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RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III

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11/23/2013 21:16:16   

Anyways I want to get you (the players) opinions on where to go with my suggestion for the next contest. All I have done so far is the art for a single form.

What is a good name for it?
What element should it be? 2 elements?
What rank should it be? Multiple forms?
What should I change art wise on the current form? Add a weapon to hold? Another wing?

Removed response to deleted post. ~Skurge, ArchKnight OSGD

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 351
11/23/2013 21:26:14   

name : zepor the executioner
element : light and shadow
rank master
maybe add a wing on the corrupted side of his body and horns... everything looks better with horns

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AQW Epic  Post #: 352
11/24/2013 22:49:35   

Name : Zephor the executor
Element: Light and Chaos
Rank: Master
Improvement/Suggestion: You can add a horn on his helm, draw a dual blade for him as a weapon, add a corrupted wing on the the corrupted side.

Reki, because your character is half corrupted, i suggest you should keep this character until the time the chaos character is release, then when the next contest is release when chaos character already exist in OS, then you can put him in the character contest. Its my suggestion though its your choice to put him in the upcoming contest but don't follow my suggestion on Element since i suggest for Light and Chaos.
Post #: 353
11/24/2013 23:22:19   
the warden

Reki: Carnivivate the corrupted
Element: light and chaos
add another wing i think
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 354
12/1/2013 20:31:49   

@Pennocki: I did that already xD
Prismatic Dragon Apprentice and Veteran
Prismatic Dragon Master
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 355
12/2/2013 3:59:04   

Name : The smoke
Element : neutral
Alingment : Neutral +5

Apprentice : Just a bunch of smoke with 2 eyes in the middle
Quotes :
PLayer : ...........
Enemy : ...........
Lose : ..........
Win : ..........

Vetrean : A smoke with body,head and hand,2 ear and 2 eyes on its head (like normal human but without nose and mouth)
Quotes :
PLayer : Im here to bring the smoke
enemy : you cant see with smoke around
Lose : Be right back
Win : Im not easy to kill

Master : A smoke with hand,head like a human,feet just like a perfect human but without sex
Quotes :
Player : You cant go anywhere,the smoke hide the wayout
Enemy : Dont think to go away,tho smoke is around you
Defeat : I will take my revenge
Win : no one can hurt smoke remeber that

Card :
(4x) attack 2
(2x) attack 4
(2x) pierce
(3x) Defend
(2x) Power strike
(2x) Cat reflex
(2x) Counter attack
(2x) iron hide
(2x) Add 300 heal on defend (After become veteran)
(1x) Discard 2 card to gain 10 neutral point (After become master

Attack animation
1 Hit : Full body tackle the enemy
2 hit : First : Disappear
Second : Attack enemy from below
3 hit : Make a tornado
5 hit combo : Turn into tornado and attack
AQW  Post #: 356
12/2/2013 13:13:02   

User: Ellseh the Baneful
Character: Storm Lord
Element: Energy
Alignment: Good +25
Rank: Legendary

Storm Knight Base.
In place of Two of the Back Prongs, there are two Banners on Poles on his back, with Tesla effects similar to Resonance. Banners bearing Crowns with Lightning Bolts.
Instead of a Hammer, wields a large Claymore in 1 hand, bearing the same Navy, Silver & Cyan colours.
Helm retains its visor, but develops a sharp Horn curving up from the Forehead.
Becomes 1.2x larger than Knight.

1 Hit: A Downward swing from the Claymore.
2 Hit: A Forward Lunge, thrusting the sword forwards.
3 Hit: A Forward Lunge, and while the sword is in the foe, slicing it upward.
5 Hit: Throws the sword into the enemy (1), and uses it as a Lightning Rod as he launches Lightning bolts from both his hands (2,3) and the Tesla Banner Poles (4,5).

x1 Super Charged
x1 Charged
x2 Defend
x3 Energize
x2 Storm
x1 Surge
x1 Chain Lightning
x2 500 Attack
x2 200 Attack

Player - For the Storm Empire, I shall vanquish you.
Enemy - Prepare yourself for Judgement, Naive.
Victory - Long Live the Storm!

Bio: Upon reaching enough fame and status as a Storm Knight, he and others of similar status are ellegible to be entered into a series of Trials deemed by their ruler, the Storm King. These rituals are harsh and dangerous. Some Knights may fall in the process, never to rise again. But for those who prove to have the meddle to win over all challenges, they proceed onwards.

The 1st Trial consists of a quest to slay a certain creature of imfamous reputation. For any Knight who can bring back a Trophy from the foe, such as its weapon or head, then they advance to the 2nd round. This is a battle of wits. A Large construct is set up in an arena, where-upon it will fire at will after a certain amount of time. The Knights must use quick thinking and superb ingenuity to conquer the challenge, using the arena & the construct's own frame against itself, exploiting any weakness that can be found. For any Knights who pass even this stage, move on to the 3rd and final challenege. A Battle Royale in the Arena. To work out methodically what to do, how to fight, and where to be while in the pressures of battle, wittles down the competition until only two of the Greatest of Champions remain.

With the Trials over, the two Knights remaining hold an audience with the King who grants upon them special seals of valour. These seals serve as reminders to all that against all odds, these Knights survived the trials of ascension. They also permit the Knights to recieve special training and equipment to better serve in their new role. Upon completion of requpping and training, they are recruited into the Storm King's Honour Guard, as Revered Storm Lords. Legendary Wielders of Energy itself.


DF AQW  Post #: 357
12/7/2013 13:21:14   
The Finnish Phoenix

This is an Apprentice, Veteran, and Master evolutionary chain about Clouds. :3 They're mainly meant to be fun, although the Veteran, Rain Cloud, is dual-elemental Neutral/Water and the Master, Thunder Cloud is Lightning/Water which will encourage players to find new and possibly effective strategies.

Story: As Water characters are defeated, their souls evaporate with them upward towards the sky. Occasionally, the combination of souls and elements that made up clouds result in sentient clouds, or Clouds with the capital "C". Young Clouds have an inherent curiosity and often can be found floating about mountains watching other souls, although sometimes they get captured, which makes the older clouds upset. Sometimes, they get so angry and upset that their young ones souls' are captured that they become Thunder Clouds, with such agonized rage that they aim only to destroy all souls in their path. Intrepid players can, with skill, attempt to possess and train their own Clouds into Rain Clouds and Thunder Clouds.

Name: Cloud
Element: Neutral
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Apprentice

• A small very white cloud
• Floats directly above its ring about midway to the top of the screen in battles.
• Has a genial dark grey smiley face.
• A look similar to Nimbo from AQW without the constant rain animation is generally what I'm thinking of for this so something like that would be great.

• 100 Attack x3
• 200 Attack x3
• 500 Attack x2
• 100 Pierce x2
• Defend x3
• Iron Hide x1
• Power Strike x1

Controlled Quote: I feel like I am Cloud Nine!
Enemy Quote: Forecast: a beautiful day to defeat you!

Combat Entry: Floats gently down from the top of the screen to about the middle.
Casting a Spell: Its mouth forms an "o" shape and it expands slightly as if breathing in as a grey flash appears above it.
1-Hit Combo: Floats down towards the enemy and collides with it.
2-Hit Combo: Quickly floats towards the enemy, knocking into it, keeps going to float across the screen, and then comes back knocking into the enemy once more before returning to its position.
3-Hit Combo: Floats above the enemy, dropping down onto it three times before floating back to its original position.
5-Hit Combo: Its mouth forms an "o" shape and it expands slightly as if breathing in and then it blows a gust that looks like a grey stream and continuously does five hits.
Upon Victory: Bounces up and down happily!
Upon Defeat: Drifts off the screen.

Name: Rain Cloud
Element: Neutral
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Veteran

• A little bit larger than Cloud and slightly greyer.
• Still has a smiley face, but has sharp pointed eyebrows to denote increased confidence.
• Has a constant rain animation if possible.

• 200 Attack x3
• 500 Attack x3
• Defend x3
• Power Strike x1
• Iron Hide x2
• Fresh Start x1
• Renew x2

Controlled Quote: I make it rain!
Enemy Quote: Forecast: overcast with a chance of your humiliation!

Combat Entrance: Same as Cloud
Casting a Spell: Same as Cloud
1-Hit Combo: Same as Cloud
2-Hit Combo: Same as Cloud
3-Hit Combo: Floats above the enemy and starts to rain for three hits
5-Hit Combo: Floats above the enemy and rains harder and longer than the three-hit combo for five hits.
Upon Victory: Same as Cloud
Upon Defeat: Tears stream from its eyes as per the /cry animation in AQW.

Name: Thunder Cloud
Element: Lightning
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Master

• It is now wide enough to touch the edge of the player's side of the screen and extends to the end of the player's hand.
• It's vertically bigger too now, and extends upwards with lumps of cloudy lumps all around it.
• Now entirely dark grey.
• Its facial features are now white and it has an upset expression like Grumpy Hammer.

• 200 Attack x2
• 500 Attack x4
• Defend x2
• Storm x2
• Electric Arc x1
• Chain Lightning x1
• Fresh Start x1
• Healing Springs x2

Controlled Quote: Where is your precious sunlight now?
Enemy Quote: Forecast: Thunderstorm warning in effect with a 100% chance of DOOM!

Combat Entrance: Does not float in but starts in its default position and emits a lightning bolt below it as it says its opening quote.
Casting a Spell: Its cheeks turn bright red as a grey flash appears.
1-Hit Combo: Thunder Cloud stays in its place and enemy is hit with the Storm animation and takes damage.
2-Hit Combo: Thunder Cloud stays in its place and enemy is hit with two crisscrossing Storm animations.
3-Hit Combo: A slightly diagonal Chain Lightning animation from the top of the cloud to the bottom of the enemy.
5-Hit Combo: Thunder Cloud slowly drifts above the enemy and fires five lightning bolts downward in quick succession.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 358
12/7/2013 17:27:53   

Reposting my old entry:

In-Game username- Saturn

Name: Varekus

Element: Neutral

Alignment: Evil -30

Rank: Master


Clad in a full set of thin, obsidian armor. The helm has a long dark ponytail set on the back, and the armor itself is covered in tattered dark purple cloth, including a cloak that is barely noticeable as it has been torn to shreds.
He wields a massive ancient looking claymore with a tarnished silver trim.

Artwork by me - http://twitpic.com/dbtuox

• 200 attack card x3
• 500 attack card x5
• Counter Attack x4
• Power Strike x2
• Neutralize x3
• Death Flow x1

Player Quote: Soon, I too shall be consumed... by them... by the dark...
Enemy Quote: Forgive me, for I shall avail you... nothing.
Victory Quote: Thou art more pure than I...
Idle Stance: Stands with the hilt of his blade near his chest, the sword pointed downward into the ground. His breathing should appear heavy and apprehensive.
Charge animation: Darkness surrounds him in a swirling maelstrom.
Shield Animation: A low darkness surrounds Varekus’ feet.
• Combo 1: Slowly slashes at the target in an upward swing.
• Combo 2: Two quick circular slashes.
• Combo 3: Somersaults into the air and slams his sword down vertically, stabbing three times.

• Combo 5: He collapses to his knees in pain and pitch black beings rise from his body in a swirling maelstrom, striking at the enemy with tendrils.


“Do not stray too far from the light, young Varekus, lest you be hunted by the darkness. Do not lose yourself to the void, lest you be devoured by it. Remember, child... even legends pray. Do not lose sight of me. I will guide you through the shadows, and protect you from all evils.”

I open my eyes, the dirt and dust falling from my helmet. The air smells of death. Sadness.
I shall venture forth into the archfiend’s realm, to free this world from its horrors. The light shall guide my blade into the heart of the beast.
“Thou art chosen, Varekus. Maketh pilgrimage to the land of death and shadows, and slay the beast of the void. Then, the final torch of thy fathers shall be lit, and the spirits of those trapped in death’s twisted labyrinths shall relinquish themselves unto the light, and the light will accept them with its warm, benevolent grasp.”

I push myself from the earth, staring deep into the mountains that lead to the afterlife.

“Guardians of Light, lead me through these deathly halls. Protect me with thy crown of thorns and secure my heart in its holy place among the stars. I serve thee...”

Here I can sense the souls of those once living... a distant warrior, branded a sinner for reasons not of his own. A heartbroken knight who has lost the will to carry on. A maiden, her family... her childhood friends. They venture forth under the guidance of a treacherous coward. A frightened old man, searching hopelessly for someone to fend off the blackness which he cannot escape. A woman begging the darkness to fade, begging to her god to make it come to an end. Had they not suffered enough? I can hear her last words. “You are too cruel”... are they directed at her god? She is a saint in the eyes of both the faithful and the depraved and yet, all is lost in her body, mind, and soul.

I can only despair as the thoughts course through my mind like a thick venom.

It is only in thoughts of home that I retain my sanity in this unforgiving world. Undoubtably I would go mad and lose sight of my humanity without it, and for these thoughts to accompany me within the most dangerous of realms brought me peace. The path ahead seems so uncertain, though. So encroaching, looming. It’s as if fate is waiting just around the next turn.
The great chasm itself nearly causes me to stumble as eternal blackness spreads as far as I can see. From whence I stand, I am unable to discern just how deep this hell is, yet I am sure it stretches almost infinitely. Cautiously I wield my blade, ready for anything, as I press forward into the depths of hell. From the moment I set foot into the abyss I could feel my soul tugging away from me. The darkness that surrounded me threatened to cause my very existence to shatter and dissipate within it.

Despite my doubts, I venture downward. Ultimately, my goal was worth more than the unfathomable stake at hand. The deeper into the void I tread, the more I feel myself begin to hallucinate and the more my sanity cringes under the weight of this evil.

My gods were no longer present. I can see the atrocities that crawl about. Silhouettes of terrible beings move in the distance. Very faint, but I know what they are. Something about these beings is familiar to me. The realization I endure is something that strikes me in a foreboding horror. The creatures are the very souls of those lost within the trenches of madness. I watch, almost in shock, as the souls vie amongst themselves, absorbing one another and disappearing forever in a vicious cycle for power.

Somehow, these souls that resemble the essence of my humanity call out to me. It is as if something within me, my very soul, wants them; to keep them; to grow with them, to achieve more through them. They beckon to me. I nearly lose control, but my willpower allows me to snap out of the trance and push onward into the void. The mission of defeating the great fiend and bringing an end to all that is evil must continue. The dark spirits loom ominously ahead.

Upon nearing them, the spirits bear devilish gazes at me and attack me. Their slowness allows me to swing my blade, the spirit phasing out of reality as my blessed sword slashes through it. Something calls out to me with each spirit I free, almost compelling me to continue slashing through the mass of shadows that grow in number every second.

If I remain for too long, I will be overwhelmed. I descend further and further, and with each passing step I feel something tearing at me from within. I can’t help but question my decisions up to this point.

“Where are my gods? Where are they, and where am I? Why have I tread so far into this forsaken labyrinth? Please, gods, help me...”

The pain within me grows, becoming more and more intense as I progress. My pace has slowed considerably. I have to stop entirely in an attempt to treat the problem. I drop my blade to my side as I stare emptily at myself.

“Surely...” I think to myself. “Surely I am not going insane? Surely I can fight onward... I must...”

One instance of weakness, one stumble and the lowering of my guard... I see three black spirits spring upon me, phasing through me and instantly fading. The damage had been dealt. I can feel my soul’s connection to my body shatter, cracking to pieces as I fall to my knees. The call of the void is too great, and its primal instincts appeal to me. Consume. Dominate. I feel myself collapse under the weight.

Oh how cruel is fate? In under the most cautious of undertakings, I have failed to even come close to achieving my goal, condemning not only my life but my soul as well.
I can hear my spirit separate from me, clawing viciously and growling as it attempts to fend off more sprites, desperately trying to buy my body time to recover. I know such a thing is impossible, and my mind races an infinite distance before coming back with one dreadful revelation.

My mistake and recklessness also killed my most pure of existences. Call it unintentional. I have lured myself, and my soul, to its own doom. I have betrayed myself. And yet, to see myself still fight with unwavering bravery... it gives me hope.
In a last ditch effort I abandon all self-preservation and toss my body toward myself, dispelling all of the cleansing magic stored within me and placing a spiritual barrier around my soul.
It, now immobilized, sits watching me hopelessly as the last bit of my insanity escapes me, losing my withering grip on reality and my humanity.

I cry out to my gods with the last shred of sanity I possess, and the darkness consumes me.

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 359
12/7/2013 18:05:47   

Name: Lancer

Element: Earth

Appearance: Lancer

Enemy: You're betraying yourself, submit to the might of despair!
Controlled: I have wandered through the sadness of this world, hold no grudge against me!

x2 200 attack cards
x4 500 attack cads
x2 500 defense cards
x2 Stone Walls
1 Mountain Strike
1 Earthquake
1 Crush
1 Tree of life
1 Petrify

3 Hit Combo: Pierces its enemy x3 with its lance
5 hit combo: Jumps and charges from above against his opponent striking him x5 times.

IGN: DeathGuard
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 360
12/14/2013 17:57:48   

Char Name : Bleedfiend Of Lyxus

Elemental: Shadow/Water

Rank: Veteran (posibility up to Legend)

How it Look:

A Shadowed figure , with some Rune Loking simbols on all body tha glow of red color , and having on his Hands Guantlets/Dangers Tha look like a Strange Metal maded Mini blades.
Wearing on the Head a Black Hood making seable only Eyes tha glow of Red .
Wear also a Dark Cloak with Runic symbols .


200 Damage x3
500 Damage x5
sacrifice x3
BloodRage x2
Soul Poison x2 (Same as Normal Poison card , only diferenze tha is Red and do 300 Damage Every Round for 6 rounds
Mark Of Death x2
Void Reflection x1
Defense x 3
Greater Renew x2 (As Renew , But heals 600 heal over 3 rounds)
Bloodly Attack (Water Element) x1 (Attack for 700 damage and aply on enemy Life steal for 2 rounds making you gain 30% of damage on round to enemy)
Water Calling x1 (Discard 1 attack card to gain 10 Water Mana)

Post #: 361
12/15/2013 7:03:20   

Name: Guardian Of the Sacred Night.

Element: Shadow/Neutral

Rank: Master (maybe with a legend form)

Looks: A man in a suit is what you see at first, but the suit is made of stars and night, the kind of night on a warm summers day that is dark but not dreaded. In his hand he holds a swordcane made of solid darkness, but on the top is a Crystal that looks a LOT like a star is perceived as. On his head is a top hat, again made of the same night as the suit, with a small inlay around the brim that looks like the sun stuck it and made it shine golden.

Attack Animations: 1 Hit: Teleports behind the foe and hits him with the swordcane. The sword is still in the cane.
2 Hit: Teleports behind the foe and hits the foe twice with the swordcane. Sword is still in the cane.
3 Hit: The man draws the sword out, teleports and attacks three times while teleporting.
5 hit: The man removes his top hat, holds it with the hole facing the foe, and a sort of beam of fire that looks like it came from the sun bursts out and scorches the guy for 5 hits.

Deck: 200x3 Shadow
500x3 Shadow
500 Defend Shadow x2
Mark Of Death:2
Void Reflect:1
Iron Hide:1
(Note: With this deck I was TRYING to be thematic. Suggestions for deck to be better are okay.)

Quotes: Enemy: You would profane the night? Then fall!
Quotes: Controlled: Minion of dark forces! Prepare to know true night!
Quotes: Fallen: I am bested. But the night lives on...
Quotes: Victory: May you know peace at last in night.

Story: Once, eons ago, the night was respected. It was seen as something to fear yes, but also it had majesty and splendor. But then dark forces moved to take over the lands and profane the night. When this occurred, the night made a Guardian - to keep a hold of the sacred darkness and to fight in it's name. With the aid of the heroes of the time, the evils of the land were bested by this man. He has slept ever since then unneeded.

But recently, those who would profane the shadows and claim them for evil have risen again, under a new master: The Archfiend Nulgath. Swearing to slay this evil demon, the Guardian of The Darkness rose once more to bring back the real meaning of night!

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DF  Post #: 362
12/15/2013 7:31:35   

Name: Plasma Drake

Element: Energy

Story: This plasma drake was a part of the brood of drakes that resided inside the Dragonspine during the Adventure Quest timeline; drakes that successfully matured into dragons were somewhat rare, as when they eventually made their way out of the cave and onto the mountain itself, they had to face bloodthirsty adventurers. Drakes, or adolescent dragons, are naturally magical, but live inside caves/holes/mountains due to their abhorrence for human contact. On the other side, plasma dragon horns were of arcane value and were therefore hunted with a fervor. Of course, after Galanoth slew the dragon of time, the timelines were mixed into the dimension known as AQW, where Nulgath first made his presence known, and they were stuffed there. Some of them, however, were thrown into the Oversoul universe as a result of the erratic nature of the energies that warped time and space themselves.

Appearance: Like the poison drake, but with a cobalt hide, sparkling grey eyes, and a single horn that juts out from the center of its forehead, crackling with energy.

1. We have endured your kind for too long. You will die slowly.
2. How would you like to be done? Fried or melted?

100 Attack x3
500 Attack x5
Defend x2
Energize x1
Charge x1
Super Charge x1
Storm x1

Edit: For OP fun.
Evolution Name: Plasma Dragon

Appearance: Like the original AQ plasma dragon.

1. Time to burn!
2. Just a tip, but I think you'd want to start running real soon.

Bash x5
Thrash x5
Defend x2
Charge x1
Super Charge x1
Energize x1

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Post #: 363
12/15/2013 8:20:12   
legend knight

Name: Deathvoid

Story: Every creatures that were killed viciously and died miserably became a miserable soul that is the ultimate meal which feeds Nulgath's hunger satisfactory than he ever experienced. With Nulgath's power growing stronger than usual as he feed those souls, he create a new void call "Deathvoid" that will only obey Nulgath. Deathvoid is grateful to Nulgath for his existence in Oversoul and swear to be Nulgath's faithful minion. He used his terrified power of death and slaughter viciously on any beings to obtain their souls filled with fear and miserly to satisfy his master.

Element: Shadow

200 Attack x2
500 Attack x2
Blood Rage x2
Life Drain x2
Shield x2
Poison x1
Mark Of Death x2
Void Reflection x1
Shadowfire x1

Rank: Master

Appearance:It have the face appearance of Void Knight/Hex Void, armor make up of spike and deadly armor with skull symbol that represent one of Nulgath's faithful minion. Holding a scythe similar to Void Reaper.

Controlled Quote: You shall experience the painful of death even after death!

Enemy Quote: Prepare to face my terrible power of death, you should be grateful. Hahaha!
Post #: 364
12/16/2013 2:27:09   

Char Name: Cyber Dragosaur
Element: Neutral/Energy
Rank: Legendary
Alignment: Neutral

Story: In the history of Oversoul, there was a mad scientist called Dr Psycop. His main goal for his experiment is to fuse 2 dangerous beast to create an ultimate terrifying beast set to hate every beings and destroy anything in its path. Thats where he thought of 2 beast he had in his laboratory, a dragon and dinosaur,T-Rex that were dead long ago. Dr Psycop used the fusing machine he developed a very long time to fuse both the dead dragon and T-Rex to form as Dragosaur. Once the fusion testing is complete, he planned to make Dragosaur even more fearsome, to do so, he equipped parts of the mechanical he invented on Dragosaur's head, arms, legs, tail and body.

Once the equipping testing is a success, Dr Psycop was delighted and name it Cyber Dragosaur. After that, he revived Cyber Dragosaur with the healing potion meant only for beasts. Cyber Dragosaur was successfully revived which absolutely pleased Dr Psycop. He tested the strength of the ultimate terrifying beast to ensure his experiment is a huge success without any flaw attempt. Cyber Dragosaur demonstrated its extremely powerful and terrifying power during the testing of its strength by mercilessly destroyed all the robots Dr Psycop invented for his previous failure experiment. Dr Psycop was extremely pleased that his goal was achieved.

He command Cyber Dragosaur to enter in his testing lab room set to contain Cyber Dragosaur. However, Cyber Dragosaur won't obey his creator. He roared fierecly saying that he was born with hatred on every being and so, he won't listen to any creatures. Dr Psycop was killed by the hand of Cyber Dragosaur and said "("Rest well"), my foolish creator." although Dr Pyscop was pleased his experiment was a success and die with a evil laughter. Cyber Dragosaur flew away and destory Dr Psycop's laboratory. He flew around the world of Oversoul, set to sluaghter anything in his path with hatred.

Appearance: A body that have the appearance of T-rex with the huge size of Black Dragon and stand with 2 legs. Wings equipped with mechanics. Cyber helm on Cyber Dragonsaur's head. Tail made of metallic spikes. Mechanical parts on the shoulders, legs and body. Sharp teeth, feet and claws. Stand on 4 legs.

Controlled Quote/Enemy Quote: I will destory you all, foolish beings!

Combat Entrance: Stomp on the ground and roar fiercely.

1-hit combo: Slash the opponent.

2-hit combo: Slash and bite the opponent.

3-hit combo: Use its wing and strike at the opponent from front, back and top respectively.

5-hit combo: Stomp on the ground, open his mouth wider, charging up to shoot a huge fire beam towards the opponent.

Upon Victory: It said "HAHAHA, Foolish Being!" and fly away.

Upon Defeat: Feeling very weak and said " YOU WILL REGRET, foolish being!' and fly away.

Movement Animation: Spread its wing and fly in mid air.

Defend/Shield Animation: Use its arm made of steel mechanical part it was equipped to defend itself.

Spell Animation: Growl loudly and fiercely.

Assaulted Animation: Roar fiercely in pain.

Counterattack Animation: Stab the opponent.

- 200 attack card X3
- Power Strike X2
- Shield X2
- Iron Hide X2
- Neutralize X1
- Corruption X1
- Supercharged X1
- Energize X1

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Post #: 365
12/16/2013 12:57:04   

Name: Naria

Element: Neutral

Rank: Legendary

Appearance: Naria

Controlled: We should betray ourselves and destroy our foes. Let us begin!
Enemy: I'm looking for the one they called the "Archfiend", so shall I crush your soul here and now!

x1 200 attack card
x3 500 attack cards
x2 500 defense cards
x2 Counterattacks
x2 Iron Hides
x1 Neutralize
x1 Corruption
x3 Power Strikes

3 hit combo: Pierces the foe x3
5 Hit combo: Jumps and slashes the foe while accelerating her speed and hitting again its opponent.

IGN: DeathGuard

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 366
12/16/2013 15:16:18   
The Mango

Name: Qin the Gifted

Element: Shadow

Rank: Legendary

Story: There once was a civilization long-ago with thousands of people and with protection from the warriors who served the Emperor Qin Shi. Qin Shi wasn't a noble man, he overthrew the last emperor and changed the civilization negatively. He made all civilians and merchants work hard each day with bad pay. The civilians and merchants couldn't take it any longer and decided to go to war with their Emperor Qin Shi. And soon enough, they went to war! He demanded that his warriors that served him (Terracotta Warriors) to kill everyone that didn't follow him. After years went by of fighting each other, Archfiends ambushed their Empire. The Emperor Qin feared the Archfiends and feared that his own life was at risk, so he fled and left his warriors and his people behind. Soon after being lost in the wilderness for months, he came across some of his dead warriors. He cried and cried and begged for forgiveness to the Gods he worshipped. The Gods didn't hear his begging, but Nulgath did… and he gave him a contract. That contract stated that Nulgath will give him a Gift like no other, for a price.

Apprentice: A nomad look-a-like with tattered clothes, his left arm is glowing purple with his veins popping out. Both fists are closed

Veteran: Same as Apprentice but with an iron helmet and a short-sword on the other hand. His left arm is still empty and glowing purple.

Master: A normal looking samurai, has two katanas on his belt. Wearing a mask. One hand is holding a katana while the left hand isn't holding anything. His left hand is still purple with veins popping out. The katanas have a purple glowing effect that looks the same as his left arm. The katana also has small symbols scratched into it.

Legendary: An Ancient Emperor from China. Wears red, gold and black robes and has 2 katanas sheathed. Has a shogun mask with two golden horns and armor on his shoulders and chest. The armor is black with a few tints of Gold. Shogun. This is an example of what he could look like. Still has the glowing purple effects on his katana and on his left arm. His katana also has small crying faces coming out of it. How the faces could look like

Enemy: I will destroy each and every one of you damned Archfiends!
Controlled: I will soon lead my own Empire once again!

x3 Poisons
x3 500 attack cards
x1 shadow fire
x2 Life drains
x2 defense
x1 void reflection
x2 200 attack cards

Animations for legendary
1 Hit Combo: He runs at the enemy and slash them once.
2 Hit Combo: He jumps at the enemy and slashes them then he jumps back and shoots a glowing beam of purple light from his LEFT hand at them.
3 Hit Combo: He points at the enemy with his LEFT hand and 3 Terracotta Warriors run at the enemy and slashes them.
5 Hit Combo: He screams and starts to glow purple all around his body and his Terracotta Warriors runs through the enemy and tramples them.
Win animation: He takes his glowing katana and points it into the air. His warriors standing by his side.
Loss animation: His Warriors pick him up and then disappear.

Combat Entrance: His Terracotta Warriors march in with a tomb and he jumps out of it.

The Terracotta Warriors can just look like samurais. But, they are ghost-like.

My game name is Oscar337

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12/17/2013 14:58:40   
The Jop

Name: Marceaux Grubleech
Element: Neutral
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Master

• A cleanshaven young man
• He wears a black top hat pulled down to cover some of his face
• He wears a monocle over his left eye
• He is wearing a black suit over a white shirt and blue tie
• He holds a pointed ruby tipped cane
• His clothes and cane are bloodstained
• He wears black gloves with red trims
• He has patches of dirt over his face, and yellow teeth

• 100 Attack x3
• Power Strike x2
• Defend x3
• Iron Hide x3
• Corruption x2
• Surge x1
• Neutralize x1

Controlled Quote: "Please, do you have any idea how much gold I'm worth?"
Enemy Quote: "Oh, my, you would duel a powerless old man like me?"

Combat Entrance: Walks in from the left using his cane to steady himself.
Charging: Taps his cane twice on the ground and orbs of energy are absorbed into its ruby tip.
Casting a Spell: Stretches his hands out to his sides, opens them, and laughs maniacally.
1-Hit Combo: Attacks the opponent with the pointed end of his cane.
2-Hit Combo: Punches the opponent twice.
3-Hit Combo: Throws gold coins at the opponent.
5-Hit Combo: Walks slowly up the opponent using his cane, and then viciously and quickly stabs him with it.
Upon Victory: Straightens up, takes off his hat, and bows.
Upon Defeat: Falls on his knees, then on his face so that his hat falls off.

He was once a poor child, having to work on a farm to support his family and defend them from monsters. The more he did, the less his parents and siblings did, and eventually he was single-handedly doing everything for the family. One night when they were all sleeping, which they were also doing during the day, he left them at the young age of 14. He roamed for weeks looking for work, but he could not find anything and resorted to hunting wild animals until he made it to town. He only had 8 gold to his name so he began to beg for food or money to buy it. He was asked to leave by armed Pikemen, but when he left the town he was on the verge of starvation. So he returned in the dead of night so he could beg without being thrown out, but unfortunately a Pikeman was on duty and he was thrown into prison by the Pikeman. There he was beaten mercilessly by the inmates until he started purposely annoying guards and the warden to get himself thrown in solitary confinement so he would at least be safe. After about a month in prison he personally asked to remain in solitary confinement so he would be safe from guards and other prisoners. And as he sat in the darkness for the next two years, completely alone and without anyone to speak to, he began to grow distant and cold. The world would not give him what he needed to survive, so he would take it.

Once he was released from prison he returned to town and began to pickpocket the townsfolk. Life was going well for him until he pickpocketed the powerful and rich Count Grubleech. The old man caught him and was about to attack, but Grubleech changed his mind at the last moment and took the boy into his home, seeing a but of himself as a young man in the thief. He also had a lot in common with the boy as an old man since he got much of his fortune from the vaults of a town he used to be the mayor for, until he fled. The boy was brought to the Count's mansion to serve as a whipping boy, someone who would be beaten whenever the Count's son misbehaved (which was constantly). They beat him for entertainment as well, and gave him a job as a farmer so he would contribute something to the household. Years passed, and as they grow older they stopped working and began sleeping in all day. They made the boy continue to work to earn his keep, but they had millions of gold saved and no longer had to work. The boy was not satisfied any longer and decided he had to take what he wanted since it was not being given to him. In their sleep, he stole Count Grubleech's cane and beat the family to death with it. The man was retired and no longer got visitors, so the boy stole his clothes, identity, money, and home. He remains in solitary confinement within the house, except to deal with anyone who gets suspicious...

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12/18/2013 23:51:10   

Remake of Cyrano(Crayon) The Grand Summoner!
New Appearance
Name: Cyrano the Grand Summoner
Element: Fire and Neutral
Rank: Legendary
Remake of http://twitpic.com/db4o3b
Enemy: Hatred is a temporary fledgling emotion, just as your existence.
Controlled: You're appealing to Chaos, shall I start to mold you at its please?
x1 200 attack card
x4 500 attack cards
x2 Iron Hides
x1 Neutralize
x1 Fireball
x1 Meteorite
x2 500 Defense Cards.
x2 Fire Whirls
x1 Sacrifice

Name: Black Santa
Element: Fire/Neutral
Rank: Master
Enemy:"Only true men take microwaves to a sword battle."
x1 200 attack card
x4 500 attack cards
x2 Iron Hides
x1 Neutralize
x1 Fireball
x1 Meteorite
x2 500 Defense Cards.
x2 Fire Whirls
x1 Sacrifice

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ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!

A reminder that this is NOT the thread to be holding discussions on character suggestions. If you would like, there is always this thread to continue your conversation.
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1/2/2014 14:50:26   

Character: Bourn the Skilled
Element: Earth
Rank: Master
Description: An individual who owns many animal shelters and also happens to excel at close combat and magic. Bourn travels with an adolescent dragon which he is currently raising, amongst other creatures in need. In order to account for the different natures of his creatures, he has developed a variety of character traits that he displays accordingly in order to sympathize with them.
enemy: Could you spar with my dragon?
controlled: Oh how wonderful, a wild enemy has appeared.
x2 200 attack
x2 500 attack
x1 Surge
x2 Earthquake
x2 Stone Wall
x1 Natures Gift
x1 Petrify
x1 Stone Strike
x1 Neutralize
x2 Cat Reflex

Character: Speed Warrior
Element: Energy
Rank: Master
Description: A warrior from a different dimension enters OverSoul. Its body is specifically designed to handle and travel faster than the speed of sound.
enemy: You've only spotted me because I allowed it.
controlled: When you fight me, the beginning is the end.
x1 100 attack
x2 200 attack
x3 500 attack
x1 Defend
x2 100 Pierce
x2 Super Charged
x1 Tazer
x1 Chain Lightning
x1 Storm
x1 Energize

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Character : monster fire elemental. pic : http://www5.picturepush.com/photo/a/13964843/img/13964843.jpg
Element : fire ofcourse .
Rank : master
Description: this fire elemental was first like the other fire elementals but then a evil person destroyed his home , only he survived he grew with hatred and after years his appearance was more monster like because his hatred grew and he destroys everything that comes in his path.
Enemy : So let's if your bones are still bones when burned.
controlled : I will burn you to the ashes weakling.
2x 200 attack.
3x 500 attack.
1 incinerate.
2x fireball.
1 meteor.
2x burn
1 fire whirl.
3x shields

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1/8/2014 21:29:56   

A sugessted CHAOS character. Ok, themed from AQW, something with the Chaos Warrior Armor and wielding the Blinding Light of Chaos. We really need our first CHAOS character. And from my Forge of Imagination, I think this might work. And the name is Larvae of Chaos!

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1/17/2014 17:51:46   

IGN : Aragolan


Character Name : Viskadel

Element : Neutral/Shadow

Rank : Master

Physical Description : Viskadel has midnight black russled hair that almost reaches his eyes with dark brown eyes. He is fairly tall with slightly rugged but young looking features. He wears most a black cloak that for the most part covers the chainmail he wears. His boots are a dark grey while his hands are covered by gauntlets. He wields only a magical longsword called "The Moon's Disciple" which has a smooth look to it but with a greyish glow on the outside.

Dialouge :
Controlled : I fear not the darkness for it is my brother.
Enemy : Surrender quickly, so I may not stain my clothing with your dirty blood.
Victory : You fought well for a weakling, may you rest in peace.

Energy Charging : Instead of Viskadel absorbing the particles his sword absorbs them after raising it in the air and it glows brightly after it is done.(The particles should be light gray)
1-Hit : He simply swings an underhand cut at the enemy.
2-Hit : He stabs the enemy and then kicks them as if pushing them off the blade.
3-Hit : He swings an underhand cut, then follows through with an overhand cut, and then finishes with another underhand.
5-Hit : He raises the longsword in the air and a light similar to the Priest of Ver's 5-Hit appears except it's moonlight and from the light comes many swords that attack the enemy
Defeat : He falls down like normal defeats.
Victory : He bows.
Counter-Attack : Stabs the enemy

Card Deck
1 x Empower
1 x Iron Hide
2 x 500 Defense
1 x Power Strike
2 x 500 Attack
2 x 200 Attack
3 x 100 Attack
2 x 100 Pierce
1 x Void Reflection

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1/20/2014 4:14:29   

Name: Spymaster

Element: Neutral

Rank: Master

Description: I had this sort of style in mind for the character, though this is ONLY a basis for the idea. The character looks of a noble sort, but it is NOT the kind of dandified fluffed up noble you see in high courts. You get the sense that everything, EVERYTHING, on the clothes of this person is there for a reason, from the fine gold trim that is JUST fine enough to act as piano wire, to the dark finery of the clothes being perfect for sneaking around and not catching on anything. And what are those strangely elegant yet slightly sinister symbols on his clothes? Not markings of any noble lord you know of.

Dialogue: Controlled "I'm afraid you know too much."
Enemy: "It would seem like I have to silence you."


Charging: Reads a codebook.
Counterattack: Melt into shadow akin to the death animation of DD, and vanish and reappear behind the foe, striking him.
Defend: Melts into a shadow version of him and turns into DD shadow death when hit.
Defeat: Falls over
Victory: He creates a shadow pigeon out of nothing like DD animation, ties a letter to said pigeon and it flies off.
1 hit: Runs over and stabs with a fancy looking elegent but sinister elderich dagger
2 hit: Runs over and Double stabs him
3 hit: Runs over, double stabs, turns into DD shadow animation style, appears behind him and backstabs.
5 hit: pulls out two less fancy daggers one in each hand, throws them at the foe, turns into DD death animations style, reappears, backstabs with the fancy, elegent yet sinistrer elderich dagger, does it again, front stab, does it again, and either backstab or crotch/belly stab if you think you can pull it off well with all the other types of existing chars large, medium, human, non human, and small, and does not get in trouble.

4 500
3 Sheild
2 Neutralize
2 Counterattack
2 Death flow
2 Corruption
(I've been informed this deck may be too powerful for a master variant, but the intent for it if it helps in designing a good strong but not too OP deck is to be a strong yet sneaky sort of char, hence the Corruptions and the Counterattacks.)

Story: Once, there was a legendary Spymaster in a powerful kingdom who aided his kingdom in his goals. The kingdom was prosperous and protected by a great power, although hated by it's enemies. But the spy made a mistake one day, and fell in love. They had a good time together, but alas it was not to be. For she was secretly a agent of Nulgath, who had made a deal with the kingdom's foe after the secret power of the city. One day, he informed her about how the city's powerful protection worked, and she took the opportunity to abuse this knowledge. Disabling the great power, she allowed the combined armies of Nulgath and the foes of the kingdom to run in and kill everyone. Everything he had worked so hard to protect was destroyed in a single night.

Noone knows what happened to that spy. Until now. For he has been seen lately, and he seems to have gained odd and elderich powers. Who is he working for? Not the Archfeind, that is for certain. A new evil perhaps?

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