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Escaping Death

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2/17/2013 19:47:21   

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I was running through the darkness, running for my life, not knowing where to go. The only thing in mind was to 'Outrun Death' and/or 'Survive', if such a thing is possible. Oh yeah, did I mention that I'm already dead and Death is coming for me? No? Okay. Anyways, Death followed behind, rowing a boat using his scythe in this, if I could call it, 'river'.

"You can't run forever, Human. You'll just tire yourself out." he said. Funny. If I'm already dead, how could I tire? Anyways, I just ran forward, not looking back. I can't remember how long I've been running. Come to think of it, I can't remember how I've been here. How did this happen, you say? I don't know. But, I'll try to remember the events that had happened before I died. Before I ran for my life. Before I tried escaping Death.......

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2/17/2013 20:37:01   

Chapter 1:

I remember. I was a servant of the Vampire Queen, Safiria. I was tasked to hunt down the lone Werewolf that has been cutting our supply of blood. Wait a minute, if I'm a Vampire, how could I die? Oh, sorry. Now, where was I? Oh yeah. I traveled to the Werewolves' lair, spying on the wolves that's been coming back and forth from their lair. I hid behind a tree, not so far, but not too close either. Fortunately, these wolves' sense of smell wasn't strong enough to smell my presence. Why? I don't understand either. Maybe they HAD sensed me, or maybe not.

Hours later, I saw a wolf that caught my attention. I smiled at the thought of a Werewolf, hiding from its pack. It ran through the forest. And unfortunately, past me. Wait, past ME?! I think that's just plain stupid or just its animal instinct kicking in cause it HAD seen me, but ran past me. I smelled something familiar, the smell of blood. I guessed we were after the same thing, cause when I followed the wolf, I saw it pouncing a Human, the same one I smelled blood in.

Okay, I feel stupid now. Why? Cause I went in and attacked the Werewolf. Why? I don't know. Maybe it's because I'm thirsty and want that Human for a snack, or I felt pity for that Human, fending off the Werewolf on its own with no weapon......or so I thought. Both of us, me and the wolf, were shocked to see the Human, transform into a being I have never seen before, but heard rumors of. A Werepyre. It attacked us. I thought "After I saved you from that Werewolf, you just attacked me like that!?". It was strong. The rumors about it WERE true. Next thing I knew was I was sitting in a cave. Opposite from me was the Werewolf I attacked. Both of us had claw marks on our chest. Then, I blacked out.


"That's it!" I thought. Maybe that's how I died. No. Vampire's don't just die from wounds. There was another reason. But what? A few more hours of running from Death. It hit me. Another memory has made its way through my mind.


There I was, tied to a rock, wounded, and pale......wait, I'm ALWAYS pale. Anyways, opposite from me was the Werewolf. It was also tied up and wounded. I heard footsteps coming from the entrance of the cave we're in. I slowly moved my head to that direction, and saw the Werepyre that had attacked us. It approached me, then said the words that shocked me.

"You look like you have the potential. How would you like to bear my power, my curse." I thought about its words. I could grow more powerful, and defend the Vampires from the Werewolves. But, I will be shunned by my kin, shunned by everyone I will or would meet. I looked at the Werepyre, "No.......Thanks" I said, struggling to say those words. "Hmph. Then maybe your friend over here will." it said. The Werepyre walked to the wolf across me. "I know you heard our conversation. So, do you accept my gift? Or die here." it said. Without hesitation, the Werewolf said, "I......I will......Wolfwing."

This so called 'Wolfwing' bit the Werewolf and untied it from the rock. Immediately its fangs grew longer. Bat like wings, sprouted from its back. It didn't look like it changed, except for the wings. But what had shocked me was what happened next. The Werewolf-now-a-Werepyre, went insane on my description. It clawed the cave's walls, then flew around like an idiot, hitting the stalactites like it's blind or something. A few seconds later, it plummeted down, smashing through the cave's walls. Wolfwing grabbed the Werepyre's body, its dead body, up. "Hmph. Pitiful, it can't take the power of my curse." he said, then looked at me. I was scared of the thought that what had happened to the former Werewolf, will happen to me too.......

"Are you alright, brother?" a Vampire said, while untying me from the rock. I can't actually make up the details, but, all I can remember before Wolfwing lunged at me, was an army of Vampires, charging at him. I was glad Wolfwing hadn't bitten me........but that was my mistake.

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2/18/2013 1:57:08   

Chapter 2:

There I was, still running for my life. It has been, I think, two days of running away from Death. Two days of him, chasing me, rowing in his boat. All I could think of was to run and never look back. Since I'm already dead, I don't need food, nor drinks. I never tire, never sleep. Although, something bothers me. How can I outrun Death? Furthermore, why won't Death just teleport in front of me and take my soul? So many questions, very little explanation. I can hear his laughter, getting closer. Or am I getting slower? A few more hours of running, a piece of my memory made its way to me. And I guess this memory explains how I died. And who I am.


Light. This was all that I could see after I woke up. Wait.....LIGHT?! I quickly sat up, but someone gently pushed me back to my bed. Yes. I was lying on a bed. When my vision returned, the light I saw was just a light from the moon, shining at me like I was on some kind of stage play. I looked around, and found myself back at Queen Safiria's castle. I looked beside me, and saw her majesty treating my wounds. Then it came to me. I looked at my arm, and found that my suspicions was right. Wolfwing HAD bitten me.

"I see you're finally awake." she said. She had just finished wrapping up my wounds and apparently, my regeneration abilities can't heal these wounds right away. "You're lucky Wolfwing hadn't killed you, YET." she said. I sat up, feeling immense pain throughout my body. "Don't move too much. You'll hurt yourself, Christopher." Christopher, my name. I remember now.

Before I served Queen Safiria, I was an adventurer named Christopher. Traveled throughout Lore, helping people in need, until I wandered here, in Darkovia. When I met Queen Safiria, she was on war with the Werewolf King. I hid, watching them fight. But that was a mistake. She found me. Almost killed me, in fact, but the Werewolf King spotted us and came right away to our direction. They fought. I didn't know why I butted in their fight. Maybe its because I didn't want anyone fighting. Again, a mistake. As the Werewolf King almost clawed Queen Safiria, I blocked his claws with my sword, but it broke and the Werewolf King clawed ME instead. I fell, not knowing if I would die. A piece of my sword was lying on the ground, and to my stupidity, threw it at the Werewolf King.

"Retreat!" shouted one of the Werewolves. The Werewolves retreated along with the wounded Werewolf King. What happened, you say? Well, after I threw the blade, out of pure luck, it hit the Werewolf King in its back. The Werewolf King howled in pain, as Queen Safiria attacked him. The Werewolf King, now wounded, retreated along with its pack. Right then, Queen Safiria thanked me and asked me if I want to become a Vampire. I was desperate to survive, so I accepted the gift.

"I guess my debt is repaid." she said. If you're wondering what debt, she think that I saved her from the Werewolf King's claws. Apparently, that was just my stupidity. "I guess you're not one of us, anymore." Not one of them. That's right. I looked at the bite mark in my arm. "Don't worry. Everyone knew already and they are still willing to fight with you and not against you." she said. I sighed in relief. They still accepted me even though I'm not one of them anymore. "You should rest. Recover your strength." she said, then walked out.


That explains who I am. But how I died? Listen well.


After I have fully recovered, I went to the castle's balcony. Just looking at the stars always calms me down. After a few hours of star-gazing, I heard someone's footsteps coming closer to my position. I looked behind me and saw a girl, about the same age (Whatever that is) as mine. She had red hair that went down to her neck with eyes that were a dark-blue in color. "Oh, I'm sorry. Did I disturb you?" she said. Who's she? Meh. Must be a new recruit. "No. Not at all." I said, then looked back at the stars. After a few minutes, she talked. "Um......is something wrong?" she asked.

If you mean being a Werepyre and feared by others wrong, then yes. Something IS wrong. But I just said: "No.....Nothing's wrong." She walked up to me, and also looked at the stars. "The stars are beautiful tonight, don't you think?" she said. "Yeah. I always come here to calm myself down. So, are you new here?" I asked. "Hmm....? Oh, yeah. My name's Janice, what's yours?" she said, then extended her hand to me. I looked at her, smiling. You know, she looks beautiful in the moonlight. "My name's Christopher. Nice to meet you." I said, then took her hand, then shook our hands.

Years passed and we grew attached to each other. Eventually we fell in love. We kept our love secret to anyone else. But it didn't last long. Queen Safiria knew about it and summoned the both of us to 'talk things out'. Eventually, she accepted our romance and let it slide. Our love for each other grew more and more each day. But nothing lasts forever, including me. One day, we were walking through the forest of Darkovia when suddenly, a Werepyre attacked us. It was Wolfwing. Queen Safiria was right, he will eventually come back to finish what he started.

Both of us, me and Wolfwing, took the battle to the skies. We were evenly matched. Wolfwing found an opening and lunged at me, but not a moment too soon, Janice jumped in and helped out. I thought "Stop! You'll get hurt!" and I was right. Wolfwing wounded her in the arm. I, stupidly, charged at Wolfwing. And that was the biggest mistake I had ever made. He knocked me unconscious, and carried me out of Darkovia......and into broad day-light. I screamed in pain as the rays of the sun penetrated through my skin. Last thing I saw before passing out is the sound of Janice, shouting my name, crying, running towards me. And Wolfwing? He was nowhere to be found.


Now I know. I know how I died. Who I am. What I am......or was. Tears formed in my eyes as I remembered Janice's face, crying, and coming towards me. I stopped. Stopped running away from Death. He caught up with me, breathing heavily like he was tired. "So, you finally stopped." he said, then laughed. "You amuse me, Human. No-one had ever outran Death, or tried to at least." he said. It hit me. After all this time. I hatched a plan. A plan to come back. Back to everyone. Back to Janice. "So, are you ready? Human?" he said. I lowered my head, then said: "Okay.......I'm ready." that's the last thing he heard before I stole his scythe and cut him in half. I reaped a portal from the darkness I was in. "Wait for me. I'll be back!" I said. Then, without hesitation, I went inside, not knowing what will happen when I get back..........to life.

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Chapter 3:
New Life

I woke up, feeling immense pain throughout my body. Pain......I can feel again. I opened my eyes. At first it was bright, then it slowly turned dark. I felt something warm had touched me. I looked to see who it was, or what it was. I saw a Human, wearing strange clothing and a hat. The hat had almost concealed her face. Yes, she's a girl.

"You okay? You're badly hurt. Who did this to you?" she helped me stand up. "What happened? What's you're name?" my name......everything's all foggy. I can't remember anything except for my name, and how I escaped Death. I felt that I was holding something. Something heavy. I looked to see what it is, and to my surprise, it was Death's scythe. I believe only I can see it, cause the girl in front of me asked: "Why are you looking at your hand? Is it wounded? Or is it broken?"

I was lying on a bed. Apparently, the girl brought me here, at her house I presume. She kept on asking me: "Come on, what happened to you?" and "Can you speak? Or are you deaf?" she kept on asking questions and eventually, she got me talking.

"My name's....Christopher." I said. "So you CAN speak. That's great!" she said. Oh yeah, on the way here, Death's scythe had shrunken down to a necklace's pendant and hung around my neck, and it seems that in this form, everyone can see it. How did it happened? I have no idea. I stood up, but the girl stopped me. "You should rest and recover your strength." those words seem familiar, but I can't remember if I had heard it before, or if I had said it before.

The next day, I was well enough to go off on my own. I was about to leave, and again, Crystal stopped me. Yes, the girl who took me to her house was Crystal.

"Where are you going?" I looked at her. "I'm leaving now. Thanks for treating my wounds." I opened the door, but she ran towards me and closed it. What is wrong with this girl?! "You can't leave. The Vampires and Werewolves will kill you." Vampires. The thought of it made my head hurt. "Are you okay?! What's wrong?!" she said. Why did she care so much? I have no idea. "I'm......I'm okay." I said, as my headache stopped. "Come with me." she said. I didn't even had the chance to question where we're going cause she grabbed my arm and dragged me somewhere.

"You better go meet with E. She'll train you to defend yourself against the creatures of Darkovia." she said. She's still dragging me around to meet with this 'E' person which I thought seemed funny for a name. Eventually, we stopped somewhere in Darkovia, not far from her house. I saw a man, standing beside a tree, wearing a resemblance to the outfit of Crystal. "Have I ever told you that we're Vampire Slayers?" Vampire Slayers......that sounds familiar. She dragged me towards the man, whom I guessed, is E. "What have you brought me now, Crystal?" he said, examining me from head to toe. "He wants to train as a Vampire Slayer." Crystal said. I want to WHAT?! I never said that. I was about to complain, but something in me wanted it. Then, as my stupidity senses were kicking in, I said: "Yes, I do."

Years of training had passed, and I became a full fledged Vampire Slayer. I quickly rose up the ranks and became Edward's right hand man (Apparently 'E' wasn't his full name). One day.......er, night, in Darkovia Forest, me and Crystal went out on a walk. Did I ever mention that we grew closer to each other the past few years? No? Okay. As I've said, we were walking through the forest, chatting happily, asking each other questions.

One of her questions made me stop and think: "Did you ever had a girlfriend?" I thought about it. I think I did, but at the same time, I think I didn't. "Hey.......a-are you......okay?" that snapped me back to my senses. "Y-yeah. I'm fine. Let's head back. Edward's probably waiting for us." I said, then both of us went off. I don't remember much about my past. But one thing's for sure: This is the start of a new life.......

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Chapter 4:

Janice's POV
5 years ago.....
"Christopher!" I shouted. I ran to him as he was burning in the sun's light. Fortunately, being a Human Vampire, I wasn't affected by the sun's rays. I cried, as I ran to him. Half of his body started to disintegrate. I carried him back to Safiria's castle and laid him on his bed, hoping that he would be alright. "I don't think he'll make it." a familiar voice snapped me back to my senses. I looked to see who it was, "Y-your highness." I wiped up my tears as I saw Queen Safiria, standing beside me. How long had she been there? I don't know. "His injuries are fatal. I don't know if he'll make it." upon these words, I cried. Cried so hard, knowing that I will never be with him anymore......


"Janice, hurry up!" a voice said. It pulled me out of my deep thought. "H-huh? Oh, s-sorry" is all I said. It has been five years. Five years of him, dead. Five years, since I joined the Vampire Slayers (Well, after I found a cure for my vampirism). Why? Because I wanted revenge. I joined the Vampire Slayers, hoping that if I find Wolfwing, he'll die by my hands. "Janice! Come on, what's taking you so long?!" the same voice, again, snapped me back to my senses. "Just a minute Crystal!"

Me and Crystal, my best-friend ever since I joined the Vampire Slayers, walked through the forest of Darkovia. She's been telling me stuff about this 'Chris' guy for the last, um, five years. Coincidentally, this 'Chris' guy appeared as a new recruit, a week after Christopher died. A week since I joined the Shadow Slayers. "You have GOT to meet him! He's so......mysterious." she said. Yeah, I never met this 'Chris' guy before cause I'm so busy searching Darkovia to find Wolfwing.

"Hey, Chris!" Crystal called the guy. After we arrived back at the Vampire Slayers' headquarters, apparently, Crystal saw 'Chris' and ran to him. I can't quite see his face because of that hat. Why does E even fashioned that hat? Anyways, Crystal dragged me to him, "Chris, I want you to meet my friend, Janice." she said. After Crystal mentioned my name, this 'Chris' guy started acting weird. He fell to his knees, holding his head while screaming in pain. That is some serious headache. Me and Crystal ran to him. Crystal helped him stand up, while I picked up his hat, and that was the first time I had a good look at him. No, not the first, but another good look at him. And it shocked me.

"Chris.........Christopher?!" I can't believe what's happening here. Christopher's alive?! I mean, he looks just like him. Their 'gray hair, red eyes, and voice' is so similar to each other. But then, my suspicions was proved to be true. "H-how did you know my full name? I never spoke it to anyone except for Cenara and Crystal." he said. I was right. It WAS him. It really is. I hugged him, as tears formed in my eyes. "It IS you! You're alive!" was all I can say, still in shock, but happy at the same time.

Christopher's POV
"Chris.........Christopher?!" I was shocked. How did she know my name? Do I know her? Apparently, not. But she does look familiar. Her name, Janice, right? It sounded familiar, yet I can't remember where I heard it. Or maybe I had heard it before. "It IS you! You're alive" another one of her words that shocked me. How did she know I died? Furthermore, how did she know I came BACK to life? I pushed her gently away, breaking her hug. "I-I'm sorry. Have we met?" was all I can say. I was still shocked in the fact that she knows me. I guess what I had said shocked her. "Its me, Janice. Don't you remember? I was your girlfriend before you died." she said. Girlfriend. Janice. Those words kept echoing in my mind, until I suddenly collapsed.

"Is he alright?" was the first thing I heard. I woke up in a bed. This place seems so familiar. Why can't I remember?! I looked to the direction of the voice and found the girl, Janice was it? Standing beside Crystal. This is the first time I've seen Crystal. She always wore her hat so I can't see her face very well. She has long, black hair that shined through the moonlight. Her eyes has a bright, yellow-ish color. Her skin is so white, I had mistaken her many times as a Vampire. On the other hand, Janice looked beautiful through the moonlight. I don't know why, but, she reminds me of someone. Someone I've met before. She had red hair that was cut up to her neck. Her eyes were dark blue in color and her skin was perfectly tanned. I sat up, but quickly drew my sword when I saw HER.

I swung my sword at her. She just dodged every move I make. I wonder why this Vampire wont fight back. I stopped when I heard Janice shout: "STOP!" I looked at her. Her eyes was full of sadness and worry. I backed down a bit, sword still drawn. "Calm down, Christopher. Don't you remember your Queen?" Christopher. Another one who knows me. Who claimed that we've met before. I withdrew my sword. "I don't remember being a servant for the Vampire Queen." She laughed. "Oh please, Christopher. You were the most loyal and powerful soldier in my army. Same goes with your brother." Brother..........I have a brother?! I just stood there, dumbfounded, until Janice patted me on the back. "Wanna meet your brother?"

We went down. I don't know why, but I feel comfortable having them around me. And ironically, Queen Safiria too. We went to the castle's hall, where I saw every Vampire on Safiria's army. They all stared at me, and hissed. Oh yeah, did I mention that I put my hat back on? But I guess that was a mistake. Mistake.........it sounds so familiar. I cursed silently. Why can't I remember anything?! I went back to my senses when the Vampires surrounded me. Yes, only me. I drew my sword, as every single one of them looked at me like I was their lunch for a year. I was ready to attack when suddenly, "That's enough! All of you." Safiria said. I sighed. I thought I was going to die.........again. "Christopher! Take off your hat!" My hat? What will that do in this situation? Anyways, I followed her order. I removed my hat, then suddenly.........

Toff's POV
We all gasped. Is it really him? I don't know. I just rushed in there and hugged him. My brother. "Brother! You're alive!" is all I can say. I was shocked that he's still alive after that............Nevermind. Although something bothers me. That look in his face. Like he doesn't know me. And I was right. "Your........your my brother?!" he said, like he didn't like the thought of it. "Y-yes. Don't you remember me?" after I said that, his head suddenly hurt, then he collapsed.

I carried him up to his room and laid him on his bed. "That's the second time he fainted." Janice said. "Why can't he remember me?" I said, as I looked at him. "I don't know. He doesn't remember me either." she said. Suddenly, he woke up and looked right at me. His next following words had brighten up my expression: "Toff........Is that......is that you?" I quickly hugged him. He remembered me. Although, how did he forgot in the first place? He sat up, and examined the three of us, Janice, me, and Queen Safiria, carefully. "I.......I remember now. I was a Vampire once......" Queen Safiria nodded. "You're Toff, my brother." he said, pointing at me. "And.......Janice." then looked at her. "Do you remember everything now?" Queen Safiria said. He shook his head. "No.......not yet."

Christopher's POV
"No........not yet." was all I can say after that. Janice seems upset, but when I looked at her, she just smiled at me. I can't believe what they're saying is true. Janice sat beside me. "So........what else did you remember?" I looked at her. "I........I remember my battle with Wolfwing, my servitude to Queen Safiria, and me, being tied to a rock. But that's it. I can't remember anything else." Toff put his hand on my shoulder. "Well then, brother. Let us refresh your memories." Memories. It seems odd that I can't remember much. But I'm happy, now that I've been reunited with my brother. I found out who I really am. But there's a part of my memory, a BIG part, that's still missing. What am I to Janice. How did I die. Who is Wolfwing. So many questions, very little answer........

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Chapter 5:

Christopher's POV
I ran. Ran for my life. Ran through the depths of Darkovia Forest. I looked behind. Wolfwing, still following me. It's like he was toying with me. He kept on blocking my path for the last few minutes, but didn't do anything else. I just ran forward.

"It's happening all over again." I thought. Huh? All over again? Did this happen before? There was a figure, no, not one, but a whole army of shadow-like beings. I saw them all, blocking my path a few miles away. There was no where else to run. I can't go back, Wolfwing was chasing me. He kept on yelling something, although, I'm too terrified and exhausted to understand it. Suddenly, I stopped. I felt something gripping me. A shadow. It was crushing me as it went up my body.

"Christopher......." I heard someone whisper. It was getting louder. I was shaking, no, I was BEING shaken. "Christopher.........!" The whisper's were getting louder as the shadow gripped me tighter.


"Christopher!" I woke up, and quickly sat up my bed. A nightmare. Yes, it was all a nightmare. Although it felt so real. Like it had happened before. "Are you okay?" a voice said. I looked at my side, and saw Janice, and Toff, looking at me, worried. I realized that the shaking feeling in my dream was Janice, waking me up. "What happened? You woke me up when you suddenly screamed: 'N-no! Get away from me!'" she said.

I ate my breakfast. I can't seem to get that dream to fade away. "Brother, don't think so much about that dream, okay?" Toff put his hand on my shoulder. "I.....I guess so." was all I can say. I feel like they're hiding something from me. When I told them about my dream, they both looked shocked and went pale as a Vampire. Then they suddenly changed the topic right after that. What are they not telling me? Is what I had dreamt, true?

Toff's POV
I can't believe it. He's starting to remember. I must not let him know. If he knew, everything's going to happen all over again. And I don't want him to leave me, to leave us, behind. No, not this time.

We went to the place where it all started. The place where we, where I, became an official Vampire. Darkovia's War-grounds. I remember it all too well.


"B-brother. W-what has happened to you?" I said, stumbling about as I backed away from him. Why? Why did he became a Vampire? "T-Toff......." he said, as he walked closer to me. "Why? Why did you do it?!" I said. The look in his eyes, the look of worry and despair. "I......I had no choice. I was dying!" he said. I can understand that he was desperate. Desperate to survive. But I just can't bear to see him, a Vampire, the same thing that killed our mother, would accept being like that.

"Toff, you can come with me. Become LIKE me. We'll survive together, fight together, and live forever! Don't you want that?" he said, taking another step forward. No, I can't, I won't. "Look, I promised mother I would protect you from anything, anyone. And I won't break that promise by hurting you. Come with me." he said, then offered me his hand. For a minute, I hesitated. But eventually, I accepted his offer.


"Do you remember now, brother?" I asked him. "Yeah. I can't believe I dragged you in this mess." he said, with a little laugh. This was the first time I heard him laugh when he came back. "Well, I can't believe you disobeyed Queen Safiria's orders just to save me." if you're wondering what order, well, Queen Safiria ordered him to 'bring back' the remaining villagers settling themselves near the War-grounds. And apparently, I was one of those villagers."Well, I did promised our mother I will keep you safe. Even if it means turning you into a Vampire." he said.

We walked around for hours, then Janice offered to take Christopher to the place where they first met. The castle's balcony. We went to the castle, then upstairs into the balcony.

Janice's POV
I held his hand, as we went to the place where we first met. I remember it all so well. I wonder if Christopher does too. "Do you remember how we first met?" I asked. He looked at me, smiling. "Sure do! You arrived here as a new recruit and kept on asking me questions." he said. Yes! He's starting to remember everything. Suddenly, a question popped up in my mind. "Do you remember when we first kissed?"

Christopher's POV
"Do you remember when we first kissed?" those words shocked me. Kiss? OUR kiss? I looked at her, mixed emotions. On one side, I was puzzled, and on the other side, I was, I think, happy. She looked at me, confused. "Well?" she said. I don't know what to say now. "I.......I......." yeah, real smooth Christopher. Real smooth. She giggled. I can't help but to smile that time. I can't explain it, but I seem so happy being with her. "Well then, let me help you remember." she said. I can't explain the emotions that I felt then.

She leaned forward and kissed me. It seems like all the emotions are pouring out from me. Images started flashing before my eyes. Wait, I thought that only happened when someone's about to die? Oh, sorry. Anyways, images flashed before my eyes. Images of me and Janice, happily chatting. Holding hands. Dating. And finally, our fist kiss. I remember it all now. She broke our kiss, then smiled at me. "So, do you remember NOW?" she said.

I just stood there, stunned, confused, yet happy at the same time. I probably would have stood there all day......er, night, remembering my name (Oh, wait. I already did that), when she pinched my nose. She giggled again. "That's the second time you showed me that face." I quickly went back to my senses. I noticed that, after we kissed, my jaw dropped. Eyes widened as if I saw a ghost, and apparently, drooling a bit.

"Come on, its getting late." she said. How could she tell that? Anyways, I followed her upstairs. I went to my room, as she went to hers just next to mine. I lay in my bed, thinking of the events that had happened. I remember it all now. Who my brother is. How he turned to a Vampire. And Janice and I, dating. But something seems wrong. A part of my memory is still missing. An important part. I removed my necklace and summoned Death's scythe in my hand. How did I ACTUALLY die? What was my dream trying to tell me? Or was it a vision? A vision from the past? Or is it just a dream? Another question. But no answer...........

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Chapter 6:

Christopher's POV
The next day, I decided. I decided to find out who I REALLY am. How I actually died. Who my father was. Wait, where did that last part came from? My father? Come to think of it, I really don't know my father. I haven't seen him since.........since I was born. Anyways, I got out of my bed and went to the bathroom to wash up. Coincidentally, when I opened the bathroom door, the door to my room opened at the same time. I looked to see who it was, and what I saw had surprised me.

It was Janice. She blushed, then immediately closed the door. Is something wrong? Then, I noticed that only a towel served as my clothing. It was strapped to my waist, going down to my knees. I quickly changed to my Vampire Slayers' uniform, since it was the only clothes I had other than a Vampires' outfit, and I don't want to wear that stuff. I opened the door to my room and saw Janice, covering her face. I don't know if it's because of embarrassment or just covering her blushing face. And I was right. I removed her hands on her face and saw that she was indeed blushing.

"I-I-I'm......" she stopped when I suddenly kissed her on the cheek. "Good morning." I said, then smiled. She blushed again. Aww, she looks so cute in that state. "G-good m-morning." she said. I laughed silently. She looked at me, eyebrow raised. "What's so funny?" she said. "Nothing. I just thought that I'm going to have the perfect morning today." then I smiled at her. "Why is that?" she said, looking a bit confused. I leaned closer to her ear and whispered: "Cause I woke up, knowing that I can have the perfect day with my girlfriend." then I leaned back, smiling.

Janice's POV
"Cause I woke up, knowing that I can have the perfect day with my girlfriend." Waaaaaah! I blushed so hard after hearing those words. This is the first time I've been this happy ever since he came back. Although, something feels wrong. Its like........his aura has changed. I can sense something different in him, though I can't seem to put my finger to it. He noticed that I was in deep thought then asked: "Is something wrong?"

We went down to the castle's armory, to pick up his weapons. Apparently, he has SO many weapons, I don't know how he keeps it all in his outfit. He took his sword, gun, daggers, wooden stake, holy water, silver bullets, bow and a quiver of arrows, a spell book.......Wait, he can use SPELLS?! Sorry, now where was I? Oh yeah. A spell book, a rope, meat..........MEAT?! What is that for? Anyways, meat, garlic, grappling hook, flashlight, and packed some food and water. I just noticed. Why is there meat, garlic, grappling hook, rope, and flashlight in the armory? I don't understand that at all. Anyways, he put his non-weapons in his backpack, and his weapons, all over his body (don't ask me what happened, or where he put them). So now he looked like a gladiator with a bow and arrow on him (He hid those weapons well. I can't see anymore of them except for the sword and the bow and arrows).

We went upstairs and apparently, everyone avoided us. Maybe it's because of the garlic. The only ones that joined us for breakfast was Queen Safiria and Toff. We sat down the ridiculously long table and ate our food. When we were done eating, Queen Safiria looked at us. A very terrifying look. I wonder what's wrong. "Christopher, WHY do you have garlic on your pack?" she said. Oh, I see. "My apologies, your majesty." when did he get so formal? "I just brought garlic for safety." he said. "Safety?" Queen Safiria said. "Yes. Because starting today, I shall find out the truth. I shall find my memories." he said.

Toff's POV
"Yes. Because starting today, I shall find out the truth. I shall find my memories." This is bad. This is REALLY bad. I can't let him find out about his past. And certainly not about........him. I must keep him from leaving, but, knowing my brother, once he made a decision, he'll finish it to the end. "Are you sure?" I asked him. I can't let that.......that 'event' happen all over again. "Yes, I'm sure. And you know that, Toff." he said, looking at me. Darn it. I really can't stop him now. But maybe, just maybe, I can stop the madness from happening again. "Alright, I'll go with you."

We went off......to the Vampire Slayers' hideout, and apparently, I got their so called 'warm welcome' by attacking me and almost pulverizing me. Luckily, as a War-General in chief of the Vampires, I was far too strong for them to handle. Don't worry, I didn't kill them. I just knocked them unconscious for the first, I dunno, five or three seconds, maybe? Anyways, my brother stopped me from rampaging (because they almost buried a wooden stake at me) before I killed them........all.

"I didn't know you were THAT strong." Janice said. Heh, if she only saw my full power. "Nah, that's nothing. My brother is FAR stronger than me." I said, which had shocked her. "Don't worry. Since he's a Human now, he only has the same strength as mine now." but that didn't ease her shock. Well, I can't blame her.

We went on to meet E, and apparently, he wasn't done with the 'warm welcome' thing with me. As I did with the other's, I fought him. But before we exchanged blows, my brother blocked our way with.........Death's scythe in his hands!? And, uh oh. He looked serious. Oh man. I stopped, same goes for E. The three of us, me, E, and Janice, were shocked on what he's holding now. "H-how did you get........THAT?!" I said, pointing at the scythe.

Christopher's POV
Yeah, I can't take it anymore. I jumped in the middle of their fight, Death's scythe in my hands, and stopped them. Seriously? Why does he ALWAYS attack someone when he sees them? Anyways, I shocked them all. Maybe a little too shocked, cause their eyes opened SO wide, it almost popped out. Toff, apparently, broke the silence. "H-how did you get........THAT?!" he said. Yeah, I haven't told them yet.

After I explained how I got Death's scythe, they all just nodded like a child. "I see......So it HAS happened." E said. "What do you mean?" a voice came out of nowhere. Crystal came out from the bushes and sat down beside Toff. Toff blushed and looked away from Crystal. Hmm, I sense that something's going on between these two. Anyways, E looked at Crystal. "That's.........a little secret of mine." he said, then looked at me.

"So, what is your purpose on coming here?" he asked. Simple. "I came here looking for Crystal. I'd like your permission to let her come with us......" they all looked at me. "WHAT?!" they shouted. Why? Something wrong? "........on my search." I said. A few minutes of silence, then, "Alright. But what search?" E asked. "My search........for my memories." I said. I need to know who I really am, what I am, and what my dream really meant. I need to know everything........

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Chapter 7:
Sage Uldor

Christopher's POV
We walked down the path to Battleon. It took us about two days to get there. Something in me wanted to go there. Its like the town itself is calling for me. When we arrived, we saw a man, standing near this so called 'Magic Shop', and I guess that's his. I walked towards him, while the others looked around town.

"Greetings, adventurer. My name's Warlic. Please enjoy your stay here at Battleon." he said. It feels as though he's hiding something from me. "Thanks, Warlic. Do you know where the nearest Inn is? Me and my friends need to rest." He pointed to a building called 'Yulgar's Inn'. I guess this so called 'Yulgar' is the owner of that Inn. I was about to leave when, "Wait, adventurer. Before you go, meet with Sage Uldor to begin a journey of your own. Your path would be revealed along the way." he said.

We went inside the Inn, paid for our rooms and went off. They all went to their rooms except for me. I'm still curious about what Warlic had said. I saw someone standing near the fireplace near the counter of the Inn. Without hesitation, I approached the man and apparently, he's the one I've been looking for.

"My name is Uldor. I may be blind, but I see all! Your fate, my friend, is very interesting......" he said. Well, I didn't know he was blind. I saw that he has a blindfold, I guess, put on. He has gray hair, same as mine, and wore something like a mage's robes. "I'm not really here to learn about my fate, Sage. Warlic sent me here (kinda) so that I could begin a journey. He said my path would be revealed along the way."

"Warlic is a powerful wizard, but he is not a sage. His ability to foresee is limited by his reliance on magical methods. My abilities are of a different origin." he said. Huh? I don't understand. "What do you mean?" I said.

"I was born blind, but was able from the beginning to see into the future of those near me. As a child this would have driven me insane....I would have been sent to an asylum......or worse......if it hadn't been for the kindness and patience of an individual I am most thankful for." he said. Okay, NOW I'm confused. "And who was that?" I said.

"A Drakel named Kítalith." he said. Huh? Drakel? But......"I am a sage, but I do not read minds. Yet I know what you are thinking." he said. Yep, he knew what I was thinking. "Yes. I thought the Drakel were only a selfish warlike race." I said.

"The Drakel, as of all the races, consists of more than one group. They are the oldest of the intelligent races of Lore......." he suddenly got blasted by something, shadow magic, perhaps? Anyways, he got blasted from behind and got knocked out, unconscious. "Whoa! Sage Uldor!" I said, running towards him. But suddenly, two undead snake-like monsters, blocked my path. It was nothing like I've ever seen before. It was a skeletal snake with ribs of a (I guess) Human and a skull of a (and I'm still guessing this) Human.

"What the......?!" I said, then quickly rolled aside after one of them swung its tail at me. I grabbed a bottle of holy water (don't ask where I hid it), and threw it at them. One of them dissolved to oblivion while the other was barely hit. I drew my sword and lunged at it I sliced it in half, then cleaned the mess up by pouring a tiny drop of holy water on it. Then, I suddenly realized something.

Sage Uldor got up then said: "Are those monsters gone?" I looked at him. "They have been defeated. But I've never seen anything like them before. I'd like to know one thing though: Just how did they surprise us like that when YOU are a SAGE? You should have predicted they would be here." I said.

"This confirms the suspicions that both Warlic and I have had recently. There must indeed be some force out there that neither of us are able to detect. Someone or something that is able to partially control the Ethereal Realm, so that even I cannot sense its actions." he said. Ethereal Realm? "I'm not even going to pretend I understand that." which I really don't.

"I will meet you again soon. But first, you might want to journey to the easternmost point of Darkovia Forest. There you will find someone who knows the answer to a question that is important to us." he said. Go back to Darkovia? Is he insane? But something in me wanted to know about those.......those things that attacked us. "Who will I find?"

"That I cannot tell you, for it may affect the outcome. But the question you must ask is: What is the source of the Red Fog?" he said. Red Fog? In Darkovia? No. I didn't see any fog before we left. Maybe it's in someplace else. "Now......Go!" he said. I don't know why, but I nodded.

The next day, after we ate our breakfast's in the Inn, I told them about what happened last night. "So, we're going back to Darkovia?" Janice said. "No. I'm going there by myself." I said. I need to know about that 'Red Fog' thing. "What?!" Toff said. I looked at him. "Why? Don't you think I can handle it by myself, brother?" He looked a bit uneasy. Okay. I think there's something that he's hiding from me. "No. Not like that. Its just......." Okay. He's definitely hiding something. "Alright." Janice said. I nodded, then went off.

At Queen Safiria's castle, I can already sense there's something wrong. I saw Safiria standing at the castle's entrance. "Ah, Christopher. Did you find what you're seeking already?" she said. "Not yet, your majesty. I came here for something. About the source of the.......Red Fog." She looked shocked after hearing what I've said. "Quickly, let's go inside the castle." she said, then dragged me inside. A few minutes later, we went outside. And that's the first - and last time I'll be seeing that fog.

"What was THAT?!" I said, pointing at the Red Fog that had passed by. "Isn't it obvious?" Yeah, I thought so. "What you have just seen was called into existence by YOU, when you mentioned its name." she said. "You mean, when I said Red.......Its name?" I said. She just nodded. "Some places in the world are like this. They hold their own magic, which can be called forth using words of power." she said. "Okay. Thank you, your majesty." I bowed, then went off back to Sage Uldor. But, before I can leave Darkovia, something, or someone, blocked my path.

"What are YOU doing here, Werewolf King?" I said, then readied my weapons. "I am actually quite hungry for a light snack at this time. My stomach rumbles, in fact. Why are you so silent? Are you trembling with fear that you are unable to beg for your life, you hairless whelp?" he said. Hmph. I can beat you here and now if I wanted to. But I must get back to Sage Uldor. "Red Fog!" I shouted. The Werewolf King seemed confused with that. Then, seconds later, the Red Fog appeared and passed both of us, taking serious damage.

"Aaaaagggg! That was a very underhanded and tricky thing to do! I must leave to go lick my wounds for now.......but you have not heard the last of me!" he said, then jumped off. Well that was stupid. I also got hurt. Maybe I should have just fought him. Anyways, I ran back to Yulgar's Inn. When I arrived, I saw Sage Uldor lying on a bed. Next to him is Robina.

"Shh... he's sleeping." she said. Why? I didn't do anything. "Uhhh, what is going on?" I said. "Let's go back outside and I'll tell you about-----" she didn't finish when Sage Uldor suddenly coughed. "No, no, it's okay, Robina. I can explain what happened-----" Robina stopped him. "Save your strength, friend. Let me. Well, shortly after you left for Darkovia, Uldor went wandering and wound up all the way in Augerthorne. We had found him before nightfall, luckily, but he had been bitten by a Sneak." she said.

"Best be careful next time, Sage." I said. "That.....uhhh......is not the whole story. I......I had a vision.....You were in it......I was drawn northwest, toward Augerthorne, but beyond.....You......You......uhhhhhh." he didn't finish when he suddenly collapsed. "He fainted! That's not good, is it?" I said. "No, not good at all! He is old and frail. The poison is very hard for him to deal with. He may not live another day!" Robina said. Uh oh. Not good. "What can we do? What can I do to help?!" I said.

"We may be able to have a potion made that can destroy the poison in his body. But we will need to collect poison sacs from the dead bodies of Sneaks." she said. Sneaks? Dead Sneaks? Bring it. "Alright. Augerthorne, right?" I said. She nodded. "Be careful." I nodded, then went off. If you're wondering why I'm alone, well, I didn't bother to call them. It's better if I do this alone.

After I got three poison sacs from the Sneaks, which smells weird, I went back to Robina. "I'm back! Now what do we need to do with these poison sacs? They're starting to smell a little weird....." I said. "We'll need to go to Granemor and talk to Lucretia, the herbalist. She should know what to do, or at least who does. Uldor is stronger than I thought, he might just hold on long enough for us to save him!" she said. Well, that's good news. I gathered up Toff, who's been busy talking to Crystal, and Janice, who's been taking a walk around town.

After I explained everything that had happened to them, they agreed to come with me to Granemor (Well, after Janice slapped me in the face for making her worry. Apparently, she's been searching for me while I was at Darkovia.). We packed our things, said goodbye to Yulgar, then went off to Granemor. I think this chain of events had something to do with finding my memories. If so, then I'll see this to the end.

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Chapter 8:
New Couple

Christopher's POV
We walked along Greenguard Forest. It was getting dark, so we decided to set up camp. Me and Toff went off to gather some firewood while Janice and Crystal set up our tents.

As we walked through the forest, cutting off branches from the trees, Toff seemed a little quiet since Crystal joined our group. And that's not really in his nature. I stopped walking, he stopped too. "Something wrong?" he said. "No. Nothing's wrong. I just want to ask you something." then I looked at him in the eyes. "Tell me, what's going on between you and Crystal?" I said.

Janice's POV
"Hey, Crystal! Hand me some rope over there." I said, while pointing at a rope not far from me. I tried to set up the tents by myself, cause Crystal didn't move and just stared at where Christopher and Toff went to. I almost made one tent stand up, I just need one more rope to secure it.

"HEY, CRYSTAL! FOR THE LAST TIME, HAND ME SOME ROPE OVER THERE!" I shouted. I can't take it anymore. It has been five minutes since I held this tent up, and my arms are weakening. My shouting seems to have worked, cause she snapped back to her senses. "Oh, sorry. Here." she said, then handed me the rope. Finally! My arms feel like jelly. "What took you so long?!" I said, then sat down on the ground.

"Huh? What do you mean?" she said. Oh man. "I mean, what took you so long in handing me that rope? I've been waiting for about, five minutes until you handed it to me." She looked shocked. "Huh? Really? I'm so sorry." she said. *Sigh* What is happening to you, Crystal? "Why do you keep on staring at their direction?" I said. She blushed, then looked away. Hmm, I smell something fishy.

I started setting up the other tent, and fortunately, Crystal finally helped me out. We finished the second tent in no time. Something's not right. She's been like that since........"That's it!" I shouted. She looked at me, confused. "Huh? What's it?" I looked at her, with a wide grin on my face. "What's with the face?" she said. "You have a crush on Toff, don't you?" I said.

Toff's POV
"Tell me, what's going on between you and Crystal?" W-what? H-how did he knew about that? Is it THAT obvious? "I.....uh....There's nothing going on between us!" Apparently, that didn't work. He raised an eyebrow. "Toff, you know I'll find out sooner or later, so just tell me, okay?" he said. Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of. My brother has the tendency to find out every little secret I have since we were children.

I sighed. I guess I should tell him now. "Alright. But promise me you won't tell Crystal, okay?" He nodded, smiling. I don't like that look in his face. "Here goes. I.....I'm in........" Oh man. I can't say it. "You're in......?" he repeated. Darn it. Why is this so hard? "Come on, tell me!" he said. Alright already. "Well, I'm in........I'm in love.......with........" He put both his hands on my shoulders and rocked me violently. "You're in love with who? Come on, tell meeeeeeee." he said.

Isn't it obvious yet? Or does he want me to say it out loud. Which he made me do. "ALRIGHT! I'M IN LOVE WITH CRYSTAL, OKAY?!?" I shouted, then quickly covered my mouth. I can't believe I said that......er, shouted that. He let go of my shoulders then smirked. "I knew it." he said. Uh huh. He wanted me to say it. Very tricky, brother. Very tricky. "Don't tell anyone, okay?" I said, then crossed my arms and turned my back at him.

He laughed. Right. He's starting to annoy me now. After a few minutes, he stopped.........then laughed harder. He's really starting to get on my nerves. After thirty minutes, he finally stopped. "Don't tell anyone? I won't tell." he said. I sighed in relief. I thought he'll blow my cover. "Cause you'll tell her yourself." Now THAT, had shocked me.

Crystal's POV
"You have a crush on Toff, don't you?" I-is it that obvious already? Oh no! "I.......I......Waaaaaaahh!" I shouted, then covered my face with my hands. I heard her laughing, then stopped a few minutes later. Darn it! "So you DO have a crush on him! How cute." she said. Yeah, rub it in. "But, why won't you tell him?" I took off my hands from my face. "ARE YOU INSANE?!?" I shouted, which caused her to laugh again. I blushed. "Stop laughing! It's not funny." I said, then pouted.

A few minutes later, she finally stopped. "Okay, okay. I'll stop *snicker* laughing." Yeah, don't stop. DON'T stop. "Well, why don't you tell him? she said, partially serious. "Well......because I'm.......too......" I twiddled my fingers. I can't tell him. I won't tell him. "Shy?" she said. "Y-yeah." She put her hands on her waist, "YOU'RE too SHY to tell HIM?!? Since when did the great 'Crystal who never backs out from anything' be SHY just because of THAT?!?" Again, rub it in. Rub it in.

"You MUST tell him! If he HAS the same feelings for you, he'd tell you immediately!" she said. Yeah, like it's THAT easy to tell him. "But....." Then suddenly, we heard a rustling sound near here. Then I saw that it was only Christopher coming towards us.......with Toff following behind.

Toff's POV
After we ate our food, we stayed for a while to chat. Christopher and Janice sat on a log opposite from us, happily chatting. Me and Crystal also sat on a log, but kept quiet, neither of us spoke. On the middle lay the campfire.

I looked at Christopher and saw that he's also looking at me. He mouthed the words 'Go on'. Alright. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. You can do this Toff. Don't mess up. I looked at Crystal. "I have something to tell you..." We said in chorus. My heart beat fast. Right. I. Can. Do. This. It's now or never. I looked her in the eyes. Oh man.

"I........I love......." I closed my eyes. Give me strength. "Crystal, I think I'm in love with..............."

Crystal's POV
"Crystal, I think I'm in love with..............." Waaaaahh! Is what he's saying what I think he's saying? My heart is beating so fast right now, I think I'll have a heart attack. I looked at Janice, she gave me an 'Ok' sign. Sweat covered my face, same goes with Toff. "I think.....I think I'm......" he repeated. Is it THAT hard to confess?

Suddenly, Christopher stood up. "Oh, for the love of.......Just tell her already!" he said. Toff gulped. The moon shined on his deep brown eyes. His gray hair was being blown by the breeze. Gosh. He looks soooooo cute. "Alright. Its now or never." he said, then held both of my hands and looked straight in my eyes. I blushed. I can't seem to turn my head away from him.

"Crystal, I know that we've known each other for a long time now........And from those times I felt........happy being with you. I guess what I'm trying to say is............I think I'm in love with you now." What did he just say? My brain's having a hard time sinking those words in.

I'm in love with you now.......Those words kept on echoing in my mind. In love? With me? Really? Waaaaahh! OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! I think I'm gonna cry now. And I did. Tears formed in my eyes. Moments later, I cried, then hugged him tight. "H-hey, w-why are you crying?" he said. "Dummy! I've been wanting to hear those words from you ever since!" Then, I felt something touching my hair. I noticed that Toff was stroking my hair.

"Shh. Don't cry. I'm sorry." he said. I just continued crying. Sorry? For what? For waiting this long to tell that to me? I don't mind, cause it was all worth the wait.

Christopher's POV
Aww. That's just cute. He FINALLY had the guts to tell her, well, with a little help from me. Apparently, Crystal also had the same feelings for him. I didn't know Janice knew about it. After their 'moment', I walked up to them. "Alright you two, break it up. It's getting late." I said. They broke away from their hug, then both of them blushed. I think they forgot we were here. "Since there's only two tents', two will sleep on one tent, same with the other tent."

I don't know why Janice had requested this, but knowing her, I can't argue with her decision. "Me and Janice will sleep together in the same tent." Toff and Crystal looked at me. "But that means........." he said. "WE'RE SLEEPING TOGETHER?!?" they said in chorus, while pointing at each other. "Well, don't blame me. It was Janice's idea. So, good night." I said, then smiled. Janice and I went inside our tent then dozed off. I know what you're thinking, and the answer is no. I slept in a different sleeping bag next to Janice's.

I wonder if Toff slept well. Oh well. I'll just find out tomorrow now that there's a new couple besides me and Janice.

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Chapter 9:

Christopher's POV
The next day, I went out of my tent and peeked at Toff and Crystal's tent. I smiled. Toff was sleeping on the ground, in the corner of the tent, drooling, while on the other corner of the tent, Crystal was sleeping on her sleeping bag. I was about to wake her up but she suddenly talked in her sleep. "Toff......I loves you tooooo.........." she said. Aww. That's cute.

After I woke them up, we packed our stuff up and went off. Toff was now happily chatting with Crystal. Now THAT'S the Toff I know. Noisy. A few hours later, we arrived at Granemor, where I saw a moglin, about two or three feet tall with black eyes (No. He doesn't HAVE a black eye, he HAS black colored eyes.) holding a sword and wearing a what looked like a knight's helmet. He has shoulder plates put on and his left ear has a gold ring pierced in it. Oh yeah, and he's riding a big, armored chicken with hands.

"Hi, I'm Dewlok. I heard you were coming. Lucretia is waiting in the second building on the left. Now I'm going to go eat something......I'm starving! It's hard work standing guard in the cold rain!" he said. Did I mention that it always rains here? No? Okay. Anyways, we went to the 'second building on the left' and found a girl sitting on the table (Yes. Exactly ON the table.). She has bright, yellow hair with a small hair-clip put on, and had light-blue colored eyes. She wore a dark blue top with an orange bow, tied (or sewn) in it. She wore a violet skirt with matching violet colored shoes. She also had long gloves, (I guess) from her finger going up to her elbows and long socks, from her feet going up to her knees.

"Hello there, traveler. You look like you've been moving all night long. You should see if there's a room next door at Boog's place." she said. "I guess you're Lucretia?" I said. "Why, yes I am. And you are?" "My name's Christopher. And this is Janice, Toff, and Crystal." I said, while simultaneously pointing at my friends. "I was sent here by Robina Hood, from Battleon. I have brought 3 poison sacs from sneaks in Augerthorne." I said, while holding out the poison sacs.

"Ah, I see. That can mean only one thing. You need a cure." she said. How did she know? "Yes. For Sage Uldor." I said. "That blind old fool.......he should know better than wandering about in Augerthorne. He should stay closer to town!" she said. Uh huh. I completely agree. "Well, it wasn't really his fault. He had a vision.......and, well, I was part of it. I don't know what it all means yet, but----" "Don't feel guilty. I am sure Uldor does not blame you, and neither do I. He should know better, though. Next time he should ask Blackhawke to escort him....." she said. Let me finish, next time. "So do you actually know Uldor? You sound concerned......"

"My father tried for ages to cure his blindness. He never succeeded. Even though I told my father time and again that the Sage's blindness was magical in nature, and our natural cures might never work." she said. Imagine if that had worked. "Well, enough about the past. You need a poison cure. I'll need those poison sacs right now!" she said. I gave her the sacs. "Okay, now you'd better wait outside for a little while. Making a potion cure can be messy......" she said, I nodded, then went out.

"Still raining! This is crazy. It never stops here in Granemor." Toff said. Yeah, why doesn't it stop raining? "Hmm, I guess that Moglin is gone to take his break. Dewlok! Are you anywhere nearby?" Crystal shouted. E suddenly appeared out of nowhere. "Vampire Slayer E has come to Granemor this night, to track down an evil blight! I ask you now whether you have seen a terrible creature, that stands quite tall and has undead features!" he said. There he goes again with his rhyming.

"Actually, I see things like that all the time. But I haven't noticed anything in Granemor tonight, E......." Janice said. "Either way it seems that all of us are in danger.......I have been followed by a trio of vampiric rangers!" he said. "Toff." I simply said to him. Toff blocked the Vampires' way. "Brothers, friends, stop this at once!" he said. The three Vampire's looked at each other, then scowled at Toff. "You are vot one ov usssss." one of them said, then hissed at us. "Brother?" Toff said, then looked at me. "Go nuts." I said. I think E's been surprised. Well, who wouldn't? Toff had beaten those three Vampires' in three seconds. Wow, new record. Last time, it was five seconds.

"It has been a pleasure meeting you, but now I must be off......my search goes on!" he said, then walked off. "E would make a good arctor, don't you think?" Janice said. "Yup." I said. "Hmm, now what? Uh oh.......it sounds like something big is approaching!" Toff said. Suddenly, a Giant, Hungry Zombie appeared and attacked us. Toff looked at me with a 'should I kill it' look. "I'll deal with it myself." Then, they all backed down a bit.

I drew my sword. I was about to hit it when suddenly, a Giant Undead, whom I fought earlier in Yulgar's Inn, ate the Giant, Hungry Zombie whole, then retreated. "Now THAT was just a bit disturbing." I said, then withdrew my sword. Just when I was already warmed up. "Uh oh, I wonder if that thing got Dewlok! Dewlok!! Where are you, little guy?!" Janice shouted. We searched every corner of the field, then finally saw Dewlok. "Sorry about that, I feel asleep on the roof!" he said.

"I'm just glad we found you. There was this HUGE monster, and it gobbled up this giant zombie in one bite, and......." "I WAS gobbled up by a monster, a while ago...I don't need to be reminded of the experience. Anyway, are you waiting for something?" he finished. Okay, next time, let me finish. "Yes I am! I'd better get back into the apothecary shop and see if Lucretia has finished!" I said, then we all went off.

"You're back so soon! I suppose that shows you have a confidence in me to make a cure in so short a period of time......*wink*. Did anything interesting happen while you waited?" she said. "Hehe........it depends on how you define 'interesting'. If by 'interesting' you mean life-threatening, then yes, something interesting happened." I said. Janice gave me a shove. Ow, what was that for? "You adventuring types, always getting into something! Here is the cure for your friend Uldor. Good luck on your travels! I hope to see you in Granemor again." she said.

"Thank you, Lucretia!" I said, then we went off back to Battleon. Then, I just realized, Janice keeps on glaring at Lucretia. Is she jealous? "Hey, Janice. What's wrong?" I said. "Hmph. Nothing!" she said, then turned away. Yep, she's jealous. I hugged her from behind. "Come on, don't be jealous. You know I wouldn't even THINK of replacing you." I said. She seemed to calm down a bit. "Really? Promise?" she said, then faced me, while we're still hugging. "Promise." I said, then kissed her on the cheek. She blushed. "Alright. Let's go." I think I'm getting closer to what I seek. My lost memories awaits me. Somewhere........

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Chapter 10:

Christopher's POV
When we got back to Battleon, we headed straight to Yulgar's Inn. I gave Lucretia's potion to someone named 'Aquella, the Water Elf'. After a few minutes, Sage Uldor was as good as new. "Hello again, friend. I am glad you could meet me here today." he said. "Not a problem, Sage Uldor. How did you know it was me, anyway?" I asked.

"I have a keen memory for the rhythms of everyone I meet. I wanted to thank you for questing for the cure to my ailment." he said. "I'm sure you would have done the same for me, if you were an Adventurer, and weren't blind, and---" "Yes, yes, I get the idea. I also wanted to tell you about the Vision I saw that lead me to Augerthorne, where the Sneak bit and poisoned me." he said. That's it. One more of that and I'm gonna......."Please do. I'm always ready to hear a good story!" I said. "And then I realized that it would be better to show you rather than just tell you. Especially in this case.......I have gotten a special crystal ball from Warlic." he said, then pulled out a crystal ball. Oooh, fancy.

"This crystal is able to share my visions with others, including you. There is one drawback, though. The vision will seem real to you. If you encounter danger, it will be real." he said. Neat! "So, do you still wish to experience my vision?" he asked. "Sure do! Oh, can my friends come too?" I said. "Very well. Give me a moment to focus. Stare into the crystal ball and concentrate. As soon as you begin to see something, you will enter my VisionRealm." he said. After a few minutes, the ball glowed and revealed an image of an Orc, then we entered the VisionRealm.

We saw a huge, spiky ball in front of us. I don't even know what THAT thing is. Suddenly, an Orc appeared. "Graa...! Get out of my way, soft-skin! I have to get this Death-Roller hidden before the Drakel I stole it from find me!" it said. Huh, so he admit that he stole it. And I haven't even asked anything. "I hate to tell you, but, you're leaving a very easy-to-follow trail. Maybe you need to read 'Hiding for Dummies'." Toff said. "What is a Dummy?" the Orc said, confused. "Oh, sorry, 'Dummy' is a respectful term for Orc." Toff said.

"rrrr.....well if you will not move out of the way, I will have to ask my fellow Dummies to flay you!" the Orc said. Everyone held back a laugh, including me. "Do your worst!" Crystal said. "DUMMIES, ATTAAAAACKKKK!" the Orc yelled. Immediately, we were surrounded by Orcs. I nodded at Toff, who looked at me.

A few seconds later, the Orc army got knocked out. "You may have bested my fellow Dummies-at-arms, but now you will have to survive my unmatched combat skills! Prepare to be cleaved limb from limb!" the Orc said. Janice looked at me. "May I?" I nodded. Janice was about to pummel the Orc into a pile of bones, when suddenly, we were teleported to someplace with nothing - as in NOTHING - in it. A few minutes of silence then, we re-appeared back at Yulgar's Inn with Sage Uldor.

"So what just HAPPENED, anyway?" Janice said, looking irritated. "Calm down now." I said, then she slowly calmed down. "That was a vision, a virtual experience. In reality, NOTHING happened." Uldor said. "You mean I didn't just defeat a small army of Dummies? I mean, Orcs?" Toff said. "No, but right now they are just as confused as you are." Uldor said. "Awww." Toff said. "But you told me there was real danger involved." I said. Well, he DID tell me that. "Don't you adventuring types LIKE danger?" Sure, sometimes. "I have forseen that you will find and destroy the Death-Roller before it is used to cause a calamity." he said. "So now we need to go back to Augerthorne, right? And find that Orc General? For REAL this time?" Crystal said.

"NOT Augerthorne. General Bour has taken the Death-Roller to Dragonstone, south of Battleon." he said. Bour, huh? "Whoo! That's good, it's a lot closer for us than Augerthorne, all the way west beyond Greenguard!" Toff said. Sometimes, he can be SO unpredictable. "So it is a relief that someone has brought a thing called the Death Roller so close to our home?" he said. "Oh yeah, I guess that's bad, then." Toff said. Right. Really, really unpredictable. "Bour may have some dragons guarding his camp. See Galanoth, head of the Order of Dragonslayers, for an escort once you reach Dragonstone. Good luck!" Uldor said. I nodded, then went off. Luckily, Dragonstone wasn't that far.

We packed some food and water then went off. A few hours later, we arrived at Dragonstone. I saw a man, wearing that so called 'Dragonslayers' armor. I guess that's Galanoth. "Hail Adventurer! Do you seek me out for training as a Dragonslayer?" he said. Why so sudden? I don't even know you yet. "Actually, I do not. Are you Galanoth by any chance?" He nodded. "I am here on a special quest. Sage Uldor of Battleon sent me to stop an Orc General from using a powerful weapon called a Death Roller to------"

"Hold on there, pal. Before you tell me your life story, just tell me this: Do you need my help, or not?" he said. That's it. I was going to shout: 'Let me finish!', but I didn't. I don't want to start a fight........now. "Well, yes actually." I just said. "Will I get to fight some evil Dragons?" Obviously, that's the reason why he would come. "Um, yes, I was told that this Orc General is using some Dragons to---" "Okay, let's go then." he said. Right. I don't like being interrupted like that.

"Don't you want to know what you're getting into?" Crystal said. She does have a point. "I know everything I need to know. Lead the way." Galanoth said. He's weird. "Okay......" I said, then we went off. We traveled east from here. Eventually, we arrived at Generel Bour's camp not a moment too soon. "So what do you want to do? Wait until nightfall and surprise them, or go charging in now and make them think we're crazy? I prefer the second choice myself, but that tends to work better on Dragons than Orcs. We'll scare more Orcs away if we surprise them at night, but we'll scare more Dragons if we charge in now." Galanoth said.

Hmm. I prefer charging now. Nah. I'll just ask Toff. "So, what do you think, Toff?" I asked him. And, as usual, he said: "CHARGE!!!!!" then went off. He didn't even left me anyone to kill. Well, at least Galanoth had his fun. "General Bour! Hand over the Death Roller now, or face the consequences!" I shouted. Bour looked at me. "You are too late! We have already activated the weapon! Now it is only a matter of TIME before it reaches Battleon! Muhahaaa------" Suddenly, the Death Roller squished him. Ironic isn't it?

"Janice, you can finish what you've started now." I said. And I know that she smiled when I said that. She transformed to her other form and ripped the Death Roller piece by piece. And that, is why I don't make her angry. Especially at me. "You have done well my friend! I thank you for the opportunity to slay some Dragons today! Oh yes, and for saving many lives from the Death Roller.....Good luck on your return to BattleOn!" Galanoth said, then went off. Yep, he's weird in every way. "Come on, let's go." Crystal said.

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Chapter 11:

Christopher's POV
When we arrived back at Yulgar's Inn, someone else had taken his place. "Welcome back from Dragonstone! I am Halenro." A paladin, huh. "Hello, Halenro. Where is Sage Uldor?" I said. Where is that man? "The old Sage said he needed to go to the top of Mount Eigerbuld. I do not know the reason. Aquella went with him. He asked me to meet you here, and send you to find Artix Krieger in Fangmaw." he said.

Artix? "Fangmaw!?! You mean---" "Yes. The place where Paladin Dagen Purmarrow found an entire village of vampire children a few years ago. Are you familiar with the story?" Halenro said. "Well, I heard about it, but not in detail." Janice said. She knows? "It is quite sad, but heroic nontheless. I will have to tell you more later. For now, just get to Fangmaw! Good luck, and may the Power of Goodness be with you." he said.

We went off. Apparently, Janice knew the way there. When we arrived, we saw a man who wore the same paladin armor and held an axe. I guess that's Artix. "I'm glad you could meet me here. I heard that you had some experience recently with a new kind of undead creature. We have been calling them Ribbers." he said. Ribbers. So that's what they're called. "They are different from other Undeads I have fought in the past. They do not seem to be controlled by a Necromancer master." he said.

Well, that's a surprise. "But how?" Crystal said. Yeah, how? "I believe they have their own agenda. First they attacked Uldor and poisoned him. But then, when you were questing for a cure......" "A Giant Ribber helped us." I finished. Artix nodded. "That Ribber actually ATE a Zombie. A Necromancer's territory rarely, if ever, crosses into another's." he said. Is that so? "So that is why the Ribbers seem to have their own plan. But I still don't understand why they first poisoned Uldor, then helped you save him." he said.

Yeah, me neither. "I used my Paladin ability of Detect Evil to trace the Ribbers here. They may be hiding in that abandoned cottage." he said. Is it THAT easy to detect them? "If you are ready, we can go in there and attack that nest of evil!" he said. "Well----" "WAIT.....I hear something....." he said. Suddenly, three Vampires appeared out of nowhere. "Vampires! Do you have anything to repel them? We might not be able to survive a fight with both Ribbers and Vampires!"

Repel. I just remembered. I threw the garlic in my bag. Immediately, the Vampires retreated. "That was a close call, I was worried there would be more." he said. Why worry? We can take them. "Now, the time has come to enter the cottage." he said, then went inside the cottage. We followed behind. "Artix, come over here for a minute. I think I see something-----" Suddenly, three Ribbers attacked Crystal.

I didn't know Crystal can fight that good. Apparently, she killed those Ribbers as fast as Toff can kill ten monsters at once. Another Ribber approached her. "Hold where you are, or you will face my wrath!" Toff said, then bared his fangs. "You do not understand. You can not understand." it said. What? "You're definitely right about that! WHAT are you talking about?" Janice said. "We have come from the Lands to the West. We have come seeking the Shadow Master." it said.

Shadow Master? "Shadow Master? I don't know of any Shadow Master. Of course, that sounds like it could be a pretty common name...." I said. "We thought the Old One was the Shadow Master. We thought we had found him, and tried to destroy him." it said. "The Old One? You mean Sage Uldor?" Toff said. "But, we were wrong. He was not - is not - the Shadow Master. We are, sorry." it said. Oh, now I get it. "So THAT is why you helped us in Granemor, so we could save Uldor's life. But why do you want to destroy this Shadow Master?" I said.

"He is, very.......BAD." it said. Yeah, like it wasn't obvious already. "You can not understand. We will leave now. Do not follow us. If we meet again, you will know the Shadow Master has won, and all will come to an end." it said. Well, that's bad news. "Well now, too many questions and not enough answers. We'll going to need some help figuring this out." I said. Help. Another memory has made its way to me.


I lay on the ground, severely wounded. In front of me, I saw a man, covered in shadows. He wore a red suit under his white shirt and red pants. His hands, turned to claws, and holding what it seemed like a cane. Beside him, another man in brown suit and pants and wore shades. "You utterly annihilated your opponent, master! You should try the professional fighting circuit someday......I could make a KILLING in side bets." the man in brown suit said. Help. I need help. Moments later, I passed out.


I snapped back to my senses when Artix said: "I agree with you! And I know just the person who can help. Let me show you the way to an Archmage I know......named Warlic!" Warlic huh. That memory. Was it from the past? Or is it going to happen. Is that how I died? Then what about my dream? Is it somehow connected? Too many questions, not enough answers........
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Chapter 12:

Christopher's POV
When we arrived at Battleon, and thankfully, it wasn't that far, we immediately went to Warlic in his shop. "Welcome to my magic shop. Here, you can learn new spells, undertake arcane quests, and even use the magic mirror to change your appearance." Change my appearance? I didn't know that was even possible. "That's okay, Warlic. I have come here for other reasons. Artix Krieger sent me. He said you are the person to ask any question." He nodded.

"Well, ahem, I do know quite a lot. What seems to be your quandary?" Crystal stepped forward. "First: do you know why Sage Uldor and Aquella have gone to the peak of Mount Eigerbuld?" she said. Riiiight. "Mount Eigerbuld is a focal point for the Ethereal Realm. If you have become a wizard, and trained with Jackel Sano, you should know the Ethereal Realm." he said. "But why has he gone there?" Toff said.

"My educated guess is that he has gone to Eigerbuld to communicate with something or someone in the Ethereal Realm. Aquella the water-elf is half-psionic, and Uldor may need her to help." Warlic said. Oh, I see. "Okay. Another question: What do you know about the Undead Ribber creatures?" Janice said. "They come from the Lands to the West, in search of a 'Shadow Master'. They are Undead, but are not controlled by a necromancer." he said.

We knew that already. "But what is the Shadow Master they speak of, and what exactly are the Lands to the West?" I said. "I can only surmise that the Shadow Master is someone who has wronged the Ribbers, or an acquaintance of theirs, and has fled from the Lands to the West. Those Lands, beyond Darkovia, are a place of much mystery. Several great kingdoms arose there, and most have fallen." he said. Darkovia? They live near Darkovia? Why haven't I seen them though?

"The Shadow Master might be a fugitive from one of those kingdoms. I will research this more, with the help of Falerin and his Library of Fin díSiles." he said. Where? "You just lost me. Where is this Fin díSiles place? I never heard of it." I said. Either that, or I have forgotten. "Oh, sorry. It has been a secret for a long time. Perhaps it is time you learned of it, seeing that you are of such importance to this world." he said.

"Hmm, Iíd love to hear more, but I think I should go to this Mount Eigerbuld and meet Uldor. Can you see if they are there yet?" Warlic showed me a mirror. "Let us peer into my magic mirror and see." he said, then the mirror showed an image of Aquella and Uldor on a rocky ledge. "Ah, there they are! Your magic never ceases to amaze me, Warlic. It looks like they are okay. Sage Uldor appears deep in thought." Janice said. Wait, have they met before?

"Both Aquella and Uldor seem to be concentrating on a psionic task. Perhaps they are in contact with the Ethereal Realm right now. Hmm......I sense danger approaching." he said. Danger? Who? A Troll suddenly appeared behind Sage Uldor and Aquella. "You must go now, waste no time!" he said. Roger that.

We rode through Mount Eigerbuld. Yep, rode. We bought some horses from Aria. Thankfully, Crystal brought some money. When we arrived, Aquella and Uldor were already gone. A Troll suddenly popped out behind us. "Graaahhh!!" it said. It scared Janice so much, she screamed: "Waaaahh!!!" then punched the Troll so hard it flew all the way down the mountain. Wow. As in, wow. Toff and I beat the life out of the remaining Trolls. Suddenly, a 'dog' jumped in front of us.

"Look! A dog!" Crystal said, then ran to the 'dog'. What is she doing? "Crystal! Look out!" Toff yelled. The 'dog' pounced Crystal, trying to bite her with its sharp fangs. Toff ran to her and knocked the 'dog' out cold. Another Troll showed up. "Ugh.....you beat Flergís guard dog. That make Flerg sad. Flerg no fight......Flerg go home now......" it said. And I guess he's Flerg. "Wait, Flerg. Where is the Water Elf and the old man? Where did you take them?" Janice said. Nice description.

"We no take them, just hold on to them. Then the Armored Man come take them and pay us for helping him." Flerg said. Armored Man? "This......Armored Man, which way did he go?" I said. "He ride south, toward Krovesport. That all Flerg know. Flerg go now......" he said, then walked off. "Right. Time to go rescue Aquella and Sage Uldor! It shouldnít be hard to find an Armored Man in Krovesport......all those Rogues wear leather anyway." Crystal said.

We mounted our horses then rode off to Krovesport. It wasn't that hard finding that city. It was filled with rouges, as Toff had said. When we arrived, we began asking the locals about Aquella and Sage Uldor. Toff approached a rouge. "Have you seen an Armored Man with a Water Elf and an old Sage pass by here?" The rouge just shook his head. "Despite this being Krovesport, a city filled with leather-wearing roguish types, I have seen many an armor-clad man today. But I have seen none with a Water Elf or old Sage in tow." the rouge said.

"Oh, okay. Thanks anyway." Toff said. "Take care of yourself in this backstabbing town." the rouge said, then went off. We walked around town and apparently, Crystal had an idea. She said she was going to ask some Armored Men lurking around town. So, we did. "Have you seen an Armored Man with a Water Elf and an old Sage pass by here?" she said. The 'Armored Man' looked at her. "Well, Iím an armored man. Do I have a Water Elf and an old sage with me? No? You should not single me out just because I like to wear armor. Thatís not nice." he said. We're just asking dude. Chill.

"Yes indeed, you are right, I should not assume that you are a bad person because you wear armor." Crystal said, looking down. I looked at Toff, the look on his face tell me that he wants to kill that guy.........so bad. "Thank you for being understanding. It often hurts my feelings when I am made out to be a bad guy, when truly I am not." the man said. Pshh. You're the one who's saying that.

We walked around town again, asking any Armored Man we see. We approached another Armored Man. "Have you seen an Armored Man with a Water Elf and an old Sage pass by here?" I said. "Hehehe......the knight called Barca mentioned a particularly fetching Water Elf he noticed a while ago. Other than that, I know nothing." he said. Yes! We finally have a lead. "Thanks." I said, then walked off. We began asking around the city for this man named 'Barca'.

We approached another Armored Man, hoping that he knows this 'Barca' guy. "Excuse me, do you know someone named Barca?" Janice said. The man looked at her. "You found him." he said. Oh yeah! "Do you know an Armored Man with a Water Elf and an old Sage?" Crystal said. Come on Crys (Yeah, that's her nickname. It's pronounced like mine.), that IS the Armored Man we're looking for. "Actually......yes I do. I could never forget the sight of that beautiful Water Elf. I've always had a thing for Water Elves." he said.

So, he's not the one we're looking for? "Can you tell me where they are?" Crystal said. I have a bad feeling about this. "Sure I will, just as soon as my two friends try to rob you! Did you forget that you were in Krovesport, home of thieves and rogues?" he said. Then suddenly, two bandits lunged at us by surprise. Fortunately, I was fast enough to notice them and beat the life out of them. "I need to teach my friends how to fight better. Well, you should be able to find your Water Elf and the old man in the northeastern alleyways of Krovesport. Watch your step!" he said.

Why you little.....! I was about to strangle him to death, but Janice stopped me. We went on to the northeastern alleyways of Krovesport, but saw no-one. "No sign of the Armored Man, or Aquella and Sage Uldor." I said. "Your friends MIGHT still be alive......Care to find out?" a voice said, then revealed itself. Another Armored Man. And apparently, he's the one we're looking for. Finally! "Prepare yourself for the beatdown of the century!" he said. YOU prepare for YOU'RE beat down. I lunged at him. I took him by surprise with my speed. Wait a minute, how can I be THAT fast? I mean, faster than Toff, and HE'S a VAMPIRE! I took out my sword and swung it at him. I put a huge gash in his armor.

"Argh! My armor!" he said, then swung his axe at me. Note that he has two axes. Again, how can I be THAT fast? I evaded his axes with no effort in doing so. I'm starting to scare myself right now. I swung my sword again, and this time, I removed his helm. I was shocked that HE was actually a SHE. "You sure know how to put up a fight! For a second there I actually feared for my life." she said. Well, you should have.

"No more small talk. Tell me where my friends are, or else." I said. Aquella and Uldor walked beside her. "We are safe and sound, friend!" Aquella said. "But......the Trolls, they attacked you and---" "The trolls did not attack us. Dundela sent them to PROTECT us." Uldor said. Dundela? You mean the 'Armored Man'? "And just who are you, Dundela? And how do you know Aquella and Uldor?" Toff said. Yeah, how do you know them?

"It's quite simple really.......I am Uldorís daughter! I only have a small portion of his powers, but I sensed a dangerous presence approaching them on Mount Eigerbuld." she said. You're his WHAT?! "Uldor and I were combining our psychic abilities in order to use the Ethereal Realm to help locate the 'Shadow Master' that the Undead Ribbers are searching for." Aquella said. "Probing the Ethereal Realm would have helped very much, because that dimension touches all others. As we started our search, however, someone ELSE must have noticed." Uldor said.

"It was a force of darkness, Father. It may have been the Shadow Master himself (or herself!) that noticed." Dundela said. Wait. "Warlic and I were just then looking at you through his magic mirror. We saw the trolls approach and thought you were in trouble." I said. "Hmm" Uldor looked at Aquella. "What is it, Aquella?" he said. "If only Warlic and our friend here were aware of our location, then perhaps one of THEM was the presence that Dundela detected?" Aquella said. Right. Ignore me. "Well if that were the case, then our friend here or Warlic may be the Shadow Master" Dundela said.

I'm the what?! "It is doubtful......but not completely out of the question." Uldor said. What do you mean, 'not out of the question'? I have a pretty good feeling that Iím not this 'Shadow Master'!" I said. Well, I'm not! "We can be sure of nothing at the moment...." Aquella said. I'm pretty sure I'm not the 'Shadow Master'. "Well, we CAN.......if Dundela sensed the dark presence HERE.......then we can be certain that some powerful force is WATCHING us......watching our every move." Uldor said.

"And I probably only sensed it because it wanted me too!" Dundela said. "I will go to the Paladin Order and request Artix Kriegerís help. We may need the Paladins, considering the Shadow Master's connection with the Undead." Aquella said. "What about us?" I said. "You have perhaps a dangerous task.......Collect an Orb of Light from a creature called Jagos in the Skraeling Desert, then go back to Eigerbuld with the Orb and await my return! The Orb SHOULD keep the dark force at bay." Uldor said.

"SHOULD keep the dark, evil, powerful force away?" Janice said. "Yes. We need go now. We'll see you atop Mount Eigerbuld." Uldor said, then went off. Janice, Toff, and Crystal stared at me. "What?" I asked them. Is something wrong? "How can you move so fast like that?" Crystal said. I don't know either. "Furthermore, how did you TOP Toff's speed like that?!" Janice said. "I.......I don't know. I think it's just my instincts kicking in." I said. Although the look on Toff's face bothers me.

The look of worry. Why? Does he know something that I don't? If that's the case, I need to know everything..........

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Chapter 13:
Orb of Light

Toff's POV
Oh man. This is getting worse. The signs are showing up again. The signs of him............No. I can't let him become like him again. I must stop this quest at once. But alas, I can't. There must be someway of stopping Christopher's.......signs. "Toff? You alright?" Crystal said. "Y-yeah. I'm fine." But the truth is: I'm worried. He's starting to remember, and much faster than I've expected.

We mounted our horses, then rode off to Skraeling Desert. When we arrived, we began searching the Desert for caves or oasis. Hours later, we saw a traveler wandering around the Desert. "Hello there! Can you tell me if I am near the lair of Jagos?" Janice said. "You are not far. There is a tribe of Cyclops just ahead who helped me by giving me this bag of water. The water replenishes the strength we lose walking in this heat." the man said.

He's right. Even with our water, we're still getting weak. "I will share some with you, but I cannot give it all to you." the man said. I held our bottles of water. He poured a little amount of his water in our bottles. "Good luck on the rest of your journey! If you find Jagos......tell him that Hekara the Yenghali promises to repay him one day soon." the man said, then went off. Hekara. So, that's his name.

We went on with our search. Minutes later, we saw two Cyclops' blocking our way. We stopped and got down from our horses, then approached them. "Halt, in the name of my Cheiftan, the great Bandaru!" one of them said. I looked at the other Cyclops. Bandaru, huh? "You have tresspassed in our territory. One law has been broken, and therefore you must battle a Cyclops." Bandaru said.

Christopher stepped up. "With pleasure." I looked at him. "Brother, let me battle him." I said. I can't let him fight. The more he fights, the more the signs develop. He nodded. I stepped up. "I will battle." The other Cyclops stepped up. "Let us begin." After a few seconds, approximately five seconds, I had beaten him. I didn't wound him, or kill him though. Just held my sword to his throat.

"Now, you may continue on your quest. But since you have dishonored my tribe by defeating one of my warriors, you may also challenge me to a duel. What shall it be? I must warn you, I am no pushover." Bandaru said. Oh no. I looked at Christopher. Oh man. I knew it. He's smiling. Knowing him, he doesn't back down to a challenge. And I was right. "I accept your challenge." he said.

I tried to stop him, but he glared at me. That look in his face tells me he's going to kill me if I interfere in any way. Believe me, when he looks at me like that, he means it. He lunged at Bandaru with incredible speed. So much like him. His speed is developing, just as I had feared. Two seconds later, he had beaten Bandaru.

"You have bested me in battle. I stand corrected......to have been defeated by you has NOT dishonored my tribe. You are so great warrior that it has been an honor to lose to you." Bandaru said. "We need to find a creature called Jagos to get an Orb of Light from him. Is he near?" Christopher said. Darn it! Anymore battles and he'll be fully developed.

"Huh-huh-huh! Jagos! Just because he guards sacred ground, he believes he is king of the deserts!" the other Cyclops said. "You have no need to go to Jagos. I own some Light Orbs. You can buy one from me. Although in this occasion, I shall give it to you for free. Using a Light Orb in combat with darkness creatures can give you more attack power. It may also help protect you from unseen forces......" Bandaru said.

"That's what I'm counting on. Now we need to go back north to Mount Eigerbuld and wait for Sage Uldor." Christopher said, then the two Cyclops' went off. Christopher walked up to me. "Why did you want to stop me back there?" he said. I'm sorry, but I can't tell you. "I just thought that you couldn't handle him." I said, but that didn't convince him. "Toff, what are you hiding from me?" he said.

Christopher's POV
"Toff, what are you hiding from me?" I can't take anymore lies. I knew that there's a reason why he wants to stop me THAT bad. I could have believed him, but come on, I couldn't handle him? He knows me well than anyone of us. He shifted uncomfortably. NOW I know that he's hiding something.

"What's up?" Crystal said. "Not now Crys." I said, with a little anger on my voice. "What's wrong?" Janice said. "Guys, leave us for a bit, okay?" Toff said. They didn't argue and walked away from us. "So?" I said. "Alright. Do you REALLY want to know it THAT bad?" he said. I nodded. Of course I do! "I can only tell you this: I don't want you turning into a monster like him." he said, then followed where Janice and Crystal went to.

Him? Him who? Turning into a monster? What does he mean? Argh! There's something he's not telling me. I need to know. "Come on, Chris!" Crystal said. I guess I'll have to find out on my own. I mounted on my horse, then we rode off back to Eigerbuld. When we arrived, we got down from our horses then climbed to the top.

"Last time we were here, we were trying to find Sage Uldor, but his daughter had a troop of trolls escort him away. Supposedly, she sensed a dark and evil force approaching and wanted to make sure her father was safe." Crystal said. Yeah. Where is this 'dark and evil force' anyway? "Luckily we have the light orb from the desert that Uldor sent us for. It should keep whatever 'dark force' is out there away." Janice said. Well, hopefully.

Suddenly, a 'Shadow Dragon' if I could call it, appeared in front of us. ".......... Or not." Toff said. "Whooooooo are yooouuu? Yoooouuu are not scared of meeeee?" the dragon said. "I am Christopher. And no, not at all. But I don't try to start fights unless I have a reason to." I said, as I stepped up.

"Why dooooo yoooouuu carry an Orb of Liight?" the dragon said. "It's a long story, but basically it is to ward off a powerful force of darkness." Crystal said. "I would sssaaaaaay that it isss not working." the dragon said. I just noticed that he does look like a force of darkness. "You definitely LOOK like a creature of darkness." Janice said.

"I am Niiiith, messenger of the Shadowmaster." he said. "Just a messenger, then? You don't want to try and eat us?" Crystal said. "No, I do not. I would not eeeeaat you even if I hungerrrred." Nith said. I don't know if that's an insult or a relief. "That's a relief." Janice said. "Thaaat does not mean I would not crush you betweeeeeen my jaaaaawwws." Nith said. Not if I crush you first.

"Okay, now that THAT'S out of the way......How about you tell me this message that's so important?" Toff said. Suddenly, Sage Uldor appeared behind us. "Yes, Nith, tell us what the Shadow Master wants! Tell us who he is, and where we can find him! Tell us everything!" he said. Everything. Another memory had made its way.

"Oooold one, the Shadow Master knew you would sennssse his movements. He asks that you bring him the Eye of Naab. Naab the Watcher. Naab, who you will find in the dungeon of Queen Safiria's castle." Nith said. "I don't get it.....Why is the Light Orb not keeping Nith away?" Crystal said. "Because, my friend, the Shadow Master is not an agent of the darkness realm. He uses darkness only to hide. Nith is one of his agents, cloaked in darkness as well." Uldor said.

"Then what is he really?" Janice said. "A creature born of the Void. Unbeholden to elements, but beyond that I cannot say. And I will not venture a guess, for I must be certain first......" Uldor said. "First? So you need to know exactly what it is the Shadow Master is before we can do anything?" Toff said. "Yeeeesssss. You must first be certain before you act. And every act has its consequences." Nith said.

Great. "Now I muuuuussstt leave... Remember, get the Eye of Naab for my master!" Nith said. "You're not going anywhere. AAARRTTTTIIIXXXXX!" Uldor said, then Artix suddenly walked beside him. "Nith, we have our own message we wish to send to the Shadow Master." Uldor said. "Wait, Uldor, you're not thinking what I think you're thinking, are you?" I said. "Sssssoooooo, a challenge it is!" Nith said.

Challenge? Bring it. I lunged at him, swinging my sword in every opening (which is all) available. Three seconds later, I got him running away, scared. "Well, he wasn't so tough after all!" I said. "Nith was just an agent of the Shadow Master. Now we must go back to Darkovia, and find a way into Safiria's dungeons." Uldor said. "I'll go there by myself." Toff said.

Why so sudden? "Are you sure?" Crystal said. Toff just nodded. "Good luck on your mission, Toff! Get the Eye of Naab and we will be one step closer to finding the Shadow Master!" Uldor said. Toff nodded, then ran off. "Let us go back to Battleon. We'll wait for him there." Uldor said, then all of us went off.........

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Chapter 14:
Shadow Master

Christopher's POV
When we arrived back at Battleon, we headed straight to Yulgar's Inn. We need some rest before facing the Shadow Master. I headed straight to my room while the others went to the guest's room and talked. I lay down on my bed. I thought about what had happened. What were my memories, my dream, was trying to tell me? Is what I have remembered going to happen, or had already happened? Who is the Devourer? Who is Epheel? Why did Wolfwing, of all people, come to Battleon, on a bright and sunny day?

I snapped back to my senses when I heard a knock on the door. I quickly stood up and opened the door and saw Crystal. She went into my room and sat down on the bed. "What's up?" I said. She looked at me. "What do you know about Toff?" she said. Say what now? What about Toff? "Why?" I asked, then sat down beside her.

"Well......Its just that......these past few days, he's looking quite troubled. So I want to know what he likes, so I could cheer him up." she said, with a smile. Oh, I see. That's cute. Hmm, what does he like? "Well, when we were at Queen Safiria's castle, Toff likes to fight a lot. I had a hard time stopping him back then." I said, smiling at the thought. "No, not like those things. I want to know what he likes the most, except for fighting and stuff." she said.

Right. "Okay, let me think......." A few minutes of thinking, and I finally remembered what Toff likes. "Oh yeah! Toff likes to eat cake, even though he's a Vampire." I said. "Cake, got it." Crystal said. Wow, she's really writing this stuff down. "He also likes to take a stroll around and talk." I said. Let's see, what else does he like. "What else?" Crystal said. Wait, I'm thinking. "Yeah, I got nothing." I said.

"WHAT?!?" she yelled. "Come on Crys, that's all I know." I said. Seriously, that's all I know. "Hmph. Okay then, I'll go now." she said, then went off. Riiiight. I lay down on my bed again, then several minutes later, I dozed off.

The next day after I woke up, I went down to the Inn's guest room. There, I saw everyone well prepared. Welcome back, Toff! I knew you would be back today. You have the Eye of Naab?" Uldor said. I looked behind me, and I saw Toff, walking towards us. "Yes, Sage Uldor." he said, then handed the Eye to Sage Uldor. "How are we going to use the Eye of Naab to find out who the Shadow Master is?" Janice said.

"In theory it is simple.....I will focus a psychic call through the Eye of Naab. If the Shadow Master wants it as badly as his shadow dragon servant said he does, then the shadow master will come to us." Uldor said. "Isn't that......uhh.....risky?" Crystal said. "I brought back-up, just in case." Uldor said, then sent out a purple psychic blast from his head. Suddenly, the ground began to rumble. "Was that it? What do we do now?" I said.

"We can only wait. It may take weeks before we know the result." Uldor said. Great. "Well......that's pretty boring. I hate waiting weeks!" Toff said. "Why don't you just go on some quests until then? I will call you back when something happens." Uldor said. "Okay!" Crystal said. The ground began to rumble again. "Wait! What was that?" Janice said. "My mind is clouded! Something must be blocking my psychic ability! Quickly, it's time to call in some help!" Uldor said. Suddenly, monsters of different elements started attacking us.

The battle went on for an hour until we finally beat all of them. "Is it just me, or were we just attack by a hoard of seemingly unrelated elemental monsters?" I said. "No, it was just you." Uldor said. Wait, what? "Wha.....? So they WERE related?" Toff said. "Not as much related in a physical sense......but they were all suddenly driven to attack THIS AREA for some reason. As though something had suddenly appeared here that was against the natural order...." Uldor said.

Suddenly, a large pit opened up and swallows two trees. "............That is somewhat disturbing." I said. "I believe the hole we see is an invatation. Why don't you choose someone to go down there with you.....just in case?" Uldor said. "Wanna come guys?" I said. "Of course!" Crystal said. "Count me in." Toff said. "Definitely." Janice said. "Call me when the way is clear!" Uldor said. I nodded, then we all went inside.

"Wow, a creepy spider-web infested cave. Maybe this is a bad sign?" I said. "There he is! NOW! ATTACK!" a voice said, suddenly, we were surrounded by these Undead Ribbers. "What? What did I do?" I said. They suddenly attacked. A few seconds later, we had beaten them all. "You.....you must be destroyed!" another Ribber said. "Wait a minute, you Ribbers are looking for the Shadow Master! You want to destroy him because of some evil he did to you, right?" Toff said.

"You are the Shadow Master! DIIIIEEEEEE!" the Ribber said, then attacked me. I jumped, which had scared me. How can I jump ten feet u in the air?!? Anyways, I landed down the Ribber's skull and sliced it off. "Hey Uldor! I think I need you now! I fought a bunch of those Undead Ribbers again......the creatures i found a while ago that claimed to be searching for the Shadow Master. They seem to think I'm the Shadow Master!" I shouted.

"That cannot be true. It said the Eye of Naab will revel the Shadow Master. The Ribbers must have followed the Eye to this place. Seeing you here they thought you were the Shadow Master." Uldor said. "And they were wrong. Very wrong." a voice said, then revealed itself. "Epheel! Many have been meeting you in Nightbane's castle in Darkovia! Are you the Shadow Master?" Uldor said. Epheel? HE'S Epheel? He looks like a mutated ugly spider!

"Yes, I am. I'm sure that you think I am EVIL. And it may be true to some.....I have done evil things in the past. The Ribbers blame me for much. I have been alive for nearly a thousand years. In all that time, my duties have led me to do many things. The Ribbers are an entire race that became undead because of me. You see, I make deals. All for one ultimate purpose: to save the world from an ultimate force of destruction. You know this force as the Devourer, among other names. There is a book in the library of Isle D'Oriens which can tell you more of that. Suffice to say, my mission has......casualties. But YOU, YOU are HEROES of this world. The Devourer travels between dimensions, scouring the universe for life-filled worlds. It eats the elemental forces then moves on, often leaving a wasteland. Before the Devourer arrives, though, it sends an Agent of Destruction to observe the world. There lies the key to saving your world. If this Agent of Destruction is itself destroyed, the Devourer will be fearful of the world, and pass it by.......letting it live on." Epheel said.

"But why does everyone think you're EVIL in the first place? Where do you come from?" Crystal said. "My long history here has created many enemies, who spread lies about me. Eventually, I became a myth, and to many I was forgotten. I was a wizard......one of the first HUMAN wizards long ago. Back in the time when Drakel ruled the world of Lore. And the Devourer attacked us for the first time. The Drakel hid in domed cities while other less advanced races tried their best to survive. The Elemental Lord and Dragon Lords had long retired and we were let with no great defenders. The Devourer made a few races go extinct. A few aside for the Drakel made it: Humans, elves, Dwarves, and others. I tried to fight the Devourer and paid for it: the Devourer warped my body into this hideous form. A further curse was that i would live forever, until the Devourer itself destroyed me! I swore then to do all i could to find out how to destroy the Devourer all I have discovered is how to prevent its attack... But for now, that will be good enough. Now, I ask you: Are you brave enough to take on this task? When the time comes, will you hunt this Agent of Destruction?" Epheel said.

Is he asking ME? I suddenly had this feeling that Epheel is lying. I looked at Epheel. "You're lying." I said. Epheel looked shocked. I am starting to suspect that he's REALLY lying. "What are you talking about?" he said. Everyone looked at me. "I don't know whether my memories are right or wrong, but I have a feeling that you're lying." I said. Epheel shifted uncomfortably. "What memory?" Toff asked. "All I can say is this: Epheel only speaks of lies." I said.

They all looked puzzled. Except for Epheel and Toff, who looked quite shocked. Hmm....I wonder..... "How are you so sure about that, Human?" Epheel said. "I don't know, but I don't trust you. Get out of my sight now or else." I said, then drew my sword. "You have just made yourself an enemy, Human......" he said, then ran off. I withdrew my sword. I feel like this has already happened before. Now I'm starting to suspect that my memories IS tied to this 'Devourer'.........

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Chapter 15:

Toff's POV
Uh oh. His memories are improving. I MUST find a way to stop this. I remember what Queen Safiria said when I went to get the Eye of Naab.


When I arrived at the castle, I went straight to Queen Safiria's chambers. "Well hello, Toff. What brings you here?" she said. I bowed down. "Your majesty, I have come to retrieve the Eye of Naab. Can I have your permission to enter the dungeon?" I said. "Why certainly, but I have to ask: On what purpose do you need it for?" she said.

"We need it to reveal the true identity of the Shadow Master." I said. "I see. You may go now." she said. I nodded, then went off. I was about to leave her room but suddenly, I remembered something. "Your majesty, may I ask you something?" She raised an eyebrow. "What is it, Toff?" she said. "He's becoming so much like him so fast. I need to know how to stop his transformation." I said.

She looked shocked. "Already?" I nodded. "The signs are already showing." I said. "This is troubling. Its bad enough the former Avatar of Death possessed him. What more if he becomes like his father? He'll be the most powerful creature in Darkovia." she said. She's right. I know our father had tried to remove the former Avatar of Death from him so that our half-brother wouldn't kill him. But it costed him his life.

"Yes. If our half-brother knew about this, he'll kill him immediately knowing that he'll be more powerful than him." I said. She nodded. "I am sorry but, I have no solution to your problem." I was afraid of that. "Well, thanks anyways, your majesty." I said, then went off.


I snapped back to my senses when I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and saw Crystal with her hands behind her back. "Uh......What's up?" I said. "Um.......Well, these past few days I noticed that you're looking so troubled......" she said. I am? I didn't notice. ".........So I baked you this cake, to cheer you up a bit." she said, as she took out the cake she was hiding behind her back.

Ooohhh, cake! My favorite! Wait, how'd she know this could cheer me up? Anyways, I took the cake and placed it on the table beside my bed. If you're wondering where we're at, we're at Yulgar's Inn, taking the day off from fighting. Crystal went inside my room and sat at the bed. "Wait here for a bit." I said, then rushed off downstairs.

I went to the Inn's kitchen. I rummaged through the drawers, searching for some forks and plates. I want to eat that cake SO bad. "AHA!!!!" I said, holding up two forks. Honestly, I fell like an idiot. But I don't mind. This is all for the CAKE!!! When I found some plates, I rushed up to my room. "Hey *huff*, have you been *wheeze* waiting long?" I said, while catching my breath. She giggled.

"Christopher WAS right." she said, then smiled. What about him? Did he tell her what I like? If so, why? I sat down beside her and sliced a piece of cake and handed it to her. "Here. Eat with me." I said, then smiled. She took the plate full of, and I mean FULL of, cake. I took a bite and surprisingly, it's the most delicious cake I've ever eaten. Hey, I'm not kidding.

"D-do you l-like it? I.....uh.....baked it myself....." she said. I almost choked when I heard that. She BAKED this cake?!? I didn't know she could bake something this delicious. "Like it?! I love it! This is the most delicious cake I have ever eaten in my whole life!" I said, then took another bite at the cake. Seriously, it's so delicious.

I don't even have to look at her to know what she's feeling. "T-thanks." she said. I'm sure she's blushing right now. A few minutes later, we had finished eating cake. I licked my lips. I want MORE!!! "Sorry Toff, I don't have any left." she said. I looked at her, she was smiling. How'd she know I wanted more?

"Come on Toff, let's go for a walk. Just you and me." she said, then offered her hand. I took her hand, then we went off. It was a bright and sunny, not to mention windy, day at Battleon. We had a stroll around town while asking each other what we like. "So Toff, what else do you like besides cake?" she asked.

Hmm, what else do I like? Oh yeah, "I like swimming and sun-bathing, even though I'm always pale. I also like to hang-out at the beach. That place always calms me down. I like to fight a lot, I guess you already knew that. I like to sit down and just watch the stars at night when I'm feeling down. Well, that's about it." I said. She stopped walking which also caused me to stop. "Um.....What do you like on a girl?" she said.

I smiled. "Why?" She blushed and looked away. "J-just asking." she said. I laughed silently. "Okay. I like a girl who's a bit adventurous. I'm mostly attracted to blonde girls with their hair braided into twin tails. I find that cute. I like girls who's skin is perfectly tanned, I find that mostly attractive. And finally, I like a girl who's strong willed, who never backs down to a fight." I said.

"Oh......" was the only thing I heard from Crystal after I said that. Then she didn't spoke all day. I think I had upset her. We went back to the Inn, Crystal still hasn't talked to me. The whole day, she didn't talk to me and just evaded me every time I saw her. "Is something wrong?" I said. "Hmph!" she said, then walked away. Yep, she's angry at me.

Night has come. After we all ate our dinner, Crystal still didn't talk to me, we went to our rooms. It was getting late, but I still can't sleep. I stood up and went to Janice's room. I knocked on the door several time until she finally opened it. "*yawn* What's up?" she said.

Janice's POV
"*yawn* What's up?" I said. Why did he knock on my door so late at night? He went inside my room and sat on my bed. That's some manners, Toff. I sat down beside him. "What's the problem?" I asked. He looked at me. "Crystal haven't spoken to me the whole day after I told her what I like on a girl. I think she's angry. I need some advice so I can fix this mess." he said. Dang man. "WHY did you tell her what you like on a girl?!" I said. That's just wrong.

"Well, she asked me to!" he said. Nice reason. "Well, what DID you tell her?" I said. After he had explained what happened, I know Crystal is beyond angry. "Okay, now that's just wrong." I said. "Yeah, I know that already." he said. I can fix this......I hope. "Now, what YOU need to do is cheer her up. Give her some chocolates and stuff." I said. "Will that work?" he asked. I dunno. A few minutes of thinking later.......

"Aha! I got it!" He looked at me, pretty confused. "What's it?" he said. "Let's go to the beach! She'll love it there!" I said. I just remembered, Crystal likes going to the beach. "Really? Okay then, I'll go tell them now." he said, then ran off. Again, dang man.

Christopher's POV
I heard a loud knock on my door. Who on their right minds would disturb me while I'm sleeping? I opened the door and found Toff. Figures. "Why are you still awake?" I said. "Let's go to the beach tomorrow!" he said. Say what now? "So you bothered me just to say that?!" I said.

"Hey, easy. It was Janice's idea." he said. Janice? Okay then, I'll come. "Yeah, yeah. I'll come." I said. "Really? Thanks!" he said, then ran off. Wonder what's gotten to him to interrupt my sleep like that. Oh well, back to sleep I go.

Toff's POV
After I had told everyone, including Crystal who threw a pillow at me, I went back to my room. She's really angry at me. I lay down the bed, thinking about tomorrow. I always wanted to go to the beach. Tomorrow, I'll fix what I had done, even though it wasn't really my fault. I didn't know Crystal can get THAT upset. If I had known, I wouldn't have told her what I like on a girl. Darn it. I'm so stupid.

Wait, come to think of it, she's not really my girlfriend yet. I haven't asked her about that. Maybe tomorrow, if I had fixed the problem already, I'll ask her if she wants to be my girlfriend. Just the thought of that makes me nervous. A few minutes later, I dozed off. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a wonderful day.......
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Chapter 16:

Toff's POV
When I woke up, I headed straight to the bathroom to wash-up. After that, I quickly changed to my swimming clothes. I wore a clean, white t-shirt and black trunks. I packed my bag with some food, water, extra clothes, towel, and sunscreen. Yeah, I don't have to bring sunscreen cause I'm always pale no matter what I do, meh, I'll just bring it.

I went downstairs and saw that everyone was ready to go. Christopher wore the same clothes as mine. Janice wore a bright red t-shirt with blue jeans. Crystal wore an simple blue t-shirt with yellow skirt. She also wore a hat which had almost covered her face. And, like yesterday, she didn't bother talking to me.

"Everyone ready?" Christopher said. You bet I am. I nodded. "Ready!" Janice said, then winked at me. "Yeah....." Crystal said, while adjusting her hat. Is she trying to cover her whole face? "Let's go!" I said, then ran outside. "I heard there's a beach not far from here." Janice said.

We walked south from here and through Greenguard forest. Minutes later, we arrived at the beach Janice had mentioned. I guess we're the only ones here. I lay down a blanket and set up a beach umbrella beside me was Christopher's, to my other side, lay Crystal's and Janice's. After we set up our stuff, I went to the sea for a swim.

While I swam around, I kept on looking at Crystal. She stayed on the shore and just watched us play. I wonder what she's thinking right now. *splash* "Hey! What the......!" I said, while shaking my head. Who splashed me that water?! I looked behind me and saw Christopher. Ooohh, you're going down, brother.

He suddenly ran away, still in the water. I ran after him, splashing the water towards him. He finally stopped when we were in the middle. He looked at me, a very disturbing look. He was grinning, I don't like that. I stepped back at bit, but I bumped into someone. I looked behind and saw Janice, grinning like Christopher. Uh oh.

*splash* *swish* *splash* "Ack! Hey *sputter*, stop *sputter* that!" I said. Is it right to splash the water on me?! Anyways, I went out of the water and went to grab a towel. Darn it. Some of the water went inside my ears. After I dried myself, I gazed at Crystal. She's lying down, sun-bathing, I think. She's been like that since we got here.

Several hours later, we brought out our foods and drinks then ate lunch. Afternoon came by and a few people joined us in the beach. Janice sat beside me. "So, has everything been settled between you two?" she said. I shook my head. "I see. Well, let's go." she said, then dragged me towards Crystal.

"Hey, Crys, Toff wants to tell you something." she said. I do? Crystal remained silent. "I'll leave you two alone." Janice whispered, then went off. I sat beside Crystal. "Um.......about yesterday.......I'm......I'm sorry...." I said. Oh man. Don't mess this up Toff. "Sorry for what?" she said. Finally! "Sorry if I had upset you because of........what I said yesterday." I said.

"That's nothing, really." she said. Nothing? "But, you didn't talk to me the whole day yesterday." I said. "True......"she said. What's going on here? "So, why didn't you talk to me yesterday?" I asked. "Well, it's because........" She removed her hat. What I saw had shocked me. "........It's because of this." she said.

"W-why?" I said. Why would she change her appearance? She dyed her hair to a blonde-ish color braided into twin tails and her skin was.......tanned, perfectly tanned. "Because I wanted you to like me........more. I changed my appearance to what you said you like on a girl." she said. I hugged her tight.

"You didn't have to do this, Crystal. I already like you. Those things that I've said were just what I LIKE on a girl, what I love on a girl is different." I said. Seriously, she didn't have to do this. "W-well, what do you love on a girl?" she asked. "Simple." I leaned closer to her ear. "I love a girl who's like you." I whispered.

I heard her crying. Uh oh. I broke away from our hug. "Why are you crying? Did I say something wrong again?" I said. Hopefully not. "You idiot!." she said, then hit me in the arm. Yeah, I know that already. "You should have just told me earlier!" she said. "Um......well, you didn't ask......." I said. She hit me again. "Ow! What was that for?" I said. She just kept on crying.

I wiped up her tears. "Come on, stop crying. I hate it when you cry." I said. She slowly stopped crying. "Um.......Crystal.......I have something to say........." I said. Oh man, oh man, oh man. I'm getting VERY nervous now. "What is it?" she said, as she wiped up her remaining tears. I sighed.

"I know that you like me and you know that I like you too right?" I said. "Yup." she said, happily. Wow. One minute she was crying, the next she was happy. "I want to ask you if you could be..........my........." This is harder than I thought. "Your......?" she said. "You know........" I said. "If I know, why would I be asking?" she said. Note the sarcasm on that.

I gulped. This is harder than confessing my feelings for her. "Come on, say it." she said. "Uh......." I said. She raised an eyebrow. "Come on, say it, say it, say it ,say it, say it!" she said, while shaking me. Alright already! "Okay. I want to ask you if you could.......be......my........if you could be my.........my........." I said. "Your.....? Come on, say it!" she said, still shaking me.

I leaned closer to her ear. "I want to ask you if you could be my.........girlfriend." I whispered. She suddenly stopped. Uh oh. Oh man, I think I messed up. "Um.......Crystal......? A-are you.......okay-------" I didn't finish what I was saying when she suddenly kissed me.........on the lips.

A few minutes later, she broke from our kiss. I just sat there, thinking of what had happened. Our first kiss. I saw her, looking away from me, blushing. "S-so.......w-was that a.........y-yes......?" I said. I don't know what else to say anymore. "Well, what do you think? Of course it's a yes." she said. I can't explain what I'm feeling right now. Suddenly,

"YES!! She said yes!! " I shouted, while jumping and running around like an idiot. Thankfully, we were the only ones here. The others had already left because it was getting dark. I sat down beside her and hugged her tight. "Break it up you two." a voice said. Both of us looked behind and saw Christopher and Janice, smiling.

Oh no. They saw all that?! I broke away from our hug. "Um.......I......I can explain." I said. "What's to explain? We already know." Janice said. "Um......yeah....right......" I said, then looked away. They HAD seen it all. I heard them laugh. "Come on Toff, don't be shy. I was like that too, well, more or less." Christopher said.

Riiiiight. "Well, its getting late. We should go now." Janice said, then packed her stuff. I went to pick up the blanket and umbrella. I stuffed the blanket, along with the other stuff, in my bag. When we were all ready, we headed back to Battleon. Crystal walked beside me. "Was it THAT hard to ask me?" she said. "Well......yeah......I guess." I said.

"You know, you could have just asked me when you confessed to me." she said. Well, that thought completely slipped my mind. "But I'm glad. I'm glad that you like me for who I am........" Then she leaned closer to my ear. "........Boyfriend." she said, then smiled. I don't know what to say anymore. I'm so happy right now.

I suddenly remembered. I NEED to find a way to stop Christopher's transformation. If I couldn't stop it, I'll find a way to save him from our half-brother.........and from our father...........
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Chapter 17:
The Huntress

Christopher's POV
It was past dusk when we got back at the Inn. We went to our respective rooms, changed clothes, then went to sleep. The following day, I went down to the guests room and saw a different person in the counter talking to Robina. "I need to go tighten my bow string. Iíll be right back!" Robina said, then went off. I approached the guy in the counter.

"Where is Yulgar? And who are you?" I said, while examining him. "Iím Yulgarís cousinís roomateís nephew Hans. Iíve been Yulgarís apprentice for a while now." Your his what? "I just ran out to say hi to---I mean to get some eggs from the chicks Aria keeps behind her shop......ehem. But when I got back Yulgar was gone and Twig was standing here!" he said. Uh huh. I looked at Twig, who was standing beside Hans

"What happened Twig?" I asked. "Weeeeelll.....I wus sitting here watching Yulgaw, wike I usuawy do, when suddenwy......."

Earlier today

Yulgar was minding his own business, then suddenly, a portal opened behind him. A girl emerged from the portal. "Are you the great-grandson of Imdar, great-grandson of Kuldar, great-grandson of Bord?" she said. Yulgar looked at her. "Umm....yes?" he said. "Very well." the girl said, then dragged him into the portal and vanished. "I wuv fish and ice cweam and Yulgaw......*sniff*" Twig said.


"Well that isnít very good.....It looks like Iím stuck here manning the counter!" Hans said. Say what now?! "And Yulgar is missing, taken away by some strange woman!" Janice said. "Whoa!!" I said, then jumped. She just popped right beside me. That almost gave me a heart attack. She giggled. "Sorry." she said, then smiled. Looks like they all heard what happened cause everyone were already down here.

"NOW when am I going to find time to go see Ari.....uhhh.....get eggs?" Hans said. Is that all you can think of?! "Donít worry. Weíll get Yulgar back no matter what it takes!" Crystal said. "Thank guys." Hans said. "Well, where do we look first?" Toff said. "Let's just go around town. Maybe we can find someone who saw them." I said. They all nodded, then all of us went off.

Outside, we saw Artix headed to the Guardian Tower. I don't know why, but I suddenly had the urge to go there too. "Hey, Artix. What are you doing here?" I said. He looked at me. "Oh, hey Christopher. I went here because I heard that Yulgar was in jail." he said. "Jail?!?" Crystal said. "Why?" Toff said. "I dunno. Let's go in and find out." Artix said, then went inside.

"Where are you keeping Yulgar?" Artix asked a guardian. "He's in the basement." the guardian said. I wonder why he's in jail. "Why is he in jail?!" Janice said. "We taught he was stealing. We saw him in the Guardian Tower's basement along with a unconscious guardian." the guardian said. "What happened?" I said. "Well, he said a woman teleported him there. He says the woman's name was the 'Huntress' and knocked out one of our guardians." he said.

"You didn't believe him?!" Crystal said. "At first, no. But when the unconscious guardian woke up, he told us that the blacksmith's tale was indeed true." the guardian said. Well that's a relief. "So.......can we go get him now?" Toff said. The guardian nodded. "Thanks." Artix said. We went down to the basement's jail and saw Yulgar behind bars.

"Artix! What took you so long?" Yulgar said. "I had forgotten this jail was under the Guardian Tower basement." Artix said. You forgot?! "How is that guard doing that the Huntress knocked out?" Yulgar said. "Heíll live. He confirmed your story about this 'Huntress'. You'll get out of here now." Artix said, then unlocked the cell's door.

"Warlic and Robina took off following the energy signature of this Huntress' special portal-making glove you mentioned." he said. Portal making glove? I have GOT to have one of those. Suddenly, Warlic and Robina appeared behind us, along with the Huntress. The huntress looked about, 20 years old or so. She had crimson colored hair with green eyes and wore clothes that I had a hard time to describe, so I won't. On her right, she held a sword, and on her left, she wore the 'portal making glove' Artix had mentioned.

I want one. "We need you to come with us." Robina said. "Uh.......sure......" Crystal said, then we went off. "Ahh.....This place is quite familiar." the Huntress said. If you're wondering where we are, Warlic had teleported us to the Guardian Tower's basement where Yulgar was......uhh.....'framed'. "Can we put her in jail already?" Yulgar said, while looking at the Huntress evilly.

Artix managed to laugh a little. I don't get it. "She has done no permanent harm, Yuglar. Except to your pride." Warlic said. "Hmf. Are you sure we can't just lock her up for an hour or two?" Yulgar said. Wow. He really hates her. "I heard that, Blacksmith." the Huntress said, then glared at Yugar. "Hey, you want a piece of me again, Iím right here!" Yulgar said.

"YUGLAR......"Warlic said. "Ehem.....So Artix, does your axe need sharpening?" Yulgar said, then looked at Artix. Dang man. "We are all together here for one reason: To learn what we can about the Devourer before it is too late." Artix said. Wait, we are? "Huntress, please, start at the beginning. Tell us what you know...." Warlic said.

The Devourer. Epheel's master. Yes, I want to know who this 'Devourer' is. "What I tell you is only from my perspective, there will no doubt be some things that I do not know about The 'Galin......the Devourer as you call him." the Huntress said. So, the Devourer's real name is The 'Galin. "Tell us what you can." Warlic said.

"It began many centuries ago.....nearly 1,000 years in the past......When The 'Galin came to lore, Humanity was one of the lesser races, along with the Elves and Dwarves. The Elves hid deep within forest, veiled in magic; the Dwarves hid in their mountains, and Humans hid everywhere in-between. Some Humans joined with other races, and combining their ingenuity, found special places to hide....Such as creating floating towns like Isle d'Oriens, tethered between the world and the Ethereal Realm." Is The 'Galin THAT scary? Oh, sorry.

"The greatest race at the time of The 'Galin's last arrival was the Drakel. In distant past the Drakel represent a link between Humanity and Dragonkind, and yet they are not half-dragons. The Drakel advanced so far that they were able to use magic and technology in perfect harmony. With their 'magiscience' the Drakel build cities that were able to withstand The 'Galin's destructive powers. The Drakel survived, but remained walled away for centuries. In the meantime, Humanity and the other intelligent races returned from hiding and rebuilt Loreís civilizations." Huh. Neat. Oh, sorry......again.

"My family did not survive The 'Galin's attack, though. All but myself and my father lived. My Father became the Eternal, given never ending life so that he could measure the days until The 'Galin's return. The 'Galin himself gave him this gift.......this curse. I, his only living child, he spirited away with him to Isle d'Oriens. I was then but a small child......." the Huntress said. "That's so sad." Janice said. Yeah.

The Huntress nodded. "Even as a child I knew what I had to devote my life to. I had to stop at nothing to find a way to destroy The 'Galin. And so I studied with many scholars for years. And with the help of my father, and several human-friendly Drakel, I constructed my Gauntlet-- because I had learned the only way to have any chance of stopping The 'Galin-----" "-- was to follow his path through the universe. The Gauntlet is tuned for only your use in this purpose-- letting you carve interdimensional portals." Warlic finished.

"o you followed the Devourer, you left your father, and lore, behind, and you went after your hated enemy." Artix said. "I still donít understand......just what IS the Devourer, or The 'Galin as you call it? And if this all started almost a thousand years ago, why are you still alive?" Yulgar said. Yeah, why IS she still alive? "The 'Galin is only one name for the Devourer......There are other people who know more about his origins than I do. But suffice to say, he is the opposing force to creation." the Huntress said.

"He is destruction incarnate." Warlic said. The Huntress nodded. "I still appear young because living in-between universes, as The 'Galin does, halts the flow of time. While I am here on lore, I am aging normally." she said. Oh......So that's it. "Well, ehem.....You donít look a DAY past 4 centuries." Yulgar said. I agree......in some ways. "My, you are not only exceedingly hairy, you are also a comedian. A true renaissance man." the Huntress said.

Janice and Crystal forced back a laugh. The look on their face was so obvious. Well, it IS funny. "SO, before this becomes a wrestling match, let me say this. We now have a plan, though it is still sorely lacking in valuable information. Which, I believe we shall find." the Huntress said. "We must now secure the weapons that the Huntress was after, weapons that will help us battle the Devourer's forces. Our next stop is therefore.....Isle d'Oriens!" Warlic said. Wait, where's that? "I STILL can't believe that Adder is a cousin of mine. It's also quite funny that the Huntress got the two of us mixed up." Yulgar said.

"Funny? Are you calling ME funny? Funny how? HA-HA funny, or funny like a clown?" the Huntress said. Wait, what? "uhh........Maybe we should leave now." Warlic said. "Yup. Let's go." I said, then Warlic casted a spell and teleported us to Isle d'Oriens. I know I'm getting close to finding out how I really died.......and who I REALLY am........
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Chapter 18:
Weapons of Salvation

Christopher's POV
"You can go look around the island while we go look for Yulgar's cousin." Warlic said. We had just arrived at Isle d'Oriens and thankfully, we will get a tour of the place. I don't want to get lost on a place like this. I nodded, then we all took our separate ways. I wandered around 'town', if I can call it, until I got to a library of some sort.

I walked along the path, but suddenly stumbled on something. Apparently, I opened some kind of pathway to sorts. To my instincts, I followed the hidden pathway to yet another library. What's up with that? I saw someone, an elf perhaps. "Welcome to my sanctum. I might not appear pleased, but I do enjoy company, However rare it may be." he said. He was, I think, indeed an elf. He had long, gray hair, darker than mine, with blue colored eyes. He wore red long sleeves with a purple necktie inside his black coat. He also wore black pants and was holding a cane, decorated with a diamond on the tip, on his right arm.

"I am Falerin Ardendor. Loremaster of Isle d'Oriens." he said. What's a Loremaster? "Um......I'm Christopher." then extended my hand to him. He clasped my hand then shook it. "Nice to meet you, Christopher. What brings you here?" he said. "Well, Warlic brought us here to find Yulgar's cousin." I said. "Us?" he asked. "Yup. Us. Me, Janice, Toff, Crystal, Warlic, Yulgar, Artix, and the Huntress." I said. "The Huntress?! The Devourer has arrived?!" he said.

"Well.......yes and no......" I said. "Hmm. Nevermind that. I look forward to meeting you again." he said. "Wait. Before you leave, I have a question: What is a Loremaster?" I asked. Never heard of that before. "As Loremaster, I make it my duty to collect stories of all kinds. Some are truthful, some, not-so-truthful. But all are interesting. You can explore the shelves, but I must warn you. THESE books are special." he said. Collect stories huh. Sounds fun and boring at the same time.

"Why is it special?" I asked. "These books will decide whether you can open them or not. Take 'Gallop's Creed' for instance. It is not Shakesphere, it is not even Thiax Newstar of Seattle Prime but it conveys the message well enough." he said. That's........interesting. "Okay, one last question: Why are your ears pointy?" I asked. I not sure if he's an elf or something.

"By Keesish, the owl of Eldron the Good! Are you always so simple minded? I am of elven lineage. Part-elven, going back generations." he said. I was right. He IS an elf, a rude one too. "Um.....Who is Eldron the Good?" I asked. "Now, if I told you the story of Eldron the Good, you wouldn't be inclined to research the story yourself, would you? I CAN say that he was the perpetrator of much philanthropy." he said. Okay, now I'm confused.

"Okay, thanks. I'll go now." I said, then went off. Outside, I saw everyone gathered up beside the tree. I walked up to them. "Warlic, Artix, I see you have already found Adder. Thank you." the Huntress said. Adder? Oh, I guess that's Yulgar's cousin. "Finding him may only have been half the battle, so to speak." Warlic said. "Indeed. It seems Adder has no memory from ages 6 to 10!" Artix said.

"Very, very curious..." Warlic said. "Let's put it this way, I'm more than a little guffed about it. I never thought much of it....but now.....with this news......" Adder said. "Hehe yeah, how about that? I never knew I had a cousin, let alone one a mile high in the sky! I only wish we knew about this a long time ago." Yulgar said.

"I do not wish to cut this family reunion short, but there will only be time to renew your family ties IF we manage to survive the Devourer, The'Galins's assault. Adder, we need to find out where the weapons have been hidden away for centuries." the Huntress said. "It isn't just that simple, friends. When I was little, I lived near legendary Oaklore Keep far to the west. But then my life is a blank. Next I remember, I am here, in Isle d'Oriens." Adder said. Weird. Its like.......what had happened to me.

"Something happened in those missing 4 years, something very important, but somehow my memory of them is gone." he said. "You MUST remember something! We cannot have come all this way for nothing. THINK, ADDER!" the Huntress said. "I'm telling you, there's nothing there.....it's all a blank." Adder said. Blank. Just like my memories of who my father is. "Hmm.....no Adder, not a blank at all! I know the technique well. Someone placed a VEIL OF MEMORIES over those years!" Warlic said.

"What exactly is that, Warlic? It sounds like the title of a romantic mystery novel...." Crystal said. "The Veil of Memories spell causes one to NOT SEE their own memories from a certain period of time. They don't FORGET what happened.......it is only hidden from them." Warlic said. Immediately, Janice and Crystal looked at me like, 'Is that what happened to you?' look. Toff looked a little uneasy from that. I wonder why.

"But this veil is not permanent......it is like a LOCK ON A DOOR. It needs a key to lift the veil, and the key is usually a special OBJECT----" "Holy fried frogzard legs! An object----LIKE THE BOOK." Yulgar finished. A special object. Maybe THAT'S the solution to my problem. I NEED something to unlock my hidden memories. "EXACTLY, Yulgar. except for the frogzard part. Show Adder the BOOK, if you please?" Warlic said, then looked at the Huntress.

"This had better work, wizard." the Huntress said, then took the book out of her pouch and showed it to Adder. "Okay, here it is. You feel any itching sensations in your brain yet?" she said. Adder stared deeply into the book. "Weapons.....of.....Salvation. NOW I remember! The Weapons of Salvation are hidden----" Suddenly, a man in his 50's, I guess, appeared in front of us. "----the Weapons of Salvation are hidden deep underground, beneath the crater from where the Isle d'Oriens rose into the sky long ago." he said.

Whoa. How'd he know that? "Father! YOU are the one behind the creation and hiding of the Weapons?" the Huntress said. Father? Is he the one who she told us about? "After you left in pursuit of the Devourer, I was alone. Watching over the secret clock that counted down the seconds until the day the Devourer returned......I was angry. Frustrated. My life had come to mean nothing. And so I had to do something, to make it right. I spent every waking hour in the library here, and talking with wizards and psychics." the man said.

That's......disturbing. "After 2 decades of research, I discovered a super-rare metal called Viridium. This metal originated in the interdimensional pathways that the Devourer traveled for eons. There was a story of a girl who tossed a spoonful of powdered Viridium into the face of one of the Devourer's minions. The minion was weakened, and she escaped." he said. Again, disturbing.

"The Eternal realized that Viridium was poison to the Devourer's agents. And so he went to my ancestors, and those of Yulgar, for help." Adder said. The Eternal? Is that his name? "The family of blacksmiths gathered all the Viridium that could be found and began to forge weapons enough for an ARMY! For I knew the Devourer would come back." the Eternal said. That's freaky.

"The weapons were made, and hidden in the mountains. And then, not long ago, when Adder was a young lad, he helped me move them, to confuse any of the Devourer's agents who may have remained on Lore. So now the Devourer has returned, and his agents, Epheel included, are close behind us." he said. Hah! I was right. Epheel WAS the bad guy.

"You MUST hurry to the surface! Epheel may already be gathering his forces there. I will contact Vince, and have him lower Isle d'Oriens on its tether, we will need it nearby when the weapons are found. Once on the Isle, they will be much safer. Now, to arms!" the Eternal said, then vanished. "Why, Father, you are getting to be FEISTY in your old age." the Huntress said then suddenly, the island slowly lowered to the crater below.

I'm getting closer into finding out the whole mystery to my lost memories. And maybe these Weapons of Salvation will take me closer to them.........

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Chapter 19:
Revelations Part 1

Christopher's POV
The cavern seems to have been here long before the crater was formed, 'cause the entrance was blocked by a cave-in, but Warlic levitated the rocks away. Somewhere within rest the Weapons of Salvation, and maybe, just maybe, I can find some of my memories there.

"I'll stay and guard the outside." Artix said. "Me too." Vince said. Oh yeah, have you met Vince? He's a Drakel and has a robotic arm for an........arm. Anyways, we hiked through the bottom of the cave, beating up monsters and resting for a few minutes before continuing our journey. Toff seems troubled since we got here. I wonder, is he hiding something from me? Janice walked beside me. "Hey, you okay?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine." is all I said. I got the weirdest feeling that something's not right. "You sure? You looked troubled." she said. I just patted her head. That's what I like the most about her. She's so caring. "Don't worry, I'm fine." She smiled. "We have done it! We have reached the lowest level of the caverns. The Weapons of Salvation fill this chamber!" Warlic suddenly shouted.

Wrong timing, Warlic. You ruined the moment. "I will teleport them back to Isle d'Oriens, and there Vince and Adder will help us distribute them! In the meantime, make sure our enemies are driven from this place!" he said, then vanished along with the chests. "NOOOOO! Malzar, attack!" a familiar voice said. I don't need to see his face to remember that voice. "Epheel......" I said.

Something suddenly jumped Janice, but I blocked it with Death's scythe which I didn't know I summoned. Must be my instinct taking over. Cool. "What IS that thing? I've never heard of anything like it." Crystal said. Yeah me either. "Me neither, and I have seen a LOT of strange stuff, with and without the aid of brew." Yulgar said. Okay, I won't even ASK what that means. "It was one of the Devourer's agents, from another world." the Huntress said.

"Its amazing what the Devourer has for minions......" Toff said. Yeah. Note the sarcasm on that. "Well, I'm going to sent it to ANOTHER world." I said, then swung Death's scythe at, what Epheel calls, 'Malzar'. What had happened next had shocked me. No, not me, but us. The direction which I had swung Death's scythe at, opened a Portal. The same Portal to Death's domain. The beast, Malzar, got sucked into the Portal then immediately closed.

"What........was THAT?!" Janice said. "I........I have no idea." Seriously, I don't. It just......happened. "THERE! I see him, in the next chamber, that ugly zard-patty isn't going to get away that easily! COME ON!" Yulgar shouted, then ran off. "WAIT! Oh great, they got a big head start on me. I hope they let ME get a piece of Epheel before they finish him!" Toff said. Since when did he want a piece of Epheel?

We followed Yulgar and the Huntress, but saw them lying in the ground. "Oh no! We're too late!" Crystal said. "You're gonna pay for this Epheel." I said. "Your friends cannot help you any more! You are alone now, and I will pick my teeeeth with your bonessss!" he said. You are very irritating for a mutated-undead spider. He lunged at me, but I jumped up, landed beside him and..............CLAWED him?!?

"Argh!!" he yelled, then ran away. I looked at my hand. "What the........." Janice said. "You're a.........Werewolf?!?" Crystal said. "Oh no......" Toff said. And with that, we all looked at him. "What do you mean by: 'Oh no'?" I said. The look on his face explains it all. He knows something I, WE, don't know. "That's classified information." he said. Say what? "Oooohhh......." Yulgar said.

"Yulgar! You okay?!" Crystal said, then ran to him. Same with the others. I forgot that they're here. Weird. I ran to the Huntress and assisted her to stand up. "Whew!! You're both okay. We were beginning to worry. Epheel got away, but not before Christopher made sure he didn't forget me for a long time!" Crystal said. Sometimes, Crys amaze me. She can quickly change moods. That is so.........freaky.

"Uuuhhh......oooohhhh boy, this is going to require several PINTS of potion....."Yulgar said. "This.......is indeed a victory. But a small one. For we may have won this battle, and found the weapons of salvation, but the real WAR is only JUST BEGINNING!" the Huntress said. Warlic suddenly appeared in front of us. "I see that you're all finished here. I have already teleported Artix and Vince at Battleon. I came to pick you all up. So, are you all ready?" he said.

"I........guess?" I said. Warlic raised his hand then suddenly, light enveloped us. The next hing I knew, we were all back at Yulgar's Inn. "You guys can rest here for the day, for free of course." Yulgar said. "Really?! Why?!" Janice said. "Hey, we're all in the same team here. Might as well help each other out." Yulgar said. "Gee. Thanks Yulgar." Crystal said.

We went to each of our respective rooms, then I suddenly remembered: I've got something I need to ask to Toff. I washed up, changed my clothes, then quickly went to his room. I knocked on the door. "Who is it?" he said. "Toff, we need to talk." I said. "Uh......no." he said. You are definitely hiding something. "Come on, open the door or I'll break it down." I said.

"Alright, alright." he said, then opened the door. "Hiya!" Crystal said. "Whoa!" I said, then jumped. How can she suddenly pop out like that? "Oh, Hi Crystal. Hi Janice." Toff said. Janice? I looked behind me and saw her waving at me. Okaaaaay. "Well? Come on in." Toff said. We all came in and sat at the floor. Right. Time to ask some questions.

"Since we're all here, let's play!" Crystal said. Say what now? "Sure. What kind of game?" Janice said. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. We're going to what?! "Open Forum! Someone asks a question to someone then that person answers it truthfully! Easy!" Crystal said. Oh. Okay. "Sounds fun." Toff said.

"Okay, who goes first?" Crystal asked. "Me first!" Janice said, then looked at me, smiling evilly. Uh oh. "Christopher! Here's my question: Who did you had a crush on besides me?" she said. Again, uh oh. "Uh.....well......no-one.....I think." I said. She pouted. Aww, that's cute. "Really? You're lying, aren't you?" she said. Busted. "Alright. You REALLY want to know?" I said. She nodded. Here goes. "Okay. Other that you, I had a slight crush on........Crystal." I said.

"WHAT?!?" Janice and Crystal shouted. Ow. I'm right here. There's no reason to shout. "What?" I asked. What's the big deal? "Okay, okay, okay. Next question." Toff said. "Me!" Crystal said, then also looked at me. I have a bad feeling about this. "Since when did that 'slight crush' started?" she said. I knew it. This is so.......awkward. "When we first met. When you found me lying on the ground, unconscious." I said.

"Ohhh..........."Janice and Crystal said in chorus. Whew. I thought I was in trouble. "Okay, next question." I said. "Me." Toff said. I wonder what he'll ask, or who he'll ask. "Janice. My question: What will you do if you found out the truth about Christopher?" he said. Did I hear that right? "W-what?" Janice said. "I said: What will you do if you found out the truth about Christopher?" Toff said. The truth? About what? Who I really am? Maybe this is it. Maybe today, I'll find out who, or what, I really am........
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Chapter 20:
Revelations Part 2

Toff's POV
"I said: What will you do if you found out the truth about Christopher?" It's time. I need to tell him, tell them, the whole truth. I may not stop him from his transformation, but I CAN stop him from doing the exact same stupid thing he did the last time he knew. "What do you mean?" Janice said.

"I mean what I said." They, he, must know now before its too late. "Toff, I love Christopher with all my heart. So, whatever this 'truth' thing is, you can expect that my feelings for him won't change." Janice said. Sigh. That's the exact same thing you said the last time. "Toff......." I looked at Christopher. He's staring at me, and I can see that he knows what I'm trying to say. "Toff..........tell me........everything." he said.

"Everything? Okay. Let's start at the beginning. The day where our mother died. It was a cold and stormy night. I can remember it all clearly........"

10 years ago......

"Brother! Brother, where are you?!" I called, as I ran through the corridors of the house, searching for Christopher. I was 10 years old back then. We were being attacked by a pack of Werewolves for I don't know what reason. "Toff! In here!" Suddenly, I heard a loud whisper calling for me. I quickly, but silently, ran to the voice's direction but suddenly, a Vampire blocked my path. Luckily, a Werewolf tackled the Vampire.

Whew. I thought I was going to die. I ran to my room. The room where I heard someone call my name. "Toff, you okay?" Christopher said. After I went inside, mother and Christopher barricaded the doors and windows of my room. "Yeah *huff* I'm okay." I said, while catching my breath.


"Toff, that's not what I meant by everything." Christopher said. Well, you DID say everything. "Oh come on, Chris. Let him finish." Crystal said. "Alright...........I guess." Christopher said. Right. Where was I? Oh yeah.


I heard a loud banging and crashing noise outside. I clung to my mother's arm. "Mom, I'm scared." I said. "Don't worry, Toff. Everything will be alright." she said, then stroked my hair. The banging noise became louder. Then I realized that the noise was coming from the door. They're trying to get in.

Suddenly, a hand broke through the door. A Vampire's hand. What happened? Did the Vampire's scare off the Werewolves? "Christopher! Take Toff to someplace safe, NOW!" mother said. Christopher grabbed my arm and dragged me to the closet to hide. We hoped on inside and closed the closet's doors.

"Wait! What about mother?" I said, as I tried to get out but Christopher held me back. "Shh. Be quiet of else they'll hear us." he whispered. I peeked through the railings. What I saw had horrified me. A Vampire bit my mother and sucked her blood dry. "Mother.........no........" I said, then forced back a tear.

I looked at Christopher, who did the exact same thing. We hid there in the closet, waiting for the Vampire to leave. A few minutes later, we got out. "Are they gone?" I asked. "I........I think so......." Christopher said, as he walked towards mother's body. He knelt beside her, while I, cried on the sight of my mother, dead.

"Don't worry mother, I'll take care of Toff from now. I will protect him from anything that can harm him. I promise..........." Christopher said, then stood up. "Let's..........let's go." he said, then both of us left the house.


"So that's what happened........." Crystal said. "Yes......Okay, back to topic......please." Christopher said, then looked at me, mixed emotions. "Toff, tell me how I ACTUALLY died. Tell me who I REALLY am. And tell me.........tell me who our father is.........." he said. Sigh. I guess its time to tell him about.........him. I didn't want it to come to this way but, there's no secret that can be kept forever.

"Who our father is? Well, our father is................Wolfwing." Then, after hearing those words, his reaction is what I had hoped on not seeing again. The face of shock, sorrow, and anger..............

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Chapter 21:
The Truth

Christopher's POV
"Who our father is? Well, our father is................Wolfwing." WOLFWING?! MY father?! No. You have GOT to be lying, Toff. "Stop joking around Toff." Janice said. "Do I look like I'm joking? I'm dead serious about this." Toff said. No. No way. If he's REALLY my father, then why would he try to kill me? "If you're serious, then answer me this: Why did he, of all people, try to kill his own son?!" Janice said. Yes, why.....

Suddenly, I sensed someone, or something, headed here. And I think I know who that is. "If you REALLY want to now, let's go ask him personally." Toff said, then went downstairs. We followed behind. Outside the Inn, my hunch was right. "Wolfwing......." Crystal said. "If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get!" Janice said, then drew her weapon.

"But.....I....." Wolfwing struggled in saying those words. "Shut up and fight!" Janice said, then lunged at him. I summoned Death's scythe and blocked her blade. "Let him talk." I said. "But.......alright." Janice said, then withdrew her sword. Artix suddenly appeared behind us. "Why have you come here? What dark plans do you have now?!" he said.

Dewlok and Cenara appeared beside Wolfwing. "He has come because I have asked him to. He came to Granemor first, expecting a better reception there, as we indeed do tend to be less judgemental." Dewlok said. This seems familiar. "I have no quarrel with you, Dewlok, but why would you advise Wolfwing to come HERE of all places?" Artix said.

Yes. Why? "Because it is here that the resistance to The 'Galin is assembled, and his reason for coming concerns the Devourer. Or more specifically his agents. Wolfwing has in fact already helped once in that effort." Dewlok said. Why am I not surprised? Seriously. "It concerns my father, and that spider he now accepts orders from." Cenara said.

"I'm confused. I thought your father was a farmer your mother met after leaving Balius!" Janice said. How'd she know? "I never said that the farmer was my father. Only that my mother married him after leaving my father." Cenara said. "Nightbane has fallen completely under the geas of Epheel. Epheel lies, cheats, steals and manipulates to get his way." Wolfwing said. Yep. This REALLY seems familiar.

"The ancient Moglin texts refer to a deceiver who comes as a harbinger for the Devourer. That is the role Epheel plays and he has done it well." Dewlok said. "What does this have to do with coming here?" Artix said. "My father has gone mad. He tried to kill Wolfwing again and then he turned himself upon me. I am sure that I can speak reason to him. If only I can get close enough." Cenara said.

"We have come to ask for your town's help, Paladin." Wolfwing said. "I never would have thought such a day would come. One of my most fierce enemies asking for my help!" Artix said. Again. Why am I not surprised? "Nightbane has been changed by the Void. He is a dangerous creature and he is a threat to all of us." Wolfwing said.

"Think what would happen if he attacked now. Think hard about it. We are building our defenses against one army already.......the Devourer's Network. We cannot afford to fight on a second front." Dewlok said. "My father has fallen to the darkness, but he was once a good man. I am certain that something better can be made of this situation. Please. Will you gather help for me?" Cenara said. "Well, Christopher, what do you say? Will you help Cenara speak reason to her father Nightbane?" Artix said.

After a few minutes of thinking, "Yes, I will. But first, I need to know everything, father......" I said, then looked at Wolfwing. "FATHER?!?" Artix, Dewlok, and Cenara shouted in chorus. "I see Toff already told you......." Wolfwing said, then staggered backwards. Cenara helped him stand. "Are you alright, grandfather?" Grandfather? So that means..........

"Yes, I am alright......." Wolfwing said. "We........we better get inside the Inn......." I said, then went off. Inside the Inn, in the guests room, everybody sat down, looking confused as ever. Cenara and Artix went off to treat Wolfwing's wounds. A few minutes of silence has passed before Janice finally talked. "So........is it really true?" she said.

"I don't know either. I'm as confused as you guys. But maybe Toff can fill us up on this......" I said, then looked at him. He sighed. "Toff, I want to know the whole truth." I said. "Fine. As you already know: Wolfwing is our father. So, Balius, Nightbane, is our-----" Wolfwing, Cenara, and Artix sat beside us. "Brother." Wolfwing finished. Great. MORE bad news.

I don't know what to do right now. "Well technically, HALF-brother to be exact." he said. Yeah. What's the difference? "You want to know the whole truth? Fine. Might as well tell you now before..........nevermind." he said. What? What is it? "What do you want to know first?" he asked. Hmm.......What DO I want to know first?

"Back then, when I was still a Vampire, you attacked me and the Werewolf and brought us to your lair. Right?" I asked. He nodded. "Okay then. Now, I want to know why you did that, and why you offered me to bear your curse." I said. He chuckled. How can he laugh at a time like this? "Simple. I want you to become stronger. So you can have a chance at defending yourself against Nightbane." he said.

Defend myself? Why? "So, if I am REALLY your son, then I am also a Werepyre, correct?" I said. He nodded. "Then why did you offer me to bear your curse?" I asked. I really don't understand why he offered me that if I'm already a Werepyre. "Because I want to speed up your transformation, and replace your Vampire state back then." he said. I see.......

I just noticed something. Toff and Janice keeps on glaring at Wolfwing. Everybody else looked so shocked, save for Cenara. "Last thing I want to know is: Why did you kill me?" I asked, which had caused everybody to be even more shocked, if such a thing is possible in their state. "Yes. Why indeed? Let's see........Because I want to save you." he said. "SAVE me?! By KILLING me?! That makes no sense at all!" I said.

I felt a dark and powerful presence near me. Then I realized that powerful presence WAS me. Shadows started to move towards me, enveloping me in the process. What the heck is happening? "Oh no. Not good." Toff said, then drew his sword. Minutes later, I blacked out. Next thing I knew, I was lying on the ground, around a pile of broken wood and wounded people. I tried to stand up, but my body was aching all over.

Wolfwing helped me up. "What.......happened......?" I said, struggling to say those words. "You.......after the shadows envelop you, well, let's just say you.......'demolished' the Inn.......completely." he said. I did WHAT?! "Where's everybody else then?" I said, as I searched for them. "They're fine. They're currently staying at the Guardian Tower for now though." he said.

"Why are you so........kind to me?" I asked. He's acting like that ever since he knew that I knew he was my father. "Simple. Because you're my son. And I treat my children well." he said. Just the thought of that scares me. "Come now, let us tell them that you're alive." he said, then we walked towards the Tower.

Inside, the guardians ran around treating everyone who's been wounded. I did this.....? How? "Christopher! Your alright!" I heard a voice shout. I looked to see who it was and I saw Janice, running towards me then hugged me tight. "I'm........sorry." I said, then hugged back. "Break it up you two......." Wolfwing said, then looked outside. "........cause we've got company." I looked out and saw hundreds and hundreds of Were-creatures coming towards Battleon.

Their leader? None other than my Half-brother, Nightbane. "Looks like the time has come......." Toff said, then drew his sword. "TIME FOR WAR!!!" Artix yelled, then drew his axe. "Let's go. I'll see if I can reason with father........" Cenara said, then all of us went outside. Time for me to 'get to know' my Half-brother now that I know the truth.

But there's one thing that keeps on bugging me. How did I completely obliterated Yulgar's Inn, and everything that surrounded it, in just thirty seconds? Only one secret left untold. But not for long........
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Chapter 22:

Christopher's POV
Outside the Guardian Tower, Nightbane stood in front of the town's entrance. Wolfwing flew towards him. "I see you're still alive. Your pretty persistent for an old man." Nightbane said. "Fool. No-one can defeat Wolfwing!" Wolfwing said, then grabbed Nightbane by the neck and flew to the air. "CHARGE!!!!!" Artix said, then ran forward, everyone else followed except for me and Toff.

I had an idea. I closed my eyes and focused. Suddenly, two bat-like wings sprouted from my back. "Same crazy idea, huh." Toff said. I looked beside me and saw him sprout his wings. "What can you say? Great minds think alike." I said. He laughed. "So, let's go?" he said. I nodded, then both of us flew off to help Wolfwing.

Janice's POV
"Look out!" Crystal yelled. I looked at my side, dodged, then swung my sword at that wretched Were-bat. Man. These things kept on attacking us. Another one came at me. I jumped up and landed behind the beast, then stabbed it on its head. "How's everyone doing?" I asked. "Not good. There's too many of them." Crystal said. I looked on my side and saw the guardians, summoning their dragons to help them. Right. How is THAT not good? I looked at my other side and saw hoards and hoards of them. Okay, now THAT'S not good.

I looked up. They're still fighting Nightbane. "Janice! To your side!" I heard Artix shout. I looked beside me, jumped up, then swung my sword at yet another Were-bat. At this rate, we need reinforcements.

Toff's POV
I lunged at Nightbane and swung my sword. And as expected, he dodged it and clawed me. Good thing I evaded that right on cue. "Nightbane, stop this! Since when have you answered to a master? Have you been brainwashed?" Christopher said. "I have been given power you cannot begin to imagine." Nightbane said, then used his breath attack at us.

I dodged it easily, same with Christopher and Wolfwing. "You want to see power? Then I'll give you power." Christopher said. I suddenly felt that dark and powerful presence again. Don't do this brother.

Crystal's POV
Another Were-bat lunged at me. I did a somersault, landed behind it, then stabbed it with my sword. Oh man. When will this end. Suddenly, I felt a dark and powerful presence. The one like......uh oh. I looked up, and my hunch was right. He's doing it again. "Everybody stay clear in this area!" I shouted, then ran a few meters back. Same with everybody else.

A few moments later, that area exploded with shadows, along with the other Were-bats lurking around there. Everyone, and I mean everyone, stopped to look at what happened. After the smoke, and shadows, cleared up, I saw Christopher, Toff, Wolfwing, and Nightbane at the ground, severely wounded.

Every single one of Nightbane's 'minions' stopped and retreated back to where they came from. Job well done, Chris. You never cease to amaze me.

Christopher's POV
The good news is: Nightbane's minions retreated. The bad news is: I can't move. That was one, seriously, stupid idea. Toff came staggering towards me. "You alright, brother?" he said. "Yeah. More or less." I said. The good thing about being a Werepyre is that we can regenerate faster than any-other Were-creatures.

"What.......what is that power.......?" Nightbane said. "Heh. You like that?" I said. ".........Death....." he said. Say what? "Since when did you learn to control the powers of the former Avatar of Death?" Wolfwing said. Again, say what? Cenara came running towards us. "Enough! No one must die here today! Father, please listen!" she said. "Hey baby! Now THIS should be interesting." a voice said.

Suddenly, two figures emerged behind Nightbane. One, I don't recognize. The other, Epheel. "Cenara! What are you doing here?!" Nightbane said. Oh yeah. I forgot that Cenara is Nightbane's daughter. So that means........Cenara's my NIECE?!? "Epheel has used you. You once were proud and noble. Even when you fell entirely into your darkness and greed you maintained that pride and nobility." Cenara said.

You got that right. "Do not listen to her. Kill her!" Epheel said. "Shut up you over-grown excuse of a spider." I said. He just hissed at me. One of these days, I'll kill you. "Now, however? What has become of you? Have you completely given in to madness? Have you completely given up your honor and pride?" Cenara said.

"KILL HER...." Epheel said. "One more word, Epheel. One more word......." I taunted, which had seemed to work. "The Devourer, The 'Galin will destroy you, Father. Just as he will destroy all he serve him from dark motive." Cenara said. Nightbane seems to be over-thinking his allegiance with the Devourer. Go Cenara!

"Please. Reconsider what you have done. Please. I am begging you. Come back to us." Cenara said. "Death. We must have death!" Epheel said. "That's it. You're going down!" I said, then lunged at Epheel, but Wolfwing stopped me. "Not yet." he said. You got lucky, Epheel. "That much is very apparent...." Nightbane said. Uh oh.

"Don't listen to that mutated excuse for a wizard! All he does is trick people. And he stinks like rotten eggs, too." Toff said. Go Toff! "Oooh! Now THAT'S hitting below the belt, baby! Yeah!" the guy beside Epheel said. I know, right? Nightbane stepped forward. Uh oh. "Stand back, Cenara, I'll protect you!" I said, then drew my sword.

"Hey now." the guy, which I still don't know the name, said. Nightbane suddenly grabbed him and threw him away. "TRAITOR! Fool! You cannot harm me. I am immor-----" Nightbane grabbed Epheel to his throat. "--urk--" Epheel said. "You should really have taken a lesson from my father. I have a habit of outstripping my masters." Nightbane said, then threw Epheel at my direction.

He landed right in front of me. "I'll let you do the honors, Christopher." Nightbane said. Oh yeah. "Now Epheel, you'll pay for everything you have done." I said, then stabbed my sword in his chest. Epheel suddenly melted after that. "What was that?! He melted?" Crystal said. "Whoa!" I said, then jumped. She just popped right behind me.

Why does she keep on doing that? "He belongs to the Devourer and in death his soul is taken." Nightbane said. "Now what?" Janice said, who suddenly appeared beside me. "I know nothing about what you will do. However my daughter has begged me to stop The 'Galin. I plan on seeing him dead." Nightbane said. Is that even possible?

"Father---" "No, Cenara, after all I have done, please don't think of me in that way again. I live now only to try and salvage my honor.......But know this. That the man I was, if he exists, still loves you dearly." Nightbane finished. I didn't know a part of him still cares for his daughter.

"I have one question for you, Christopher." Nightbane said. I looked at him. "What is it?" I asked. "Will you let me help you into defeating The 'Galin?" he asked. "Of course, Nightbane. You are welcome to help us anytime." I said. "Thank you. Well, until then, brother." Nightbane said, then flew off. How'd he know?

"Now that that's over, let's head back to the Tower and rest." Artix said, then all of us went off. Inside the Guardian Tower, at the basement (Which, luckily, has some spare rooms), everybody went to their respective rooms except for me, Toff, Janice, Crystal, Wolfwing, and Cenara. I've got something I need to ask father.

"Wolfwing, I need to ask you something." I said. "What is it?" he asked. "Back there, after I used that........power, what did Nightbane mean by, Death? And what did you mean by 'former Avatar of Death's power'?" I asked. He seemed uneasy with that question. "I guess its time to tell you the whole truth........." he said.

Truth? About what? "That.......'power' you used........it's the power of the former Avatar of Death who has..........found a new host in you." he said. Oh man.........

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Chapter 23:
The Rise of Omega

Toff's POV
"That.......'power' you used........it's the power of the former Avatar of Death who has..........found a new host in you." I looked at Wolfwing. "Geez. You HAD to tell him that so sudden." I said. "Well, what did you expect? His power is already developing. And I don't want it to fall into the wrong hands." he said. Riiiiight."I can hear you, you know." Christopher said, then walked past us.

"And I want answers." he said, as he dragged me and Wolfwing towards the Guardian Tower. Falerin suddenly appeared in front of us. "I'm afraid I have brought some bad news......" he said. "Which is......?" I asked. What news can be THAT bad for Loremaster Falerin to tell it to us personally? "Omega is coming.........." he said. Yeah. I had to ask.

Christopher's POV
"Omega is coming.........." Who? I think I've heard that name before. "I have spotted Ryuusei Cartwright on his way to Greenguard." Falerin said. "The one who orchestrated the war on Paxia? Who refused to follow The 'Galin's orders? He is here?! Why?" Toff said. Yeah. I know that guy too. "An evil man. He serves The 'Galin out of entirely evil motives and the ultimate belief that he should fanatically destroy all creation." Wolfwing said.

"He is an alien from a race that has been all but obliterated. Due to his own actions Ryuusei serves The 'Galin with blind devotion. None of The 'Galin's forces would have stopped you in this effort, because it was a sign for his armies as much as for us. Omega is coming, that's for sure now." Falerin said. "What do you mean?" Crystal said. Hey, that's my line.

"Cartwright is a Communicant and is working to enable Omega...." Falerin said. He what?! "Wait. Who or what is Omega?" I asked. "When the Avatar began the rebellion among the Faceless, and it was known that those who wished to stop The 'Galin were mobilizing, there were people who voiced that there would come a force to end Creation. He was called The 'Galin's Arm, or Omega, a tool who is used to enable him to focus his effort in a narrow way." Falerin said.

Woah. "Omega is an Avatar too, but not a Faceless. Omega is the manifestation of the Devourer himself, and Ryuusei plans on bringing about Omega's arrival regardless of The 'Galin's, or anyone else's, desires. The point is this. The other armies, while large and destructive, are just a minor force. The brunt of that force follows Cartwright and plans to force The 'Galin's manifestation as Omega. They are moving on the Cor-Dem Gate." he said.

"Then he MUST be stopped." Toff said. "Indeed. I shall be waiting for you at Greenguard Forest." Falerin said, then vanished. "Let's go." I said. We were about to leave but suddenly, I felt a familiar presence. "Death......." me, Toff, and Wolfwing said in chorus. A Portal to Death's Domain opened right behind me, then an arm suddenly pulled me into the Portal as it quickly closed.

"Welcome back to my home, Human. You have escaped me for quite a long time now." a familiar voice said. "What do you want, Death?" I said. "I want my scythe back, AND your soul too." he said. "MY soul?!? I'm not even dead yet!" I shouted. "Yes. For now, though." he said, then extended his hand towards me. His scythe suddenly grew to full size and flew right to his hand.

"Now, I shall take your soul as punishment for stealing my scythe." he said, then swung his scythe at me. I tried to run, but something has binded me to my position. After his scythe had touched me, I suddenly passed out. Is this how it's going to be? Why now? Now that I have found out who I am, what I am, and who my father is. Then suddenly, I saw light. Since when did Death's Domain have light?

I opened my eyes and saw Janice crying, while holding up my body. Wait.......I'm ALIVE?!? But how? I tilted my head to my side. I saw Crystal, crying in Toff's arms. I tilted my head to my other side. I saw Wolfwing......Wait. How long was I out? I tried to move. Man. My body's aching all over. I slowly patted Janice's head. "Hush now........You know that I hate it when you cry........" I said.

"YOU'RE ALIVE!!!!" she yelled, then hugged me tight. Did you really have to shout? "Brother! You're alive! But how?" Toff said. "Yeah. What happened?" Crystal said. "I.......I don't.......know......." I said. Yeah. I can't move. My whole body hurts........so much. "Let's get you to the Tower. Fill us up on the details there." Toff said, then they all carried me to the Guardian Tower.

After an hour or so, I can move again, but my body still hurts. "So, what happened back there?" Wolfwing asked. "Well, when I arrived, Death said: I want my scythe back, AND your soul too. Then he took back his scythe and swung it at me, then I blacked out after." I said. "Interesting. Either Death changed his mind on taking your soul, or something else had retrieved your soul." Toff said. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's talk about this later. Right now, stopping Cartwright is our main concern here." Wolfwing said.

"He's right. Falerin said he was at Greenguard Forest right? So let's go there NOW." I said, then grabbed one of the Weapons of Salvation. Good thing I kept some of those. "But, are you okay to fight? You might strain yourself." Janice said. "Yeah. Don't worry, I'll be fine." I said, then smiled. "Let's go." Toff said, then we all went off.

Several minutes later (Cause it wasn't that far of a walk), we arrived at the Forest and saw Falerin. Apparently, he's been busy talking to someone. "Delay Cartwright. It's time we act. I will do what I can about the other matter we discussed, Galrick." he said, then vanished. So, the one he's talking to was this 'Galrick' fellow.

"Hi" Crystal said. "Hmm? Oh, hello there. My name's Galrick. I trust you're Falerin's friends?" he said. "Um......yeah. More or less....." Toff said. "What other matter was Falerin talking about?" I asked. "Not right now. Cartwright is just over there!" he said, then pointed at his direction. "Maybe we should wait for backup...." I said. He looked around. "Yeah. Nevermind." I said.

"The Master's Communicant is now home as is proper. A debt is owed for his safe delivery." Cartwright said. "Ryuusei......." "Cartwright......" I finished. "And now the manifestation will proceed." Cartwright said. "You will fall, Twain!" Galrick said. Ryuusei looked at Galrick. "Never call me by that name. The persona of Robert Twain is as dead, as is my foolish stepfather." he said.

"You want to use Galrick as Omega?!?" I said. "Not quite." "HIM?! No, never." Galrick and Cartwright said simultaneously. Riiiiiiight. "He is a traitor and his fate shall be obliteration, not uncreation, for I wish society to remember you as the failure that you are." Cartwright said. Say what? "Shut up and fight!" Galrick said, then started attacking Ryuusei, but Ryuusei's arm transforms into a black claw. He impales Galrick, whose sword flies from his hand and lands behind him.

"Galrick......?" I said. That was........fast. "...I am dying, as I knew I must...." Galrick said. WHAT?!? "No!" I yelled, then ran up to him and held up his body. "I am afraid so. I knew that I would not survive this war... It's okay... " he said. "It's NOT okay!" I said. "Everyone dies eventually. He won't last much longer than me. Just.....one thing....." he said. "What?" I asked.

"Please.....remember me for the good I did. In the end. Do not judge me for my mistake.....Now take my sword. Do me the favor of running him through with it." he said. "This is not right--" "Falerin told me once that life rarely ever is .... I think I actually managed to do pretty well for my....se...lf....." he said, then closed his eyes. His body glowed, then suddenly vanished while Ryuusei laughed maniacally.

Toff, Crystal, and Janice ran beside me, while Wolfwing lunged at Ryuusei. I lay Galrick's body down, grabbed his blade, then stood up. "Wolfwing.......stop. Let me handle him." I said. "Are you insane?!" Wolfwing said, then flew behind me. "Trust me on this......." I said. You will pay, Cartwright. Mark my words......
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Chapter 24:
Transformation Part 1

Christopher's POV
"I would love to spend this time chatting. However I do have more pressing engagements on Deren. I will however offer you this final offer." Cartwright said. Offer? Do you think I'll even accept that? "Serve him. Join my master. Be on the winning side. You know this will not end well." he said. And without hesitation, I said: "I will never join you."

"Well, you have chosen. Now, you have battles to fight and so have I!" he said. "Wait!" I yelled, but was too late. He suddenly vanished and at the same time, his 'minions' appeared and attacked us. "Great." I said, then lunged at one of his minions. While we had no trouble beating them to a pulp, there were so many, and we were all starting to get tired.

"I can't take this anymore." I said. And out of instinct, I.........transformed to my Werepyre form. I sprouted a pair of bat-like wings, grew fangs as fur grew all over my body. I lunged at them at high speed, clawing and slashing every monster I bump into. I obtained immense power, for a price. After I transformed, I couldn't control my actions. I almost clawed Toff if it wasn't for his speed. Several minutes later, I stopped, reverted back to Human form, then collapsed.

When I opened my eyes again, we were in front of the Cor-Dem Gate. I stood up. "What happened? How'd we get here?" I asked. "Hmm? Oh, you're finally awake, huh. Well, after you collapsed, we fought Cartwright's remaining minions. After that, we dragged you here." Toff said. What manners. Suddenly, something landed beside us. A Brilhado.

"Who are----" "The name's Diviara." he said. "Diviara, we seem to have defeated all of Ryuusei's forces on this side of the gate." Wolfwing said. "Your enthusiasm is welcome but unfortunately, unfounded. Some of the Network escaped through the gate, as well as Ryuusei himself." Diviara said. What?! "Then let's not waste a second of time. THROUGH THE GATE!!" Crystal yelled, then went inside the gate. We followed behind.

We arrived at the Temple of Hope. Odd. I've never been here but this place seemed familiar. "He is a failure and so are you. So are your people. Fighting always. Warring. You shall be obliterated by the Master too. Like him you will fail." Cartwright said. Are you talking to me? "Not before I make you pay for what you did to Galrick, to everyone!!" I said. "Your posturing is amusing. Let us see you get through to me first! Agent Smith......... DEAL WITH THIS PITIFUL EXCUSE FOR A 'HERO'. " he said, then someone behind him stepped up.

It was the same man back then. So his name is 'Smith'. "Yeah, baby." he said. Er, riiiiiight. Falerin suddenly appeared behind us. "Friends, I am in need of your assistance, NOW. Except for you, Christopher. Delay him for now." he said, then vanished along with Toff, Crystal, Janice, and Wolfwing. Right. Guess I'm on my own then.

I lunged at 'Smith' and swung my sword, no, Galrick's sword at him. He dodged and kicked me at my side. I staggered back. "Finish him." Cartwright said. Smith extended his hand at me. Suddenly, I felt so cold, so worthless. "What is this cold......I am a failure....I stand no...chance." I said. Woah. Where did that came from?

"You are assaulting them with the full cold in front of me? Have you gone mad?!?" Diviara said. Oh yeah. I forgot he's still here. Another Brilhado suddenly landed in front of us. "You! You are the one who ordered my mother killed! To unseat my father and claim his position." the Brilhado said, pointing at Cartwright. Yeah. I can't move.

"Amilara......son...." Diviara said. So, his name is Amilara. Wait, son? "Save your tears, Celegra! Your mother like all of your family was a traitor." Cartwright said. "My uncle's death you only mourned as a military mistake. You planned to use me against my father. You let me hate him for years!" Amilara said. "Boo hoo...a tiny violin plays soft music for the wounded Brilhado's pride." Cartwright said.

Okay. I don't understand any of this. "And you threatened and chased my friends and hunted them down killing them in large numbers." Amilara said. "This is foolishness, Amilara. Leave this to me----" "Undead are fit only for enslavement or destruction Brilhado. You sought to free them? To befriend them? Please...." Cartwright said. "You... You....Now you turn the Cold on others against the orders of The 'Galin and you call me a traitor." Amilara said.

"Amilara, please go. WE will deal with Cartwright." Diviara said. "No, I think not, Father. I will not be shuffled off this time." Amilara said. "This is tiresome." Cartwright said. "I HATE YOU!!" Amilara yelled. "My heart bleeds for you!" Cartwright said. "Maybe it should..." Amilara said. This is.......awkward.

Amilara suddenly punched Ryuusei in the face. Ryuusei attacks with his cane, but Amilara's wing blocks and he lands another punch. Ryuusei extended his hand. "Oh no you don't. You cannot manipulate me with the Cold, Cartwright. I am my father's son." Amilara said, then flings an energy bolt at Ryuusei. Ryuusei reels from the blow and falls to his knees. "Who would have thought it would have been you?" Cartwright said.

"Wait, what? What happened I feel so odd, so worthless." I said, suddenly snapping back to my senses. "Here......" Amilara said, then extended his hand at me. Immediately, I felt much better. "The fight must continue. You got Cartwright!" I said. "Injured and downtrodden, I make my offer, master...." Cartwright said. Wait. "Is he talking to.....Oh no!" I said, then looked up and saw a big, red, moon thing.

"Freely I am yours. Freely." Cartwright said, then, the red moon opens its eyes. In a flash of red light, Ryuusei is now obscured in shadows, with the same red eyes as the moon. "You fools. I am--" "Oh no......Omega!!" I yelled. "The name is actually The 'Galin." he said. Uh oh. "Oh no, what have I done?!?" Amilara said, then flew off. "Amilara!!" Diviara yelled, then also flew off. "The Fall and the End are at hand." The 'Galin said.

Nightbane suddenly landed in front of us. "You die here!!!" he said. "How unfortunate. It comes to this already." The 'Galin said. Nightbane and The'Galin lunge at each other. The'Galin smacks Nightbane, only to be slashed and then impaled on Nightbane's wing. A beam of yellow light fires from The'Galin's hand and hits Nightbane and me. I got wounded in my left hand, same with Nightbane. He suddenly transformed back to his Human form-- Balius.

"No! This cannot....What is happening to me?!" Balius said. "You are dying Nightbane. At long last you are passing. You have lived your life as a parasite and served your unlife even more so.You were worthy of nothing save uncreation. You even attempted to kill your own son to advance your power. I however have seen all things and known you for what you are. So now instead of being uncreated you die." The 'Galin said.

Die?! "This.....cannot be. Cenara......I..." Then suddenly, Balius fell back. I ran to him and caught him just before he landed on the ground. I held up his body. "Balius! No!" I said. "Christopher.........One last......request......before I......pass away......" he said. No. This cannot be! "I........What is it......?" I said. He held my hand. "Please.......protect.......Cenara........" he said, then collapsed. "I will........Brother." I said, then lay his body down.

"Ah. I made the right choice. She will know what you did. You will be remembered, in the end you reclaimed your honor. Sleep Nightbane. For you the end has come." The 'Galin said. I stood up. "The 'Galin! Why? Why do this!" I yelled. "This hateful world of division needs to be cleansed. I shall be its cleanser. Now stand aside as I destroy this Temple." he said.

Falerin suddenly appeared, by himself. Wait, where are the others? "Caelestian! You dare not interfere directly with me!" The 'Galin said. "Directly. No, indeed not." Falerin said. Wha....? "But Falerin----" "Delay Omega. We need more time." he said. "DELAY HIM?!? He just killed NIGHTBANE!! I'll do more than just 'delay' him." I said, then readied my, Galrick's sword. "To be sure, The 'Galin, a father comes not to reprove but to reform." Falerin said.

"Indeed....We have kept our promise to yourself and to Galrick, Falerin." The 'Galin said. "I am already aware of that." Falerin said. My left arm suddenly hurt. I looked at it and saw that my blood has stained my hand. Wait, I could have sworn that The 'Galin's attack just opened a wound not big enough for blood to pour out. Wait a minute, I just remembered...........

THIS IS NIGHTBANE'S BLOOD!!! My whole left arm started to hurt even more. Nightbane's blood is mixing with mine. Not good. This could instantly kill me. I have to find some way to heal my wound. Or else.......
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