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RE: =OS= Character Suggestion Discussion Thread

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2/20/2014 13:29:23   

megakyle: ._. honestly that was a beautiful story. It honestly touched me. This idea, itself, is probably the best idea I have read so far. A knight that resembles a ghost in the form of mist, awesome! The Mirror Shield of Aracos, I would love to see this as an artifact! The way it works is just so epic! It has a great ability and the cost seems so appropriate in the way you used it with respect to the Mist Knight. To be honest, I feel like the Mist Knight is actually us! We are also travelling the realm of OS and are defeating souls to gain power in hopes of defeating Nulgath. The only difference is that we don't care who we possess, but the Mist Knight tries to make the best out the price he has to pay. That and I guess we are dead and the Mist Knight is trying to sustain himself to defeat the Archfiend before he dies! Very good story! Short and sweet.

Concept: 10/10 (The concept is so unique and interesting!)
Story: 10/10 (A very well thought out backstory for such an interesting concept)
Deck: 8.7/10 (A very defensive deck with good offense that fits the character nicely! Could have used a Sacrifice, IMO, to emphasize that dark nature of MSoA)
Quote: 10/10

Overall Character Suggestion: 9.7/10

Gonna do MDKs next. Although megakyle set the bar pretty high :o
AQW  Post #: 701
2/20/2014 13:50:27   

I'm glad you like it so much and if it touched you then awesome. I always try and make the best work I can, though I worry about the complexity of the char's design. Some stuff like the five hit and the moving shifting form could be hard to do. And you have MDK to thank for the deck since I'm no good at deck making, I just threw in a extra Water Crash to round it to 15.
DF  Post #: 702
2/20/2014 14:21:26   
Elite Tuga

Titan I know this picture isn't what you may have in mind for your concept but it sure can help you with giving an I idea structure wise for your character. Of course if you had Photo-Shop or other programmes to edit the picture & make it your own unique idea like suggested then it would go with your concept, just needs tweaking.

This is the best I could find in google lol its the 3rd one from the top of the list.

Muddy Pirate
Epic  Post #: 703
2/20/2014 14:36:08   
Gorillo Titan

Anyone else wish the contest had more than just one winner for each section?
Post #: 704
2/20/2014 15:25:25   

Wooo finally I am finished with my entry so you guys feel free to check it out:

Fixed some typos and added the animation details.

< Message edited by Mondez -- 2/20/2014 15:40:07 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 705
2/20/2014 15:48:21   
The Jop

It has a good story, but is kind of similar to Aqueous. I'm struggling to think of something that's not similar to Aqueous, Water Elemental, or just some underwater creature.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 706
2/20/2014 15:54:54   

@The Jop
It was either this or a flipping pirate or naval officer which I'm not too fond of. I tried to go with a leviathan or a dragon, but sadly enough I cannot stress over how difficult it is to draw creatures with so much detail and I wanted to break in my new art book so a mermaid was the way to go besides if the art don't cut it then luckily I have the backstory to go on.

A dragon or a scaled reptile of such for water is a good derive from the occasional little mermaid and pirate thoughts going around for water. Or a magician that manipulates water or a machine that runs on water and finally a good water bending martial artist could fit the scene also until the Fire Nation attacked.

Luckily the concept came up since I realized my book does not have any battles in the sea unless you count the undead walking underwater to attack the ships through the underside. (Pirates of the Carribean moment )

< Message edited by Mondez -- 2/20/2014 15:57:08 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 707
2/20/2014 16:15:23   
Gorillo Titan

So my legendary form has two custom cards that I tried not to make OP but can't tell unless someone else reads it. Cool idea mondez you'll be one of the people to beat in the contest.
Post #: 708
2/20/2014 16:38:25   

@Jmagician: Wow I love how you systematically broke down my entry and rated each part :). And glad you liked it! Yeah, deck building isn't really a strong suit of mine; I've not a strategic bone in my body. But that's why you guys are here to help :D. I'll probably go with your idea and add in another Iron Hide to better fit the character theme. And I'll try to tweak the enemy quote as it does seem a bit generic indeed. Thanks again for the thorough breakdown though :). Gonna try to draw some stuff up too...so bring on even more criticism :)

< Message edited by Trollok!!! -- 2/20/2014 16:48:20 >
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 709
2/20/2014 16:53:08   
Apple Core


You may consider tweaking your deck a bit more. 3 Healing springs is quite
a lot of healing. Having 2 iron hides should prevent enough dmg such that
having that many good heals would be more of a hindrance. To remedy that
situation, I recommend removing 2 Healing Spring, and adding 1 Renew, and 2
Sacrifices. In that way you'll still keep 2 iron hides, and your heals will have
some real use to them.

Also, you may want to change your character to a Legendary instead of Master.
As is, it's quite powerful with your current deck. If you want to keep it as a Master,
you could try changing a few 500 dmg cards to 200 dmg ones instead.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 710
2/20/2014 16:54:49   
The Void Calls

Haha lost the piece to connect my tablet to my computer so probably won't be drawing guess I'll just have to write a story for fish face.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 711
2/20/2014 17:07:12   

Thanks for the deck feedback Apple! I'll make tweaks once I've finished my drawings so I won't have to keep editing. As for the Legendary bit, I don't know. I feel kind of presumptuous suggesting a Legendary. I mean Blade of Nulgath as 5x 500 Attack Cards and it's a Master so... :)
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 712
2/20/2014 17:07:49   

Hmmm...I got an idea for another water type creature, but gonna try to derive from the era of fish or Jolly Roger and try a spellcaster or a machine.

A good amount of my submissions will most likely tie in with Necrosis's story arc from here on in.

I'm happy how my Saga Mari turned out with the color schemes so I might try something else to tie in Adobe Photoshop since Illustrator and Flash are not my best strengths.

< Message edited by Mondez -- 2/20/2014 17:08:56 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 713
2/20/2014 17:30:07   
necro rouge

I wish I had decent storywriting/drawing skills so I could make more versions of Quaztk a reality.
AQW  Post #: 714
2/20/2014 17:37:23   
The Dealer

Nearing thirty pages so.. Steamed and locked!

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 715
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