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RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III

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4/17/2013 5:18:57   

Its time for something insane don't you think?

Name: Chaorrupted PaladinSlayer of the Legion

Element: Shadow/Chaos

Alignment: -50

What? How?:
Lets just say something like this :P
Before vordred, another PaladinSlayer was created, however he could not gain the full power from slaying paladins, and was eventually cast away into nowhere, but not destroyed. He laid there for many winters, he had a purpose, but no place to belong, he came into contact with the legion and shortly after, had become part of Dage's entourage. During one of his quests, he had come into contact with what was known as the corruption, although he was strong, he had easily come under the influence of the corruption and the seed was planted, turning him into one of the chaos.

Character Cards:
2 Attack x3
5 Attack x3
5 Defend x2
Some Dark Cards (Pre Corruption)
Some Chaos Cards (Post Corruption)

-Apprentice (Deranged Paladinslayer)
Player Controlled: Gah! Where have all the paladins gone?!
Enemy: You are an oversoul? I will destroy you!
-Veteran (Paladinslayer of the Legion)
Player Controlled: Your time has come!
Enemy: I fight for the legion!
-Master (Chaorrupted Paladinslayer of The Legion)
Player Controlled: Such heresy will not be tolerated!
Enemy: The corruption has given me unlimited power and strength!

Apprentice: Looks like a PaladinSlayer, lots of skulls and bone armor.
veteran: Legion themed PaladinSlayer, more predominant large skulls and Legion style plating.
Master: Chaorrupted version of the Legion themed Paladinslayer, looks alot more purple, eyes and tentacle protrustions. (not fat)
AQ MQ  Post #: 76
4/17/2013 7:36:12   

Character: Novos

Element: Fire

Story: Once, a long time ago, a crafty and swave gentleman made a enemy of several demon lords. When they discovered they had been tricked, they decided to make him BURN. Obtaining some dragonfire and using their latent skills, they trapped the man's souls in a eternal flame, to burn for an eternity.

Surprisingly, unlike someone like Xan, he took this well.

You see, the demon lords had underestimated the power of the dragonfire, which had came from The Great Dragon Of Fire. Sure, they made him suffer forever, but they also gave his soul immense fire power tied in equality to said Great Fire Dragon itself. Opps.

Sure enough, he killed them all, and went and used his great power to hunt and try to kill all demons. Including the Archfeind Nulgath...


Apprentice: He looks like a giant flame in the shape of a Gentleman. There's a fire top hat, a fire pistol, he just looks like a fire gentlman.

Veteran: The flame gentleman now has a cane. Surprisingly, the cane is NOT made of fire, but instead is black and has symbols of fire.

Master: The man now looks like a ordinary gentleman, but there is a fire motif and fire in his eyes. A fire symbol on his black pocket and the stick, but stylishly done.


Apprentice 1 hit: Fires fire out his hands.

Veteran and Master one hit: Fires fire out his cane.

Apprentice 2 hit: Fires fire out his hands twice.

Veteran and Master 2 hit: Fires fire out the cane twice.

Apprentice Veteran and Master 3 hit: Fieres three fireballs.

Apprentice Veteran and Master 5 hit: Massive Flamethrower.


COntrolled: I shall destroy all the demon lords!

Enemy: Those fools went and made their worst enemy...

Character: Gentleman

Element: Nuteral

Story: A long time ago, a Paladin was running from a powerfull demon. This demon had just killed his whole regiment, and he knew he had no chance. Desperatly, he swore that if he could get vengence he would do anything.

Such words are the trade of beings like The Gentleman.

Noone knows what exactly this guys deal is. Some say he is a feind, sent to tempt souls into dammnation. When two different people on different occasions accused him of this, he vehemently denied, saying that "His purpose was not one of good or evil".

Such proof can be exemplified in the story above, where The Gentleman gave the paladin power enough to destroy the demon for apprently no reason. The man seemed to gain nothing from it.

However, another demon ate the paladin a few weeks later, and this would be unnoteworthy, save that said demon weilded a weapon he said he got "From some thrice fooled man in a suit"...


Apprentice: A man dressed in a fine suit.
Veteren: The man now has one of those fancy canes, that has a sword in it. He also has a Bowler hat.
Master: The man now has a Top Hat, a monocle and a cape. The cane is tipped with Gold.
Legendary: The man now holds a gold pocketwatch in his other hand and has a flintlock pistol on his belt. The cane is tipped with a Diamond.


The Apprentice form attacks by punching the foe in a boxing style. His five hit is a five punch combo ending in a haymaker.
The Veteren Attacks by hitting them with his stick. His five hit combo is he draws out the sword, twirls it a bit in the air, catches it and attacks five times in a similar fasion to Blade Skeleton, but with a silver slash rather then a red one.
The Master form is exactly the same except in his five hit combo he bows and takes off the hat to do so.
The Legend form presses the pocketwatch, stops time then the watch pulls the foe to him, and then he does the five hit attack.


Apprentice: I can fight you, but don't mess up the suit.
Veteren: It's a good thing I practised my swordplay.
Master: Very well, if you insist.
Legend: I suppose I can make time for you.

Character: Lord Lumosia

Element: Light

Story: In another realm and another time, a kind pristess named Lady Celestia used her knowledge and power to raise dragon eggs and bring hope to a realm starting to be covered in darkness by a powerfull threat.

But in other realms and other times, things differ and alter. People change, so much so that they do not even resemble others. In some there are not even Analogs of people at all. The Analog of Lady Celsatia in THIS realm... is not so nice.

Lord Lumosia, a self proclamted tyrant, is a dispicable and evil man. Taking the dragon eggs that were entrusted to his order in the dead of night, he did the unthinkable: he sacrificed every single egg to give himself the power of the dragons they would have become. He became powerfull beyond beleif from this act, but is now a enemy of all draconic monster alike, regardless of their backbiting, alligence or plots. Hunted by a entire race, he plans to wipe out EVERY. LAST.ONE.


Apprentice: He looks like a white and gold gentleman. In one hand he holds a teacup to his face drinking from it. The teacup has roses with thorns on it. In the other is a cane made fron Dragonbone with a gem on top.

Veteran: He now has a cape made from dragonscales and a Tophat made from them too.

Master: On his belt he has a blade made from Dragonteeth and a gun that fires cursed light fire. Each is embeeded with a gem with a trapped dragonsoul.

In other words, he LOOKS nice till you realise what a horrible person he is.


Apprentice and Veteran 1 hit: Fires Cursed Light Dragonfire out his cane.

Apprentice and Veteran 2 hit: Fires Cursed Light Dragoncfire ouit of cane twice.

Apprentice and Veteran 3 hit: Cursed Light Dragonfire with cane three times.

Master 1 Hit: Hits with Dragonbone Blade and Cursed Light Dragonfire

Master 2 Hit: Hits with Dragonbone Blade and Cursed Light Dragonfire twice.

Master 3 hit: Fires Cursed Light Dragonfire out of his pistol 3 times.

Apprentice, Veteren and Master Five hit: Summons massive Cursed Light Dragonfire attack shaped like a Dragonsoul.


Controlled: The powers of all dragons shall be mine!

Enemy: Let us resolve this once and for all!

Character: The Fractured Gentleman

Element: Chaos

Story:A long time ago, one gentleman was traveling across reality having discovered how to travel between realms. Untill one day, he came across something horrific. Something chaotic. Something that split his mind like a pinata into several freactures. However, he obtained great power over the forces of Chaos. Randomly shifiting between two new personalites of pure good and pure evil, he travels the land doing random deeds, both heroic and kind, and horrific and madeening..


Apprentice: His very form is shifting between a good and evil form with hints of chaos and purple. In his heroic form he looks like a gallent Gentleman, the eptimone of class and honor, Looking ultra class, swave and nice. However, he randomly and subtly transforms into a evil form; Purple tentacles whrithing among a form that looks evil and ragged. Purple Tentacle Skulls adorn his suit and his attacks become more vicious.

Veteran: Both forms have gained a cane. However, one is adorned with a ball of light, the other with a skull. On the good, a cape of white light. On the evil, a cape made of writhing purple tentacles.

Master: The good form has gained a halo and wings. The evil, more skulls and tentacles. The evil one looks more and more out of control.


Apprentice 1 hit: The good form hits with a Chaos ball, The evil, with tentacles.

Apprentice 2 hit: 2 Chaos ball twice for good, more tentacles for evil

Apprentice 3 hit: Large Chaos ball for good, More tentacles for evil.

Veteren and Master 1 hit: Hits with cane for good, Tentacles for evil.

Veteren and master 2 hit; Attacks with cane twice for good, more tentacles for evil.

Veteren and Master 3 hit: Hits thrice with cane for good, more tentacles for evil.

All five hit: Massive Chaos beam for good, lots and lots and lots of tentacles for evil.


Controlled: One of two quotes randomly: "Why must I do this to you? and "PREPARE TO DIE FOOL! AHAHAHHAH!"

Enemy: One of two quotes randomly "I don't want to do this you know." and "YOU SHALL BE DEVOURED BY DARKNESS!"

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DF  Post #: 77
4/18/2013 21:05:34   

How about one more Gentleman? :D

Character: Eisen, the Gentleman of Ice

Element: Ice

Deep in the frozen North, the young Lord Eisen tends to the sentient Beasts of Ice. Originally put there as a punishment from the Queen of Frost (both for being a "bad influence" on her son, Jack, and for insulting the royal Frost Spider), Eisen has made the best of his exile and developed a special bond with the beasts. His subjects have dubbed him the Gentleman, due to his kindness and compassion towards them.
He is accompanied everywhere by his partner, Snow the Cosoma, who adds her powers to his own. Together, they protect their little corner of the North from troublemakers and poachers.
When not crushing perpetrators, he enjoys drinking Frost Tea and playing chess with Father Time.

Eisen and Snow!
Though in battle he rides on Snow's back.

He forms icicles with his snow cane (did I mention he's not the best with naming things?) and does flying charges with Snow the Cosoma. 5-hit is a dual Aurora Beam from both Eisen and Snow.


Controlled: Let's go, Snow!

Enemy: Fortune favors the cold!

Victory: Pardon me.

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AQW  Post #: 78
4/19/2013 8:23:44   

Behold the inquisitors

Name: Magnus, lord of the inferno
Element: Fire
Rank: Master


Appearance: Looks like the grand-inquisiter from AQW, except has blazing hands and black red and dark orange robes and crimson armour

1-hit: His hand bursts into flames and he slams his fist into the enemy
2-hit: His hands burst into flames again and he throws the fire balls
3-hit: His entire body bursts into flames and he explodes
5-hit: His body explodes in flames and he turns into a fire dragon and unleashes hell on the enemy

Post #: 79
4/19/2013 14:56:47   

I wanted to add a resident to Revontheus's Asylum department.

Name: Balrogg The Butcher
Backstory: The Butcher's Backstory

Element: Neutral

Rank: Master

Player: Only the finest meats... for ME!
Enemy: I don't have the taste for rotten meat.

1 hit Combo: Slams his Axe down on the enemy.
2 hit Combo: Slams his Axe down on the enemy...twice.
3 hit Combo: Stomps slowly to the enemy, punches with his unarmed, strikes down with his unarmed, and strikes down with his Axe with both hands.
5 hit Combo: Slams down the Axe and a dark evil energy wave strikes the enemy.

1 Attack x 3
2 Attack x 2
5 Attack x 4
Neutralize x 1
Death Flow x 1
Counter Attack x 2
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 80
4/19/2013 18:38:40   
Melvin the redeemer

Name: Prince Kaell'thas

Chaos Lord:
Apprentice: Chaos trainee level 1-4
Veteran: Chaos Warrior evolves at level 4 {no soul gems needed}
Master: Chaos lord evolves at rank 10 {no soul gems needed}

Player: the archfiend promises me power stronger than Drakath, I will make him Proud
Enemy:Apprentice Drakath is my master i shall rule the land in his glory
Enemy:Veteran: my powers Grow, soon i will make Drakath proud
Enemy:Master: Drakath has made me his chaos lord, by the avatars of chaos grant me strength to corrupt all who oppose me

1 Hit: slash
2 Hit attack: hands glow purple and claws come out, then a beam attacks twice
3 Hit attack: shape shifts into a dragon and claws the opponent twice and on the third attack he breathes purple flames at the opponent
5 hit attack: he uses his eye to summon an orb made of chaos that strike your opponent with 5 lightning attacks

his armor looks like a paladin from AQWorlds but with chaos eyes on his armor chest, knees, shoulder plates and helm, his armor color is purple and pink, his axe is the corrupted version of artix's axe, his helm is hooded and only reveals only 1 chaos eye
looks like a chaos corrupted version of a dragonlord, like vath's corrupted dragonlord armor from AQW, his sword is still artx's axe chaorrupted
looks like a mage, purple and violet robes, a helm, a staff that looks like a stick with a chaotic eye on the tip, helm is metal hooded with a purple hood, robes are just colored purple and violet

Inversion x1: all the opponents attacks are zero fro 3 turns
Dragon Damage x2: deal a damage of 1000 to your opponent
Regeneration shield x1: heals the player for 3 turns and shields the player for 1500 point
Attack: deals 100 damage, 200 damage or 500 damge it's random x3
pierce: pierces the enemy with an UN-blockable attack for 100 damage to your opponent
Heal: heal 500 points

50 percent to chance to capturethis monster from any battle, it's found in the pve button or the monster button above
the player button

4000 gold for those having trouble in the character shop

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AQW  Post #: 81
4/21/2013 20:05:43   

The Baron
Element: Light
Rank: Legendary
Name In Battle(such as Victor=SwordWarrior): Dante

Appearance: A man wearing the same armour as Master Paladin, but more ornate and brighter. He wields an axe similar to Artix's trademark BLoD. He has a flowing white cape with gold trim and matching hood. Hs face is the same as The Baron from DF's.

Story: A humble but powerful warrior, the baron Dante has traveled through time and space in search of the multiverse's greatest challenges. He has effortlessly beaten tyrants and ebominations that have appeared as gods to lesser beings. Despite the fact his deeds have even inspired his own fanbase, The Baron is one of the most humble people in the known and even unknown universes. His travels have brought him to the sleepy town of Solace, though how long he stays is anyone's guess. We can only assume he'll stay until even the Great Fiend has fallen by his hand.


Controlled: I'm really not all that great, but I'll do my best.
Enemy: So you're my next challenge? Oh well...
Victory: I still don't see the big fuss.


1-hit: He walks over and swings his axe.
2-hit: He swings his axe twice.
3-hit: He points his axe at you and a cat appears and scratches you three times.
5-hit: He pulls down his hood and he starts glowing, filling the screen with white.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 82
4/21/2013 21:56:47   
The Lich King00188

Arror, The Frozen One

Element: Ice

Appearance::Apprentice: An average elf with long black hair and dark blue eyes wearing black cargo pants with a waist-cape
Veteran: his eyes are getting paler and the lower part of his hair is white, has a black shirt that goes to his elbows, fingerless gloves, his cloths are tattered and he looks tired
Master: his eyes are pale blue and his hair is completely white. his shirt is hidden under a high collar jacket (all of which are tattered) when he breaths you can see it and he is very pale and looks like he hasn't slept in weeks, he's visibly shaking
Legendary: he now has a hood and is covered from head to toe but his clothing is in tatters and there are ice crystals sticking out through the cloth in multiple places. all you can see of him are two bright blue dots of light a few locks of hair sticking out and his feet which are really pale, the ground around him is frozen

Dialog: Prentice: Freeze naive or ill do it for you
Veteran: S-S-So C-Cold. W-w-what's happ-ppening? What are t-these Voices?
Master: The C-C-cold told m-me that the o-o-only way t-to get r-rid of T-the cold is to give it scum like you. TAKE IT!
Legendary: The cold speaks to me. It tells me to cleanse the worlds of filth like you.

His attacks are a mixture of melee and ranged by summoning pieces of ice into different shapes and weapons, every time he gains a rank his attacks become more elegant
His defenses form icy armor around him
Post #: 83
4/21/2013 22:18:36   
How We Roll Winner

Name: Champion Shinobi of ChaosRipjaw
Element: Shadow
Rank: Master
The fellow here (on the top left corner

Appearance: Base color either dark azure or dark green. Little markings are red. Bandages grey and white.

Story: Of the Disciples of Crizox, only one of the limited Shinobi Guardians will rise to become the Champion Shinobi. A Champion Shinobi's power is almost the same as a True Disciple.

Controlled: You'll die unhonorably.
Enemy: Shall I slit your throat or cut your abdomen?
Victory: Have a swell time in the Netherworld.

1-hit: Charge and disappear like Skexis. Slash horizontally.
2-hit: Slash down and up.
3-hit: Slash up, go behind, slash down and pierce.
5-hit: He lifts both hands and starts chanting. A sillouhetted demon will smash enemy from behind.

Special Card
Fear: Stun for 2 turns (like Freeze) and deal 2 damage for 5 turns. (7 Shadow Energy)

Enjoy my friends.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 84
4/21/2013 22:26:50   

Name: Sir Percival, the Aegis Knight
Element: Neutral
Rank: Master


Story: After being defeated in battle by a master of shielding, sir percival gave up his sword in exchange for knowledge of the ultimate defense. Since then, he has been dubbed as the unmovable object, a man whose indomitable will is only matched by the strength of his defense.

Player: Hate to keep you waiting
Enemy: I am titanium.


5x Iron hide
2x neutralize
3x cat reflex
2x counter
1x death flow
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 85
4/22/2013 4:38:39   

Even though its out of season...LOCO THE GOD OF PRANKS!


Long ago in Lore of AdventureQuest two pranksters decided to pull a huge prank by summoning the god of all pranks. LOCO! They succeeded, but Loco was coco and decided to pull ultimate pranks that year and all that would follow. Luckily the destined heroes of Lore always managed to seal him back.

Veteran rank: Loco as a mortal
Quotes: Opponent: I will cause utter chaos some day just wait. Hahahahaha!
Victory: You stood no chance against me!
Controlled: I shall show you fools what I can do even as a mortal!

Master rank: Loco in his god form.
Quotes: Opponent: If you actually think You can kill a god then you must really be trying to upstage me! Hahahahaha!
Victory: Looks like I had the last laugh like always!
Controlled: A gag dollar for your thoughts about actually challenging me? Mwuhahahahaha!

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 86
4/22/2013 5:01:42   
Nue Girl

One of the Greatest Battleon Monsters of all Time: Z.A.R.D.I.S
Doctor Who & Zards Fused Together, Truly Genius


Post #: 87
4/23/2013 3:23:12   

Name: Lord Caine, the Blood Noble
Element: shadow


Formerly a nobleman but driven mad by a plot that left him without his riches and his family slayed, Caine went on and slew the demon who ruined his life. Consumed by hatred and vengeance, Caine consumed the flesh and blood of the very demon he killed and was driven insane by the powerful demon magic the ingested. Now insane and lording up high on his demonic castle, capturing unwitting visitors and invite them over for "dinner"


Player: Ugh, such bothersome ilk
Enemy: It appears we'll be having you for dinner.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 88
4/23/2013 4:02:44   

Name: The lonely shepherd
Element: Chaos
Rank: Master

Appearance: Looks like the grand inquisitor from AQW, except his armour is green and gold with celtic knots and clovers decorating it and a cape of cards

Controlled: Step right up a test your luck
enemy: its time to toss the dice

1-hit: throws a green and gold card
2-hit: a spear of cards forms in his hand which he stabs stuff with
3-hit: a flail of cards forms in his hand which he bash's stuff with
5-hit: his cape of cards turns into a card tornado


Name: Sungam, lord of the blizzard
Element: Ice
Rank: Master

Appearance: Looks like the grand inquisitor except his armour is ice blue and grey decorated with snow flakes and snow crystals and has a cape of snow

Controlled: Beshkah, beshkah
Enemy: Uruxa, uruxa

1-hit: Forms a snowball in his hand which he throws
2-hit: Two ice needles form in his hands which he throws
3-hit: He summons frosty the snowman


Name: Feko
Element: Shadow
Rank: Master

Appearance: Looks like the grand inquisitor except his armour is grey and pale green decorated with skulls and pale green ghostly fire and has a black staff with a skull on it which is also on fire

Controlled: Posh, you should be skinned and used as a rug
Enemy: Me, im Feko, you, your DEAD

1-hit: throws a ball of pale fire at stuff
2-hit: summons a sword skeleton to cut things
3-hit: opens his hand, it glows pale green and a large burst of pale fire erupts from the ground (to burn stuff)
5-hit: the screen flashes black and there a 5 flashes of pale green fire

NEXT INQUISITOR. . . (Coming soon)
Post #: 89
4/23/2013 12:20:28   
Therril Oreb
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Name: The Raven Shifter
Element: Neutral
Rank: Apprentice - Legendary

Apprentice(Raven trainee)
Looks: Similar to a peasant clothing with the recruit's wooden sword and (smaller) black wings.

Controlled: Soon I will be as strong as my father!
Enemy: I hope you are a better opponent then the last.

1-hit: A single thrust
2-hit: A thrust followed by a slash
3-hit: Three quick slashes
5-hit: Becomes a small raven, thrusting through the opponent.

Veteran(Raven soldier)
Looks: Clothing is still the same but in black colours.It now has a normal metal sword. The wings are also slightly bigger then the previous.

Controlled: What new shall I learn?
Enemy: Pfeh, weak.

1-hit: Flies towards the opponent for 1 slash.
2-hit: Flies towards the opponent for 2 consecutive slashes.
3-hit: Flies towards the opponent for 3 consecutive slashes.
5-hit: Sword dissappears and the hands become talons, slashing the opponent.

Master(Raven Officer)
Looks: Clothes are black but now a bit more fancy with feathery details on it, sword is a bit more fancy then the last but still pretty normal. Wings are fully grown.

Controlled: Let us end this quickly.
Enemy: Not even worth looking at.

1-hit: Flies through the opponent for 1 hit.
2-hit: Flies through the opponent and back again.
3-hit: Flies upwards, striking diagonally twice and then one time in the back for 3 hits.
5-hit: Throws his sword at the opponent, hands become talons, slashing twice. then flying through the enemy and back.

Legendary(Raven Leader)
Looks: A scar on the face with one eye white-ish. The sword is a black blade with a purple/blue shine. The guard is like a set of wings spreading outto fly. The clothing is nor a kind of light metal armour very close to the body with still feathery details on it.
Picture: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BK6R-huCQAEukvq.jpg:large
Controlled: I won't allow anymore hurting to my people.
Enemy: May Ravel drink your blood.

1-hit: Fly through the enemy for 1 hit.
2-hit: Hands become talons and slash twice.
3-hit: Turns into a raven, flying rapidly through the enemy 3 times.
5-hit: A blink in the Shifter's eye. Background goes dark. Flashes through the enemy 5 times very rapidly.

The raven Shifter clan is one in hiding. But their fighters are nonetheless fast and strong. Combining the speed of flight with the strength of arms, they are a foe to be reckoned with. Or an ally worth depending on if you can gain their trust.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 90
4/24/2013 4:18:14   


Name: Enigmus
Element: Energy
Rank: Master

Appearance: Looks like the grand inquisitor except his armour is yellow with lightning crackling on his shoulder-plates and decorated with runes and lightning

Controlled: F-f-faster, w-want more S-speed
Enemy: M-more f-fast, Need S-s-speed

1-hit: dashes forward super-fast and kicks things
2-hit: dashes forward super-fast and kicks once and does a backflip with a kick in it
3-hit: dashes forward super-fast and smashes his fists into things ULTRA-FAST
5-hit: dashes forward super-fast and kicks once and punches 3 times followed by a super fast head-butt


Name: Ganmong
Element: Neutral
Rank: Master

Appearance: Looks like the grand inquisitor, except has two katana's sheathed at his waist and a straw-hat his armour is decorated with chinese dragons and smoke

Controlled: Shameful dispray
Enemy: Silence, i kill you
Victory: Great shame you bring

1-hit: pulls one sword out and slashes stuff
2-hit: pulls both swords out and slashes stuff lots
3-hit: infuses one sword with Chi-energy and slashes stuff followed by a boom
5-hit: turns into a Chi-form and cuts things HEAPS


kooky the spookster
for Rev's asylum

Name: Kooky
Story: (still In progrese)

Controlled: Do you want to see a magic trick?
Enemy: Do you need a lolly

1-hit: clicks his fingers and retarded child souls attack things
2-hit: clicks his fingers and more child souls attack stuff
3-hit: clicks his fingers and a large malformed child soul attacks things
5-hit: his own child soul emerges from his body and screams at things

Element: Shadow

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4/25/2013 22:20:51   



Element: light

appearance: http://i1292.photobucket.com/albums/b569/kingdaichi/8b9b4916-3fcc-4c4b-b022-1dfc7641d72e_zps9dc86054.jpg



Description: An angel sent from heaven to assist in the war against evil. He bears a crest on his right hand, a flaming sword in the left.
His mission is not to win the war, only to maintain the balance between sides. he remembers when one of his brothers was cast down...


Quotes: I was here before time began, respect you elders child!

my blade shall cleanse your soul.

you thought to kill one of the host of heaven?

Notes- I created this guy because good guys are awesome but seem to be out shined by "cooler" bad guys. also the wings didnt quite come out as hoped but thats ok.

blue is my favorite color so I opted for that overall. it seems white and gold are overused sometimes. (thats just my opinion)

and remember, I am not an artist. just a wannabe EDIT: is based on the Hebrew Idea of angels, or at least one of them.

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DF AQW  Post #: 92
4/27/2013 14:48:19   

Name : Forest Alchemist
Alignment : Neutral

Story and other whatevers in the image.
AQW Epic  Post #: 93
4/28/2013 4:07:50   

More inquisitors
Name: Alton
Rank: Master
Element: Water

Appearance: Same deal, except his armour has small rain-drop cut gems hanging from chains and decorated with sea foam and coral, and carries a water-whip

Controlled: ...
Enemy: ...

1-hit: whips things once
2-hit: whips more things twice
3-hit: a hydra emerges from a puddle which forms in-front of stuff
5-hit: same deal as 3 hit except theres three hydras


Name: Eskar helstone
Rank: Master
Element: Earth

Appearance: same deal, except his armour is now made of sand-coloured stone and decorated with emeralds and black-iron chains, and wields a large emerald hammer

Controlled: Sh-shiny rock, make Eskar happy
Enemy: You want my shine-rocks, YOU NOT HAVE THEM!

1-hit: slams hammer down on things
2-hit: hits things twice with horizontal swings
3-hit: slams his hammer downwards with a ground shattering strike, to shake things
5-hit: a large hoard of gemstones drop on things


Name: Luminox
Rank: Master
Element: Light

Appearance: same thing, except his armour is gold and with white ropes and decorated with sun-bursts and yellow-topaz with a white and gold cloak and wields a large holy broadsword

Controlled: Burn in hellfire
Enemy: Balefire

1-hit: swings sword down once on stuff
2-hit: hits things with holy-magiks
3-hit: Infuses his sword with holy-magiks, swings horizontally once followed by a sunny explosion
5-hit: creates an orb of light, and throws it at things


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4/28/2013 20:15:04   
How We Roll Winner

Suggesting this character, who is actually my friend xD
Name: Zorkine
Rank: Master
Element: Light

Appearance: The floating guy with wings. The lines all over his arms glow blue. Wings glow blue. Hat is same color as Conical Hat. Robes and stuff are gray. Skin is normal skin color.

Zorkine is a well known ally of the Grand Master ChaosRipjaw. Despite his "good" nature and his mastery of Light, be wary of him.

Controlled: Just let me kill you without a fight. You'll lose anyway.
Enemy: Ready to go to heaven?
Victory Enemy: Have an awesome day now.
Victory Controlled: I told you -_-


1-3 hit: Fight like Revontheus (veteran)
5-hit: Produce 5 blue fire balls and launch one by one.

Special Card:
Divine Flame: Works the same as Shadowfire from Black Dragon.

Hope you like.
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4/28/2013 22:11:20   
Lord Thanatos

Chaos Squire:

Apperance: Wears no shirt, brown leather pants, and boots. Also has a chaos eye in the center of his chest with a few tentacles curling around the chest, upper arm, and upper leg. There are not so many tendrils that the flesh and clothes can't be seen. He carries a basic iron sword with a purple tint, a chaos eye on the guard, and a few tentacles around the sword.


- Attack 100 (4): Attacks 100 for 1 Chaos energy
- Attack 200 (3): Attacks 200 for 2 Chaos energy
- Attack 500 (3): Attacks 500 for 4 Chaos energy
- Defend 500 (2): Block 500 for 3 Chaos energy
- Pierce 100 (2): Unblockable 100 for 2 Chaos energy
- Counter 800 (1): Block 800 and attack 800 for 10 Chaos energy

- 3 Hit Combo: Same as that of Void Knight (the one with Champ Blade)
- 5 Hit Combo: Chaos eye on chest glows, summons 5 orbs (the ones that come up when you "charge up") and blasts them at the opponent
- Charge Up: Black Orbs with a purple glow come out and are absorbed by the character

Chaorrupted Knight:

Apperance: Wears a tattered shirt, has iron shoulder plates, each with a chaos eye, iron boots with tendrils, and iron vambraces with a chaos eye and tendrils on each. The character still has the chaos eye on the chest, the skin is slightly paler, and there are more tendrils extending around the body. Also carries the same sword as the Chaorrupted Squire but it is longer, thicker, and has more tendrils and a purple glow.


- Attack 200 (3): Attacks 200 for 2 Chaos energy
- Attack 500 (3):Attacks 500 for 4 Chaos energy
- Defend 500 (2): Block 500 for 3 Chaos energy
- Pierce 300 (1): Unblockable 300 for 4 Chaos energy
- Counter 1000 (2): Block 1000 and attack 1000 for 12 Chaos energy
- Chaorrupt Opponent (2): Next 500 Damage inflicted on you heals you 500 HP
- Power Strike 800 (1): Attack 800 for 7 Chaos energy

- 3 Hit Combo: Same as that of Void Knight (the one with Champ Blade)
- 5 Hit Combo: Chaos eye on chest glows, summons 5 orbs (the ones that come up when you "charge up") that travel to the Chaos eye, and blasts a purple beam at the opponent that fluctuates in thickness and lasts for a few seconds
- Charge Up: Black Orbs with a purple glow come out and are absorbed by the character

Chaorrupted Knight:

Apperance: Wears a full suit of iron armor with a purple tint. Chaos eye still remains on chest, and body is 60% covered with Chaos eyes and tendrils. Also uses a double bladed battle axe with a large Chaos eye in where the blades join each other and the handle. Iron on axe also has a purple tint.


- Attack 200 (3): Attacks 200 for 2 Chaos energy
- Attack 500 (3):Attacks 500 for 4 Chaos energy
- Defend 500 (2): Block 500 for 3 Chaos energy
- Pierce 500 (1): Unblockable 500 for 6 Chaos energy
- Counter 1000 (2): Block 1000 and attack 1000 for 12 Chaos energy
- Chaorrupt Opponent (2): Next 800 Damage inflicted on you heals you 800 HP
- Power Strike 1000 (1): Attack 1000 for 8 Chaos energy
- Poison (2): Inflict 500 Damage each turn for 4 turns costing 10 Chaos energy

- 3 Hit Combo: A portal appears behind the opponent and behind the character. The character throws his sword at the opponent, inflicting damage, the axepasses through the portals and back to the character and he catches it.
- 5 Hit Combo: Character holds fist up. The Chaos eye and the fist begin to glow, and a purple beam of Chaos that pulsates in thickness comes out of the ground, making a crater and engulfing the opponent.
- Charge Up: Black Orbs with a purple glow come out and are absorbed by the character

Making a Legendary evolution soon!

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4/30/2013 6:09:12   

Name: Olomon
Rank: Legendary
Element: Fire and shadow

Appearance: has the same over all look as malakai except his armour is blood red and brown and wears a blood red hood over his head, and he wields a double-headed spear the glows blue

Controlled: Your soul belongs to me, i will shatter your will
Enemy: You look fresh mortal, I will slay you quickly

- Attack 200 (2)
- Attack 500 (4)
- Shield 500 (1)
- Poison (2)
- Void reflection (1)
- Fire ball (1)
- Empower (1)
- Sacrifice (3)
- Life drain (2)
- Special card: Spirit strike
- Cost: 14 Fire
- Effect: Deals 10 damage and D.O.T's for 3 damage for 5 turns (Note) Uses 5 hit combo

- 1 hit: Swings spear downwards once
- 2 hit: Stabs with each end of the spear
- 3 hit: Swings spear in a horizontal arc
- 5 hit: His soul floats from his body, raises it's hands and shoots a blast of soul energy
Charge: Floats off the ground and flashes black
Oversoul circle: Blood red with a black skull in it

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4/30/2013 7:10:14   
99th Dracopyre

Character Name: Nortrom
Element: Energy
Rank: Apprentice - Master

Apprentice: Lightning Apprentice
Appearance: Like a Nomad, except with no weapon and has a cloak that is draped over his shoulders.

Controlled: Power... shall be mine...
Enemy: Step aside...


1-Hit: Points both hands forward and shoots a small bolt of lighting
2-Hit: Points both hands forward and shoots 2 small bolts of lighting
3-Hit: Raises right hand, pointing to the sky. The hand charges with lighting, and 3 lighting bolts land on the opponent
5-Hit: Levitates above the ground with arms spread wide apart. Countless lighting bolts land on the opponent.

Veteran: Lightning Sage
Appearance: Wears small parts of armor. Has a longer cloak draped over shoulders.

Controlled: I need more power...
Enemy: You are not going to stand in my way!

1-Hit: Quickly waves his arm and a lightning bolt shoot out of his fingers
2-Hit: Quickly waves his right arm and shoots a lightning bolt, leaving a small ball of energy on the opponent. Then he clasps his left hand into a fist and the ball detonates.
3-Hit: Charges hands then shoots 1 lightning bolt from each hand and 1 from his mouth.
5-Hit: Levitates above the ground with arms spread wide apart. Countless lighting bolts land on the opponent. (Same as Apprentice)

Master: Lightning Emperor
Appearance: Fully detailed armor along with a large cape draped over his shoulders. Levitating off the ground with his arms crossed.

Controlled: I will show you... True Power!
Enemy: A worthy opponent, perhaps?

1-Hit: Eyes glow and lightning strikes the opponent.
2-Hit: Quickly waves his arm and 2 lightning bolts strike the opponent.
3-Hit: Waves his two arms forward, in a triangle formation, and 3 runed circles appear infront of him, and lighting discharges from the 3 runed circles
5-Hit: Eyes glow and starts to chuckle. Laughing intensifies. As he reaches the climax of his laughter, countless strikes of lighting hits the opponent.

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 98
4/30/2013 8:52:19   

Name: Alamek
Rank: Legendary
Element: Shadow and Ice

Appearance: Same look of Malakai, except his armour is dark grey, ice blue he wears a grey cloak and a grey hood, and wields a sword

Controlled: C-c-cold, Glorious C-cold
Enemy: L-lovely C-cold, V-very lovely cold

- Attack 200 (3)
- Attack 500 (3)
- Shield (3)
- Freeze (2)
- Shatter (2)
- Sacrifice (3)
- Ice wall (2)
- Ice orb (1)
- Mark of death (1)
- Life drain (1)
- Poison (2)
- Spirit strike (1)

- 1 hit: Throws an ice orb
- 2 hit: Throws an ice orb and stabs once with his sword
- 3 hit: Swings three times after imbuing his sword with Spirit energy
- 5 hit: His soul drifts towards his enemy followed by fog, and screams like a vampire
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4/30/2013 10:34:27   

Name: The Shade of Nightbane
Rank: Legendary
Element: Fire

Appearance: Nightbane

Player: ...
Enemy: ...

Backstory/Quest(Just for the fun of it): Legends in the Darkovia speaks of a shadow that has taken form of Balius's shear power that left his mark in the dark forest many years ago. Now this shade has been terrorizing all those that enter its midst. Stop this shade for if you defeat it, I shall grant you remnants of Balius's former self to use in your journey, Oversoul.

Quest Completion: For you to have beaten the former Balius... I must say I am impressed by your efforts to quell the former beast. Now I grant you an award though it has a price.

Shop: Nightbane - 200,000 gold

5 Damage Attack Cards - x4
2 Damage Attack Cards - x2
3 Piercing Attack Cards - x3
Fireball - x3
Inferno - x3
Empower - x2
Sacrifice - x3

Boss Stats
HP: 1000X based on level. Example: Player = 5200 HP, Nightbane = 6200 HP

Boss Cards
5 Damage Attack Cards - x4
8 Damage Attack Cards - x3
Fireball - x1
Life Drain - x2
Death Flow - x1
Sacrifice - x3

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