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RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III

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6/7/2013 16:55:56   
Syll Aris

Character: Contradicto

There was a paladin who fought with evil. There was a necromancer who wanted to conquer the world. There was a clash of magic. There was chaos. There was death. And there was one unlucky boy. Magic without control sought a new vessel. It found poor James. Now he is someone between light and darkness. He is a slave of elements for eternity. Neithter good or bad. He will be forever torn apart. For everything he does there is a price. If there is a good deed there must be a bad one. If he hurts someone he will have to heal someone. He must maintain the balance of the elements within him, or the consequences may be dire. Now his goal is to restore the order in this world ... or tragic end.

Element: Light and shadow

Appearance : It should be something that reflects his inner dissonance. An armor with elements of gold and black would be a good idea.

If i can't save you .... I will kill you.
If i can't restore the order ... I will die trying.

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Post #: 126
6/7/2013 19:11:32   

Name: Dark Killer
Element: Shadow
Rank: Legendary
Quotes: "Hahahaha ... noob! I will kill you!"
Appearance: http://belozw.deviantart.com/art/Oversoul-s-2nd-Suggestion-Contest-Dark-Killer-376533032


Name: Ice Angel
Element: Ice
Rank: Master
Quotes: "I'll freeze you!"
Appearance: http://belozw.deviantart.com/art/Oversoul-s-2nd-Suggestion-Contest-Ice-Angel-376533715


Name: Fire Soul
Element: Fire
Rank: Master
Quotes: "Do not be afraid of my flames!!"
Appearance: http://belozw.deviantart.com/art/Oversoul-s-2nd-Suggestion-Contest-Fire-Soul-376534651


Name: Earth Assassin
Element: Earth
Rank: Master
Quotes: "I will bury you forever in this dry soil!"
Appearance: http://belozw.deviantart.com/art/Oversoul-s-2nd-Suggestion-Contest-Earth-Assassin-376535168


Name: Possessed Mage
Element: Shadow
Rank: Legendary
Quotes: "I will possess you!"
Appearance: http://belozw.deviantart.com/art/Oversoul-s-2nd-Suggestion-Contest-Possessed-Mage-376535381


Name: Apocalyptic Demon
Element: Shadow
Rank: Master
Quotes: "You will die!"
Appearance: http://belozw.deviantart.com/art/Oversoul-s-2nd-Suggestion-Contest-Apocalyptic-Dem-376535837


Name: Belozw
Element: Shadow
Rank: Master
Quotes: "Hahaha ... you will repent having defied me!"
Appearance: http://belozw.deviantart.com/art/Oversoul-s-2nd-Suggestion-Contest-Belozw-376536156


Name: Satan Caster
Element: Shadow
Rank: Legendary
Quotes: "Here your end is, with me!"
Appearance: http://belozw.deviantart.com/art/Oversoul-s-2nd-Suggestion-Contest-Satan-Caster-376944938


Name: Possessed Caster
Element: Chaos
Rank: Legendary
Quotes: "Arhhhhh... don't look at me!!"
Appearance: http://belozw.deviantart.com/art/Oversoul-s-2nd-Suggestion-Contest-Possessed-Caster-377862370


If it were the case lucky for me to win, hopefully! You can contact me for the.fla file through @belozw_ae

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6/7/2013 19:15:38   

Character: Awey The Void Fiend.
Element: Shadow
Rank: Legendary
Apperance: http://twitpic.com/cvn6lo

History: He was the exiled protector of nulgath. He used to slay his enemies but he was never appriciated. He was banshied to the shadows of abyss where he grew stronger.


AQW Epic  Post #: 128
6/7/2013 19:18:52   

Paradox Rifter

Traveling through time and space, the Paradox Rifter guild has thrived for eons, and seconds. They are real, and they are not. They despise Nulgath and the oversouls. They are extremely powerful, seeing as reality is their's to control. No living being has attacked the guild and survived.
AQW  Post #: 129
6/7/2013 19:32:36   
Ryu Dragonmaster

Name: Darkflame Ryu

Appearance: Darkflame Ryu

Element: Fire/Darkness

Rank: Veteran

Story: A descendant of the fabled Dragonmasters, He was different from the average child. He had extraordinary powers which were feared by the rest of the the Dragonmasters. He was exiled to the volcanic region of magmus in which he became even stronger.

Player: My flame shall never burn out.
Enemy: Taste my blazing inferno, Scoundrel!

1 Hit: Throws a Darkflame Fireball
2 Hit: runs up to enemy and slashes sword up vertically then down.
3 Hit: Shoots 2 Darkflame Fireballs then dragon breaths fire onto enemy
4 Hit: Dragon flies over to enemy and unleashes a charged Darkflame Fireball from its mouth
5 Hit: Entire body engulfs in a darkflame aura, starts to float, flies to enemy and unleashes a fury of sword swings


AQ AQW  Post #: 130
6/7/2013 21:14:35   

name: Moon reaper
appareance: http://kartron.deviantart.com/art/Revamped-Moon-reaper-366839613
element: light
rank: master

enemy: want some moon cheese?
player controled: lets the purification begin!

story: the moon reapers are followers of death that visit the moon once every year to power up their magic, they use their moon power to purificate the souls of sinners and fight demons, moon reapers are formidable fighters and some of them tend to eat cheese made from the moon.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 131
6/7/2013 21:57:25   

A hooded figure walks into a small town. Everyone turns to stare at this new arrival for this town does not get many visitors. He walks into the tavern and looks around as if looking for someone. When he looked up the people saw his eyes and turned away because they were the red-gold eyes of a demon. He took a seat by a wealthy man who looks like he was expecting him and calmly sipped his drink. A drink was delivered to him even though he didn't order one but he drunk it anyway."Ten thousand gold and plus one hundred for every other monster slain," the hooded figure said. "A hefty price don't you think?" The man chuckled. "You're asking me to kill a soul that if it isn't in a body; will be hard to kill.Also there is the price of me possessed by it and running into dangerous creatures that aren't that soul." The man muttered a curse which this figure was pretty use to by now and surely the avatars had better things to do then to listen to them.The man agreed and they shook hands. As he walked towards the door he turned and said,"Oh and next time you try to enchant a drink make it a bit stronger alright?" And he turned to open the door and walked out. When he left two men decided to take this chance to talk about what happened. "Who exactly was that guy?" "He is the known as Seth: The Demon of Monsters.He will slay anything for the right price. A heart of valor blocked by a wall of greed." "Well time to get started," Seth said as he took off his robe and revealed his ebony outfit that was swathed in demon flames. His gauntlets were stained with small drops of monster blood and the thing people found most weird was his human body and face but demon eyes. He was nimble as he was tough with his twin demon star blades in hand. As he put on his helm he wondered how this quest will go.

Element:Neutral, Shadow
Special Cards: Demon Senses, Demon Fire, Star Blast
Possessed Phrase: Oh well, suppose I have no choice.
Enemy Phrase: Are you the one i search for or perhaps gold added to the contract.

Post #: 132
6/7/2013 22:11:12   

Captain Verglas
In-game, his abilities focus on primarily heavy damage attacks with a secondary focus on healing and counterattacks.

Element: Water
Rank: Legendary (Come on there are NO Water legendaries D:< but I'll accept Master rank as well...)
Name In Battle: Great White
Alignment: Good +20


Controlled: “I once fell in love with a rogue girl from the capitol. Nothing scares me anymore."
Enemy: "Say it to my mug, mate."
Victory: “I would've preferred not to do that."

Charge: Takes a drink from his mug.


1-hit: Slashes with his blade.
2-hit: Lunges deep with his blade once.
3-hit: Punches with the free hand then slashes upward, followed by a quick knee.
5-hit: Takes a massive swig from his cider mug and then sheathes his sword, charging at the target to pummel with fists. (Slow, powerful punches)

I had a lot of fun making this.

Story and everything is right...

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 133
6/7/2013 22:30:07   

Name: Riftlord
Neutral: 10
Rank: Master
Element: Neutral

There exist a force beyond the multiverse whose purpose it is to maintain order between the worlds. The brunt of their attention is currently taken up by the situation between the parallel worlds from which Nulgath originated, but they did not fail to notice his transference to the newly made realm of Oversoul. Because chaos exists so must order, the Riftlords know this and have therefore left the situation with Drakath to his alternate self and have turned their attention to Nulgath: he who feasts on the new souls of a new world. They know that he must be stopped for his presence has created changes in this world that were never meant to be. A new being has come into existence: an Oversoul and Nulgath's feasting is twisting the destiny of that world. Now they have sent their first man to this new world to scout out the situation, to judge just how far the arm of Nulgath has become. If he is deemed to be too great a threat to the stability of the world the Riftlords will be forced to intervene. This scout is not their most powerful, but he is powerful enough to hold his own with the local population of Oversoul. A possible rank-up would be High Riftlord who would come to exact judgement upon Nulgath.

Enemy Controlled: "So this is an Oversoul, the by-product of Nulgath's destruction."
Player Controlled: "Such a fresh world, so full of life. Nulgath's reign must be put to an end."

Design: The Riftlords wear white robes and are graceful like elves. These are beings with the power to open and close rifts in space, to defy all that is thought to be known. This immense power occasionally crackles about them involuntarily. They carry no weapons and prefer to simply knock out their foes with their powers.

Ideas for animations:

Rely immensely on their ability to teleport so when they block an attack they would teleport away from it instead. They are also show-offs so their attacks tend to be concise, but flashy. I'm sure you can guess what happens when they perform a three or even a five-hit combo.

I realize that this looks like a major plot in the Atrix Entertainment Universe, so feel free to tweak this a bit so that it's not too major. Perhaps a free-lancing Riftlord? I just realized how much like Doctor Who that was. Except slightly more like the Shadow Proclamation for you fans reading.
Post #: 134
6/7/2013 23:14:56   

Here are my current entries

Beetlekin Knight Commander
Treeceratops evolution line
Meteorex evolution line
Hydraptor evolution line
Frost bat veteran evo
Frost bat master evo
Plague Warden
Elemental abomination
Leo-kin Jungle Warrior
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 135
6/7/2013 23:30:22   

Character name: Ignotum Parasite
Description: Parasitic creatures once used in the employ of the old one, who, in the wake of his departure to our realm, desperately attempted to bridge the gap from their dimension into ours. Unbeknownst to them, this severed their connection to the old one, and forever warped their appearance into a mockery of organic life. Once symbiotic weapons these Ignotum Parasites have evolved to intelligent form so beware; these new creatures lust for command and will latch to any sufficient host. (Perhaps the appearance could be that of a humanoid version of the parasitic hacker weapons, starting in a larval to hosted form; even have the appearance differ between several infected Oversoul characters, i.e. a symbiote-infected Zardman to a paladin).
Rank: Veteran; Leveled up: Master
Element: Neutral; Leveled up: Evil (Starting neutral due to connection severance from their master)

Enemy Controlled: "Give..us..FORM!!!"
Player Controlled: "You shall feed us into evolution."

Design: as above appear to be a sentient version of the Parasites upon the Parasitic Hacker weapons of AQW. But with solid form, and once leveled up into a bonded host, appear as thicker, unskinned muscle arrayed over the hide of their host, along with lead colored spikes generating from their bodies, and of course signature green glowing eyes. Over sized hands wouldn't hurt as their weapons of choice, nor would parasite generated weapons protruding from the arms.


Single-Hit: Claws enemy with hands in a frenzied lunge.
Double: thorn-like growths generate from the arms spearing the enemy
Triple: hands grip enemy character, as teeth enlarge to bite the foe.
5-Hit: Thorn growths sprout from every part of the body and the Ignotum Parasite throws itself at it's enemy.
Shielding/heal: parasite envelops whole host and a metallic sheen crosses the body

Special Cards?:

Parasitic bond: Heals player
Infection: damages player for small amount, throws parasite at enemy, stuns for a turn and puts 2 turn poison on foe as they purge the parasite.

Any other cards are free for you to choose, a shadow-esque build of poisons along with a paladin like heal, or power hit seem appropriate to me however.

All in all it would be nice to see if you could make this character rotate its host attached appearance, reminiscent of the betrayal blades, but a single look is fine (I'd love if it looked like a Parasitic Rex Warrior) Oh almost forgot, since the parasite of the Hackers has never been named, I gave it Ignotum, Latin for Unknown.

(My Oversoul Character is SaberFang, if the forum name is not the only requirement)

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6/7/2013 23:42:51   

Character:The Joker
Allignment: 0 neutral
Element: neutral
Appearance: He wields a cane with a skull on the top with his right hand and a deck of cards on the other. It has a mask on his face.He also wears a tuxedo.He has a top hat.

Enemy: Why so serious? No matter I will make you die of laughter.
Player: Hahaha! you will die of laughter fool!
Victory: You're a joke,a fool to challenge me.


1 hit: hits his enemy with his staff
2 hit: throws his deck of cards at his enemy
3 hit: gets his hat and fires flowers and cards out of it
5 hit combo: summons a deck of cards to topple down on his enemy

Hope u like it Nulgath
the color of it depends on you nulgath whatever you like

Os user: dracolantern
os char: john leones

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Post #: 137
6/8/2013 0:00:50   

Name: Assassin of Nulgath

Alignment: Neutral

Element: Shadow

Batte quotes: enemy cpu: Now that you've seen me you must die! player controlled: Nulgath has hired me to kill you so I will!

Appearence: dark leather armor with a black scarf wrapped around his head and dual trig busters as weapons and a large trig buster styled rifle on his back

Backstory: his early past is mysterious but long ago he was hired by Nulgath to take out his many evasive enemies, the Assassin was given immortality extreme aiming ability and the power to travel between time and dimensions; now this assasin sneaks across worlds hunting down Nulgath's enimies.

Attack animations: 1 hit: the assasin shoots the opponent with a trig buster. 2 hits: assassin shoots bouth trig busters at once. 3 hits: the assassin dissapears and re-appears behind opponent and shoots in the back of the opponents head. 5 hits: the assasin takes out his large trig buster rifle and shoots an exploding shot twords the opponents chest.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 138
6/8/2013 0:10:43   

Name: Alistair
Allignment: 5 Good
Element: Energy and/or Fire
Appearance: He rides a thundering chariot pulled by two oxen. He wears giant bloodred armor with gold trim and the charecter Alpha engraved on his centre breastplate. He has a spartan helmet with red plume. He has wild growing hair and a long shaggy beard(optional). He carries a longer than usual steel grey galadus with red symbols up the side. He has a long fur cape.

Single-hit: He rides up to the opponent and hits them once.
Double-hit: He rides up to the opponent and rides through them and then rides back while slashing them with his sword.
Triple hit: His oxen stomp on the enemy followed by two slashes of his sword.
5-hit combo: The Alpha symbol lights up and his sword glows with electrisity, he rides up the the opponent, his oxen stomp on them, he slashes twice, rides through them, and then a lightining bolt falls ontop of the enemy. Each action does damage.

Back story: He is the reincarnated spirit of some ancient hero. He is searching for why Nulgath has brought him back to life as a spirit. While alive he does the only thing that he know, battle. He fights for the answer and for a means of going back to his spirit world.

Hope you enjoy this. I am in 9th grade and this is a charecter I made in my creative writing unit for writing class. Of course if some of you are interested in the full story I can post it here when I'm done. :)
Post #: 139
6/8/2013 0:28:04   

Character: The Soultaker

enemy: Time to go to the abyss fool!
Player: I will take your soul to the old one.

Appearance: wears a dark cloke that exposes his right skeletal hand which is holding an oar.He is standing on a wooden boat with a lantern shining in the front.The boat has a smoke or a fog in the bottom and sides of it.

Backstory: He is a servant of Nulgath who takes the soul of warriors and other wear characters and takes them to the abyss. He serves him eternally but he can be bribed for a small fee.

Attack animations:
1 hit: he hits his enemy with his boat
2 hit: throw his oar at his enemy
3 hit: summons spirits which attacks his enemy
5 hit: summons bones and skeletons under his enemy and attacks it.

Os user: dracolantern
os char: john leones

note: You can edit this Nulgath

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Post #: 140
6/8/2013 1:12:39   

os a/c name ; gossj1000 (master a/c)

my Character Art design!

his name is FIRE TAMMER ...he is a fire element user
he surfs or rides on lava or fire when moving in lobby..verity right
his power source is the fire rune on his chest[should be real attractive]
all his attacks should be berserk and craaazyyy and ofcorce cooll...im sure nulgath can make it look smooth and cool{or hot}

hope you guys like this idea

my Character Art design!

name SSSNAKEPHANT........yep a hybried of a snake and elephant
they use both magic and wepons attacks
element :darkness..poisson type with high attack power
1hit ..stab with horns
2 hit..slashes with wepon and stab with the wepon blade on the wep shield sidee[look in image to know the wep]
3hit...use mele attacks 2 times and uses the other hand to shoot a magic blast attack and by its force u go sliding back to your position
5hit,,,all the symbols on his body and wepon starts to glow even brighter and starts charging a devastating magical attack and shoots it on target[fill 80%of the screen]

my Character Art design!

name;; DRAGON TAMMER....he befriends with dangerous dragons frm all over the world,and summons them at will.
quote;;;;;;;dragons are my friends and my enemies are there food!!
he can summon 5 dragon at the same time ,they come one by one and attack[5 hit combo]
one hit...he uses his wepon to shoot an magical pulse to the enemy
2 hit....a baby dragon gets summond and goes crazyy on the enemy
3 hit....hero shoots pulse ones and a dtagon does 2 other hits...

wew thats all for the dragon tammer moves[element fire or energy]

my Character Art design!

he is an energy user,yep im sooo in love with glowwww[actuali its air brushed]

all moves are berserk and should give us chills when usin this char
quote;;;;; who said lightning wont strike on the same place twice,,wana bet ur soul on it huh?
[note;;;its not my art its nulgaths i just UPGRADED OR ELECTRIFIED IT
oh i made a lil changes to this ..this is the final version :; https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BMo6YP0CIAI-3ec.jpg

hope you like this idea,,,its my fav concept

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AQW  Post #: 141
6/8/2013 1:41:38   

War Machine of Suinotlim

Element: Shadow
Rank: Master

Appearance: Similar to this http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/uw3010 but looking like Nulgath has corrupted the armor. Mixed of futuristic Undead Legion/Archfiend Nation supposed to be seen.

Story: One of Dage the Evil's many Legion warriors, it followed the Old One into the new realm to complete it's task when it was captured and brought to Nulgath himself. He saw fit to use this new weapon of his for his own use. Corrupting the armor, the War Machine now waits for the moment to return to his "master" and finish off the Legion!


1-hit: It fires at you with a black energy ray.
2-hit: It attacks with energy ray and death missile.
3-hit: Rapid missile attack (3 missiles).
5-hit: Unleashes its full armory for a full 5-hit strike from machine armageddon.
Shield: Machinated glass shield.

Oversoul Account Name: tylerbeller13
Oversoul Char. Name: Jack Riottech

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 142
6/8/2013 2:45:10   

Name: Blood Countess
Element: Shadow

Rank: Master (note: this character is an evolve form of the void incarnate(female) and it is like the flesh void,it doesnt need soul gems to evolve)

Apperance: its apperance is also like Safiria of battleon, it has 2 dark fans as weapon and has a small bat wing in the back. This character has also a black and red dress same to Safiria.

Story:The blood countess is a long allies of the Dark Lord. They have the beauty like the reverend Vampires and the strenght to tomple armies at their will. They fight with elegance with iron gust in their hands. Some say have seen such creatures but only few lived that can say the tales...

Lines: Player: " Let blood stain your path"
Enemy: "I hunger for blood and strong will"

Combos: 1 hit= rushes forward and swoop one of her fan
2 hits= rushes forward and swoops both of her fans
3 hits= rushes forward and swoops both of her fans and does a cross attack
5 hits= she raise her fans up and charges it and like the flesh void, it make a large wave of darkness hitting the enemy...

Note: For me its a little unfair that the void incarnate (female) has one only evolve form.... I think she must have an alternative form just like the void incarnate male the flesh void[image]

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Post #: 143
6/8/2013 2:50:27   
Dem Muscles

Zexua the Dimensional Demon Slayer


Backstory: Zexua was born from a family of Demon slayers.He believed that killing Demon was wrong until one of these Demon killed his entire family in a war to protect mankind.So he swore that he would find the Demon that killed his father.After defeating this Demon,he felt that all demons of in the universe should be exterminated before the demons killed others.Since he wanted to protect all,He asked a Evil Warlock for the the power to save other worlds in sacrifice of his right arm. Zexua replaced the arm by attaching a Armor Piece to his soul. Zexua now searches Dimension through Dimension in search of demons to slay.He now searches the Overworld for the greatest Demon of them all,Lord Nulgath...

Appearance:He has Sephiroth-styled hair,Carries muitiple swords on his back,Armor on one of the arms,and He wears his normal Demon slayer clothes.

Player:Oh,So you're one of Nulgath's Minions.I'll deal with you First....
Enemy:Prepare to be Slain,Demon!

Attack animations:
1 hit: Attacks with one of swords.
2 hit: Summons a portal and Attacks by jumping through it and slashing the enemy.
3 hit: Summons two swords that attack from muitiple portals.
5 hit: Summons a portal above the enemy and drops muiltiple sword from the portal.

OS Chartacter Name:Ultima
OS Username: 10kas9

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AQW Epic  Post #: 144
6/8/2013 4:29:35   

Character Name: Spartan of Nulgath


His name was Leonidas. He was once a great Spartan warrior - a General in the Spartan Army. He was fearless, he charged into battle like a monster with rage and hatred in its eyes. So many years passed by and he was hailed as a great Warrior.

He was struck with an incurable illness. As he was resting on his bed, he heard a voice,"Come to me, oh Great Spartan of Sparta. I know that of what you wish - Power. Give me your soul and sign my contract, I shall make you immortal and restore your former youth. All your pain shall go away, you will be a King, a King forever. Bow to me and all your wishes will come true. But, I will one day come for soul. Remember that, Mortal."

"Yes, whoever you are, I give you my soul in exchange for Immortality and my youth back."

"HAHAHAHAHA!" As the voice faded.

Leonidas immediately awoke, quickly looking at himself in the mirror, once again young and full of strength. But, he felt something inside of him. A feeling... a feeling of madness. Soon not long after, he went insane, corrupted by power and wealth from being a King.

Then one day, the voice reappeared. "I have come for your soul, Spartan. Now, COME TO ME, AHAHAHAHA!!!"

Suddenly, Leonidas' Soul burst forward from his chest and portal was opened from beneath the ground. "AH!!!" Leonidas' horrid scream was heard. Not to be seen again.

He opened his eyes, looking around him as he was withheld by chains. He himself seeing demons, monsters, all torturing the souls of others who he never even knew.

"Am I... am I in Ha-Hades?"

"No... you're in my world... the UNDERWORLD!"

From the Shadows of the underworld appears a huge, 6-eyed giant, standing 30 ft tall.

"Wh-who are you?" His voice trembling.

"I am Nulgath, Nulgath the Archfiend. Do you not remember our contract? No, MY contract, Spartan. I have come for your soul. I will make you into one of my Void breed, a different, more advance breed of Void."

"Wha---" With the tip of Nulgaths claws, Leonidas', was no more Human. He was a Void, a different breed of Void.

"You are my servant, my soldier. The contract that binds your soul to me - FOR ETERNITY, AHAHAHAHA!"

Leonidas, now a Void, was more different, brutal and unforgiving. His weapons and equipment were all transformed with Void magic. His arms of Sparta, now having a malicious, dark aura to it. His shield was unbreakable. His complete body armor also unbreakable with the mark of Nulgath to it. His eyes, having a malicious, red glow to it.


That's all, hope Nulgath likes it. First I wanna see you guys and how your opinions are.

Location: Nightmare dungeon at any of the boss points in either of the 3 maps.

Quote if he's an Enemy: "I am what you'd call a Force to be reckoned with"
Quote if Possessed by player: "Your soul will be sent back to the Underworld for Eternal Damnation"

Stages: Master and Legendary
Alignment: Neutral (Master), Shadow (Legendary)

Combos for Master:
1 hit combo: Throws Spear
2 hit combo: Bashes opponent with arms of Sparta shield, then pierces with spear.
3 hit combo: Charges his spear, throws it at the air and three spears rain down on the opponent.
5 hit combo: 4 rapid strikes with spear, and then charges his spear and smashes the ground below the opponent.

Combos for Legendary:
1 hit combo: Throws spear with Void magic imbued.
2 hit combo: Summons Void spartan army to hold opponent, then quickly bashes with the shield.
3 hit combo: Hit two rapid strikes, then jumps in the air and charges his spear and smashes his opponent on the skull.
5 hit combo: 4 rapid hits which daze the enemy, he screams,"For Nulgath!!!", does the spartan kick (from 300 the movie), a portal appears beneath the enemy and the enemy falls into it and the portal closes.

Appearance: Just a mental picture of what I thought he'd look like. mental picture Having reddish, glowing eyes, and the Nulgath Mark on the right breast-plate area.

My IGN name is Hallodeath

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DF AQW Epic  Post #: 145
6/8/2013 4:59:32   
Nulgaths Destroyer

Destroyer (master)
Element: Shadow

Back story:Destroyer was a minion who served the dark lord. For his loyalty, Nulgath made him in his own image. The day nulgath betrayed him, he is right arm was severed by the overfiend blade. Nearly dead, he went to the only person as strong as Nulgath: Dage the Evil. Dage would help him as long as he would be his champion. His arm was fixed with the same material his armor was made from. He too showed loyalty to dage, and so he too made him in his own image. His nulgath side and dage side fused together making an unstoppable force. He was betrayed but took the caladbolg blade and left. Seeking revenge for both his masters, destruction is left anywhere he's seen. He is sometimes seen helping people thatare in dire need.

Appearance: it would have the body of Nulgath but then it's covered with bones and skulls. He wears a black colored dragon skull as his helmet. the right arm would look like a nulgaths normal arm except made of bones and skulls. His caladbolg blade glows a red aura. the sword would be in the front.

Battle pose: his pose in Aqw

Entrance: he would pick up his caladbolg blade that was in the ground.

Defeat: He would collapse and fall then he would rest on his sword.

Dialogue: To everyone else:"You dare challenge me!?!"
To Nulgath: "You die today" or "I'm not planning to let you live today."
Win: "You are weak."


Shielding: He would prepare his sword to block the attack.
Hit(with shields): Each he takes, he stands his ground.
Hit:He goes backwards a bit before going back into his position.
1 attack:He dashes forward than slashes the opponent.
2 attacks:He dashes forward slashing down then up.
3 attacks:he throws his sword in the air, punches the opponent twice then finishing it off with a downward slash.
4 Attacks:The sword comes to life and slashes the opponent 4 times.
5 attacks:He plunges his sword into theground, then a barrage of overfiend and caladbolg blades start attacking.

Cards: 4x Life drain, 6x Sacrifice, Bloodrage x2, void reflection x2, new card, final destruction x2 take 75% of your health to have a 25/100 chance of an instakill.new card, blood berserk, take half your enemy's health with 35% of yours. you can kill yourself with this deck.

3 way Evolution: Legion Destroyer (shadow), Destructional fiend of Nulgath(shadow), or Raging Destroyer (Neutral)

Legion Destroyer
Element: Shadow
Rank: Legendary
Story:destroyer joined the legion in making plans to take revenge against Nulgath. Dage remade him into the Legion Destroyer. Later on he would lead the Legion to wage war against Nulgath.
Appearance: His shoulders are made from dragon skulls as well as his helm. His gauntlets are made of bones and skulls. His caladbolg would be the normal one. His leggings and pants will be made of bones and skulls are on his knees.will resume later

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Name: Souleater of Suinotlim
Alignment: neutral
Element: shadow

Description: Older than time itself, this creature has rows of large teeth in his mouth, as tall as an ogre,and has large horns on his head .he wears a leather cloke which exposes his massive claws on his right hand. he has a powerful scythe on his left hand.

enemy: Your soul will be mine mortal.
player: I will take your soul for the old one!

Attack Animations:
1 hit: uses his claws to slash his enemy
2 hit: show his scythe and slices his enemy
3 hit: disappears and teleports near his enemy attacking 3 time using his claws and scythe
5 hit combo: goes near his enemy and sucks the enemies soul

Os user: dracolantern
os char: john leones

Character: Drakath the lord of chaos

Appearance: He would wear an armor like the one worn by malakai or that of a pactagonal captain but it would be covered with chaotic eyes and be colored purple. His face would be covered in shadows and his eyes would be red. he would have purple dragonlike wings and wields a large blade with a big chaotic eye in it on his right arm. His left has large claws covered in chaotic eyes

Enemy: You are a fool to challenge me the Lord of chaos
Player: Chaos will reign and you will die

Drakath was once an ordinary child with big dreams but as he grew he became insane and then used black magic turning himself into the Lord of chaos. after this horrific transformation he created another universe, a universe of chaos where he then plotted plans to end reality and time. Through the that has passed Drakath recruited his chaotic minions to fulfill his plan of chaos

Attack animation:
1 hit: slashes his sword at his enemy
2 hit: slashes his sword twice at his enemy
3 hit: blast his enemy with chaotic energy
5 hit combo: use his left hand with claws and stabs his enemy, slashes his sword at the enemy, and fire a chaotic orb

os char: dracolantern
os user: john leones

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Here is my Character Suggestion Backstory.

Edit: If you want a rough idea of how Redael and the dragon would look like, I found these two images that may help produce a mental image:



Just a couple of links to give a very rough idea of what the two may look like or resemble. I take no credit for the above artwork, and my suggestion is not based on either of the two images above. They show a rough idea of how similar they may look like, and help give a mental image.

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(Oversoul Contest Entry For Story Incoming. Please note that the character of Eisen the Ice Gentleman and the art for such was created entirely by Lord Beck of the fourms/Beck the beetle on Twitter, whereas the other Gentlemen are my own creations.)

Eisen walked into the dank chamber where the others were. "If you would be so kind as to make this quick good sirs, the Royal Court Of Winter is meeting to discuss the next frost shortly and I have been invited to consult on matters of import. Why have you called me here?"

One man, dresed impecably in a black suit stood up.

"I have called this meeting for a common purpose. You do not know it yet but we have a common enemy. Recently, a great evil has been thrown into our world. The great Archfeind Nulgath's influence is spreading across the land and everything has begun to feel his taint."

"Why should that bother us?" said a man in the corner. All skulls and tentacles, yet somehow imppecably dressed still. "I say let him rot the world and be done with it!" From the same mouth came a different voice. "Well I think it utterly terrible that such a thing is occuring. Do go on."

"I shall." spoke the man in black. "Zezler, I understand that you wish to show the world the potential if your creations. If Nulgath takes over, how interested do you think a being of magic such as he would be in your Lightning Devices?

"He would not be, good sir, just as the mages were not. But his power is too great. Even my power over energy could not take him down alone"

"Hence why we are all here. Each of us has great power over our respective elements. Alone we could not take him on, but together we can."

"Well I for one am all in." said a well dressed man in the corner. His suit was the colour of charcoal and a flame was embossed on his coat. "I am always for demonslaying and getting rid of the worst of them would be a massive blow to their kind. You have my support good sir."

"That is good to know Novos. What of you Lord Zantar? Surely you feel the taint of Nulgath's Presense?"

"Indeed I do. Also, I have been looking for a good fight lately and I beleive a Archfeind would make for a excelent one."

"Well personaly I could not care less." Said a man in the corner. Dressed impecably in white, it gave the initial impresstion of purity... untill you looked as his blade made clearly of dragonbone. "My only foe is Dragonkind. Their strength gives me mine and I WILL kill them all."

"A bit of a issue there when you think about it logicaly really." was the words of a shadow in the corner. As in, a literal shadow of a gentleman. "You kill ALL the dragons and you gain power from killing them, won't you just end up with no source of power?"

The death of one Great Dragon gioves me immesive power for two lifetimes. There is no issue."

"Well, unless you need to kill another batch of dragon eggs to keep your spell working or something. Then you are dead in the water."

"Will both of you be quiet! Lord Luminosia, the issue facing YOU is that daily Nulgath is drawing the dragons to his service by promising them YOUR head. That's what happens when you make a enemy of all dragonkind by killing a generation of their young. But kill Nulgath... and theres noone to give them your head."

"...Fair point."

"I still don't think you guys here has thought it all though, but you have my support anyway. How can I command the legions of darkness when someone already commands them?" Spoke the shadow in the corner.

"Enough of this tomfoolery." A rather strange gentleman stood up. There was something... ODD about him, something you could not see unless you looked right. "Why does it matter to I, Krakos, Prince of Taladosia, that you suceed? It matters not to me."

"Well, actualy it does Krakos. Or should I say... Kathool?

Surprisingly, the man chuckled. "You see far to recognise me. But I see further. Mayhap I should tell these men why the would be ringleader wants Nulgath dead?"

The man in black was silent.

"I thought not. But I may as well aid you. In time left unchecked, Nulgath may grow TOO powerfull. Best to cut him down now."

"Then why call me?" Eisen yelled. "I have no qualled with any of you, but I have charges to protect. The creatures of the north need me. Goodday." He turned to leave.

"And how protected do you think them from Nulgath's taint?"

Eisen stopped.

"...Your point is made. I will aid you."

"Did you morons just forget about us then? Why should we help you?" Spoke the skull man. Except he was no longer a skull man with tentacles but a man who looked gallant and pure. "I would naturaly but I too am curious. Why?"

"Oh in your case it's quite simple. WHich of you does so will be given total command of your form."

"Well why didn't you say so? I'm IN." "As am I. Anything to stop this brute."

"We are agreed then. NULGATH DIES."




"Let us do this."

"Might as well."

"Kathool ftang Archfeind!"

"Sure, why not?" "Agreed."

"...For my charges, Nulgath dies."

(Misters Megakyle77 and Lord Beck present for your entertainment a entry into the Oversoul Character Contest desinged to amaze and shock in a attempt to win the grand prize of said contest. For your enjoyment:


(A Coperative effort between said Misters Megakyle777 and Lord Beck to dramaticly improve the class of possesable characters in Oversoul by 9, With Lord Beck provoding the Ice Gentlemen and Artwork for such, and Megakyle777 providing the stories and ideas)

Zezler: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=21177087

Lord Zantar: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=21195390

The Shadowgent: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=21222501

Krakos, Prince Of Taladosia: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=21230590

Super Special Gentlemen Extravaganza, with Novos, The Gentleman, Lord Luminosia, and The Fractured Gentleman: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=21233240

Eisen (Done entirely by Lord Beck): http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=21235393

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Dimensional Dark Caster

A survivor of the evil war, this Dark Caster saw many of his comrades killed at the hands of Nulgath. When the war ended with Nulgath’s victory, the Dark Caster Legion went back into the shadows but this one did not. He would not give up on his revenge for his fallen comrades and for years, researched a way to get into the world of Oversoul. After stealing a book from Quibble, the traveling sales moglin, he finally found a way into Oversoul. The Dark Caster endlessly studied the book, “Dimension training for dummies”, for a spell that would allow the Dark Caster to travel dimensions and into Oversoul. After mastering all the skills in the book, he had gained the ability to make his own personal dimension. This dimension could be accessed by him on will and can store large quantities of anything you can think of. The book would also reveal a hidden spell, a spell that can only be seen by a Dimension master. This hidden spell would allow the Dark Caster to travel dimensions into any world of his choosing. The spell was not perfect though, as it could only be used once by the caster. The Dark Caster, driven by his thirst for vengeance, stocked piled his personal dimension full of weapons and used the spell. The spell had transported him to Oversoul but right in the middle of a battlefield! The war was between the inhabitants of Oversoul and the minions of Nulgath. The Dark Caster, attacked by both sides, rained down swords from his personal dimension! One by one the enemies fell and in the end, only half of the army stands. The battle would not end though and the Dark Caster knew he had to take out the general, Nulgath. He grabbed two swords from his dimension and ran towards the army of minions. He slashed and slashed away at his enemies and when he found himself surrounded, he would shoot out blades from his dimension in all directions, killing all foes around him. The Dark Caster finally reached Nulgath but had too many wounds from battle. He knew he would not be able to defeat Nulgath in this state but his thirst for vengeance would not listen. He shot out 100 swords at Nulgath but Nulgath did not take a single step. Nulgath waved his hand and set up a barrier of darkness. The swords could not penetrate the barrier and all bounced off. Nulgath then used his Overfiend Blade and stabbed the Dark Caster. The Dark Caster, weak and severely wounded, ran into the forest. Nulgath did not even bother to order his minions to finish him off as he deemed it would be more interesting this way. The Dark Caster ran and ran until he slowly fainted in the forest. He woke up in a bed with bandages wrapped around his chest. The Dark Caster was in a village oppressed by Nulgath and was saved by a kind family who found him in the forest while collecting firewood. The Dark Caster thanked the family and vowed to repay their kindness. He had to leave though as his presence there would bring danger to the family. The Dark Caster left on a journey to train his new dimension powers and find a way to kill Nulgath.

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