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RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III

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6/13/2013 21:41:52   

Character: Lightning Raiden
Appearance: Human, Blonde hair, Blue eyes, Equipped with a Sword http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Sword-30717255, Wearing standard Adventure clothes
Rank: Veteran
Alignment: 0-Neutral
Element: Energy
Description: Raiden, a being that controls Lightning

Player: Care to try a shock
Enemy: I'll show you true Lightning

Intro: Walks into battle with Sword on back then ready Sword
Outro: looks away from screen and puts sword back onto his back

1 hit: Gives a quick jab
2 hits: Slashes twice fast like a X
3 hits: Slashes twice fast like a X then a jump up slash
5 hit: Throws his Sword up then Shock the ground with Energy, which the lightning hits the opponent, then catches his Sword.

100 Attack (x1)
200 Attack (x2)
500 Attack (x2)
Pierce (x3)
Defend (x2)
Energize (x1)
Storm (x2)
Surge (x1)

Upgrades to:

Character: ThunderBlade Raiden
Appearance: Same as Lightning Raiden, but Lightning all around him and his sword is now a Katana http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Katana-182143048
Rank: Master
Alignment: 0-Neutral
Element: Energy
Description: Raiden, a being that bends Lightning to his very power

Player: If you think you can win, your free to try
Enemy: This must be fate or something

Intro: Walks in with Sword by his side then ready Blade
Outro: Faces opponent and points with with Katana, and says "Your best wasn't good enough"

1 hit: Quick Slash
2 hits: Two Quick Slashes
3 hits: 3 Slashes
4 hits: 2 X Slashes
5 hits: Throws sword towards the sky, Dark clouds above the opponent, Then a Large Thunder bolt from the sky strikes the opponent, clouds fade away and Raiden catches his katana

100 Attack (x1)
200 Attack (x3)
500 Attack (x1)
Pierce (x2)
Defend (x2)
Energize (x1)
Storm (x2)
Surge (x2)
Thunderblade (x1)
Thunder Charge (x1)

Thunderblade - (A picture of an Energy Katana) Cost 5 Energy - It Equips to the player and makes his Attacks do +100 more (and once equipped cannot be equipped again) its on for the rest of the battle (Also Katana now has Energy Around it)
Thunder Charge - (picture of Raiden Charging) Cost 5 Energy - Loses equipped defend but heals that much health

Back story: Raiden was once just a human which trained by the sword and studied Energy Magic, One day a Demon attacked his village for no complete reason, and now he journeys looking for this Demon that attacked his village, and to find answers

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6/14/2013 1:17:47   

Hi!I'm Seelkamoon and this is one of my Elemental Terrors.
His Name:Light Lumino
Description:Lumino was a light magician that used a candle to focus his spells and he was friend with Seelkamoon(a weapon creator).Him and his 7 partners wanted to help Seelkamoon in a project named:"The Good use of the elements",but the weapon creator's rival named Vakora had other idea.He tricked the group of elemental users to gather in an altar of the Evil Lord.They didn't had any idea what is going on,but Seelkamoon had and tried to stop Vakora.Unfortunately he was too late and got transformed in a demonic human.Vakora and the elemental users transformed in perfect demons.Then Lumino's candle becomed his soul support and his robe was empty but controlled by him.From that night The Elemental Terrors borned.
Player:The bad news,you will lose,the good news,you will have a shinning defeat.
Enemy:I will win with the speed of light
Animation:1-He points his hand and trows a light orb
2-He trows 2 orbs
3-He trows 2 orbs but the second one explodes
5-He creates a giant bright wave at enemy
Cards:2x 2 attack
3x 5 attack
2x might
1x blessed
2x holy stike
2x heal
1x retribution
2x defense
Appearance: http://tivohd1292.photobucket.com/albums/b562/Gelu_Marius_Pavel/042_zpsf57d4011.jpg?t=1368038250

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 227
6/14/2013 1:23:21   

OS Name: (If needed) Voidtato

Mortuus the Soul Collector

Element: Shadow

Appearance: See(it's a bit rushed. His face is a black flame while the rest of his head are green flames(different sized hands intentional))

Backstory: Every once in a while, you'll find a body lying, lifeless and burnt. But something about the burned parts seem different, if you look closer, it seems to connect to another, agonizing realm that has no exits. If you listen closely, you'll hear screams of pain and suffering of who could be the body's owner. Others are an exception to this feeling, those who offered their soul willingly do not feel these sufferings. This is the work of Mortuus, the Soul Collector who wanders from time to time(literally) to enlarge his Soul Collection. He doesn't steal for souls, he buys, bargains, trades or as a last resort, challenges his "customer" for them if they don't reach an agreement. There are 3 reasons he collects souls, Power, used as currency in another realm and amusement. He collects only the finest of souls from the finest of Warriors, Magic users and those who have large potential. Others gave their souls willingly for immense strength, agility and the like. Others traded their souls for rare or sometimes, powerful artifacts that Mortuus had found in his travels. Others are deprived of their souls for either not giving them up after all his offers or when they attempted to attack him. But before all that, Mortuus was a hideous creature, he always stood out even from a distance and that's when the locals know when to evacuate from his presence, so he altered his appearance a bit, looking less threatening but still ominous. He stole a trench coat from a distant time then wore it, but not before ripping it's edges to look a bit more eerie. He then "borrowed" some clothes from the lifeless bodies he had stolen from and some gloves to hide his hideous hands, after that, he forged a chain-sickle from an alloy that originated from his realm and some souls to avoid his "customers", as he calls them, from fleeing. He magically restrained his flames as to not set his new clothes on fire. Mortuus then learned how to make a shroud of fog that unables a victim to see clearly around, unwillingly but not hypnotically, luring the creature to Mortuus to start negotiations. He now sets his sight on the most precious soul he has ever gone for, an Oversoul.

You: How much do you want for that soul, dear sir?
Enemy: Do you want a Soul Gem for that?

1 hit: Mortuus (slide)dashes to his opponent, then pierces it with his left hand.
2 hit: Same as above but his arm bursts in a green flame afterwards.
3 hit: He throws the sickle part of his chain-sickle, hitting the enemy. The sickle lands on the ground, the pull back hits the enemy two times.
5 hit: Mortuus casts a large, green rune circle below the enemy, it then lights up and(visually) takes the foe's soul to Mortuus, dealing damage.
Victory: Mortuus takes the opponent's soul
Defeat: Mortuus flinches while being pushed back a bit, turning into a puff of green and black smoke. (while souls escape from him in the process - optional)
Charge: He extends his left arm forward while holdig a soul then crushes it

Special Card(if applicable)
Soul Take - For 800-1200 HP and 1 Energy, Mortuus steals the opponent's primary Energy count, turning it into Shadow Energy for the same amount.
Soul Burst - For 800-1000 HP, he depletes his Shadow Energy count, dealing damage for the same amount.

The rest of the Deck is up to you, devs.

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DF AQW  Post #: 228
6/14/2013 2:20:35   

Back Story

Nephenee & Michuri are twin warriors from the race of the Soul Whispers, angelic type beings who use the souls of the deceased to benefit and protect their hidden village in the sky. The Soul Whispers have a unique race-only ability that allows them to summon a deceased soul to temporarily merge with the Soul Whisper known as the "Soul Merge" technique. Depending on how much influence the Soul Whisper beforming the Soul Merge allows the merging soul to have on them. Dictates how much influence the soul merge has on the Soul Whisper. The safe way is sharing thoughts & using the mouth of the Soul Whisper to talk, which is normal practice of Nephenee's people. The most dangerous way is used by the warriors like Nephenee and Michuri, where the Soul Whisper's physical body changes into the possessed soul's body at its peak in life. Granting the Soul Whisper the powers and abilites of the soul their possessing but at the risk of the soul over taking the Soul Whisper and being resurrecting into world of the living at the cost of the Soul Whisper.

One day while the twins were away training, a clan of demons known as the Von Panics attack the village of the Soul Whispers. Led by their Dark Lord and his two daughters, the Von Panic clan destroyed all the village warriors and drained the surviving Soul Whispers of their Soul Merge powers. In an act that surprise the Soul Whispers, the Von Panics left the remaining Soul Whispers alive with the intent to return to the village at a future time to drain them of their Soul Merge power once the Soul Whisper's natural recover their stolen powers. Failure to follow the Von Panis decree would would result in destruction or slavery for those who failed to comply.

When the twins returned to their village and discovered what transpire, they were consume by a wave of emotions. Sadden by the loss of their fellow warriors, horrified that their peoples' soul merge power were taken, and disgust that their race was being treat as lazy man's cattle, the twins souls filled with a rage that demand VENGEANCE on the Von Panic Demon Clan, where only the clan's destruction can satisfy their need for revenge.

Now the twins were not fools. They realizes why the Von Panics took the power of Soul Whispers. A conflict has been growing on the world below their village for some time. A conflict which would be determined not by swords and bows, but by power of the souls that are wielded in battle. For the twins to destroy the Von Panics, they needed to gather powerful souls lost in the shuffle between the conflict of Nulgath and the Oversouls.

Character Design

Appearance: Nephenee is standard tall, thin female humanoid. Her skin color is pure white. Think of pure white like snow or clown make up. Going from the head down. She has a bright blue short hair, going around her head and has a 60/40 part on the top where hair diagonally covers up her right eye. Ears are also hidden by hair Eye brows is bright blue. Cheeks has bright blue circle on them. Her visible eye has a thick black outline, the pupil is blue and her eye lens is light blue with stand circle black in it. On left and right side of her head small angel wings going up being blue with light blue feather detail. Around her neck is a small blue necklace with a light blue diamond in the middle.

On her torso, she wears a thick combat style armor bikini. The top and bottom have a light blue outline and light blue diamond in the middle of each, with her belly showing. Each arm has very long blue glove going up to the shoulder. The shoulders have medium size shoulder armor all in fur, blue color. Lower arms have a form fitting light blue armor with blue diamonds in them Back has two large angel wing. Similar to the decorative wings on her head, yet these should be more pointy and vertical as they go above her head. The color should be blue with light blue feather detail. For her legs she has long blue stocking similar to her arm gloves with light blue detail. Like her should going from her armor bikini to her upper thigh. Two patches of fur similar to her shoulder pads dark blue. Lower legs from ankle to to the knees have form fitting light blue armor with blue diamonds. Feet, blue flat combat shows.

Color scheme reference: White Skin, Main detail and hair Blue. Minor detail light blue.
Sword she wields a large blue broadsword with light blue diamonds in the blade. Handle has curve with a single wing like her head wings

Nephenee Concept Drawing

Appearance: Michuri is standard tall, thin female humanoid and same size as Nephenee. She is an identical twin so she shares the same body type, face, hair, and wing pattern like Nephenee except different color scheme and outfit. Hair color is dark red short hair. Eye brows is black. Cheeks has black circle on them. For her visible eye. Has thick black outline pupil is black and her eye lens is dark red with stand circle black in it. On left and right side of her head small angle wings going up being primarily black with dark red wing detail. On her neck their she had a dark red collar going around.

Michuri Concept Drawing

Game Play Mechanics


Elemental Type: Water
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Master
Three hit Combo: A Powerful jumping slash attack. Were it looks like Nephenee is trying to cut them in two going down the middle.
Five hit combo: Nephenee transforms into a random Oversoul sword female character and strikes the enemy. Thinking one to five different character for this effect.
Quote Player: I will wreck and rule over any soul that gets in my way!
Quote Enemy: I will make the Von Panics pay for what they did.
Quote if fighting Michuri: I love our fights Michuri. You always bring out the best in me.
Cards: 1 Power Flow, 1 Fresh Start, 2 Renew, 2 Water Rapid,3 Defend, 3 500 attack, 2 Pierce 100, and 1 upcoming, unreleased water card


Elemental Type: Fire
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Master
Three hit Combo: A Powerful piercing attacking into the enemy. Where it looks like Michiui is trying to put a hole in them.
Five hit combo: Michuri turns into a random oversoul sword female characterand strike the enemy. Thinking one to five different character for this effect.
Quote Player: Lets see if your Soul can be any use to me.
Quote Enemy: To avenge the Soul Whispers, I will slay anyone who impedes my quest for revenge.
Quote If fighting Nephenee: Its time to see how much stronger we become sister.
Cards 2 Fire Ball, 1 Incinerate, 2 inferno, 2 burn, 3 Defend, 3 500 attack, 1 200 attack, 1 upcoming, unreleased fire card

Legend form

If the twins get a legend form. I see them fighting together with an evolve look on their outfits to reflect how much they grown in power. Where they would do team attacks or have other secondary twin fight depending on who the primary twin for evolution is.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 229
6/14/2013 4:11:47   
brandon pwns

Here's my character Ashbourne..........

I divided my character into three separate photos to show detail in the different parts than there is one final photo that will show the whole thing. Thanks!

pic.twitter.com/DrHAfNuI0b (Head)
pic.twitter.com/NnI5r0XBuo (Body)
pic.twitter.com/BVNuYwGI6l (Legs)
pic.twitter.com/ap8JOVaFNx (Whole Character)

Feel free to make any changes, and if you do pick this character do you mind making
him a little bigger? I think I drew him too skinny.. :D THANKS!!!

Here's the story......

Ashbourne… It is said that when he had first entered the realm, volcanoes erupted with a force that made the very mountains quiver in fear. Forests set themselves ablaze and lakes shriveled in the presence of the son of the God King of Fire. Ashbourne… the son of fire… For his whole life he trained, served, and lived for the idea of justice. His title of prince swiftly became forgotten as he achieved fame and glory for his acts of valor and bravery. A legend until the day he found a long lost amulet. An intricate but cursed object that he had found, and kept as a sign that his rise to power was divine. But at night this amulet whispered to him, in his dreams it took form as a demon that confused him, taught him forbidden knowledge, and eventually manipulated him. His powers grew with the knowledge of the black arts from this demon who taught him how to siphon the souls of his victims to make him stronger. His lust for power grew and his campaign that was once for justice became a slaughter of lives to feed his demonic soul. He grew far more powerful and also- bold. He eventually marched onto the palace of his father and in a titanic clash between the avatars of fire itself, Ashbourne had won. Mercilessly he absorbed the soul of his father and possessed the powers of a god. Ashbourne’s body couldn’t contain so much raw power and his soul and body had become separated. One half an empty shell of a human and the other a demon reborn from the black soul of a monster. In a horrendous explosion of hellfire the castle and even the whole kingdom was incinerated to ashes. Ashbourne became free from the demons grasp but also his kingdom, his father, and his soul. Barely alive from the blast he lay on the borderline of death, unwilling to escape from the ruin of the castle and that of his own mind. He lay there for decades unable to die in his forever scalding hot armor. One silent night a spirit came to him and pulled him to his feet. Ashbourne demanded that he be left here to die but was left wordless when the spirit was his father’s. “You cannot die, not from basic mortal requirements. You have become a husk of a human, your soul is lost.” Ashbourne’s hollow helmet tried to look away “I’m sorry father.”
“Don’t be sorry, be worthy of forgiveness. You know what you must do. There is only one way to get your humanity back.” The spirit of the God King of Fire pulled a sword from a sheath on his back. Ashbourne’s legendary sword Ragnarok, but now the blade had been warped and corrupted by the demonic fire that had destroyed the kingdom. Ashbourne grasped the hilt and the blade flashed blood red, the same color as his cursed glowing eyes. “I will bring balance once more father. I promise.” Ashbourne walked over the ashes of his kingdom, nothing more than a cursed skeleton welded shut inside his forever burning armor. His cursed amulet had melted and had reformed as a jagged glowing scar in his chest, a reminder of his only duty. Ashbourne climbed to the top of the hill and looked back at his fallen kingdom and saw three glowing runes that had scorched itself into the ground. Three runes that had spelled out the name of the demon he had resurrected “Nulgath”. Ashbourne had become a demonic knight cursed to walk the planes of an unknown land looking to defeat the archdemon he had raised.

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6/14/2013 5:26:44   

Character: Incendie Guardian
Appearance: (entire body) http://fav.me/d68ymt8
Face detail http://fav.me/d68ysfr
Allignment: 0 neutral
Element: Fire
Description: Followers of a reclusive cult that worships a fire lord deemed Ragnus. Only a select few may join the ranks and become a guardian, protectors of their lords eternal flame. The ritual to become a guardian is near suicidal, as one must sacrifice half of his body by purging it into their lords ceremonial flames. one isn't truly a Incendie guardian until they lose their left arm or left eye, or even both. In doing so, they are bestowed with emense pyre magic. they are then Given the black guardians robes, doned with a golden chest-piece and an tri-pronged golden crown to hide their scars and show their rank. their Flames are fierce and unforgiving leaving nothing of those who stand against them.
Player: My flames call for you
Enemy: My heat shall purge your EXISTENCE!
Victory: The flames have been satisfied


1 hit: Raises hand and fires a flame projectile
2 hits: charges the enemy, with two flame rings forming around his arm, using them to quickly strike like a melee weapon
3 hits: first two strikes are same as animation #2 but are followed by him lunging back while firing a medium sized flame projectile
5 hit combo: he places his arm out, and the rings form around his arm and he this forms a flame overhead "exactly like the pic", he points at the foe and the tip of the flame takes a form similar to a dragon head and charges the enemy, the foe is just rushed by flames, this counts for 4 hits, the final strike is the dragon flame swirling back around atop the foe, then slamming down onto the foe, causing a fiery explosion
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6/14/2013 6:49:49   

Name: Saturn
In-battle name: Watcher
Alignment: Neutral -10
Element: ...Energy?
Legendary rank!


Controlled: "Curses upon you, heathen. I deny your weak pretender gods."
Enemy: "The Watchers laugh at your weakness. Die, worm!"
Victory: “Atlas be praised."


Shield: Crystals rise from the earth.
Charge: Energy emits from the palm of his hand and makes a small explosion.
1-hit: Slashes with a spike on his arm.
2-hit: Slashes once downward, and then stabs.
3-hit: Punches once into a grab, and two lightning bolts rise upward from the ground into the target.
5-hit: A massive crystal rises from the ground and charges the player, who then channels energy from the target.

Original art by me; made this picture quite a while back, but it's still mine so I'm usin' it for this!

Saturn; The Self-Proclaimed God of Change

The deck has a focus on energy DoTs, as well as (possibly) a 5-hit-combo attack.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 232
6/14/2013 10:08:00   
AQW Class Designer


Vidrios The Crystal Elf


In an elven village hidden within the treetops there lived a young elf boy named Vidrios. He was a woodland elf, who from a young age had shown an aptitude for both magic, and physical combat. His parents had both died in war, and so he lacked emotional attachment to anything. Seeing this, the Council of Elf Lords believed he could be shaped into the perfect elven warrior, a great hero, and a great weapon, to be used in the defense of the elves.

The council of Elf Lords approached Vidrios. He was asked to join the Woodland Guard, the village’s group of warrior elves who guarded both the village, and the forest surrounding it. If he would join the Guard, and submit to intense disciplined training, they would gift him one of the treasures of the village, the eternal armor and sword. It was an ancient armor, most likely thousands of years old, which had never been used within living memory. It showed no signs of use or rust, its elven steal and gold still gleamed as bright as it looked in the furnace the day it was forged. Gems on the blade and armor sparkled as they were caught in the sunlight. The armor was worth a fortune from all the gold and gems used in its crafting, but what made it truly special was the ancient and powerful elven magic that surrounded it. As the armor had not been used for centuries, no one knew for certain what its magic did.

Vidrios, enticed by the armor happily accepted the council’s offer. He began his training immediately and quickly acquired control of his magical abilities. Although he was the youngest elf ever to be recruited to serve in the guard he was also one of the quickest to have ever mastered his training. He was fully initiated in front of the whole village, a prestigious ceremony. The village cheered him on, as they were glad to see his success. After the ceremony he approached the Council about receiving his armor. They were honest with him; although he was trained they wanted him to have experience before the armor become his in order to be sure he was worthy of wielding it. Vidrios accepted their concerns, and from that point onwards was determined to prove himself as worthy of the armor.

As Vidrios soon found out, the Guard served another, more secretive purpose. It was also their task to guard an elven treasure of great power within a locked chest. Although the chest appeared wooden it was magically sealed and protected, as well as locked with a key. Both mechanisms would have to be overcome in order to open the chest and gain the artifact that was inside. It was said that the knowledge to use the powerful treasure that lay inside the chest was long lost. It was guarded for two reasons. Firstly, in case the knowledge to use it ever resurfaced. Secondly, although they knew very little about what they were guarding, they were more then aware that it was deadly in the wrong hands.

The treasure was kept in a cave, not far from the elves’ village. It was easily accessible, yet distant enough to preserve the village’s safety in case the cave itself was attacked. Elves of the Guard took shifts guarding the cave and were able to spend their time of duty within the village. The cave itself was magically enchanted. This prevented anything other than elves entering the cave, as well as disguising the magical energy that the chest gave off.

Three years of guard duty went by, alternating between guarding the chest and the village. In this time there had never been any large assaults, only stray monsters, or small groups of wandering bandits that needed to be dealt with. In These situations Vidrios had always proved to be one of the quickest to react, and most capable in combat. His composure, and his precision were points of admiration, even for the oldest and most experienced members of the guard. The Council of Elf Lords happily presented the armor to Vidrios, certain that he was the right recipient of it.

Within a few months of Vidrios gaining the armor the first major attack on the chest in over 100 years occurred. Undead swarmed the forest and surrounded the village. The guards charged into position, valiantly defending their secret village from the invaders. Vidrios became aware that the large undead force charging through the forest must have a purpose. The fact that they were so concentrated near the hidden tree top village seemed to be too much of a coincidence; they must be searching for something. A thought suddenly occurred to Vidrios, he quickly leapt forwards, running as fast as he could to the secret cave.

He arrived to see the last of the Woodlands Guards retreat into the cave entrance, protected by elf magic. He ran in after them, casting light spells at the undead as they pursued. They all stood together, realizing that only elves could enter the cave and that they were safe. They had only to wait until the village was safe until the rest of the guard was ready to attack the undead from behind, and they themselves could storm out of the cave. Their sense of security vanished almost instantly, however, as a shadowy voice was heard.
“Send in the undead elves,” the voice said deviously. Within moments the cave entrance was flooded with undead elves. Although the elves fought with honor they were still no match for the seemingly endless armies of the undead. One by one they fell in combat.

It so happened that the captain of the Woodland Guard was with those in the caves. When there were only three of them left he looked up.
“Vidrios,” He said. “I have the key for the chest. You are the best warrior here. Take the key and get as far away from here as you can.”
He handed Vidrios the key, which he quickly took. At that moment the necromancer entered the cave. He too was an elf. From his cloak he withdrew a replica of the key, which he held tauntingly in the air. As an elf, it was clear he could also disarm the magic of the chest. Vidrios Knew what he had to do, and the captain of the Woodland Guard nodded in approval, knowing there was no other way. The captain of the Woodland Guard guard lunged towards the elven necromancer, ready to do battle, and to buy Vidrios as much time as possible.

Vidrios arrived at the chest and hurriedly jammed the key in the lock. His eternal armor, of elven origin, disarmed the magic locks for him. The wooden chest slowly opened to reveal a crystal, which gave off a tremendous amount of magical power. Vidrios intended to take this crystal and get as far away from the forest as he could. He reached for the crystal, and as he touched it, the crystal began to bind itself to him, becoming a part of his body. It began to spread from his hand and above his arm. Vidrios could feel it overpowering him, controlling him, but he fought back. In a combination of his own strength and his armor’s intervention, he had subdued the crystal from completely overpowering him. Unsure of what to do, he rushed back to find the captain of the Woodland Guard still engaged with combat with the necromancer.

Vidrios attempted a light spell, but rather than light magic being cast from his hand, crystal shards formed, and were suddenly propelled towards the necromancer. These were sharp, jagged, magically imbued, and caused the necromancer a great deal of pain. Blasts of darkness were soon hurled at Vidrios, but curiously enough, crystal would materialize between himself and the attacks, protecting him. The necromancer was caught of guard and in his moment of uncertainty Vidrious ended him with a single slash of his sword.

Vidrios made his way back to the village to battle the other undead. It was a spectacle to behold as fragments of crystal shattered everywhere. They were used for his attacks and for his defense. He figured out how to use his traditional magic, but found the new crystal magic several times more effective. As the smoke cleared the elves saw what had become of him. At the start of the battle only his left arm was covered in crystal. Now parts of his chest and legs had crystals forming on them.

The council explained that they had heard legends of such a crystal, but had no idea that they were in fact guarding it. All elves that had ever touched it had been fully crystalized on the spot, at least according to legend. Vidrios, it seemed, was a special case, a sort of exception. It was clear that the crystal would continue to spread. Vidrios was given a new mission, to travel the world, in hopes of finding a way to control the crystal before it fully crystalized him, or if that failed, to find a way of separating himself from it. He left the village determined to find a way to control the vast power that was now a part of his body.


Vidrios is an elf, clothed in magical elven armor made of gold and elven steal. This would be gold and silver in color. Gems of several different armors should also be on the armor. His left arm should be completely covered in a jagged, yet beautiful crustal, which extends from his arm making it slightly longer and wider then his arm would really be. There should be smaller patches of crystal forming on his armor. His blade should be of a similar style and color scheme to his armor, but also make use of Elven runes.


Vidrios is a light elemental character. His attacks consists of spells, his blade, and the use of crystals to cast spells and block his opponents attacks.

Battle cry

Player: My crystals will tear through your armor as if its cloth.
Opponent: Prepare to be shattered.

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6/14/2013 10:24:33   
Lupus the Wolf
Heres How We Roll Winner
July 2014

Character Name: Entropy

Image: http://twitpic.com/cw7zgo (included backstory in the description)

Quote: None

Element Chaos is more appropriate if it's possible, but I don't think it will be implemented yes, so Darkness could do


Character Name: Platearou, Silver Moon

Image: Platearou


-Seeking for my fangs? Come and get it!
-So you think you have what it takes to capture me!?

Element: Electric with a few Neutral card


Rumors of a silver-plated wolf running through the plains started to circulate through the local area.

Platearou are pets of the gods, adorned in special armor made of a metal similar to silver, but lighter and even more durable. The same goes for their fangs, which are hunted down by hunters and poachers. However, not only are these beasts fast and durable, but their tail whips, which are also of the same material, are also dangerous. They also seems to have some mastery to electricity, by attacking with charged tail whip and fangs, and binding their armor onto themselves using magnetism.

Prove your worth and a Platearou may give you its fangs willingly, but few have accomplished such a feat.

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A calculated tragedy, miracles are foolish
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6/14/2013 11:49:25   

Grand Water Dragon ("Misuto no Doreiku" is his name, like how Lance Knight's name is "Sir Galahad". His name means "Drake of mist" in Japanese.)

Color Description: The upper side of his body (except the spikes and the round scutes), his tail, his limbs, and upper area of his head are this color. His beared, claws, and teeth are white like polar bear fur. His eyes glow this color. His belly and lower jaw are this color. The webbing between his back toes is this color. The spikes and scutes on his back are this color.

Rank: Legendary

Alignment: Neutral

Element: Water

Story: An ancient and powerful water dragon who has been sleeping deep in a flooded cavern for centuries. The recent invasion by Nulgath has disturbed him from his rest. Unfortunately for everybody; he's senile, and does not differentiate between friendly and hostile.

Quote (enemy): You who hath disturbed my slumber; prepare to die!

Quote (controlled): Hmm? Oh, right, battle. RAWR!!


  • Bash X4
  • Thrash X3
  • Jet Stream (500 peirce dmg; cost 6 water charges) X3
  • 500 shield X2
  • Water Rapid X2
  • Renew X3
  • Misty Mirror (a water version of Void Reflection; 13 water charges) X1
  • Cleanse (Removes DoTs, but not delayed hits; 10 water charges) X1
  • Power Flow X1


  • 1-hit: Lunges at enemy and bites them.
  • 2-hit: Lunges at enemy and bites them twice.
  • 3-hit: Fires a jet of water from his mouth at the enemy.
  • 5-hit: A fissure opens up under the enemy and a giant cyclone of water rises out of it, damaging the enemy.

Other Animations

  • Walking: Does the High walk.
  • Shield: He lowers his head close to the ground, a fog then completely surrounds him in which he is silhouetted, his eye-glow showing through.
  • Charging: Looks upward while opening his mouth as if to roar (with roaring sound) into which blue orbs fly in; much like Black Dragon's orange orbs.
  • Misty Mirror: Looks like the hit from Void Reflection; but light blue instead of black.
  • Cleanse: Looks upward and sprays water out of his mouth like a fountain which then rains down on him.
  • Defeat: Roars and then falls flat on his belly, his head then crashes to the ground.

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6/14/2013 12:03:52   

My entry: http://twitpic.com/cx65qb

Element: Shadow or Neutral.

Attack animations: The Summoner summons different beasts, with runes on them.
Post #: 236
6/14/2013 13:14:42   
Oversoul Alloy


Rank: Master


Apperance: *See here*


Controlled:Your agony has only begun!
Enemy:Your exploring has brought you to your demise, how unfortunate...


1-hit:Slams opponent with both fists.
2-hit:Throws 2 shadow flames at opponent.
3-hit:Combined with Combos 1 and 2.
5-hit:Focuses his energy then bombards opponent with a skull engulfed in shadow flames.

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6/14/2013 13:24:47   
aeon the archangel

oversoul name: AvengerOS
character suggestion: Gigael http://twitpic.com/cx6jbx
description: the origins of the Gigael go back to ancient times,all the way back to time of the first ever necromancers. During this time,the art of necromancy was at its earliest stage and was limited to the hands of a few induviduals. These were the first of the necromancers who gave base to the art and laid its foundations. The one named Gigael was one such being whose skills in the dark arts were like none other. But those who understand and practice the dark arts, knows that the power comes with a price. Practicing this power degraded the users of their physical strength and of their own life force. As the ages passed,most of these prime necromancers died out or destroyed one another in their search for power, but the one named Gigael lived on and survived. But over this time his body lost its physical strength and he was forced to live off the life force of other beings. The thousands of years of practicing necromancy has taken his powers to new levels and he stands today as a being of immense power in the dark arts and experience matched by none. From his experience,he realises that his previous encounters with the archfiend Nulgath have only left him with "profits";this is the fuel for his interest in Oversoul.
And so he now walks among those that dwell in Oversoul,perfecting his art and ofcourse,.....searching for more power.

His element would be shadow or maybe shadow+earth...
AQW  Post #: 238
6/14/2013 17:47:49   

Dreadfate, the Elven Exile
Appearance: Elven with grey skin and Orange eyes, has 1 Golden shoulderplate which is very visible, along with some chain mail around him, wears a large black kilt on his legs along with a rusty Claymore Blade in his left hand. has horns and very pointy ears along with long Black Hair, has Black Tribal tattoos on his Chest that glow whenever he does a 5 hit Combo
Alignment: Evil -40
Quotes: Player controlled: Seems as if another fool wishes to oppose me, have at thee! Enemy controlled: I posses the skulls and bones of many, yours are next
Element: Shadow
My name in OS is Cl0sed Cag3
AQW  Post #: 239
6/14/2013 18:54:59   

Oversoul Name: Ben14715

Name: Timaeus, The legendary knight of Atlantis

Colour Image of Timaeus: Here

Appearance: Green, silver and black armor, Pale skin and a scarred ear unable to open, Black cape and a Falcon sword and sword holder.

Alignment: +40 Good

Speech: Player controlled: I will banish the evil away Computer controlled: I will Protection Atlantis and its citizens!!

Element: Neutral/Light

Evolutionary stage: Master

Cards: Defend x 2, Counter Attack x 2, Cat reflex x 1, Attack (100 200, 500) Power-strike x 2, Light of Atlantis (A neutral energy version of Ice Orb) Curing water of Atlantis (Healing for 300 and removing all DoT card applied to Timaeus) x 2

Backstory: Timaeus was one of 3 kings & guardians of Atlantis, but they faced a terrible war that threaten the existence of Atlantis and its people. They faced Chaos, at its finest. This chaos revealed the evil within peoples heart and turned them into monsters, feeding off their souls. One of the Timaeus`s friend, Pointer, claimed himself king of this chaos but Timaeus wasn't going to hold back, So in an attempt to weaken the 3 Kings who stood in his way, Pointer turned them into dragons. They then fought tirelessly to defeat chaos and evolve his way back into knighthood. Timaeus was the first of the 3 kings to evolve his way back and to face pointer in his most powerful form (The 2 other kings were named Critias and Thermos). As Pointer claimed more soul and more power, the 3 dragon, who were once kings of Atlantis, were preparing for the biggest battle in history. In the midst of battle Pointer came out of no where a attack the troops but Timaeus was here to protect them, at the cost though of his eye. He continues the search pointer and he army of aggressive evil minions. But Timaeus over heard Pointer explaining collecting soul was only there to power up a more mighty beast, The Divine Serpent. The Divine Serpent was born from evil and consumed by chaos.

This edit is for the colour version that I have just completed.

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6/14/2013 21:46:21   
Ze Mage34

OS Character suggestion story

The Puppeteer

Once just believed to be a myth, and a mothers story to scare naughty children. The Puppeteer is said to be one of the 6 great Fears in the land of Braskt. A being that is not quite human yet resembles no monster known to any of the great scholars or records of the Great Cities library. With hands that are stretched and gangly, and fingers of unnatural length with nails that are filed to a point, these horrific hands are the Puppeteers means of controlling it's prey. Strands of dark hair drape down from it's hands like the string of a Puppeteer to his puppets, but this beasts puppets are humans, it's prey, it's meal. As this creature dosnt have what we would call legs, instead it's torso just ends beneath a disgusting smock, speckled with blood and 'left overs', it dosnt walk it...glides across the forest, high and low, the Puppeteer knows no bounds as the forest is it's domaine.

Searching for it's next meal is an easy feat for the Puppeteer as it usually resides near large villages in forests that are in frequent use, with more than the odd child or elder to wander off unawares into the darkness of the trees. Trailing it's hands as it floats invisibly among the tree's using them and it's nose as it's only means of finding lunch, the creature does not have eyes, as they were replaced, over a millennia ago by the Great God Scarath, with 8 sided mirrors, as a punishment for eating the Great Gods only son. It's lack of ears can only be explained by its time spent in the underworld with Morius, the Devil Overlord, and the daily challenges that come with banishment.

If any unlucky mortal walks into the Puppeteers entrapment it is not a quick, painless death, oh no. The stories that come from being captured by this abomination are the main reason for the inspiration of fear that accompanies the stories. You first feel the cold shivers of knowing something is coming, a 6th sense, a primal fear, then the whispers come, the horrible whispers of children begging for help, the fear starts to kick in by this stage and the victim is usual wimpering and wailing on the forest floor waiting for the impending doom, that they know is inevitable, to come.

But it does not, the Puppeteer loves a show, it wants to inspire more fear into it's victim, who knows why, maybe the fear of a mortal is to it as freshly baked bread is to us, desirable. Once the creature has had it's fun, the whispers stop and everything becomes suddenly dark and freezing cold, then it sweeps down from the trees and entangles it's victim in the hair strands and instantly immobilises it. It is not know if the Puppeteer eats it's victims whole, alive, dead, semi-dead or simply devours it when it wants, as all records end here and the mothers of children have proved their point by now. But if any brave soul ever has the gusto to find out more about the abomination that is the Puppeteer, don't expect to come back the same.

Suggested/recomended element: Shadow

Attacks: 1 hit
: Lash out with one 'arm'
2 hit: Lash out with both 'arms'
3 hit: Three whips in quick succsession appearing out of the air next to the enemeny
5 hit combo: The Puppeteer dissapears in a shadowy mess and then appears right behind the enemny, entangling it in the hair strands and dealing multiple hits

Speech bubbles
: "A quick clean kill is always the intention..."
Enemy: "Oh...the next meal has arrived..."
Victory: "Your sacrifice hasnt quenched my thirst for blood..."



DF MQ AQW  Post #: 241
6/14/2013 23:10:50   

-Keeper of the damned
-harbinger of souls
high quality view
normal image

description: manifested from the very center of the pit, their hunger for souls can never be sated, the duo works together to hunt down lost souls, the harbinger is a messenger of the impending doom and the inevitable death by the keeper of the damned once it has targeted a vulnerable soul for them to feast on.

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6/14/2013 23:27:03   

My character submission is post on this site.

Name: Mizaru
Description:Mizaru is a blind, furless big cat that has sworn its legion to an order.
Apprentice: He bears the orders mark on his shoulder.
Veteran: Mizaru has a floating mark of the order that connects him an ancient power.
Alignment: neutral
Element: energy
Quote: All time shall stop before my presents.
Animation: Five it combo – large beam of light falls from the sky hits Mizaru and is channeled through Mizaru forehead.

AQ  Post #: 243
6/15/2013 7:55:05   

Character: The White Swordsman
Character Name: Zephyrus
ALignment: 0 Neutral

Appearance: All white (except gloves and shoes), hooded; not showing any part of face. Has white animal fur as shouldercloth and chains on his arms. Has a long robe, but reaches only up to the shoe. Has fur on the openings on all of the robe, with 2 katanas strapped on the other side of the chracter and he carries a huge sword in his hand, carved like a dragon (sort of like Frostscythe's weapon).

Description: He only follows his OWN path. He does not serve the Light, nor the Dark. Rumors has it he was once just a squire that was banished because of his betrayal. As he followed the Shadows, he was sickened of their weakness. He thought both sides were too weak and pathetic, so he escaped both sides. Now his power is beyond the justice of the Light; the fury of the Abyss, and he also has advantages learning both their ways and strengths.

Controlled: What is there to lose if you lost your life?
Enemy: You are serving Kings? Pathetic. You should regret it before your death.


1 hit- dashes then slashes his giant sword.
2 hit- dashes, while fading then appears behind slashing instantly 2 times with his
3 hit- chains with blades appears then dances around the enemy
5 hit- disappears then portals appears throwing swords.

Post #: 244
6/15/2013 14:20:01   

character: Dragonlord

appearance: traditional dragonlord armor and weapon with shield.

description: A Dragonlord is a warrior who has honed his skills to fight with dragons. They are fearless to a fault and will stop at nothing for victory. One on the battlefield is enough to take on an army of soldiers.

speech player controlled: Prepare to feel the wraith of a dragonlord!!!
computer controlled: I will teach you to respect me.
alignment: 30+

rank: master

animation 3 combo: dashes forward and brings his blade down, bashes them with the shield, then brings the blade up and dashes back.
animation 5 combo: dragon heart. dragon wings appear on back and lift him up and dashes back and forth damaging the enemy. (see dragonheart in dragonfable)

element: light
2x 200
3x 500
1x dragon strike (damage is based on how much energy you have left) cost: 5 energy
2x dragon soul 700 damage (attack with dragon ally) cost: 6 energy (see dragon soul in dragonfable)
3x 500 defense
1x 800 defense
2x 100

exclusive only to dragon amulet owners.
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 245
6/15/2013 20:26:04   

My contest Entry!
OS Character name!: DarkLore


Prolouge: The darkness is formed!

Long ago, when Lore was formed, there existed a tiny shadow. This shadow that would grow whenever greatt evil forces appeared an ravaged the lands. Lore was named due to the great evil forces that rose upon the lands. Thus the world was dubbed Lore. A name befitting for what it stood for. "Lands of Rising Evil" the loreians dubbed it. Much evil spraed across the lands. While many heroes would eventually wipe out the evil forces, this sadly just made things worse. Some villains could not be beaten so easily and kept returning with vengense in their hearts. They kept coming back with new strategies to counter any and all methods the heroes of Lore used on them before. As this kept occuring, the once small shadow of Lore kept growing as the wars became more intense. As the evil became greater, the shadow became more and more corrupt. Origionally the shadow had no thoughts, nor a personality. With the evil becoming greater every day, the shadow gained more and more intelligence and strength. It gained all the evil and cunning of every creature or being who had even any ounce of evil in them. The shadow bided its time for centuries. Simply stating one sentence everytime its power rose. "No, not yet. I must continue to shape my very being until the time is right." The shadow then ponderd a name for itself.
"Let's see. I am the very shadow of this world. The very darkness of every evil heart and action. I know now what I shall be called. I am now and forever DarkLore! Hahahaha!"

Ch. 1: DarkLore's plans for Lore.

DarkLore could feel his terrible might growing larger and larger as every day passed. He knew as long as evil existed, He would continue to rise in power. He'd keep growing until eventually Lore would be consumed by permanent darkness. "Hahahaha! My powers of darkness are growing so fast that even light cannot even hurt me! Even paladins will submit to me!" DarkLore said with great delight. DarkLore knew eventually Lore would know of his presence and try to stop him. He was not worried in the slightest. The sinister shadow wathced as evil grew every day. As well as his powers of shadows. One day DarkLore decided to test his limits against light. He took a a chance of fate and traversed across the sun! The sun merely became dark and depressing like its glow had been sucked right out of its surface. "Hahahaha! It worked! Even the so-called mighty sun bows before my terrible dark might!" DarkLore laughed with glee. The inhabitants of Lore's earth were quickly panicking from the sun's sudden disappearence. "Where's the sun?!" many of them cried out with fear. The evil shadow loved every moment of his dirty little trick on the Loreians. "Excellent, hahahaha! Now the people of Lore will have to obey me if they wish to see the light again!" DarkLore said with great delight. DarkLore split his neverending shadowy form to visit the Loreians, while keeping some of him on the sun's surface. The Loreians screamed in fear when they saw a giant shadow aproach them. Only to be seen by the moon's light now.
"What do you want from us?" asked a guardian demandingly. "What do I want you ask? What I want is for you all to suffer the collective evil that has gathered over the countless centuries on this planet! Hahahaha!" Replied the darkness with great pleasure. "Please! We'll do anything!" screamed the Loreians. "Anything you say?" Said the dark one with an evil smirk.
So it was done. DarkLore gave the Loreians back their sun. He only asked one thing in return. That he shall never be spoken of ever again! If he was, The Loreians would pay an even greater price than their precious sun. The shadow merely wished to strike fear in Lore's people and make them frightend and lose hope. That way evil could eventually prosper from their doubt.
"They may never speak of me again, but at least when their legacies come to an end, I can just start all over again with future generations! Hahahaha! Enjoy this time of peace while it lasts Loreians. Someday I beleive there will be something so evil and sinsiter, that my powers will grow beyond there's. Hahahaha!" The monster of darkness said with much confidence.

Too be Continued!

Ch. 2: The Archfiend cometh!

That faithful day had come. The day the evil archfiend was pushed through the Oblivion Gate into the overworld. DarkLore had awaited this day since the beginning of time and space itself. Nulgath had come to make this new world his. He'd kill anyone and anything that crossed his path. DarkLore was happily taking in the evil essence of the sinister archfiend right from under his snout.
"Yes! Give me your hate! You're sin! You're lust of death and destruction! Hahahaha!" DarkLore said with evil intent. Many lives were lost in the invasion. Many however escaped capture as wandering spirits hungering for vengeance and bodies. "Fear me pitiful mortals!" Nulgath said with rage. One day after much destruction Nulgath saw something that actually frightened him. He saw a shadow across the overworld that stretched farther and farther by the second. "What is that?!" Nulgath screamed with deep fear. Something he thought he could never feel. The shadow loomed in front of Nulgath with demonic blood-red eyes peering at him. "I am the darkness of this realm." The shadow said with a sinister rasp. "How is that possible? I'm the only one who can spread darkness across the lands!" Nulgath exclaimed. "FOOL! You could never have gotten where you are today without me! I am the living embodiment of sin, despair, and destruction! You are nothing but a mere pawn." DarkLore said coldly to Nulgath. "LIES! I earned my power! You are nothing but a deceiver! This could just be some trick from someone trying to get rid of me and deny me this land!" Nulgath argued with the shadow. The shadow merely grinned a sinister demon tooth filled smile and made Nulgath brace himself for what happened next. The shadow wrapped around Nulgath and sent him to utter darkness. Filled with screams of the the tortured and suffering. "What is this mad world?!" Nulgath screamed with great fear.
"This is where you shall be if you do not obey mortal!" DarkLore said with agitation. "YOU DARE CALL ME A MORTAL? DIE!" Nulgath screamed with fury. The shadow was unfazed by Nulgath's wrath. "Fine! If I can't kill you while you take the form of a shadow, I shall turn you HUMAN!" Nulgath yelled in the shadows. Using a highly forbidden spell, Nulgath twisted the shadows until they took the form of a young man. "What have you done?!" DarkLore screamed with anger. "Ha! Take that! Not so high and mighty now huh?" Nulgath said with confidence. "FOOL! This changes nothing! The darkness lives in all things that draw breath!" DarkLore stated smugly. "THEN DIE!" Nulgath screamed. With one lethal blow the now human shadow died and fled as an oversoul in the overworld. "We shall see what happens in the things to come Mortal! You've merely mortalized my body! My powers are still within me! Darkness never truly fades... We will meet again. You will obey the Darkness. Even if I have to force you by taking your pitiful dead carcass by possession! I SHALL HAVE MY REVENGE! The Oversoul revengers shall have vengeance!


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crytal dragon

Both of them rank are:Master and both are element shadow
OS char name1: REV*s priest of the Abyss

and the 2nd char is : Assassin of REvonthues
OS char : Crytal dragon

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6/18/2013 13:11:29   
Legendary AK!!!

Name: Overfiend Construct
Element: Shadow
Rank: Legendary
Image: Nulgath`s art for Epic Duel
Lines: enemy - "Another soul for the Great Fiend. Nulgath hungers!"; controlled - "In the service of the Dark Lord. Hail Nulgath!"


  • 200 Attack x1
  • 500 Attack x5
  • 500 Defend x2
  • Blood Rage x3
  • Mark of Death x2
  • Shadowfire x1
  • Life Tap x1 - cost 14 Shadow - enemy gets hit for 1000 damage over 2 turns while player heals for +500 for 2 turns

    1 hit attack animation: The skull spits out a darkness oval ball with flames.
    3 hit attack animation: The bike advances towards the enemy and attacks it with the front tire which grows retractable spikes.
    5 hit combo animation: While the the bike stands in place, it`s front skull does a laughing animation, the exhaust shots shadowy flames and the holstered Overfiend Blade spins and hits the enemy five times.

    Lobby movement animation: Small flames come out from the exhaust, slow open/closed skull animation, wheels moving animation.
    Death animation: The bike`s colors dull and the eyes on the skull go black.
    Win animation: A wave of darkness traverses the bike from right to left.

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  • AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 248
    6/23/2013 9:17:09   

    I know it's way too late for the contest but I might as well enter this guy in teh hopes of a suggestion

    Name: Doktor Strangeclaw
    Rank: Veteran


    Player: "Another specimen for my experiment."
    Enemy: "This vill only sting a little."

    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 249
    7/13/2013 1:47:54   

    Character: Subrom(Nightmare)
    Appearance: Click
    Allignment: -45 Evil
    Rank: Master
    Element: Shadow
    2x 200 damage card
    4x 500 damage card
    3x 500 defend card
    7x Life drain
    5x Mark of Death
    Sacrifice:Attack for 500 damage for the cost of 400 health.
    Empower:Discard 1 card to raise an attack by 300
    Poison: 6x Inflict 1200 damage over 4 turns

    Controlled: Your blood is soo cold.
    Enemy: I see your death!

    ArchLich's animations

    My OS Char Name:MakeItStop

    Alone Samurai
    Character: Alone Samurai(Samurai)
    Appearance: Click
    Allignment: Neutral 10
    Rank: Master
    Element: Neutral
    1x 100 Damage card
    2x 200 Damage card
    4x 500 Damage card
    3x 500 Defence card
    Pierce:2x 100 Unblockable Damage
    Power Strike: 7x Attack for 800 damage
    Iron Hide:5x Absorb 1000 damage for 2 turns
    Cat Reflex:5x Attack for 300 damage at the start of each turn for 2 turns

    Controlled: Honor...
    Enemy: Glory!

    Berserker's Animations

    My OS Char Name:MakeItStop

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