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DarkLore: The very darkness of Lore itself!

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2/5/2013 12:48:26   

Prolouge: The darkness is formed!

Long ago, when Lore was formed, there existed a tiny shadow. This shadow that would grow whenever great evil forces appeared an ravaged the lands. Lore was named due to the great evil forces that rose upon the lands. Thus the world was dubbed Lore. A name befitting for what it stood for. "Lands of Rising Evil" the loreians dubbed it. Much evil spread across the lands. While many heroes would eventually wipe out the evil forces, this sadly just made things worse. Some villains could not be beaten so easily and kept returning with vengeance in their hearts. They kept coming back with new strategies to counter any and all methods the heroes of Lore used on them before. As this kept occuring, the once small shadow of Lore kept growing as the wars became more intense. As the evil became greater, the shadow became more and more corrupt. Origionally the shadow had no thoughts, nor a personality. With the evil becoming greater every day, the shadow gained more and more intelligence and strength. It gained all the evil and cunning of every creature or being who had even any ounce of evil in them. The shadow bided its time for centuries. Simply stating one sentence everytime its power rose. "No, not yet. I must continue to shape my very being until the time is right." The shadow then ponderd a name for itself.
"Let's see. I am the very shadow of this world. The very darkness of every evil heart and action. I know now what I shall be called. I am now and forever DarkLore! Hahahaha!"

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2/5/2013 14:16:03   

Ch. 1: DarkLore's plans for Lore.

DarkLore could feel his terrible might growing larger and larger as every day passed. He knew as long as evil existed, He would continue to rise in power. He'd keep growing until eventually Lore would be consumed by permanent darkness. "Hahahaha! My powers of darkness are growing so fast that even light cannot even hurt me! Even paladins will submit to me!" DarkLore said with great delight. DarkLore knew eventually Lore would know of his presence and try to stop him. He was not worried in the slightest. The sinister shadow watched as evil grew every day. As well as his powers of shadows. One day DarkLore decided to test his limits against light. He took a a chance of fate and traversed across the sun! The sun merely became dark and depressing like its glow had been sucked right out of its surface. "Hahahaha! It worked! Even the so-called mighty sun bows before my terrible dark might!" DarkLore laughed with glee. The inhabitants of Lore's earth were quickly panicking from the sun's sudden disappearance. "Where's the sun?!" many of them cried out with fear. The evil shadow loved every moment of his dirty little trick on the Lorians. "Excellent, hahahaha! Now the people of Lore will have to obey me if they wish to see the light again!" DarkLore said with great delight. DarkLore split his never-ending shadowy form to visit the Lorians, while keeping some of him on the sun's surface. The Lorians screamed in fear when they saw a giant shadow approach them. Only to be seen by the moon's light now.
"What do you want from us?" asked a guardian angrily. "What do I want you ask? What I want is for you all to suffer the collective evil that has gathered over the countless centuries on this planet! Hahahaha!" Replied the darkness with great pleasure. "Please! We'll do anything!" screamed the Lorians. "Anything you say?" Said the dark one with an evil smirk.
So it was done. DarkLore gave the Lorians back their sun. He only asked one thing in return. That he shall never be spoken of ever again! If he was, The Lorians would pay an even greater price than their precious sun. The shadow merely wished to strike fear in Lore's people and make them frighted and lose hope. That way evil could eventually prosper from their doubt.
"They may never speak of me again, but at least when their legacies come to an end, I can just start all over again with future generations! Hahahaha! Enjoy this time of peace while it lasts Lorians. Someday I believe there will be something so evil and sinister, that my powers will grow beyond theirs. Hahahaha!" The monster of darkness said with much confidence.

Too be Continued!

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3/12/2013 13:22:10   

Ch. 2: The Archfiend cometh!

That faithful day had come. The day the evil archfiend was pushed through the Oblivion Gate into the overworld. DarkLore had awaited this day since the beginning of time and space itself. Nulgath had come to make this new world his. He'd kill anyone and anything that crossed his path. DarkLore was happily taking in the evil essence of the sinister archfiend right from under his snout.
"Yes! Give me your hate! You're sin! You're lust of death and destruction! Hahahaha!" DarkLore said with evil intent. Many lives were lost in the invasion. Many however escaped capture as wandering spirits hungering for vengeance and bodies. "Fear me pitiful mortals!" Nulgath said with rage. One day after much destruction Nulgath saw something that actually frightened him. He saw a shadow across the overworld that stretched farther and farther by the second. "What is that?!" Nulgath screamed with deep fear. Something he thought he could never feel. The shadow loomed in front of Nulgath with demonic blood-red eyes peering at him. "I am the darkness of this realm." The shadow said with a sinister rasp. "How is that possible? I'm the only one who can spread darkness across the lands!" Nulgath exclaimed. "FOOL! You could never have gotten where you are today without me! I am the living embodiment of sin, despair, and destruction! You are nothing but a mere pawn." DarkLore said coldly to Nulgath. "LIES! I earned my power! You are nothing but a deceiver! This could just be some trick from someone trying to get rid of me and deny me this land!" Nulgath argued with the shadow. The shadow merely grinned a sinister demon tooth filled smile and made Nulgath brace himself for what happened next. The shadow wrapped around Nulgath and sent him to utter darkness. Filled with screams of the the tortured and suffering. "What is this mad world?!" Nulgath screamed with great fear.
"This is where you shall be if you do not obey mortal!" DarkLore said with agitation. "YOU DARE CALL ME A MORTAL? DIE!" Nulgath screamed with fury. The shadow was unfazed by Nulgath's wrath. "Fine! If I can't kill you while you take the form of a shadow, I shall turn you HUMAN!" Nulgath yelled in the shadows. Using a highly forbidden spell, he shouted "MORTALOSIS!" Nulgath twisted the shadows until they took the form of a young man. "What have you done?!" DarkLore screamed with anger. "Ha! Take that! Not so high and mighty now huh?" Nulgath said with confidence. "FOOL! This changes nothing! The darkness lives in all things that draw breath!" DarkLore stated smugly. "THEN DIE!" Nulgath screamed. With one lethal blow the now human shadow died and fled as an oversoul in the overworld. "We shall see what happens in the things to come Mortal! You've merely mortalized my body! My powers are still within me! Darkness never truly fades... We will meet again. You will obey the Darkness. Even if I have to force you by taking your pitiful dead carcass by possession! I SHALL HAVE MY REVENGE! The Oversoul revengers shall have vengeance!


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9/12/2014 8:44:35   

Dark Journal: Log 1

As I flew off from that cheating Archfiend I realized one thing. I was now vulnerable and weak. I had to find a new body until my former body restored itself. To do so, I had to collect new souls. Just enough to power up my former shadowy form. I saw a town up ahead. It was called Sleepy Wolf. I saw many people and creatures there. Conversing and battling each other. One creature was muttering curses to Nulgath. I knew of this demon. They were called blood voids. But how could he be loathing Nulgath? I decided that no matter what the reason, taking one of Nulgath's minions for my own (Traitor or not.) was an excellent way to begin my revenge! I still had quite a bit of my power left over from Nulgath's dirty trick. Not much, but enough to possess this evil creature. I wasn't quite used to being dead so I wasn't sure how to possess this being. I merely took my chances. I flew into the blood voids body. He writhed in pain and agony. After only a few moments after, I had succeeded! This came at a great price however. I only had enough power to possess one creature without need for killing it first. Any and all future hosts now had this a prerequisite in order to possess them. The Blood Void spoke to me within my subconscious. He knew what I really was. He begged for his life. I knew I obviously wasn't about to stoop to Nulgath's level of cruelty. I mean, I had only just succeed in possessing this fiend. Why kill him? Once I reassured him, he was forever grateful. In return he wished to grow stronger to show his previous master he was stronger. He also told me he was banished due to showing signs of free-will. Something Nulgath didn't tolerate with his weaker minions. I decided to help him reach that power. I had a long a and treacherous road ahead to slay Nulgath someday. I needed to make myself stronger though. It was time to see if this so-called blood void would be able to back up his claims. It was time to train!

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9/12/2014 15:17:36   

Dark Journal: Log 2

I had finally let the blood void have his reward. After much training and soul collecting he was an almighty Blood Fiend. He thanked me for his reward. Just Like with him, Ulrik, Blare, Kira, and Keena got their wishes as well after their capture. Sadly Keena was a challenge so she had to remain a veteran. Ice elemental souls were very defensive and hard to train quickly. She was still grateful however. using my newly restored powers I crafted a castle mansion from thin air. It was a sight to behold! Inside was equally if not more amazing! housing for all my new friends I had made. (Or captured if you will.) They appreciated this a lot. I decided I'd need a lot of security for our new home. I collected Pikemen of all sorts to guard the perimeter. Something was still missing though. A dragon! Having had purchased the mystical Soul Gems time and time again, I had amassed enough to obtain the terrible Black Dragon! Plus a Void Reaper to count my Oversouls in case some went missing. One day though I discovered something! A middle-aged woman stood panicked in Sleepy Wolf. Not realizing what I really was she beseeched me. She told me her daughter Sonja had gone into the Labyrinth of the Minotaur! She was scared the Minotaur had taken her prisoner or maybe worse. She knew the way to the entrance. What a twisted maze it was. Virtually countless corridors. Kira led the way. Stone creatures, hooded men, wizards, and a giant dragon head peering through portals above a very sleep-deprived looking man attacked us. Sometimes we'd lose and have to start the whole maze over again. But then I heard a loud grunt-like snort. It was Taurus! The Minotaur! A young woman in chains was beside him. It had to be Sonja! The Minotaur congratulated me on my quest. But he stated it was the end of the road for me. My trusty Alpha Pirate used Powerflow and the Minotaur was swept away! he collapsed. I thought this was rather pathetic that a creature his size could be defeated so easily. Strangely as I tried possessing him, Sonja stepped in his place. She told me my team and I were very brave for saving her. She also told me she'd rather accompany me on my adventures. I knew she made the right choice. Her mother was pleased she was safe. But just as we were about to leave the labyrinth, the entire place started shaking! A large pointed rock started forming into a humanoid looking menace! It was an earth Golem! He said we were intruders and must be crushed! Sonja was in no shape to fight him off. She had become to hungry and weary from traversing the labyrinth. The Golem charged. But Kira struck at him with his blade. Kira and the earth golem were both masters in their elements. Despite this, Kira's blade broke in half! He was bewildered! The golem laughed at us and said we'd never leave this place alive. I knew what to do. I quickly overshadowed Sonja. She had much power to back up any all claims she would have had. Her body was still a bit weak from hunger and lack of sleep though. Luckily we had brought provisions for the trip into the dungeon maze. I ate a green apple in a flash. That really helped. Energy started rushing through me. I struck down the earth golem with an almighty power strike. He screamed in agony. He turned back into the rock that formed him. I tried possessing him and succeeded! The earth Golem now protected me and my allies. He was happy I spared him anyway. I promised Sonja and her mother they could see each other whenever they wanted. Sonja said goodbye and we headed into the world for new adventures. The next one was one to behold.

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9/12/2014 16:06:13   

Dark Journal: Log 3

As we headed to the main land we noticed a peculiar castle. It smelled of decay and death. I decided to bring my scariest Oversoul troops to ensure nobody would mess with us. Count Valdis let our group along with My Pumpkin Lord, Headless Horseman and Abberant the Exiled. We fought off undead soldiers of many types! Even giant blood-thirsty maggots! Count Valdis told me he used to work for someone here. He served the all-powerful Arch Lich! The Arch Lich was a former Necromancer that became undead but retained his will and cunning mind. We approached the door leading to the Arch Lich's lair. I took many creatures before finding the doorway. Degore the undead warrior of legend stood in our way. He told us if we wanted to pick a fight with his master, we had to kill him first. Abberant slammed down his Giant iron maiden and crushed Degore. Degore laughed it off claiming he was already dead. The Headless horsemen scorched Degore with his almighty fireball he cast. All of Degore's armor and clothes disintegrated. Making him look like nothing but the lowly Skelly Solider he was. He was furious! He charged with great speed. Suddenly Degore was struck from behind. he collapsed. I then took his soul for safe keeping. But who was the attacker? It was an undead knight! His hand quivered and shook violently. He explained that long ago he was once a mortal. Nulgath had decided to curse him and change him into an undead. Making him suffer a life of agonizing eternity. Kira had placed special artifacts in case of an event. The Undead Knight's memory was lost before. But now it had returned. He said he'd gladly help us in our fight against the Arch Lich. He told us it wasn't possible though. he was virtually unstoppable! We looked around the corridor. Sure enough The Arch Lich was sitting at his throne. He saw us before we could hide! He laughed and took quick haste to strike us. The undead Knight blocked, but to hopeless avail. he broke apart at contact with the sinister arch lich's staff! Quickly I flew to him. He told me he would be my ally. In exchange for possessing him to keep him alive and doing away with his former master. I accepted his request. I overshadowed the undead knight! The Lich realized I was an Oversoul and laughed at my feeble attempts to stop him. he figured no mater what I couldn't beat him. He was about to be very wrong! I brought out all the undead and beings from the dungeon. He was shocked indeed. He had no idea his army had been not only slain, but turned against him! He stood his ground just the same though. We rushed at him, as did he. One slash at each side with great force. The lich smiled. But that soon faded as he collapsed into a bony pile. We had won! We all cheered with triumph! It wasn't over though... We heard slow clapping a few feet away. A man with grey hair, stitched eyes, and mouth walked out of the shadows. He thanked us! This was quite a surprise! He then explained that long ago the arch lich had come to his lair and stole all of his allies from him. He had planned on stopping him, but his former allies were too strong in great numbers. He had fled to the dark corners of his former throne room unseen by the arch lich. There he had waited. The arch lich knew of this but saw him as no threat. He then told us his name was Necrosis Dezgardo. He founded a school, of necromancy called the necropolis. He had made so many scarifies to make it all happen however. He said as a reward we were allowed to keep all of his allies we found. Plus the arch lich too! He stated he had nothing left to do but join us. But he had to test us in battle! The only rule was only one of us could fight him. And only one. I thought carefully. I chose the arch lich to fight Necrosis. the lich saw great fun in doing so. I commandeered his body as my own. I struck Necrosis down. He just got right back up. He could sense my every move with his ears alone. Finally though I had succeeded. He commended my bravery and joined us for good. We came outside and enjoyed the fresh air. The next place we would go would be an utter NIGHTMARE!

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9/16/2014 18:43:09   

Dark Journal: Log 4

As we headed back to Sleepy Wolf we took a break at the inn. Monica, the Inn keeper was arguing with a sneevil named Swindle Bilk. He told her he'd get rid of the 13 rats in the cellar for a large sum of gold. They had just opened and couldn't afford his offer. She saw us and asked me if I could do it. I was happy to oblige. I could get some rats to help me anyway. We went down into the cellar. I remember how bad it smelled down there. The rats were very foul in odor. We struck down the rats as we went. Each time they told us we couldn't beat Big Ben. I had wondered who he was. Then as the 12th rat was slain. I saw the 2nd biggest rat I ever laid my eyes on. He was huge! He saw al the dead rats before me. He wasn't happy. We fought a long battle. Actually not that hard. Big Ben wasn't much of a challenge. He was a rat. Big or small... He wasn't much of a fighter. He had been defeated. Monica thanked me for my help. She offered the souls of one of the rats and even Big Ben's as well. We the saw a cloaked fiend in front of a portal. he knew I was the darkness. he claimed my Oversoul spirit defined who I was. No matter what form I took. He warned me his portal was not for the weak. Going in unprepared would be foolish. It was called the Nightmare Gate. Inside was the Nightmare Labyrinth. A place full of very vicious creatures. I stepped inside after prepping myself with things for the trip. I brought along my new undead army from my last major adventure with me. We marched through the labyrinth. I informed my undead army to attempt to possess anything that crossed their path. I took off towards the end of the Labyrinth. An almighty Dragon Fiend Rider stopped me just as I was about to enter the final room. She told me the end was near. Luckily I had brought my Arch Lich with me. He fought the Dragon Fiend Rider. it was a hard battle but she fell. I possessed her without fail. I made my way to the last room. All my allies were tied up! Even my new acquired ones from the dungeon I was still in. Suddenly my Arch Lich was tied up quickly. The 3 bosses laughed at me. There was the Fiend Of Vergil, Witch Blade, and the Storm Knight. They knew I was defenseless now. They were wrong. I had secretly held onto two newly acquired souls. My rats! I released them! The 3 bosses laughed at my creatures. They were so busy laughing they didn't count on my rats attacking so swiftly. They were knocked down. they were angry now. They charged at me. The Fiend licked his chops hungrily. He was fended off by Big Ben. My other rat took on Witch Blade. I took on the Storm Knight. I struck him down as hard as I could. His armor cracked. I thought of an idea. I taunted the storm knight and shook my backside at him. He didn't take that lightly. He lunged at me. I saw a rock above him and struck it. He laughed and told me I missed. I didn't. The large rock fell on him. He was crushed. his armor broke open to revealed a small young man. He begged my not to kill him. So I let him join me. He had lost a lot of his power. But as a storm Squire he was still a force to be reckoned with. The other two had been dealt with. So we made our way out of the nightmarish dungeon. We weren't sure where to go next. But the next place involved an age old feud between two races.

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2/15/2015 12:47:29   

Dark Journal: Log 5

I decided we should check the area around the overworld further for new allies against Nulgath. I saw a mountain. It appeared to have large creatures inhabiting it. They were called ogres. I approached them. A female shaman told me I had to claim the bodies of four different orcs to speak to their king. I complied. After a long search of finding and possessing them, King Klunk congratulated me. I told him what I really was. He was awe-struck. He said he swore Nulgath had killed me. I told him that was not the case. King Klunk explained that he and the other ogres were once slaves to the orcs. They eventually stood up for themselves, attacked, and left their oppressors. He mentioned the orcs had wished to wage war on the ogres for betraying them. King Klunk asked which side I would choose. I told him I wasn't sure at this moment. With that I took my leave. I discovered a large fort in the distance. I entered. An elderly Orc Samurai greeted me. He actually knew right off the bat I was the sinister darkness that had struck Nulgath full of fear. He said he knew many things in the overworld. Knowing about me was no exception. He led me to the orc chieftain. The chief prattled on about the ogres betrayal. He said if I were to prove myself to him, I'd have to collect the souls of 4 different ogres. After doing such, the chieftain said he'd fight for my cause if I could afford it. I turned him down for now. Gold was hard to come by in the overworld. I knew the new orc and ogres I had collected would benefit me very well in my conquest to stop Nulgath My next objective was to find more souls. But that will have to wait for now.

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