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RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III

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2/28/2013 1:38:36   

Name: Magnus, King of the inferno
Element: Fire
Alignment: evil -50

controlled: Burn, BURN FOR THE OLD ONE
enemy: you soul shall soon belong to the old one, BURN

3x 2 attack cards
5x 5 attack cards
2x shields
3x fireball
1x incinerate
2x burn
unique card: Magnus' rage: deals 20 damage for 18 energy

Story: a student at the collage of pyromancy, adept at conjuring flames and reading runic tomes, later became the headmaster and came in ownership of the pyronomicon. He later went mad and started worshipping Nulgath in secret and sacrificing souls of dead students to him.

My fourth post
Post #: 26
3/3/2013 10:01:28   

Finally made my own personal character.

Name: Blackshock, the plague warden
Element: Shadow

Player: A spoonful of poison helps the medicine go down.
Enemy: If symptoms persist, don't insult the doctor.


1x slashes air which shoots out a crescent of green energy
2x makes two air slashes
3x both hands glow with sickly green energy and shoots a torrent of plague magic at the enemy
5x charges up, all the holes in the armor light up, crackling with energy and then plunges both hands into the ground. Cracks erupt in the ground and an explosion of green energy gets unleashed from the cracks, engulfing the enemy.


2x 2 attack cards
2x 5 attack cards
2 shields
2x neutralize
2x ironhide
2x corruption
3x life steal

A former expert medic whose name has been lost to the records, his mastery over the art of healing is equal to his mastery over pain and poison. When the great plague of the black shock occurred, he was the only one who was skilled enough to confront it. Being overwhelmed by the plague's influence, he had no choice but to encapsulate himself into a suit of his own design. The plague failed to kill him, but his body was changed irreversibly. Now his blood itself is toxic, his mana flow is poisonous and those whom he touches contracts the very same plague that wiped out his homeland. Seeing himself as the plague's avatar personified, the healer let go of his old name and took up a new name, that of the plague that changed his very life. Wherever he walks, flowers wither, whoever he touches becomes corrupted and dies. He is death personified, he is the black shock.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 27
3/4/2013 2:56:08   

My fifth and final post my personal character
Name: Pisces, the god of water
Element: water

controlled: the water flows, the world floods
enemy: the gates open, the world floods

3x 2 attack cards
4x 5 attack cards
2x shield
1x fresh start
3x water rapid
3x renew
2x refresh
1x power flow
special card 1: streak of scorpio: deals 10 damage and generates 5 energy: Cost: 20 neutral
special card 2: cusp of aries: deals 10 damage and adds a DOT of 5 per turn: Cost: 20 fire energy
special card 3: Pisces, pure: heals all health, when killed: Cost: 20 water energy

Post #: 28
3/5/2013 20:57:58   

Character: The Chaos Controller
Character name: Vincent
Element: Chaos
Alignment: Neutral

Battle animations ideas: His basic stance of him holding Pandora's box in one hand as the box levitates and turns around in his hand
For every damage output and combos he would use a different weapon to do the damage for example: 1x , 2x , 5x , would be : Scythe, Guns , Claymore

Story: Vincent looking for the ultimate source of power came across Pandora's box quickly adapting to the multi tool weapon he became a legendary Chaos User

Battle phrases:
Player: "Common your never gonna know what's coming."
Enemy: "What's this. Your End.

2x 1 damage cards
3x 2 damage cards
2x 5 damage cards
3x shields
1x Chaos Infinity : for 15 charge and 5 health do 10 damage to your enemy
4x Unbreaking attacks
2x Chaos Randomizer : Will do only one of the following for 10 charge: 10 damage to the enemy percentage 33 1/3, Create a dot that does 3 damage for 4 turns percentage 33 1/3, give you a shield of 10 percentage 33 1/3.

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Post #: 29
3/6/2013 7:09:41   

DragonKnight's Info
Name:Hino of DragonKnight
Alignment:Good +50

Player controlled: "I preserve justice with my trustworthy friend, Vilan!"
Enemy controlled: "I preserve justice with my trustworthy friend, Vilan!"

Story: A boy called Hino. He is a cheerful and optimistic boy who always bring laughter to his family and friends. He love life and peace. He is always glad to see the smile on everyone's face. However, one day, an evil Archfiend called Nulgath and his Nations army attacked mercilessly and killed all his loved ones. Hino's parents sacrifice themselves to protect Hino so that he can live and espace with his life. Hino was terrified and sad that his friends and family was killed by the evil Nulgath and his servants. At night, he wandered in the forest and was lost. He was alone and tired. Hino saw a cave and decided to spent the night there. Unexpectedly, he saw a huge dragon. Hino was at first afraid that the dragon will eat him up but he couldn't bear to leave the dragon alone as he saw the dragon's leg bleeding. He tore his shirt and wrapped it on the dragon's leg to prevent it from bleeding. He is glad that the dragon is fine and decided to leave the cave so that he would not bother him. However, the dragon blocked the exit. Hino was frightened that the dragon will chew him but the dragon did nothing. Instead, he used his sharp claw and write "i am grateful for your kindness, boy. Please stay with me, i am afraid of being alone." The dragon begged on the ground with his head. Hino saw how desperate the dragon was, he decided to stay with him as he see that the dragon is not lying. The dragon was satisfied. The next day, Hino woke up and saw the dragon missing. He went out of the cave and search for him. Suddenly, he saw a mysterious figure on the sky and it turned out to be the dragon he stayed with. He brought some fruits for Hino. Hino thanked the dragon and happily eat together. Hino was grateful that he doesn't had to feel lonely again. Hino asked if the dragon got a name and he reply by shaking his head. Hino came up with the dragon name "Vilan" and the dragon eagerly accept. Hino and Vilan walked till they saw a town called Solace. They encountered Anauel the Archangle. She saw that Hino had a close connection with Vilan and asked if he and villan would like to be hero of Oversoul. Hino was confused and asked Anauel about why she would want Hino and vilan to be hero. Anauel told him that Oversoul had became dark and unforgiving place ever since the great Archfiend, Nulgath, took over the realm. Hino suddenly remembered the one who killed his loved ones. He resented Nulgath for what he did. Anauel asked again if he and Vilan would like to be a hero to save Oversoul. Hino agreed without any hesistation and Vilan followed whatever Hino said. Anauel kindly give both of them a special training where they will train to grow strong enough to fight to preserve justice for Oversoul. Hino trained hard to become a Knight while Vilan had grown stronger and endurance. From that onwards, Hino is now known as Dragonknight who fight for justice and protect his people and Oversoul from the Great Archfiend and his army.

X3 5 Damage
X2 Power Strike
X3 5 Shield
X2 Iron Hide
X2 Counter Strike
X2 Cat Reflex
X1 Nuetralize
X1 Healing Strike

Healing Strike: It heal HP equal to the opponents' damage deal for 2 rounds.
Cost of Healing Strike is 16.

Appearance: DragonKnight
A change in color, yellow shadings being replaced by blue shadings.

Special thanks to Lord Beck for the drawings.

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3/7/2013 10:46:57   

Character: Ultimate Bat of Extreme Rage (Vampyrum Des Inferis)

Appearance Description: About the size of Xmas Fiend. Dark gray fur. Fiery orange eyes. Blood red wing membranes and belly plates. White claws and teeth. Spikes and tail barb appear scarab black -- the unshaded parts of which represent highly shiny parts.

Element: Fire

Alignment: Evil -20

Rank: Legendary

Controlled: My rage is an all-consuming fire!
Enemy: Your kind has caused my suffering! You shall all burn!
Victory: Cremation complete.

Story: The only surviving member of a colony of vampire bats killed in a coal mine inferno caused by human activity. Injured and angered by the carelessness of humanity, this bat sought revenge. Enter the Great Fiend Nulgath. He mutated the bat into a form more suited for combat and imbued it with the power of the fire that killed his family. Now, fueled by rage, Vampyrum Des Inferis seeks to burn humanity for its crime.


  • 4/6 dmg atk X3
  • 2/3 dmg atk X3
  • Inferno X2
  • Fireball X3
  • Incinerate X2
  • 5 shield X2
  • Sacrifice X3
  • Conflagration (After 2 turns unleash a 5 hit combo for 20 damage. Cost 15 fire) X1


  • 1-hit: Flys into the enemy; much like the normal bat characters.
  • 2-hit: Gives enemy a one-two slash with his foot claws.
  • 3-hit: 2-hit combo followed by an aeriel backflip to hit the enemy with his tail barb.
  • 5-hit: Lights himself on fire then repeatedly slams himself into the enemy.

Other Animations

  • Lobby idle: Feet on the ground, legs posed like black dragon's back legs, wings posed like they are in the picture, tail held out behind him.
  • Moving: Similar to the picture, wings flapping.
  • In-battle idle: Flying in place, like the regular bats
  • Charging: Same as fire bat, modified for body type. Mouth opens wider as if to roar but doesn't make the raor sound.
  • Victory: Aerial backflip, followed by quote.
  • Defeat: Explodes in a massive fireball, leaving a large pile of ash.

Credit goes to Undersoul for the idea. Sorry about not crediting sooner. I just wanted to get this guy here.

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AQ AQW  Post #: 31
3/8/2013 20:39:59   
Postmaster General

Character: Naga

Image: http://twitpic.com/c9r04r

Element: Water

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 32
3/9/2013 23:09:48   

Character: Name: Valhas
Class: Jinn Reaper
Element: Chaos
Rank: Master
Image: Valhas the Jinn Reaper

Possessed: "You aren't a Jinn... you're not of my interest"
Foe: " Have you seen any Jinn around? I will crush every trace of them... I could crush you too for the meanwhile"

Story: Background story: It was a bright day, where snakes dig up through the sand waiting for preys to appear, and in the horizon, a figure appeared. It was a child, his name was Valhas and was trying to look for lost treasures and return to his land where he could sell them and have money to survive. He try to run since soon the sun will fall upon the horizon, but in the path to his village, he falled on a pit and he thought he was going to die when he fall over a current of water and was washed away from the exit of the pit, he remained unconscious. He woke up and find himself in a dark, humid cave. He stood up, and wander through the cave and found an old dusty lamp which he delicately touch and a jinn appear. He told the kid that he had three wishes. The only wish he had was that the village came rich and was able to prosper but the jinn had set up a trap to free himself. hen the kid saw his village destroyed and being rebuilt by some invaders, he rush to the jinn and asked for the 2 left and asked for a scythe that was able to kill jinns, made of the lamp in which the jinn was found, and the third wish was to stand up in front of him for 5 minutes before he freed himself. Valhas took the scythe in his hands and rip the jinn's body claiming vengeance for what he had done. From that day, he continues searching for jinns that were freed and caused pain to numerous victims throughout the world.

Normal Pose: Riding the Jinn Reaper Scythe (The concept shown in the image above)

Attack Damage: Rides his side and attack his foe.
5 hit combo: Levitates and throws his scythe to rip his opponent.

(Images coming soon for Attack poses and 5 hit combo!)

Hope you like this character, I love the idea since I haven't seen someone suggested something like this hahahaha

Character Name: DeathGuard

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 33
3/10/2013 0:25:00   

Character: Derpfoot
Element: Chaos
Rank: Veteran
Description: A giant, skeletal foot, with a derpface in the middle
Story: It was a cold and lonely day, when a necromancer in training tried to make hi first skeleton, but he lost concentration and instead, he got a possessed foot. In despair, he opened a portal to a land where he could never see it again.It soon wandered off and encountered a town called Solace...
1x 0-2 attack card, cost 1
2x 1-3 attack card, cost 2
4x 4-6 attack card, cost 4
2x 0-2 unblockable card, cost 2
3x shields 4-6, cost 3
3x Chaos Strike: Hits for 1-10 damage, cost 5
1x Dice Roll: Deals 3-7 damage, and then deals a DoT of 2-4 damage for 3 turns, cost 9.
2x Chance: Either deals 12 damage in 3 turns , or gives self 9-11 shields, cost 7.
DF  Post #: 34
3/10/2013 6:10:20   

Character: Blazo MaGuarder
Element: Fire

Description: A hardened magma guardian statue that has a burnt flag on it's back. That has a long two-handed axe made from garnet and essences of it's affinity elemental to forms the ax blades and the handle. It has a very interesting helmet on in which it seemly fire flames to the front side of the helmet.

Bio:A spirit of a forgotten wise watchful leader of a kingdom. Who has founded a hidden being constructed temple of fire which was abandoned. All it had was the garnet top of a doubled-sided ax at the entrance. In which he searched deeper into the abandoned temple and saw elementals circling around a statue with a ruby in it in the middle of torches in a darkened room that looked like it was in form of a ritual magic circle. So the spirit lingered until he settled down and they vanished. To which he decided to lit the shadow-less room in a interesting order that suddenly made the ruby inside the statue suddenly shine so bright. That the shine made it become entrapped in the room, as the ruby suddenly forced the spirit into it. With the torches burning so high, that made a site of a intruder has entered that mystery room. As the elementals closed in the room and the statue suddenly broke apart, as the ruby flashed itself so much and drained /absorbed every flame in the room. In which came upon the moving thing in the darken shadow of the room.

5 Hit Combo:He swings his ax from bottom side to up while with a flame burst dash to drag the axe on the ground and strike up at the enemy as lava comes out through like a geyser sprout for the after attack in which would be the 5 hit combo.

Character:Crescent Mistress

Description:She is wearing a almost majesty armored dress that is colored grey. The shoulders have a fully metal formed crescent shoulder-plates on them(Colored yellow). The arm section is long width to the hands to the pants underneath have the kneel plates on. While the shoes are priest like, as this lady is wearing a pair of crystal earrings with a hairpin in her hair.

Bio: A lady priest honoring the wind at night of the moon. To which she bows and performs the ritual of peaceful winds at night to prepare for the waning and waving crescents of the moon. In which has been channeling the trained power of the wind through her movements of the crescent armlets. Moving at morning to clean and prepare the place for the morning and afternoon priests. While resting at the location only to the midnight that is specifically allowed to bow and perform on top of the temple.

5 Hit Combo: She moves her hand up while moving that hand in a crescent draw. Then she pulls her hand into a fist to arc backwards to jump high and fire her fist,as to the mistress fired her first punch. Five wind crescent strikes from five different angles appear as striking the enemy with swords.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 35
3/10/2013 16:43:49   

GREEN DRAGON evolution of the poison drake. It would be cool if it was neutral element but still similar to the poison drake:

>1 unblockable x1
>2 attack x1
>5 attack x3
>5 block x2
>neutralise x2
>iron hide x2
>corruption x2
>empower x1
Totalling 14 cards.
The corruptions replace the poison drake's poisons, since corruption is basically a more powerful version of poison.

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AQW  Post #: 36
3/11/2013 21:51:26   
ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!

This thread is for suggestions only, any discussion, feedback or questions goes in this thread here.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 37
3/16/2013 11:28:21   

Character: Zesler


In a village a while away from here in a town of mages, a child was born who was prophicised to one day command as much power as the Avatar of Energy itself. Naturaly the mages took him in, but he showed no magical ability whatsoever. What he DID show however was a desire to know how everything in the universe worked, which was worrying to the mages since he always tried to explain magic in different ways. One day he saw a bolt of lightning hit a spring shaped rock and suddenly it clicked in his head how to make lightning from a device shaped like that rock. He used it to make a massive amount of power unlike anything ever seen, and began to dream of a world where his newfound devices would power everything for free. But the mages, scared at such power and his idea of free power conspired his downfall and caused Zesler to lose everything important to him. Swearing revenge on not just them but ALL magic, he sought to weaponise his new creation...


Apprentice: He looks like a well dressed gentleman with a moustache. Besides him is a massive coil made of metal on a cart like device.

Veteren: He now wears a smaller coil on his back.

Master: Now there is no coil to be seen at all. He wears a cape now.


Apprentice Veteran and Master 1 hit: Fires a Tesla Style bolt of lightning from his hands.

Apprenctice Veteran and Master 2 hit: fires two Tesla style bolts of lightning from his hands.

Apprentice and Veteran 3 hit: Fires three Tesla style lightning bolts from his hands.

Master 3 Hit: Clicks his fingers and three Tesla style bolts strike from the sky.

Apprentice and Veteran five hit: Fires five Tesla style lightning bolts from his hands.

Master 5 Hit: Charges up and fire a massive stream of telsa lightning across the entire screen like a screen filling laser.

Enemy quote: All magic shall pay for what they did to me!

Poseesed quote: If I can't better the world, I WILL SHOW THOSE WHO WRONGED ME THEIR MISTAKE!

Typical Energy Deck based around power.

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DF  Post #: 38
3/16/2013 19:27:57   


I wanted to make an edited version of the Frost Void of Nulgath..

So I did!

Heres the photo - http://twitpic.com/cbxwxi

I want him to be a shadow character with a Shadow Masters deck, nothing special, really.

Call him the Shadowborn Fiend of Nulgath

Player Controlled Speech: Have you been consumed by shadow?

Enemy Controlled Speech: My heart isn't THAT black. Only as dark as the abyss!

Upon Victory (just a suggestion): Now, how to dispose you..

All of his attacks are the same as Frost Void, but with red and black slashes.

Master, Alignment is -35 Evil

Thanks for reading!

I wanted to create some character suggestion, but if you could somehow put this into 2D Oversoul style..

Then great!

Heres the link to the appearance - http://www.twitpic.com/cby48e

His name is Tizera, his alignment is 5 good, and he is a teenager that does some good deeds, like wiping out undead!

His cards should be veteran neutral cards, because he is a Veteran and is Neutral.

Player controlled speech: I'll wipe you out! That will be my deed for the day!

Enemy controlled speech: I'm going to go over there, and rip you apart!

Attack 1 hit: same as vampire lord's 1 hit attack.

Attack 2 hits: does the 1 hit attack, but brings down blade on his head afterwards

Attack 3 hits: repeats above but stabs a vicous blow afterwards

Attack 5 hits: Does what a nomad would do on a 5 hit attack

Thanks for reading

Please do not double-post, it is considered spam and only clutters the page. Next time use the button to add in any additional information to your post. If you do accidentally make an extra post then use the button to delete that extra post. For more information, please read the =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules > Posting Behavior. ~James Lu

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AQW  Post #: 39
3/17/2013 11:31:57   

character: velvix the mysteries
story:velvix was an ordinary man until a fire dragon destroyed his home and killed his family.while crying he saw a book and found out that his family has the ability to devour peoples souls and gain their power.he decided that he can get revenge by killing the dragon but he needed some power so he went to nulgath.nulgath saw velvix rage and fused him with a red dragon but he didn't know his secret ability.and so velvix started his journey to gain enough power to kill the fire dragon.

1 attack card x3
2 attack card x2
3 attack card x1
5 block card x1
1 unblockable card x1
ultimate flame x2-burns the target for 6 turns for 5 damage and if the enemy isn't dead by then both the player and enemy receive 10damage(costs 4energy)
ultimate shield x2-receives 20 shields,but gets stunned for 2turns(costs 3energy)
ultimate illusion x2-stuns the enemy for 6 turns and if the enemy isn't dead by then the player gets stunned for 3 turns(costs 6energy)

1hit attack-grabs the sword,jumps and land on the enemy
2hit attack-grabs the daggers and slashes forward and backward at the enemy
3hit attack-grabs the staff,a portal opens above the enemy and 3meteorites fall on him
5hit attack-breaths fire at the enemy

dialogs:enemy:i can't be defeated.
in quest:to come here you must be very stupid or very brave.
possesed:i will eat your soul and gain your power.
victory:your soul tasted good.

after winning a battle he gains a soul buff.this buffs an attack card by 1damage and works only on one skill.to use it you just have to click it.the more soul buffs you have the more attacks you can buff.

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Post #: 40
3/18/2013 4:05:07   

Character: Rook

Link to picture: http://twitpic.com/ccby0a

Element: Shadow

Story:Cursed children of the underworld, surviving only on their will to serve the Dark Lord..Beware never wake them from their nap or you shall face their wrath...


Controlled: "I shall finish this quickly....so I can sleep."
Enemy: "You dare to awake me!"

Second suggestion:


Element: Ice


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AQW  Post #: 41
3/19/2013 16:07:47   
AQW Designer of All Things

Well, I haz another story owo


Have fun reading :D
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 42
3/21/2013 1:30:39   

character: inquisitor
name: monty
rank: legendary
element: light

x3 2 attack
x5 5 attack
x4 holy strike
x2 blessed strike
x3 heal
x1 retribution
x3 greater heal
x3 might
special card: unexpected entry: cost: 20 light: effects: the spanish inquisition shows up and deals 40 damage
Post #: 43
3/22/2013 7:27:40   

Character: Chaomancer.

Rank: Master.

Alignment: Neutral.

Element: Chaos.

Appearance: A man dressed in wizard robes that have been chaorrupted and have been turned purple as well as having a couple of purple tendrils sprouting out of his back, also carries a staff made from chaos tendrils with a chaos eye perched on top whilst his other hand is completely chaorrupted and is a chaos tendril.


1-hit: Hits enemy with tentacle arm.
2-hits: Stabs and whips enemy with tentacle arm.
3-hits: Chaos eye sends a purple beam towards enemy.
5-hits Purple tentacles sprout from the ground and start flailing about and hitting enemy.


Chaos reflection- Shields player from 10 points of damage whilst dealing enemy's damage back at them.
Chaorruption: Applies a DoT to enemy dealing 3 points of damage for 5 turns.
Might of chaos: Adds 5 points of damage to an attack card.


Controlled: "Let chaos control you it isn't that bad, really".
Enemy: "Chaos will seep into the hearts and minds of this world."
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 44
3/22/2013 18:18:01   

Sanguine Lord
Rank: Legendary
Element: Shadow

Appearance: A man in dark crimson armour that resembles a knight's. He carries a dark red version of Lance Knight's shield and wields a large sword. The sword is similar to Vamp Lord's, but with a bat on the hilt. The blade is bloodred and glows with a red aura as well. He has a flowing red cape that is torn, but not tattered, in several places. He has the helmet of Shadow Pikeman Commander, but all dark red and no skull decor or frill on top.

Story: None know his name, few know his face, but all know his story. The man who would once be known as the Sanguine Lord was but a simple knight, fighting to protect his kingdom. He did not fight for the kingdom itself, nor was he needed as it was the best defended in the land, but rather he fought for his beliefs. Indeed the only reason he became a knight was because the general ideals of the king suited his own, though they disagreed on several things. Then one day his kingdom was besieged by Vampires. Coming by night, they slaughtered the peasants, then carved a bloody path through the nobles, until that army was beating down the castle door. While the other knights fled, the future Lord was infuriated that the Vampires would attack the home he had so long protected. He charged out there with his sword in hand and faced the invaders in battle. Though he defeated many vampiric soldiers, he was eventually subdued. Rather than execute the knight, the commander ordered that he be turned into a Vampire and be his lieutenant. That choice proved to be fatal. With his newfound strength, he slew the commander and many of the remaining Vampire Knights. He then escaped to a secluded area where he knew he would not be found by others of his kind. There he trained and grew in power for many years. Over the span of his training, he came to realize that the values he fought for meant nothing to one with real power. Then, he returned to the kingdom he once served, but this time he was the aggressor. He left the kingdom in ashes, a sign that nothing could stop him now.

Player: Foolish mortal, none can stop the Sanguine Lord!
Enemy: You dare attack me? You will pay for your insolence with your blood!

1-hit: He walks over and bashes you with his shield.
2-hit: He hits you with his shield and then stabs you.
3-hit: He dashes over to you and slashes three times with his sword.
5-hit: He points his sword at you, and a colony of bats flies towards you.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 45
3/23/2013 11:06:19   

Character: DeityZiex, Heaven's Demon(opposite of fallen angel, this is a devil who rose to the heavens)
Rank: Master?
Element:Light or Shadow
Appearance: http://prntscr.com/xhe0u (W.I.P) or http://prntscr.com/xlp5t (also W.I.P)
Animation: His one wing turns into a shadowed claw and slashes at opponent
Quotes: Player: Repent for thy sins...
Enemy: I will purify thee....

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DF AQW  Post #: 46
3/23/2013 23:43:45   

Rank: Master
Element: Shadow

Appearance: Click this *Wields heavily edited (Traced) void knight sword*

Just a story, not really necessary
Orpheus was born dead, and revived with with Black magic and Necromancy. Technically he is dead. but has no heart to thrive from, thus he lack all human emotions... All but Anger, and Hate.
These to emotions he had not always had, but had obtained them through a life of shun, death, and a lack of love for anyone but himself. He does hold a lust to kill the living, as he despises them.
He roams the planet, attempting to hunt those who live to extinction.

To Player: I obey no ones will, not even my own!
To Enemy: Hmph.

1 hit: Dashes at you and slashes upward with his blade.
2 hit: Dashes at you and slashes upward, and comes back down, jumping back to the original position.
3 hit: Dashes at you and slashes you left and right, then thrusts the blade at you.
5 hit special: Stabs the sword into the ground, opening a rift into the underworld underneath the enemy, releasing 5 spirits that shoot out one at a time upward.

Artix Account: Lmprice1
OS: Orphantine

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AQW Epic  Post #: 47
3/24/2013 6:47:04   

Character : Manticore

Element : Shadow

Rank : Master

Appearance : It haves the body of a lion, the eyes of the lion are fully black and have sharp fangs, it have wings of a bat and a tail of a scorpion.

Controlled : Hmmm.. my eyes are in search for food, but what it really found is you.

Enemy : Hmmm... a great victory you will have defeating me but a poor meal I will have for defeating you.

Cards :
1x 1 Attack
3x 5 Attack
2x 2 Attack
3x 5 Defense
2x Poison
1x Sacrifice
1x Life Drain
1x Manticore's Poison : Deals 5 damage for 4 turns. (14 Energy)

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Gem Executioner(Cranat)
Rank: Master
Element: Shadow, Earth
Appearence: A tall man in a a dark green armor shimmering with crystals sharpened to the teeth.
Story: This warrior was once a loyal follower of the natural and kind world, but when chaos and shadows struck he was forced to make a choice
die and become a simple casualty of war or become a being of the shadow. He guarded what he held dearest his familes secret shard of truth. It held him pure and witheld thousands of years of evil inside.
Deciding he could never become such a cruel being on his own he embarced the amulet one last time and destroyed it, releasing this energy he did not want to destory everything he knew but
just contain it himself so in a binding in his temple he sealed himself and absorbed the dark energy until every last bit was taken and he now became something else..not good nor evil but a being
bent on killing light and shrouding even the slighest emotion of happiness to the ground. Forging weapons of pure darkness and omen he took his choice and wielded his great axe.

Quotes: You

Light, Cheerfulness what do i look like a fool?

Happy? Hmm now lets see if you are still like that soon.

His animation combos

1 hit: he takes his axe and hits the ground causing a mini quake to happen

2 hits: He grabs his axe throws it to the sky and pummels it straight into you/the enemy.

3 hit: He grabs the axe puts it down and slowly draws in darkness and launches a orb of death to you

5 hit combo: The Warrior takes his axe quickly impales you flies into the air and after 3 more hits executes you with his axe midair.

He combines shadows offense and earths defense to launch a combo capable of shattering even the most powerful foe.

x3 5 attack cards\

x2 2 attack cards

x2 Earth wall

x2 unblockbale

x1 Shadow oblivion

x2 Curse of Truth

Shadow of Oblivion is basically a delayed card that if given enough time can destory most things at a large cost of 15
and dealing 20 damage.

Curse of Truth is a exchange which drains the foe for 10 hp and heals you for 7 at the cost of 13.

First one in a while i hope i can have a bit of feedback.

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Dark/Shadow Bear
Element: Shadow
Rank: Veteran/Master

Stage 2: A medium sized bear with black fur. It has big, normal bear eyes and large sharp claws. when standing, it holds one paw up like the bears in AQW. Its mouth is slightly open.
Stage 3: It is now much larger, a little smaller than Black Dragon. It has fierce red eyes that have glowing, smoky trails like the Doom helmets in DF. Wisps of shadow come off its fur, and its mouth is now wide open, revealing teeth dripping with liquid shadow.

Story: When Nulgath came to OverSoul, his fiends razed not just the villages, but the environment as well. They burned forests and froze deserts and sucked all the water out of ponds. They did not believe the natives tales saying that Mother Nature was a living force. But then, after she could take it no longer, she made an enforcer. A beast that would destroy those who threaten the environment. An embodiment of Nature's wrath, the Shadow Bear was born.

Veteran Both: ROOOAAARRR!

Master Player: You will pay for your crimes against nature!
Master Enemy: None threaten Nature and live!

Both ranks
1-hit: It claws you once.
2-hit: It swipes its claws at you twice.
3-hit: It quickly unleashes a three-hit flurry of slashes.
5-hit: It roars and shoots a dark energy beam out of its mouth.

Alignment: -40
Element: Water
Rank: Apprentice-Master

Story: Long before Nulgath came to Oversoul, the Ancient One had his name. He also had a Cult that worshipped and revered him. When he was turned into an abomination by his own power, the Cult changed too. They followed their master to the oceans, where they took refuge in the shallower caves and reefs, not daring to dive lower lest they wake the Ancient One. They remained hidden and in time fell into a preserving sleep like their master, until recently. When the Ancient One woke, he called for his followers to rise as well. Their mission is to exterminate the mortals who worship and serve the newcomer, Nulgath. They will not rest until the Ancient One once again rules.

Apprentice(Initiate): A person in green robes with a hood that covers their face. They are carrying the book(See Master). The robes are scuffed up and appear to be wet. H has seaweed in a few spots.

Veteran(Novice): Now you can see a few tentacles coming out of the hood. His robe is dirtier and there's more seaweed and stains. He has a small crab claw for a hand on one arm, but the other still has the book. You can see a few tentacles peeking out in various places as well.

Master(Cultist): A humanoid figure wearing a flowing sea-foam green robe. Their head is squid-like with tentacles hanging down and forming a beard. One of their arms ends in a large crab claw like DF's Kathool Adept, while the other is covered in seaweed and tentacles, but has a normal hand. His robe is torn and stained, with seashells and seaweed in various places. He holds a book in the semi-regular hand that has a patchwork mix of colours, similar in appearance to the Necronomicon.

All Versions
Controlled: The Ancient One has risen! Oh, glorious day! Finally the fiends shall fall!
Enemy: He awakens! The reign of Nulgath shall end!

3x 2 damage
2x 5 damage
2x 5 block
2x 1 unblockable
1x Power Flow
2x Water Rapid
1x Renew
1x Fresh Start
(Veteran)2x Empower
(Master)2x Sacrifice

1-hit: He throws the book at them, which then magically reappears in his hand.
2-hit: He throws the book then runs over and does a flip-kick, the book returns after the kick.
3-hit: He does the 2-hit, then pinches them with his claw hand, the book returns after the pinch. In Apprentice he punches instead of pinching.
5-hit: The book starts glowing and he throws his head back in a cackling motion. Then a mass of tentacles whip the enemy 5 times.

The Ancient One
Alignment: -50 Evil
Element: Water
Rank: Legendary

Story: Long before Nulgath came to Oversoul, the Ancient One had his name. He once was the ruler of Oversoul until he grew too powerful, which augmented his physical form. He became an abomination, and was driven to the sea's depths for they were the only refuge. When the Great Fiend came, he was awoken. The Ancient One was impressed that something as strong as Nulgath existed, but despised him for taking his former realm. This fool had the audacity to declare himself supreme? It was then he began his undersea training. Battling against the strongest of sea-dwellers and absorbing the power of their blood and souls. Now, after many millenia, the Ancient One rises. He will destroy the usurper Nulgath and show him true power!

Appearance: An eldritch abomination with a head that looks similar to Cthulu's, but with two large horns and an open, fanged mouth. His body is a writhing mass of tentacles and two of them stick out to the side to act as arms. His skin is a teal-ish hue and he has a soft glowing aura. He has two glowing green eyes with wispy trails coming off the edges. He is about the size of Xmas Fiend.

Controlled: I have woken from my slumber, Nulgath is doomed.
Enemy: That fool Nulgath will pay for his insolence.

Standard Cards

1x 2 damage
3x 5 damage
2x 5 block
3x 1 unblockable
1x Power Flow
2x Water Rapid
1x Refresh
1x Renew
1x Fresh Start
3x Empower
2x Sacrifice

Legendary Special Cards
1x Insanity- 15 Water- Apply a 3 turn dot for 9 damage and stun for one turn.
1x Ocean Mastery- 12 Water- deal 8 unblockable damage.

1-hit: He whips them once withone of his "arm" tentacle.
2-hit: He whips them once and then again with another "arm" tentacle.
3-hit: He whips them twice and then soars towards them and hits them with his horns.
5-hit: He glows and all his tentacles flail about in floppy passion and doom.

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