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RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III

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9/1/2013 11:51:54   
Tower Knight

Monster: The Slime Guard
Name: Sir Charles Lowth
Element: Shadow/Earth (Earth Is purely defensive, whereas Shadow is offensive but most attacks are poison related.)
Alignment: Neutral -3
Player Line: Graaaaaaaahhhhhhh……
Alternate Line: Ghh…Will You End me? Hhh…
Enemy Line: Uuuuuahhhhgg…..
Alternate Line: Hnn..Finish It, End it….

Description: A baroque Humanoid figure standing at a staggering 7ft tall, wearing what appears to be cumbersome plate armour that leaves no presence or opening to who the wearer might be. Immense Shoulder pads sit upon a wide frame and a jutting steel collar from the neck plate covers half of the wearers head, of whom is hidden under a grated Helm.
Despite the Armour’s sturdy appearance, mysterious but corrosive green liquid can be seen drooling from the helms visor and other unseen orifices, turning the surrounding grey armour into a deep red as it corrodes its surface.
The Giant knight wields an immense tower-shield almost as big as him/It which is always held in front and in his right hand he holds a large, if not unwieldy rusted Long sword which also drools the same green liquid.

Tale Of The Slime Guard

-Of Necromancy and Slimes

Many are the horrors that dwell within the dark corners of the world and many are those corners which harbor those who dabble in things best left untouched and unbidden within this mortal coil of existence. But within such confines also dwells beings as strange and as unknown as the demons and undead that dwell there ,as already, with outcries piercing the solemn silence of the darkened forest, another series of dark creatures and other monstrosities fall like the black autumn leaves before something strange, something…new to the dark forest.

Both much and little is known about the practice of necromancy, dependent upon who it is one asks and where it is spoken about, for such things are often ridiculed in the light of the open world. Such as it is when one desires to practice the art of necromancy they do so in the up-most secrecy, restricting their lust for knowledge and power for fear of discovery. Dabbling in the unknown arts is a risk best left for the experienced, with initiates instead beginning with the more controllable energies of life that provide their constructs and creations the ability to move, strike and guard at their command. Among these “starting” creations is the popular “slime”, a corrosive pile of acidic gloop that is put together with the barest-bones of necromantic magic and leftover organs to produce the most obedient servant available to an initiate necromancer. Indeed, for the slime is not just an obedient servant, it is also “The” most obedient servant in any necromancer’s arsenal, incapable of bending to any other’s will, including another necromancer’s and certainly not to it’s own non-existent will. Or so the theory goes.

Despite living in secrecy, however, there often comes a time when an initiate will put his or her abilities to the test by impatiently taking short-cuts in their maddening quests for power over life and death. It is under such events that the greatest cataclysms can occur as wandering and uncontrollable hordes of undead roam across the world, slaying and killing at random until defeated, either by the defenders of the realm or other necromancers who fear the situation getting out of hand.

Such as it was when Miranda Lowth, a young initiate necromancer, sought to use necromancy to raise a mighty warrior to take revenge against her family household that had thrown her into the streets following the discovery of her “interests”. Breaking into the deepest catacombs and crypts that lay buried under the village that had birthed her, she shattered her family tomb and uncovered the dusty armored skeleton of her great grandfather “Sir Charles Lowth”, a tall and mighty warrior who had saved the village 144yrs before from an undead invasion. How ironic, she lavishly thought, that the villages savior would soon become its harbinger of doom. Taking into account the warnings of her fellow necromancers, her plan became evident as she unveiled from her robes more than a dozen jars of a green substance, small organs floating gingerly within each container.

Her logic proceeded as thus, if a slime is obediently loyal to even the weakest of necromancer, then one must simply empower it with both a stronger shell and a physical body to create an obedient slave worthy of even an advanced necromancer.However, as she poured her magic and liquid into the orifices of the knight’s helm, she failed to note that another soul yet pre-occupied the armored husk, the soul of her Grandfather of whom still dwelt within in deep slumber. For despite the heroic portrayal of the story in which he was featured, it is not the full tale that is told to all.

-Of Heroes and Curses

Long ago, as fire and ember roared and an undead legion sought to destroy and slaughter any living thing within it’s path, it is thought that the village of house Lowth was unfortunately in the path of such another dark crusade and thus unfortunately the subject of it’s wrath. It is not thought or even guessed however that the villages presence in the face of the undead horde was not in fact the poorest of luck but rather the focus of its malice. For what is not told in the tales, that at the head of this undead horde was a mighty Necromantress, who called out the members of house Lowth one by one into personnel combat with promise upon her defeat that the undead legion would crumble and her demise left at their hands. Despite the lack of magic in each engagement, the Necromantress turned out to be as mighty a duelist as she was a sorcerer of the dark arts, swiftly cutting down the members of house Lowth one by one.

In a dramatic fashion, as all hoped seemed scattered to the winds, Sir Charles Lowth, the head of the family, stood out to meet his opponent, garbed in the same armor that his corpse wears today. It was during that intense battle, as the two fought in a struggle where both were left heavily injured that the Necromantress called out to Charles, her father and how he had cast her out due to her practices in necromancy. Riddled with guilt and dazed by the information that the Necromantress was his own daughter, Cludia Lowth sought to end the fight with this advantage in mind and take revenge against those who had wronged her, only to fall into Charles masquerade as he dodged the blow and, with his foot, shattered her elbow. Laying at his feet, the undead army did indeed crumble and the village cheered his name as a hero but despite it all, he could not bring himself to kill is once favored daughter. In a final act of revenge, Cludia Lowth shot Charles with a darkened bolt, sending him reeling and cursed that, even after death his soul would remain trapped and suffer on this earth, never to move on. His daughter was soon burned at the stake by the villagers but nonetheless the curse came true, as he died gradually from his wounds, he found that he could not remove his armor and not all of the light magic in the world could save him and thus he has spent the next 144yrs trapped, forever conscious and forever suffering.

-Of Suffering and Release

When an independent soul, unchained by necromancy, is empowered beyond the constraints of a curse the results can be truly devastating especially to the novice and inexperienced. Such as it was that when the Slime fueled and empowered corpse of Sir Charles Lowth rose, it did not respond to Miranda’s commands, instead screaming and yelling as Charles’s soul felt the corroding properties of the Slime throughout his entire being, suffering now in deep burning pain rather than years of solitude. Already maddened by years of consciousness, unmoving from his location, the giant knight grabbed his old instruments of war and lashed at his surrounding, devastating archaic stone-work and desecrating entire tombs as his form left behind a trail of corrosion and death. Not recognizing his great Granddaughter, the once heroic Charles brutally cut her down and crushed her beneath his heel before bursting from his tomb-like prison and rampaging all across the village he had once sworn to protect.

Despite the village’s best attempts, it was unprepared for this development and entire platoons were swiftly cut down. Eventually, stopping short of Castle Harrow, home to house Lowth, The once revered hero of Sir Charles Lowth tore down the great gates of his once mighty castle and proceeded to attack and kill without mercy, still able to enact the fearsome fighting and defensive finesse he had in life to protect his village, which was now being used to tear it apart. After an all-out fight, between him and the now present lord of house Lowth, of which lay dead at his feet the spell of pain briefly subsided and the Armored giant for the first time, gazed at his surroundings. Still retaining his free will, The undead hero yelled in defiance to the heavens and cursed both himself and his daughter for the destruction he had wrought, ironically putting an end to the lives of those a had thought to defend with his life.

As the haze of pain soon returned, he fought to keep one basic thought in his mind, for it was all his mind could handle...

“Seek Death”

What ever happened to the once-hero afterwards in not known for sure, nor will it most likely ever be but some still speak of the castle ruins that reside upon the “Eroded Hill” and of the family that once lived there. Some even talk of legends about a fearsome and baroque knight who drools death and heralds times of plague. Regardless, all tales concluded that somewhere in the world there is an abomination, one who seeks death and will forever wander until he had found it.

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9/2/2013 1:01:24   

The Liljojo the Guardian descended from the heavens and now it begins it's true journey as it roams about the land of Oversoul, looking to purify the world from evil.

Appearance: The Liljojo the Guardian can look anyway you want however, I think it would look nice if you based it off of the design for Tyreal from Diablo 2 and 3.

Entrance: When Liljojo the Guardian enters there will be a light that shines from above him while you see a golden line that draws the outline of him and when it finishes, he emerges from it and says, "The light can shine out even the deepest darkness."

Defeat: When defeated, Liljojo the Guardiandrops to one knee and says, "The darkness may of triumphed this time but the light shall soon shine again."

4 500 damage
1 200 damage
3 Holy Strikes
3 Greater Heals
1 Retribution
1 of any future light card that may be added
3 500 defense

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9/3/2013 19:41:03   

Welp, thats awesome, He sees yours and didn't want mine.
Fair enough.
AQW  Post #: 328
9/4/2013 10:07:36   

In-Game username- Saturn

Name: Varekus

Element: Neutral

Alignment: Evil -30

Rank: Master


Clad in a full set of thin, obsidian armor. The helm has a long dark ponytail set on the back, and the armor itself is covered in tattered dark purple cloth, including a cloak that is barely noticeable as it has been torn to shreds.
He wields a massive ancient looking claymore with a tarnished silver trim.

Artwork by me - http://twitpic.com/dbtuox

• 200 attack card x3
• 500 attack card x5
• Counter Attack x4
• Power Strike x2
• Neutralize x3
• Death Flow x1

Player Quote: Soon, I too shall be consumed... by them... by the dark...
Enemy Quote: Forgive me, for I shall avail you... nothing.
Victory Quote: Thou art more pure than I...
Idle Stance: Stands with the hilt of his blade near his chest, the sword pointed downward into the ground. His breathing should appear heavy and apprehensive.
Charge animation: Darkness surrounds him in a swirling maelstrom.
Shield Animation: A low darkness surrounds Varekus’ feet.
• Combo 1: Slowly slashes at the target in an upward swing.
• Combo 2: Two quick circular slashes.
• Combo 3: Somersaults into the air and slams his sword down vertically, stabbing three times.

• Combo 5: He collapses to his knees in pain and pitch black beings rise from his body in a swirling maelstrom, striking at the enemy with tendrils.


“Do not stray too far from the light, young Varekus, lest you be hunted by the darkness. Do not lose yourself to the void, lest you be devoured by it. Remember, child... even legends pray. Do not lose sight of me. I will guide you through the shadows, and protect you from all evils.”

I open my eyes, the dirt and dust falling from my helmet. The air smells of death. Sadness.
I shall venture forth into the archfiend’s realm, to free this world from its horrors. The light shall guide my blade into the heart of the beast.
“Thou art chosen, Varekus. Maketh pilgrimage to the land of death and shadows, and slay the beast of the void. Then, the final torch of thy fathers shall be lit, and the spirits of those trapped in death’s twisted labyrinths shall relinquish themselves unto the light, and the light will accept them with its warm, benevolent grasp.”

I push myself from the earth, staring deep into the mountains that lead to the afterlife.

“Guardians of Light, lead me through these deathly halls. Protect me with thy crown of thorns and secure my heart in its holy place among the stars. I serve thee...”

Here I can sense the souls of those once living... a distant warrior, branded a sinner for reasons not of his own. A heartbroken knight who has lost the will to carry on. A maiden, her family... her childhood friends. They venture forth under the guidance of a treacherous coward. A frightened old man, searching hopelessly for someone to fend off the blackness which he cannot escape. A woman begging the darkness to fade, begging to her god to make it come to an end. Had they not suffered enough? I can hear her last words. “You are too cruel”... are they directed at her god? She is a saint in the eyes of both the faithful and the depraved and yet, all is lost in her body, mind, and soul.

I can only despair as the thoughts course through my mind like a thick venom.

It is only in thoughts of home that I retain my sanity in this unforgiving world. Undoubtably I would go mad and lose sight of my humanity without it, and for these thoughts to accompany me within the most dangerous of realms brought me peace. The path ahead seems so uncertain, though. So encroaching, looming. It’s as if fate is waiting just around the next turn.
The great chasm itself nearly causes me to stumble as eternal blackness spreads as far as I can see. From whence I stand, I am unable to discern just how deep this hell is, yet I am sure it stretches almost infinitely. Cautiously I wield my blade, ready for anything, as I press forward into the depths of hell. From the moment I set foot into the abyss I could feel my soul tugging away from me. The darkness that surrounded me threatened to cause my very existence to shatter and dissipate within it.

Despite my doubts, I venture downward. Ultimately, my goal was worth more than the unfathomable stake at hand. The deeper into the void I tread, the more I feel myself begin to hallucinate and the more my sanity cringes under the weight of this evil.

My gods were no longer present. I can see the atrocities that crawl about. Silhouettes of terrible beings move in the distance. Very faint, but I know what they are. Something about these beings is familiar to me. The realization I endure is something that strikes me in a foreboding horror. The creatures are the very souls of those lost within the trenches of madness. I watch, almost in shock, as the souls vie amongst themselves, absorbing one another and disappearing forever in a vicious cycle for power.

Somehow, these souls that resemble the essence of my humanity call out to me. It is as if something within me, my very soul, wants them; to keep them; to grow with them, to achieve more through them. They beckon to me. I nearly lose control, but my willpower allows me to snap out of the trance and push onward into the void. The mission of defeating the great fiend and bringing an end to all that is evil must continue. The dark spirits loom ominously ahead.

Upon nearing them, the spirits bear devilish gazes at me and attack me. Their slowness allows me to swing my blade, the spirit phasing out of reality as my blessed sword slashes through it. Something calls out to me with each spirit I free, almost compelling me to continue slashing through the mass of shadows that grow in number every second.

If I remain for too long, I will be overwhelmed. I descend further and further, and with each passing step I feel something tearing at me from within. I can’t help but question my decisions up to this point.

“Where are my gods? Where are they, and where am I? Why have I tread so far into this forsaken labyrinth? Please, gods, help me...”

The pain within me grows, becoming more and more intense as I progress. My pace has slowed considerably. I have to stop entirely in an attempt to treat the problem. I drop my blade to my side as I stare emptily at myself.

“Surely...” I think to myself. “Surely I am not going insane? Surely I can fight onward... I must...”

One instance of weakness, one stumble and the lowering of my guard... I see three black spirits spring upon me, phasing through me and instantly fading. The damage had been dealt. I can feel my soul’s connection to my body shatter, cracking to pieces as I fall to my knees. The call of the void is too great, and its primal instincts appeal to me. Consume. Dominate. I feel myself collapse under the weight.

Oh how cruel is fate? In under the most cautious of undertakings, I have failed to even come close to achieving my goal, condemning not only my life but my soul as well.
I can hear my spirit separate from me, clawing viciously and growling as it attempts to fend off more sprites, desperately trying to buy my body time to recover. I know such a thing is impossible, and my mind races an infinite distance before coming back with one dreadful revelation.

My mistake and recklessness also killed my most pure of existences. Call it unintentional. I have lured myself, and my soul, to its own doom. I have betrayed myself. And yet, to see myself still fight with unwavering bravery... it gives me hope.
In a last ditch effort I abandon all self-preservation and toss my body toward myself, dispelling all of the cleansing magic stored within me and placing a spiritual barrier around my soul.
It, now immobilized, sits watching me hopelessly as the last bit of my insanity escapes me, losing my withering grip on reality and my humanity.

I cry out to my gods with the last shred of sanity I possess, and the darkness consumes me.

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Man this one was a long one, but I think it was well worth the work :D

Character Name: Sir Atorak the Voidwalker

Rank: Legendary

Race: Unknown

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Element: Neutral/Shadow

Alignment: Evil -100 (cause 50 just don't cut it)

Controlled Quote: *screams in pain and anguish*

Enemy Quote: ...

Appearance: Sir Atorak is clad in armor from head to toe, but there are tears, dents, and breaks that reveal some of the skin on his arms, chest , and legs. His helmet is shaped like that of a hawk or eagle, but the lower beak is broken off so you can see his mouth, and a large hole is at the top so you can see one of his eyes, which will glow yellowish gold. His chest plate is like that of a medieval knight, but with a red cloth that goes from the front of his chest to down to his mid back, this is also torn and covered in dirt. His gauntlets are also very basic, but the finger guards are broken off on his right hand, so only from his palm down will he be armored there. His waist piece is plate mail as well, but several sword gashes run through it so it offers almost no protection. His legs are plate armored as well, the tips of his boots sharp like a knife. In his right hand he wields a 20 foot long Claymore, the blade itself is a dark color and purple smoke emits from it every now and again. His left hand is broken so he only wields the blade single handed, he also has a shield on his back. The shield itself is large enough to cover a whole side of his body, and it is adorned with twin lions against a blue background with a gold hawk or eagle at the center.

Backstory: So..you want to hear a story ea? Well I have just the thing for you...gather round all ye souls at the Sleepy Wolf Inn, for I shall now tell you of a once proud warrior who fell to darkness...the Voidwalker Sir Atorak.
It Begins...

Sir Atorak was the champion knight of a once great kingdom that ruled the realm of Oversoul long before The Great Archfiend Nulgath came, he was loved by the people, and feared by his enemies for his ruthless fighting style and sheer ferocity in battle. One day, Sir Atorak came across a burned village being attacked by fiends, and tried desperately to fight them off. Never before had such a monster been seen, Atorak did all he could but was eventually beaten and forced to retreat. Upon his arrival back, he informed his king of the monsters, shocked by this claim he asked for scouts to confirm this. Two days later only a single scout returned out of a patrol of six, when asked about what Atorak saw, the scout said "They are not human milord...some foul power drives these beasts to slaughter and pillage, they can only be spawn of the dark ones themselves..." With these words the scout passed out, and was soon pronounced dead in the hospital wing. Atorak, angry at his loss to the creatures, and sad at the loss of brave men, asked his king to let him take some men and exterminate them. Still unconvinced, or simply not wanting to believe such monsters were out there, the king refused and told the knight to return to his bunk to get some sleep. Shocked at this, but not one to question his lords order, Atorak did as he was told and went to sleep. It was that night that Atorak discovered the true cause of the demons sudden appearance, in his dreams...a voice spoke to him.
The Old One Speaks

The voice whispered to the knight, promises of power, wealth, and everything his heart could ever desire. Sir Atorak was no fool, and figured this was some dark magic at work, he spoke out into the realm of his mind "Who are you?" The voice simply laughed and replied "I go by many names, but you may call me The Old One" Atorak, curious now of what the voice was offering, asked further "You say you can grant me my every desire, but how can I be so sure of this?" The Old One must have smiled at this, for he said with a voice that was far to happy "Those demons you fought, they are children of the Void, a realm your mind cannot possibly understand. I can give you the power to fight against them and win...for a price." The knight shook in fury at hearing of those beasts again, he would give anything to make them pay for humiliating him and making him seem like a fool in the eyes of his lord. "What would you ask of me in return for this power?" Atorak asked, to which The Old One mused "Just that you sign this contract, simply sign your name and you will have your revenge." A large parchment appeared in front of the knight, written in a language he could not read nor understand, he was hesitant at first, but the reminder of those monsters...of his king not believing him, of his own hurt pride...without thinking a second more, he signed his name onto the parchment, it then disappeared in a puff of smoke, as laughter began to ring all throughout his head. After what seemed like hours, but only a few moments, The Old One said "It is done mortal... when you awaken you will have the power to slay those beasts...Just remember...you owe me." With that the voice was silenced, and the knight returned to his sleep.
Revenge and Betrayal

When Sir Atorak awoke, he dawned his armor and rode for the last spot the demons had been. They were gone, but their tracks were still fresh enough to follow. After two days of riding, he finally found them again, attacking another helpless town. Not wanting to witness it a second time, the knight charged in and began to fight the demons. Needless to say, they were shocked at how much stronger he had gotten, how he seemed to be able to ignore pain and keep his ground no matter what they threw at him. When the last demon was slain, Sir Atorak howled to the sky in victory, now he had to bring back one of these beasts as proof to his lord. After hitching one of them to his horse, he began to ride back to the kingdom, upon his return the king was waiting for him at the gate, a platoon of armed guards behind him. Sir Atorak dismounted and proclaimed "I have done it! I have slain the beasts, and I brought one back as proof!" The king, not believe this, walked around to see the corpse of the demon, much to his displeasure, quite there and quite real. Sir Atorak expected to be rewarded, and so he was...but not in the way he had hoped. To busy looking at his lord for approval, he failed to notice the guards sneak up behind him and stab him in the back with swords and spears. Sir Atorak was shocked, but was only able to register what happened after he had fallen face first in front of his lord. "Why..." was all the once proud knight could say, his lord smirked and said "I knew about them, I wanted them alive so I could continue to extort money from the people, but you went and slaughtered them all...for that your punishment is death." As Sir Atorak lay dying at his former lord feet, the voice of the Old One spoke to him once more "Time to collect mortal..." Sir Atorak screamed in pain for several long moments, before finally standing up again. But this was not the same Sir Atorak, it was something far...far worse.
The Voidwalker is Born

A storm started to brew around the kingdom, thunder and lightning crashed and the wind roared in fury, the guards, as well as the king, all took several steps back after watching the knight rise to his feet again. "Impossible...kill him you fools!" The king shouted, and the guards obeyed, drawing more weapons with which to strike at Atorak. He let the blows hit him, one guard hitting his left arm so hard it broke and was now useless. Astonished, and very afraid, the guards were unprepared as Atorak whirled around and cleaved them all with a single swing of his blade. Atorak had changed..no longer was he the proud knight, he was now a soulless monster, with only one thought on his mind: "Kill." A deep purple mist began to emanate from the cracks in his armor, and his sword began to glow with the same mist. The king, horrified at the sight of the man who was once dead at his feet, as well as the eviscerated corpses of his guards, tried to make a run for the forest. The knight with inhuman speed, jumped into the air and slammed his sword down in a helm splitter strike, slaying his king before he even managed to make it past the first few trees. The Old One spoke to the soulless one "Now go my Voidwalker...bring death and destruction in my name." Screaming into the air, the knight turned to walk into the kingdom.."

"I assume you can guess what happened next, the town and its people were burned to rubble and ash shortly thereafter, never to be seen again. Knights from a neighboring kingdom stumbled upon the ruins, as well as footprints that lead away and into the forest. What happened to those man, no one can say, but legend of the man who singlehandedly slew an entire kingdom was born from that day. That day...the good Sir Atorak died, and in his place, in the form of his soulless husk of a body, a true demon was born: Sir Atorak the Voidwalker
Thank you for viewing my character, if you like this please let me know, and if you have any advice or suggestions as to what I can change to make this better, please let me know via PM, thanks! Cardshockmasterb24~
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Earth Fairy

Well, since the fairies are loose embodiments of their respective elements, I thought that they should have matching "soul" circles to match them. I only did EF, because I was lazy, really bad with paint ms and/or other art programs, and the other ones are also kinda of self explanatory. Blue=Water, Yellow=Light, Green=Earth

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Gorillo Titan

This my character suggestion its not 100% complete but I will finish it later. All feedback will be appreciated.

Spider = apprentice
Giant Spider =Veteran
Volt Spider = Master
Volt Widow = Legendary

Apprentice looks like a tarantula only about half the size of Wolf

Veteran Half the size of the Frost Queen spider

Master Half of its body has now been replaced with mechanical parts and has lightning surge from its mandibles.

Legendary still has a mechanical body but is now painted all black with a greenish tint with the face of Volt engineer on its back with a cross going through it. Instead of looking like a tarantula wit has taken on a more Black widow look with a large abdomen it is about 85% machine now same size as frost queen's spider
Ranks Apprentice,Veteran,Master,Legendary
- 5 Nuetral
-15 Evil
15 Good
-40 Evil
Story: Legend tells of a species of spider that grows to an enormous size. One day while walking in one of his new robot suits Engineer steps on one of these spiders but doesn't kill. Seeing the creature in so much pain he decides to help it by transforming it into a Volt Spider a half spider half machine. As the spider begins to get use to it new body it becomes good friends with engineer even letting him in on some of the secrets of the forest, but one day while Engineer is feeding Volt Spider the image flashes into its head of it being stepped on. It goes berserk and bites off Engineers hand and runs away screaming I will return to finish the job. As the spider runs off into the woods it comes across a portal and is beaconed to go inside only to come face to face with Nulgath who gives him power transforming him into Volt Widow. Volt widow now randomly travels the wooded areas of the Oversoul feeding upon anything that gets in its way never forgetting its vow of revenge against Volt Engineer.

Apprentice – Veteran Quotes
Player Quote: "I sure hope no one steps on me...."
Enemy Quote: "You Look Tasty"
Master Quotes
Player - Look at my new toys.
Enemy- No one dare hurt my best pale Engineer.
Legendary Quotes
Player - A new

Combo Animation Appretice - Veteran
1 Combo: Leaps across the screen onto its enemy.
2 Combo: Shoots two webs from its mouth.
3 Combo: Spider stands up on its hind legs as a web appears behind the enemy and starts to spread out.
5 Combo: Five baby spiders fall from the sky landing on the enemy.

1 Combo: Leaps across the screen onto the enemy
2 Combo: A cannon appears on Volt spiders back and shoots two bullets
3 Combo: Three mechanical spiders appear on the ground in front of volt spider and charge at the enemy exploding on contact
5 Combo: A giant mechanical foot comes down on the enemy

1 Combo: Shoots a giant ball of lightning out of its mouth
2 Combo: Volt Widow’s mandibles shoot out like two spears hitting the enemy
3 Combo:
5 Combo:A nulgath made of spider webs appears and smashes into the enemy

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9/9/2013 0:17:36   

Name: Lobo
Appearance: http://t.co/kESTVivOsz
IGN: DeathGuard
Contest entry
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 333
9/9/2013 18:11:16   


As I managed to get into art this time, have my first attempt at art for next time :3


"It's clear that you haven't drawn in a while, but at least we get what you're trying to get across. One thing though: you're making such slight variations between evolutions and forms that they don't even feel like evolutions. and is 5 just 4 turned sideways? If it were me, I'd make it fancier, or have less forms. "

My Reply:
"Ah, you misunderstand me, each image isn't an evo' or form, but merely the possibilities for 1, or at most 2 forms, I went through while drawing towards the final goal.
As the contest has no limit on entries per person, and as I couldn't decide which 2 were the 'better' ones, I just uploaded all of them :3 "

V1: http://imageshack.us/a/img580/7378/gpjd.jpg

V2: http://imageshack.us/a/img833/9553/9efj.jpg

V3: http://imageshack.us/a/img203/4051/84d8.jpg

V4: http://imageshack.us/a/img29/9682/etyk.jpg

V5: http://imageshack.us/a/img202/7894/590x.jpg

As i wasn't sure when to stop...


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9/11/2013 13:14:13   
Cyber doom5

The Maddened Marionettes

Appearance: About the size of Volt engineer, Floating about a foot above the ground with faint thread lines visible from various points on the arms, wooden texture with ball joints at elbow, shoulder,waist, neck, knee, and waist.
Enemy- Hhhhhhhheeeeeeehhheheheheehe
Owned- Hunger..... we hunger

Attack- it glides across screen and crashes into the enemy
2 hit- wraps the enemy in thread and pulls itself into the enemy
3 hit- eyes flash red, massive glowing red ropes erupt from the ground hitting the enemy
5 hit- Eyes glow blood red and orbs of energy get drained from the opponent.
Death- all the limbs fall off and the semi visible strings snap
Movement- it glides across screen arms and legs swaying the opposite direction of the characters movement

Deep within the ruins of ancient civilizations lurk a dark presence; at first it reels simply as if you are being watched, then you get the feeling that something is following you. You look over shoulder, nothing there so you keep on moving a little faster than before, then comes the ominous rattling that sounds as if someone or something was banging bones together, you look and still nothing, thinking to yourself, “it’s just my imagination”. Then comes the laughter, a high pitched kind of laughter like that of a child, at this point you being to run, out of the corners of your eyes you see dark shapes running behind you. You hit a dead end, as you turn you see looming over you yet never touching the ground, a wooden marionette, the size of a full grown adult, with a fiendish smile on its wooden face. You let out a sigh of relief, it was just a toy, as you turn to walk past it you see that there is more than one, as you step past them you here that terrifying laughter behind you. Slowly you turn around all of the marionettes had turned and now looked at you with their soulless eyes, almost with a kind of hunger to their gaze. They slowly begin to move forward, you back up in terror and turn to run, before you can even scream, they end you.

The Marionettes, little is known of the genesis of these beings, they lurk in crypts, ruins, caverns, and on rare occasions they find their way into cities and towns. Though harmless in small number (1-3) if you are unfortunate enough to wander into a horde of these creatures you will not make it out alive, once they see you they will hunt you, and when they hunt you, you will not live to see daylight. Upon study of a dead marionette, it is still unknown what drives these wooden creatures, they are not overly difficult to kill, but they seem to gain power based on the more souls they devour. It is also unknown as to why they have the laugh of a child, or why they laugh before they attack and kill a being. Though much is still unknown about these insane creatures, it is common knowledge that they must be avoided at all costs.


DF MQ AQW  Post #: 335
9/11/2013 21:25:58   

Rank: Legendary

Character Name: Time Void

Appearance: Just like the Hex Void, but the robes and staff colors are now Dark Blue, and the eyes are purple. The staff is a bit longer.

Alignment: -35 Evil

Element: Lightning

Story/Description: The ultimate version of the Hex Void. The Time Void was a mistake - it came out of the portal all voids came out of. The time void, was a collapse in time and space between the real OverSoul realm, and the Void OverSoul Realm. This event caused the last Hex void coming out of the portal to transform into an ultimate force of destruction. Some say that Hex Voids have this power in them, but have not released it yet.

Battle Quotes
Player: "The storm is my weapon... Your weapon is dust to me. Prepare for defeat!"
Enemy: "The Wrath of my storm is upon you! Prepare to be sent into the Void Realm!"

Stage 1: Hex Void
Stage 2: Time Void (this one)

Shield Cards:
Gives 1000 sheild for 6 mana. Card is called "Time Sheild"
Gives 500 sheild for 3 mana. Card is called "Defend" (the regular defend card)

Attack Cards:
2x 200Dmg Attack Cards
4x 500Dmg Attack Cards
1x Unblockable "Time Release" At the cost of 12 Mana, you deal 1000 Damage
3x Has a 50% chance of being unblockable or blockable. Deals 300 Damage, at the cost of 3 Mana. Card is called "Lightning Call"

Special Cards:

2x "Power Electrecute" Deal 700 damage.

1x "Chain Lightning" Deal 500 damage 3 times in a row.

1x "Surge" Can deal up to 2750 damage. Has a 10% Sucess Rate. Animation is 3 balls of pure energy that are purple appear around the enemy, and Zap him for about 10 seconds. Blockable.


Same as Hex Void, but lightning is purple.

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9/11/2013 22:28:20   

Name: Lucky
Appearance: He haves the same face as a paladin. Wears a green robe that haves the four leaf clover on the front. He haves a deck of cards on his right side. Wears brown boots and blue gloves. He also wears a Yellow necklace with a gold coin attached to it.

Enemy: Lets see which one of us gets lucky...
Player: Hey pal! Heads or tails!?

Element: Earth

1 hit: Draws a card from his deck and throws it at his opponent.
2 hit: He raises his hand and a 2 diamonds appears on the floor of his foe, the diamonds then shoots upwards.
3 hit:He throws a 3 of spades in the air over his foe, when they are directly above the victim, the shapes shoots out of the card and downward.
5 hit: He draws five cards and throws them into the air. They then shoots towards his foe.
Death: His body flies backward.
Defense stance: A giant card acts as his shield.

Special cards (normal type cards): Bet x1- he detaches and flips the coin that was attached to his necklace . 50% chance of of the coin landing on swords and making attack for 300 damage, and 50% chance of the coin landing on shields and giving him 500 defense.

Master shuffler: Before his turn starts, he automatically draws. When the deck is full, he does nothing.

Every other card is a earth card any other earth types would have.

Back story: Lucky has always been winning card games and events. He eventually got bored with him only risking embarrassment or respect in the card games. He decided to take his way of playing a bit further. He now risks his LIFE in the card games such as battles themselves. He enjoy the thrill of high risks. He love the fact that only the winner is the survivor. He now travel across the world, trying his luck against his foes and enemies. Until he has lost the match, until he haves no more tricks up his sleeve, until he haves no more cards to play, he challenges anyone who is a fighter in the world of oversoul. His cards are not normal cards. When he infiltrated the fairies forest and got caught, he challenged the queen fairy. Ironically she accepted and lost and because of that, she gave the cards of the fairies to Lucky.
Name: Victimizer
Enemy: Lets see how much I can chop ya!
Player: hehehe.....I promise this will hurt......

Appearance: He has a metallic skull as a head. His eyes glows red. His arms are blades that is shiny. His left leg is also a blade. His right leg looks like a normal metallic leg. He wears a red robe that only covers his body.

1 hit: He stabs his foe with both arms
2 hit: He kicks his opponent with his left leg, then swings it back down.
3 hit :He cuts his foe by swinging his arms up , does it again by swinging them down, then flip kicks his victim with his left leg.
5 hit: He sticks his left leg and his arms out in front of him. Then he spins while crashing into his foe.

Story: He was built by an inventor that was banished from nuglath's army. The Victimizer only purpose is to destroy anything and anyone he sees. It was also programmed to feel all of his creator's anger and despair. The only reason it can feel is because it is made by creating the horrific body and storing a soul inside it. The Victimizer only cares for one thing, how shiny his blades are. This is the reason you usually do not see any blood on them.
Name: Orb Sage
Enemy: Let us test our fates.
Player: Prepare yourself...

Appearance: He wears a blue robe with a golden trim. All parts of his body is covered by the robe. He carries an orb with one hand. His face cannot be seen due to the darkness of his hood. He also wears red gloves.

1 hit: He reaches his orb outwards and the orb shoots a ball of darkness.
2 hit: He Raises his orb and a ying yang surrounds his foe. As it rotates, in hurts the victim two times.
3 hit: He raises his orb and three lines of light (one by one) attacks the target.
5 hit: Raises his orb. Afterwards two balls of light appears on the left side of his foe, and two balls of darkness appears on the other side. They all come crashing into his opponent. The explosion is the fifth hit.

Special cards:
Empower x2
heal x1
Lying darkness x1- The user will be invective to status affects.
Blinding Light x1- Deals 600 damage.

Story: His soul is not located in his body, it is located in the orb the body is carrying. In fact, there is only a wooden doll under those clothes. He actually died long time ago. Before his death, he prayed to become what he became, a soul inside a orb that can control the wooden bodies he creates. The spirits he prayed to also gave him the power of light and darkness.

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10/1/2013 14:33:07   

Name: ryu the voidwalker
element : shadow
rank : master
Race: unknown
gender: male
controlled qoute : the power.... is overwhelming
enemy qoute: the old one gives power to the strong

1 hit combo : simple slash with his claw
2 hit combo: simple slash with a downward slash afterwards
3 hit combo: 3 jabs with his claw
5 hit combo: teleports behind enemy and attacks 5 times then teleports back

backstory :
legends told of a living gauntlet one that could imbue its wearer with the special skills and talents.
The rumours lead him to the lost city the gauntlet was supposed to be located in the death pits , apparently the rumours were true but what the gauntlet did was all a lie , it twisted ryu's form into a grotesque shape , now he hunts with the powers of the void, hoping to redeem his old form and finally bring peace to himself

appearance : https://twitter.com/Pennocki_AE/status/385107377063616512/photo/1
coloured: https://twitter.com/Pennocki_AE/status/385117083555479552/photo/1
im sorry that its in paint but i tried my best

@below: thanks clinton

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10/1/2013 15:30:42   

@pennocki I love the art pretty nice
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10/1/2013 17:15:20   

Name: DarkLore
Element: Shadow
Rank: Legendary
Race: Eternal shadow
Gender: Male
Controlled quote: The archfiend is nothing compared to me! NOTHING!
Enemy quote: You dare defy the darkness of Lore?! I will kill you!
Winning quote: The darkness is here to stay! HAHAHAHAHA!
Backstory: Here!
Appearance: A living shadow with demon eyes and mouth filled with sharp teeth. Wears a blood red hood and blood red cape.

1-hit: Throws a ball of shadow at the enemy
2-hit: Shoots two skulls from his mouth hitting the enemy.
3-hit: Stretches his shadow and bites the enemy three times.
5-hit: Laughs (mouth movement at least.) and makes the screen darken and slashes the enemy by moving across the screen using himself as weapon.

5 x500 attack cards
5 x200 attack cards
3 shields
2 empowers
2 sacrifices
2 bloodrages
2 lifedrains
1 mark of death
1 void reflection
2 poisons

Unique cards: Devour shadows: Convert up to +1000 defense into a +1000 attack.
Evil's mend: Heal for +500.
Sinister evil's mend: Heal for +1200 after one turn.
Revenge: After 1 turn combo strike for +1500 damage.

Death animation: Same as headless horsemen and darkon.
Winning animation: Laughs and disappears.
Charging animation: Same as nulgath (Ironic but best match)
Shield animation: Black transparent shield.

Just a few notes: I want him to be in the nightmare dungeon. Yes I know that getting a captureable legendary would game-breaking, but I'm not exactly a hardcore gold farmer. Also can't buy sg's all the time. At least with a deck like that he'd be challenging. I'm also not inclined for making lower ranks for him. I will not allow that. Thank you for your time.

EDIT: Added extra cards via Bionic bear's request.

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10/1/2013 18:40:14   
Bionic Bear

Ye sure that this character deserves legendary? If he had, say, 2 poisons, maybe, but 4 500s and 3 200s isn't going to cut it fer me.
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10/6/2013 22:29:50   

Name: Prismatic Dragon
Element: Light
Ranks: Apprentice, Veteran and Master Form
Race: Dragon
Appearance: Apprentice and Veteran Form
Master Form
Controlled: Miserable beings, don't you know your weakness?
Enemy: I'm about to unleash the true origins of magic which resides in this world, don't you die too fast!
Victory: Weaklings like you should be erased from the Oversoul!
Backstory coming soon!
IGN: DeathGuard


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10/22/2013 14:10:35   

I love this game! Tons of awesome characters and an overall nice variety of creatures but the game lacks two things: Multi-Element creatures and ZOMBIES!
So why not kill two birds with one rock? Here's a character suggestion:

Name: Risen Templar
Rank: Master
Alignment: Good 30
Main-Element: Light
Sub-Element: Shadow
x2 Attack 100 (Light)
x2 Attack 200 (Light)
x2 Attack 500 (Light)
x2 Pierce 100 (Light)
x1 Defend (Light)
x2 Penance (Light)
x1 Greater Heal (Light)
x2 Sacrifice (Shadow)
x1 Empower (Shadow)
All in all:
15 Cards.
12 Light cards and 3 Shadow cards

Controlled: Risen Templar - My undying Light will consume the wicked.
Enemy: Risen Templar - Evil must be culled!
Victory: Risen Templar - Even in death, Light prevails.

I'm thinking a zombie with a chainhelm and light radiating from his eye sockets, clad in white armor with golden trim (Artix style, if you'd like), gryphonhead shaped shoulderplates and holding a kite shield that is split in the middle in one hand and a gold handled silver sword in the other.
The hand of the swordarm is wrapped and hanging by a string of fine cloth connected to the shoulder that he's draging on the ground along with his sword.
In other words, he's missing the arm but the hand is still there, holding the sword.

Maybe a mantle would be too much eyecandy. I'm not a big fan of mantles and capes to be honest but i know many of you people are. How about some stylish skeletal pinions instead? The original Templar character has wings so it would only be fitting :P
When it all comes down to it thou, it's up to you awesome Artix staff. Keep up the good stuff! :D

When he attacks he runs a short distance towards his foe draging his hand and the blade along the ground before snaping his shoulder backward (forward in 5-hit combo) making his hand, attached by the cloth-string, swing through the air in a whip-like motion.
Suggestion for multi-hit animations.
1-hit: A simple downward swing.
2-hit: He flings the sword forward for the first strike, impaling the enemy and then forcefully pulls it back on the second hit.
3-hit: A downward swing that bounces the blade back into the air in recoil upon impact (the first hit) then he strikes down once again (second hit), this time the blade gets stuck upon impact and is violently pulled back, slicing the enemy as it comes back (for the third hit).
5-hit: He swings the sword backwards and spins it like a helicopter for three hits and then does the 2-hit combo.

I would be very pleased if something like this would enter the game...

IGN: Soulshroud
Signing off :)

The Jop wanted an "Empower" card removed and had a really valid reason for it that i missed and the "Greater Heal" would add some great sustain for lategame.
Thank you for your insight.

The Jop - I like it. Light goes well with sacrifice since it can recover the damage easily. I would like it even more if it had greater heal and if there was only one empower, since it has too many cards requiring discards which might waste cards some turns.

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Cookies and milk: Science studies shows it's totally yummy!
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10/24/2013 23:31:00   

name: Salene
element: fire
rank: master
1x attack 100
2x attack 200
2X attack 300
2x attack 500
1x unblockable 200
1x defend
1x meteorite
1x fireball
1x incinerate
1x super charged
1x natures gift
1x powerflow

the rest idk

AQ DF AQW  Post #: 344
11/2/2013 7:05:39   

A Legendary Evolution to Volt Engineer, maybe him on a robotic mount.
Ex. Elephant, Tiger, etc.
MQ AQW  Post #: 345
11/21/2013 22:47:25   
The Jop

How do you have 4 different elements in your deck and no way to charge 3 of them?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 346
11/22/2013 6:16:45   

With Energizer, super charged is possible. Nature Gift is impossible to use on a fire character since Earth doesn't have any boost up energy card. For Power Flow, it will require 13 cost to use it so, 2 fresh start will be able to help out. 4 element on one character will be really interesting to use and play with. But 3 element on one character will be really enough IMO.
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11/22/2013 17:10:03   

Reki v3.0?

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 348
11/22/2013 17:43:47   

I hope you enter that in the next contest.
MQ AQW  Post #: 349
11/22/2013 22:03:54   

@Exo I might, but I don't have much luck in those sort of things haha. Plus I don't have anything aside from the artwork for it.
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