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RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III

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1/23/2014 8:20:26   

WIP,any suggestion is welcomed.

Character name: Concealed

Element: Light and Dark

Alignment: Good/neutral

Rank: Legendary


1. A tall character
2.Has a helmet that is half open
3.His eye is half yellow and black
4.Has a cape that is quite destroyed with a light rune above the cape.
5.Use a sword that is blessed by the light but are corrupted by a dark energy
6.He wear a armor that seems to be blessed by the light but also corrupted by the darkness


Holy Strike X3
Shield X3
Penance X2
Blessed Strike X1
Greater Heal X1
Retribution X1
Sacrifice X2
Empower X1

Controlled quote: The time has come for justice.
Enemy quote: Watch as the power of balance destroy you.

Combat entrance: A white/black lightning appeared, while Concealed appear shortly after
Casting a spell: Raise his hand while pointing to his enemies
1 hit combo: Do a slash which leaves a trail of light at the end of the combo
2 hit combo: Slash the enemies twice and leave a trail of light and dark
3 hit combo: Run towards enemy and summon a light and dark weapon to hit the enemy
5 hit combo: Summon a rune in front on concealed. With the rune, concealed blade become bigger and do a double slash back and forth: One light and one darkness. Then concealed fly and does a light/dark hybrid ray.


As a once powerful light warlord ,Concealed is tasked to destroy those who oppose the light. He is known for his powerful control on the power of light and his mercy. He has vanquished a foes and ally alike. Some are merely powerful and some is harder to kill. He did not aquire his powers from Nulgath or from a light or a dark order. One day, he was on a quest to meet the Founder order, one of the most powerful order fo the light. He fought the champion with his mastery of light. The Founder champion won and he saw concealed potential leading him to be invited to join the founder order, gaining new powers such as retribution.
However, he pushed his limits to far. In light, there will be always darkness. Concealed use too much of his power, Concealed power is fading slowly.He watch himself as the power of dark appeared, changing him into Concealed.

The Founder Champion watch as the darkness consume Concealed. The Founder champion watch another victim that falls to the dark. Concealed easily defeat Founder Champion easily and he started changing slowly, he has become the light and the dark. He will defeat those who are blinded by both the light and the dark and make justice prevail.

(Thanks to DidYouKnowThat&MegaDragonKnight for helping me on making concealed deck)

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 376
2/14/2014 11:59:23   

Name: Love Fiend Of Nulgath

Element: Shadow

Rank: Master

Description: At first it looks like a ordinary but beautiful lady in spiky red armour, but when you look closer you see the armor is made from love - or rather, what was love before it was turned to darkness by this monster. When you see that you notice a few other things: The eyes looks flaming and evil, her hair looks demonic rather then lovely, and her nails are claws...

Dialogue: Controlled: "Ah, a new meal for Nulgath..."
Enemy: "Show me something you love, and I will destroy it..."

Animations: 1 Hit: Slashes with a claw at the foe.
2 hit: Slashes twice
3 hit: Slashes three times
5 hit: The screen goes dark, and she sucks out all happiness from the foe, represented as a soul or spark of love or something.

Story: Ah, love. One of the most powerful emotions, said to be able to conquer all. Even Nulgath knows it's power, which is why he made these abominations. Sent to absorb and taint the love people share, they seek a target and stay around them, sucking out what love they can and twisting it for Nulgath's dark ends, leaving the poor victim a hateful bitter being. So beware your hate young one, lest it be one of Nulgath's Beautiful uglies come to twist all that you adore!

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2/17/2014 14:29:38   
Gorillo Titan

This my character suggestion its not 100% complete but I will finish it later. All feedback will be appreciated.

Spider = apprentice
Giant Spider =Veteran
Volt Spider = Master
Volt Widow = Legendary

Apprentice looks like a tarantula only about half the size of Wolf

Veteran Half the size of the Frost Queen spider

Master Half of its body has now been replaced with mechanical parts and has lightning surge from its mandibles.

Legendary still has a mechanical body but is now painted all black with a greenish tint with the face of Volt engineer on its back with a cross going through it. Instead of looking like a tarantula wit has taken on a more Black widow look with a large abdomen it is about 85% machine now same size as frost queen's spider
Ranks Apprentice,Veteran,Master,Legendary
- 5 Nuetral
-15 Evil
15 Good
-40 Evil
Story: Legend tells of a species of spider that grows to an enormous size. One day while walking in one of his new robot suits Engineer steps on one of these spiders but doesn't kill. Seeing the creature in so much pain he decides to help it by transforming it into a Volt Spider a half spider half machine. As the spider begins to get use to it new body it becomes good friends with engineer even letting him in on some of the secrets of the forest, but one day while Engineer is feeding Volt Spider the image flashes into its head of it being stepped on. It goes berserk and bites off Engineers hand and runs away screaming I will return to finish the job. As the spider runs off into the woods it comes across a portal and is beaconed to go inside only to come face to face with Nulgath who gives him power transforming him into Volt Widow. Volt widow now randomly travels the wooded areas of the Oversoul feeding upon anything that gets in its way never forgetting its vow of revenge against Volt Engineer.

Apprentice – Veteran Quotes
Player Quote: "I sure hope no one steps on me...."
Enemy Quote: "You Look Tasty"
Master Quotes
Player - Look at my new toys.
Enemy- No one dare hurt my best pale Engineer.
Legendary Quotes
Player - A new

Combo Animation Appretice - Veteran
1 Combo: Leaps across the screen onto its enemy.
2 Combo: Shoots two webs from its mouth.
3 Combo: Spider stands up on its hind legs as a web appears behind the enemy and starts to spread out.
5 Combo: Five baby spiders fall from the sky landing on the enemy.

1 Combo: Leaps across the screen onto the enemy
2 Combo: A cannon appears on Volt spiders back and shoots two bullets
3 Combo: Three mechanical spiders appear on the ground in front of volt spider and charge at the enemy exploding on contact
5 Combo: A giant mechanical foot comes down on the enemy

1 Combo: Shoots a giant ball of lightning out of its mouth
2 Combo: Volt Widow’s mandibles shoot out like two spears hitting the enemy
3 Combo:
5 Combo:A nulgath made of spider webs appears and smashes into the enemy
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2/20/2014 8:42:23   

Name: Mist Knight

Element: Water

Rank: Master

Description: A knightly looking noble figure made of sometimes see though and sometimes solid mist and fog. Intricate and delicate patterns adorn and move elegantly across his constantly swirling and changing armor and the symbol of his see though noble looking shield fades and changes like the mist. The strange thing about the shield is that is looks almost like a intricate mirror, or what a mirror would be if made of mist...

1 Hit: Dissipates into mist, reforms behind the foe, hits once
2 hit: Dissipates into mist, reforms behind foe, hits twice,
3 hit: Dissipates into mist, reforms in front of foe, hits with the shield and slashes twice
5 hit: Places forth his shield, a shadow form of the opponent comes out and does the opponent's five hit (if that is too complex, or you think you could in trouble with Dark Souls 2 if you used such a attack which the five hit was inspired by, then have the shield instead dissipate and form a solid mist around the foe, choking it and attacking the five hit that way. Or which ever one you think is cooler.)
Shield animation: Turns into a even mistier form.
Shield hit: Dissipates then reforms
Counter: (in case it's ever needed) dissipates, reforms behind the foe and attacks, dissipating again and reforming back where it was.
Charging: His shield glows and absorbs the power.
Win animation: He becomes more solid, kneels and places his sword down into the ground out of respect.
Lose: The mist just fades away.

Dialogue: No dialogue or dialogue boxes. It's just silent. It points the blade at you, swings it downwards in a subtle come here to die motion, and that's it.

Deck: 200 attack card X2
-500 attack card X2
-Shield X4
-Healing Spring X3
-Water Crash X2
-Power Flow X1
-Fresh Start X1

Story: Be careful when you find the treasures you seek.

The Mirror Shield Of Aracos. A legendary artifact lost to the mists of time. Noone knows what happened to it, but all know one thing: it was said to give the wielder the ability to be untouchable in battle. A noble knight, who wished to use it's power in the battle against the Archfiend, sought this ancient shield.

After ages of searching and dead ends, he at last found the shield. But when he picked it up, something terrible happened. His body began to fade away like morning mist! The shield spoke to him and said "I will grant you the power that you seek and more, but in picking me up you have doomed yourself. I will grant you command over mist, water and reflections, but you must use the souls of others to keep yourself alive. If you refuse, then you will fade away. Such is the fates of my wielders past and now."

The knight thought he detected a hint of sadness at that last comment, and weighed his choices. In the end he figured: better to use this power to slay Nulgath, and then let himself fade away as penance, then for another to hold it in his service. Anyway, if he focused on the Archfiend's minions, no problem. Unless of course there was no minions and only a few normal people nearby...

So he went off to find people to slay, for the greater good...

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2/20/2014 9:44:46   

Character Name: Hydra Dragon

Element: Water

Rank: Master

Appearance: Similar to AQW Hydra but its body will take a form of some AQW Dragon's body such as Red Dragon, Black Dragon from OS or Greenguard Dragon with wings, sharp claws and tail. The whole appearance will take a form of Hydra.

Story: Legend foretell of a Hydra Dragon existence in a dark lake quite near to Solace. Legend about Hydra Dragon's existence began with 2 man who loved adventures. The story goes with 2 man went to explore a dark lake quite near to their hometown, Solace, for some exploration. They were very curious of that area since no one had been or mentioned that lake. They began their adventures there and hope they will experience exciting stuff at that area. Once they entered the dark lake, strange noise could be heard near the lake. They had a frighten expression since they never heard any noise that creepier than they had ever encountered any beasts in their previous adventures at the jungle, mountain or seas. Regardless of the noise, they continue their exploration.

As they walked closer to the lake, strange noise was heard again and this time the noise level is stronger than before. They noticed a huge shadow figure swimming towards them. Frightened by the shadow figure, they ran away quickly but suddenly, the shadow figure showed himself. Both of them saw the appearance of the shadow figure and roar loudly and fiercely. It had the appearance of a Hydra and Dragon. They scream in terror and run away. unfortunately, the beasts grabbed hold and viciously assaulted one of them before devoured him. The other guy managed to survive and ran away quickly before he would be seen and ended up the same fate as the other guy.

Once he reached Solace, he screamed in terror, whole face turns pale and nearly went berserk. The villagers ran towards him and cooled him down. Once the survivor man was chilled, one of the villagers asked what happened and where is his other friends. The man nearly went berserk again but managed to chill with a cup of tea provided by a villager. He cool himself again and slowly explain the incident to the villagers. The villagers were shocked and frightened too as they listened to the horror story and terrible fate happen to the dead adventurous man and terrible and creepy Hydra Dragon's existence. To prevent anyone to encounter the same fate as the deceased adventurous man, they went to the entrance of the dark lake and sealed the entrance with a warning sign "Do not enter". From then on, no one had ever dare to enter in the dark lake. Some named that dark lake as "Hydra Dragon's Lake".

A few year later, another 2 man with strong spirits of adventures happened to walk across " Hydra Dragon's Lake" and saw the sign "Do not enter". They seemed very excited and decide to explore it. The same fate happened and this time, both man met with terrible fate. Hydra Dragon is displease that trespasser enter and disturb his lake. He decided to leave his lake to find a new lake as his new home. On his way to explore for his home to ensure peace and quiet, he viciously assaulted and devoured any beings that stand in his path.

Controlled Quote/Enemy Quote: I DISLIKE beings standing in my path searching for my new home!

1-hit combo: Slash the opponent.

2-hit combo: Bite the opponent twice.

3-hit combo: Fly towards the sky, target at the opponent by slashing, followed by biting and return back to its place and fire a small water bomb towards the opponent.

5-hit combo: Use its water flame to attack the opponent.

Upon Victory: Fly away.

Upon Defeat: Faint on the ground.

Movement Animation: Use its wings and fly mid-air.

Defend Animation: Use its arm to defend itself.

Spell Animation: Roar fiercely.

Being Assaulted Animation: Roar fiercely in pain.

Counterattack Animation: Slash the opponent.

- 200 attack card X3
- 500 attack card X3
- Water Crash X2
- Healing Spring X2
- Shield X3
- Power Flow X1
- Fresh Start X1

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2/20/2014 9:48:32   
Gorillo Titan

Captain Rheins

If you want you can use this character for Talk Like a Pirate Day seasonal

Rank: Master

Element: Water

Appearance: A skeleton of about 6" with faded bones and a cutlass in both hands one giving off a blue glow and the other giving off a black glow. From one of its ribs is a faint blue light emitting from the crack in the rib. On his head he is wearing a black captain hat with a green rimming around it with a feather sticking out of it. On each of its sides is a sheath cutlass. When its pulls them out the one on his left side has a black glow and the one on his right has a blue glow.

x3 Sacrifices
x2 Water crush
x2 Renew
x3 Sheilds
x1 Refresh
x1 200s
x2 500s

Battle Start Animation From the sheathes on its left side he quickly pulls out his black cutlass and points it at the enemy.

Quote no speech bubble will appear.

Victory Quote Opens its mouth and releases a moan Uuggghhhh

Lose animation Falls to the ground in a pile of bones right after having the feather on its hat pop off.

Win Animation Lifts both cutlass into the air in an x mark shape above its head/

If new card ideas are not allowed I am willing to change the deck for Legendary.

Element: Water

Rank: Legendary

Appearance: Has a body made completely out of water in the shape of pirate captain but is transparent allowing you to see his skeleton with his signature pirate hat on. "The body has a similar look to how VI has armor but its all the same color so it looks like a shadow but instead of black it would be blue.

1 Hit Forms a flintlock pistol out of water and shoots.

2 Hit Forms a cutlass in bode hand as charges forward swinging both at the same time into the enemy.

3 Hit Forms two cutlass and stabs them into the ground as a pillar of war burst from the ground heading for the enemy

5 Hit Captain Rheins Turns into a giant creature made of water and begins blasting water down on the enemy.

Shield: Water appears around him.

Lose: Water falls from its body leaving behind the skeleton with a small glowing blue light coming from one of the bones and the pirate captain landing on top.

Deck: Being made of water the deck should be more towards healing and hitting hard.


1x Powerflow CC
2x Sacrifices
1xFresh Start
x2 Shields
x2 Renew

1x Current Wall For 10 energy a 1000 shield is put up that absorbs unblockable and dot damage for 1000 and turns it into health does not block regular attacks only half the damage done is converted into health so you can only gain a max of 500 hp back from it.

Current Wall Animation The character begins to glow blue with an aura around them.

2x Vortex A card suggested to me by xallos Works as a DOT card dealing 1000 damage over 5 turns each turn doing 200 damage for 5 energy.

Vortex Animation A vortex of water goes around the enemy.

1x Barrage A pirate only legendary card hits 3 times for 1200 damage.

Barrage Animation Three ship cannons appear on the ground each shooting a cannonball at the enemy doing 400 damage each for 8 Energy.

Once the brutal pirate rival of the Alpha Pirate until one faith full morning while out looking for the legendary treasure of dos piece he spies the ship of the AP and orders his crew to attack but after a brutal battle he meets his end at the magical sword of the Alpha pirate and sinks down into the sea. After a year has passed the pressure has removed all Captain Rheins' skin but he still lives now in a completely different stage. His skin and muscles replaced with water the only part of him still remaining the skeleton underneath and the tiny blue metal shard that chipped from the Alpha Pirates blade giving Captain Rheins the ability to sustain his watery body.

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2/20/2014 10:05:26   

Alright here I go:

Boagi the Serpent - Water Master Character (Writing Suggestion)


Boagi was once a simple garden snake. His life was relatively peaceful, spent generally enjoying the warmth of the sun and chasing after little critters for sustenance. One day however, he chanced upon a creature he had never seen before; it was a strange creature. It had large, unblinking eyes; its body was composed of scales; it lacked arms and legs...in many respects, it was very much like himself. At the same time, there was a rather alien quality to the creature; it possessed flaps that seemed to aid it in locomotion; its tail continuously flicked about, side-to-side; there were two continuously flaring openings located on its sides. The animal, to us, is no more than a simple fish, swimming about in its home in the lake, relying on its gills to breathe. Now, Boagi had always found a puddle or two to drink from, but he had never encountered such a body of water, or even such a creature! The fish seemed so free and at peace, completely absorbed in the clear depths of the pristine lake. Boagi suddenly longed to be part of the water...

By chance, Boagi happened upon an old man not long after. The man was sleeping, but a creature Boagi was all too familiar with, crawled upon his neck. It was unnaturally large; Boagi wondered how the man didn't feel its presence. Perhaps it had been attracted to the smells of the camp, for Boagi it reeked of spiced meat, or perhaps it was fascinated by the steady throb of the jugular vein upon the sleeping man's neck. Whatever the case, Boagi could see the deadly tail of the creature, twitching and ready to strike. The scorpion was about the arch its tail forward when Boagi, acting impulsively, grasped the creature by its tail and hurled it into the embers of the mage's campfire. The man awoke and saw the scorpion being roasted into a crisp and stared at the snake with bewilderment.

He had spent many years amongst nature and using magic, he probed Boagi's mind and learned of what happened. The mage's name was Chubo and he had a deep respect for the natural world around him and thus felt indebted to the little snake. He had roamed the wilds for years and though it wasn't immediately apparent due to his peaceful nature, his magical prowess was unchallenged. With his mind, he told Boagi how he was a mage and that he could help fulfill his dreams of becoming one with water. Boagi had never experienced this type of mental contact but his desire overcame his incredulity. The mage said the transformation would be quite extreme; it would morph him from a simple garden snake to a monstrous sea serpent, fully adapted to aquatic life.

Boagi had never seen a sea serpent and had no idea what he would eventually look like, but he was too enthralled by the idea to let it pass him. The mage sensed his excitement and began the necessary rituals. Boagi felt himself growing larger, more large than he had ever been. He felt a power begin stir in him, a power he knew to be similar to that which the man wielded, magic. It would be this power that would allow him to breathe underwater. He already felt stronger than he ever had before. His scales hardened to the point where he was impervious to his old predators; his speed, agility, and regeneration were increased tenfold.

Finally after hours of weaving more spells into Boagi's body, the process was complete. Boagi now towered over the mage; he looked to the lake and just felt it was where he was meant to be. Giving into his compulsions, he threw himself headfirst and immersed himself in its cool depths. For many centuries, Boagi enjoyed his new life but it was not to be. Humans had always been exerting their influence upon nature and now they sought to establish a settlement by the lake. Their activities disrupted the balance of the ecosystem and Boagi took it upon himself to defend his home. However, they were not easily deterred; realizing they had met their match, the humans poured toxins into the lake, killing everything within. The fish and turtles and little frogs that Boagi had befriended were all dead.

Despite the human mage's success in bringing him happiness, Boagi could not control his emotions; he saw humans as self-centered creatures incapable of nobility and capable only of great disruption. Thus he vowed to be a blight to humans world-round. Boagi threw himself into a nearby river, knowing it would carry him to the ocean where he could attack human ships and kill everyone on board. Fear of the ocean and its denizens began to grow. Boagi hoped his efforts would teach mankind to respect nature and its inhabitants and to this very day, he continues his war on humanity.

Appearance: A large, coiled-up serpent. <-Clicky! :D
His color should be that of a lake to illustrate his embrace of water as his essence. His eyes are white in color.

Player Quote: "Water gives me life...for you, it will only bring death!"

Enemy Quote: "I protect Water and those who inhabit it! I won't let you taint it with your filth!"


Movement: Slithers around.

Charging: Looks upward and absorbs energy into his body.

1-Hit: Strikes by biting the enemy viciously.

2-Hit: Brings his tail up and smashes down twice.

3-Hit Combo: Looks upward as a stream of water erupts from below the enemy; the water does one hit. A school of fish then erupts from the stream, dealing a second hit. The fish then land back down for a third hit.

5-Hit Combo: Looks upward as a tidal wave rolls in, bringing with it a badly-damaged single-masted ship that smashes into the enemy for 5 hits of damage.

Defend: A large sphere envelops him; it drips water from its sides. His tongue flicks out tauntingly.

Counter-Attack: Bites forward rapidly.

Casting Spell: Lurches forward and opens jaws menacingly at opponent.

Upon Victory: Looks up and spews water from his mouth like a fountain.

Upon Defeat: Looks up and eyes widen in surprise as a giant whale falls on him, crushing his body. Tail twitches once then falls still.


500 Attack Card x5 (Water)
500 Defend Card x2 (Water)
Neutralize x2
Iron Hide x2
Power Flow x1
Healing Spring x2

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2/20/2014 11:34:14   

Character Name: Alpha Rider

Element: Water

Rank: Veteran

Description: A known pirate encounters an elusive Frostzard on his trip to the Rocky Pass and a duel between the two resulted in favour of the Alpha Pirate! Now the two team up to scour the lands of OS for both treasure and prey.

Controlled Quote: Alpha Pirate's
Enemy Controlled: Alpha Frostzard's aka nothing
Victory: Alpha Pirate's

2x 200 Damage
3x 500 Damage
2x 100 Pierce
2x Defend
2x Water Rapid
1x Renew
1x Power Flow
1x Neutralize
1x Corruption

(Nulgath is responsible and claims all credit for the true artwork of the characters)

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2/20/2014 16:47:22   
Josh Lycanthropy

Name: Greater Slime

Element: Water

Story: Many Slimes across the Overworld are simply mindless bacteria that only act upon their instincts. However, some gain an unthinkable genetic mutation, the ability to Think. These Greater Slimes are capable of planning, making them extremely dangerous compared to your average Zard. From my constant observation of these specific slimes, I have possibly discovered their goal in life. To Expand and Multiply! These slimes are immensely dangerous, I dare wonder what would happen if they manage to fulfill this goal!
AQW  Post #: 384
2/20/2014 17:52:02   
The Jop

Name: Demria
Element: Water
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Master

• A mass of dark green seaweed shaped with two hanging arms, somber eyes, and a gaping mouth.
• Pale arms and legs of corpses are sticking out out of the seaweed, with some of them losing skin or stripped down to the bone.

• 200 Attack x1
• 500 Attack x3
• Defend x3
• Healing Spring x4
• Water Rapid x3
• Water Crash x2
• Power Flow x1
• Fresh Start x1

Controlled Quote: "Please run...I can't stop this."
Enemy Quote: "I'm sorry."

Combat Entrance: Drags itself in slowly from the side of the screen.
Charging: The seaweed making up its body wriggles.
Casting a Spell: Raises its arms up in the air, the seaweed ones and the corpses'.
Shielding: Holds its seaweed and the corpses' arms in front of it.
1-Hit Combo: Raises itself high in the air and smashes down on the opponent.
2-Hit Combo: Extends both its arms into the opponent.
3-Hit Combo: Attacks the opponent with a water spout from its mouth.
5-Hit Combo: The seaweed consumes the opponent, and the corpses' arms and legs move into the seaweed to attack.
Upon Victory: Turns around and droops its head down.
Upon Defeat: The seaweed falls apart onto the ground and some of the corpses are exposed.

Hundreds of years ago there was a necromancer named Siriso who led an attack against the world in an attempt to rule over its inhabitants, who he intended to turn undead. The struggle went on for more than 20 years, with Siriso bringing anyone he had slain to his side and a powerful healer named Demria sustaining the side fighting to survive, as well as easily dispatching undead with her healing magic. Finally, Demria led an attack against Siriso's tower as retribution for those who had fallen, getting rid of Siriso's remaining undead with her healing spells. She found him alone at the highest room in the tower, but she was alone and untrained in combat magic. She tried to keep herself alive for long enough to have the rest of the army reach her, but Siriso's dark magic overpowered her. Siriso fled the tower with the badly wounded Demria, as Demria's followers set his tower alight.

He took her to a lake far from the tower and said "I want you to suffer as you made me suffer throughout this war. And then, finally, you will be mine", as he threw Demria into the lake. She did not have the energy to swim up or heal herself as she slowly dropped to the bottom of the lake and drowned. As she fell, she was caught amongst seaweed and other unfortunate souls who had died in the same lake. After waiting about an hour, Siriso cast a resurrection spell towards the bottom of the lake where he had killed Demria. She awoke feeling very distant from her body and she heard multiple whispers in her mind, but she could not understand them and she knew they were not hers. She was drawn against her will to drag herself out of the lake towards Siriso, who was trying to control her. When she reached him he laughed and said "You used to be a healer, now look at you. You are a monster, under my complete control." Against her will, she quickly attacked him. The corpses that had been resurrected together were fighting for control, but most of them were killed by Siriso so they immediately set out to kill him. When he was dead, the mass of seaweed forced him down into the lake as revenge. Demria had retained her ability to speak and heal, but she was only one of many corpses who fought over control so she rarely could control its movements. She tried to stay away from living things so she would not be able to hurt them, but she sometimes moved to them and attacked against her will. She wandered the land of Oversoul for years, as rumors of this vicious behemoth spread and the healer Demria was forgotten.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 385
2/20/2014 18:12:12   

Backstory Suggestion: Captain Mako
Element: Water
Rank: Master
Appearance: Slightly taller that Alpha Pirate, he has fish-like skin, red eyes with small, black, slitted pupils, and a row of gleaming, shark-like teeth. He is muscular, and he is wearing a black, tattered pirate captain's uniform, with the fabric around the chest ripped off completely, revealing a blue, glowing kathool-looking tattoo on his chest. He wields a midnight blue, silver handled cutlass in his back hand.

Backstory: Long before the Archfiend had invaded the Overworld, there was a stirring of the seas, one that had not been seen for thousands of years: The great Kathool Atchoo was creating an heir for his power. In order to be sure he survived to unlock his full power, he had made his heir more fearsome than any other creature of the sea. However, before his ceremony was completed, a human hero had wandered in, and he had to cast his heir aside, so that he could deal with the intruder. The little creature was wisked around the sea for weeks, and would have kept moving by with the current had he not been lucky enough to be caught by a pirate ship. This pirate ship happened to be the one of the Alpha Pirate, and he took the little tyke under his wing. He had taught him everything he knew about sailing, fighting with a cutlass, and all the other skills that a pirate would need to know, and was awe-struck by how powerful he was becoming: In fact, when he fought with a cutlass, it was as if the current itself was his blade. So impressed was the old captain with his progress that, before he and his crew went out into the Overworld, he allowed the beast to keep the ship. Now, that beast is known as Captain Mako, and if you see a flag with the Kathool-shaped symbol, it means that he has come to rip you apart and drag you down to the locker.

1 hit attack: He slashes with his cutlass, leaving a glowing blue trail in it's wake
2 hit attack: like the 1st, but then he uppercuts the opponent with his other hand
3 hit combo: He jumps up, lands near his opponent, and bites 3 times
5 hit combo: the tattoo on his chest glows brighter, and 5 sea serpents made of water strike the opponent.
Defeated animation: a pillar of water engulfs him and carries him off.
Victory animation: he roars and his chest tattoo glows brighter.

Controlled quote: Ye be mad if ye think a minnow like ye can take the likes of me
Enemy quote: I've been looking fer a challenge fer a long time.... Be a shame that ye be all I've found
Victory quote: What a waste of me time.
Defeated quote: Ye got a bit of fight in ye, I'll give ye that!

500 attack: 3
Sacrifice: 2
500 defense: 3
Fresh Start: 1
Renew: 2
Water Crash: 3
Power Flow: 1

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Apple Core

Name: Young Lurker
Element: Water
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Veteran

A medium sized crab, should look similar to this.

1x 100
2x 200
3x 500
3x Defend
2x 100 Pierce
1x Refresh
2x Renew

Controlled Quote: "..."
Enemy Quote: "..."

Combat Entrance: Scuttles in and lifts it's claws a little.
Charging: Raises it's claws, then lowers them.
Casting a Spell: Raises it's claws, then lowers them.
1-Hit Combo: Scuttles forward and pinches with one claw.
2-Hit Combo: Scuttles Forward and quickly pinches with one claw twice.
3-Hit Combo: Scuttles forward, then quickly pinches with alternating claws three times.
5-Hit Combo: Quickly scuttles forward ramming the target in both directions, then pinches with alternating claws three times.
Upon Victory: Raises claws high.
Upon Defeat: Falls into an awkward heap.
Name: Titan Lurker
Element: Water
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Master

A large crab, should look like this, but less spines, and one blind, milky white eye.

2x 200
2x 500
3x Defend
2x Sacrifice
1x Empower
1x Water Crash
1x Power Flow
2x Renew
1x Healing Spring

Same Quotes and animations as Young Crab.

Deep in the depths of the southern lakes of Oversoul dwell an unusually large species of crab called lurkers. One particular crab was hunting. In a sudden rush the crab charged straight for its intended meal. Quick as a flash the targeted water wing was on the offensive and catching the unlucky crab off guard, it stabbed it in its one vulnerable spot, one of its eyes. The attack left it too close so with its eye now sightless, the crab furiously tore the water wing to pieces with its claws and proceeded to feast. Many years later… Three close friends, a young Alpha Pirate, Beta Pirate, and Alpha Pirette had been hearing reports of a monstrous beast that aggressively attacked, with no regard to safety to itself, anything large that moved, including humans. The trio decided that they would find the creature, and possibly slay it to show off to their elders. That night they began making their way to the caves. With just Ό of the distance left, they came upon a gruesome sight. A lone titan moose, literally torn in half was found dead in a small clearing. Deciding that nothing less than the beast itself could have done it, they followed the blood trail the rest of the way to the caves. Cautiously entering the cave, they crept their way into the very depths until they could hear a crunching, grinding sound. They peeked around a corner and were horrified with the sight of countless bones strewn every where. Finally they took notice of the beast itself. What they saw gave them nightmares the rest of their lives. A huge crab, as tall as a horse, with massive claws was slowly but surely eating what remained of the titan moose from before. The horrified Alpha Pirette screamed, causing the monster of a crab to look at them with its one eye, the other a milky white and unmoving. The trio didn’t stop to look any longer; they ran for home as fast as their already tired legs could carry them. Quite unfortunately for them, the crab had gotten a bit smarter over the years and had stalked them to their village. On that fateful night that will be told throughout all generations, the Titan Lurker attacked the village. In the dead of night, the massive crab charged the gates of the village shattering them. It then proceeded to wreak havoc in the village, quickly getting the attention of all the warriors in the camp. What happened next was a massive bloodbath. The crab repeatedly charged and killed its unfortunate victims with quick snaps of its claws. However the fight eventually turned in favor of the pirates. Though their swords had little effect on the crab’s armor, they eventually used explosives to weaken the crab enough to finally kill it with stabs through its broken armor. The village rejoiced but that was short-lived because so many had died. They realized that from then on, they would have to contend with these huge crabs lest another similar event repeat itself.

*Whew* Sorry for the long post, I wanted my first character suggestion to be a good one!
Note: The once fabled protector of the forests, the Titan Moose, has found a tough enemy. Only repeated smashes of it's hammer will break through the tough shells of these Titan Crabs!!
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The Finnish Phoenix

Name: Super Squirter
Element: Water
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Master

• A large, floating, and vibrant orange water gun.
• Yellow water tank on the top with an opening for water to be poured in.
• Is sentient and has googly eyes and a mouth near the barrel.
• Light blue pump near the trigger to add pressure.

• 200 Attack x1
• 500 Attack x5
• Defend x1
• Surge x2
• Water Crash x2
• Power Flow x2
• Fresh Start x1

Controlled Quote: "I'm gonna squirt all over you mortals, whether you like it or not. Nana nana boo boo!"

Combat Entrance: Floats into the room and a bit of water leaks from its barrel.
Charging: Water pours into the hole on its water tank.
Casting a Spell: Points upwards and fires into the air.
1-Hit Combo: Squirts a shot of water at the enemy.
2-Hit Combo: Squirts two shots of water at the enemy.
3-Hit Combo: The pump is pumped once and a stream of water is squirted at the enemy.
5-Hit Combo: Pump is pumped thrice, gun turns upwards and fires a powerful stream into the air that goes up beyond the screen and drenches the enemy as it arcs down.
Upon Victory: Bounces up and down with jubilation.
Upon Defeat: Water tank overflows with water and explodes, getting water all over the place.

Story: Once a harmless children's toy, the Super Squirter was given magical powers to think, speak, fly, act on its own, and of course squirt by a wicked and prodigious young sorcerer who used it as its favorite toy. Now on the loose, the Super Squirter has only one mission: saturate, squirt, and soak anything that gets in its way. The Super Squirter has a playful and immature personality that it adopted from the children that it was used to playing with before it was given life. It has an extensive criminal record and is wanted everywhere. It prides itself on its immortality, its offensive fighting style, and its colorful physique.
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4th Oversoul Character Contest - Water Edition

Name: Abyssal Titan

Element: Water

Rank: Master

Backstory: Few know where it came from, or how old it is. All they heard, was a sound of thunder, and all they saw. . . .well who said they saw anything before they met their watery demise? The first
evidence it gave when it awoke from its deep slumber was at first an ominous feeling. It seeped through the cracks of the sea floor, rendering every creature restless and alert. The epidemic then scoured
through the coast, sending chills through every heart and soul.

The second omen, was a sound of thunder. Often, villages near the ocean would hear and feel odd pulses. What was it? Where did it come from? Everywhere, chaos was rising. People couldn't sleep,
pets were disturbed, farm animals wouldn't stop groaning, and something didn't feel quite right.

Somewhere in the abyss, something was rising. This lasted for a month, only affecting the coastal areas. Everyone else was oblivious of the nightmare that is stirring.
However, something odd occurs. It all stops. The odd pulses, the sounds of thunder, the chilling wind. . . all vanished. The animals, still tense, began to quiet down and work.
Everything was quiet. . . .too quiet. For two weeks, there was a dead silence. Shops were closed, Inns were out of service, everything felt dead. People kept their children inside, and the outside environment
began to turn gray. They stopped fishing, the economy crashed. A soft, silent groaning soon rose from the sea.

When the clock struck three in the morning, the coastal areas shook. It was a slight toss, followed by a violent jerk, which threw everyone on the floor. Suddenly, it stops. Everyone, tense.
What was happening? Another quake struck. This time, there was a hollow booming sound, emitting a force that smothered every flame it touched. The coast was now engulfed in pure darkness. Then,
from the bottom of the sea floor, emerged a claw of huge size. It crashed onto the sea floor. Then, using its claw to raise itself up, the head emerged. Another claw, crashed onto the floor. However, using both arms,
it was only able to raise itself up halfway. It breathed its first breath, and sensed lives above him. With a deep breath, it began to dig underneath the earth.
Now the nearby towns were ridden with fear, in darkness.

Arriving at its first town, it positioned itself right under it, underground.
The animals, sensing the nightmare about to unfold, began to break free of their chains and began escaping the town. Humans, with not as sharp senses, remained behind in their homes, hoping for the best.
A violent quake struck, and a fissure began to grow in the middle. The huge claw of the Abyssal Titan rammed through the opening, tasting the fresh air. It crashed to the ground, and used it to raise himself upwards.
The head appeared, and it breathed deeply. Another claw emerged, and it rose only halfway, letting the bottom part of its body rest in the Earth. Testing out its ancient body, it began to destroy the town.
It let out a bloodcurdling screech, and swung its colossal claws into building, smashing them into dust. Even though half of his body is imprisoned beneath the Earth, it does not render him stationary.
Turning up the ground, it began to drag itself across the land, at quite a decent speed, leaving the previous town in ruins. As it moved, turning up the Earth and rocks, toppling over trees, it was a rumbling sound, like thunder.
Having the coastal areas engulfed in darkness, he ravaged every town or signs of life he could find throughout the night. As dawn broke, the creature receded into the depths of a nearby lake.
Having overheard the uproar, many races were drawn. As they arrived, they each witnessed the damage done. Who could have done this? What could have?

Most of them agreed that justice should be sought, and that the creature must be slain. They scavenged through the mess, hoping to find any survivors.
Digging through the wreckage, they managed to find a small infant, traumatized. His family killed, he kept muttering odd phrases. He then pointed to the ocean, and resumed his traumatized state.
Having nowhere to start except the Ocean, the foreigners followed the trail backwards, and came to the first town. It was all destroyed, but they did notice that the creature's trail began in a fissure in the ground, which came from the ocean.
As they dug through the destroyed town, they found four survivors, and they told them all that happened, the odd feelings, everything.

They now knew that they were not dealing with just any creature here. Some of the foreigners left, fearing for their lives. Others however, mustered up the courage to slay the monster.
As they followed the trail, they found that it led to a shallow lake. As they approached, they could hear a smothered screech, one that sent chills down their spines. Nobody wanted to venture in. . .
Until a small group decided that they would. It consisted of an archer, two paladins, and a fire mage.

The shallow lake held a cave. As the group entered, they noticed that it was much bigger in the inside, and was dry. The Mage used her staff to light up the cave, revealing a huge cave system. It was a
vast maze. Without the Mage lighting up the cave, it would be impossible to traverse. With the Mage leading the way, a Paladin followed, able to jump in and fight. Following the Paladin was the archer, who was
able to lend in support while the first paladin battled. Lastly, the 2nd paladin was the last in line, keeping a close eye behind them, if anything would try to ambush them.
A long time passed. How long could it have been? Hours? Days? They soon arrived in the heart of the chamber. A huge room appeared before them. As the mage lit up the room, they were met with

They saw it, the creature. It was pressed up against the wall, with its huge, deadly claws pressed onto the ground to support its body like a gorilla, and of course half of its body imprisoned within the ground.
It was in a deep rest.

They saw it in detail. From the body and up, it was plated in a shell that of a lobster. However, it had a broad, muscular chest, with two huge arms. The two arms, barbed with spikes, were topped with
huge claws. They were like boulders, but also like knives, and were able to be swung and used to grip objects, able to crush almost anything, and break anything with a punch.
Its back was lined with ridges and spikes. It had big shoulder plate. The head was like a knight's helmet, with eyes deep within its sockets. It had a crest on its head, and two antennas. In all, it was a
huge Lobster-like monster. It was big and bulky.

The paladins wanted to proceed to kill it, though the Archer, with a clever mind, disagreed. He arranged that the creature be bound in chains first, then be devastated with a combination of their best attacks.
The group agreed, and with the help of the Archer, for he always carried chains, ropes, or whatever that bounded creatures, the watery horror was bound- or so it seemed.

Everything was set, and they reigned down arrows, fireballs, and swords.
The rest of the foreigners outside the cave, awaiting the return of archer, paladin, and mage, began to dream of how famous they would be when the band returned with the creature's head. Oh how
wonderful, they would certainly let them join in on the fame, and be rich beyond their wildest dreams!

Oh how wrong they were.

Deep within the chambers, the fight was changing. The small band of heroes had underestimated the monster's power. It broke through the chains with a sickening roar, and swung its claw at
the heroes like a hammer. It swept the whole floor, killing a paladin, smashing him into the wall. The mage then landed a good fiery hit on its face, which sent it into a berserk. It crushed the mage by
smashing her between both of its claws. With the archer and the last paladin left, they ran for the exit. They ran, and ran, and ran, in darkness. The creature let loose a vice smile, and slammed his claw
against the wall. The caves began to crumble, and cease to exist.

Outside the cave, the remaining foreigners saw the cave entrance crumble and fall. At once, they knew what had happened. They began to run, all of them.
Soon, the place was deserted, as the monster emerged and looked about. It sneered, and thought how wonderful this was. What a perfect eon to wake in.

As the remainders returned to their homes, they spread the message, far and wide, about the creature. Nobody could identify it, until an old Sage
was brought upon the news.

''A grave danger the land is in,'' so he said. He recognized the creature as the Abyssal Titan whom he fought long ago. It was a creature formed in the beginning of Oversoul. In those ages, it was whole. It was not bound to the ground as it is now, and thus was known across the lands
as a Titan. However, it was put to a stop by the old Sage. With his wisdom combined with the help of the rest of the inhabitants of Oversoul, they fought the Titan head on. It ended
when the old Sage banished the Titan into the abyss, and sealed it. Over time, the seal was worn down and broke. However, the seal was still powerful enough to leave a lasting impact
on the Titan. He would forever have his lower body bound to the ground, never able to achieve his full strength ever again and only has the opportunity to awaken every several eons, when the time is right.
The Abyssal Titan was named for its sheer size, power, and violent temper. It was able to regenerate any lost or damaged body parts. It is still a true nightmare, destroying towns, eradicating every creature in sight, and bringing every ''hero'' down to their knees.

And with the rise of the Archfiend, the time has never been better. The Abyssal Titan has awoken and is ready to answer the call.


Appearance: They saw it in detail. From the body and up, it was plated in a shell that of a lobster. However, it had a broad, muscular chest, with two huge arms. The two arms, barbed with spikes, were topped with
huge claws. They were like boulders, but also like knives, and were able to be swung and used to grip objects, able to crush almost anything, and break anything with a punch.
Its back was lined with ridges and spikes. It had big shoulder plate. The head was like a knight's helmet, with eyes deep within its sockets. It had a crest on its head, and two antennas. In all, it was a
huge Lobster-like monster. It was big and bulky.

Colors: Mostly dark blue, some red, laced wih some Gold, and maybe black. Spikes should be like the color of ivory.


Deck ->

1x Fresh Start
6x Shield
3x Healing Spring
2x Refresh
2x 200 attack
2x 500 Attack
4x Water Crash
5x Water Rapid


1-hit: Leans backwards and then lunges forward, sending a lethal punch.
2-hit: Lunges forward, sending two lethal punches.
3-hit: His eyes glow, and sends out three blue pulses.
5-hit: Starts to spin around rapidly, using the spikes and becoming a spinning death machine.

Appearance in battle -> A fissure appears in the ground. It grows bigger, and a claw thrusts upwards and slams onto the ground. It pulls itself up, revealing its face, another claw thrusts up,
and slams onto the ground. It pulls itself up. Emits a screech.

Charges -> The antennas glow.

Shield -> It curls downwards, pointing its spike-covered back towards the enemy.

Takes hits -> Covers its face with its claws.

Counters -> Emits a dark pulse.

Dies -> Emits a screech, and the returns deep underground.

Enemy Quote -> It feels so good to kill again.

Control Quote -> The Abyssal Titan will not return to slumber.

Defeat Quote -> I'll remember you.

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Oversoul 4th Character Contest

Name: Professor S.
Element: Water
Rank: Master

Story: Professor S. has always had trouble with his machinery in his ''younger'' days. . . .
He would always accidentally get water on his machines that he built, rendering them useless. One day, he had enough of it, and chose
instead of making machines that break in contact with water, how about making machines that WORK with water!

Controlled Quote -> Professor S., for Steampunk!
Enemy Quote -> Steampunk and water, how unexpected!

2x Defense
2x Healing Spring
2x Renew
4x Water Crash
2x Attack 500
1x Neutralize
2x Ironhide
2x Surge

Appearance: Professor S. looks more like an older Engineer.
He stands inside a machine he built. It is an Octagon shape. On each of the corners, there is a capsule of bubbling hot water.
In the middle of the octagon shape machine is a keyboard/control he uses to operate that can let his machine shoot the burning water at enemies.
The octagon machine he stands in floats with jet packs. There are many wires, valves, and spinning things. More of a steampunk look.

Animations ->

1-hit: Sprays the enemy with a stream of hot water.

2-hit: sprays the enemy 2x with a stream of hot water.

3-hit: A cannon unfolds and shoots three big water spheres at the enemy, each splattering near the ground at the enemy. -splash damage-

5-hit: The water capsules un-attach from the octagon machine, and fly towards enemies as missiles. (8 in total)

Gets hit -> Almost falls out of the machine.

Victory -> He jumps for joy and leaves.

Death -> Sparks fly out and the water capsules detonate.

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IGN : Aragolan
Contest : 4th Oversoul Contest


Name: Admiral Fluffy
Element : Water
Rank : Master

Quotes/Actions -
Enemy : You will drown under the pressure of my power!
Controlled : My waves of power will overpower yours!
Victory : It seems you couldn't withstand this storm of strength.

Description -
Story : Fluffy comes from a small lakeside town where the villagers lived in complete harmony with the water spirits in the lake. Then one day a group of shadow beasts invade the town. His father being away collecting firewood couldn't do anything in time so Fluffy grabbed his father's old rapier from the Navy and fended off the beasts until they feared him. Wanting to feel the adrenaline rush of battle again he decides to join the Navy at the encouragement of his father. The Commander of the Navy seeing the potential in the boy resulting in rapid promotions. Eventually Fluffy was given a cutlass to show his strength as Admiral, but cherishing the rapier that he had been with the entire time, he decided he could use both, making him a very powerful warrior.
Visual Description : Light brown medium hair length. Fairly tall, maybe about the same height as Time Gentleman. Wears a overcoat decorated with various medals and wears a Tricorne hat that are each colored slightly greenish-blue except for the medals which are varying in color.
Weapon : He wields a cutlass in one hand that glows slightly with a sky blue outline. The hilt/handle is adorned with golden feathers. In the other hand he wields a rapier that has similar attributes to the cutlass such as the outline

Cards/Deck -
2x 500 Defense
1 x Healing Spring
2x 100 Damage
1x 100 Pierce Damage
2x 200 Damage
2x 500 Damage
1x Fresh Start
2x Water Crash
2x Water Rapid

1-Hit : Simply slashes the enemy with an underhand cut with the cutlass
2-Hit : Swings an overhand cut with the cutlass and then stabs once with the rapier
3-Hit : Stabs twice with the rapier and then cuts at the enemy with his cutlass.
5-Hit : Throws the rapier at the enemy and then slashes with the cutlass 4 times and jumps back after pulling the rapier out.
Being Hit : Just moves back a bit
Victory : Points the cutlass at the enemy
Death : Falls to the ground with his swords falling down and sticking into the ground

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Gonna try an art suggestion for the contest...maybe. For now I'll just leave this here:

Titanic Turtle - Water Master Character (Art Suggestion)

Appearance: A giant turtle. <-Clicky :D

Player/Enemy Quote: "Well then, "shell" we play?"

Victory Quote: "Slow and steady won the race!"

Defeat Quote: "You "turtley" defeated me..."


Near the Southern Isles, a species of turtle that has grown to monstrous proportions dwell, the almighty Chelydra titanicus. The turtle population was nearly wiped out by feeding crocodiles whose jaws were strong enough to pierce their shells. But natural selection played its hand, producing turtles of gargantuan sizes.

There is protection in size and these turtles have evolved in the past few hundred years to a size that is simply too large for consumption. Their shells have also hardened to easily be one of the strongest naturally occurring materials. Their minds have also evolved, granting them intelligence rivaling that of a human's. And of course, these turtles possess extended lifespans, up to several thousand years. Quite a long time even for creatures renowned for their lifespans...

Their diet continues to reflect that of a peaceful, shy animal although it will consume meat like the occasional shellfish or jellyfish. Most of the time though, they mind their own business, swimming about with their powerful limbs. And while they are simply too big to worry about danger, if the creature feels threatened, it will not hesitate to defend itself.


Movement: Slowly lumbers around.

Charging: Opens mouth and absorbs energy into its body.

1-Hit: Steps forward and bites down.

2-Hit: Steps forward while drawing head into shell, then headbutts twice.

3-Hit Combo: Spews torrent of water at enemy for 3 hits of damage.

5-Hit Combo: Draws whole body into shell; suddenly shell begins to spin as jets of water emerge from openings and blast enemy for 5 hits of damage.

Defend: Draws body into shell.

Counter-Attack: Draws body into shell and spins at enemy.

Casting Spell: Looks upward with mouth agape.

Upon Victory: Says Victory Quote, then draws into shell and spins away.

Upon Defeat: Says Defeat quote before collapsing with eyes closed.


200 Attack Card x5 (Water)
500 Defend Card x2 (Water)
Crush x1
Neutralize x1
Iron Hide x2
Power Flow x1
Healing Spring x2

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Re-submission with updated stuffles.

Alright, here's a collaboration entry. Credit to DeathGuard for the amazing art, story and idea by me.

IGN: Redingard

Name: Cyrano Blodgharm

Rank: Master/Legendary

Element: Water and Energy

Appearance: http://twitpic.com/dp6d6g or

Backstory: At the peak of creation, the world was in disarray. With no sense of order or dissonance, everything was merely nothing. So, the world tried to fix itself with the birth of a god. Going by the name of Chaos, he was fueled by discord and hatred, feasting on the emotions of fledglings and their actions. And so, the world was plunged into darkness and sorrow. Again, the world was in disarray. And yet again, it made another god. Harmony, who taught the fledglings the meaning of order. Likewise, she gained her power through order and the kindness of the fledglings. The two gods were evenly matched, and dealt out their powers in equal measures. Without one or the other, nothing would take their place. But together, it functioned. This is where Cyrano's journey begun.

Cyrano started off as a simple, young and outgoing mage and priest, appeasing to Chaos in whatever way he could. Many feared the god, blaming him for their strife and hardships. They turned to Harmony, hoping she would ease their pain. While there were many other gods, Chaos actually helped the world with keeping the balance. Too much order, and the world would not know the struggle of life. What good is it when you learn nothing, everything being a breeze? This is what Chaos strives for. Whether it was mere prayer or animal sacrifices, he was one of the few that praised the god for his actions.

Over the years, he was well regarded in ambiguous ways. In his own world, he became an Arch Mage and a Summoner, a revered magical art. His knowledge was unbound, and his wisdom unmatched. Brought up on the stories of the constant push and pull of harmony and dissonance, Cyrano came to worship the two deities. Chaos was quite the narcissist, and the Summoner was one of his greatest devotees. At this point, the mage was a grown man. His faith never wavered, and his words held steadfast. He even converted most of the world to the idea that Chaos was to be revered, not shunned. Saying that Harmony could not exist without its opposite and that there is nothing to fear, the timid people of the world embraced the Summoner's words. It became a renowned religion, rivaling even those that praised Harmony.

Thus, Cyrano advanced into the elderly age. The Summoner advanced as the greatest preacher of Chaos, and even became known to be his prophet. Chaos wasn't one for meaningless whelps who threw themselves at him, like those who would seek protection or freedom, but he could tell that Cyrano was unique. His dedication was evident, and the deity said that the Summoner could become even stronger. He invited the Arch Mage to his own domain, seeking to make Cyrano his apprentice. He readily agreed.

Under his guidance, the Summoner became a strange sort of demi-god. He ceased to age, and his abilities flourished at an astounding rate. At this point, Cyrano could summon some of the most fearsome creatures the world had to offered. Ranging from hydras to phoenixes, the priest brimmed with power while he served the god. Many years continued to pass, and he learned how to keep balance in the world. By his side, Chaos became powerful and unruly. The centuries passed, and the world was the essence of perfection, the balance no longer in Harmony's constant favor.

However, Chaos began to see minute point in an apprentice. As of now, he was capable of keeping the balance without any help, since he was no longer at a disadvantage. Even if he had finesse and wit, who was Cyrano compared to Chaos? Even his own sect had no use for the Summoner. Cyrano, too, grew weary of serving the balance. The Summoner's devotion never faded, but his spirit in life had. The mere pleasantries of life were preferable to hearing to the constant bashing of whelps and fledglings, trying his best to quell the tide of dissonance and calm.

So the two came up with a contract, if you would. Cyrano would go back to being a mortal, living out the rest of his days as an adventurer. In return, he'd go to a new world, one where he could start over and make his ow way in life, without having to look back. They browsed the world, seeking out the one perfect for the Summoner. Nearly all of them were unremarkable; dull, boring, and filed to the brim with pathetic mortals struggling for power. But then, the duo stumbled upon one world outside of their own. Unchained, unbound, and not living by the rules set by the gods, it lived in its own dimension. The balance of harmony and discord was completely wrong; the perfect place for Cyrano to adventure in. So, he did just that.

Knowing that it would be a one-way trip, considering how it lived outside of the barriers of their own world, Cyrano said his farewells. His job as prophet and Arch Mage was done; it was time to start from scratch. Now, he could only summon the common beasts of the world, ranging from lycanthropes to lesser elementals. But for some reason, his hydra, Lecrato, stayed by his side. Not following the normal laws of the realms, Lecrato acted as Cyrano's vigilant and dim-witted companion. Retaining only his wisdom, intellect, and a meager portion of his former power, he delved into the unknown world. The world of Oversoul.

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Gorillo Titan

Stone Egg


Deck containing a lot of shields and crush and tree of life and natures gift.

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Name Aspid (based on the Aspidochelone)

Element Water

Player quote "My internal compass points to victory!"

Enemy controlled quote "I can feel the world shifting..."

Rank Legendary

Appearance Aspid is a large turtle, floating a little about the ground. He has pieces of green moss growing upon his front flippers, as well as back flippers. He has shining blue eyes, that glow slightly. He has a large shell seemingly made from mounds of earth, with small plants growing upon it as well. The overall effect is a slightly glowing turtle, with a shell that looks like an island. small droplets of water float around him, bobbing slightly.

200 attack x 2
500 attack x 3
Shield x 3
Powerflow x 1
Refresh x 2
water crush x 1
earthquake x 2

1 hit combo: Aspid's eyes glow green and a jet of water comes up beneath the enemy, dealing one hit of damage

2 hit combo: Aspid recedes into his shell, then rapidly spins at the enemy, hitting them twice before going back to his normal position.

3 hit combo: A wall of water comes up from behind Aspid, then it slowly begins to swirl creating a small current. Once it is swirling very fast, Aspid's eyes briefly glow, and the wave surged towards the enemy, dealing three hits of damage.

5 hit combo: Aspid Bows his head, and as he does so, the earth begins to shake a little. He closes his eyes, for a few seconds and the shaking continues. Finally his head shoots up, his eye's glowing pure blue, and multiple streams of water hit the enemy from all sides doing five hits of water damage.

A crack appeared in the small blue egg. First the crack was small, and duly noted, but it began to widen and deepen as the tide shifted. The egg finally cracked as a large swell of water swept upon the egg. There was an unbroken silence for a few minutes, until a small cry pierced it. It was shrill and high in pitch, yet the sound was said to be as lovely as a robins plea. Then, a small blue head poked it's way free from the confines of the shell, moving to and fro in a slow and easygoing manner. It's eyes were the color of fresh water, its skin tones as deep as the ocean itself. Although perhaps the most meraculous thing about it, was the mound of earth and plant life that grew upon the small creatures back. The small turtle looked up at the tide, and the ocean seemed to smile.

Many, Many, MANY years later...

The large turtle lay prone on the ocean floor, flippers apart and head bowed. It's large shell protruded from the water, creating an island. The island lay in the middle of a stormy part of the sea, and because of this the island seemed like paradise to a casual on looker. Little did they know of the master predator lying just beneath the waters black sheen. It had been four years since the last ship had come though, and Aspids stomach was beginning to growl. So it was a nice surprise when Aspid sensed a disturbance in the ocean. And it was even better of a surprise when Aspid saw the wooden frame of a large boat come over a large swell. The boat landed upon Aspids back about an hour later, all cheering and rejoicing, some even kissing the dirt on the ground. They pitched camp, as well as cutting down a few trees to make a large fire for dinner. The leader of the group, a man by the name of Dr. Phelias gave a shout as the earth beneath him began to shift and move, writhing like the body of a great serpent. Rocks began falling, and Phelias could feel his life force slowly slipping away. He let out a final gasp of fear, as a large boulder crushed him, and suddenly he was gone beneath the turmoil of earth and vegetation. Aspid smiled, knowing that he would eat well.
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3/5/2014 21:33:48   
The Jop

Name: Amalgam
Element: Neutral
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Legendary

• An enormous dark purple head makes up most of its body.
• Its whole body has a gray tinge, with the most of it at the crown of its head.
• Its head only has two large, glowing, light purple eyes.
• Dozens of small squares make up its eyes, each with the image of a different OverSoul character.
• Its body is very small and atrophied, with the rest of its body about the size of its head.
• It has no fingers or toes.
• Its hands are emitting a light aura.
• It is floating in the air.

• 200 Attack x2
• 500 Attack x3
• Defend x2
• Power Strike x2
• Iron Hide x2
• Corruption x1
• Neutralize x1
• Weaken x2
Uses 5 energy to take and absorb 5 energy from the opponent, of its primary element. If the opponent does not have at least 5 energy, it takes all the energy available.
• Elemental Discharge x1
For 0 energy, uses up all the energy from an element you choose; there are different effects from each element. It rounds up when there are fractions so, for example, 5/3 (1.66) would be 2 instead of 1.

Neutral - Converts neutral energy into 7/6 damage.
Chaos - Converts chaos energy into damage ranging from any number between and including 1/4 of it and 6/4 of it.
Shadow - Converts shadow energy into 1/2 damage which hits each turn for three turns.
Light - Converts light energy into unblockable damage.
Water - Heals for 3/4 water energy two times over two turns.
Earth - Hits for 1/3 earth energy each turn for 5 turns.
Lightning - Converts energy...energy into 1/2 damage that is added to every attack used for that turn.
Ice - Converts ice energy into defense, plus 1 hit of 2/3 ice energy after 4 turns.
Fire - Converts fire energy into 1/2 damage, and then three hits of 1/4 damage over three turns.

And it's all multiplied by 100, of course.
• Manipulation x2
For 6 energy, blocks and reflects any form of damage done on the next turn, including Damage Over Time attacks and piercing attacks. Cannot stack.

Controlled Quote: "..."
Enemy Quote: "..."

Combat Entrance: Transforms from a sitting baby to its regular form.
Charging: Float up and absorb energy.
Casting a Spell: The veins on its head throb.
Shielding: Forms a bluish shield around itself that has no bottom.
1-Hit Combo: Transforms into Peasant and performs its 1-hit combo, then transforms back.
2-Hit Combo: Transforms into Pikeman and performs its 2-hit combo, then transforms back.
3-Hit Combo: Transforms into Master Blood Fiend and performs its 3-hit combo, then transforms back.
5-Hit Combo: Absorbs black-colored essence from the opponent.
Upon Victory: Its eyes flash red and the opponent's essence is drawn into it.
Upon Defeat: Transforms back into a baby, except now it's crying.

Entry 56
Today we responded to a note asking for help, that was sent a few days ago by bird. When we arrived, the town was already in ruins. All the cottages had collapsed and the only living thing in sight was a small baby right in the middle of the town. We searched for hours, but there was no one remaining to look after the baby, so we took it.

Entry 57
We set up a room for the baby earlier today. I plan to nurture and guard it until we can find it a home. It's very popular too; a lot of the pikemen prefer to spend their time playing with it instead of working. I should probably say something as their boss, but who can blame them? With all the new evils introducing themselves to our world, the baby is a real bright spot in our lives. I'm thinking of calling him Skipper.

Entry 58
I've set up some guards around the baby's room. It is, of course, defenseless, but I also have a suspicion that whatever destroyed its town meant to kill everyone and would go after the baby. I've never seen such complete destruction; the baby is very lucky to have survived the attack, and so we should keep it safe.

Entry 59
ALL the men forgot their posts this morning. It took about 2 hours to gather them all and send them to the right places. Even the baby managed to sit in the same spot for most of the day. I feel like I'm treating soldiers more like babies than I treat a baby like a baby.

Entry 60
A fight just broke out between Laggro and Thirn, who were assigned to guard Skipper. It's unbelievable. They not only did this instead of working, but they did it in front of a baby. I had to let them go, since they clearly aren't fit to guard anyone.

Entry 61
The guards have just refused to work together. One of them, I can't recall his name, even ignored me as I asked for help because I forgot the way to my office. Of course he's fired. I think all of this is having an effect on me...I feel really sick.

Entry 62
I spent the day at home with Azina and the children because I was feeling very weak. I hope they can take care of themselves back at work, but the last few days indicate that they cannot...

Entry 63
When I came in today, the only remaining guard was Dasal. He told me about what happened yesterday, in my absence. A huge fight broke out amongst the guards, he doesn't remember the reason if there was one, and they mortally wounded each other. He told me the only reason he remains is because he can't remember where he lives. I don't know what to do. How could this happen? I will at least have to have the bodies buried.

Entry 64
I checked on Skipper and he appears to be fine, but he has more reason than ever not to leave his room. I found the guard from yesterday impaled on his own pike. I...I can't remember where to go, where I live. I read through my past entries to refresh my memories, but nothing tells me how to find my family. I feel like the walls are closing in on me. I have no idea where to go from this point. I'm lost.

Entry 65
I'm spending my time in Skipper's room now, since it seems to be the only room untouched by the destruction here. The baby is truly a blessing; I'm lucky to have found it. Besides, I can barely bring myself to stand any longer. I try occasionally to get help, but I never make it out of the building because of my weakness. If only Skipper could get help, heh...

Entry 66
I don't know what day it is, but I've slept through a morning and evening at least. I can barely remember anything. I don't know who I am, where I am, or why I'm here. I spent my time rereading my journal entries, because I don't have the energy for too much more than writing and reading. And it's clear to me that our problems started when we took in the baby, what I called "Skipper". It's not something attacking the area around the baby. It's the baby. No baby could survive such catastrophes without a scratch. It caused the destruction of the town, and the deaths of my friends and workers. The deteriorating attitude; the aggression and negative energy, were all caused by it. Even the memory loss seems to have happened because of its presence.

Entry 67
I must have fallen unconscious while writing. I'm still in the room with the baby and its influence seems to be strongest in close proximity to it. And I can see it for what it is now...a bulbous purple head, large scanning eyes, and a small dangling body. I wonder if it always looked like that and was just controlling my mind to make me see something different. I can't believe it...it's transforming in front of my eyes. Brown hair, blue eyes, golden armor...it's me. It's just turned to me, smiled, and said "Don't worry, Levings, I'll take care of Azina, Gerrod, and Artemis." Why has it done this, is it trying to gain knowledge about the world in some perverse way, gain power, both? Nevertheless, I have to stop this thing I've unknowingly unleashed on my friends and family. If anyone finds this, know not to trust your first glance. Do not trust anyone who looks like my pikeman guards or me. Who knows how many people it has taken the energies, memories, and forms of? I love you, Azina, and I'm sorry. I'm going to try to kill it with my pike, but even now I can tell it detects my thoughts. As I raise my pike against the creature, I can feel myself unwillingly point it at my own throat...

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How We Roll Winner

Name: Kampe
Element: Shadow
Alignment: Neutral (or Evil)
Rank: Legendary

Appearance Looky this (sorry it wasn't bigger) + maybe some other animal heads like wolf or bear since I forgot to add (around the waist, where the woman meets dragon part)

Cards: I really don't know, but it's an attack based character with x2 Poison maybe?

Controlled Quote: "Soon all will be as it was in the beginning of time!"
Enemy Quote: "I will imprison the Cyclopes once more."

Combat Entrance: Rear up on hind legs; animal heads bare teeth and have glowing orbs (the way Black Dragon does)
Charging: Pretty much the same as entrance, except the rune thing like on Blood Void appears overhead
Casting Spell: Raise both scimitars; animal heads bare teeth OR snake heads move around
Defense: Dragon body bends limbs more slightly
1-hit: Dragon head blasts fireball
2-hit: Both heads (dragon and bird) blast fireballs
3-hit: Kampe jumps forward, slashes down with scimitars 2 times, then waist heads blow fire
5-hit: The screen darkens; Kampe flies up (off screen) then descends on enemy (1st hit) blast and slash (last 4-hits)
Victory: Same as Charging or Combat Entrance
Defeat: Kampe turns to a sillhouette and sinks into the ground (homage to falling back to Tartarus)

Backstory: Kampe is the ancient jailer of the Cyclopes during the beginning of the world. She's a horrific, half-morphed creature adept at using poison. Recently, she has returned from the depths of Tartarus to seek revenge on the gods.

Special Card: Poisonous Aura: Works like Void Reflection, but causes poison damage to attacker rather than counterattack.

Name: The Remnant
Element: Shadow
Alignment: Neutral (or Evil)
Rank: IDK

Appearance Looky THIS (man, I wonder why it's not bigger)

Cards: Probably same as normal DFR.

Controlled Quote: "My pet here hasn't had a snack for eons . . . "
Enemy Quote: "My new master will take claim to your soul!"

Combat Entrance: Same as DFR
Charging: Same as DFR
Casting Spell: Same as DFR
Defense: Same as DFR
1-hit: Same as DFR
2-hit: Same as DFR
3-hit: Same as DFR
5-hit: Same as DFR OR summon an undead Void Knight to attack
Victory: Same as DFR
Defeat: turn to sillouhette and crumble

Backstory: The Remnant appears to be a slain Void Knight of Nulgath. They claim to serve a new master, who is currently unknown . . .

Name (left to right): Shapeshifter 1, Shapeshifter 2, Shapeshifter 3
Element: Ice
Alignment: Neutral (or Evil)
Rank (respectively): Veteran, Master, Legendary

Appearance Clicky!

Cards: I don't specialize in creating decks.

Controlled Quote: N/A
Enemy Quote: N/A

Combat Entrance: Same as whatever character they are imitating
Charging: Same as whatever character they are imitating, OR 1) like Lycan, 2) like Lycan, 3) like Blood Fiend
Casting Spell: Same as charging
Defense: Same as whatever character they are imitating, OR just shield aura around them
1-hit: Same as whatever character they are imitating OR 1) Spit a blob 2) like Lycan 3) like Blood Fiend (sprout armblades)
2-hit: Same as whatever character they are imitating OR 1) toss two lblobs 2) like Lycan 3) like Blood Fiend
3-hit: Same as whatever character they are imitating OR 1) lick (grow long tongue) 2) like Lycan 3) like Blood Fiend
5-hit: Same as whatever character they are imitating OR all (1), 2), and 3): Lunge forward and grab (cause damage while in death grip)
Victory: return to whatever character they were imitating
Defeat: turn into a shapeless blob (like Slime) and die

Backstory: ShapeShifters are vile beings, able to imitate the shape of just about anything.

-ShapeShifter 1s:
are crude. They can only shimmer in appearance to your characters. In gameplay, they stop shimmering when attacked.

-ShapeShifter 2s:
are more expert. They can imitate a character with very real likeness. In gameplay, they lose shape when they are struck.

-ShapeShifter 3s:
are best of all. They have complete control over a shape, so it is very hard to tell them apart from the real. In gameplay, they lose shape when a special attack is played (Death Flow, Tidal Wave, Fireball)

NOTE: DoTs like Poison and counterattacks do not cause them to lose shape


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This is the story of Zavyn of Dragonknight:

Zavyn used to be a Human Knight that swore to protect Solace and the villagers from evil and threats. However, he was unsatisfied as he thought without power, he will be useless that he cannot protect his town. One night, he heard rumour from some villager of a "mystical power" created by a group of powerful wizards that grant one a power so incredibly powerful. The "mystical power" is located at the mountain near Solace. It was also rumour the "mystical power" was protected by an unknown Guardian created by those group of wizards that test the strength of anyone who wish to obtain this "mystical power". The guardian was stated to only approve the person that defeat him the "mystical power".

At night, he plan to leave Solace to travel to the mountain which reside the "mystical power" to gain its power so he will have the strength to protect his home and people should any threats and disaster fall upon. Hoping the rumour is true. Once he reach the destination, he travel from bottom to top of the mountain only to discover nothing special. Frustrated with the rumour being false, he punched towards one of the rock. Surprisingly, its no ordinary rock, its a rock that act as a secret key to gain access to a secret passage deep inside the mountain. Zavyn travelled inside the mountain.

The passage was brighten up with torches. Zavyn walks to find the rumour guardian, defeat it and gain access to the "mystical power". As he walks further, he discovered different that seems to lock the next passage. He found out himself that if he make any mistake in puzzle, he may activate booby traps that is set to kill him. If he is correct, he will gain access to next entrance. Fortunately, Zavyn was great in puzzles ever since he was a kid, using his intelligence in puzzles, he managed to get every single puzzles correct which help him gain access to each passage until he finally encounter the Guardian. Once he finished the final puzzle, he finally meet the Guardian.

Zavyn was stunned to see the Guardian turns out to be a huge Dragon. The Guardian congratulate Zavyn for solving every single puzzle correctly. The Guardian told Zavyn that most who tried to find the "mystical power" couldn't solve the puzzle correctly and ended up meeting their own demise. Those that manage to solve the puzzle were able to meet the Guardian however, they couldn't defeat the Guardian and were killed. The Guardian told Zavyn if he wish to obtain the "mystical power", he must defeat the Guardian without being killed so he will approve Zavyn of being worthy to obtain the "mystical power". Fleeing of battle is not an option. Zavyn gladly accept it which please the Guardian and wish him luck. Zavyn takes out his sword that he kept for his battle with the Guardian. The battle was too fierce as neither side admit their defeat. Finally, Zavyn defeated the Guardian by stabbing his mouth when Zavyn pretended to die to get close to the Guardian so he check to confirm he is dead but was tricked. The Guardian was impressed with Zavyn's strength and intelligent and told him he is worthy of the "mystical power". The Guardian open the secret door that hold the "mystical power" before he dead.

Zavyn entered and finally, he found it. The "mystical power" turns out to be the Sword. Zavyn grab hold of the Sword. However, once he hold it, the Sword reacted and glow brightly and surround Zavyn. Zavyn felt so much power within him. He looked at his arms and was shocked at how his arms look different, he used the Sword to check his face, he was too shocked at what had happened to his face. He have the appearance of a Dragon yet doesn't exactly resemble like a Dragon's fierce appearance. He ran as he couldn't accept his new appearance. As he run, suddenly, his leg doesn't touch the ground, instead, he felt as though he was flying mid-air, that's where he discovered he had wings. He enjoyed it as he now had the ability to fly.

He stop by at a lake for a drink, he looked his reflection to check his full new appearance and he came to accept it. After that, he plan to test out this power that was rumoured to eliminate anything or anyone in 1 hit. He notice the lake is surrounded by forest, so he decided to use it as his training ground. However, he heard a strange noise coming from the lake. A hydra emerged from the lake, it look at Zavyn and wanted to eat him for dinner. The hydra strike towards Zavyn but he flew upwards the lake. Zavyn decide to test out his new power against the Hydra, he used his sword to strike down the Hydra. The hit was success, however, despite the hydra was badly injured by the strike, he didn't go down easily and strike again. Zavyn managed to dodge it again. Zavyn felt a strange power flowing through his body, suddenly, the Sword grew brightly. Zavyn could felt the Sword was talking to him inside his mind, it told him to shoot the hydra while Zavyn must focus with his mind and heart. Once Zavyn was focus, he raise his sword upwards and shoot towards the beast. The sword deal a massive beam of light towards the Hydra. The hydra was shot was killed instantly in one blow.

Zavyn was so amazed as how he felt so powerful and the sword was able to speak to him in his mind. Once again, the Sword speak inside Zavyn's mind again, it congratulate him on how he was worthy of this power and decided Zavyn is the Sword's only owner. The sword told Zavyn that only if he focus with his mind and heart, the Sword will feel its owner's strength and will deal deadly attack against any foes. How Zavyn used its power for will be his decision as the Sword follow its owner's decision. Zavyn thanked it for the compliments and guidance. As he flew upwards, Zavyn thought of new purpose and that is to kill every evil beings to protect his kingdom and possibly the realm of Oversoul. Zavyn felt that it is his destiny.

Please do review and give feedback so I can improve the story. If there is any mistake especially if its grammar/spelling, please do notify me. I appreciate it! :D

Once the next character suggestion contest begin especially if its Neutral character suggestion contest, I will put my Zavyn of Dragonknight in the contest. Will also suggest animations including Charging, Defend, Victory, Defeat and Spell animation.

For the deck for my Zavyn of Dragonknight, I had already suggested it, I shall post it now:

3X 200 attack
2X Power Strike
3X Shield
2X Counterattack
1X Iron hide
1X Neutralize
1X Corruption
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5/5/2014 11:18:35   

Name: Thrain Onyxheart

Element: Earth

Rank: Master


Controlled: I am The Axe of The Dwarfs. Leave while you can.

Enemy: A Oversoul huh? Maybe being forced under your command would be a better fate.


Combat entrance: Pulls out his axe reluctantly

Charging: Raises his axe above his head.

Casting Spell: Puts away his axe and glows, saying Runes that translate to: Oh ancestors of the Dwarves, give me the power to fight this foe!

Defense: Defends with his axe.

Counter attack: The foe actually successfully hits him with a lethal looking blow, but he does not move. Instead he grabs them and hits them with the axe, then throws them back. (This is important for fitting in with his story)

1 hit: Attacks with his axe.
2 hit: Attacks with his axe twice.
3 hit: Attacks with his axe thrice.
5 hit: Pulls out his axe, ruses the foe really fast while yelling in Dwarfish: "Today is a good day for you to die!" and brutaly pummels the guy with axe blows in a berserker rage.

Victory: Puts away his axe.

Defeat: Kneels down exhausted, stating "No...So many wounds... so many hurt..."


"So you want to know why I've came here do you? Very well."

"I was relaxing enjoying my retirement in the village of Karasgrove. Unfortunately, the locals in the nearby forest discovered something they should not have. A army of undead, marching towards the town. Too late for the people to leave, the people resigned themselves to their fate. But one young lad, who had not been told of my predicament, kept yelling at me to save them. I refused. he yelled out "WHY?" "I could take it no longer. I yelled back "BECAUSE IF I DO THOSE I PROTECT WOULD DIE!"

"I explained everything to the boy. How in my last battle, I wad cursed by the powerful death curse of a dying Dark Archmage. How on the way home from my victory, I took a shot though the heart that SHOULD have killed me, but left no wound. How I came home expecting a feast... and came to a morgue. To see the first I had protected dead - with that self same arrow though her heart."

"I left home after that. I wandered, tried to avoid fights, and then retired there. But the boy would have none of it. He said "So? Just wear better Armour. Get better at fighting, let noone so much as scratch you. And if they do, avenge those who fell."

"Reluctantly, I picked up my axe to defend the town. And defend it I did. Not a single undead survived that day, and only one fatal blow struck me. Alas, that self same blow struck down the boy who had got me to fight again. I left the town in shame."

"And that's why I've come here. To find a cure. Or to die at least."

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The Jop

Name: Artist of Nulgath
Element: Earth
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Veteran

• He has disheveled black hair.
• He has light green eyes.
• He wears red rags with gold lining.
• He holds a dark brown pencil emblazoned with Nulgath's symbol with a silver point and no eraser.

• 200 Attack x3
• 500 Attack x3
• Defend x2
• Stone Wall x2
• EarthQuake x1
• Mountain Strike x3
• Stone Strike x1
• Surge x2

Controlled Quote: "Let me draw you something."
Enemy Quote: "You may not like this, but I call it art."
Victory Quote: "One more for the Archfiend."

Combat Entrance: Draws a carpet that he walks across.
Charging: Holds up his pencil.
Casting a Spell: Points his pencil at the opponent.
Shielding: Draws a brick wall in front of him.
1-Hit Combo: Draws a rock and kicks it at his opponent.
2-Hit Combo: Draws and throws a boomerang, which hits the opponent once, then again on its return (he doesn't catch it though).
3-Hit Combo: Draws a wolf, which mauls the opponent.
5-Hit Combo: Draws his family to charge the opponent, and he charges with them.
Upon Victory: Draws a crown on himself.
Upon Defeat: Falls over.

I had seen him coming to the same clearing in the woods for several days in a row. He would draw beautiful figures in the dirt and create lifelike sculptures from the trees, but none of it would last because of weather or human interference. It was his creativity and determination that convinced me that he would be a powerful asset in my army. After a week I revealed myself to him and asked, "How would you like to bring life to your creations? To anything you choose?" He said, "I refuse, demon." So I replied, "Very well, but you know where to find me should you change your mind." I tracked him back to his home and I ordered a small group of fiends to kill everyone in the house but him. As I expected, he came to me early the next day, with his hair disheveled and tears streaming down his face. He said, "I accept your offer. Please, just help me get my family back." I told him, "All you have to do is sign this. It's a standard contract; all you have to surrender is your soul and free will for your wish to be granted." He signed it without hesitation, and I granted him the power to create living drawings. He quickly drew his family members and told them he loved them, but he received no response. He remained there for minutes, crying, so I had no choice but to absorb his soul to make him stop, as per our deal. "Enough", I said, "Now, you will find and defeat beings in Oversoul, and bring them and their souls to me." Then he bowed his head and left the forest with only his pencil as a weapon. So beware, Oversouls, when you approach something in my world, for it may just be the living drawing of a talented artist.

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