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RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III

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8/28/2013 21:07:00   
ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!

To add on to Mritha, any suggestion contest entries that do not follow the PG rule can always be posted on Twitter under the hashtag of #Oversoul.
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8/28/2013 22:47:27   

Monster: The Dancing Crane
Name: Hiroko
Element: Ice (crane style is evasive/defensive and icicles are nice for beak pecks)
Alignment: Good
Player line: Grace and Beauty, The dancing of the crane, Blood soaks the ground.
Alternate Line: When this dance ends, only one of us will still stand.
Enemy line: The lost and weak, Great danger upon them, Strong wings bring hope.
Alternate Line: I unfurl my wings to protect the weak!

Story of the Dancing Crane

Fall has come, and the many hued leaves have begun fluttering to the ground. Just outside of town there is a large yet humble building called the Caring House, which serves as an orphanage and home for the weak. In the yard of the Caring House, the founder of this refuge, Hiroko, cheerfully clears away the fallen leaves. As she sweeps, Hiroko’s movements give the impression of a beautiful dance. And with the leaves swirling around her, it seems that autumn himself is her dance partner. Such is the beauty and gracefulness of Hiroko, whom the townspeople call the Dancing Crane

There is little actually known about Hiroko. She mysteriously appeared ten years ago at the end of a warring period, with some children in tow. Tall and lithesome, a weary expression was upon her delicate face, her long dark hair was scattered about, and her fine kimono was marked by stray spots of blood that seemed not to be her own. Exhausted as she was her steps were confident and as fluid as reeds blowing in the wind. Entering the town, Hiroko asked the townspeople to take in the war orphaned children who followed her. All refused, being too preoccupied with their own troubles to bother with these poor unfortunates. Although the townspeople would not take in the children, some offered to lend aid in building a small shelter for them. This was the beginning of the Caring House. Not wanting to leave the children unattended, the kind Hiroko decided to stay with them. And as the years went by, more war orphans came under her care, as well as the elderly and injured. Hiroko’s Caring House grew, now housing over thirty residents, including three assistants and herself.

After the last warring period had ended several years ago, things had been relatively peaceful and calm. Hiroko had become accustomed to her simple yet busy life style. But now rumor has spread that another conflict is on the horizon. The news is troubling, but after weeks had passed without any signs of danger, many dismissed the rumor and continued on as usual. Hiroko on the other hand urged the townspeople to take precautions and set out sentries. None heeded her warning.

Then, on a calm and starry night, a clamor arose in the town. Hiroko was already getting up when one of the older boys burst in and frantically warned her of the raiders swarming the town. After telling everyone to stay quiet and hide, Hiroko stepped outside, immediately noticing the half dozen intruders. The brutish assailants saw her as well. Hiroko stood her ground calmly as one of the raiders approached, dagger in hand. Quickly Hiroko brought out two metal fans. The raider laughed, wondering if the woman thought she could protect herself with flimsy paper, or if she planned to put on a show. He moved in quickly, but Hiroko was quicker. Like a bird opening its wings she blocked with an open fan, and then stabbed at her attacker, using the closed fan like a beak. The raider fell to the ground mortally wounded. The other raiders wasted no time in attacking. Swiftly and beautifully Hiroko defeated them all. Her movements were much like a dance as she combined dodges, blocks, and attacks.

But this was not the end of it. The town was still under siege. She rushed over, dispatching several raiders along the way. In town she found the raiders had gained the advantage and were pushing the town’s warriors back. Hiroko swooped into the middle of it all. She was surrounded by enemies on all sides, but she was confidant of victory. Her fans furled and unfurled, she stabbed and pecked, ducked low and kicked high. As she continued her deadly dance of the crane, her foes fell like autumn leaves at her feet. With the raiders distracted and demoralized, the townspeople began pushing them back until finally, the few that were left fled.

The town hailed Dancing Crane (as they called her) to be a hero. She was honored but declined to stay for the celebration. Hiroko had realized that a peaceful hardworking life was not for her. She was far better suited to a life of wandering, and protecting whomever she’d come across. So, leaving the Caring Home to her three assistants, she left the town she had called home for ten years. The townspeople and most of all those at the Caring home were saddened, but understood why she must leave. So, in her honor they created a haiku.

Grace and Beauty
The dancing of the crane
Blood soaks the ground

Hiroko the Dancing Crane never returned to that town. But many rumors did come back, rumors of a mysterious woman like a crane, who’s elegant fan dance banished all evil. Some even say that if you are in trouble and recite a certain haiku, the Dancing Crane is sure to fly to your aid. Or perhaps you may be lucky, or unlucky enough to cross her path, as she wanders across the land fighting evil.

Here's a couple references for the Double fan Fighting form Double fan 1, Double Fan 2

Monster: (Master) Terror of Lamuth, (Apprentice, Veteran) Lightning Eater
Element: Lightning
Alignment: Evil
Player line (Master): I’ll rain lightning down on all who get in my way!
Enemy line (Master): A city has already fallen to my thunderous might. If I were you, I’d bolt.
Player line (Apprentice, Veteran): You really believe you can win? You’ll be shocked.
Enemy line (Apprentice, Veteran): Lightning is delicious. Should I give you a taste?

Appearance: (apprentice) A metal pill bug made of corroded copper, with the shoulders and head of a mosquito, and a small proboscis. (veteran) A metal centipede, the round kind, made of shiny copper, with bigger spikier shoulders, head of a mosquito, and long proboscis. (master) A metal centipede, the flat kind, made of copper and silver, with mosquito head, spikiest shoulders, and wicked proboscis. All of them stand up like a snake ready to strike. Their heads are small, close to the body and surrounded on the top and sides by their shoulders which have many hair-like spikes.

Legend of the Terror of Lamuth

There is a valley near the mountains, where the wind blows gently, and beautiful flowers grow in the fields. In this valley is a small, rustic village. The people there live peaceful lives, and have few problems with vicious beasts. Of course, even the most tranquil of places will know dark and fearsome things, and this village is no exception. On cold dark nights, when the wind howls ominously, the people of the village will gather around the fire. At home or in the taverns, they will huddle together and tell stories of ghosts and monsters. Of these tales, the one that inspires the most fear is the Terror of Lamuth.

As the story goes, there was once a thriving city called Lamuth, sitting in the shadow of the mountains. It was a large well fortified city full of architects and smiths, whose services were called upon throughout Oversoul. As prosperous as they were, they had one problem. Their city was often the target of lightning strikes. And it wasn’t because of the frequent storms that would come through, but rather the beasts that lived on the mountain. These were the Lightning Eaters.

Lightning Eaters were strange and creepy metallic beasts. The weakest had small bodies like a pill bug, made of corroded copper. The strong ones had tube like centipede bodies made of shiny copper. And the strongest had a large flat centipede body, made of copper and silver. All of them had the wide spiked shoulders and small head of a mosquito. Lightning Eaters would use their long needle like proboscis to feed on lightning from storms, sometimes eating too much. And whenever there was an excess of energy, they would spit it out in random directions, sometimes hitting the city nearby. Most of them were content to live on the mountain, unconcerned about the rest of the world. But one was not.

On one fateful stormy night, the city of Lamuth became the target of stray lightning bolts once again. Most of the bolts were safely captured by their lightning rods. Although, sometimes an untended woodpile would be hit and catch fire. Fearing no real danger, the people went about their lives as usual. Unfortunately, the peace would not last long. First, the ground around the lightning rods was struck, dislodging them and making them useless. Then, the buildings were struck. Stone exploded, wood erupted in flames, and the people panicked believing an enemy army must be attacking. Going into a state of emergency, those who couldn’t fight were sent below ground, and sentries searched desperately for the invading forces. There was not a soldier in sight. Instead, looming in the dark, illuminated by flashes of light, was the terrifying form of a master rank Lightning Eater.

Nearly as tall as the city walls, the Lightning Eater’s eyes glowed evilly as it gathered thunderbolts for its next attack. Meanwhile, the few warriors and mages of the city gathered and tried to defeat the beast with arrow, sword, and magic. The beast didn’t even flinch. All of the attacks bounced harmlessly off its metal hide. The Lightning Eater finished charging, its long cruel proboscis glowing. Then it shot forth its most powerful blast yet. The gigantic beam of plasma paused only moments at the city’s stone ramparts, before tearing through to the main part of the city. It stopped just short of the large central tower. The people who had opposed the fearsome Lightning Eater had been vaporized, and half of the city lay burning, crumbling, or melting. The beast made short work of the rest, chasing out and exterminating most of the people, while leaving what was left of the city mostly intact. Then, releasing a bright victory flash, the Lightning Eater at last took the city of Lamuth as its own. The few who survived the beast’s deadly rampage, fled to other cities and villages, spreading word about the Terror of Lamuth.

In the village it is said that even today, the evil Lightning Eater resides high up in the central tower of Lamuth. There it gathers power from storms and the discharge of lesser Lightning Eaters. For what purpose nobody knows. No one dares go near those cursed ruins. And there are many who fear the day when the beast may leave, seeking greater power and wreaking havoc once again.

So, beware when the sky becomes clouded and lightning flashes. It may not be nature that sends out those thunderbolts. It may be… The Terror of Lamuth!

Monster: The Mad Prankster
Name: Chuck L. Moore
Element: Neutral or Water (he could have a water squirting flower)
Alignment: good/neutral (the pranks seem mean but their harmless and for fun)
Player line: I’m gonna cream pie ya! Hee Hee!
Enemy line: You can’t catch me, your shoes are untied... Made ya look!

Attack of the Mad Prankster!

All across oversoul strange and disturbing occurrences have been happening. A plague of bad jokes and misleading rumors has beset the land! At the Sleepy Wolf Inn adventurers have found themselves glued to their chairs, their salt replaced with sugar, and the cellar full of hidden mousetraps (which surprisingly don’t affect the rats). Rumors of treasure and rare souls to capture are leading to pitfalls in the forest, and hidden lines that cause adventurers to trip into frogzard manure. Vendors have even had their wares mysteriously switched, so Lei Blades would be acquired instead of Dread Fiend, or a fire deck would turn out to be water instead.

All of these tricks and lies have been mostly harmless. That is until magic graffiti saying “Nulgath is week and ur kick me day” was written on Malakai’s wings. So, Wanted posters for the capture of the one called the Mad Prankster have been put out.

Only gossip gives any clues to who the Mad Prankster may be. Some have said they’ve seen a small wiry thing snickering in the shadows. It seemed to have a long nose, droopy ears, beady eyes, and a large grin. Some say he wears patchwork clothes, a floppy pointed hat, and by some accounts a rubber chickencow for a wand (this may be less reliable as rubber chicken cows are popularly associated with pranks). The Mad Prankster is known to perpetrate his pranks from a distance so be cautious when trying to capture him. He is stealthy and able to slip past security, and loosen locks.

If you know anything about the Mad Prankster or have captured him, please notify Rolith or Malakai in Solace.

-Tiamaat for the OS News Post

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8/28/2013 23:22:26   
Nulgaths Destroyer

Fallen Angel (master)
An Angel whose reputation was ruined when he was framed for killing peasants. He seeks redemption and looks for the killers who did this. He weilds glory, the holy sword of the fallen, and honor, the war axe of ruin. His wings were lost when he descended from heaven. He also signed a contract with nulgath saying he would help him but if he was to die, his soul would forever belong to the archfiend. He got armor forged by the archfiend in which he got purified by polish. He also got barackus, the savage blade, in which it held to much power to be ever purified or to be empowered by the shadows. As he walks on the road, no one knows where he'll be in which he'll be very hard to find. Nulgath also gave him another present: another contract that if he was to sign, he would join the ranks of the archfiends armies. He still thinks about it. Nulgath senses great power in him and wishes to use him to conquer the world. The choice is yours, go by yourself or join the archfiend, you decide.

Appearnce: he'll be armored in armor which is color custom if there will be otherwise colors will be white gray and black. Glory and honor will be held in one of his hands and they have a white gray black and gold color on them. Barackus will be sheated on his back. And he'll be wearing a hood that is black or color custom if there will be.
Animations: you decide nulgath!!!!!
Dailogue: "I was once a high standing angel, what happened?" Player controlled
"Was it you? Enough pain has been given, give me an answer or i'll use pain." Enemy controlled
Poses: decide these nulgath!

Evolutions: Fallen high guard of nulgath or gilded angel.

Destroyer of nulgath Legendary
He has given in!!! The protector of the weak is now the destroyer of the weak. He is now the archfiend's personal general which he sends on the hardest quests. He weilds destruction, a sword forged from the good side of the angel which was tainted into darkness energy which was used by nulgath to forge this powerful weapon. He wears tainted dragon bone armor which protects him from almost everything except blinding light weapons. You can hear his cruel laugh as you see the ruins of kingdoms and empires: "HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!"
Apperance: his shoulder pad are made of tainted dragon skulls and his chest piece and helmet too. Tainted dragon bones cover the rest of the body. His sword his an upgrade version of the oblivian blade of nulgath.
Dailogue: " You are weak mortal, don't even try." Player
" Lone live Nulgath!!!!!!!!!!!!" Enemy
Animations and poses are made by you nulgath.
Element is Darkness

Gilded Angel Legendary

He has redeemed himself!!! As the highest rank he protects the weak from all who dare try to kill them. He still weilds glory and honored which are both empowered by the blinding light. He also regained his wings which let him devestate his opponents. He tries to finish the fight without fighting but he will if he has too.

Appearance: it will be very similar to the fallen angel armor but it will be evolved and with the weapons too. He will also have wings this time. The colors of his armor are now white and yellow along with his weapons.
Dialogue: " You forced me to do this." Enemy
" Taste the power of the blinding light!!!!!" Player
Animations and poses are again made by you nulgath.
Element is Light

So yeah this is what i though of and i actually got the idea for this from the game darksiders in which a warrior has fallen and lost his power because he disobeyed his orders. He goes on a quest to clear his name. This game is not good for kids so only people 18+ can play. So i hope you pick me but still if you don't i'll be happy for the person you chose. Like they say,

LONG LIVE THE ARCHFIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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8/28/2013 23:43:02   

Here is my backstory entry for the OverSoul contest

Name: Sothe Zephyr
Element: Shadow
Alignment: Evil
Quotes: I am your salvation
Yune...I am sorry...

Back Story (It is quite long so..) >>> http://twitpic.com/dardjb

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8/29/2013 0:06:20   

For the OS Character Suggestion Contest
Both categories: Story and Art Entry with Raynare.

Name: Raynare, Queen of Fallen Angels
Element: Energy/Shadow
Rank: Master
Short description: Her dress was made by feathers of the fallen ones in the Apocalyptical Experiment. Her wings constantly grow due to the dark matter being absorbed by her body. Her hair is capable of maintaining the world's balance of light and dark, noticing the different tones in her hair, she is able to determine changes in balance. She can cast lightning spells and different summon circles while not getting hesitated by her power getting drained.
3 hit combo: Summons a Void Incarnate to attack her foe with a dark orb.
5 hit combo: Shoots feathers against her foe.
Entry for Story Category of Raynare:
A blue bird glides through the sky, a soft breeze lifts the lost feathers during battle. Black and white feathers mix up in the sky creating a whirl that made her soul tremble. Many died in the battle where one fallen angel stand still, watching how everyone died in desperation of a better future.
Years passed since that battle was fought, people used to have few encounters between them due to the majority of the human population was dead.
‘’ The Apocalyptical Experiment’’, a forced war caused by fallen angels to take over heaven’s power. The result was unexpected, no God, no Devil, no angels, only 1 fallen angel to rule this world who used to be habited by such powerful entities.
People didn’t care about anyone anymore, children were free to play between themselves, be happy with the leftovers of resource that Earth had to offer them. People always love to think, I mean, who doesn´t? Thinking is part of our daily life, we think about the ones we care, love, or even hate. Sometimes we regret actions of the past, sometimes we remind the awful traumas or good memories we left behind.
If happiness had a color, which one would define it the best? The future is a paint in progress, everyone paints a difference scene in a huge blank page every day. While some love to paint vivid scenes, some paint dark and obscure ones, creating a balance of light and darkness, if that´s what we can call a balance in this world.
Do we have the power to change the world? Once asked a teenager, laying down one of the streets. He didn´t care about dying, sky was all to him. Distant memories remind him of myths calling the men free on the sky, like if they were born in the vast sky with variant of colors. If we ever reach eternity, what would be our purpose? Would we really enjoy such? What impact would that have on us? It is really necessary to be immortal? – Why not? We can learn as much as we can, practice our passions, get to know more people, be an entity to others who are mortals, dust that will soon be dissolve with the wind. – Is not like we can ever become immortals? – Who knows, maybe I can make that possible. Come with me, I’ll show you the dark memories of this worlds and how it can toss up the luck on us.
Feathers fall to the floor, and now Raynare had someone to talk with. One day he got sick, Raynare tried to make him immortal but he refused such privileges.- I believe my memories with you are precious, please don’t make look valueless. Please take care my first and only girl.
His soul was intended to fall on Death’s hands but it got lost in the way to it. Raynare sensed that his soul didn’t disappear and that he was still alive in spirit. When looking for his soul, she found a gate, a gate which would open new battles and scars, but that wouldn’t make her stop, that finding Azazel was worth, because he would become leader of the fallen angels when he became immortal.
To be continued…

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8/29/2013 1:06:57   

Name: Lukean Destroyer pic.twitter.com/LiXB6lLmgM
Element: Fire
Alignment: -25 Evil

Backstory: When the great fiend was defeated by the Lich King Dage, many of the fiend's warriors followed their master.One of the fiend's greatest warriors known as Lukean. When the battle for Oversoul began, Lukean was the first of many to charge the helpless citsens. Shruuk, also a known fiend with reason for certain death, was the only friend Lukean had left. During the battle for Solace, Lukean was given a blow in the back which caused him to be forever parilised. Mad with rage, Shruuk cursed the monster to forevermore serve Lukean as his warrior of hatred and absolute death.The monster wishes only to destroy the one that cursed him while fighting for the fiend he atempted to kill.

Controlled:I can see the hatred in your eyes release it, and perish.
Enemy:I...only serve... Lukean
Defeat:No! Not another Master! Please!

Sorry for any grammar mistakes, trying go tgpe all tbks on a PS Vita is pretty hard. BTW I will put up my photo soon,fee free to color it the way you want

Attacks:1hit: With huge hands, punches opponet
2 Hit: Punches then slams
3 Hit: Punches, then slams,and then knees them.
5Hit: Opens mouth and breahs fire and burning souls at opponent.

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8/29/2013 13:30:13   

Character Suggestion Contest

Category: Backstory

Name of Creature: Null

The say at the beginning only Void existed, and being the lack of everything it drawn The World into existence, and with it all the other elements: its counter-element Light, and the elements of nature like Fire, like Ice and all the others.
But before Shadow, Chaos existed. Chaos being the chance to be everything, was the same time nothing, as in most of the possibilities you find nothing where you search.
And even in this state Life existed. Right before Chaos took the form of order and The Void sucked into existence was what we call The Null Point, when the civilization of The Null existed.
These incomprehensible beings can hardly be understood by our terms, and were led by strange attractions. They live outside our space and time, farther then even The Void can reach, farther than the Old One can remember. They are not without substances however, making them real, oh very real they are! It is rumored they herald the coming of Nyarlethotep, but also that they appear as ArchAngels.
One thing is sure: they do not lack curiosity. From time to time you can encounter them doing things what might not make any meaning to you, but seem to satisfy them. They are not easy to deal with, and are an unlikely ally. They travel far and wide, let's just hope they don't have anything nasty in mind!

Element: Chaos
Deck: 0 card deck (available as shop only)
Possible Appearance: a simple circle or globe
Possible Animation: same as Reflection (growing circles/rings, damage done when reaching the other character)
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8/29/2013 15:45:13   

Revised versions of my entries! Enjoy!!!


Entry #1:

OverSoul Game:

Character Suggestion:

Forum Name: Woohooman

IGN: Supa Hot Fire (Not My Artix Account Name)


Name: Blind Falconer

Element: Neutral

Alignment: +0 Neutral

Rank: Legendary



• Dusty and (slightly) messy blond/brown hair
• Strip of cloth covering both eyes horizontally across the face
• Scar cutting across one of the eyes (middle section of the scar is covered up by the strip of cloth)
• Slightly tanned skin with a slight grimace and stubble around the mouth/cheekbones
• Bandana wrapped around the neck
• Dark brown leather vest (with metal buttons along one side) with a leather strap going diagonally across his chest
• Beige shirt with sleeves that reach down to just before the elbow (sleeves appear to be rolled up)
• On one hand he is wearing a large sturdy leather glove with tassels coming off the bottom (the arm with the glove is outstretched in the direction of the enemy with a medium sized brown and beige falcon/hawk perched upon the leather glove)
• On the other arm he has his fist clenched and small leather (for lack of a better word) "bracelet" around his wrist
• Sturdy leather belt with a square metal buckle in the centre and a small pouch hanging from part of the belt tied up with a leather string and a few falcon/hawk feathers tucked in his belt
• Baggy brown pants with dark brown boots
• Semi-muscular body figure



• 200 Attack x3
• 500 Attack x3
• 500 Defence x2
• Cat Reflex x4
• Counter Attack x4
• Neutralize x1


• Player Controlled Quote: I don't have to see you to tell you're ugly!
• Enemy Quote: I may be blind, but my falcon most certainly is not!
• Victory Quote: I could've won this battle blindfolded, oh wait, I was!


• 1 Hit Combo: You jerk the arm with the falcon on it up slightly prompting the falcon to swoop at and attack the enemy
• 2 Hit Combo: You jerk the arm with the falcon on it up and the falcon flies up in the air, then swoops down in a "U" shape across the enemy and then swoops back hitting the enemy a second time
• 3 Hit Combo: Your falcon raises in the air then then beige/white orbs swirl around it (and a beige/white aura radiates from it) and it swoops down and the screen flashes white 3 times in rapid succession as your falcon swoops at your enemy
• 5 Hit Combo: Your falcon raises in the air and the screen darkens, a similar aura/orb effect incircles your falcon as it swoops down towards your enemy accompanied by 4 other (5 in total) falcons all leaving white trails behind them as they swoop down and hit your enemy in rapid succession before the screen flashes white for a second after the last falcon hits your foe



They say that when you loose one sense, your other senses are strengthened… Whether you believe this to be true is entirely up to you, but after my experiences I can quite confidently say that this statement is true… For me at least.

I used to be a hunter, a good one too. All it took was one well aimed arrow to bring down most creatures that lurked in the forests of Daildrem… Daildrem was my home village, a small town deep within the forests of, well, essentially no where. We were unknown to the world.

I was a hunter, no longer do I meet the requirements for such a task… You can do much more than most people would think without the sense of sight, but being able to take down a full-grown buck with bow and arrow is not one of them.

When people ask me of how I came to lose my sight, I find it very hard to relive that horrible day, even after all this time… It was a clear summer day, I had been running a bit late, but I had a lighthearted feeling about me. It had been quite a successful day, and I was looking forward to showing my father everything I had gotten that day… But when I reached our property I heard strange rummaging sounds from the inside of the little cottage I shared with my father, I entered to find a horrifying seen. My father was on the floor, he was not moving, and going through our drawers and cupboards were 2 masked figures, I had no time to think before one lurched at me, knife outstretched… He sliced multiple times across my face, instantly blinding me, but I managed to draw my hunting knife and stab the first bandit, the second one ran, taking with him many of my more valuable possessions, including my father's life...

Going through an experience like that changes you. In a way that only those who have experienced it for themselves can even begin to understand… I may not have died that night, but I lost my vision and my father as a consequence of those bandits' actions. For a long time I went on without a job, mostly because as far as everyone else was concerned, a blind man was good for absolutely nothing, a waste of space.

Eventually, memories of hunting burst through my mind, I felt that there must be someway to do, once again, what I knew. I searched for a way, not exactly in an optimistic state of mind, but I found a blessing, in the form of a falcon.

Now, I have finally found a way to live, to hunt. My falcon is my eyes now. I trust him with my life, and he trusts his with me… I am the Blind Falconer.


Entry #2:

OverSoul Game:

Character Suggestion:

Forum Name: Woohooman

IGN: Supa Hot Fire (Not My Artix Account Name)


Name: Murk Sprite

Element: Shadow

Alignment: +0 Neutral

Rank: Veteran



• Small thin body figure, similar to the muscularity of Darkon, and the body size would be slightly smaller than that of the fairy characters
• Grey skin, with intricate swirling patterns (almost like tattoos) along the legs, arms, and side of the chest
• Long light grey hair that covers the eyes at the front, and drapes over the shoulder to around a quarter down the torso (also the hair is slightly messy)
• a delicate small nose with slightly upturned nostrils, and an open mouthed grin, full of tiny triangular teeth
• Cloth wrapped around the waist, with a section in the middle hanging down (like a loincloth)
• Medium bat sized wings (using the same colour scheme as the body/skin) on the back of the sprite (also has a flapping animation for this)
• Very long slender fingernails, almost as long as the forearm that are slightly curved (like long claws)
• A cloud of fluctuating greyish smoke hangs around the sprite



• 100 Attack x2
• 200 Attack x3
• 500 Attack x3
• Empower x2
• Life Drain x2
• Blood Rage x2


• Player Controlled Quote: I shall tear every last scrap of flesh from bones!
• Enemy Quote: Let the mist consume you.
• Victory Quote: You will make a good meal for my brothers and sisters!


• 1 Hit Combo: You fly over to your enemy and slash once with your claws
• 2 Hit Combo: You fly over to your enemy stab once with your claws, and uppercut with your claws right after
• 3 Hit Combo: You raise one of your hands up in front of you, and another Murk Sprite appears (in a poof of smoke) in front of your enemy then attacks, then directly after another Murk Sprite appears in the same way behind your foe, attacking once again, and finally you fly up and deal the final blow
• 5 Hit Combo: The Murk Sprite's silhouette flashes 3 time behind him (about x2 larger) in white bursts of light and dark orbs swirling around him before he grows about x2 larger, he then flies up to your foe and releases a frenzy of strikes using his claws (and each time he hits there is an explosion of grey smoke and orbs around the enemy)



Name: Murk Elite

Element: Shadow

Alignment: +0 Neutral

Rank: Master (Evolve Murk Sprite At Level 10)


Evolution Appearance:

• All the same features as the Murk Sprite (+the features listed below)
• Helmet that consists of a a strip of metal across the eyes (you can't see the eyes through the visor) with a slit cut in the middle, acting as a visor, and ornate bull like horns coming off the top (the mouth and some of the hair is still visible)
• Shoulder pads and a strip of leather going diagonally across the chest
• A stone dagger with a leather bound handle tucked in a cloth strip around the waist (along with the normal loincloth)
• Instead of only 2 bat wings, there are 4 (2 larger ones, then 2 smaller ones directly below those, all with flapping animations)
• One of the hands is clad in a metal gauntlet (same colour as the helmet) there are no claws on this hands, and gripped tightly in the gauntlet is a slender stone sword with scratches and dents (battle worn look) with a slight curve to the blade and a leather bound handle, similar to the one of the dagger


Evolution Cards:

• 200 Attack x3
• 500 Attack x3
• 500 Defence x2
• Empower x2
• Life Drain x3
• Blood Rage x2
• Shadow Fire x1

Evolution Quotes:

• Player Controlled Quote: I am loyal to Necrotal! Prepare to be stripped of your life force!
• Enemy Quote: Necrotal shall feast upon your soul, weakling!
• Victory Quote: Hail Necrotal!

Evolution Combos:

• 1 Hit Combo: Same combo as "Murk Sprite"
• 2 Hit Combo: You fly over to your enemy stab once with your claws, and stab with your sword right after
• 3 Hit Combo: You raise your sword up in front of you, and another Murk Elite appears (in a poof of smoke) in front of your enemy then attacks, then directly after another Murk Elite appears in the same way behind your foe, attacking once again, and finally you fly up and deal the final blow
• 5 Hit Combo: The Murk Elite raises his sword and points it at your foe then a set of open jaws (similar to the face on the "Sacrifice" card, but in profile) shoots out of from your sword in an explosion of black and grey orbs and mist, it flies toward your enemy and clamps down once on your enemy before disappearing, then a mist appears around your foe and giant blackish icicle shaped shards come crashing down on your foe 4 times (in slightly different locations each time) and each time one hits your enemy the screen flashes white and there is a brief explosion of the grey and black orbs


Story: (It's the same for both the Murk Sprite and Murk Elite)

There are some forces so evil that not even the most Divine of forces would dare confront them. Necrotal, an millennia old Abbysal Lord, is one of these forces. It is said that if you gaze upon his truly animal like skull, your very life force will be sucked out of you within an instant. But all things must grow weak and die at some point, whether you are a god or a simple farm peasant. Everything has a weakness. Necrotal's weakness turned out to be the mere passing of time, his strength and power slowly dwindled away as centuries passed… But Necrotal would not die without a fight.

As a last resort when Necrotal's fate seemed to be sealed by Nulgath himself, he created a new species of sprite, created from darkness, hate, and everything people feared most. He called them "Murk Sprites". He gave them bat like wings for agile movement, and rows of razor sharp teeth, so pristine they could slice through a knight's armour like a hot knife through butter. He also gave them the ability to consume life force, which they would bring back to him as a way of sustaining himself.

But the divine forces realized that Necrotal was attempting to cheat death, so they sent their most holy warriors and paladin to confront him, but Necrotal had left nothing to chance. He had created a special guard for himself, by carefully selecting the strongest of the Murk Sprites and imbuing upon them unimaginable power, and an unquenchable bloodlust. He called these guards "Murk Elites".

After the lives of countless warriors and paladins had been sacrificed in battle against Necrotal's Murk Army, it became clear that sending anymore soldiers of any sort would be a waste of their lives… It also made Necrotal stronger with every soul he devoured… His power was endless… And so the divine forces backed down from their feud with Necrotal.

To this day Necrotal hides in a cave so deep within the world, it is said that a mortal being would implode in such high pressures… The only visible trace that shows that Necrotal still lurks beneath the earth are his loyal servants, the Murk Sprites.


Sorry if the size of the post is confusing... It wasn't letting me use coloured font to sort the entries... I hope you like it!!!
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axe face

Name: Terror Fiend of Suinotlim
Appearance: For Terror Fiend click here http://www.flickr.com/photos/100989052@N07/9626286870/in/photostream/
For detailed sword click here! http://www.flickr.com/photos/100989052@N07/9626313294/in/photostream/
Battle stance:
entry: comes out of a purple void and screams
win: void opens on victim and goes into it
lose: void comes up behind him and sucks him in
Enemy: "I have come to feast on your nightmares.....good night!"
controlled: "Fool!!! No one can defeat a dream!!!
Cards: The Terror Fiend's deck contains of: 200 and 500 attacks (some 200's are piercing),
500 defence cards, sacrifice, life drain, void reflection, poison, sleep (stuns enemy for 2 turns),
and finally, bad dreams (does 700 damage and 200 for every turn enemy is stunned)
Locations: should be either in nightmare dungeon, caves, or endless pit!
thx for considering my ideas!
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AQW Designer of All Things

I guess you can say this is my character entry. Enjoy the read. 8D


Name: Mia
Element: Light
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Master.

• Dark brown long hair, Blue eyes
• White Dress with a pinkish-white frill design that goes around the sleeves, neck, waist and bottom of dress skirt. Also has matching hairbow as well as 3 other bows placed slightly above her elbows and in the center of her chest. A silver cross choker is around her neck.
• Small White heels for shoes.
• Shamshir with a White handle with a gold trim. The blade is made of hardned steel

Cards: (Subject to change)
• 500 attack card – x3
• 200 attack card – x2
• 100 attack card – x2
• 300 defense card – x3
• Blessed Strike x1
• Penace x1
• Heal – x2
• Might – x1

Player controlled: Hello there, stranger. I won't try and hurt you too bad.
Enemy: My mother is always watching me. I can't lose with her guidance by my side.
Victory: Thank you, Mother...

• 1 attack: A simple stab
• 2 attack: Slash left and right
• 3 attack: A kick to the shin and slashes with sword.
• 5 attack: The center jewel in her cross choker glows and her mother's spirit attacks with her.
• Shield animation is the center jewel in her choker glowing causing the shield to pop up. As long as the shield is up, so is the glow on the choker.

"As the sun was rising, the light glared across Mia's window onto her face as she layed inside her bed. She looked up onto the wall to the clock. 1PM. She hated herself for waking up late in the afternoon as she wanted to do things, but never found the time to do it.
With a simple gown, she headed dwnstairs to her Father calling her.

"Mia, can you run down to the store today to grab some things from the market, dear?
"Of course, Father" She said with a smile. She never liked doing favors for anyone, but she loved her Father terribly so.
"When I come back, can I have more of my weapons training?"
"Of course you can" He smiled down on her. With that, she happily skipped to her room.

As she went to her room to change to go into town, she couldn't help but smirk. The townspeople never liked her dress options as they considered it "Too much for a 12 year old" but she never cared.

With her dress on, she twirled in her room, looking into a mirror. Her long, brown hair swaying gently around with her. Her blue eyes shined with a smile as she saw her reflection. A bright white dress with a pinkish white frill design that seemed to cover around the neck, the waist, bottom of the sleeves and skirt. With it, she wore her hairbow as well as 3 other bows. 1 Bow that sat slightly on top of each of her elbows and one in the middle of her chest.
But still she felt as if she wasn't ready. She needed something else.
She headed for her dresser and pulled out a red velvet box. Opening it, she picked up the silver cross choker which her mother had left her before she passed away.
"Mom is always with me when I wear this. I can just feel it, she said to herself, smiling.

A few hours later with her return, the sun was setting across the sky and gave the world around an orange view. As she made her way into the garden, she saw her weapons trainer waiting for her.
"Good evening, Miss Mia. Which weapon would you like to choose for today?" He asked
"Can I use the Shamshir again today please?" she said with a smile that glared across her face. She loved using her Shamshir as it was her favorite weapon for an unknown reason. She liked the rapier too, but it "Wasn't as fun as the Shamshir" she would always say.
With a smile and a nod, the weapons trainer gave her the weapon she wanted to use and began their instructions.

"Now Miss, begin by going into confrontation formation. Then with a few breaths, slow your breathing and focus. When you feel ready, begin your attack."
Mia started to focus. Her sapphire blue eyes glowed with the setting orange sky and the wind with a slight breeze flew around her and her dress. She let out a battle cry as she swung her first attack onto the combat dummy before her.
"Aaaaah!" she yelled, cutting the combat dummy in two on her first swing. The trainer looked impressed at someone such a young age.

"Miss, where did you learn to control such strength?" He asked curiously. He never has seen someone so young be so strong. "It wasn't all me" she asked while holding onto her choker. "My mother is always with me. Always protecting me.
Even when I don't know it. She's there beside me."

Looking down onto her, the weapon trainer smiled.
"She always is, it seems. She always is."

Feedback of any kind would be lovely!

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Wretched Creation
Element: Shadow
Rank: Master

Appearance: A humanoid creature with two heads. Each head has the shape of Nulgath's head, but with tentacles instead of horns. The heads have no eyes, just hollow sockets. Its body is similar to that of a standing lizard, with black and red stripes going down its side and back. Its underbelly is clear showing its intestines and stomach. Its arms are black and one of its hands has long red claws and the other has a floppy black tentacle with red suction cups. Its legs are scrawny and thin, and each of its feet has a fly-head on the top. Its red eyes are bulbous and quite noticable.

Story: This once was a simple farmer who tended the land near the Archfiend's lair. He toiled day in and day out, never recieving a bite of the crops he cared for. One day, he refused to give Nulgath his harvest, and he took a bite out of a celery stalk and spat it in the Dark Lord's face. Both enraged and intrigued by this turn of events, Nulgath found it to be the perfect time to try out a particularly gruesome spell...


Player: Look... look at what he did to me!
Enemy: Don't make fun of me!

1-hit: He runs over and claws you
2-hit: He runs over and claws you twice
3-hit: His tentacle arm stretches out and slaps you three times.
5-hit: His stomach explodes and a swarm of bugs rush at you.
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Nova the Insane Elf Witch

Back Story

A traveler entered a strange tavern in a remote village. The tavern would've been your basic pub except there was a lot of bright colors, rainbow decorations and anything with text was written where each letter used had its own individual color based off the colors in the rainbow. the traveler would have left this tavern except it was last one in town. Where the others were destroyed. He went straight to the pub owner and ask for food. While waiting for his food he looked at the pub patrons. Some were going about things as normal and others looked nervous and constantly watched their backs. A long greened haired, young, elf woman with a big grin on her face was playing darts. Upon picking up the food he discovered it was completely different from what he ordered.

Traveler to the Pub Owner: "What is wrong with you and this crazy pub!" This is candy not the meat I asked for!?"

Immediately, the elf gave a menacing look to the traveler. The pub staff seeing this immediately responded. One of the waitressed started bringing out thank you candy to the patrons. Starting with the elf girl. The pub owner with a worried glance grabs the young man across the bar stand and speaks with him.

Pub Owner to the Traveler: This free candy is a gift from that elf playing darts over there. You’ll eat it if ya know what’s good for ya. Now get with the program and play along. If you endanger my tavern I’ll make you sorry later. Now I recommend you get with the program here and play along.

Traveler to the Pub Owner: What are you talking about? I came here for food not a threat. Explain yourself or else!

Pub Owner to the Traveler: You have some required reading then. Read this paper and try to get through the night alive if ya can.

The pub owner hands a document to the traveler. He begrudgingly takes both the paper and his candy to an empty, wooden table. The title of the document reads “Insane Elf Witch”. The Traveler begins to read the document.

This is tale of the young elf girl who ran off to find the end of the rainbow in a magical forest. They said she found the rainbow but when she returned to her village she was changed. She was very happy and always smiled and laughed. Like everything she did was best thing ever. She had also lost her voice and was mute. With only being able to communicate with writing but even that was change for her. She can no longer write normally. Whenever she wrote she had to write each individual letter in different colors. Where failure to do so or forcing her to write in one color made her very angry and violent to the point where she would start attacking anyone with pen she had to cut them. To use their blood as ink to write. To satisfy her madness as the village voices called it. When asked where she found the rainbow she could only reply “it was fun!”

As time passed, the village voices were against the young girl. While trying to regain her lost voice. New powers and abilities began to emerge for the girl. The girl was no longer following what the village voices called laws of gravity and physics. Where she began to walk on the air itself but not how wind elementals would. Instead she would walk upside down all the time. Never wanting to touch the ground. I think the village voices didn't like I was above them all the time even thou I was looking up at them. They thought I was looking down at them. She soon was able to cast rainbows and exploding light spells. I believe the village voices felt i was superior to them and when my rainbows and light spells staring effecting the village kids. When that occurred they attempted to take away my gifts.

Before I even knew they were attempting to set me free from all the cares in the world, I had already been free. I watch as one of village voices raise an axe towards me. They said they wanted to give me a hair cut but I love my long green hair. Before the blade can hit me. My lost Voice found its way. My mouth opened wide and out it popped. The village voices were scared of my voice. Its not every day a Dragon comes out of your mouth and with Voice out of my throat I can talk again. The villagers then heard my true voice.

They said no one in the village survived that day except the young elf girl and her dragon, Voice. Who became a wanderer in this part of the world. Where travelers were warned to make sure to always to look for a elf girl walking above you who carries a dragon clinging to a large stick. If her shadow falls around you. Be willing to play her games or perish.

The Traveler drops the document he just read in fear. Ever word he just read. Every individual letter was in a different color. Making the connection of what was going on here and who wrote the document he read. He immediately looked for the elf girl playing darts. She was gone. He breathed a quick sigh of relief but then he noticed the shadow that was being cast on him. He looked up and saw the elf girl on the ceiling with her dragon on a stick aim right at him. She spoke.

Nova to the Traveler: Lets have some fun!

Character Design

Nova is standard tall, thin elf female humanoid. Normal human/elf skin color. She has long dark green hair, going down her back. With the split in the middle. She has green eye lashes with green eyes. Nova wears classes with a circle frame. With light green lip stick. She has pointed elf ear going up.

On her torso she has basic black leotard cover everything except her legs, arms, shoulders, and neck. Over that she has dark purple cloth cover her in an X shape going around her torso. Where the top parts going over her bare should and looks like a cloth dragon wings flying in the air. The bottom part of the X shape cloth does same cloth dragon wing design but more going around her waist. Going behind her making it look parts of a rear long dress flying in the wind. The x cloth is tied by a light shade of purple cloth going around her waste with maybe a ribbon design on her back. Where the purple waist cloth and X cloth have jewel design woven in to match the purple and black colors of the torso.

The feet have black shoes cover her feet. With dark purple leg warmers going up to her knees on each leg. Where theirs dragon type design on the each side in silver. She wears black gloves with purple sleeves going from wrist to her elbows with silver dragon type design like the legs in the arms or jewel pattern instead
Her weapon is a mighty brown or silver wizard rod(whatever color you think is best) Where at the front ya have a small green dragon with purple eyes clinging on to the rod. One based one of the AQWorlds dragons or baby dragons would be find.

Game Play Mechanics

Character: If its possible can you have Nova walk/fight upside down. Where she walks upside down in the air for lobbies and in game fights. If not I understand but would really want to see her at least walk upside down in the lobbies.
Name: Nova the Insane Elf Witch
Elemental Type: Light or Chaos (I would like chaos but without knowing what the cards are going to be hard to say what to recommend.
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Master
Standard attack: A rainbow color Fireball coming out of the mouth of the Green Dragon on the wizard rod.
Three hit combo: Three Rainbows beams flying out of the green dragon mouth. Moving in a curve direction and hitting the enemy at once.
Five hit combo. Nova Raise her Dragon on a rod above her and swinging it. Then a Rainbow dragon coming from the top of the screen crashes in the enemy. Exploding on impact
For nova Quotes can ya have each letter in a different color to fit with her story and crazy persona.
Quote Player: Oh noes! My Voice doesn't like you. (if color coding can't allow this much "Oh noes!" is fine.)
Quote Enemy: Lets play my favorite game. (if color coding can't allow this much "Lets play!" is fine.)
Victory: That was fun!
Cards: 1 Peirce, 3 500 attack 2 Defend 2 Holy Strike, 1 Blessed Strike, 1 Retribution(light card series version), 2 Sacrifice 1heal 2 Penance(if your willing to release a new light card. Either remove one of the sacrifice or Penance for it please)
Winning Pose: I would like a rainbow effect to appear above her head beside the normal victory jump/raise arm..

Note: This is asking a lot but might as well see what boundaries we can break in creativeness for Oversoul.

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Writing Entry

Name: Lime the Observer of Humanity

Element: Neutral

Alignment: Neutral +0

Rank: Legendary

Young-looking, has black curly hair, wears a black long-sleeved(up to elbow-length) shirt, blue pants and white shoes. 
Sleepy-like eyes. Stands straight with arms held straight down. 170cm tall. Non-muscular..

3x 500 Attack
3x 500 Shield
1x Neutralize
1x Iron Hide
1x Power Strike
2x Counter Strike
1x Renew/Incinerate/Earthquake/Electric Arc/Ice Wall/Poison/Might
1x Water Rapid/Burn/Petrify/Charged/Snow Orb/Mark of Death/Penance

Lime randomly starts with 12 Water/Fire/Earth/Energy/Ice/Shadow/Light Energy and the last two cards will appear 

according to the chosen Element.
Note:^Disregard Elemental randomness if cannot be implemented yet and replace the last two cards with 1x Crush and x1 Shield.


Walking - Floats forward
1 hit - Holds his chin(like when thinking) then the enemy gets damaged
2 hit - ^Twice
3 hit - Takes a step backward and then a large, quick pulse attacks the enemy
5 hit - Floats a little, puts his hand on his forehead then suddenly, 10 gray 
spikes will rapidly rise from the enemy's position in the ground dealing damage.
Shielding - A large, black rune circle that shakes will appear when Lime is attacked.
Victory - Stands idly for a while, glows and disappears in a flash.
Defeat - Flinches a bit then extends his hand towards the enemy(will not die

Enemy Dialogue - "You're... different. Interesting."
Player Dialogue - "Your plans to hinder the OverSoul stops here."
Victory Dialogue - "... I see. How disappointing."
Defeat Dialogue - "Perhaps you are the one I've been looking for. Let me aid you, OverSoul."

Note: 100% possess rate


Ever since the beginning of time, when the Creator has just finished crafting the world of his desires, the Creator also made 12 beings of creation. They were mechanisms, cogs that the world needed to run on. Emotionless and obedient.

Each entity had a role in keeping the world in check. Lime was one of them, his role is the observation of the whole of creation, telling his Master of any major flaws or imperfections in them. He's found nothing but a few back then, but now is an entirely different story, when humans gained free will.

The world was full of greed, hatred, grief and evil. Lime continued to report everything he deemed flawed but all of the Creator's solutions spawned another set of "problems" for the humans. They continued to do this until the Creator left the humans to their own, taking action just when the humans needed Him the most.

But as his master stopped, the Observer continued. All the time he spent observing creation made him take an interest to one specific race. The humans. Amidst all of the flaws he had seen, he saw one more thing glimmer in the middle of corruption. Hope for humanity. He has seen countless of people who are trying to make a difference, most of them cast aside. He had realized the one power he had no control of. The power of choice.

Through the course of time, he doubted his existence. He drifted away from his brothers and left to anguish in the human oworld. He had developed emotions and thought. He has taken up a human appearance to blend in with the world. Lime searched for a person to realize his power to make the right choices, utilize it, change the world and drive it away from the state of madness it is currently in. Centuries have passed, finding only one human capable of doing so.

Lime has accompanied one human in his childhood, entertaining and driving him to make the right decision. It didn't go as he wished it would have, and the now fully grown man made a decision to change world's concept. Lime doubted this concept but promised the man that if he finds evidence that the one concept the man dreamed of was the only way, Lime would help the man fulfill his dream. Lime thanked the man for the time he has spent with him, and left smiling.

Until now, Lime is still searching for a new "Hopeful One". Not much time has passed since he left the man he had hopes for. Lime continues to ponder, desire and anguish as he looks for the one man that can change everything.

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character name: fiend of shadow
skill : attack 500 x4 cost 3
strike 900 x2 cost 6
shield 500 x4 cost 3
coruption,infect 4 turn for 2000 x2
attack 200 x3 cost 2
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Legendary AK!!!

Character Backstory Contest Entry:

Deena the Devourer

element: earth

rank: legendary

appearance: something like this (not my art!): A female body on top of something resembling a tree trunk with thorns, vines and roots, the bottom half also having a vertical opening with teeth.

200 Attack x2
500 attack x3
Stone Strike x1
Petrify x2
Mountain Strike x2
500 Defend x3
Stone Wall x1
Tree of Life x1
Nature's Gift x1
Pestilence (new card): cost 6 charges; effect: Inflict 1200 damage over 4 turns

lines: enemy: As I have suffered, so shall you! // controlled: Another heart broken!

guard: 4 thorny vine whips act as a barrier in front of the character
1 hit combo: one thorny vine strike
3 hit combo: 3 thorny vine strikes
5 hit combo: Deena charges at the opponent biting it 5 times with its bottom vertical tree trunk mouth.


In the land of OverSoul know that if you mess with The Old One, you get the horns!

Our story starts when Partor of Elisya stepped through a unknown portal letting his curiosity get the best of him. After a minute or so of getting flung around like a rag doll inside what could only be described as a dark energy tunnel, Partor finds himself falling face first in the dirt of a unknown place. A place as beautiful it is dangerous as soon as he will soon find out.
Shaken but otherwise in good shape Partor finds himself in a dense forest at the edge of a smelly bog. A perfect location really because our Partor of Elisya is a skilled geomancer. With hard work and a bit of luck, our wizard soon manages to create a small band of earth golems, mud constructs and mossy elementals.

Despite the world of OverSoul being treacherous and unforgiving, after days of walking, random encounters with all sorts of dangerous creatures and living off the land, our wizard sees in the distance a spectacle that can make even the bravest hero take a step back.
A throng of demons driven by who knows what madness, making short work of a family of farmers and their hard work maintaining an impressive farm and plantation. Feeling confident of his odd of success, our brave wizard manages to flank the demons, none of the vial creatures surviving. Among the rubble and bodies, a cry for help is heard. It`s Deena, a beautiful and courageous farmgirl, the only survivor.

Unfortunately in the land of OverSoul you don`t get time to mourn the fallen. You must fight to survive and this is just what out two protagonists set out to do. With the help and the security of the creatures Parlor had managed to create, the farm was eventually rebuilt. Time passed quickly and with danger not showing its ugly head around too often, Deena and Parlor managed to create a home for themselves, making the plantation bear plants and fruit once again and even managing to get a hold of a man of cloth traveling to one of the Scattered Towns, to join them in marriage.
Occasionally, demon parties would assault the farm but the skills of out aging geomancer would always protect them...

    “- You incompetent weakling. It`s the tenth time i`ve given you back-up and you return like this!
    - Sorry master Altehor! But the human can create creatures from beneath our feet and make the very ground shake!
    - There is to be no opposition. This world is our for the taking. Get out before I turn you into worms! I must think.
    - Problems Altehor?
    - Master Nulgath, no, no problems at all. Just keeping the servants in check!
    - Pathetic lich, I heard you. A human is giving you trouble? A human?
    - My lord!
    - Enough! Let`s go meet this human!”

As the morning sun rose over the Parlor estate, you could smell something evil in the air!

    “- Husband wake up! Demons!
    - Vile creatures, come to get beaten again? My loyal earth creatures, ATTACK!
    - Impressive human! Quite the little band of misfits you have here!”

With the flick of the wrist, all the creatures fell down to the earth, breaking apart into their original components. Nulgath had broken the magics surrounding the farm.

    “- This is how you deal with pests, lich.
    - Please, take me and leave my wife alone!
    - Ah, love! Touching really! I won`t hurt your wife. Lich, any ideas?
    - Perhaps a curse my lord?
    - Yes, that could work. I see you managed to create quite a nice home here. I especially like all the vegetable fields and the trees.
    - Arch Lich, get to it!”

And so it came to pass, our hero taken away by the Arch Fiend himself and Deena, poor Deena, suffering a fate worse then death. For a curse was put on her, altering her mind and body. Turned into a carnivorous half plant half creature, destined to never care for someone again and attack anyone who is under the spell of love. It is said that whenever another victim falls to Deena the Devourer, besides burning hatred, the creature feels for a few seconds the pain and regret of being forced to do such acts of cruelty.

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Character Name : Styroon

Alignment : 35- Evil

Element : Shadow

Rank : Master

About :a creature from the depths of hell employed to trace down escapees from hell and bring them back for punishment

1 hit :bites the opponent.
2 hit :slashes with the tail
3 hit : Gives a quick jab at the opponent, drives through the opponent and simply gives another drive while moving to it's place.
5 hit : The animal stands at it's place staring, but later, drives through the opponent 3 times, and jump high enough to let the weapons to attack the head.

Controlled : rrrrr........
Cards :
4x 5 attack
3x 5 blocks
1x Empower
2x Mark of Death
1x Poison
1x Muscle Control
1x Blood Mark

blood boil (5 Points) : You charged up your mind and your enemy will hit himself using the cards he used to hit you.
raging nightmare(6 Points) : Do 5 damage for 5 turns.
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DeathNight OverLord


Element:Chaos (shadow until you add chaos to the game.) Also it's secondary types, are Shadow , Fire , and Energy.



Appearance:He is a Lycan who has armor on every inch of his body. Behind him is a gateway to the under world , a massive pare of two wings (black with a gold rim and red on the inside), and a massive DeathKnight BroadSord. (Note: Broudsword is like the Sword of Nulgath cause its a battle pet type sword.) His armor is the shape of the Legion titan and it is black with gold trim with red lava spots on his shoulders ,kneecap, and tubes running along his chest and limbs. there are also gold chains across his armor and some and then 7 chains in front of him that a floating like tentacles. (Note: these are wepons) For his mane weapon he has two Lycan class that look like the talons of a hellish demon/dragon hybrid. He also has some artillery attach to his armor. He also has a dark zard he rides into battle one to one side and his baby black dragon to the othere. Finally, for his helmet, it looks similar the dragon slayers helmet but is a Lycan and has horns.

Story: Genocide is a legend lost in myth. A long time ago there where two warring factions of the light that fote for control of obliveoin the only thing thst could truely deatroy a soul. the Hellgazars and the other was the great kingdom. This war was so brutal and so long, that the loses where unbelievable. Many fled to the shadows to escape the war. After a awhile a group of revolutionaries rose up to end the war. They were known as the Shadosyscythen's. The rebels quickly grew in numbers. Even then some of the dreaded Hellgazars joined the cause, among them was a man named despair. He quickly grew in rank and became Known as Genocide. He was so talented he could wipe out an entire race in a few hours. Almost as good as Miltonius who defected with him. The Shadowsyscythen's eventually become good enough to overthrow the great Kingdom. With that victory they then went to dethrone the High Hellgazer and claim the power of oblivion as their own. Now trillions of years later, Genocide still wanders looking for a formidable opponent to ease his loneliness. Why? You might ask. Because Regret is now the last of his kind.

Lines: Enemy:Regret-destruction always comes to all beings and all civilizations.
Player:Regret-I will wipe your kind from the face of the planet.
Victory:Regret- nothing ever lasts.


100 Attack*3
200 Attack*5
500 Attack*4
level 10:Fire Ball*3
level 15:Chain Lightning*3
level 10:Element of Chaos*4 (Note:this apllys chaos stack wich last three turns and gives one of each element to each person in battle.
level 20:e=mc squared*1 (Note: Uses 20 of fire, Energy, and Chaos elements to do 4000 damage. You take half of the damage thou.)
level 20: Oblivionic strike* (use a wepon like the sword of nulgath to strike the enamey and do 2000 damage. Cost ten in each elment thou.)
regonorator*5 (uses energy to restor a lot of health)

1 hit: strike with talons
2 hit: strike with talons then back blade
3 hit: strike with talons, back blade, then beems of fire from mouth
4 hit: dark zard the gold chanes and the baby black dragon attake.
5 hit:opens the under world gate and sends a blast of firery wind that opens oblivion. Mean will the ground opens up and gold chanes grab the enemey.

When equip this charetar can not posses souls but he gets more gold because of this.
recriers sonja, void reaper, dark zard (if put in to the game), and 50000 gold to rank up

Rank up Tree

Death nomad -dead aprentice -aprentic of death, genocide (Death Note: aprentic of death is the armor you get from death in aqw.)
-Death knight
-Death knight ( the rank ten doomwood one)(aka the class)

My twitter page: twitter

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Long ago,there were two weapon makers.One of them was Seelkamoon the best weapon maker with a really big heart,a lot of friends,especially the legendary 9 heroes :Syo- the fire warrior,Tenebros- the dark mage,Lumino- the light magician,Tin and Asis- the water rogues,Phibrizzo- the ice sorceror,Valdrian- the energy warrior,Actarus- the wind ninja and Torran- the earth geomancer.The second one was Barox,a demonic weapon maker that made only weapons that always had to do with demons.It is believed that his father was the leader of a cult that prayed to the lord of the demons Vakora,everybody believed that ,but no one had the enough evidence to prove that.
They all live in the kingdom Axatraios that got splited in three smaller kingdoms:Axa,Tra and Ios because the king had three childs borned in the same time,they couldn't say which of them should be the true king so their father decided that both three should rule all this land but unfortunately the three brothers had their conflicts and separated and everything gone worse and worse.After the separations and some wars Kingdom Axa was in advantage because of the legendary heroes.

Everything was in fighting and war until one day......
It was like "the silence before the storm",Seelkamoon had a special task to make a very special sword for the following wars.The sword was almost ready when Lumino saluted his weapon maker friend.The maker was happy to see his magician friend and asked if he and his team mates want to help him to his secret idea:"The Good use of the elements".Lumino with a big smile on his face agreed to help his friend.But Barox had his secret idea too.All the legendary heroes known what the son of the cult leader is,except Lumino he was friendly but very naive and trusted Barox's words to meet him at a valley,that got later named Demon Lord Valley.Seelkamoon waited his friends in the only Inn of Axa Kingdom,until the waitress told him what's happening then the weapon creator jumped from his chair and runned to save his friends.

The Heroes arrived at the secret meeting point.Syo and the rest except Lumino didn't knew that they will meet with Barox not with Seelkamoon.The meeting point was the altar of Vakora but none of villagers or heroes known that except the cult leader and his familly, so they fell into the trap,the entrance got blocked by a giant rock wall,then Barox appeared and said:"Welcome legendary heroes,didn't the knight of this pathetic kingdom told you about this place?No?....Then let me explain.This is the place that my father and the rest of the members got killed by those foolish idiots before trying to finish the sacrifice for summoning master Vakora,he was gonna die anyway but doing the ceremony was going to make his death honorable but now I have to finish what he started.My reputation as a weapon maker was just a disguise for my true goal, I couldn't hold my passion for demonkind but the humans are very foolish to think that something was not right.Now that you are here and not having something better to do I think you will have a lot of things to destroy after you will be the "Elemental Terrors".
Seelkamoon arrived too at the altar and to get in there he used a very flexible blade to jump over the wall.But it was too late Barox made the quickly the ceremony and everybody and a little bit Seelkamoon got surounded by a demonic energy.
Barox died and Vakora replaced him morphing the dead body to show how powerfull he is.From 9 heroes to 8 terrors because Tin and Asis fusioned into Tinasis the water terror,all of the heroes lost their memory and have only 1 thing in their minds:"Too destroy everything that exists".Seelkamoon wasn't so touched by that energy so he became a Semi-demon keeping his human thinking.
"The Doom Week of the Terrors" began when the terrors attacked the 3 kingdoms.Everything was in ruin until Seelkamoon couldn't support to watch this so he threw the terrors and Vakora into the Nightmare Dimension using his semi-demon magic.

He used too much power so his body got petrified.As a thanks form the three brother king they reunited the kingdoms and the king from Axa putted his sword on the rock where the petrified body stays as symbol of respect.

The Legend says that,Vakora in the Nightmare Dimension is preparing his revenge for Seelkamoon and tries to break free to see the world destroyed by the elemental terrors.
Category for this contest:Backstory
Alignment:Evil -50
Controlled:I hate humans,their stupid hopes,their annoying laugh and their useless love!
Enemy:No one will stop from watching the world destroyed by my Terrors!
1hit:He trows a demon headed spear.
2hit:He trows a chained dagger in his foe and pulls it for bigger hurt.
3hit:He stands but 3 scratches appear on foe.
5hit:He raises his hand and a dread gazer hits his foe.
2x 200attack
3x 500attack
1x poison
1x shadowfire
2x mark of death
1x void reflector
Appearance:His eyes are red and the accessories too in rest he can be grey or black.

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raven of honor

Character name: Arachnoid of Nulgath

Alignment: Evil-35

Element: Shadow

Rank: Veteran

Something along these lines, I was busy with school and wasn't able to finish it. But he has 4 arms, the right arms are holding Horseman picks, while the upper left arm is holding a halberd, and the lower one a short sword. All weapons are spider themed.

Deck (or Cards):
Relatively the same as any other shadow character, but instead of the "Mark of death" card, "Spider's grasp" takes it's place. The card is a 2 turn stun, similar to the "Freeze" card that the Ice characters have.

Player controlled: I defend his memory, for he defended our kind from this world's cruelty...
Enemy controlled: Vengeance is a cycle unending...
Victory dialogue: In honor of Maxwell!
Defeat dialogue: One may fall... but our numbers will always increase...


Spiders are scorned for their existence by just about everybody, the Arachnoids were once normal spiders. However, a man named Maxwell had a love for spiders, a love that even surpasses his love for humanity. One day, he found a large injured talking spider named Arachna, slowly nurturing her back to health. Maxwell's village however, disapproved this, fearing that Arachna might devour them all. After a week, Arachna and Maxwell became close. Later, Arachna reveals that she was injured for defending her egg sac from the monsters that inhabit the forest. She also reveals that her egg sac is close to hatching. Having heard of this, the villagers quickly assembled, deciding to kill Arachna, fearing of becoming spider food for her children. As the mob of villagers were burning down Maxwell's house, Maxwell quickly helped Arachna escape along with her egg sac, but died in the fire in the process. Later that day, Arachna retrieved Maxwell's burnt body in order to give him a proper burial, eventually deciding to bury him where they first met. Searching for the exact spot, Arachna stumbles upon the Old one, who reveals that he witnessed the whole ordeal from the start. The Old one tells Arachna that there is a way to avenge Maxwell's death, but at a small, if not great cost. A cost that would affect her, and her lineage of spiders. Handing her the contract that would exact vengeance on all those who would dare to oppose her kin, as well as those who would scorn those who defend her kin (such as Maxwell), she carefully thinks things through. Moments later, Arachna accepts the contract, giving her and her line's souls to serve the Old one for all eternity, in exchange for a never ending cycle of vengeance against all who scorn the spider, and at the same time, honoring Maxwell's sacrifice through blood and war.

1 hit: One strike using upper right arm using the pick.
2 hit: One strike each from both right arms.
3 hit: One strike each from both right arms, and one strike from lower right arm using the short sword.
5 hit: Whole body gives out a reddish aura, then greatly swings the halberd to strike at the enemy.

Victory pose: As he states his victory dialogue, he raises all his hands in honor of Maxwell.
Defeat pose: His legs give in as he falls to the ground with his upper body pointing backward.

If possible (or allowed), his Master evolution's appearance is much larger, has a spider themed armor (with helmet), his picks are replaced by 2 spider themed spears, his short sword is replaced with a spider themed long sword, and his halberd is replaced by an even bigger spider themed halberd.

Alternate version (If possible):

Arachness of Nulgath

Mostly the same, except a female version (Similarly like the Male and Female Void Incarnate characters).

Instead of the same weapons though, the upper arms have 2 spider themed staffs (You could use the spider themed staffs from AQW), while lower arms have a bow and arrow.

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Seems to be a heck of a lot of fallen angels this time round... Oh well, it sort of worked last time, so spent some time re-writing my prior entry :3
OS Username: Resk (Figured I’d use the name, as I like the concept <,<)


The Angel, Resk

Act 1: The Wandering Angel

In a prior time, when people were capable of both kind and wicked acts, of strength and of weakness, a fledgling Angel by the name of Resk wandered through the lands. She gave aid to those who needed a nudge; to find a better direction, away from dark acts. Given her lowly rank within the order of the divine, naught more than a slight push was within her immaterial power, but this was enough to allow her to aim some of mankind to keep to what she felt was its true nature. She inspired reflection within thieves, causing them to consider how their acts condemned themselves, and harmed their victims, when all they really sought was for someone to help them. She reflected pain upon pain-givers. She incited change in their lives to prevent that pain, for not only their own sake but also for the sake of others. Yet despite these benevolent acts helping many, there were always more, and so she wandered... wandered to find those people who needed them.

Act 2: The Pitying Angel

Proceeding across the land, the Angel oft came by scenes where she had been too late; the scenes of battles provoked by those possessing excessive Greed, Lust or Wrath. Ordinary people who became victims of these battles, seeking revenge against those who had once wronged them, became evildoers, partaking in a twisted chain of malevolence, spreading sadness and suffering amongst the people as had once been done to them. At one of these battle sites, she came upon a small child who had been taken by slavers.

Having watched both home and parents be destroyed by the group, the child - although almost dead on the outside - was forced into menial acts by the very people that committed these atrocities. Swelling within the child was a torrent of emotion: despair at having lost so much, anger at those who took it, envy of the strength that allowed it, and fear. Fear not only of isolation, but also of not being able to take vengeance for the crime committed. Filled with the darkness of mankind, this child brought the Angel's wandering to a halt, as she sought out a way to lessen those wrongs that were done. She sought to allow the child to move along its own path, rather than one inflicted by circumstances...

Act 3: The Guiding Angel

The Angel - now following this child embroiled in emotion over what had happened - could not reach within such a darkened mind with her meagre power. So she aimed to alleviate the surroundings, to show that even those deemed ‘evil’ had their own reasons for becoming that way: that they are beings with the ability to care, despite their ability to harm. Thus she attempted to grant change to one through changing the many. The child’s existence was bleak, full of suffering, from the harsh forced labour, the tortured sleep, and the meagre terrible food as these were the things that now affected the child most often.

Over a long, arduous length of time, the child’s life began to improve from that of a slave, to being at least that of a child, albeit one who has to work for a living. Their life had been introduced to small kindnesses from the captors, from better food to being allowed small rests when exhaustion started to show. Despite this, the black shell around the child's heart remained beyond the Angel's ability to touch. While the slavers had regained some of their lost humanity, the child was still filled with naught but dark twisting emotions. As more time passed, the slavers began raiding less and less, many of them starting to feel guilt over their actions. The Angel's attempts, while as yet having no effect upon the child, had helped to improve the lives of those within the camp. Her mission to guide people to better lives still continued despite having a focused goal in the child.

With the dawn of a new day, however, much of the Angel's work was lost. Upon breaking of morning light, the camp was found to be surrounded by the men of a local lord who, vexed by the slavers prior raids upon their villages, had set out to eliminate them. The battle was brief and bloody. The lord's troops were highly trained and made short work of the slavers. Amongst the commotion many of the group, once hardened killers who slew men, women and children alike, found their murderous will diminished - in part due the Angel's impact on them. Those so affected were driven to surrender and request mercy from the soldiers who had lost friends and family to their activities. Mercy was not given. Many of the slaves - the child among them - were claimed by the soldiers, with the older ones being set free and the younger ones being sent to orphanages or boarding schools to allow them to return to a normal life. With the result of guidance obtained, though not by a method the Angel would have chosen, her direct influence be considered complete, thus with a last glance at the child being taken to a new life, the Angel returned to travelling.

Act 4: The Guided Angel

The Angel roamed for years more, ever attempting to fulfil its duty to aid, to direct people’s minds in more positive directions. By chance the Angel once more came across the site where a battle was once held between slavers and villagers, where she had attempted to guide an enslaved child for a time. Now much of both the village and the lives of those who lived, or came to live there had been rebuilt thanks to having been freed from the roaming slavers. Seeing little need to grant aid in this place, the Angel was ready to move onwards, but felt a twinge in the air, as if something was staring at her. Noticing a flash of cloth among trees, she moved to see what had caused it. Heading through the forest, she came upon a clearing, within which lay a small stone archway, stairs descending from it into the ground. As she searched for the cause of her concern, someone stepped out from behind the arch and bowed their head to her. This was unexpected, as no human had been able to detect her before. Whilst considering how to react, the person before her raised their head and within a moment, she recognized the adult before her as the child that had been enslaved. Glancing over their emotions, the Angel found that they were now calm, that they had been freed of the turmoil which once shrouded them. The former child motioned for the Angel to follow them and, curious of why they would do so, she entered the arch into the ruins below.

Together, one leading and one following, they descended through many twisting tunnels. Passing alternate routes, caved in paths and collapsed floors, they moved ever deeper within. The Angel felt no risk as there was no malice within the one who led her, simply calmness... which now seemed unusual given the nature of their current meeting. Before it could be pondered further they came upon a large, heavy door, which was opened, and the Angel was motioned inwards. Though she now felt some unease, she obliged. Inside the room was what appeared to be a person's study. Books were scattered around the place, from religious and historical texts to books on myths and legends, each surrounded by scribbles spiralling out upon the stone, as if someone was taking notes while reading, unwilling to move from that spot. As the one she had followed entered, the door closed behind them, sealing the only entrance into the room. The Angel noticed an abrupt change in emotion as excitement, as well as madness filled the air. The calm demeanour had somehow been a facade. She made to escape, but it was not to be as the moment she attempted, the words written upon the stone ripped up from it, shredding the walls and floor to encircle her, lashing her limbs in place within the air, binding tightly around her. She could feel malign energy coursing through them, weakening her, until everything faded to black.

Act 5: The Chained Angel

A dark stone room. Chains covered its walls, floor and ceiling, spreading web-like, converging upon a single point in the centre of the space, holding a pale, winged figure aloft as they entwined around its body. This was where the Angel was now imprisoned, her naivety having led her into a trap. Around her body walked a robed figure, its footsteps clinking across the metal links embedded in the floor as it examined her body, placing arcane glyphs upon it as if searching for something within her. To this noise she awoke, then unable to move she merely asked, in a feeble voice, “Why?”

This simple question brought a change upon her captor, who stepped back to see her. They mumbled, “Why, she asks, why,” as they turned around, and started to lower the top of their robe to reveal a back coated in scarred flesh. With an angry turn, they shouted back at her;

“This is why! For years you sat and watched and waited, as those... people slaughtered and enslaved all around you! You, a divine being, did nothing as they raided their way through villages, through people’s homes, through the very people themselves! No, you did not do nothing, you did worse than nothing. How did you see fit to repay them for these acts? You gave them back the humanity that they chose to discard as it was worthless to them; the one thing that separates humans from beasts, and you, you had the gall to give it back to those cruel, murdering beasts! I lived among them, was forced to help them, to maintain them just so that I could live. I had such rage at them. I wanted to take their lives myself as retribution for all that they had destroyed by discarding their humanity, but no, you gave them back what they discarded. You let them regain what they had lost and all the while they still had what they had taken! When the soldiers came on that day to wipe them out, I felt such relief that they would finally be slain like the beasts that they were, but no, they died asking for mercy, for pity, for forgivingness for their acts, like the very people that they had broken. I know that had a divine heard that request, they would have let them free, regardless of what their crimes where, thankfully it was heard by the ears of humans, they died as humans instead of beasts, but at least they were slain as they deserved.”

They paused for a moment, fixing both robe and composure before turning round once more to face the Angel and continuing in a level tone.

“The divine are incapable of helping people that need them. When wrath is the only way, all they can offer is false kindness, and your failure to help is what led to that conclusion. As such I will take away your existence, your divinity, all that might be considered you, as you allowed them to take away from me. That is why.”

With that said, they moved to walk out of the room, pausing for a moment as if waiting for a retort, a reply, something from her to defend her actions, but all that was heard was the falling of tears onto the chains below.

As days passed the energy within the chains slowly drained her body, slowly tightening, digging into her as they did, the feathers of her wings fading from white to grey, all the while she thought on the words and emotions that led her here. Trying to think of where she could have done something differently, where she could have helped everyone by her peaceful route, but she could not. She could not think of a way to save everyone, a way to bring peace to all groups, a way to show her captor that their thinking was not the correct path and that her divine path was the right one. All that came to her was that her path was different, yet with her captors words within her mind, she doubted if any path could allow everyone to be saved, all she could feel now was fear, fear that she would be trapped here until her body was broken, that she would not be able to find a peaceful path to show her captor that they were wrong. As her body shook in fear, the chains rattled with it, in tightening upon her, they had became less taunt as the spiralled tighter around her, her limbs could now move ever so slightly.

More time passed in this underground prison, unknown with the lack of external light, as she slowly freed up the chains from the smallest of movements, seeking to be free of this prison, it was at one of these times that her captor returned once more. Hearing the clinking of links upon links, they noticed that the Angel had managed to loosen its imprisonment, seeing this they spoke once more to them;

“You still hope to escape? You wish to be free of these chains that hold you? You want the same as I once did, and as I once found out, you do not always get what you want.”

With that last comment, the chains pulled tightly away from the Angel, stretching her body tight again, holding it immobile, but within her pain and despair she screamed out, feeling pain and wrath before her captor, wishing to lash out, to be free from this confinement. And so she did. Her body moved to strike at her captor, and managed so without a thought, chains trailing behind her as they pulled free from the walls, sinking into the body, tearing flesh and breaking bones where they struck. Shaken by this her captor toppled to the floor in a bloody mess, gasping, coughing up blood;

“Wrath sometimes is the only way to be free...” With that, they lay still, dead and broken upon the stones.

The Angel looked down, shocked at what she had done, at having slain someone she had tried to save, at the anger she had felt, and at the excitement of committing the act which freed her. As she tried to comprehend, a sharp sudden pain hit across her body, the chains were wreathing around her skin, trying to rip them from her, the chains moved with her, bound now with their own malice from connecting to her own at that one moment. She curled upon the floor, coiling trying to register what had just happened, darkness caught the edge of her vision, her wings had covered over as she curled and now the white had faded. Now they were black as she had slain what she was meant to protect. She had lost her divinity.


And this is my explanation bit from my prior attempted

The Chained Angel: Resk

Please...don't release me...

Element: Light/Dark
Alignment: Neutral
Player phrase: Am I forever to suffer...
Enemy phrase: Please...don't release me...
Description: A pale skinned maiden, wearing naught but the slim coverings put upon her by her captor, due to the nature of her imprisonment, as most was taken from her, to allow for easier testing, upon her back, are two large, black feathered wings, the sign of her fall from divinity, while she is held in the air, by quivering chains which seem to twitch, almost alive, attached to manacles upon her ankles, wrists, and neck.

Character Mock Up (Pretend the light grey is chains, and the dark grey is manacles. Also pretend slightly more depressing. as I'm really bad at drawing but ok at using paint :3 ) http://img546.imageshack.us/img546/2662/fallenangelresk.jpg

Could also be done via Evo, starting out as angel, with quotes refernicing part of the plot on entry / win / loss till finally being chained as the entry scene for final form?

But really it's up to Milt

Attack Method: The majority of her attacks, are via her binding chains, which lash out at anyone who approaches, be it to hurt or help her, and while they attack, she trys not to...
So basic attacks would be a variety of lashes or whip actions from the chains, while the 5 fold attack could consist of the chains bursting out from the ground under the foe?

Technical Stuff: The reason for Light/Dark is the fallen angel concept, even if it was forced upon her, so she still retains a little light. The main deck would be Light based, with cards such as Heal & Penance, while also containing some of the shadow cards such as sacrifice & empower, which use either discarding other cards, or discarding HP, rather than requiring shadow Energy, allowing it to charge using mono-light, but still having a different feel than other light characters.

I hope this is fine as an entry :3


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Alright, here's a collaboration entry. Credit to DeathGuard for the amazing art, story and idea by me.

IGN: Redingard

Name: Cyrano Blodgharm

Rank: Master/Legendary

Element: Fire

Backstory: At the peak of creation, the world was in disarray. With no sense of order or dissonance, everything was merely nothing. So, the world tried to fix itself with the birth of a god. Going by the name of Chaos, he was fueled by discord and hatred, feasting on the emotions of fledglings and their actions. And so, the world was plunged into darkness and sorrow. Again, the world was in disarray. And yet again, it made another god. Harmony, who taught the fledglings the meaning of order. Likewise, she gained her power through order and the kindness of the fledglings. The two gods were evenly matched, and dealt out their powers in equal measures. Without one or the other, nothing would take their place. But together, it functioned. This is where Cyrano's journey begun.

Cyrano started off as a simple, young and outgoing mage and priest, appeasing to Chaos in whatever way he could. Many feared the god, blaming him for their strife and hardships. They turned to Harmony, hoping she would ease their pain. While there were many other gods, Chaos actually helped the world with keeping the balance. Too much order, and the world would not know the struggle of life. What good is it when you learn nothing, everything being a breeze? This is what Chaos strives for. Whether it was mere prayer or animal sacrifices, he was one of the few that praised the god for his actions.

Over the years, he was well regarded in ambiguous ways. In his own world, he became an Arch Mage and a Summoner, a revered magical art. His knowledge was unbound, and his wisdom unmatched. Chaos was quite the narcissist, and the Summoner was one of his greatest devotees. At this point, the mage was a grown man. His faith never wavered, and his words held steadfast, he even converted most of the world that Chaos was to be revered, not shunned. It became a renowned religion, possibly even greater than the one that praised Harmony.

Thus, Cyrano advanced into the elderly age. The Summoner advanced as the greatest preacher of Chaos, and even became known to be his prophet. Chaos wasn't one for meaningless whelps who threw themselves at him, but he could tell that Cyrano was special. His dedication was evident, and the god said that he could do better. He invited the Arch Mage to his own domain, seeking to make Cyrano his apprentice. He readily agreed.

Under his guidance, the Summoner became a strange sort of demi-god. He ceased to age, and is abilities continued to grow. At this point, Cyrano could summon some of the most fearsome creatures the world had to offered. Ranging from hydras to phoenixes, his power was unbound while he served the god. Many years continued to pass, and he learned how to keep balance in the world. By his side, Chaos became powerful and unruly. The centuries passed, and the world was the essence of perfection.

However, Chaos began to see little point in an apprentice. As of now, he was capable of keeping the balance without any help. There was little point for an apprentice, as skilled as they may be. The god's religion and reputation flourished, but what did it matter? Even Cyrano agreed. The Summoner's devotion never faded, but his will had. The mere pleasantries of life were preferable to hearing to the constant bashing of whelps and fledglings, trying his best to quell the tide of dissonance.

So the two came up with an agreement. Cyrano would go back to being a mortal, living out the rest of his days as an adventurer. They browsed the world, seeking out the one perfect for the Summoner. Nearly all of them were unremarkable; dull, boring, and filed to the brim with pathetic mortals struggling for power. But then, the duo stumbled upon one world outside of their own. Unchained, unbound, and not living by the rules set by the gods, it lived in its own dimension. The balance of harmony and discord was completely wrong; the perfect place for Cyrano to adventure in. So, he did.

Knowing that it would be a one-way trip, considering how it lived outside of the barriers of their own world, Cyrano said his farewells. His job as prophet and Arch Mage was done; it was time to start from scratch. Now, he could only summon the common beasts of the world, ranging from lycanthropes to lesser elementals. But for some reason, his hydra, Lecrato, stayed by his side. Retaining only his wisdom, intellect, and a moderate portion of his former power, he delved into the unknown world. The world of Oversoul.

Appearance: Credit to DeathGuard.

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ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!


Name: Water Beast Jellyfish
Rank: Master
Element: Water
Appearance: A giant floating jellyfish wielding a katana made of water.
Bio:A long time ago, the Elemental Avatars chose animals to represent their respective element based on their characteristics. Neso, Avatar of the Water, chose the deadly jellyfish. Like the ocean, it looks calm and peaceful, but when provoked the jellyfish becomes a force to fear and can kill a man quickly.


Name: Earth Beast Elephant
Rank: Master
Element: Earth
Appearance: A bipedal elephant wielding a stone hammer in his trunk.
Bio:Temblor, Avatar of Earth, chose the mighty elephant to represent the earth. They are large and possess tremendous strength but also can be gentle. Not only that, but they can communicate through the earth itself.


Name: Light Beast Chameleon
Rank: Master
Element: Light
Appearance: A bipedal chameleon wielding a bow of light.
Bio: Celeritas, Avatar of Light, chose the crafty chameleon to represent light due to the way it can bend its own color(light can be refracted into a color spectrum after all) and how it relies on light to gather heat to maintain body heat and move around.


Name: Energy Beast Trout
Rank: Master
Element: Energy
Appearance: A floating rainbow trout with a compass on its head(secretly possesses a taser it launches out of its mouth like a weapon).
Bio:A fish seems like a very odd choice to represent the element of energy, but Haeos, Avatar of Energy, decided to pick this beast because it can navigate using magnetic fields, the energy source produced by the earth itself.


Name: Fire Beast Beetle
Rank: Master
Element: Fire
Appearance: A bipedal beetle wearing safety goggles.
Bio: Fiamme, Avatar of Fire, picked the strange Bombardier Beetle to represent Fire. This strange beetle is capable of producing a boiling hot liquid through the glands located on the *ahem* posterior of this creature which it can launch at the enemy.


Name: Shadow Beast Owl
Rank: Master
Element: Shadow
Appearance: An owl wielding two shadow daggers.
Bio: Voidstar, Avatar of Darkness, picked the wisest of animals to represent his power. This bird is a master hunter of the night and with a great wisdom that allows for all the cunning you'd expect from the ambassador of darkness.


Name: Ice Beast Sloth
Rank: Master
Element: Ice
Appearance: A bipedal sloth wielding a greatsword of ice.
Bio: Kyanos, Avatar of Ice, chose the sloth to represent Ice. This slow moving beast, like Ice, can suddenly lash out and be your worst enemy in no time. Cracking ice and a roaring avalanche can put you in peril within seconds, even though Ice is known most for being slow.
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Name: Azi the Faded
Description: Once a proud soldier who fought in the war against evil, Azi has been corrupted by the very fiends he sought to destroy. His soul was devoured and he would have been left for dead if not for an infamous necromancer. The necromancer gave Azi life, but at the cost of his honor. He is now a feared warlord who commands an undead army in the icelands far east. He has mastered the element of ice as well as shadow, using them both as offensive weapons.
Appearance: Part undead, part ghost. Azi wears a ripped cloak with a torn hood, showing part of his face. His eyes and left hand glow light blue. He wields the Shadow Spear of Nulgath, but it has been frozen in places. He also wears dark gray/silver armor underneath his cloak, and has two bone spikes coming out from his left shoulder. There is also a sheathed katana (very simple; thin with a cracked silver blade and a black handle and sheath) on his right hip. His armor is cracked in many places, and his right hand is partly covered with a leather glove, partly skeletal.
Alignment, Rank, & Element(s): Evil -50 – Legendary – Shadow and Ice
Dialogue: Controlled- Your soul will be mine!
Enemy- My next kill.
Victory- Pathetic
Cards: 1 Sacrifice
2 Life Drain
2 500 Attack (Ice)
2 200 Attack (Ice)
1 Mark of Death
1 Shatter
2 Empower
2 Void Reflection
2 Frostbite
1 Defend (Ice)
2 Cold Exchange (A new card that costs nothing, regains 6* ice energy, enemy gains 600* hp)
*can be changed
Animations: 1 hit- Downward slash with his spear
2 hits- Downward slash, and then a shadowy spear thrust
3 hits- Two bolts of shadow lightning and then an ice explosion
4 hits- Two stabs with his spear, and then he draws his katana with an upward slash and then a downward slash
5 hits- Spear throw, then he rushes at his enemy while drawing his katana, upward, downward, and then upward slashes with his katana, and then he leaps back as his spear comes back through the other side of his opponent, and he catches the spear in midair
Victory= Cheering
Defeat= Shatters into ice shards

Hope you guys liked it!

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Name: Axos, the Godangeldemon of minor stuff who joins Nulgath and Dage at the same time.

Story: In the beginning, there was void. Then stuff happened. Somewhere between beginning and end Axos came into being. He is the god of minor stuff, yet also a Angel, A Demon, and a follower of Both Nulgath and Dage despite Dage not existing in this universe and the inevitable paradox. He's just that awesome. He has done so many awesome and yet evil things and one day will take both their places.

Cards: Lots of OP stuff

Element: Nutural/Light/Shadow

Appearance: He looks like a demonic angel with wings and a long sword that is made out of minor stuff. He has a void face and titan armor.

Possessed Quote: I AM A GOD!
Win Quite: YEAH LOLZ!

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Non-contest suggestion

Justice Freddy

Neutral moron0

Element: JoblessNeutral

Appearance: Will draw when I have the time.

One man woke up in the middle of a forest, only to find out that he's now in the realm of Oversoul.

The man wondered how the heck he got in the forest in the first place. His clothes were different from the one the local denizens wore. He wore a red "crest" that was shaped like a blade, a white buttoned shirt that had a small storage space attached and black pants to compliment it. He also wears black "protectors" on his feet and small black shoes. He couldn't remember much when he tried to recall what happened to him beforehand. Most of his memories were wiped but he could still remember fragments of his recent life.

He remembered that he was a "minion" of a "tyrant" he supposedly trusted. The man earned very little money to sustain his everyday life. While workinv for his "master" he made a terrible mistake that affected the organization he worked for then his master got really mad and "set him ablaze". Humiliated and enraged, he stormed out of the establishment and rode on his "steed". Along his trip on the way home, he wanted to get home as fast as he can but then he saw another person going in his direction. The humiliated man went too fast and... everything went black. He couldn't remember anything other than that with the exception of his awakening in the Overworld.

The man inspected the place he woke up in further and saw a square "shield" that had a combination lock and a small contraption that "harnessed the power of lightning". Taking up arms, he found his way out of the cruel forest, made up a name for himself(Freddy)and carved a mask out of stone to hide his identity. Using his past as his resolve, he set out on a journey of finding out who he was and freeing all people treated poorly by who they work for.

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