smasher then moved back into position under the hole he dug and activated the detonator. The B.O.M.B.A patch exploded taking the man’s feet with it alongside making a hole in the floor which he fell into, giving the Smasher a clean shot which he took advantage of.

“What the heck was that” a man holding a .32 short said.

“I don’t know a man holding a .32 S and W said, but I think that yellowbelly is hiding under the floorboards”.

The men began firing at the floorboards, oblivious to the fact that the Smasher was back inside of the bar and sitting behind the counter again; as both men turned around to the surprise of the Smasher’s deltium bullets in their foreheads.

A man carrying a .31 S and W volcanic shouted “Where the heck is he shooting from” as both of his friends heads exploded.

“I don’t know another man” holding a pistol said as he looked around wildly, looking for the Smasher. “There is no use hiding the guy holding the pistol said as he shot at the counter while the Smasher once again went under the floorboards, we will find you boy and when we do we are going to gut you from navel to nose”.

“Pfft please the Smasher thought to himself as he placed a B.O.M.B.A patch under the loud mouth pistol wielder, this battle was over the moment you allowed me to get out of your sight”.

The Smasher once again activated the detonator but this time he crawled over to under where the volcanic wielder was as he watched the pistol wielder fall into the floorboards and shot him in the head. “WHERE ARE YOU the guy wielding the volcanic shouted as he shot all around the bar, allowing the sense of looming doom to sink in nicely among the group”.

The Smasher calmly made a small hole in the floorboards and shot the shouting man in the middle of his crotch area, killing him”.

“LET’S GET OUT OF HERE one of the remaining two colt revolver wielders shouted as they ran out of the bar and were sniped down by the Smasher.

The Smasher confidently crawled from under the bar and walked back in through the front door, to check all the damages he made, “Hmm…that was sloppy of me the Smasher thought to himself, I could have done that with a little less collateral damage, but then again getting old has made me a bit more lackadaisical”, “Still though the Smasher thought to himself as he walked out of the bar to the surprise of the bartender, where did that kid go, I was paying too much attention to the battle to keep my eye on him”.

Mean while…………………….

“Man I can’t believe I lost to someone like him, the Summoner thought to himself as he glided around town, surprising most of the town folk, for some reason I can’t create any portals to my world so I’ll just have to hang around here until I can figure out what’s jamming my powers”. The Summoner flew into a general store, surprising the customers who quickly ran out of the store, “What’s their problem” the Summoner thought to himself as he walked up to the cash register where the cashier was holding a shotgun. “Hello my name is David Blitz the Summoner said to the cashier, I am in the need of some information”.

“Ok….the cashier said as he loaded his shotgun, what would like to know son”.

“I want to know where are your libraries and who are the strongest magic users of this world”. The cashier looked at the Summoner bewildered, not knowing how to answer his question, “Look the Summoner said as he created a small black flame in the center of his palm, are there any people that can do something like this”.

The cashier quickly backed away from the Summoner, pointing his shotgun at him, “You must be one of them Indian voodoo men (shamans) the cashier said, we don’t serve your kind here so get”.

“Oh so there are some magic users around here the Summoner said, ignoring the cashier’s last remark, tell me where they are”. “I said get boy” the cashier said as he pointed his shotgun at the Summoner’s face.

“What do you mean get, get what, do you mean I can take something or are you telling me to leave the Summoner said as he closed his hand, extinguishing his black flame, and by the way what the heck at are you point at me”.

“I SAID GET BOY the cashier shouted as he lined his sight with the Summoner’s forehead, I’m warning you I will shoot you”;

“How annoying the Summoner said as he snapped his fingers and transmuted the cashier’s shotgun into rubber, now anyway back to that information I was asking about”.

“Get away from me you demon” the cashier shouted as he tried to fire his shotgun to no avail.

Chapter 9 Declaration of war: the Summoner’s edition

“I’m not going to hurt you the Summoner said with impatience, just tell me where to find those magic users”, suddenly the Summoner heard the loud bang of gunshot come from behind him, the Summoner turned around as to the sight of a man wielding a pistol.

“The man doesn’t want to talk to you boy the pistol wielder said as he pointed his pistol at the Summoner’s head, now leave before I put a bullet in you”.

“And I don’t want to talk to you” the Summoner retorted as he blasted the pistol wielder out of the store with a gravidon. “Now where were we” the Summoner said as he turned around only to see that the cashier had ran out of the back door of the general store, “Fine I’ll do it myself the Summoner said as he flew out of the store and began walking across the town towards the southward side of Dusk Flats, the citizens of the town all ran inside of nearby shops and houses, locking their doors and boarding their windows. “What the heck is wrong with everyone in this dimension the Summoner shouted as he walked down the road, they act as if I’m going to attack them or something”.

“That’s because we don’t want garbage like you spell casters mucking up our town a man holding two S and W model 59 semi automatic pistols said, no I’d reckon you split town boy before I send to you back home to your momma in a coffin”.

“My mother is dead you jerk the Summoner said with dark look on his face, and who do you think you are ordering me to do stuff”.

“The name is Qyp the man said as he pointed his pistols at the Summoner and I’m one of the members of the Smash gang, I'm sure your crackpot leader has told you about us, now I’ll give you to the count of 3 to get out of my sight”. “One….Qyp said as he loaded his pistols, Two…………”.

“Three” the Summoner shouted as he blasted Qyp across the town with a gravidon, “Man these guys are pathetic the Summoner said as he watched Qyp fly northward on the tails of his attack, talking all this nonsense but not having the power to back it up, it’s almost like my academy days all over again”.

“Well let’s see the Smasher thought to himself as he walked down the road, with his abilities he could have gotten quite the amount of distance away from me, but the tracker I had set on him tells me otherwise”, “Hmm..maybe the tracker could have fallen off due to the speed of his flight, no that’s impossible as I already accounted for such a situation” the Smasher thought to himself as Qyp suddenly flew past him and crashed into a nearby liquor store, breaking his train of thought. The Smasher ran over to Qyp as he got to his feet, “Hey partner you ok the Smasher said as he helped lift the rubble off of Qyp, it looks like you took quite the spill just now”.

“I’m fine... Qyp said as he dusted himself off, you needn’t worry about me, I can take more than my share of lickings”.

“Who did this to you” the Smasher asked as he tipped his hat.

“Some witch kid that is all black with all these strange white markings on him and he has spiky hair” Qyp said as he dashed off at superhuman speed towards the Summoner’s direction.

“Oh so my tracker hasn’t been noticed yet the Smasher said as he causally walked in the direction that Qyp was running towards, I guess that kid really enjoys getting into fights”.

“Well now since that is taken care of I can go find those magic users” the Summoner thought to himself as he continued towards the southward edge of town.

“Where do you think you are going kid” the Summoner heard as a gunshot stung the Summoner’s dense skin like a bee sting and the bullet fell harmlessly to the ground.

“You still trying to command me eh the Summoner said as he pointed his right hand towards Qyp who had both of his pistols towards the Summoner, I’ll be sure to burn you this time so you can finally shut up”.

“Don’t get cocky kid Qyp said as he focused on the Summoner’s hand, you won’t catch me off guard this time”.

“Fira” the Summoner said as he fired a ball of fire towards Qyp who dodged it with his superhuman speed and fired of his pistols at the Summoner; the Summoner created a barrier of negative energy blocking the bullets and fired off his Kamaitachi spell which shredded a nearby building into pieces.

“Too slow” boy Qyp said as he dashed around the Summoner as he fired bullets into his barrier.

“Not this again the Summoner said as he fired nega gravidons into the swirling circle of bullets, HOLD STILL ALREADY”.

“Not gonna happen boy” Qyp said as he reloaded his pistols to continue his onslaught.

“EARTH SHAKER” yelled in anger as he stomped his foot hard onto the ground, creating a massive earthquake, that made houses and stores collapse while people panicked and the ground began to split open;

“Man that kid really knows how to shake things up the Smasher said as he activated his boot’s antigravity feature as he walked across the shaking town, nullifying its effect on himself. Qyp was buried under rubble once again as the ground began to settle, the Summoner charged towards where Qyp was and pulled him out of the rubble, lifting him by his collar.

“Had enough” the Summoner said as he shook the seemingly unconscious Qyp;

“Actually Qyp said as he suddenly sprang to life and shot the Summoner in the forehead, I can take much more”. The bullet stung the Summoner’s forehead causing him to release Qyp and smack his own forehead as if he was bitten by an insect; seeing an opening Qyp shot at the Summoner yet again, this time hitting him in his chest, once again stinging the Summoner’s dense skin.

“ENOUGH” the Summoner shouted as he blasted Qyp with a thoron, frying him to a crisp.

“My, my kid the Smasher said as he approached the Summoner, you’ve got to get control of that temper of yours, it’s going to get you killed one of these days”.

“Oh it’s you again the Summoner said as he pointed his hands towards the Smasher and prepared for battle, why are you following me”.

“Also you need to learn some restraint my friend the Smasher said as he ignored the Summoner’s question, I mean you almost single handily turned this town of Dusk Flats into Dusk Falls”.

“I was defending myself the Summoner said with obvious irritation showing on his face, he attacked me for no reason and these people around here are acting as if I have the plague or something”.

“Hmm….let’s see the Smasher said as he placed his fist under his chin, pretending to think, a weird looking kid with strange markings comes flying pass me and I am enjoying my normal day to day life, I’m sure if you seen something out of the ordinary, you would be suspicious too”.

“I’m….not going to hurt anybody..” the Summoner said as he hung his head.

“Well your actions prove otherwise the Smasher said as he walked pass the Summoner, but that is neither here or there as we are leaving this town, follow me asI have a feeling, we both are going to need each other’s help to solve our problem”.

Chapter 10 the old soldier and the prodigy

The Summoner and the Smasher left the crumbling town of Dusk Flats as they began their way across the plains; “You said people call you the Smasher the Summoner said as he and the Smasher traveled on, how come”?

“Smasher was a code name I was given when I used to work with the army the Smasher said as he continued walking, me alongside my old buddy the Blocker was a two man army that kept the Igbor nation at bay”.

“Sounds pretty cool I’m guessing you two were a pretty good team seeing as you were able to survive such high level spells” the Summoner said.

“Yeah we both were an unstoppable team the Smasher said as he stopped in his tracks, it’s too bad Drakkoniss isn’t here to see me now…..”.

“Drakkoniss the Summoner said, who is that, was that guy part of your team too”.

“No child the Smasher said as he started to walk again, Drakkoniss was the Blocker’s real name that he gave himself”.

“Well what happened to him” the Summoner asked.

“He died in order to save me from the people we were fighting for the Smasher said as he paused and remembered that dreadful day, we had just finished a mission and were exhausted”. “My leg was broken thanks to an experimental super soldier or rather should I say monster created by the Igbor the Smasher said as he continued so I had no chance of escaping the double helix atomic bomb that was diving at 300 miles per hour towards us”, “Drakkoniss could have left me there and most likely escaped the Smasher said as he held back the tears that appeared in his eyes, but no Drakkoniss refused to leave me behind and absorbed the blast into himself”.

“He showed no fear as he stood there and protected me with his body the Smasher said as tears began to fall down his face, we may have been born as soldiers but he died as my brother”.

“Oh I see the Summoner said as the Smasher wiped the tears from his eyes, you are my alternate self after all…”.

“I was born a member one of the strongest clans on my planet the Summoner said as he continued, a clan that could master almost any type of magic as if it was child’s play”. “But one day that accursed druid of chaos came looking for my clan’s tome the Summoner said as his eyes turned red, and when my clan refused, he wiped them all out……only I remained as I grabbed the tome and hid myself away from him”.

“Sorry to hear that kid the Smasher said as he placed his hand on the Summoner’s shoulder, I know how it feels to lose something that is important to you, I was so enraged when Drakkoniss died that I destroyed the same base we were born in, even though I knew the consequences”.

“Yeah I know the feeling the Summoner said with a smirk, I trained every day of my life until I found that accursed Clown and even though I tried to show mercy to him, I ended up killing him after all”.

“Yup life is rough the Smasher said as there was a long pause of silence, but at least we were able to live to see things get better”.

“Yeah I did get to see things get better the Summoner said, and then I died”.

“Wait what” the Smasher said, dumbfounded for the first time by the Summoner’s words.

“It’s just as it sounds the Summoner said, before I appeared in this world I was dead”.

“How is that possible the Smasher said, I mean reincarnation can come into play but what does that say about me who isn’t dead”.

“I don’t know about what happened to you the Summoner said, but what I do know is that I was definitely dead”.

“What had happen was I was teleported to another world of magic a few years after saving my own the Summoner said, while at this other world, I became the familiar of this psychic magic user named Maura”.

“Maura eh the Smasher thought to himself, so we are destined soul mates in his reality as well”.

“At first Maura was a jerk and treated me like a dog the Summoner said but then after seeing my power in action, we became friends and I helped her master her abilities”; “But then sadly before our friendship could go any further as necromancer name Alastor tried to use his ancestor’s ultimate spell of darkness and immortality in order to take over the world”. “So I stood against him and his army all by myself the Summoner said as he clenched his fist, fighting to protect the world that my only friend cherished and in the end I sacrificed myself to destroy both him and myself”.

“Wow the Smasher said, and here I thought you were just a magician child with temper problems, but now I can see you were a real deal hero, sacrificing yourself to save someone else’s world truly is a selfless thing to do”.

“I just didn’t want another world to deal with the pain that I went through when Clown destroyed my clan…. the Summoner said, at first I thought that I might have lost that battle, but the fact that both my familiar and summoner crests are gone means that I was in fact dead”.

Chapter 11 Shamans of the black plains

“Well that’s sad to hear kid the Smasher said, but at least it seems your selfless act has given you a second chance at life”.

“Yeah….”the Summoner said as stared at the back of his hands where his crests once laid. The Summoner and the Smasher walked until they got to a strange plateau where the soil seems scorched pitch black;

“I sense magic at work here” the Summoner said.

“Hmm…well I don’t know about magic the Smasher said as he and the Summoner walked across the plateau, but I can see that the energy levels around this area is much different than normal…..and also that there is a couple hundred people laying in wait to ambush us”.

“Let me take care of them the Summoner said with an eager look on his face, I haven’t had a good magic showdown in a while”; as the Smasher and the Summoner reached the center of the plateau, hundreds of staff wielding Indians appeared around them in a flash of void energy.

“It’s all yours” the Smasher said as he sat on the floor and activated his portable energy barrier from his watch, “Oh how interesting I’ve never dealt with void magic before the Summoner said as he pointed his hands to his left and his right, I heard it’s suppose to be a combination of all 3 evil energies”.

“The Koki don’t take kindly to trespassers one of the Indians said as he banged his skull covered staff onto the ground, state your business”.

“Well I heard that there were some magic users around here the Summoner said with a grin, I just came to see if they were any good”.

“Tsk, tsk this kid really like to fight the Smasher thought to himself, he reminds me a bit of Drakkoniss, always running into a fight head first”.

“You dare mock the Koki child the Koki tribesman said as he raised his staff in anger, you know not of whom you are dealing with”.

“Oh but I do the Summoner said as his smirk grew into a devious grin, I’m dealing with a few hut dwelling, rinky dink, second class magic users who wouldn’t know a good spell if it bit them on the butt”.

“Oh now he has done it the Smasher thought to himself, man it’s time like this that I wish I had created a teleportation function for my suit, but then again there are certain issues that can assume from that”.

“Fine then child, prepare yourself” the Koki tribesman said as he fired a ball of void energy towards the Summoner; the Summoner calmly smacked away the blast, not bothering to put up a barrier.

“Next” the Summoner said as he looked around at the Koki tribesmen that surrounded him;

“Why you insolent brat the Koki tribesman said as he fired an even larger mass of void at the Summoner who once again slapped away the spell, you shall feel the wrath of the Koki”.

“Wrath you say the Summoner said, are you sure you don’t mean tickle cause that seems to be the only thing you can do to me”.

“GRRRAGH” the tribesmen shouted as he and the rest of his people all fired onto the Summoner and the Smasher.

“Ah that’s more like it” the Summoner said as he created a massive barrier of negative energy that covered both him and the Smasher;

“You know we could have easily avoided this confrontation” the Smasher said as he watched the blasts of void energy bounce off the Summoner’s barrier.

“Yeah I know the Summoner said as he pointed his fingers towards a cloud floating above the scene, but I needed to make sure that being dead didn’t make me rusty”. “Thoron the Summoner called out as he fired the bolt of lightning into the clouds, and also Nega thoron”; the clouds above began to roar with thunder as the two bolts of lightning clashed against each other. “I’ve allowed you guys long enough to impress me” the Summoner said as a gigantic, pitch black electricity dragon came roaring out from the clouds above; the Koki tribesmen seeing the dragon began to run away as the Summoner shouted “NOW PREPARE YOURSELF FOR MY NEGA SAKAGUA”.

The electricity dragon came crashing down onto the field, wiping out a few of the Koki people who at this time had gotten far enough away from the damage area to escape the attack.

“What did I tell you about calling out your attacks the Smasher said as he closed his eyes to view the field, with an large area of damage you should have at least gotten half of them in the wake of your attack”.

“Oh shut up the Summoner exclaimed I have to say the spells in order to cast them”.

“Ok fine but what about all that prepare yourself garbage the Smasher said, cast your attack before you gloat”.


“Ok I will then the Smasher calmly said as he got to his feet and made his way towards the chieftain of the surrounding army of Koki tribesmen. The chieftain raised his skull covered staff in the air, ready to begin battle with the Smasher, when suddenly the Smasher raised his hands as he got closer and closer, showing a sign of surrender. “My apologies for my young friend the Smasher said as he stood in front of the chieftain, he has temper issues and easily lashes out, I hope he has harmed any of your men too badly”;

“Hmmm….I see the chieftain said, I would have thought you was coming to finish what he is started, but it seems you are a wise man of peace and I respect that”.

“Indeed the Smasher said, this is your land and I apologize for trespassing but we are in the need of your assistance”.

“What is it that you need wise traveler” the chieftain said.

“Me and my companion aren’t from this world the Smasher said, you could say we are travelers from the stars who got stranded on your world”.

“Ah I said the chieftain you wish to return to your home”.

“Indeed the Smasher said, I can assure you that my partner will help you with any type of spell casting needed and also I promise that he will behave”.

“Hmm…I see that child’s power truly is extraordinary the chieftain said, but his lack of respect and discipline leaves me puzzled”.

“He has gone through quite the amount of turmoil the Smasher said, so please don’t hold this offense to him, he is truly a good child, though misguided”.

“Hmm I see the chieftain said as he walked pass the Smasher, come stranger night fall is coming, we can discuss more in the safety of Osara”.

Chapter 12 the village of void

The Smasher followed the chieftain as he walked pass the Summoner, “Follow me the Smasher said to the Summoner, he wishes for us to go to his village”.

“Alright…”the Summoner said as he nodded and begrudgingly followed the Smasher to the village of Osara as night fell. The village of Osara was quite industrialized in contrary to the Summoner’s insult, seeing as it had similar economic features as a city of the olden days. The village itself was filled with Koki men, women and children some of which had black skin with red tribal markings, giving them a similar look to the Summoner.

“This village is our safe haven from the thugs of the Smash gang the chieftain said, as even they fear what power this land holds”.

“The Smash gang eh the Summoner said as he followed the Smasher and the chieftain into a nearby building, that Qyp guy said that he was a member of their organization, who are they anyway”.

“They are a group of powerful thugs who terrorize these western plains and rule it with an iron fist the chieftain said, they are ruthless and snuff out any sign of rebellion and publicly display their victim’s corpse for all to see”.

“Sounds like a bunch of Clowns the Summoner said as he tighten his fist, I’ll be sure to deal with them….personally”.

“*We* won’t be doing anything to draw notice to us the Smasher said, correcting the Summoner, *we* don’t know what *we* are up against and should lay low until *we* have enough information on our enemy”.

“Well *you* can do whatever *you* want to do the Summoner retorted, *I* on the other hand will be saving these people from oppression”.

“Your heart is in the right place young one the chieftain said as he sat down on a giant sofa like chair, but I agree with your wise companion, only a fool would run into battle blindly”.

“I am no novice to battle the Summoner said, no matter how powerful these guys are I will take them down….even if it costs me my life”.

“Hmph well we wouldn’t want that to happen again the Smasher said as he sat on the metal bench in front of him, I think we should gather information first and then we can be the ones who make the first strike”.

“Fine the Summoner said, we will try it your way, but if anything happens to the Koki, I’m blaming you”.

Mean while in a remote location…..

“WHAT a middle aged gentlemen with a scar across his left eye who was wearing a lab coat said, Qyp has been killed by a Koki child”!

“Yes…sir the bartender from earlier said that is what I was told and not only that but that same child almost destroyed Dusk Flats”.

“Hmm.. well we can’t let that front go unopposed the middle aged gentleman said, send word to Mr. Fire blaze and tell him to burn the Koki village to the ground”.

“Ok sir the bartender said ….but what of the gentlemen in the bar who single handily killed off all eleven of our new recruits".

“Bah they were garbage anyway the middle aged gentlemen said, most likely we will never see that man again anyway and I would rather not waste resources looking for him”.

“Ok sir” the bartender said as he slowly walked away from the middle aged man and into the shadows;

“The Koki should know better than to cross the Smash gang the middle aged man said to himself, thinking that their petty magic and superstition would tie my hands”. “Though I wonder about that man who defeated all of my new recruits without a scratch the middle aged gentlemen said to himself, it would take quite the skilled fighter to survive that ordeal, much less come out of it untouched…..hmmm…I wonder”.

“Hmm…I see the chieftain said, you two are not only not from this world but also not of this plane of existence?”.

“Correct the Smasher said as he sipped on the tea that was prepared for him, something or someone pulled us from our dimensions for some reason or another”.

“Ah that explains your strange clothing and also the boy’s extraordinary magical prowess the chieftain said well if you wish to return to your perspective worlds, the Koki will gladly help as much as we can”.

“Thank you kind sir the Smasher said as he turned to the Summoner, and I’m sure my friend here will give you as much magical support as he can, right Summoner”?

“Of course I’ll help in any way that I can the Summoner said as he folded his arms, I have personal experience with dimensional transportation so my help would speed up the process”.

“Well then it is settled the chieftain said, but first I must ask that you two brave the night plains in order to retrieve some herbs from a ranch that is a few miles southward from here, the owner of the ranch will happily give them to you as he doesn’t want them”.

“Alright the Smasher said he rose to his feet, I’ll just explain the situation to him”.

“I’m coming too the Summoner said, but I am not going to be running or flying so…we shall be back in the morning”.

“Alright my friends I pray that the elders bless your travels” the chieftain called out as the Smasher and the Summoner left the chieftain’s house.

“After we finish securing our way home then the information gathering can start the Smasher said as he and the Summoner exited the village, because after all we can’t leave such nice people to suffer”.

“Alright the Summoner said, as I said before we will do it your way for now”.

Chapter 13 Lercon ranch

“I wonder what type of herbs the Koki need the Smasher said as he and the Summoner walked in the night air, do you have an idea”.
“Meh I don’t know the Summoner said, the potion side of alchemy never was one of my strong points, though being a member of the summoner clan did help”. “But anyway will we be going back to Dusk Flats after all of this the Summoner asked, you know to gather this *information* we need”.

“No not as of yet the Smasher said, I want to explore more this western frontier and give the people of Dusk Flats time to forget both of our faces”. The two travelers continued walking for hours, exchanging battle stories and romance secrets (in the Smasher’s case) unknown to the carnage that would ensue inside of Osara. It was around 1 o clock in the morning when they reached the ranch where livestock roamed the grassy area;

“Howdy strangers” the Smasher and Summoner heard as they approached the medium sized family home that stood in the middle of the ranch. The Smasher and Summoner turned to their left to see a grey haired old man that had a goatee combo and was wearing a 10 gallon cowboy hat approaching them.

“Howdy the Smasher said as he reached out his right hand to give the man a hand shake, you wouldn’t happen to know the owner of this here ranch now would you”?

“Well yes indeed I know him the old man said, this here ranch belongs to me, Bobby Rickerditch Von Lercon, though everyone just calls me Old man Lercon nowadays.

“Well Mr.Lercon me and my friend here have just came from Osara to pick up some herbs from you”.

“Ah I see Old man Lercon said, well I have those weeds inside of a large bag in my basement, but I wouldn’t dare send two younger travelers like yourselves away without giving you a refreshing glass of milk and a slice of apple pie before you leave”.

“Alright” the Smasher said as he signaled the Summoner who was watching the cows graze to follow him into Old man Lercon’s house.

Mean while in Osara...

“I hope those two return unharmed the Chieftain said to one of the spell smiths that stood next to him, they seem like they are trust worthy unlike many of the other visitors we have had from the Smash gang”.

“Ali, Ali come quick a woman called out as she ran into the chieftain’s home, a member of the Smash gang is here”.

“A member of the Smash gang eh Ali said as he grabbed his skull staff and got to his feet, prepare the spell smiths for battle, I have a feeling this visitor isn’t coming with good intentions”; Ali walked outside of his home and towards the entrance of the village as Koki women and children fled to the safety of their homes. At Osara’s entrance stood a young man wearing a basic cowboy uniform, completed with two empty hoisters on his sides and a 3 gallon cowboy hat, “State your business stranger” Ali said as he stood a few feet away from the mysterious young man.

“My business eh the young man said as he placed his fingers into his hoisters, my boss tells me you Koki like to play with magic”.

“We do not *play* with magic Ali said as he prepared himself for any sudden movements from the stranger, we use the power given to us from the elders to help understand the world”.

“Oh I see the young man said, just like how one of your brats *understood* Dusk Flats yesterday”.

“Pardon”? Ali said;

“Don’t play dumb with me the young man said as he lifted his hat, revealing two flaming eyes, my boss heard about that stunt you pulled with killing Qyp and trashing the town”.

“I have no idea what you are talking about Ali exclaimed, we the Koki are a peaceful race and our children are not allowed to leave the safety of the village until adulthood”.

“Well that’s sad to hear the young man said as he shuffled his feet, because my boss is never wrong and he tells me it was one of your brats who offed my friend”.

“As I said we the Koki don’t…..”Ali tried to say when suddenly his chest bursted into flames.

“Sorry but the boss was fairly specific with what he wanted me to do here the young man said as he blew the smoldering flames off of the tip of his right hand, it’s time for you magic users to burn for your sins”.

“Thank you Mr. Lercon the Summoner said as he greedily ate his slice of pie and drunk his milk, this is the greatest pie I have ever had”.

“Well shucks boy you’re going to make me blush Old man Lercon said, I am merely using the secret recipe passed down to me from my grand pappy”.

The Smasher calmly ate his slice of pie and then took a second to scan the contents of the milk he was about to drink, “Hmm.. milk is unpasteurized and contains high and extremely unhealthy doses of lactose the Smasher thought to himself, also molecular content shows that subject is beginning the first stages of fermentation, consumption is not advised”.

“Here Summoner have my milk I’m not really thirsty right now” the Smasher said as he handed his glass of milk to the Summoner.

“Fine the Summoner said as he quickly grabbed the glass of milk and drank it, more milk for me”.

“Oh and before I forget Old man Lercon said as he handed the Smasher a large plastic bag full of reddish black leaves, here are those pesky voidium weeds that them Koki get from me, man these buggers won’t leave my ranch alone no matter what type of weed control I use”.

“Hmm…I see the Smasher said as made a quick scan of the bag’s contents and then headed for the front door with the Summoner at his heels, well thank you for your wonderful hospitality Mr. Lercon”.

“Just being friendly as always boys Old man Lercon called out, have a nice trip”; As the Smasher and the Summoner began walking back towards the Koki village they noticed large fumes of smoke emerging from it, they both turned to each other thinking the same thing and then ran with all their might back towards the village.

Chapter 14 the Summoner’s rage

“Quickly use a water spell to put out the flames the Smasher shouted to the Summoner as they reach Osara which was covered in a inferno of flames, but repress the power and magnitude of the spell, we don’t want to drown anyone”.

“AQUQUIOUS: STORM” the Summoner shouted as massive rain fall began to pummel the flames that covered Osara.

“Ok good the Smasher said as he placed the bag of voidium weeds down next to the Summoner, keep the spell going, I’m going into the village to check for survivors and to see what happened”; the Smasher dashed into the village with his eyes closed, using his search eyes to locate the only two life forms in the city. “One of the biometric signatures is that of a regular Koki adolescence the Smasher thought to himself as he dashed through the rain fall, but the other one seems to have the same properties as volcanic ash”. The Smasher slowed down his running to a power walk as he turned around the corner to the sight of Fire Blaze standing over a young Koki boy who was covered in second degree burns. “Subject shows signs of pyrokinetic abilities the Smasher thought to himself as he approached the stranger, including the abilities to generate flames of temperatures up to 8,000 degrees Celsius unassisted, scans show that subject is male, age 20, red hair, carrying a hidden S and W model 10 revolver and is of average level intellect, chance of survival 94.999%”.

“Well looks like today was your lucky day kid Fire Blaze said as he stood over the kids unconscious body, this rain fall saved you from my flames”, “But unfortunately the Boss was fairly specific with me not leaving any survivors” Fire Blaze said as he pulled out his hidden revolver from underneath his left sock and pointed at the child.

“NOT TODAY” the Smasher shouted as he slammed a flying kick into Fire Blaze’s face, sending him flying into what was left of a burnt down apartment building.

The Smasher carefully picked up the Koki child and moved him into a corner where he would be safe from as Fire Blaze emerged from the rubble;

“Partner you just got yourself into a world of trouble” Fire blaze said as he pointed his revolver at the Smasher.

“You’re the one starting trouble here son the Smasher said as he got into his northern shaolin stance, what kind of man would burn down a peacefully village like this”.

“A man on business Fire Blaze said as he moved his finger to pull the trigger of his revolver, meaning none of yours”; the Smasher quickly took a step to his left and dashed at Fire Blaze, dodging the line of the bullet as Fire Blaze pressed the trigger. Then the Smasher grabbed Fire Blaze’s outstretched arm, while sweeping his leg, causing Fire Blaze to fall backwards; as Fire Blaze fell backwards the Smasher twisted his arm forward, causing revolver to fall out of Fire Blaze’s hand, while at the same time getting Fire Blaze in a arm bar.

“Now you want to tell me why have you attacked the Koki” the Smasher said as the revolver fell onto the muddy ground.

“As I said it is none of your…..arrragh” Fire Blaze said as the Smasher tightened his arm bar, threatening to snapped his right arm off.

“That wasn’t a question the Smasher said as he tightened the arm bar even more, it was a command”.

“Ok…ok Fire Blaze said, my boss told me to burn this filthy village to ground in retaliation to the Koki having one of their kids trash Dusk Flats and for killing Qyp”.

“Your boss is mistaken the Smasher said as he thought back to when the Summoner caused the town of Dusk Flats to begin to crumble, I was in town at that time, the kid who did that wasn’t of the Koki”.

“Well sucks for the Koki then” Fire Blaze with a smirk as the Smasher snapped his right arm.

“That’s not funny the Smasher said as he got to his feet and picked up Fire Blaze’s revolver, innocent people died today because of your boss’s incompetence.

“It serves those witchcraft users right Fire Blaze said as he rolled around in pain on the muddy ground, the Koki has been a thorn in my boss’s side for the longest”.

“I’m guessing you are a member of the Smash gang” the Smasher said as he kicked Fire Blaze into the side of the rib cage as he tried to get to his feet.

“Yes….Fire Blaze said, the names Fire Blaze….as my name says I have quite the way with flames, it’s just too bad that it’s raining or else I would show you a piece of my work”.

“Oh don’t worry the Smasher said as he tossed Fire Blaze’s revolver into the stratosphere, I’ve seen your work….and it disgust me”.

“Well thank you kindly sir Fire Blaze said as he tried to tip his hat with his broken arm, I try my best to please”. The Smasher was about to say something else when suddenly the rain stopped and Fire Blaze emitted a huge barrier of flames from his body, forcing the Smasher to leap back; “Well would you look at that Fire Blaze said with a devilish smile as he got to his feet, you’ll get to see some of my work after all”.

Mean while back to the Summoner…..

“That should be enough to take care of the flames the Summoner said as he dashed into the charred village, now let’s see what’s taking the Smasher so long”, as the Summoner dashed through the village his mind flashed back to the day Clown had taken his people away from him. “This wasn’t any accidental fire the Summoner said as he examined the ashes, this fire was directed and casted by someone of basic pyromancer skill level…..whoever did this is heartless and cruel, deserving nothing but a slow and painful death. As the Summoner reached the area where he spotted the Smasher skillfully dodging Fire Blaze’s fire attacks, the Summoner stepped forward ready to fight, but then something in the corner caught his attention. He walked over into the corner where the young Koki boy’s body laid, the Summoner reached his hand to feel if the child had a heart beat, when suddenly the child woke up. “Hey are you ok the Summoner said as he tried to heal the boy’s burns, why did that man attack your village”.

“He took everything….the Koki boy said as tears began to roll down his face, my mother…..my father….my people….EVERYTHING”.

“Why the Summoner said as a vision of his dead parents flashed in mind’s eye, why would he do something like that”.

“….He said that one of my fellow Koki children killed his teammate Qyp and laid waste to Dusk Flats”. The Summoner’s mind flashed back to that exact moment when he lost his temper in Dusk Flats and his heart began to weigh heavily on him, carrying the fact that it was his fault that all this happened.

“We told him it wasn’t us the Koki boy said as more tears began to run down his face and his nose began to snot up, but he wouldn’t listen….he said for us to blame our fate on the imposter”.

“Hmm…I see the Summoner said as he wiped the tear from the child’s face, don’t worry I will make that man pay for his sins” and with those words hanging in the winds, the Summoner left the boy and turned his attention to the battle field where the Smasher had cut off Fire Blaze’s hands and froze his legs solid. The Summoner’s face was serene and calm as he stepped forward, the quiet before the storm had begun.

“Hey kid I thought I told you to keep the rain going the Smasher said as he turned to see the Summoner coming his way, I had a real hard time with this guy because you didn’t follow my plan all the way through; the Summoner said nothing as he walked pass the Smasher, his eyes fixated on Fire Blaze.

“HAHAHAHA so he was the one eh Fire Blaze laughed, my boss actually was wrong HAHAHA, man kid you really dodged a bullet, but then again having the Koki take the fall for you is a pretty horrible thing to do”; without words the Summoner swung his left fist forward into Fire Blaze’s face, hitting him so hard that the force alone broke Fire Blaze’s frozen legs and sent him flying a mile away from the village. The Summoner chased after the body, slamming it into the ground and then proceeded slam his fists repeatedly into the already dented skull of the already dead Fire Blaze;

“Kid, kid the Smasher called after the Summoner as he caught his right hand in the middle of his 3rd strike, it’s over already, he’s already dead”.

“NO IT’S NOT the Summoner screamed in an almost demonic voice as he blasted the Smasher off of him and continued his onslaught on Fire Blaze’s broken body;

“Look kid I know how you feel the Smasher said calmly as he slowly approached the Summoner, but it’s over already….what’s done is done.

“NO YOU DON’T the Summoner shouted back to the Smasher as the sky above them grew dark and stormy and bloody tears fell down the Summoner’s face, it’s all my fault, if I hadn’t lost my temper then the Koki would have been fine….if I had just stayed dead then that boy would still have his family”.

“You didn’t know the Smasher said calmly as he slowed his approach to the Summoner even more, as you said before you were protecting yourself, how was you suppose to know that there were people who looked like you on this planet”.

“I should have known the Summoner said as he weeped, ……I should have thought about the consequences of my actions…but no I didn’t as always I selfishly thought only of myself”.

“Don’t speak so badly of yourself the Smasher said as he carefully laid his hand on the Summoner’s shoulder, I have saved my world out of duty to protect it, but you….you sacrificed your life to save a world that you had no stake in at all….it wasn’t your world and you could have left it for the people to deal with it, but you didn’t because you are a hero and I’m not about to stand here and let you bad mouth yourself”.

Chapter 15 a Hero’s duty

“What does it matter to you the Summoner said as he wiped his eyes, even you, yourself said that I react to things too quickly without thinking”.

“Indeed that is true but you need to understand that you are still a kid the Smasher said, when I got married I had to learn to grow up seeing as I’m a 22 year old inside of a 30 year old man’s body, people make mistakes as is our nature”. “But you can’t let the past dictate your future the Smasher said as the dark clouds above began to dissipate, the wisest man is not the one who never makes mistakes, but rather the one who has intellect to learn from them”;

“Fine…the Summoner said as he got to his feet, but what about securing our way back home….without the Koki we…”.

“Don’t worry kid the Smasher said reassuringly, in between the two of us I’m sure we can figure out something, but for now we begin the hunt for information, I would like to have a few words with this *boss* that pyromaniac was speaking of”.

“Alright so we will be wondering the plains again the Summoner said as he and the Smasher walked back through the destroyed village to retrieve the bag of voidium weeds, looking for another town”;

“Yup the Smasher replied as he and the Summoner reached the other side of the village where the bag laid, though I’m wondering if you could change yourself to look a bit more human”.

“Tried to separate from my summon many of times now the Summoner said, doesn’t work and transformation was never my strong point anyway”.

“Alright the Smasher said, can you carry the bag for a bit I need to clean the mud and blood off of my suit”.

“With what the Summoner asked as he picked up the bag, there isn’t a water source anywhere around here and I’m not about to clean your stuff for you”;

“Not to worry the Smasher said as he donned his nanotech mask and scrolled through the 3D hub display on his watch and activated the portable suit cleaning function, I’m a perfectionist in a sense, so I came prepared”. The Summoner watched in amazement as the Smasher was covered in a yellow sphere that filled with different gasses that *burned* away the stains on the Smasher’s outfit.

“Wow the Summoner said, a portable shower….didn’t see that coming”.

“It’s not a shower per say the Smasher said as the dome faded away, revealing his laundry fresh army outfit, the clothes I wear are made special so I can’t clean them normally, which forced me to find a way to clean it without damaging the fibers too much”. “The gas you saw fill that bubble that I was in is produced by special nanomechs that are used to rid my outfit of unwanted stains, alongside repairing any flawed fibers or in lesser terms damages in my suit the Smasher said as he removed his nanotech mask and began walking, I would go into detail but from the expression on your face I can see you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about”.

“HAHAHAHA you read my mind” the Summoner laughed as he followed the Smasher under the light of the morning sun.

The two travelers went southward, once again passing Old man Lercon’s ranch, before reaching the quiet town of Steelton; the Summoner decided to wait outside the town as the Smasher walked into a local saloon. Dodge city was playing in the background as the Smasher entered the saloon, “Alright let’s see the Smasher thought to himself as he looked around the saloon, which one of these guys will break the easiest…..hmmm….let’s go with table number five”; the Smasher walked across the saloon to table where 5 men and flirting with the waitress. “Howdy fellas the Smasher said as he pulled a seat up to the table, you don’t mind if I join you now do you”.

“Not at all stranger a man with a man with a large brown beard and had shaggy brown hair said, please have a seat and be merry”.

“Thank you kindly the Smasher said as he watched the man , so…did you guys hear about what happened in Dusk Flats not too long ago”.

“Yeah another man with a short black crowbar mustache said, I heard that one of them witch kids was causing trouble and ended up killing a couple new recruits of the Smash gang”.

“Yeah that’s what I heard too another man with a tan goatee said as he hiccupped, I’d reckon that it will only be a matter of time until the news gets to the big boss”.

“The big boss the Smasher asked as he carefully kept a friendly western tone of voice, whose’s that”.

“The big boss is the head of the Smash gang the man with the shaggy hair said, no one know what his real name is or what he looks like….or rather no one outside of the Smash gang that saw his face has ever lived to tell the tale”.

“They say he is an ex freedom fighter from when these plains was under military rule the man with the tan goatee said, They say he has the eyes of a hawk and can see everything and everyone on these western plains are doing during every second of the day”.

“But above all they say he isn’t a man to be trifled with” the man with the crowbar mustache said as he ordered another drink.

“Ah I see the Smasher said, would any of you guys know where he is recruiting at, I’ve been thinking about joining the Smash gang for quite some time”.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” the three men laughed at the Smasher’s statement, as they fell out of their seats;

“A boy like you thinks he can just walk up all willy nilly and join the Smash gang the man with the crowbar mustache said, I doubt someone like you would last a minute under gun fire, you should go home and be a family man”.

“Meh maybe the Smasher said, but far as I know the safest place to be is within the Smash gang so come on guys help me out”.

“Alright, alright the man with the shaggy hair said as he placed down his mug, if you want to die then by all means I won’t stop you, the Shadow Reaper is the recruiter for this town, you’ll normally find him in the middle of the night standing in the middle of town”.

“Alright thank you kindly the Smasher said as he got to his feet, it’s about time I hit the dusty old trail”; the Smasher walked out of the saloon and carefully made his way across, town even though the Summoner was still waiting for him at the northern side of town. “A man able to see what’s happening every second of every day eh the Smasher thought to himself as he walked to the southern side of Steelton, if that’s true then I’ll have to be even more careful not to make myself or my plans obvious, I need to play it smooth and pretend to actually want to join”.

As the Smasher walked across town, he carefully examined the environment, listening closely to the conversations that went on around him. “Hey wait up stranger the man with the goatee called out after the Smasher as he and his comrades chased after the Smasher, you aren’t from these part are you”.

“Nope I don’t really come from anywhere the Smasher said, I’m just a traveler trying to find his place in this world”;

“Hmm.. that’s quite odd the man with the crowbar mustache said as placed his hand on his hoister that housed a S and W .357 revolver, the Smash gang keeps the borders of these western plains as sealed up as a married man’s wallet, so how did a youngin like you get past them”.

“I just got lucky I guess the Smasher said as he pretended to be ignorant, I didn’t see anybody while I was passing by all those mountains”.

“Alright boy the man with the shaggy hair said, you don’t seem like trouble so we will let you go, but I’m watching you, you hear”.

“Of course sir the Smasher said as he walked off, I wouldn’t want to bring unwanted problems onto myself”. As the Smasher walked off and left town, he activated the nanomechs in his hat to make small sonic hearing aids.

“Follow him the Smasher heard the shaggy haired man said, the boss did say there was a man who had killed 9 of our guys without breaking a sweat, this could be our man”.

“Really the man with the goatee said, that boy would probably run home at the first sight of blood, much less kill a man”.

“Still though the boss said to be on the lookout the man with the shaggy hair said, so we need to make sure that he is what he says he is”.

“Hmm…looks like I get to have some fun after all the Smasher thought to himself, I’ve been dying to use one of my mini landmines on someone anyway, after my pursuiter is dealt with then I can circle the town to get to the Summoner”.

Chapter 16 the Game of Death

The Smasher pretended as if he was going into the mountains as he walked further and further away from the town, casually slowing down his pace so that the men following him could keep up; “Three pursuiters all of whom reaction times are impaired, the Smasher thought to himself as he reached within 500 feet of a mountain range, with landmines that emit an plasmatic explosion within 1/16th of a nanosecond after they are activated, this hardly seems fair”. Suddenly the Smasher went into a super speed sprint, dashing into the mountain range and out of his pursuiters’s sight; the three men chased after the Smasher hoping to catch up with him as they ran into his trap. The first to go was the man with the goatee thanks to the fact that he stepped the mini landmine that the Smasher had dropped in front of the entrance he ran into, the plasmatic explosion was so fast, that the man didn’t even get enough time to think about screaming as he was literately fried to his bones. The explosion also gave the man with the crowbar mustache 2nd degree burns on the left side of his body due to the fact of how close he was to the explosion;

“What the heck was that” the man with the shaggy hair said as he watched his friend roll on the ground in pain.

“Oh God my face, my beautiful face the man with now a half of a crowbar mustache said as he rolled on the ground in pain, it got my prize winning, female wrangling face”.

“Calm down Joey the man with the shaggy hair said as he tried to calm himself and his friend, at least you didn’t end up like Luke”.

“Oh my Joey said as he tried to ignore the pain as he got to his feet, how are we going to explain this to his wife and kids”.

“*We* aren’t doing anything the man with the shaggy hair said as he carefully stepped over the charred black bones of his companion, he is your cousin after all”.

“That’s cruel you know that Joel” Joey said as he followed behind the shaggy haired man into the mountain range.

“I don’t get paid to be nice Joel said so quick your belly aching and hurry up and help me find that wanderer”.

The Smasher placed two B.O.M.B.A patches on the ground behind himself and then took exactly 12 steps forward before placing ripper mine onto the ground; “Pursuiters will most likely scan the ground for foreign objects now and avoid them the Smasher thought to himself as he pulled out his detonator, therefore to guarantee death an unavoidable scenario has been created”. “Explosion from patches will create a trench that stretches 12ft by 12ft and runs 2000 feet deep the Smasher said as he began to walk away from the site, pursuiters will most likely leap over trench which will leave one of them at the mercy of the ripper mine, also if pursuiters do not gain enough momentum to clear the trench, they will fall to their doom, either being impaled by sharp pieces of the mountain or crushed by the fall”. The Smasher activated the B.O.M.B.A patches creating the trench and then dashed off to watch the results of his trap from a distance;

“Joel did you hear that Joey said as he limped on behind his companion, it sounded like an explosion”.

“Of course I heard it you numbskull Joel said, maybe that guy got caught in one of those explosions that got Luke”.

“Yeah maybe Joey said as he followed Joel to the trench, oh no how are we going to get across here”.

“Its easy Joel said, we jump across to the other side…but you go first, and I’ll follow behind”.

“But…but…my leg” Joey said, “Oh please quit crying like a little baby over some burns Joel said, heck even my 3 year old takes pain better than you”.

“Ok, ok Joey said as he took a few steps back, I’ll do it”, Joey dashed at the trench and then leaped with all his strength, just barely reaching the edge of the other side as he was able to reach his left arm far enough to grab the ledge. As Joey was pulling himself up, Joel landed hard on his left hand, causing him to fall to his death and then as Joel gained his balance, he activated the ripper mine which sent out a barbed deltium coil that wrapped around his body before retracting and ripping him apart.

“Well that takes care of that” the Smasher said as he backtracked his way all the way back to the southern entrance to Steelton before dashing around the town towards where the Summoner was waiting.

“Took you long enough the Summoner said as the Smasher approached him, did you get the information we need”.

“Yeah the Smasher said, I’ll be meeting one of the Smash gang’s recruiter at midnight tonight in the middle of town”.

“Good the Summoner said, we can ambush him and force him to tell us what we need to know”.

“Not quite the Smasher said, a bit of the information I was given about the leader of this *organization* makes me want to play it safe and let myself get recruited”.

“What do you mean the Summoner said, is he like super powerful or something”.

“I don’t exactly know the Smasher said, all I was told was that he has the eyes of a hawk and can see everything and everyone on these western plains are doing during every second of the day, now if you take this information to a literal sense then that means he has a way more advance version of one of my skills”.

“Meaning that he is omniscient when it comes to this area on this planet” the Summoner said as he cracked his knuckles.

“Yeah more or less the Smasher said, which is why I want to try and get myself recruited, but no worries kid I’ll keep you informed if I do”.

“That sounds very risky the Summoner said, but if you’re willing to put your life on the line, then I’m willing to help you out, just tell me what I have to do”.

“Just keep a fairly good distance away from the meeting spot the Smasher said as he activated the nanomechs in his hat to create a face mask that made him look like a 35 year old man with a goatee combo, if anything goes wrong I expect you to give me backup support”.

“Alright that seems like a well thought out plan the Summoner said, let see if it works or not”.

Chapter 17 Reaper of recruits

Night fall came quickly as the Smasher explained his reason for taking so long to the Summoner, “Man where do you hide all that stuff the Summoner said as he looked at the Smasher’s uniform, from the way I see you, it looks like you aren’t carrying anything”.

“Yeah well looks can be deceiving, remember that the Smasher said, also black is very form fitting and sliming, so you could say I’m a walking one man army with benefits”.

“Hmph well if I had all my powers you wouldn’t be tough to beat” the Summoner said.

“Let’s not go down that path kid the Smasher said with a grin, you haven’t even seen 10% of my arsenal yet and no matter how much power you have, with that sloppy fighting style of yours you won’t be able to lay a finger on me”.

“Whatever the Summoner said with a smirk, what time is anyway”.

“Hmm…well let’s see the Smasher said as he pulled up the 3D hub on his watch and scrolled through icon, I’ll say it’s about 11:50 pm, unless my watch didn’t auto adjust to this planet’s time”.

“Well you better hurry to the center of the town and you know do your super smart guy thing” the Summoner said as he waved the Smasher off.

“Right the Smasher said as he began power walking, make sure you stick to the plan”.

The Smasher reached the center of Steelton at about 11: 59 pm and waited for Shadow Reaper to appear as the Summoner watched over the Smasher from high above in the clouds; at exactly 12:00 am a shadowy form appeared before the Smasher, rising out of the ground as if it was summoned by some otherworldly necromancer. The shadow being stood at 8ft tall easily dwarfing the Smasher who stood at 6ft 5in, carrying a large scythe that stood 7ft tall and was wearing a long black hooded cloak that gave the shadow being a grim reaper like appearance.

“Who…are…you Shadow Reaper hissed, and…..why….do….you…stand…before me”.

“I am Grinjou Pangas the Smasher said staring up into Shadow Reaper’s eyes, a skilled marksman and assassin known for never missing his mark, I have heard tales of the Smash gang’s power and so I have come to be recruited”.

“So….you…think…you…what…it takes Shadow Reaper said, fine….I….shall….give….you…a…chance….to…test…your metal”, Shadow Reaper transformed into a giant wall of shadows that covered the Smasher and pulled him into the ground.

“Dang the Summoner said as he landed on the ground where the Smasher had stood and illuminated it with negative energy to create a path, shadowportation is hard to track, but still I have to keep up with him for that kid’s sake, I have to see this plan through”.

The shadows opened up inside of a laboratory of some kind, “Welcome a voice said as the Smasher turned around to see a young man in his mid 20s wearing a white lab coat and had long black hair, I am Doctor Blackervich Shockimer and you are my new *patient*”.

“Nice to meet you doctor the Smasher said without offering to shake the doctor’s hand, I am Grinjou Pangas and I have had my yearly checkup already”.

“HAHAHAHA surely you jest the doctor said, no need to be defensive, I will be making sure your vitals remain stable during our *experiment*”.

“Hold on the Smasher said as he looked around the laboratory, scanning it with his eyes, where is Shadow Reaper”.

“Ho Ho Ho aren’t you the perceptive one the doctor said as he walked over to a table covered with wireless neuro and heart scanners, not to worry you will see him soon enough….at least I hope you do”. The doctor picked up the scanners and walked over to the Smasher who opened his jacket and personally placed the scanners onto his forehead and chest.

“Ok good, good now if you would be so kind as to stand right there the doctor said as he checked to see if the scanners were working and then pointed to a teleportation laser device, so that we can begin the experiment”.

“Teleportation schematics scanned and understood the Smasher thought to himself as he obediently walked in front of the device, chance of losing a limb during teleportation is 30% and schematics can be improved for cross dimensional travel, escape route located. The doctor quickly activated the laser, which divided the Smasher up on a atomic level before reassembled inside of an arena like area; “Teleportation sensation is…..contradictory due to cold internal feeling and warm external feeling the Smasher thought to himself as he shivered,…..duly noted”, the Smasher looked around the arena noticing the igbor like experiments that were sedated inside of cooling chambers that littered the field. “Experiments are lesser igbors, extreme healing factor not detected the Smasher thought to himself as 100 of the cooling chambers opened up, super strength factor is much lesser, intellect level is a small amount greater and super speed feature is lesser than current personal top speed, skin durability…pathetic and easily penetrated by shotgun bullets…..chance of survival 100% unless overpowered by numbers and surrounded which will lower chance to 98.777%”.

One of the experiments woke up and charged out of its containment units towards the Smasher, “WE SMASH YOU” the beast roared as it swung its large left fist at the Smasher.

“Speech impediment… the Smasher thought to himself as he dodged the beast’s fist and shot it point blank in the forehead with one of his dual revolvers, killing it,……still present”.

The scream of pain from the beast as its head exploded awakened the other 99 experiments and they all came charging out of their containment units towards the Smasher; the Smasher wasted no time as he put his pass igbor experiences to good use, nailing 10 of the experiments in the chest and forehead before they were even in striking distance. The Smasher then leaped back as the multitude of the crowd tried to rush him, exchanging his dual revolvers for his deltium snakes and dismembering 4 of the 20 beasts that were in front of him. “15 down 85 more to go the Smasher thought to himself as he used one of the dead dismembered experiments as a battering ram to make his way through the crowd, activating dual revolver driller mode”.

As the Smasher made his way out of the crowd he dropped the dead experiment and twisted around on one foot, firing off a D17 line bullet from each of his revolvers; the D17 bullets broken off into 5 segments as they flew through the skulls of the leading experiments along with 4 of the other experiments behind them. The bullets then exploded with a zip line effect, simultaneously exploding the heads of 10 experiments.

“10 experiments killed with 2 shots the Smasher thought to himself as he deflected the punch of an experiment before slamming his left fist into the beast’s chest, sending it flying back into the incoming crowd, the next 10 shots will be enough to thin their numbers to melee range”. The Smasher tossed his revolvers towards two of the incoming beasts, causing them to fall back from the force of deltium slamming into their face; the Smasher ran up the bodies of the two experiments as they fell back, catching his revolvers before kicking off the beasts to get himself above the crowd. The Smasher kept a conscious count of the number of bullets he fired as he mowed down 50 experiments with his D17 bullets and then gracefully slammed an axle kick onto an experiment that had leaped up towards him, sending it spiraling to the ground before landing hard on its neck. As the Smasher landed on the ground he placed his deltium revolvers into his pockets before taking a Muay Thai stance, blocked a haymaker from one of the experiments using his kinetic/electrical energy absorbing gloves and then slammed an enhance super strength cross to the beast’s chest followed by an uppercut, knocking the beast out cold as the other 24 rush towards him.

Chapter 18 Weakness of the Mind

Mean while…….

“Hmm..the shadow energy trail stopped here the Summoner said as he pushed more negative energy into the ground to no avail, they must be deep underground, I could easily make a chasm to leap into but what if the Smasher has them right where he wants them and I end up messing up again”.

“Man I wish I could just teleport to him the Summoner said as he raised his foot to use Earth Shaker, hmm..but wait a second, what am I talking about I can just *burn* my way down without blowing the plan”.

The Summoner created a nega gravidon and fired it into the ground below him, riding the dragon head as it tunneled through the ground; as the Smasher reached a metal structure he dispelled the dragon head and examined the structure.

“Hmm…. is this where they went the Summoner said as he tried to transmute the metal but to no avail, this metal is infused with an anti magic charm, seeing as even I can’t transmute it, but still that doesn’t mean I can’t break it”. The Summoner raised his fist to punch a hole in the metal structure when suddenly an alarm went off and the Summoner found himself surrounded by assault drones.

“What the heck are these things the Summoner said as he created a barrier to block the blast of electricity that all the drones fired towards him, *sigh* I really hope I didn’t mess up again”. The assault drones circled around the Summoner, continuing their steady beams of electricity while at the same time emitting a high pitch screech that irritated the Summoner to no end; “Must….remain…calm the Summoner thought to himself as he expanded his barrier, think before you react….remember what happened last time”. Suddenly one of the drone shot a whip like object into the ground which tunneled under the Summoner’s barrier, wrapping around his leg and electrocuting him.

“OH SCREW THIS” the Summoner yelled as he pointed his hands toward his left and right.

“Thoronrengan” the Summoner said as he fired off multiple lightning bolts that destroyed the drones but also caused the area he was standing in to cave in.

“Oh great the Summoner thought to himself as he dug himself out, I definitely made my presence known now”.

“Aren’t out way past your bed time kid the Summoner heard as he turned around to see a shadow being with large glaring red eyes and carrying two katanas on his back”;

“Dang the Summoner said under his breath and he rocketed himself out of the ground and high into the night air, I should be safe from that shadow user here, let’s just hope they haven’t figured out the Smasher’s true intentions yet”.

“So one of the Koki brats got away from Fire Blaze eh the shadow being said as he searched through the darkness of the land with his eyes, I’ll make sure the Master knows of this, I’m sure he will be pleased to hear that there is one specimen left to add to his collection”.

Mean while back to the Smasher…….

“Why aren’t you the stubborn one the Smasher said as he slammed a flying uppercut into the last beast’s jaw, dislocating it, followed by a spinning jump kick to the chest, breaking its already cracked rib cage, and down you go like the rest”, “Hmm..well that’s all 100 the Smasher thought to himself as he looked around the room to see it was littered with the dead bodies of the experiments, activating afterimage escape procedures….just in case of double cross”. The Smasher scanned himself with his watch, pretending to be yawning and then ejected the hologram disk his watch created;

“Hey is anybody there the Smasher called out as he looked around the room, Doctor I believe I have pass your test now give me my reward”.

“Yes…..indeed….you…..have passed Shadow Reaper said as he rose out of the ground behind the Smasher, now….you….shall….meet…..the Master”; the Smasher remained calm as he sunk into the shadows, more than used to this way of travel thanks to his dear wife. The Smasher reappeared in a throne room where a shadow being with dark blue tribal markings and cat like dark blue eye sat on a throne where two brown skinned females stood by his side.

“Hmm…so you are the one who wants to join my gang” the blue shadow being said.

“So you are the big boss the Smasher said doing a half bow, nice to meet you my name is…”.

“IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS the shadow being shouted at the Smasher, all that matters is that you do what I say and you will live”.

“Of course sir” the Smasher said as he began to ponder to himself, “Something seems off here, this guy here seems to brash and arrogant to be the leader of the Smash gang the Smasher thought to himself, an organization like this one would require a strong yet intellectual leader which would make sure that everything went to according to plan, not only that this guy doesn’t fit any of the rumors, thus meaning that this is a trap”.

“Wow you sure think a lot a female voice said in the Smasher’s head, I’m guessing you’re not your every day cowboy now are you, David Blitz”.

“A mind reader eh the Smasher thought to himself as he watched one of the females in front of him nod, personally I didn’t see that coming but then again mind reader, I wonder if you can keep up”.

“Hehehehe don’t get to full of yourself honey another female voice said as the Smasher dropped a flash pellet out of his pocket, just as Shadow Reaper swung his scythe towards him, no mind is too strong for the Birde sisters to handle”; as the flash pellet exploded into a blinding flash of light the Smasher quickly dodged the scythe and dashed for the nearest ventilation shaft, quickly entering it and making his way through.

“Hehehehe do you really think you are going to escape one of the female voices said, we are going to find you and we are going to kill you, along with the Summoner and then we will find a way to get to your world to kill your precious family”.

“Oh please the Smasher retorted inside of his mind as he activated the nanomechs in his hat, creating a neurowave suppressing helmet , save your threats for someone without my experience, did you really think that I would let you roam inside of my head, even without my tech I have thousands of mental blocks prepared to isolate you two no matter how powerful you are”.

The Smasher quietly climbed through the ventilation shaft, scanning his environment as he heard the sloshing sounds of water running across metal; “Hmm so they think they can flush me out the Smasher thought to himself as he closed the collar of his suit, creating a ninja like mask that pressed tightly against his face from his chin to the center of his nose, not such a smart idea when your opponent is semi aquatic”. A large wave of water came gushing towards the Smasher as he continued to crawl through the shaft, ignoring the incoming wave; as the wave of water bombarded the Smasher, he went into a breast stroke, expertly swimming through the now flooded shaft. The Smasher reprogrammed the nanomechs that covered his ears to give himself ultrasonic hearing underwater as he swam against the current; “Alright let’s see what I’m up against” the Smasher thought to himself as he activated the nanomechs.

“Where is he the blue shadow being from before was yelling, he should have been flushed out by now….unless he took the teleporter, but no that’s impossible he would need a keycard to do that”.

“No worries Ancient one of the Birde sisters said with a huge grin, he is still in the vents, he has somehow blocked us from diving deeper into his mind, but not completely”.

“Alright good then, keep me updated on his location” Ancient said as he folded his arms and a dark red shadow being appeared out of the ground;

“Sire I have wonderful news the red shadow being said, it seems that a Koki child still lives, we can still find the void core after all”.

“That’s not a Koki child one of the Birde sisters said, that boy you met was David Blitz, age 15, extremely potent at magic, especially devastating large scale elemental spells, terrible at hand to hand combat, headstrong and quick to anger but has a good heart, recently considered living dead and above all savior of two arcane worlds”;

“What the heck Ancient said as stared at the Birde sister with astonishment, where did all that come from”.

“It came from that guy that just got away, his name is also David Blitz, he is an ex super soldier and freaking super genius, he isn’t from this world just like the other David Blitz isn’t, he has a family whom is currently untouchable for us the Birde sister said, even when his mind was wide open, the information I have on him is very basic which means he is well experienced”;

“Hmm…I see Ancient said as he transformed into a shadow, we aren’t dealing with an amateur…but still no mind can contest with Ancient the King of the Shadows”.

“What should I do Sire” the red shadow being said, “Overcast you stay here with Jae and Raeven Ancient said as his face disappeared into the floor, keep me updated on our *recruit*”.

“Yes your majesty” Overcast said.

Chapter 19 Brainless Smasher?

“Birde sisters Overcast said as he turned to the psychics, we can’t afford any more mistakes….shut him down”!!

“WAHAHAHA that’s the best order I’ve gotten all day Raeven said as her eyes flashed bright purple, hurry sister before he leaves the vents”.

“Of course Rae Jae said as her eyes flashed light blue, right away”.

“Shut me down the Smasher thought to himself as he continued swimming, what the heck are…..ARRAAAGH”; it happened in a flash, the Smasher suddenly lost control of his motor functions, then his senses and then finally his respiratory functions as his brain had shut down…..for once in his lifetime the Smasher’s mind was empty and quiet. His body floated backwards as he lost consciousness and his heart beating began to quickly flat line, but then suddenly the auto save failsafe that was programmed into every nanomech his hat produced came into effect, taking over his brains functions and using the last 100 *missions* the Smasher gave himself as the body’s priority with “Escaping enemy strong hold and rendezvous with the Summoner” being the top priority. Serving as the brain of the unconscious Smasher, the Smasher’s hat reinstated his respiratory system, stopping the Smasher from dieing and also made his body swim against the current again.

“Well…..Overcast said as he tapped his foot impatiently, did it work”.

“Yeah it did Jae said as she looked at her sister who nodded in agreement, we completely had shut him down, his lifeless body should be coming at any moment”. The trios stood there for ten more minutes as the Smasher’s body had gotten to the point where it was suppose to cut a hole in the vent, allowing itself to fall into an unattended lab area in the Smash gang’s strong hold;

“WHERE IS HE” Overcast shouted at the Birde sisters as he noticed the water flow slowing down into a small stream.

“We don’t know the psychics retorted, we did our part and shut down his brain, so ex soldier or not he has to be dead….maybe his body got snagged on something”.

“He better be” Overcast said as he turned into shadowy vapor and flew up the cleared vent; as the shadow vapor reached the hole in the ventilation shaft and reformed back into a solidified form, Overcast had let out a Banshee like scream, yelling “HE’S STILL ALIVE”, but little did Overcast know, the Smasher’s body was long gone.

The Smasher’s body had left the lab area, moving in an almost robotic pattern as it pulled out the Smasher’s deltium snakes and slashed all 10 of the security cameras that were inside the hallway it dashed into. The Smasher’s body dashed through the hallways in a linear motion, moving at much faster pace than the Smasher normally would due to the lack of mental feedback from his nervous system.

“Hey stop right…..gaaahhh” a guard carrying a laser rifle said as the Smasher’s body ran over him and past 9 other guards, breaking his ribcage due to the force created by the speed of impact. The Smasher’s body continued its mission as the nine other guards tried to fire after it, but was quickly left in its wake; the Smasher’s body continued running without fatigue through 10 miles worth of tunnel before kicking down the door that lead to the research center where the Smasher had fought the experiments. Both Shadow Reaper and Ancient were waiting for the Smasher as his body knocked down the door and ran into the room;

“HA I bet you didn’t think we would beat you here now did you David Blitz Ancient said as he charged up a dark energy blast, now prepare to see the might of Ancient the….”, before Ancient could finish his sentence, the Smasher’s body had tossed a flash pellet in between Ancient and Shadow Reaper, causing them to dive into their shadows as the Smasher’s body dashed through the room and cut a hole through the wall in front of it.

“HEY I WASN’T FINISH YET” Ancient yelled after the Smasher as the room filled with a bright light; the Smasher’s body continued on through the base with the Smasher’s deltium snakes in hand, cutting through everything inside of its linear path. As the Smasher’s body crossed into Doctor Blackervich’s lab where the familiar sound of the teleportation laser device charging up, suddenly the Smasher awakened from his slumber just in time to be blasted by a teleportation beam that sent him into a windowless area that was surrounded by metal walls, which had hundreds of small cameras on them.

“Dang the Smasher whispered to himself as he panted from the overexertion of his muscles, I got myself caught….I guess I'll have to stall them until the kid gets here”. “Queen 1 deploy B.U.S. troops X1000000 the Smasher thought to himself, scatter troops around enemy instillation”.

“Understood my king a computerized voice replied back inside the Smasher’s mind, deploying troops”.

Back to the Summoner………..

“Aww man I need to know what’s going on with the Smasher the Summoner thought to himself as he watched the sun rise from high in the air, did his plan work or did the Smash gang see through his tricks…..I need to know”. Suddenly the tracker on the back of the Summoner’s neck began to buzz fairly loudly causing the Summoner to quickly locate it pull it off.

“What the heck the Summoner said, as he looked at the coin like tracking device that sat in his hand, is this another one of the Smasher’s tricks”?

“Summoner….Summoner….come in Summoner the tracking device spouted, I am in need of assistance, if you are getting this message then, follow the tracker to me”.

“Smasher I can hear you the Summoner shouted at the tracking device, how do I make it work if there some type of button or something”? Just as the Summoner said those words, the tracker surrounded itself with a green barrier and flew out of the Summoner’s hand; “…..Well that works too” the Summoner said as he flew after the tracking device. The tracking device flew 100 feet southward before making a nosedive towards the tunnel the Summoner had dug earlier.

“Aww I see” the Summoner said as he charged up a surplus of negative energy around his hands and followed the tracking device down the tunnel. As the tracking device approached the metal structure, the Summoner grabbed it, knowing fully well of the fact that he couldn’t charge in there without a plan. The Summoner created a small negative energy dot on the tracker’s energy barrier and then released it to continue on its way to the Smasher.

“Ok umm…let’s see the Summoner thought to himself as he hid in the tunnel, last time those metal things came out when I tried to break open that structure, which means they may have magic power level scanner…..maybe if I lower my magic energy close to zero I can get to it undetected”. The Smasher watched the tracking device landed on the metal structure and then burned a small a hole through it as he lowered his power level to the point that his magically dense skin became pale and almost human, “Got to hurry the Summoner thought to himself as he slowly edged towards the metal structure, the Smasher needs me and I refuse to let another person die to these monsters”.

Now back to the Smasher……………

Chapter 20 interrogation

“Let’s hope he got the message the Smasher said to himself as he placed his hand underneath his chin; suddenly the Smasher’s shadow sprang up out of the floor, wrapping around him tightly like a boa constrictor.

“I must say David Blitz you’re one heck of a guy Ancient said as he, Shadow Reaper, Overcast and the Birde Sisters raised up out of the ground, no one has ever gotten so close to escaping us and you would have actually made it if not for the Doctor’s invention”.

The Smasher remained quiet behind his nanomech facial disguise, trying his best to focus his thoughts onto one single thing that would keep the psychics out.

“Ah the strong silent type eh Ancient said as he nodded to the Birde sister, truly fitting of an ex soldier indeed”.

The two Birde sisters walked up to the Smasher placing their hands on both side of his face, “Try and stay silent as long as you can David Blitz Ancient said with a grin as the Birde sister focused on the Smasher’s mind, by the time we are done your nickname with change from the Smasher to the Smashed”.

As the Birde sisters clawed their way into the Smasher’s mind and pass his first mental barrier, suddenly they were blown back as a computerized voice echoed in the Smasher’s mind repeating “Access denied”, the Birde sisters began to pant as the computerized voice grew louder and more static pushing them out of the Smasher’s mind everytime they tried to drive back inside.

“Raeven, Jae what’s wrong Ancient said as the Birde sisters began to scream in pain, is there something wrong with his mind”.

“What….type…of madness…is that Jae said as she panted, that….loud screeching noise..”.

“What noise Ancient said as he glared at the Smasher, somebody answer me”.

“There is a loud screeching voice inside his head that keeps screaming Access denied Raeven said, which keeps breaking our focus and pushing us out of his head….he really is pretty clever for a human”.

“Hmph so you have a defense against my psychics Ancient said as he nodded to Overcast who cracked his knuckles, well no worries we have other ways of making you talk”. The Smasher remained silent, staring Ancient blankly and defiantly in the eye, bracing his body for battle; Overcast walked up to the Smasher and slammed a heavy hook into his stomach, causing the Smasher to grit his teeth.

“That was ten percent of his full strength Ancient said with a devious grin, each time you don’t answer my questions my friend Overcast here will raise his strength by 5% until he reaches 100%”. “My first question where is your partner hiding” Ancient asked, the Smasher remained silent and closed his eyes as Overcast slammed a hard cross to his jaw, almost knocking him off his feet.

17 questions later…………….

“My,my aren’t you tough Ancient said with a frown, you survived Overcast’s onslaught all the way up to his full strength, I’ve never seen such a hardy human”; the Smasher stood tall, the nose and jaw of his disguise seemingly broken from the shadow being blows, determined to survive this ordeal to see his family again.

“I bet you want to say something now, now don’t you David Blitz Ancient said as he continued to mock the Smasher, speak and I will make all the pain go away”. The Smasher remained silent as Ancient grab him by his neck, “SPEAK YOU MISERABLE WORM Ancient yelled in the Smasher face as he shook him, SPEAK OR ELSE THE NEXT THING YOU WILL FEEL IS SHADOW REAPER’S SCYTHE THROUGH YOUR PATHETIC HUMAN NECK”.

The Smasher moved his mouth as if he was going to speak, causing Ancient to release him from his strangling grip; the Smasher began to whisper something, forcing Ancient to move closer to him so that he could hear. “You…want…to know a secret” the Smasher whispered to Ancient.

“Yes, yes it would be nice for you to cooperate” Ancient replied as he edged his face closer to the Smasher’s mouth to hear him”.

“You….and…your…friends…..CAN ALL GO TO HELL” the Smasher shouted loudly in Ancient’s ear before head butting the shadow being causing him to embarrassingly fall on his behind.

“WHY YOU FLITHY PESEANT Ancient screamed as he leaped onto his feet and back handed the Smasher, HOW DARE YOU TAKE THAT TYPE OF TONE WITH ME, I WILL SHOW YOU WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU CROSS KING ANCIENT”. Ancient walked over to Shadow Reaper, snatching his scythe away from him and placed the blade against the collar of the Smasher’s shirt, “Not so brave now eh smart guy” Ancient said as he pushed the blade even closer to the Smasher’s throat, the Smasher replied back with a blood filled grin, angering the shadow being even more. As Ancient swung the scythe backwards to prepare to try to behead the Smasher, suddenly the Summoner busted into the room and slammed a haymaker into Ancient’s face much to the surprise of the rest of the Smash gang members in the room.

Ancient flew into the wall as the Summoner pointed his hands at the other Smash gang members and shouted “QUAKER”, blasting the rest of the Smash gang members into the wall.

“Smasher, Smasher are you ok the Summoner said as he freed the Smasher from his imprisonment and caught his seemingly limp body, oh god what have they done to you”.

“IT’S HIS PARTNER Ancient screamed as he picked himself up, SOMEONE GRAB HIM BEFORE THEY GET AWAY”; the Summoner quickly dashed out of the room, carrying the Smasher on his shoulders and ran down the long passage way that he had sneaked through earlier.

“Don’t worry Smasher I won’t let them catch us” the Summoner said as he casted nega gavidon, blasting away a dozen assault drones that flew down the hallway towards him; then without warning a shadowy hand grasped the Summoner’s leg only to be blast away by a burst of negative energy. The Summoner dodged psychic and shadow blasts as he slid through the final hallway, with the entrance he created earlier clear in sight when suddenly Ancient and Overcast appeared in front of the exit.

“You’re going now where kid” Ancient said as he and Overcast fired out shadowy tendrils that flew towards the Summoner and the Smasher;

“WANNA BET” the Summoner shouted as he created a barrier of negative energy and forced his way through the two shadow beings attack and blasted Ancient and Overcast out of his way. As the Summoner once again reached the cave entrance, he casted earth shaker to cause a cave in while he rocketed to the surface and into the sky. “Great I got away the Summoner thought to himself as he flew full pelt southward under the camouflage of the clouds, now I just need to find someplace safe to tend to the Smasher’s wounds”.

Chapter 21 Regroup

The Summoner continued to fly until he reached a grassy valley surrounded by 5 plateaus where he could hide the Smasher. The Summoner gently placed the Smasher on the ground and raised his hands to use healing magic on him when suddenly the Smasher sprang to life.

“Good job kid the Smasher said, you handled that escape like a pro, you came in, retrieved me and got the heck out of dodge”;

“It wasn’t anything special the Summoner said as the Smasher dusted himself off, I couldn’t try to fight all of them with you so mortally wounded”.

“Actually I’m not as wounded as you might think the Smasher said as he wiped the fake blood off his face, I was acting that whole time to fool my enemies into thinking they had me, the blood is fake and I needed to stall them until you came”.

“Well it’s good to hear that my daring rescue wasn’t needed the Summoner said with a frown …..but anyway what happened back there your plan seemed like it was working fine”.

“…..they had psychics with them the Smasher said as he deactivated the nanomech disguise mask and the nanomechs crawled back up into his hat, that's how I got pointed out”.

“Hmm…I see the Summoner said as he stared as the Smasher’s face as it changed, well it’s too bad I couldn’t go in your place seeing as powerful magic users like myself can negate mind reading”.

“Yeah well…I had almost escaped even though the psychic had shut down my mind the Smasher said as he stood to his feet and the fake blood disappeared off his outfit, but then I got hit by that crazy doctor’s teleportation ray that warped me to that room”.

“Hmm…so I guess they tried to tortured the information out of you… the Summoner said ….sorry I took so long, they had magic detectors..”.

“Oh no worries there the Smasher said, I couldn’t feel a thing”. “The only information they have on us is what I was thinking about before I closed my mind to the psychics the Smasher said, they know your name, your age, the fact you aren’t from this world, the fact that you saved two magical worlds, the fact that you could be undead and that your extremely potent at magic…..and extremely terrible at hand to hand combat”.

“That’s a lot of information they know about me the Summoner said with a frown, what do they know about you”.

“Well they know my real name, they know I’m an ex soldier, they know I’m not from this world the Smasher said as he placed his hand up his chin, they know I have a family and they know that I have an extremely high IQ level”.

“Wait that’s it the Summoner asked, what about all your science stuff and martial art things”.

“Nope they don’t that much about me the Smasher said, I rarely do a full analytical breakdown of myself due to the fact that I already subconsciously know everything about myself and what I have”.

“Aww that’s messed up the Summoner said with a frown, they know enough about me to know what to prepare for, but for you they only know a few basic stuff that can’t really even help them”.

“Yup sorry man the Smasher said as he placed a hand on the Summoner’s shoulder, at least they don’t know what type of magic you are potent at”.

“Yeah, yeah the Summoner said, so what’s the new plan now”.

“Well I haven’t learned who the real leader of the Smash gang is the Smasher said, but I did learn a lot about that organization’s members, so for now let’s find a town to get some food as I am starving”.

The Smasher and the Summoner began to travel further southward until they reached the town of Chapel Price, “I don’t know how this is going to work the Smasher said, in the old west most food that was ordered was eaten in the restaurant, so I don’t know how am I going to be able to bring food to you”.

“Don’t worry the Summoner said as he powered down his magic level to 0, by lowering my magic level to zero I should be able to pass off as a young human boy with some weird scars on him”.

“Alright the Smasher said as he analyzed the Summoner’s powered down form, that could work but unfortunately I’m going to have to act as your father….if you don’t mind”.

“………not at all the Summoner said with a frown, I was going to leave all the talking you anyway”.

“Alright but we are going to need some gold the Smasher said, as that is the currency in this world from what I know of the old west”.

“I got that covered too the Summoner said as he opened his right hand to reveal a handful of gold pieces”. “Hmm….alchemy” the Smasher asked.

“Yeah the Summoner said with a smirk, transmutation, I turned a handful of stones into a handful of gold nuggets, I would explain but magic isn’t your strong point”.

“Hmph funny guy” the Smasher said as he and the Summoner walked into town. The two travelers walked through the town for an hour, looking for a clean place to grab some nourishment until finally settling on going into a local saloon for food. Inside the saloon a middle aged man was sitting on the piano playing “The King Clown” while the rest of the saloon customers danced and conversed with one another; “It smells like ” the Summoner whispered as he and the Smasher walked up to an empty nearby table and sat down.

“Yeah the people of the old western times were known for some strong and dangerous stuff such as the Smasher replied as the duo sat down”.

A young waitress walked over to their table, “Why ain’t that pretty the young waitress said in her southern bell voice, a father and son sharing a meal together”;

“Why thank you the Smasher said in his fake western voice as he tipped his hat, me and my son here will take two glasses of lemonade, some hamburgers and some tatters if you don’t mind”.

“Coming right up darling” the waitress said with a wink as she walked off towards the kitchen area, leaving the Smasher and the Summoner alone.

“Where do these people learn their English from the Summoner whispered, ain’t isn’t a word”.

“It’s the old west the Smasher replied, just like with people of different nationalities the people of this day and time have their own way of saying things”.

Suddenly as the Smasher and the Summoner continued conversing, the doors of the saloon was blasted open and Ancient alongside Overcast walked inside. The man on the piano stopped playing and the saloon became silent as the two Smash gang members walked into the center of the saloon, “We are looking for two illegal fugitives Ancient said as he pulled out two wanted posters with an horrible art rendition of the Summoner’s *regular* face and a picture with a horrible art rendition of the Smasher’s fake facial disguise, the Smash gang is offering 1000 pieces each for whoever can catch these two outlaws, 2000 if you catch one of them alive”.

Ancient posted the two posters on the outlaw board and then turned to leave, only to suddenly stop at the Smasher’s and the Summoner’s table, “Taking your son out for a meal eh Ancient said as he turned to the Smasher, you wouldn’t mind if me and my partner joined you now would you”.

“No not at all the Smasher said, but unfortunately it seems my son can’t take the smell of this place, we were just about to leave after we finished eating”.

“Hmm…I see Ancient said as he stared the Smasher in the eye, well then have a nice day then”.

“Thank you kindly the Smasher said as Ancient and Overcast walked out of the saloon, I hope you find those outlaws and skin them like the pigs they are”.

“NOW the Smasher whispered into his watch as he turned his attention back to the Summoner and the man on the piano began playing again, if we didn’t change our appearance earlier, we both would have been screwed”.

“Yeah the Smash gang really isn’t going to make it easy for us to hide from them” Summoner whispered back.

“I would suggest that we don’t draw any attention to ourselves the Smasher whispered and also we shouldn’t stay in any town more than 12 hours because I just blew up their base and after all with all the secret recruits the Smash gang has we don’t know who to trust”.

A different waitress with long black hair walked back to the Smasher’s and the Summoner’s table, carrying the duo’s food, her skin was pale in such a way that it seemed albino. “Sorry for the wait boy’s the waitress said with an almost European voice, the chief has his hands full today”.

“It’s quite alright the Smasher said as he scanned the waitress with his eyes, the food is here now and that is all that matters”.

“Well then don’t mind me and enjoy” the waitress said as she smiled, showing off two extra sharp canines.

“Thank you mam I’m sure me and my boy here will” the Smasher said as the waitress walked off.

The Summoner grabbed his glass to drink the lemonade when suddenly the Smasher stopped him.

“Don’t drink the lemonade the Smasher said, that vampire tainted it with sleeping pills to knock out an adult bull elephant”.

“Vampire the Summoner asked, umm what’s a vampire”.

“Hmm…that’s strange I would think as a magic user you would know more about that supernatural stuff the Smasher said as he bit into his burger, vampires are undead humans with a bat affinity who have a craving for blood, they are technically immortal and ten times better than even a well in shape human athlete in all regards, some can shape shift and most of them are a lot stronger than that at night which is why you can’t find many in the day time; garlic, stakes to the heart and holy element based tools are suppose to be their weakness”.

“Oh the Summoner said as he bit into his burger and ate some of his fries, so they are like ghouls that necromancers create”.

“Yeah kinda the Smasher said as he put a hand full of fries in his mouth, ghouls are incomplete vampires that are human slaves but anyway we don’t have anything to worry about the metal that makes some of my weapons are cooled in holy water, even your dense magical hide wouldn’t save you from them”.

“Hmm…holy stuff normally has to deal with light magic which I’m especially weak against the Summoner said, so you may be right….though that doesn’t mean I’ll let you get the chance to hit me with any of your weapons”.

“Yeah, yeah I know the Smasher said as he rolled his eyes, just be sure to look out for that waitress, she could cause us trouble in the future.

Chapter 22 The Darkness before the dawn part 1

The duo finished their meal and paid for it before making their way out of the saloon, as they exited the saloon they were stopped by the black haired waitress.

“Hmm…you two don’t seem like you’re locals” the black haired waitress said as she looked the Smasher and the Summoner up and down.

“We aren’t the Smasher said as he narrowed his eye, me and my boy are from Steelton where my WIFE is waiting at home for us”.

“Oh I see the black haired waitress said seemingly annoyed at the Smasher’s emphasis on the word wife, well Steelton is a long way off from here and I’m sure you boys are going to need a place to stay for the night”.

“Yeah maybe the Smasher said, we could use a place to rest for the night, but I am a faithful married man…..I’d rather kill over right now than cheat on my wife”.

“Well I have an inn on the other side of town if you’re interested the black haired waitress said with a clear undertone of annoyance at the Smasher’s implications, the prices is cheap and the guest rooms are cleaner than a dead man’s bones after a group of vultures are done with him”.

“Alright the Smasher said as he tipped his hat, we shall take you up for your most generous offer”.

“Ok then yall have a nice day then the black haired waitress said as she began to walk back into the saloon”.

“Wait the Smasher said as he called after the waitress, what’s the inn’s name”.

“It’s the Alima inns the black haired waitress said, name after my great grandmother Alima Zafara”.

“Alright see you then” the Smasher said as he and the Summoner walked off.

“So…it’s clearly a trap right” the Summoner asked.

“Yup the Smasher said, though I don’t know if this is the Smash gang’s lackeys this time as that vampire doesn’t seem like she knows that we aren’t *regular* humans”.

“Also you said something about blowing up the Smash gang’s base in the restaurant… the Summoner said as he and the Smasher continued walking, how could you blow it up when we aren’t anywhere near it”.

“I have my ways my young friend the Smasher said with a smirk ….after all your not the only one that knows a few *magic* tricks”.

The Smasher and the Summoner spent the rest of the day gathering information from the town folk and conversing with one another. Through their information gathering the duo figured out that their next destination would have to be Sheridan Metro, which has a large train station that holds all the trains that cross the western plains and was said to be a city of the future which was was closely watched by a member of the Smash gang. “Alright now all that is left is to get a good night’s sleep” the Smasher said as he and the Summoner made their way towards the southward side of town.

“Yeah that was a good day’s work the Summoner said as he followed the Smasher, though we might get into a fight with that vampire”.

“No worries as I told you I am prepared the Smasher said as he continued walking, plus you can always just burn her into ashes with your fire spells”; the Smasher and the Summoner continued their conversation until they reached the Alima inn. The duo walked through the front door and up to the receptionist.

“Howdy I’m Drakkoniss Grinjou the Smasher said in his fake western tone and this here boy is my son Alastor Grinjou, we would like to book a room in this inn of yours”.

“Oh yes of course the receptionist said with a fake smile that revealed a row of horribly yellow teeth, this inn’s manager has told me that there would be a father and son coming tonight, your room is free of charge”.

“Why that’s mighty kind of her the Smasher said, iffen you don’t mind can you show us to our room, we’re more tired than a race horse after a marathon”.

“Yes of course” the receptionist said as she guided the Smasher and the Summoner down a long and narrow hallway, “Here is your room the receptionist said as she turned and walked away, if you two have any problems, feel free to call me”.

“Ok” the Smasher said as he watched the receptionist walk off and then turn to the right towards a hidden room; “Hmm the 6th room of the 6th row inside of the 6th hallway the Smasher thought to himself as the Summoner and him entered the room, yeah this has supernatural activity written all over it”.

“The bed is yours son the Smasher said as he sat down on a nearby arm chair, make sure to get some shuteye, we’ll be hitting the trail at sunrise”;

“Ok *dad* the Summoner replied back as he leaped on the queen sized bed and curled up under the covers, good night”.

“Good night son” the Smasher replied as he leaned back in the arm chair and covered his eyes with the tip of his hat; “Queen 1 deploy troops M.D. X1000 the Smasher thought to himself as he closed his eyes, surround the windows, bed, ceiling and this arm chair”.

“Understood my love a computerized voice inside the Smasher’s head said, troops deployed”.

“Alright then the Smasher thought to himself as he placed his hands into his pants pockets and began to fall asleep, now to wait”; the two heroes slept for an hour or so when suddenly, a loud screeching alarm exploded from the Smasher’s watch exclaiming “Intruders detected”, tearing the two heroes from their dream.

“Good evening ladies the Smasher said with his eyes still closed and his left revolver pointed at the chest of the waitress from earlier who was standing 2 feet to the left of his chair, out for a late night snack are we”.

“Man I was having a good dream too the Summoner thought to himself with a frown as he turned his eyes to the receptionist, this better be important”.

“Oh no it seems we have been found out the waitress said with a dark grin, whatever shall we do”.

“Giving up would be a good start the Smasher said as he got to his feet with his revolver pointed at the waitress, but then again you night walkers aren’t the types to listen to reason”.

“Oh my such bravado for a human the waitress said with a fake applaud, I’m sure your blood will be just as sweet”.

“How do you plan on protecting yourself and your boy with such a pathetic pea shooter” the receptionist said as she quickly grabbed a hold of the Summoner only to be blasted into the wall by a Quaker;

“You vampires are the ones who going to need some protection” the Summoner said as he sat up in the bed.

“This can all be avoided Zafara the Smasher said as he edged closer towards the room’s door, all me and my *son* want is to get some shuteye, leave us be”;

“Don’t worry deary Zafara said as ghoulish hands reached out of the wall behind the Smasher to bind him, we will be sure to put you two to sleep for good”.

Chapter 23 The Darkness before the dawn part 2

The Smasher leaped forward onto the bed, dodging the hands as the receptionist transformed into a huge hulking beast.

“Twin nega gavidon” the Summoner said as he fired off two dragon shaped energy blasts towards the two vampires.

The first blast sent the receptionist flying through the wall while the second blast phased through Zafara and destroyed the wall behind her. Then Zafara transformed into a cloud of bats and swarmed the bed as the Summoner and the Smasher leaped out of the way.

“The big one is mine” the Summoner exclaimed as he charged into the receptionist as she got back to her feet and rammed her through room after room as he carried her to the front of the inn.

“Sure no problem the Smasher thought to himself as he tossed a flash pellet into the cloud of bats, filling the room with blinding light, just leave me with the smart one”. “Queen 1 call back M.D. troops, prepare them for F.S. conversion sequence and then deploy them 6 by 3 feet from my surrounding location” the Smasher thought to himself as he activated the sound damper feature in his suit and ran out of the room towards the 4th room of the 2th hallway.

“Understood my king Queen 1 replied back, I won’t let that vixen harm you”.

“No need to worry my sweet the Smasher replied back as he hid behind one of the cabinets in the room and nanomechs began flowing down from his hat on to his face, covering it with a dark mask as the Smasher blended in with the darkness, I was always very good at this game”.

“So he thinks he can hide from me Zafara snarled as white eyed, ghoulish like creatures appear out of the shadows around her, bring him to me”; the ghoulish creatures let out a screeching roar as they sniffed the air and began sprinting towards the second hallway.

Mean while….

“Accursed child the receptionist screeched as she brushed off the flames that covered her, I swear you will not live to see the beginning of tomorrow”.

“So you say the Summoner replied as he casted Elfria on the hulking vampire, I can keep this up all night”.

“It will take more than your petty magic to defeat me” the receptionist said as she swatted away the flames and wildly swung her claws at the Summoner who blocked the barrage of attacks with a barrier of negative energy.

“Ok then let's up the ante then the Summoner replied as he slammed a hard right hook into the stomach of the receptionist before pointing his left hand at her chest, Pyrosnega”.

As the Summoner spoke those words the receptionist exploded in a torrent of black flames, “AAAAAAARGH the receptionist screamed as she rolled on the ground in pain, causing the entrance of the inn to catch on fire, I am lady Zafara’s right hand, I will not be defeated by some second rate witch child”.

“Number one I’m not a witch child, I’m a Summoner the Summoner said as he watched the vampire roll around in agonizing pain, and number two it doesn’t matter who’s *right hand* you are, those flames will burn you until your ashes are ashes”. “Also if you’re the right hand the Summoner said as a mysterious gas began to fill the room, then who is the lef..”.

“That would be me a blue haired vampire said as she slammed a hard left hook to the side of the Summoner’s jaw, sending him flying out of the inn and landing hard on the cold ground”.

“Well that was unexpected the Summoner thought to himself as he got back to his feet, though I probably should have finished the fight while I had a chance”;

“A witch child should learn his place” the voice of the blue haired vampire echoed in the night air.

“Yes he should the voice of the receptionist echoed back as the black flames covering the entrance to the inn disappeared, let us teach him why her majesty has chosen us as her aids”.

Back to the Smasher….

“My my your quite the evasive one aren’t you Drakkoniss Zafara said as her voice echoed down the second hallway, or perhaps you would rather me call you Smasher instead”.

“So she knows” the Smasher thought to himself as he crawled out of the 6th room into the hallway and began walking up the hallway with his back to the wall.

“I must admit you had me fooled at first Zafara said as more ghouls spawned out of the shadows around her and ran down the hallway to the different rooms, I might never had known if not for that partner of yours, though it doesn’t really matter”.

“Your business with the Smash gang does not concern me Zafara said as she began walking down the hallway, but you however are a very interesting specimen indeed”. “I have sent enough of my minions after you to wipe a town off the map Zafara said as she raised up into the air, and you have managed to kill almost every one of them without alerting me to your location, that level of assassination is amazing……inhumane if you ask me”.

Seeing the Zafara floating in his direction, the Smasher quickly froze in place; “I have slain many of creatures in my time Zafara said as she slowly floated pass the hidden Smasher, and I have dealt with every hunter on these here plains, so I know eventually….”. “I’ll catch you” Zafara said as she suddenly grabbed the Smasher by the throat with her right hand, then as if a automatic response the Smasher swung the sharpen tip of his deltium snake to stab Zafara in the right hand only for the vampire to vaporize her hand allowing the Smasher to escape her grip and flip ten feet backwards away from her.

“I must say you really are good Zafara said as the lights in the hallway suddenly flashed on and she turned around to the Smasher, you used darkness quite well for a mortal”.

“Thanks the Smasher said as the black mask covering his face disappeared, revealing his disguised face and he retracted his deltium snake back into his sleeve, that’s quite a complement coming from a night walker”.

“Hmph indeed Zafara said as two ghouls sprouted out of her shadow, it would be such a waste to kill off such a talented assassin, so how about we make a deal”.

Chapter 24 The Darkness before the dawn part 3

“As talented you as you are now just think how much more skillfully you will be become as a vampire Zafara said, you would be a king who knows no equal”, “We could take over this planet of weaklings and remodel it in our image Zafara continued as the Smasher placed his hands in his jacket’s pockets, and all I ask of you is to kneel before me, I’ll even let you bring your little sidekick along with you”.

“And here I done thought you night walkers had good hearing the Smasher said in his fake western voice as he quickly pulled out his deltium revolvers and fired a single bullet that divided in two and destroyed the two ghouls, I’ve done told you before I’d rather drop dead than cheat on my wife”.

“Fine then Zafara said as her body transformed into vapor and her face became hideous and disfigured, I’ll be sure to send you back to her…IN PIECES”! With those words the vampire queen lunged at the Smasher who rolled forward under the beast before twisting around and firing a mentally guided deltium bullet towards her head.

“Fool your weapons can not harm me in this state” Zafara said as the bullet phased through her forehead.

“I know the Smasher replied as he placed his revolvers into his jacket’s pockets and got back to his feet, but now you can’t hinder me anymore”.

“What are you talking about Zafara exclaimed, your bullet did nothing, I have the advantage”.

“That’s where you are wrong the Smasher replied as he began walking away from Zafara, that bullet is resting where your brain would be, the moment you solidify yourself, you die….again”.

“You’re the ones who is wrong Zafara said as she charged at the back of the Smasher, I can just attack you with my hands and..”, suddenly as the vampire queen spoke those words and solidify her hands to decapitate the Smasher, she froze into a block of ice.

“You don’t listen very well the Smasher said with a sigh as the frozen Zafara exploded into thousands of pieces, that warning wasn’t for my bullet perhaps I should have been more specific and said *if you solidify any part of yourself my nanomechs will freeze you to -256 degrees Celsius…and then you will die…again* instead”.

Back to the Summoner……

“Come on is hiding the only thing you two are good at the Summoner shouted in the night air as he pointed his hands to his left and right, it would seem the *legendary* sisters are just a bunch of cowards”.

“Bite your tongue” the blue haired vampire said as she appeared behind the Summoner and slashed him across the back before disappearing again as the Summoner swung his right arm.

“Your feeble mind cannot fathom our power” the receptionist said as she appeared at the Summoner’s left and slashed him across the shoulder before disappearing again.

“Feeble you say the Summoner said as he clapped both of his hands together, there is nothing feeble about my power….Kamaitachi”.

The air slicing cutters exploded into a rotating wind barrier around the Summoner as he folded his arms and said “Level 1”, causing the wind barrier to expand to 10 feet radius.

“Ha you think that puny barrier can keep us out for long the two vampires said as they circled around just of the reach of the raging winds, you overestimate your own power”.

“The barrier isn’t to keep you out the Summoner said as he snapped his fingers causing the barrier to rotating in the opposite direction, dragging the two vampires into its slicing winds, I just don’t have the time to chase you two anymore, Kabalonone”.

“CURSE YOU WITCH BOOOOY” the two vampires screamed as molten lava filled the spiraling bubble of slicing wind, melting them into nothingness.

“I already told you two the Summoner said as he dissipated the spiraling lava bubble, I’m not a witch boy…I’m a Summoner”.

“Nicely done the Smasher said as he walked out of the ruined front entrance of the Alima inn, though I still think you should quit it with the one liners”.

“Whatever the Summoner as he blasted the burning ground with his Aququious spell, it is part of my charm and I got the job done”.

“Ok kid whatever floats your boat the Smasher said as the early morning sun rose in the distance, we probably should start walking now after all we have made quite a mess here”.

“I think we should stay a little and get some more rest the Summoner said as he rubbed his eyes, it’s a lot harder to focus when you’re tired”.

“Trust me my young friend the Smasher said as he changed his facial disguise, if our little scuffle here was noticed by our enemies then rest will be the least thing we will have to worry about”.

“Alright let’s get going then” the Summoner said as he started walking.

“I’m actually quite amazed that it took you so long to finish that fight the Smasher said as he walked next to the Summoner, I would have thought with your level of elemental magic, the fight would have ended in seconds”.

“Another vampire joined in to help with the fight the Summoner said with a frown, it would have been quicker if I had known they could turn invisible”.

“Oh right sorry about that the Smasher said as he patted the back of his head, I have yet to find a creature that could hide from my sight so I didn’t bother noting the invisibility”.

“Well how about next time telling me everything you know partner the Summoner said as he narrowed his eyes, I may seem invincible but I assure you I’m not”.

“Yeah yeah kid I get it you’re tough the Smasher laughed, I’ll make sure to keep you completely updated next time”.

Chapter 25 Sheridan Metro

The two travelers continued traveling southward until they got to gigantic titiron structure that seemed to be surrounding the city of Sheridan Metro and then began following the railroad tracks in hopes of finding an entrance. “This city must be really important to have such a huge wall surrounding it the Summoner said as he and the Smasher continued to follow the tracks, it seems like the perfect place to put a headquarters”.

“Indeed this place is quite fortified the Smasher said as he and the Summoner turned around to the sound of an incoming train, from a strategist point of view you would be right, however this seems a bit too obvious if you ask me”.

As the train rolled past the duo, the Smasher suddenly rocketed off the ground and landed on the back of the train with the Summoner following suit.

“You know Smasher I’m starting to think that you think I can read your mind the Summoner said with his arms folded, didn’t you just say that you would keep me updated”.

“Yeah I know I’m still used to working alone the Smasher said as the train rolled into the city through a large titiron gate leading into the city, bad habits die hard”.

The city inside was very industrialized and covered from sunlight thanks to the smog of three different massive factories which served alongside the gigantic train station at the center of the city as the only notable buildings. The Smasher and the Summoner dismounted the train as it reach the station, quickly disguising themselves as they walked alongside the departing passengers.

“I take back everything good I just said about this place the Summoner said as he and the Smasher left the station, this place is a dump, the people here look miserable and the air tastes burnt”.

“Well that’s industrialization for you my young friend the Smasher said as he and the Summoner walked towards the smallest factory, in the old west people burnt coal and other things for fuel which is that *burnt* taste in the air, plus working in a factory as these times wasn’t fun to say the least”.

“Well then let’s hurry and finish our *job* the Summoner said as they spotted a group of factory workers, I don’t want to stay here any longer than we need to”.

“Howdy fellas the Smasher said as he approached the group of factory workers, me and my son are looking for some work, would you mind introducing us to the foreman”.

“Yes of course a heavyset man with a short shaggy beard said, we could always use some new blood around here….please follow me”.

The Smasher and the Summoner followed the heavyset man through the large door in front of the factory and made their way towards the center of the first floor when suddenly the Smasher grabbed the Summoner in a headlock as they continued walking.

“Hey what do you think you’re…..” the Summoner said, as the Smasher whispered in his ear “When he leaves us to go get the foreman I want you to count to 100 and then follow him, walk lightly and make sure he doesn’t see you”.

“And what will you do” the Summoner whispered back.

“I'll be taking out the cameras that are currently watching us the Smasher whispered back and making sure we have a path of escape”.

“Don’t worry son the Smasher exclaimed loud enough for the heavyset man to hear as he released the Summoner from the headlock, we’ll be seeing your mother again as surely as flies follow the herd”.

“Yall needn’t worry the heavyset man said as the trio continued, the foreman is a kind fellow, he’ll fix you two up as right as rain”.

“Queen 1 please redirect the gatherers towards the hundreds of quarter sized cameras that are watching us the Smasher thought to himself as he and the Summoner continued to follow the heavyset man towards the center of the first level of the factory, I’m sure the resources you can salvage from them will be a lot more useful than the other material you had to make do with so far”.

“Understood my king Queen 1 replied back inside the Smasher’s mind, disassembly of cameras and salvaging of resources in progress”.

Alright then boys the heavyset man said as he, the Smasher and the Summoner reached the center of the factory, the foreman normally is sorer than a tenderfoot riding a bull during this time of day so I’m going to need you two to wait here while I go break the news to him, I’m sure hearing about two new recruits will brighten his mood.

“No rush partner the Smasher replied, take as much time as you need and truly thank you again for this here opportunity”.

“Aw shuck you gonna make me blush” the heavyset man said as he began walking further ahead.

“Alright then son the Smasher said as soon as the heavyset man was out of listening range, you know what you have do so I’m gonna leave you here”.

The Summoner nodded as the Smasher activated the sound damper feature of his suit and took out a couple of positive point energy B.O.M.B.A. patches and placed one on the floor where he stood and another on the ceiling right above where he stood before running off through a hallway on his left. Running through the hallway the Smasher found and climbed a staircase to the second floor, placing a single P.P.E. B.O.M.B.A. patch on the floor and another one the ceiling right above it just as he did on the first floor before slowing his pace to a casual stroll. The Smasher closed his eyes and used his search vision to watch the Summoner run in the direction of the heavyset man and also to spot 3 shadow energy life forms sneaking across the floor above.

“Hmm the two psychics aren’t here the Smasher thought to himself as he carefully made his into a ventilation shaft, I wonder if they were expecting me to follow the bait and leave the Summoner behind to be dealt with”. “Well whatever the case may be the Smasher continued as he climbed the inside of the ventilation shaft to the ceiling of the third floor, these shadow creatures still aren’t as powerful as my wife”.

Chapter 26 let the games begin

As the Smasher reached the top of the shaft and began crawling his way across ceiling of the 3rd floor, he felt the vent he was in start shaking and heard the sound of rushing water. “Tsk tsk the same trick twice the Smasher said to himself as he closed the collar of his suit creating a breathing mask on top of his disguised face, they’re still underestimating me”.

The Smasher continued crawling until he was overtaken by a torrent of water in which he began swimming against the current and continuing across the ceiling of the 3rd floor; “This didn’t work on me the first time the Smasher thought to himself as he continued swimming, so what makes them think it will work on me this…”.

Suddenly the ventilation shaft condensed, pinning the Smasher’s right and left arm to his sides before the horizontal path became vertical forcing the Smasher to swim downwards with the new current. The Smasher came rocketing out of the ventilation shaft headfirst onto the 3rd floor and then as he got back to his feet a shadow wrapped around him binding him and leaving only his head exposed.

“Why hello there super soldier a familiar voice said as the Smasher found himself staring face to face with Shadow Reaper, Overcast and Ancient, not feeling so super now are you”?

“Why hello there Ancient the Smasher calmly retorted, how’s your forehead feeling, I’m sure you must be burning to ask me some more questions”. “

Listen here you cheeky little bast….” Ancient said before he was cut off by a computerized voice coming from a speaker behind him saying “Enough”.

“Ah and the real boss speaks the Smasher said as he scanned the area with his eye, to what do I owe this honor”.

“Ah but the honor is all mine mister Smasher the computerized voice replied, after all it has been quite some time since I have had to put so much effort into finding one man”.

“If you wanted to speak with me all you had to do was ask the Smasher said with a grin ...though I personally prefer meeting my adversaries in person”.

“My apologies mister Smasher but we both know that isn’t how we play this game” the voice replied.

“Quite right the Smasher said as he calculated the direction of the signal in his mind, so what now isn’t this about time you tell me *It’s over Smasher, there is no escape for you and soon your little friend will be joining you here*”.

“Now now mister Smasher we both know that isn’t true the voice replied, men like us have gotten out of far worse situations then this”.

“Men like us eh the Smasher said as his grin disappeared, and what type of man are you”.

“I am a man of peace the voice replied, this land was once shrouded in chaos and disorder and I and my associates rose up and brought order”.

“Through tyranny and fear the Smasher replied, not quite your best idea”.

“Call it what you will the voice said, but the ends justify the means”.

“Come on….. when do we…get to carve him up Shadow Reaper said with impatience in his voice”.

“Patience my boy the voice replied, we are here to negotiate not to kill”.

“Negotiate eh the Smasher said as he focused his eyes on the speaker, good I want you listen very closely to the next few things I’m about to say.

“I don’t know who or what you are the Smasher said as his eyes narrowed, but what I do know is that me and my partner each have a set of skills we acquired over the years”.

“Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way the Smasher continued, the choice is yours”.

“You’re the one who got captured Ancient said, why should we listen to….”.

“Release these western plains from your tyrannical rule and disassemble your organization the Smasher continued as he cut Ancient off, and that will be it, me and my partner won’t pursue you and your associates any longer”.

“However the Smasher said, should you continue on this hell bent path, I promise you two things, we will find you and we will stop you......by any means if necessary”.

As the Smasher finished his speech the room fell quiet, leaving only the sound of computerized breathing coming from the speaker as if the figure on the other side was trying to weigh its opinions. Finally after a few brief moments the figure spoke again.

“Quite an interesting threat mister Smasher the figure said, I look forward to our next encounter….that is if you survive this one….Kill him”.

“With pleasure Ancient said as he pointed his right hand at the Smasher’s face and charged up a ball of shadow energy, any last words punk”.

“NOW” the Smasher shouted as a hole appeared underneath him and he fell all the way down past the second floor into a hole in the 1st floor and landed on his feet in the sewers underneath Sheridan Metro as the shadows binding him disappeared in a flash of yellow light.

“And that is how you play the game” the Smasher thought to himself as he activated the antigravity feature in his shoes and began running through the sewer tunnels.

“It’s been a while since I had to deal with another super soldier the Smasher thought to himself as he closed his eyes to make sure the shadow beings weren’t following him, thought it doesn’t seem like I’ll be having another *Drakkonic* situation.

The Smasher continued through the tunnel until he got to what seemed to be the end of the tunnel. “100 the Smasher thought to himself with his eyes still closed, there are 100 camouflage garbed snipers that are roughly one fourth of a mile away from my location, with their sights on the drain pipe I’m about to leave out of”. “I must say I really wish I brought my sniper rifle with me the Smasher thought to himself as he stood a few feet away from the entrance, this would have been a perfect time to field test it…..but then again I rather try something new….”.

Chapter 27 Wild goose chase

“How long am I suppose to be watching this guy the Summoner thought to himself as he watched the heavyset man talk to the factory workers that he was standing with earlier, he isn’t doing anything and what’s taking the Smasher so long, destroying cameras shouldn’t take that long”.

“But wait a second the Smasher also said he was going to make sure we had a path of escape the Summoner continued to think to himself, but escape from what is the question, all this guy did was walk through some secret exit from the factory and the come back here to chit chat with his friends”.

“Don’t tell me he is planning on having me *save* him again the Summoner thought to himself as the heavyset man began walking away from his friends, but then again he doesn’t seem like the type of guy that would get himself caught twice”.

“Maybe I’m over thinking this the Summoner thought to himself as he followed the heavyset man as he walked away from the factory and entered the train station, after all this guy did say he was going to see the *foreman*(whatever that is) to get us factory worker jobs but now he is going inside of the train station for some reason”.

The Summoner walked into the train station trying carefully to look as unsuspicious as possible as he spotted the heavyset man entering one of the trains.

The Summoner made his way towards the train and was about to board it when a conductor stopped him saying “Sorry boy I can’t let you on without your Ma or Pa with you”.

“My papa is umm…..on that dere train already” the Summoner said trying to imitate a western voice.

“Oh really the conductor said, well why don’t you introduce me to him” the conductor said as he guided the Summoner onto the train. The conductor and the Summoner walked from carriage to carriage until they got to the door cargo car and the conductor turned around with a triumphant look on his face.

“Hmmm…son he doesn’t seem like your Pa is on this train the conductor said, maybe you should try another one”.

“No he is definitely on this train the Summoner said, I’m as sure as umm…a rattle on a rattlesnake”.

“Oh really the conductor said as he folded his arms, so what’s his name”.

“His name is ummm…dere….Amnesia” the Summoner said as the conductor’s eyes flashed purple.

“What the….. the conductor said, why am I standing…why are you standing here”.

“I don’t know sir the Summoner said you was saying something about being out of seats”.

“Right…. The conductor said as he opened the cargo door, now I remember, you’re supposed to sit with the cargo, be careful where you sit son, the cargo sometimes has a mind of its own”.

“Don’t worry sir the Summoner said with a grin, I can handle myself just fine”.

The Summoner sat behind a few crates as the train began rolling and then began thinking about his next course of action; “I wonder where this train is going to the Summoner thought to himself as he pushed away the crates that were sliding into him and rested, maybe it might lead to where the big boss is and then I can take him down”.

“……But still though the Summoner thought to himself, the Smasher is probably looking for me now in that city”.

“If only there was some way to tell him where I’m at the Summoner thought to himself as he placed his hand underneath his chin, oh wait a minute maybe he left one of those machine things on me again”.

The Summoner felt around his body only to find out that the Smasher didn’t place a tracker on him, “Oh well….the Summoner thought to himself as he felt the train come to a stop, the Smasher is tough so I’m sure I’ll see him again”. T

he Summoner got up and walked over towards the door connecting the cargo car to the rest of train when suddenly the door opened revealing a man with short tan hair, wearing a gallon hat and who was holding an S & W K-22 revolver.

“Well I’ll be there was a youngin stowing away with the loot the man said with the gun pointed at the Summoner’s face, it would seem that you picked a mighty bad hiding spot boy”.

“What the heck the Summoner thought to himself as he looked pass the man in front of him only to notice that the rest of the train was gone, you have got to be kidding me”.

“Whelp boy play times over the man said as he motion with his revolver for the Summoner to leave the car, so get before I put a bullet in you and leave you for the buzzards”.

“What happened to the rest of the train the Summoner bluntly said as he snapped his fingers transmuting the revolver into rubber, what did you with it”.

“Oh my God you’re one of them witch kids the man said as he tried to fires his revolver to no avail, stay away from me”.

“I said the Summoner said as his skin turned blue and he lifted up the man by his throat, what happen to the rest of the train”?

“It should still be going down the track the man said as he squirmed in the Summoner’s superhuman grip, we only took the cargo car”.

“We the Summoner said as he tossed the man out of the cargo car and walked outside to the sight of 10 other men, what do you mean w…… oh I see you guys are stealing this stuff….well then I can’t allow that now can I”.

“Twin nega gravidon” the Summoner shouted as he covered his fists in two dragon shaped negative energy heads and slammed them into two pistol wielding men, sending them flying into the distance as the other 9 men began to open fire on the Summoner.

The Summoner created a negative energy barrier to block the barrage of bullets, before placing his hands on each side of the barrier; “Gravirengan flux” the Summoner said as his negative energy barrier exploded into small orbs of negative energy that sunk into the ground and then without warning exploded up under the 9 men, knocking each of them out cold.

“You guys picked a mighty bad day to steal from a train the Summoner said with a grin, but anyway now I got to return this thing AND find that guy again….*sigh*..today is just one let down after another”.

The Summoner powered down his magic level until his skin was more *human* again before leaping back inside of the cargo car and casting Abra Kadabra to guide the cargo car down the track. The cargo car rolled down the track until it got to a train station inside of a small town; the Summoner leaped out of the cargo car and began making his way through the town, looking for the heavyset man.

“Let’s hope he is still here in this town the Summoner thought to himself as he continued walking through the town, if not for those robbers disconnecting me from the rest of the train, I would have been kicking the big boss's butt right now”.

The Summoner continued to search for the heavyset man for about 10 minutes or so before, stopping at a local saloon with a hand full of gold in order to feed himself. There was a small group of men playing the song “Tumbling Tumbleweeds” on the stage that sat on the right half of the saloon as the customer sat, drank and conversed with each other; the Summoner walked through the saloon towards a empty and sat down as a waitress approached him.

“Why hello there darling the waitress said with a childish tone in her voice, what can I get for such a big strong man like yourself”.

“I’ll have a hamburger and some…..ummm tatters the Summoner said without looking at the waitress.

“Coming right up” the cheerful waitress said as she walked off.

As the Summoner waited for his food, he looked around the saloon with his right hand covering his nose, “How can people actually like places like this” the Summoner thought to himself as he spotted the heavyset man from earlier eating with the Birde sisters.

“Hmph I guess taking a break was a good idea after all the Summoner thought to himself, but who are those girls he is with and why is there so much psychic energy radiating off of them”.

As the Summoner continued to ponder to himself, the waitress return with his meal, breaking him from his thoughts as he started eating.

Chapter 28 The doctor, the psychics and the Summoner

The Summoner thanked the waitress and began eating his food as he watched the heavyset man and the Birde sisters rise up from where they were sitting and began making their way towards the front door; as the trio left the Summoner shoved down his meal, almost choking himself as he left the gold in his hand on the table and made his way towards after the trio. After leaving the saloon the trio made their way deeper into the town with the Summoner trialing not so far behind, “Those girls might be the psychics the Smasher was talking about before the Summoner thought to himself, in fact……I think I remember seeing those two when I *rescued* the Smasher”. “Things are turning out much better than I expected the Summoner continued to think to himself as he watched the trio enter into a small apartment like building, and with my power those psychics can’t read my mind which is perfect”. The Summoner waited a minute or so before slowly creeping into the building, only for the door to slam shut behind him and for a titiron gate to come down and cover the door. “Why hello there child a computerized voice said as it echoed down the hallway of the building, it is so good to finally meet you”, “And who might you be” the Summoner said as he looked around and walked down the hallway. “Who am I you ask the computerized voice replied as the Summoner entered into a room where Doctor Blackervich and the Birde sisters stood next to a large speaker, well that’s quite an interesting question to answer…..seeing as how many name I go by”. “Hmph I see you’re the big boss the Summoner said, good now I know the voice of the creature who ordered all those innocent people to be killed”, “Easy now boy the computerized voice replied, we both know that was a terrible misunderstanding”. “MISUNDERSTANDING” the Summoner shouted as his body surged with negative energy, returning his skin its blue color; “YOU KILLED A WHOLE RACE OF PEOPLE AND YOU CALL IT A MISUNDERSTANDING” the Summoner shouted as the building rumbled and the ground shook.

“Calm yourself boy the voice bluntly replied, do not forget that the incident in question could have been avoided if you controlled your temper in Dusk Flats”, “You’re right it is my fault the Summoner said with a devilish grin as the building stop shaking and his charged up a ball of negative energy in his right hand, which is why I’m about to make things right”. “Easy now boy the computerized voice quickly said, I understand your anger…..in fact me and you are very much alike…”; “I am nothing like you the Summoner said as he fired a Gravidon at the speaker destroying it, and I’m not about to let you talk me out of kicking your butt”. “Well there is your answer Jae Birde said as her blue eyes flashed with power, though the conversation did go on longer than I expected”, “Well it is to be expected sister Raeven Birde said as her purple eyes flashed, after all he is *headstrong and quick to anger*….though at least he has a good heart HAHAHA”. “Funny the Summoner said as he pointed his hands forward towards the group, if you think the Smasher’s information is enough to save you from my wrath then sorry but you have thought wrong”, “Ho Ho Ho but of course Doctor Blackervich said as he took a few steps backwards, but I’m sure you won’t be using your large scale elemental magic with a town full of innocent people now will you boy”.

“No need the Summoner said with a grin as his eyes flashed purple, Abra Kadabra”; as the Summoner spokes those words Jae, Raeven and the doctor all were launched into the air and pinned to the ceiling. “What the…” Jae said as she tried to free herself from the Summoner’s psychic grasp, “Don’t bother struggling the Summoner said, this spell can hold down some of the strongest magic users”. “So…..I see Raeven said as she frowned, I guess it would be too easy if we knew everything you could do now wouldn’t it”, “Not that it matters Doctor Blackervich said, as he patted his right hand against his pocket activating a magic jamming device that broke the Summoner’s spell, all magic has the same weakness”. “Now then both the Birde sisters said as the trio lowered back down to the ground; let’s see how you fair without your magic boy”. The two sisters charged at the Summoner as he took a fighting stance and swung his left fist forward towards Jae; Jae gracefully caught the punch and swept the Summoner’s leading leg as her sister slammed a flying kick into the side of his face sending him flying backwards. As the Summoner landed and got back to his feet, he quickly raised his left arm to block another kick from Jae; “This won’t save you from my wrath the Summoner said as he swung his right fist forward to knock Jae backwards”. “What’s a magic user without their magic Raeven said as she feinted a jab before slamming a hook kick to the right side of the Summoner’s ribcage, nothing but target practice for trained fighters like us”. “So you say the Summoner said as he grabbed Raeven’s leg and tossed her towards the wall, but I’m not your average magic user”, “Average or not Jae said as she dash towards the Summoner and swung out a haymaker which he blocked, having a stronger body doesn’t make you better at hand to hand combat”.

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Chapter 29 The doctor, the psychics and the Summoner part 2

The Summoner blocked another punch from Jae said as Raeven got back to her feet and rejoined the brawl, leaping over Jae and slamming an axle kick onto the Summoner who withstood the blow. “Ok this is really starting to hurt the Summoner thought to himself as he tried his best to defend against the synchronized onslaught of the Birde sisters, I have to destroy that device or else I won’t last much longer”; the Summoner suddenly swung both of his arms out, grabbing ahold of both of the sisters as they slammed their knees into his stomach before the Summoner tossed both of them down the hallway behind him. The Summoner then dashed towards Doctor Blackervich at super human speed, “This guys has been just standing in the background this whole entire time the Summoner thought to himself as he swung out a haymaker, I’m sure his isn’t a figh…..”. Just before the Summoner could finish that thought Doctor Blackervich dodged the Summoner’s haymaker before slamming his right knee into the Summoner’s stomach followed by a roundhouse kick to the jaw which sent the Summoner sliding back, “Don’t understand me kid the doctor said, just because I don’t want to get my hands dirty doesn’t mean I don’t know how to”. “Dang this is going to be much harder than I thought” the Summoner thought to himself as he regained his footing only to be sent flying back even further as the Birde sister flipped over him and kicked him in both the shoulders with a leaping hook kick. “You cannot win boy Jae said as she took a southern crane stance, despite the fact that we can’t read your mind, the way you fight is child’s play to professionals like us”, “Give up now and we might be able to get our boss to forgive you” Raeven said as she took a northern crane stance; “In your dreams the Summoner said as he got back to his feet and took a boxing stance, you three are the ones who should give up”.

“That’s easy to say the Summoner thought to himself as the two sisters dashed toward him once again, however…their movements are so fast that I can barely keep up, but at very least their blows aren’t as strong as the Smasher’s blow are”. The Summoner charged forward meeting the Birde sisters in the middle of the hallway as he tried to use a flying kick which the two sisters dodged by sidestepping the attack; The two sisters retaliated with an onslaught of hook kicks from both sides of the Summoner, forcing him to divide his attention so he could block as many blows as he could. The Summoner then charged forward, tackling Raeven and carrying her back into the room as she slammed her elbows on his neck and he slammed her into the ground; then as he pinned her down with his right arm and swung his left fist towards her to deal a finishing blow she teleported away, causing the Summoner to slam his fist into the ground which made the whole building shake uncontrollably. “It seems trying to use the difference in our strength to my advantage isn’t going to work either with those two being able to teleport the Summoner thought to himself as he got back to his feet while the building settled, I guess I have no choice but to take my chances by bringing this building down on them and getting as far away from here as I can”. The Summoner raised his left fist over his head and was about to strike when suddenly Jae slammed a leaping hook kick to the side of his face, knocking the Summoner off balance; “Oh no you don’t Jae said as she swept the Summoner’s right leg, there won’t be any clean getaways this time boy”. “That’s what you think the Summoner said as he rolled to his left to dodge a heel drop from Jae and then got back to his feet, I have no intentions on losing here”; the Summoner raised his fist again, only to be kicked from behind by Raeven which caused him to trip forward before regain his footing. “They won’t let me make a move the Summoner thought to himself as he blocked a roundhouse kick from both of the Birde sisters, and that guy seems to only attack when I’m gunning for him, maybe if I rush him this time I can finally break that accursed device”!

The Summoner grabbed ahold of both of the sisters, forcing them to teleport to get out of his grip and using this to his advantage the Summoner charged towards Doctor Blackervich with his right arm blocking a front kick from the doctor before the Summoner grabbed ahold of the doctor and tackled him through the wall into the next room. As the doctor hit the Summoner with blow after blow, the Summoner’s left hand fished inside of the doctor’s pocket and grabbed ahold of the device before being knocked off the doctor by the Birde sisters. “Nice try boy the Birde sisters said in unison as they approached the Summoner, but now it is time we end this”, “My thoughts exactly the Summoner said with a smirk as he crushed the device in his hand, Nega Gravidon”. As the Summoner spoke those words a large black dragon head flew out of his aura and through the ceiling, “Ha you missed Raeven said with a laugh, so much for your big move”, “Quake” the Summoner said as the dragon turned into a massive downward force of gravity above the building he was laying in, turning the whole building into splinters almost instantly. “Aiming for you two would have been amateurish the Summoner said as he got back to his feet and dusted himself off, perhaps you should have done better research before taking on a magic user of my level”. “Now then the Summoner thought to himself as he lowered his magic level back down to the point that his skin lost its blue color, let’s see what I can do next”.

Chapter 30 Mark of a genius

“WHAT THE HECK ARE THESE THINGS” a soldier screamed as he tried to pull the black, metallic, spider like creatures off of his rifle and himself; “Don’t worry the Smasher said as the man screamed in agony, the less you resist the more painless and quicker your death will be”. “SOMEONE SAVE ME” the soldier screamed as the creatures completely covered him, snuffing out his voice and life; “Sorry soldier the Smasher said as the creatures left the man’s dead body and began climbing onto the Smasher’s back, but I’ve already wasted too much time here”. The Smasher continued on his way southeast away from Sheridan Metro and towards the wireless signal he found earlier as the creatures on his back gathered up and formed into a black jacket; “I wonder if the kid had to deal with a trap as well the Smasher thought to himself as he continued on, but then again I would be more worried about the people who think they can trap a kid that powerful”. “Either way the Smasher continued he isn’t in Sheridan Metro anymore so I’ll have to catch up with him so we can finish this”; the Smasher continued ahead as night fell on the western plains until he reached a small town known as Melko and stopped at an inn to rest for the night. “The kid should be fine for one night by himself the Smasher thought to himself as he laid on the bed and a piece of his black jacket transformed into a black mechanical wasp and flew out the window, the Q.H.S. should locate him before day break, not that he couldn’t easily find me himself”. “Would you like me to deploy troops M.D. x1000 again my darling” Queen 1 said; “Yes my sweet the Smasher replied back, though x100 should be more than enough this time”; “Ok my king” Queen 1 replied.

The Smasher slept for a few hours until his watch exclaimed “Intruders detected” to which he turned over and open one eye to see the Summoner; “Good to see you in one piece kid” the Smasher said as the black mechanical wasp sunk into his jacket, “Hmph funny I was about to say the same thing the Summoner retorted, I’m guessing the big boss tried to convince you to join him as well”. “Yup the Smasher said as he sat up, though that didn’t work out very well for him; I’m currently following the wireless signal back to him”. “Hmm….I see so he is somewhere in this town the Summoner said though of course our heavyset friend has vanished, “Not a problem the Smasher replied, the signal came from one more town over so we don’t need that guy anymore, it won’t be long until we meet the boss face to face”. “Good the Summoner said as he cracked his knuckles, I have a few words I would like to say to him…….by the way since when did you get another jacket”. “Oh this the Smasher said, this is the Q.H.S.”; “Q.H.S. the Summoner replied as he scratched his head, what does that mean”; “Queen less Hive Subsystem the Smasher said, I just built it about 10 hours ago”. “How the Summoner said, not even the Smash gang has stuff like you so how did you build it”; “Oh that’s an easy question to answer the Smasher said, but seeing as we have at least 6 hours before daybreak I think it would be better to explain to you how my *magic tricks* work”.

“First of all it all started when I was 20 the Smasher said, it was around that time that my wife was pregnant with my son and my paranoia had gotten worse”; “I had already upgraded every ounce of my weaponry as best as I could imagine in terms of cybernetics the Smasher continued, but for some reason I still felt it wasn’t enough to protect my new family so I started using my alone time to research in the field of bionics and nanotechnology”. “It took me a year to make my first queen the Smasher said, and another 6 months to get her to reproduce enough to just make a hive of 100 troops within 5 minutes”; “Umm…what do you mean Queen the Summoner said, like were you making people or something”? “Queens are what I call the mother nanomechs whom are the rulers of their separate hives or rather group of offspring they create the Smasher said, I modeled the hierarchy off of different species of the insect kingdom such as ants and bees”. “Oh I see so they are Queens because they are the mothers of all the rest of the things they create which follow their orders” the Summoner said as he nodded, “Yup the Smasher replied, it is exactly like that….but anyway as I was saying it took me a long time to make my first queen and her hive”. “But of course this was around the time I was still trying to create nanotechnology with deltium the Smasher said, which is the unbreakable metal my revolvers and bladed chain weapons are made of”. “Now one thing about deltium is that no matter what condition I subject it too it will not bend or break once in solid form the Smasher said, now this makes deltium an almost irreplaceable resource in my case”, “However the Smasher continued, deltium is taxing to both build with and create due to the factor of the minerals needs to create it and the fact that it isn’t malleable at all”. “So in order to remedy this problem I tried creating a synthetic version of deltium which would be much more malleable and take a fraction of the time to make”; “It took me another year and a second pregnancy for me to figure it out the Smasher said but once I did things just fell into place afterwards”. “My nanomechs are made out of exonite the Smasher said as the right shoulder section of his jacket split apart into a small army of metallic ant like creatures and the creatures piled up in his left hand, unlike deltium exonite isn’t unbreakable and indestructible”; “Instead the Smasher said as the creatures in his hand formed into a black cube, exonite is extremely malleable, counter adaptive and surprisingly enough self-regenerative”. “I can literally build anything I want out of it through my queens and so I did with every other queen I made the Smasher said with a smirk, which I spent 8 years perfecting in my spare time before I was satisfied”. “Not to say I don’t build with deltium anymore which I do the Smasher said, I simply don’t use it to make nanomechs is all”; “Hold on a second then the Summoner said, didn’t you say that Q.H.S. thing doesn’t have a queen…so how does that work”.

Chapter 31 Gentlemen’s chess

“I’m so glad you mentioned that the Smasher said as the black cube in his hand transformed into a revolver, today while I was in the sewers thinking of my next move an idea came to me for creating another way that would be less taxing for my queens to make a new weapon”; “Now at first I was beside myself wondering if I really needed a new weapon or not, seeing how high caliber my weapon systems already is the Smasher continued, but then it hit me”. “I thought to myself why waste my resources just to create another weapon when I can build a system that can be both a weapon and a portable building station the Smasher said and thus the Q.H.S. was born”. “I had the 3 queens I have with me make me 1 million hacker troops, 1 million builder troops and 1 thousand assimilator and gatherer troops the Smasher continued, all programmed to follow my direct orders and then I began tinkering from there”; “As you can see the Smasher said as the black revolver in his hand suddenly became a sniper rifle, the Q.H.S. can build me almost any weapon I want without taxing energy from my queen while at the same time being self-sufficient”. “Also if I don’t want a weapon anymore it can destruct itself instantly which saves me time and allows me to recycle resources the Smasher said, adding on to that each nanomech of the Q.H.S. can divide themselves to make more nanomechs as long as there are materials that can be gathered”. “It’s like the best of two worlds” the Smasher said as the sniper rifle in his transformed back into the ant like creatures and recombined themselves in the Smasher’s jacket; “Well….it sounds pretty impressive the Summoner said, and it seems to make you happy so I’m ok with it”. “Good to hear the Smasher said as he laid back down, this is definitely going to make our job better”.

The two travelers rested until daybreak before leaving the inn via open window and then continued on their way towards the signal. “I took care of those two psychics and that crazy doctor the Summoner said as he continued walking, so we shouldn’t have to worry about them anymore”, “Good to hear the Smasher said, that means all that is left is those 3 shadow beings and whatever else our enemy has lying in wait for us”. “You know something has been bugging me though the Summoner said as the duo left Melko, I wonder who brought us here and why I still can’t use my zero energy”, “Yeah I’ve been wondering about that myself the Smasher said, so far from what I see none of the people of this world have the power to drag someone in from a separate dimension”. “Maybe it’s divine intervention the Summoner said, it could be that we are the only ones that can save these people”; “I kind of doubt that the Smasher said as the duo continued, not that it matters though seeing we have to focus on the task at hand”. The duo continued southward until they reached the massive town of Miles City which seemed to be the liveliest town of this western frontier; the town seemed to have a small combination of the industrialized feel of Sheridan Metro and the western tone of Dusk Flats without the massive coal factories in the background. “This is a fairly peculiar place for a hideout the Smasher said, though of course with all these people around, the boss could easily blend in and track us without us being none the wiser”; “Therefore meaning we have to keep our guard up with everyone here the Summoner said, he has already gauged our power so only God knows what hell awaits us”. “I agree my friend the Smasher said as the duo walked across the town towards the sheriff’s office, let’s quickly make our move while we still have a winning hand”; “Howdy chief” the Smasher said with a imitated western voice and a newly disguised face as the duo entered the sheriff’s office, “Oh howdy partner the sheriff said as he got off the phone, how can I help you today”. “Well ya see sheriff the Smasher said as he patted his hat and used his search eyes to locate the prisoner furthest back in the cell area alongside the book sitting in the sheriff’s desk, I’m here to see my old friend William Doolin”. “Well I’ll be the sheriff said as he brushed his short brown hair, I didn’t think a man like that has any friends”; “He doesn’t the Smasher replied with a frown, I just thought it would be right to see him one last time for old times’ sake”. “Hmm… I see the sheriff said as he walked from behind his desk with a pair of 460V S and W revolvers strapped to his waist, ok then partner I’ll let you talk to him, but the youngin has to stay here”. “Alright then chief the Smasher said as he followed the sheriff towards the cell area, my son is a good kid he won’t cause no trouble”; “Good to hear” the sheriff said as he and the Smasher disappeared through the back door and a shadowy hand pulled the Summoner into his own shadow.

The Smasher continued to follow the sheriff as his eyes scanned the surrounding prisoner filled cells, “Another trap eh the Smasher thought to himself as he noticed the hidden bionic weaponry in each cell, figures…I didn’t think he would go down without a fight”. As the Smasher and the sheriff reached William Doolin’s cell, the Smasher quickly caught the sheriff’s arms before he could reach his revolvers and tossed him through the cell door into the inmate, knocking both of them out as he turned around to the sight of camouflage garbed soldiers pointing bionic arm cannons at him from all directions.

Meanwhile in the shadow world…….

“Funny the Summoner thought to himself as he dodged shadow tendrils while riding on his Nega Gravidon, I’ve already fought Ancient Darkness in Maura’s world but now I have to fight Overcast in this one”. “I’ll admit your moves are good boy the red eyed shadow being said as he fired a beam from one of his katanas, but there is no escape for you and I am immortal here”; “I’ve heard this song and dance before the Summoner retorted as he dodged the sword beam, immortality doesn’t exist”. “How unexpectingly closed minded of you to say Overcast said as a gigantic shadow hand rose up out of the ground from below the Summoner, a magic user of your caliber should know nothing is impossible”; “Leave it to the shadow energy user to lecture me on immortality” the Summoner said as he leaped off of his Nega Gravidon and sent it down towards the giant hand before commanding it to roar, vaporizing the hand and landing on the ground. “It doesn’t matter how many times you can bring yourself back the Summoner continued as he casted breath of the Nega Dragon, sending a dragon shaped hurricane of black flames toward Overcast, every form of *immortality* has its weakness”; “So you say” Overcast said as he sank into the shadows, dodging the Summoner’s attack and then appeared above the Summoner swinging down his katanas. “It isn’t just what I say the Summoner retorted as he blocked the two katanas with a negative energy barrier before slamming an Excalinadoe Palm into Overcast’s chest, it’s true though of course people like you never listen to reason”. As Overcast was sent spiraling backwards the Summoner followed up his attack with a twin Nega Gravidon; “Devour and Crush” the Summoner said as the two large, black dragon heads wrapped around Overcast, forming a giant sphere of negative energy which then compressed down into a marble sized ball.

Chapter 32 Gentlemen’s chess part 2

“You’re the one who doesn’t listen well brat Overcast said as thousands upon thousands of Overcasts rose up out of the shadows around the Summoner, as I said before I can’t die here”; “Time to cut to the chase then the Summoner thought to himself as he created a massive negative energy barrier to keep the Overcasts away from him, this will hurt him more than it hurts me”. Raising his right hand high in the air the Summoner shouted “AURA….SHINE”; firing out a flash of light energy which encompassed himself and the army of Overcasts; as the light dissipated the Overcast army vanished leaving only a burnt Summoner and a heavily wounded Overcast behind. Then the Summoner quickly charged at Overcast, grabbing ahold of him and rocketing him out of his shadow back into the real world; “Now….then the Summoner said as he held up Overcast by his neck and his burn wounds slowly healed, I would believe that immortality of yours isn’t fairing to well now is it”. “Accursed….sorcerer…brat Overcast hissed in his heavily wounded state, …..you may have won this battle…..but you have lost….the war”; “I wouldn’t be so sure about that the Smasher said as he walked out of the cell area, because now we have a hostage”. “You will get nothing out of me human Overcast shouted as best he could, you might as well kill me now”; “We shall see about that the Smasher said as a small mechanical moth flew off his jacket and turned into an ant as it landed on Overcast, let’s see if you are a man of your word”. Overcast let out a scream of pain as the ant burrowed into his forehead, causing the Summoner to release him out of surprise; “What are you doing to him” the Summoner said as he wheezed and watched Overcast rolled back and forth on the ground. “Just a little test the Smasher said, he said he wouldn’t talk no matter what we did to him, right now his pain receptors are being overloaded”; “Well…he is a bad guy the Summoner said as he finished up healing his wounds, but…don’t you think this is a bit much”. “It will stop in one minute the Smasher replied, and then we will let him go”.

“Why would we just let him go the Summoner snorted in anger, he will ruin our element of surprise”; “You misunderstand my meaning the Smasher said as Overcast convulsed on the ground, seeing as I don’t like torture much myself the nanomechs inside of him will shut down his brain”. “Oh…. the Summoner said as Overcast stopped moving and the metallic ant crawled out of his body and back into the Smasher’s jacket, well… let’s get a move on then”. The duo then went into the cell area of the building which was littered with the dead bodies of the camouflage garbed soldiers; “There is another building under this one the Smasher said, which is fill of guys like these, so if you don’t mind I’d like to take the direct approach for once”. “Fine by me the Summoner said, it doesn’t matter how many they are, we’ve come too far to stop now”; “Good to hear the Smasher said, NOW”. A gaping hole appeared underneath the two heroes much to the surprise of the Summoner as he flew after the Smasher who was falling one mile downward; “I got to say Smasher the Summoner said as he floated next to the falling Smasher, just when I think I got you figured out, you pull out another trick”. “The same can be said for you my magical friend the Smasher said as he activated the anti-gravity feature of his shoes and began floating, I’m quite sure I haven’t seen everything you have to offer yet either”; continuing this conversation the two heroes landed in an series of underground tunnels, much to the surprise of the soldiers guarding the area as the two heroes sprang into action.

“ALAKAZAM” the Summoner shouted as the surrounding soldiers were suddenly launched up into the air and pinned to the roof of the tunnel, “Nice the Smasher said as the Q.H.S. exploded into a black cloud of thousands of flying metallic ant like creatures, now it’s my turn”. “Swarm them” the Smasher said as the ant like creatures engulfed the pinned soldiers, suffocating them and assimilating their bionic weapons; “Not bad yourself the Summoner said as he released his spell and the swarm of metallic ant like creatures flew pass the two heroes, is there anyone else here we should be worried about”? “Surprisingly no the Smasher said, though there are a lot of hidden traps and triggers around further ahead”; “Well that is to be expected the Summoner said as the two heroes began walking forward, all they can really do is slow us down”. “Not really the Smasher said, the Q.H.S. is currently *eating* their alarm system all that is left is for us to reach the door at the end of this tunnel”. “Well then let’s get a move on” the Summoner said as he flew forward pass the Smasher, “Hmph some things never change” the Smasher said to himself as he raced after the Summoner. The two heroes reached the end of tunnel in a matter of moments as the Summoner blasted a hole in the large metallic door in front of them; as the two entered into the next area, the metallic door resealed itself and the lights flashed on, releasing a strong gravitational pulse that suddenly brought both the Smasher and the Summoner to their knees.

Chapter 33 Gentlemen’s chess part 3

“Queen 2 disable the gravity field the Smasher said as the Q.H.S. returned onto the Smasher’s back, quickly”; “Understood my king” Queen 2 replied as a yellow light launched out of the Smasher’s watch and expanded into a small field which allowed the two heroes to get back to their feet. “Seems you missed one trap the Summoner said as he and the Smasher got back their feet, though it was nothing more than a annoyance than anything else”; “That gravitational field was activated by a wireless remote the Smasher said, it was only meant to slow us down long enough for the tunnels surrounding this area to begin to fill with hydrofluoric acid”. “So now the big boss is trapped with us the Summoner as he cracked his knuckles, fine with me”; “Yup we are all trapped together a familiar voice called down from 3 floors above the two heroes, though I must say you youngins sure have come a mighty long way”. The Smasher and the Summoner turned their attention upwards towards the voice to the sight of Old man Lercon; “So it was you all along” the Summoner said angrily as he flew towards Old man Lercon only to be knocked back down by a shadow blast. “Now now sonny don’t get your panties in a bunch Old man Lercon said as Shadow Reaper, Ancient and a seemingly reborn Overcast appeared around the two heroes, remember what happen last time you lost your temper”; “And here I thought I would have another super soldier to deal with the Smasher said as two small, single barreled turrets appeared on his shoulders, how disappointing”. “Aww shucks you’re gonna make a old fella cry Old man Lercon said as a small watch like object dropped out of his right hand and landed on the first floor, and here I done thought we had something special Mister Smasher”; “My apologies Mr. Lercon the Smasher said with his imitated western voice as he and the Summoner stood back to back, I woulda thought an old fella like yourself would know when to fold his hand”.

The Smasher was the first one to make a move as his turrets fired laser beams at Overcast and Shadow Reaper and the Smasher charged at Ancient, slamming a haymaker into his face followed by an uppercut. As Shadow Reaper blocked the laser beam with his scythe the Summoner tackled him and tossed him at Overcast before saying “Psycho dori”, sending the both of them flying with a psychic energy blast. “When you die Smasher I just want to remember that we gave you two a chance to walk away” Ancient said as he caught a left hook from the Smasher and bent his left arm around his back, “Thanks for the sentiment the Smasher said as he spun to his left, releasing himself from the hold and sweeping Ancient’s right leg, but we don’t need it”.

“Bet you thought I was gone for good didn’t you sorcerer brat” Overcast said as he fired a large shadow fist towards the Summoner; “Nah the Summoner said with a smirk as he caught the shadow fist with his left hand and then used Abra Kadabra to freeze Shadow Reaper in place as he attacked the Summoner from behind, with a name like Overcast it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t defeat you”. “Nega Gravidon” the Summoner said as he tossed the bounded Shadow Reaper at Overcast before firing off his spell through his left hand, destroying the shadow fist. “Flux, Storm, Rain and Devour” the Summoner said with his arms folded; “That same trick won’t work on me twice” Overcast said as he caught Shadow Reaper and quickly created a barrier to block the spell. “Same spell the Summoner said as the dragon head dived underground, different trick”; with that said the spell exploded from under Overcast’s barrier, sending both him and Shadow Reaper in the air before forming a black cloud that sent down a black lightning bolt which slammed the duo back into the ground before the black cloud rained down a barrage of negative energy pellets which bombarded the bodies of Overcast and Shadow Reaper. As the dust settled the blackened floor swallowed Shadow Reaper and Overcast, “Now you two can stay in that shadow world of yours forever” the Summoner said as he fired blast of psychic energy at the area, petrifying it before he flew towards Old man Lercon.

“You’re annoying” the Smasher said as the turrets on his shoulders became multi barreled and began firing a barrage of laser beams; “Welcome to my world Ancient said as he returned fire with a barrage of shadow energy blasts, you’re the biggest headache I’ve ever met”. “It isn’t me who is giving you that nonstop headache you have” the Smasher said as more turrets began to appear down his arms, increasing the barrage of laser beams; “Oh really Ancient sarcastically said as he struggled to keep the lasers at bay, my mistake please tell me who my anger should be pointed at”. “The nanomech that has been scanning your brain for the last couple of days” the Smasher said with a grin; “WHAT Ancient shouted as the laser beams began pushing him back, how were you able to get something in my body without me knowing”. “It was when I head butted you during that *interrogation* you put me through the first time we met” the Smasher said as the barrage of laser beams focused into one single beam which sent Ancient flying across the room, pinning him to the wall.

Chapter 34 Sore loser

As the Smasher was about to continue his explanation, Queen 2 began speaking to the Smasher inside his mind, pulling his attention away from Ancient. “My king I have urgent news Queen 2 said as an hologram popped up on the Smasher’s watch, a nearby device is radiating an unstable amount of nuclear energy, all attempts at shutting down the device has proven null”; “I see my sweet the Smasher replied in his mind, any chance you can form a barrier around the object to contain the blast”? “I am sorry my love Queen 2 said but I do not have enough energy to perform this task as of yet”; “Ok then my sweet the Smasher said as the turrets on his body disappeared, pull as much energy as you need from the Q.H.S.”. “Sorry about that the Smasher said as Ancient got back to his feet, it seems I don’t have the luxury to play with my new invention anymore”; “Aww too bad Ancient said as his shadow expanded to cover the whole first floor, it looked like you were having so much fun too”. “I was relying on it too much the Smasher said as he passively activated the anti gravity feature of his shoes, sometimes the smarter way isn’t always the right way”; “Hmph so you admit your weakness Ancient said as shadow tentacles covered the battle field, I knew a pathetic human’s toys couldn’t keep up with the likes of me for long”. “You misinterpret what I’m saying the Smasher said as he flew through the field of shadow tentacles with his deltium snakes in hand, the Q.H.S. could easily outlast you…it’s just something more important has been brought to my attention”. The Smasher rocketed across the field, slashing his way through the shadow tentacles and dodging shadow blasts from Ancient; “I know you must be at your limit now human Ancient said as he fired a barrage of homing shadow energy spears at the Smasher, give up and I might let you live”. “That’s quite funny to hear the Smasher said as he flew left and right to dodge the spears, weren’t you saying earlier that you wanted me to remember that you gave me a chance to walk away”? “Enough of this nonsense Ancient said as he charged up a 20 foot tall ball of shadow energy, the great Ancient Darkness will not be defeat by a lowly human”; “You’re right Ancient the Smasher said as he pulled took out a hand full of flash pellets and crushed them in his right hand, I’m no ordinary human”. The simultaneously explosion of the flash pellets created a dome of light which enveloped the first floor and destroyed Ancient’s attacks; “Now then the Smasher said as he walked towards the heavily wounded Ancient and placed his left hand on his forehead, I believe you have something that belongs to me”. “Enjoy……your….victory…..for now…human... Ancient said as he flinched in pain from the extraction of the nanomech, this…..battle is far….from over”; as the nanomech recombined itself with the nest in the Smasher’s hat, the Smasher’s eyes suddenly widen in horror as he quickly turned his attention to the Summoner.

“KID the Smasher roared with a voice completely opposite of his normally calm and collected nature, YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE NOW”! “It’s ok Smasher the Summoner said as he hovered down to the first floor with an unconscious Mr. Lercon in tow, I’ve beaten him there is nothing to worry abo…”; “YOU HAVE TO GET BACK TO DUSK FLATS QUICKLY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE the Smasher shouted in hysteria, this man….this man would rather see this land razed than lose his power, we are already too late to save Sheridan Metro and Chapel Price, his army is already at Steelton you have to go NOW”. “But what about you the Summoner said as he rose in the air, we should finish this together”; “THERE ISN’T ENOUGH TIME TO EXPLAIN EVERYTHING TO YOU the Smasher shouted as a black watch formed on the Summoner right arm, out of the two of us you are the only one who has enough firepower to hold back an army of that size, that watch will keep us in touch, now HURRY”. “Alright I’m going the Summoner said as a negative energy barrier formed around him and he rocketed towards the ceiling, just make sure to get there when you can”; “Don’t worry kid I’ll be there the Smasher said as the Summoner rocketed through the ceiling, I just have a little business of my own to finish first”. Hydrofluoric acid began pouring into the room through the hole where the Summoner has left, quickly filling the first floor as the Smasher flew into the air; “Were you able to contain that device Queen 2” the Smasher thought. “Yes my king Queen 2 responded, the nuclear device is safely contained, however I will need a few seconds to shield you from the acid”; “Don’t worry about that my sweet the Smasher said as he closed the collar of his jacket and a torrent of nanomechs spilled down from his hat to create a black mask over his face, my suit has protected me from worst things that this, just rest and leave things to me”!

“….So much destruction the Summoner thought to himself as he soared over the ruins of Sheridan Metro and Chapel Price, what type of madman are we dealing with here”; as the Summoner continued on towards Steelton he caught a glimpse of what had the Smasher so shaken up. It was an army of hundreds of thousands blue and red round shaped tanks, each 30 feet tall with 5 rotating turrets on their tops, a massive multi barreled main cannon at the center of their bodies all standing on two 15 feet tall spiked all terrain wheels which had flame throwers mounted on the armor above them. “……whoa” the Summoner said as he increased his flight speed, creating a sonic boom as he quickly reached his destination as the army had just finished razing the area. “I won’t let you hurt anymore innocent people” the Summoner said as he fired a kathoronrangan into the air above, creating a lightning dragon so massive that it easily dwarfed Steelton and the advancing army. “KATHORON SAKEGUA” the Summoner shouted as his spell came crashing down, enveloping the entire area with light and sending large trails of electricity across the impact zone. As the smoke cleared the army of tanks emerged unharmed out of the 40 feet deep, steaming crater that stood where Steelton once did and continued to advance forward, using their spiked wheels to climb up the sides of the crater. “More of that magic resist metal eh the Summoner thought to himself as he flew pass the army and landed a few thousand feet in front of them, doesn’t matter you guys are going nowhere”. “EARTH SHAKER the Summoner shouted as he stomped his foot creating deep trench underneath the army, and for good measures NOVACANO”; the trench erupted into an inferno of flames as the enemy army seemingly fell to their doom, but as the Summoner was about to turn and walk away he heard the sound of rockets. To the Summoner’s dismay the army of tanks were flying back up with rockets that replaced their wheels; “Abra Kadabra” the Summoner said as his eyes flashed purple and he closed both of his hands, causing the trench to slam shut with the army inside it. “That should take care of them the Summoner said as he breathed a sigh of relief, they may have had resistance to my magic but there should be no way they can survive being crushed under that much earth”. Then suddenly as the Summoner began to think of his next move, the army of tanks exploded out of the ground and landed a thousand feet in front of the Summoner; “You’ve got to be kidding m..” the Summoner said as the closet tank to him fired out a large laser beam from its main cannon.

Chapter 35 Mastermind

“Got to hurry the Smasher said with his black nanomech mask still on as he raced across the western plain towards his destination, even with his powers the kid won’t be able to survive a second wave”. With the base of operation in sight the Smasher picked up his pace even further than his scarred leg could handle and plowed his way through the mountain side and into the base. “Welcome Mr. Smasher a male voice echoed down the hall as the Smasher made his way through the security field and disabled the wall mounted turrets with the Q.H.S., I must say you wasted no time getting here”. The Smasher punched down the metallic door into leading to the only room in the base, only be greeted by middle aged man with a scar across his left eye that was wearing a human sized, platinum colored suit of armor. “So we finally meet the Smasher said as he scanned the suit of armor, it’s a surprise you didn’t have an army waiting here for me”, “It has been quite a while since I’ve met a worthy adversary the middle aged man said as a metallic mask formed on his face and the hands on his suit transformed into Gatling guns, it would be unfair to have anyone here spoiling our fun”. “Subject is wearing a sentient iron/titanium alloy suit which seems to have regenerative and ambiguous mutative properties which is enhancing subject’s physical strength and speed to superhuman level the Smasher thought to himself, subject’s physical features shows that subject is battle harden and has above genius level intellect, chance of survival is 90.512%. “Well then the Smasher said as he pulled out his deltium dual revolvers, you mind explaining what were you suppose to gain from all of this”; “No the time for talking is over the man said as he pointed his Gatling guns at the Smasher, however I will give you my name as a sporting gift…..I am Kyle Masters”. With that said Kyle Masters opened fire on the Smasher who rolled out of the way of the stream of bullets; “Queen 1 deploy B.U.S. troops 10000X” the Smasher thought to himself as he fired a bullet from one of his revolvers which split in two to hit Kyle Masters’ right and left arm, destroying their Gatling guns”. “Understood my king Queen 1 responded as the suit of armor began healing itself, troops deployed”; “Ok good the Smasher thought to himself as he used his speed to meet Kyle Masters in hand to hand combat, Queen 2 hack as many terminals as you can so we can impede the enemy army”. “That’s a negative my king Queen 2 replied as the Smasher caught a left hook from Kyle Masters and returned kinetic energy enhanced right hook to Kyle Masters’ chest plate, all of the surrounding consoles have already been wiped clean of source code”. Kyle Masters’ suit absorbed the blunt trauma of the Smasher’s punch much to the Smasher’s surprise as the Smasher was blasted across the room into a console by an energy blast which fired out of the chest plate of Kyle Masters’ suit. “….Alright then my sweet the Smasher thought to himself as he quickly flipped out of the way of Kyle who slammed down a metallic fist towards him, wreak as much havoc as you please with our opponent’s weapon systems”, “Gladly my love” Queen 2 replied.

The Smasher landed on his feet and put away his deltium dual revolvers as he dodged an energy blast from Kyle Masters’s arm cannon, switching out the revolvers for a black magnum made by the shoulder area of the Q.H.S. “Impressive Mr. Smasher Kyle said as his arm cannons began to transform wildly, to be able to crack into my defense system is no easy feat…..however you aren’t the only one who can play this game”. With that said the screen of the Smasher’s watch began flashing red; “My love the link to the magic user has been cut Queen 2 said, I have managed to isolate the intruder program to my first firewall however due to its constant mutation and multiplication I can’t completely destroy it as of yet”. “Not bad the Smasher said as a black layer appeared over Kyle Masters’ chest plate, however just because you can play my game doesn’t mean you’re on my level…….NOW”. Suddenly all the armor covering the chest area of Kyle Masters’ body vanished in an explosion; “You…. Kyle Masters said in surprise as he was struck in the chest by a shot from the Smasher’s magnum,….when did”. “My code name is the Smasher for a reason the Smasher said as Kyle Masters gagged and fell to his knees, if I couldn’t do something as tedious as bypass regenerative body armor by now then I don’t deserve to win”. “Well said….. Kyle Masters said the metal from his armor began flowing into his wound, however if I could be killed by something as pathetic as a bullet to the chest then I wouldn’t have bothered going through all this trouble to arrange this meeting”. The Smasher leaped away from Kyle Masters as he began transforming, “Queen 2 I’ll send a few hacker troops your way to deal with that intruder program the Smasher thought to himself as a tiny black speck flew off his magnum and onto his watch, just focus on reestablishing that link and Queen 1 deploy F.S. troops 1000X…I have a feeling this transformation isn’t just for show”. “Understood my love both” Queens replied, “It was fun while it lasted Mr. Smasher Kyle said as he rose to his feet with a silver tint under his skin and took a horse stance, however like all good things now it comes to an end”; “I could agree more the Smasher said taking his Muay Thai stance as his magnum disassembled and then melded into his gloves, the kid gloves are off”.

*Huff….huff* the Summoner wheezed as he dodged a barrage of laser fire from the army of tanks following behind him while mending his heavily wounded right arm; “Curse these magic rending machines the Summoner thought to himself as ran away from the pursuing army at superhuman speed, we are already nearing Osara…I can’t let them get any closer to Dusk Flats”. The Summoner casted Excalinadoe on the army, creating a massive hurricane of air cutters that tore the army and the surrounding earth off the ground and lifted them into the air; “and also the Summoner said as a huge blast of ice energy spiraled out of his left hand and a huge blast of fire energy spiraled out of his wounded right hand into the hurricane creating a massive torrent of blue and red, Fimburver and Nova blazer”. “Getting hit by fire and ice energy back to back like that should do some damage the Summoner thought to himself as he used Earth Shaker to create another massive trench under the torrent, hopefully it ruin those wheels so they can stay stuck underground this time”. “However luck doesn’t seem to be on my side this time the Summoner thought to himself as he began mending his right arm again, so I’m not counting on that”; as the torrent of freezing and burning winds began dying down the Summoner casted Aququious on the trench, filling it with water. “I can’t freeze them, melt them, fry them, cut them or crush them the Summoner thought to himself as the army of tanks came crashing down into the lake sized pool of water, but the same can’t be said for the things they are standing on or floating in”. As the tanks began floating up towards the water’s surface the Summoner casted Fimburver, freezing the water solid before firing multiple Nega Gravidons into the sky over the area; “Quake” the Summoner calmly said as the area blacked from the surge of the massive gravity field which compressed the area to the point that each individual tank looked vacuum sealed in 50ft thick layers of ice. “*huff huff* ….Ok it’s finally over now the Summoner said as he fell on his back with his eyes closed and panted, they can’t move a muscle now much less hit me with one of those god forsaken magic rending lasers again”. As the Summoner finished fully healing his wounded arm, he opened his eyes to the sight of an army of another 10000 tanks flying over him high above the clouds; “Smasher the Summoner shouted at the black watch on his arm, you have to get here quickly I don’t have much energy left”.

Chapter 36: A Hero’s will

“My love the signal has been reestablished Queen 2 said as the Smasher flew through walls of the mountain and landed outside on his feet, a message is currently in the communication queue”; “…..Alright my sweet the Smasher said as he dusted off himself, play the message”. The Smasher’s watch recited the Summoner’s message as Kyle Master’s came walking out of the hole the Smasher flew out of with the fist shaped imprints on his chest and stomach disappearing as he drew closer to the Smasher. “Just hold on a little longer kid the Smasher said as he took a northern shaolin stance, this *detour* is just taking a little longer than I thought”. “Well then kick it into high gear soldier the Summoner responded, we can’t afford anymore screw-ups today”; “Sir…yes sir” the Smasher said with a smirk as he charged at Kyle Masters. The Smasher feinted a haymaker causing Kyle to put his arms up to block as the Smasher flipped over him and slammed a diving punch to Kyle’s occipital ridge using the electromagnetic pulse released by the nanomechs covering his gloves to bypass the kinetic energy absorption of Kyle’s metallic skin. Kyle stumbled forward a few inches before whipping out a calf kick which the Smasher caught before tossing Kyle into the side of the mountain; “Queen 1 it’s up to you to determine when to use the F.S. troops the Smasher said as the mountain began to rise off the ground, I’ll make as many openings in his defense as I can”. “Understood my love Queen 1 said as Kyle Master’s tossed the mountain at the Smasher, he may be competent but you are definitely more well rounded”; “Be that as it may my sweet the Smasher said as he charged at the flying mountain and jumped into the hole in its side, we shouldn’t forget I haven’t had a real opponent in a long time”. The Smasher dashed through the diagonal hallway of the base and leapt through the other side of the mountain as Kyle Masters met him in midair swinging a right hook at the Smasher. The Smasher blocked the hook with his left hand and used his own forward momentum to flip his body over and slam the heel of his right foot onto Kyle’s head, sending him spiraling on to the ground below as the mountain crashed in the background. The Smasher then spun himself vertically as he descended, swinging down an axle kick which Kyle caught before power bombing the Smasher into the ground and then getting him into an arm bar.

“Good move the Smasher said as he slammed his right fist into Kyle’s left leg, to recover so quickly after taking such a heavy strike to the skull….that *magical* metal of your is really impressive”; “Your praise is duly noted Mr. Smasher Kyle said as he struggled to keep his hold on the Smasher’s left arm, but seeing how you figured out how to combat against it so easily….I assure you it needs more work”. The Smasher slammed his right fist into Kyle’s left leg again and again as the fist imprints would heal themselves before finally taking a deep breath and then using his superior superhuman strength to lift Kyle up with his left arm and slam him into the ground. The Smasher then leaped back and took a southpaw boxing stance as Kyle got back to his feet and took a boxing stance of his own; charging forward the Smasher swung out a right jab and followed up with a left hook to Kyle’s jaw as Kyle blocked the jab and slammed a right cross to the Smasher’s rib cage. The two fighters staggered a little from the mighty blows before going blow for blow; “FALL” Kyle shouted as he blocked another left hook from the Smasher and slammed a right hook into the Smasher’s jaw. “You first” the Smasher retorted as he retaliated with a right cross to Kyle’s midsection, then as Kyle grit his teeth and swung out a left cross the Smasher ducked under the punch and slammed a left uppercut into Kyle’s jaw with enough strength behind it to lift Kyle off the ground. The Smasher then followed through his attack with a right and left straight to Kyle’s solar plexus which sent him flying back a few feet as he steadied himself. As the Smasher took a southern crane stance the sound of explosions and heavy breathing could be heard from his watch; “It would seem your partner isn’t having an easy time fending off my Warpol tanks Kyle said as he spit a small amount of blood onto the ground, it would be a shame if he were to fail”. “Nah that kid isn’t the type to fail when the chips are down the Smasher said, he’d rather die than lose to the likes of you”; “Well then he might just get his wish” Kyle said as he charged at the Smasher.

Kyle swung out a leaping hook kick followed by a hurricane kick which the Smasher dodged and then parried with his right hand before slamming a left uppercut into Kyle’s jaw as he landed. However Kyle withstood the blow this time as he twisted around and swung a hard roundhouse into the Smasher’s left shoulder; taking the full blunt of the attack the Smasher spun before slamming a hook kick to Kyle’s ribcage followed by 2 side kicks to the same spot and ending with a butterfly kick to Kyle’s face which sent Kyle rolling on the ground. Then as Kyle got back to his feet he swung out a left hook which the Smasher ducked up before slamming an aggressive barrage of straights and hooks to the healing spot on Kyle’s stomach deepening the wound; Kyle swung forward a right hook in retaliation but the Smasher caught the arm and pulled it forward as he slammed his left knee into the crater in Kyle’s stomach. The Smasher then pulled Kyle forward again and slammed a right straight through Kyle’s stomach before Kyle slammed a left hook into the Smasher’s face, sending him flying backwards as the closing hole in Kyle’s stomach froze solid. “Checkmate” the Smasher said as he quickly pulled out one of his deltium revolvers and fired two bullets into Kyle’s open stomach, blowing him into pieces.

Meanwhile 16 miles away from Dusk Flats……

“Just……two……more” the Summoner said as he limped forward, the Summoner body was covered in 2nd degree burns, his blue magical skin now pale and his black hair now blonde. The two tanks unleashed a barrage of energy beams which the Summoner took the full blunt of as he continued towards the tanks. “Just…….a…..little…..further the Summoner hissed as blood leaked out of the right side of his mouth, I….can do this……I can do this”! The two tanks charged up another assault as the Summoner suddenly dashed forward with the last of his might, slamming a haymaker into the closest tank’s right wheel before lifting it up and tossing it at the second tank, the collision managed to knock the second tank over as the Summoner fell face first onto the ground. “Dying again huh……how funny the Summoner thought to himself as he laid there, …..and here I was hoping to see Maura again….but oh well”, “Even if I have to go back to that endless abyss again the Summoner continued, at least I know this place is safe”. “Some things never change now do they Summoner I said as my voice echoed in his head, though of course things would have been quite easier if hadn’t taken that small piece of my zero energy back”.

Chapter 37 Tale of the two heroes

“Who are you” the Summoner responded in his mind as I rose his body back to its feet; “I’m the person who put you two in all this mess I said as the Summoner’s wounds instantly healed, but it’s over I’ve entertained myself enough now”. The Summoner looked around in all directions, “Show yourself” the Summoner shouted into the open air as the Smasher landed beside him, “Who are you talking to the Smasher said as his black mask disappeared and he closed his eyes to use his search vision, there isn’t anyone around for miles”. “There was this voice in my head the Summoner said, it called me Summoner and said that it is the reason we both are here”; the Smasher put his left hand on his chin and began thinking to himself. “Hmm…another telepath how strange the Smasher thought to himself, they must be pretty powerful seeing as they can affect a being that suppose to be immune to telepathy from such a long range”. “That’s because this isn’t regular telepathy I said as my voice echoed in both my persona’s minds, as your creator I have a special way of speaking with you two”; “Come out from hiding the Summoner said in his mind, I want to see the face of person who brought us here”. “There isn’t any need for that I said, I’ll be erasing this universe in a moment after I sent you two to your own perspective universes”, “You can’t just do that the Summoner said, we busted our butts here….you can’t just destroy all of our hard work”. “I agree with the kid the Smasher said, we completed the task you brought us here for and these people deserve to be able to live in peace”; “You two misunderstand I said, I created this world merely to test both of your skills together, it has no meaning other than that”. “So then what are you saying the Summoner angrily said, that all this was for nothing…..even if you did create this world, you have no right to call it meaningless”; “How annoying I said, and here I thought I would let you two keep your memories of this trip….oh well”. “Hold on the Smasher quickly said, just think of this from our point of view, we have been here for days working to save this place….to just be told it doesn’t mean anything is heartbreaking to say the least”.

“I am thinking of this from both of your point of view I said, but you two cannot fathom mine”; “As I said before I continued, this world was created by me for the simple task of having you two work together, it will cease to exist now that its task is complete”. “Fine the Smasher said, you may do what you must but only omit the memories of us talking with you”; “What are you saying the Summoner said, this…..whatever is the reason why we are here, why give up our hard work so easily”. “Enough I said as I snapped my fingers, you may keep your memories of this trip so forget about me…….as always”. White light enveloped the universe as it vanished, the Smasher was sent to his world while the Summoner was sent to a *Heaven* I created where he would eternally rest with his lost clan. “It always happens the same way I thought to myself, just once I would like them to know I exist….but whatever let’s check in on the Smasher”. The Smasher reentered his home after parking my recreation of Drakkoniss’s motorcycle to the sight of his wife who was sitting in the living room; “Back so soon Maura said, did you leave something behind”. The Smasher ran to his wife and hug her with all his might; “Oh what’s this for” Maura said confused as her husband hugged her; “Oh babe you don’t know how happy to see you the Smasher said as he kissed his wife, it feels like I’ve haven’t seen you for ages”. “Oh come now David what’s gotten into you Maura said, you’ve only been gone for a few minutes, go on and explore a little I don’t mind”; “Nah babe I think I’ve explored enough” the Smasher said as he lifted his wife up much to her surprise. “I wonder what that kid is doing now the Smasher thought to himself as he carried his wife over to their couch, I’m sure he will be fine as always”; “Let’s take the kids out for a picnic tomorrow the Smasher said as he sat down on the couch with his wife on his lap, we can train another day”. “How sweet I said as I began walking, hopefully me and Maurachan can have a family like that one day”; “Though of course knowing her she will probably want a family much bigger than that I continued, oh well….time to meet up with everyone else for mom’s birthday”.

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