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(HS)A Split Mind

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1/11/2013 10:47:12   
ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!


Discussion thread

You can't escape your destiny, you know.

"I can and I WILL!"

You're not meant to be here even, you were a mistake in the programming of the universe.

"Even so! I will not bend to what the universe wants of me! I will do as I please! I WILL be a villain!"

Why are you so intent on defying the order? Why do you have to fight us? It's a battle that few can win, you know.

"I told you. I do not wish to live a forced life. I do not wish to be a hero. You cannot stop me. You are not even here. Besides, these fools of villains need to learn there's more to evil than maniacal laughter and kicking puppies. I intend to teach them that."

You will not succeed. I am always here. We are always here. You may not see or feel us, but we are here. You will always have us. You cannot run forever. Even the great cheetahs of the plains must stop to rest sometime. You will fall and tumble to the ground. You will fail.

"ENOUGH! I am finished with this conversation!" And with that, the lone figure in the dark turned off his thoughts. "I have much to do still."

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1/18/2013 11:01:22   
ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!

Chapter 1

....escape...destiny.......not meant to be here....

"They've been repeating themselves like this for a while recently. I should be worried...maybe..." He said as he tried to muster up any feeling of terror or hesitance. He simply didn't care about the Voices in his head, fighting to spread their message.

.....defying......cannot run......

"Their power is also growing. I can no longer hold them silent completely. Something is wrong." Once again, still no feeling of worry.

The moon was just peeking from behind a cloud. A full moon, illuminating his form. His skin was a tone of green, a color that prompted many to ask if he was sicking up. Few learned from that mistake. His eyes were covered by goggles and his brown hair partially drooped over his eyes, completely obscuring the scar on his head.

He looked down from his perch, the lights of the city distant. A dizzying height that complimented his skin perfectly. He could feel the leaks, all through his body. At this level of power, it would drain slowly. At higher levels it flowed faster, like a waterfall crashing out of his body. He looked towards the moon, longing the full power the sun held. The moon only held a fraction of it. He reached towards it.

The radiation reflected was nowhere near enough to push him to capacity, but it kept the leaks balanced out. The power felt good. He yearned for the ability to hold the radiation indefinitely. But he had to live with it. At max level he could wipe out the entire city, but those blasted leaks prevented him from holding it long enough to unleash true fury. At best he could knock out a Smasher in seconds, outright killing them requiring too much of his power and time. That's all he needed though. The radiation was unpredictable, sometimes it stilled their abilities, others it did nothing.

He did not need nor want to outright kill. The Voices held some sway in him. They prevented some of his actions. That was fine, he preferred that his targets live. The radiation always came with sickness, some severe, some not.

The man yawned. He stepped away from the ledge and turned to a door behind him. It was not late, yet he had a busy day ahead of him. He had a secret identity to keep after all.

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1/25/2013 15:16:07   
ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!

Chapter 2

The room is completely dark save a circle of light in the middle of the floor. In that circle is a man with hair partially covering his eyes and a scar resembling an X that was mostly covered. Put on some sunglasses and the scar would be hidden almost entirely. His skin was a few shades above what most would consider pale. He lays there on the floor in a fetal position.

Around him, figures stepped to the edge of the ring of light. Their faces were completely hidden in the shade of their hoods. They were all identical in build and clothing, yet the leader among them was apparent. He stepped forth into the light and the others seemed to fall back, despite not moving from their place.

The man stirred and slowly sat up. Calmly, he rose and looked at each figure hanging out of the light around him. His eyes came to rest on the man inside with him.

"You," was all he told the figure.

"You know why I am here," the cloaked being replied.

"I do and I advise you to leave. Now."

"I am already gone but never having left my beginning. You are in our domain at the moment. Or were. Maybe you have not arrived yet. Time does not flow right here," the figure seemed yet to say.

Indeed that is the case, or it might have already been. I find even my thoughts have a hard time of organizing themselves. The tenses are fighting amongst themselves. I need to get out of here and away from him if I'm not already, the man thought to himself.

The man opened himself up to his surroundings. Radioactive power flowed into him from across time, yet it seemed to have never started the journey. His skin slowly changed from regular to a green and then to a dark green that almost could be called black. The leaks prevented him from reaching full capacity and pitch black. He had enough stored in him that his skin regularly alternated between noticeably different shades of green as he fought to absorb enough to match the leaks. The figures still in the shadows shifted uncomfortably while the one in the circle stood like a statue.

The man extended his arm towards the figure. Within seconds he had lost all green coloring to him yet the figure stood there, unfazed by the assault. The man stood in disbelief, letting only widened eyes show his shock. They stood in silence.

"Who are...How did..." the man babbled. He hesitantly crossed the floor to the figure. No reaction. He reaches for the robe. No reaction. He took a firm grasp of the cloth. No reaction. He yanked with all his might. He stood in terror at what lies underneath.

Looking back at him was a near reflection of himself. Same scar, same face, same body. The only thing different was the outfit. Instead of his Heart Breaker armor that he was accustomed to, the former robed figure wore a simple one-piece uniform of brown fur and an antler insignia on his chest.

The man recoiled, recognizing what the figure was.

The figure opened his mouth as if to speak but only a chuckle came out. A chuckle that slowly turned into a bone-chilling cackle. The light of the room seemed to be drawn into the gaping mouth of the figure. The room dimmed, the figures in the shadow slowly faded. An ominous chanting in the background slowly became audible.

"The warriors shall fight and one shall stand. Both are unyielding but the universe even more so. Balance will be upheld. The path of good is inevitable," was whispered. The message repeated until it boomed in the man's ears. The figure's laughter never changed in volume yet it never became washed out by the chants.

Just then, the ring of light collapsed entirely.

A figure bolted upright in bed. The nightmare still vivid in his head. The figure slowly started to grasp the concept of fear as he contemplated what it all meant.

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2/5/2013 1:07:41   
ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!

Chapter 3

The figure...No, I am not him and I will not be him. I refuse to be an unnamed, cloaked figure. I am ND Mallet. Or Stephen Carpenter as the non-Smashers know me.

ND hopped out of bed and strolled to his restroom. He turned the tap to cold and splashed the water on his face. Another restless night.

The nightmares are getting more frequent. Could it mean...No. Not that. It can't be this soon.

What can't be this soon? He did not know, but he felt a feeling of inevitability from that dream. Something was weird and it would not be good for anyone.

ND looked up from his face washing and studied his reflection in the mirror above the sink. He half expected it to start cackling. He half expected an emergency room visit if it did.

I need sleep. I'm not almost to beat my own face in, am I? I guess if I really need to I will.

He headed back to bed, allowing a moment to look at the time, half past Midnight, before closing his eyes and dozing off into a deep and dreamless sleep.
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2/17/2013 19:49:43   
ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!

Chapter 4

The sun rises. The phone rings. Stephen answers it, dressed up in a nice lab coat.

"Yes?...Oh, hello....Oh?...I understand....Thank you....See you next week then....Okay, you take care too." He set the phone down gently and left to his room, unsure of what to do with his unexpected vacation. Apparently he had some unused vacation time that needed used up right away.

The door opened and Stephen walked out, clad in nothing but a solid, red bathrobe. He strolled to the fridge, grabbed some chicken, and sat down in his recliner. He placed the chicken to the coffee table to his left and rummaged through the sides of the chair for his remote.

He let out a small sigh and focused his powers, drawing in the small amounts of radiation in the background. He turned a slight shade of green. "Let's see, it's been months since I last tried this. I just focus the radiation inside me into light by reversing the usual process, then I just separate the light into a spectrum by manipulating the radiation further so I can use the infrared light in binary code to signal the television on," he stated to himself.

He squinted his eyes at the television, hand outstretched at the receiver. Minutes passed by with no success. Stephen squinted further and after a few seconds the television clicked on. Stephen hit himself lightly on the forehead with his palm. "So the beginning binary was 001, not 010!"

He decided to just stick with the channel it's currently on, fearing to experiment with the controls now that the machine was on and that he wouldn't be able to screw up without it possibly doing something he didn't want it to. He turned his attention to the chicken and debated with himself.

He drew in the radiation again and focused it into microwaves to warm up the chicken. After about a minute, he released the power and took a bite. Still cold in the middle, but he shrugged and just ate it.

The small children's show about children's card games(which very few children seem to play) was just ending by the time he had finished his snack. An emergency broadcast had just popped up on the screen halfway through the end credits. Local news reporter, Cindy Allen, showed up on screen with a straight face. Stephen judged it was serious news by the strain to keep neutral.

"We've just received report of yet another Smasher showing up in town. Police found him late last night when called to the scene of another Smasher related incident. The suspects had been apprehended with the strange figure standing nearby. Upon approach, the figure broke into a sprint down a nearby alley. The police chased but were led into an ambush. The figure leaped out of a nearby shadow and knocked one of the cops unconscious. The second, responding quickly, discharged several shots into the mysterious man. But none of them hit home," she stated matter-of-factly, "or at least it seemed that way as the figure sped off into the night unaffected by the full clip inside him. A later search of the crime scene found that the bullets had make contact but only had managed to draw a small amount of blood. An interrogation of the two apprehended villains had confirmed the theory, a hero with abnormally high resistance to attacks, even for a Smasher. K-SMASH news will continue to follow this story and keep you updated. We here all wish that this hero will stay a hero, and that his powers will be put to great use in helping the clean up of town. This is Cindy Allen, signing out, and wishing to remind you to tune in tonight for the K-SMASH News at 6. Have a lovely day," she said.

The camera zoomed out past the logo and the channel resumed to a different show about children's card games, this time on bikes(Absurd!). Stephen stood up and walked over to the television and turned it off. He pondered for a moment in just silence, and then he walked to his room. It was in the afternoon by this time but he retired early to go out on one of his night-time patrols. It was too soon, a little voice told him, but he felt an assurance that he would be alright if he went out. He needed some fresh air anyways. And with that, he shut the door behind him and lied down in bed.

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2/22/2013 11:56:16   
ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!

Chapter 5

Illumion stood in the light of a nearby street lamp. His suit had a glow to it, which complimented his lightbulb themed helmet. His hair was a short, radiant blonde...Well, what you could see of it at least.

Night was the best time to find villains. It was also the worst time for his powers, being that he drew light from the sun and could redirect it at his targets. But he still stayed, for it was expected of him to fight. After all, light is hope and heroes bring hope.

Illumion had turned to move on to the next circle of light when a small noise caught his ear. He quickly spun in the direction and saw nothing. His eyes wandered up to the top of the building and he caught a brief glimpse of a figure slipping behind the lip of the roof. He watched the spot for a moment and listened.

Confident that it was a cat, he turn and moved on. Upon reaching the next light, a noise in the nearby alley drew his attention. He hesitated, knowing his power wouldn't hold up for long if he left the light to investigate.

His mind was made for him as the same figure from the rooftops burst out from the shadows. Within moments, fear had gripped him as the recognition of the man dawned on him.

ND Mallet. He was notorious among villains. Exceptionally smart, resourceful, powerful, and insane to boot. He glowed a nauseous green that seemed to glow as bright as Illumion. That green started to fade and Illumion rolled quickly, knowing the signs. He ran fast and ND gave chase. He jumped, spun and let loose a savage blast of light towards the hunter. ND stopped, and took the assault with a loud scream. The effect was something that belonged in a shop's Smashmas display, red fighting green for dominance.

With a fury, Mallet drained himself of radiation and directed it all at Illumion. He responded quickly, throwing up a shield of light with the last of his power. With that, he stepped back into the light and stared down the villain.

Realizing he had lost the upper hand, Mallet kicked his jet pack on and flew away into the night.

Part 2

ND could feel the icy relief of the aloe vera cream as he rubbed it in his skin. Illumion was not as simple as he had appeared. What should've been a simple ray of light was nothing but pure energy copying the sun's power, and magnified at that.

He's fast, I'll give him that. My face is going to be peeling for weeks. At least I won't make the same rookie mistake again. And with that he looked out his bathroom window. The night was still young. If he wanted to take out the Beacon of Hope, he'd have to come up with an actual plan. The little kitty had claws that he had not accounted for.

As he closed the mirror/medicine cabinet, and his eyes met his reflection's, a small, devious smile crept across his face.


Illumion sighed softly to himself. He hated this night patrolling business and just wanted it all over with. The sun would be rising in about two hours and his patrol would be over in about thirty minutes. As he thought back to the attack earlier he felt a pang of jealousy.

No, I thought I was over that. I must accept my path in life. I have no choice. He rubbed his eyes dry, feeling a distant pain. He sighed again.

I should probably just take off early. No villain is mad enough to mess around in this area. What with the nuclear plant so nearby. One misstep and it would be all over for him and everyone else.

And as if at a cue, a lone figure stepped out of the shadows once more. No light fell upon his form but it quickly started glowing a neon green.

"Oh it's you. Come back for more, ya coward!?" he shouted at Mallet. "Was first degree not enough for you?"

"Your power caught me off guard the first time. I expected actual light and not a cheap knockoff," ND scoffed in reply. "I didn't need a plan, just brute force. Your power would've fed my own and been your own undoing. Instead, I get a nice sunburn."

"Besides, have you forgotten where we are?" he added with a smirk.

"I stand between you and the plant though," Illu added with a smirk of his own.

And with that ND seemed to intensify in color. Illumion stepped back in shock, realizing his mistake.

Before ND had a chance to attack, Illu snarled and let out a savage scream to the sky. He fell to his knees and beat at the ground.

"It's people like you that I hate! I can't stand it! I want YOUR life! I'm tired of being a goody two shoes all the time! NO MORE!" And with that he let loose everything he had. ND ducked and weaved, trying to avoid the constant stream of power.

It's no use, Mallet thought to himself. He's not going to run out of power. I have to resort to Plan B. And with that, he leaped into a roll and brought his bathroom mirror up between himself and his foe. The light hit it and bounced back at an angle. Illumion was in a blind fury and kept the attacks coming. Mallet braced himself against the mirror and tilted it. Slowly, the beam of energy slowly inched towards Illu, causing destruction along the way.

Just a little closer and...The attacks stopped. Illumion was out like a light. ND walked over to his unconscious form. He dragged him out of the light, grabbed some rope from the medicine cabinet and tied him up. He walked off into a nearby alley and came back moments later with an old, discarded stool. He sat down and waited for the lad to wake.

He looked up at the moon. The sun would be up soon. He bent over Illumion and slapped him hard across the face. He bolted upright and struggled against his bonds. He sputtered insults and demanded to be let go.

"Shut up," Mallet replied calmly. Illumion complied. "Good. Now tell me, what did you mean by 'I want your life'?"

"You wouldn't understand," he whispered to himself. "No one ever does."


"Yeah, you wouldn't. And you'd laugh. No one wants to hear my sob story anyways," he continued to whisper.

ND brought his hand back and Illumion sputtered out "Okay, I'll talk! Just don't slap me again!"

"You don't need to. You're a lot like me. Well, don't listen to anyone but yourself. You have the power to decide what YOU want, no one else," ND said sympathetically.

"You really don't understand, do you? I DON'T have a choice. My power is light. I HAVE to be good. I have to be a hero. Light is always good," Illumion replied.

"If that's the case then maybe I should leave you in the sun all day. Get yourself a nice burn. Or perhaps you'd like to be stuck in a desert and suffer from the death and heat brought on by the sun. Mayhaps you'd like for me to leave you posed in a way that you will be forced to stare into the sun for hours. You know, I could also-"

"I get it. I never thought of it like that. I DO have a choice. But...why do you care? Do you really want to be a villain?" he asked gently, fearing he might be disposed of still.

"I do want to be a villain. I have people telling me all the time I'm meant to be a hero, that me being a villain was a mistake. As a child I learned of morality and voices in my head telling me wrong and right. I always heard those voices. But there were differences between them..." he trailed off. Mallet untied Illumion and left without saying anything else. Illumion looked after him as he flew away into the night. Tonight, Illumion had died and been reborn. The name would have to wait.

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3/5/2013 1:03:23   
ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!

Chapter 6

"This is Cindy Allen with an emergency broadcast. We're live, at the old abandoned nuclear plant. Reports of a fight last night between villain ND Mallet and now former hero Illumion seems to have spilled into dangerous territory. A part of the core had been damaged and scientists fear that the reactor is going to go critical. They assure that this is an unforeseen setback to what they predicted about how the plant would eventually just decay safely within the next thousand or so years. They predict that we have approximately four hours to vacate the entire city before it goes critical and floods the entire city with deadly amounts of radiation. This is Cindy Allen and I repeat. The city must be evacuated immediately." The nature documentary had come back on at that time.

Stephen rested his face in his hands. He waited for the voices to tell him to save everyone and do the right thing...but they were not there. He had no time to celebrate though. He stood up and paced through the room. Could I handle it? I mean, I just have to absorb enough of the radioactive material to prevent critical mass. But there's enough in that reactor to power the entire city for who knows how long.

He went to his closet and pulled out his suit and jetpack. He knew what he had to do. Not for the morality, but for himself. He did not wish to start all of his life over, he did not wish to lose the town in which he grew up in. This was home, even if there were those who hated him. He knew, without a doubt, that they would still hate him. They would cheer him for saving them all, but they would revert back to the shunning. He accepted it though, and wanted nothing else. He should be able to do what he wanted without being pushed into it. His morality was always what he thought was right for himself, and not for others.

He clenched the clothes tightly and went to his room to change. He came back out and pulled his goggles down over his eyes. He slipped his arms through the straps on his jetpack and looked around his room. If he failed, this would be the last he got to see of it. He switched the jetpack on, opened up his window, stepped out onto the ledge and took off into the night.

He soared high above the city. The sun was still a good ways above the horizon. It would be dark before the reactor went off, he judged. He looked down at the city below and came to a stop. He looked on as he saw all the cars fleeing from the city. If he focused, he could've seen several heroes carrying citizens out of the town as well as some making return trips for others.

But none could stop the reactor, he thought to himself. He resumed his flight with a little added speed. He would be needing as much of it as he could get.

As he drew near the industrial parts of town, he could feel the energy radiating from the plant. He drew the power and started feeding it into his jetpack. It whirred louder and he zipped much closer before releasing the stream of energy, fearing it would overheat the machine. He flew for a minute or two more on regular power and stopped. He floated above the plant for a moment. The power was tremendous. He gently began his ascent to the ground to begin.

He walked to the core of the plant. He drew in as much energy as he could from the core and dispersed it into the ground. He continued this until an idea dawned on him. He drew in some of the energy and blasted away at the earth. He kept blasting and blasting away more and more. He spotted it. The wires that connected the generator to the rest of the city. Let's hope that it's still connected. We need a good way to dispose of all this. He drew the radiation from the core and fed it through the wire. Nothing happened.

I need a small break, he told himself as he walked out into the night. He looked up in surprise. It felt like minutes of work yet he was right on the edge of the cliff. Defeated, he hung his head. The sound of a chopper hovering nearer the scene caused him to glance upwards. He could see a spotlight focused on the core. Without getting up close, he could already tell what it was. K-SMASH's remote news heli. They apparently were going to get some good footage from the blast. The spotlight scanned the area and fell on him. He turned away from the light and only looked up to the sky. A streak of light appeared in the sky and quickly zipped across before disappearing. At least I can cross off a shooting star from my list of night sky wonders. A shame I didn't get to see any aur-

He dashed back inside the core and blasted out a chunk from the roof. He drew in everything he could and let it all loose towards the sky at once. He kept the stream going, continuously draining and pumping the radiation into the sky. He focused the radiation in a single beam so as not to disperse it into the atmosphere. Suddenly the sky lit up as aurora borealis filled the night sky. The stream slackened. He looked at the core, drained mostly of the radioactive material inside it. He wiped his brow and walked back out into the cool night sky. The spot light was now focused on the lights but it occasionally flickered back to the entrance, hoping to catch glimpse of him.

The spotlight landed on him and moments later the helicopter was spiraling to the ground. Many miles away, in a remote tv van, a small crew looked on through the wreckage of the craft from the miraculously unharmed camera. They zoomed in and only saw ND looking up at the sky, with a small smile on his face.
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4/12/2013 23:52:02   
ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!

Chapter 7

Mallet shut off the television when the news popped up. It had been 2 days since he saved the town and everyone was still babbling over it. Theories were thrown left and right. Had he gone soft and converted? Is this a dark ploy, getting close to the public and then annihilating them when they're defenseless? Maybe he built some giant satellite in space for him to store all that radiation in for later?

No, his motives were simple. He was too lazy to move to a new town when he could do something else.

He did wish though that he would stop being the center of attention. He didn't care for it any.

Mallet looked over to his desk at the prototype jetpack his company had been working on. The InfiniPotential was supposed to be able to hold a near infinite amount of power. It was also supposed to be capable of releasing it all at once. Not a machine designed for normal humans, but one for the heroes and villains who can't fly.

Legally, the company only sold their products to regulars and heroes, but everyone knew they had a hidden market for villains as well. Mallet, however, never shopped there himself. He had access to the storage room, but, to avoid suspicions, he always left adequate funds to cover for it. Sure, they were curious, but as long as nothing went missing without payment, they weren't too overly concerned.

But anyways, the machine was amazing. The limits were still being tested. No one was capable of pumping enough energy into it. That's where ND was to come in. It was his job to make this thing as energy efficient as possible. And to also be capable of accepting nuclear power AND keeping the user relatively safe from it. He was always the first to go to when a job involved radiation in some form or another. They didn't know his secret, but it was no secret about who had the most experience with it at the office.

The work was relatively easy, and he was putting on finishing touches when an idea had sparked into his mind. It's time I updated my arsenal. That incident with that SCIF member was tougher than it should have been because I always rely so heavily on my power. At least I got a favor out of the deal, even if I nearly broke my wrist for it. He finished up with the jetpack and set about to reinforcing his armor. He had a busy night ahead of him.

Mallet looked at his list of progress. He scribbled another item onto it and set it down on his desk.

-Improved armor. Can take upwards of 1,000 lbs of force now. Increase of over 50%
-Emergency Cells. Each cell can hold approximately enough radiation to max out my powers. The fight with Illumion almost ended up with me dead because I had no immediate source of power.
-Radiation Pellets. Simple airsoft ammo changed to be able to hold radiation. In case of any more power neutralizing enemies in the future.
-InfiniPotential Jetpack. Needs testing! Story already made explaining that it was "stolen" from "Stephen" by "Mallet."

Excellent. The testing will have to wait though. I need sleep. He picked up his gadgets and put them into a special pouch in his suit. He scooped up his gear, headed to his room and closed the door behind him
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7/6/2013 1:38:29   
ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!

Chapter 8

ND woke up as the sun crept through his blinds. He hopped out of bed and strolled over to the bathroom to begin his daily routine. He found himself singing in the shower and could only laugh at it. Life was looking up in strange ways recently it seemed. The nightmares had stopped along with the voices, and now he had access to some of the most high-end tech in Super City. In fact, he couldn't remember the last time he felt anything at all. Well, there was just a few days ago with the reactor and how he felt about losing his hometown.

Half an hour later he was dressed and ready to test the jetpack out when he realized he had forgotten to retrieve his radioactive waste he bought while at work. They knew Stephen was an expert with radiation and that he was working on the InfiniPotential Jetpack so they gladly parted with a half dozen or so barrels of the stuff. He had stashed it away in the sewer underneath the Subway.

He flew over there quickly but met a little trouble with trying to maintain a balance between absorbing radiation from the sun and pumping the power into the jetpack to maintain flight. Eventually he got a hang on it and it was smooth sailing. ND quickly swooped down and landed around a corner, hidden from the general public. He released the energy and his skin changed from green to the regular tan color of Stephen. He changed into his street clothes, removed his goggles and jetpack and stuffed them into his backpack. He walked right into the station and, while no one was looking, snuck away into the sewers. He took out a flashlight and walked into the sewer. He opened himself to the radiation from the waste but didn't find the source. Instead, he seemed to have found a much larger energy source than he remembered. He drew in some radiation from the nearby surroundings out of paranoia. He slowly crept towards the spot.

He had arrived and found a hideous creature that appeared to have once been human but had been horribly mutated. Whoever she had been, she had stumbled across the location and been transformed into this beast. He spotted a couple other creatures nearby her that shared several traits of hers. He watched for a few minutes and she spat out another one of them. He continued observing this strange phenomenon and realized that each time it happened, the radiation in the area continued to grow.

What to do? I don't know what will happen if I try to fight them all and take back what's mine. But on the other hand I NEED that radiation in order to test the maximum capabilities of this jetpack. I just can't rush in there and expect to be invulnerable. I thought I was safe with Illumion's powers yet that ended badly.

He leaned against a nearby and partially crumbling wall to think over his situation for a little bit. Just then, the wall decided to fully collapse and before he could get up from his roll, the beasts were after him. The big one stayed behind, unable to drag her large frame after him quickly enough. The smaller ones were quick, especially since he didn't have a chance to slide on his jetpack. He kept on running and ended up at a dead end. He turned to face them and drew in as much radiation as he could. He was at his peak and they all stopped. They started backing away from him. He took a step and they took another backwards.

Hmmm...could it be that they have a hierarchy based upon radiation? If so, this could be beneficial to me in the future. He released some of the radiation, enough to be lower than the others but they didn't attempt anything. They either knew he was still stronger than them or they accepted him as a weird version of themselves. Either way was fine.

He headed back to the spot with the "mother" of the beasts and, although hesitant, she too showed the same behavior as the others when he reached full charge. He released it to a more comfortable level and once more she followed the same actions. ND decided that he would need another source of energy for the jetpack but decided to count this as a win.

He started to head out of the sewers when he realized they were following him. He reached full power and struck the most threatening pose he could. It got the message across as they scampered away from him and didn't follow him after that.

Hopefully the mother will keep spitting out more of those things. They'll make a great army for me, and if absolutely necessary a potential power source to drain from. Though he wondered deep down inside if he was really willing to experiment on that theory.
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