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RE: Escaping Death

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3/21/2013 2:34:12   

Chapter 25:
Spirit Realm

Christopher's POV
Falerin looked at me. "I am sorry, Christopher, but I must take Nightbane.....I mean, Balius, away from here now. Be strong, I will return." he said, then vanished along with Balius. "As fun as this was, the time of your passing has come. I grow weary and my hob must be finished....so now you die." The 'Galin said, then straightens up and holds up his hand at me. A red glow comes from it, then suddenly, I passed out.

Moments later, I woke up, in Death's Realm. Sigh. Guess I can't escape Death now. I saw Death looking at me. Beside him was Vampire Slayer E. Wait, he died too? "You really should be more careful. There was very little left of you after that for me to gather." Death said. What? "Huh? What do you mean? What's going on?!" I asked, baffled.

"Were it not for the former Avatar of Death, you would likely have stayed dead. He has, however, intervened to enable me to return you to life. Forget about little favors. This time you owe us big." Death said. Oh, so that's how I ended up still alive after he.........reaped my soul out. "We have no time for this." E said. He's pretty serious today than when I first met him. "Yes, yes, Edward." Death said.

So that's what 'E' stands for. "Go now. This is not over." E said. And with a flash, I was back at the Temple of Hope. Smith seemed shocked on my return. Well, I wouldn't blame him. "This.......IS NOT OVER." I said, then drew my sword despite the pain I'm feeling in my arm right now. Man. Nightbane's blood is literally killing me.

"You are a persistent little wretch, aren't you? It is unfortunate all of creation cannot be more like you. It might have been of some value. It may have been worth saving. You stand beside me as an enemy, but you have been a true servant." The 'Galin said. What?! "Servant? I would never serve you!" I said.

"Never knowingly....and that is why you served me best. Stand back. Things must move forward now." he said. "I cannot and will not turn aside now, The 'Galin." I said. The 'Galin straightens up. "Fine. I do not wish to uncreate you. At this point, however, I have no choice. We must proceed. You wish to be uncreated? So be it. This time I uncreate you." he said, then lunged at me.

I dodged, then swung my sword to his side. I thought I had hit him, but he was too fast. Faster than me, even. He clawed me at my arm and opened a big wound. Great. Then, I saw an opening. I was about to attack but my left arm suddenly hurt even more. I staggered back. I looked at my arm. It had a big wound. The worst part was Nightbane's remaining blood in my arm completely mixed with mine.

"What's the matter, Human? Weakening already? How unfortunate of you." The 'Galin said, then lunged at me. Guess I'm going back to Death. And I guess this time, its permanent. After he lunged at me, sent his claw right through my chest. I coughed out blood. I guess this is the end........again. The 'Galin removed his arm at my chest, then jumped back.

I fell on the ground. Blood covered my whole body. I can't possibly survive this now. "A pity I had to uncreate you. You would have made a fine servant." The 'Galin said. "Servant.......? Over my........dead.....body......" I said, struggling in the process. Right. Bad choice of words. "You utterly annihilated your opponent, master! You should try the professional fighting circuit someday......I could make a KILLING in side bets." Smith said.

That seemed familiar. Suddenly, I recalled something from my memories.


I lay on the ground, severely wounded. In front of me, I saw a man, covered in shadows. He wore a red suit under his white shirt and red pants. His hands, turned to claws, and holding what it seemed like a cane. Beside him, another man in brown suit and pants and wore shades. "You utterly annihilated your opponent, master! You should try the professional fighting circuit someday......I could make a KILLING in side bets." the man in brown suit said. Help. I need help. Moments later, I passed out.


This.......this had happened before?!? Moments later, I passed out. When I woke up, I was back at Death's Realm again. Wait, no. This isn't Death's Realm. It just looks like it. Then, WHERE AM I?! I stood up. Miraculously, my wounds have healed and no longer felt the pain in my arm. I saw spirits, roaming about, and passing through me like they can't see me.

Wait a minute. If I'm dead, and a spirit, wouldn't these other spirits see me? I looked around, same stuff. Then, I felt that dark and powerful presence again. So even in death my powers are still active? "No, it is not, Christopher." a voice said. It was a deep, like Death's, voice. I looked behind me and saw a shadowy figure of Death, with a matching scythe too.

"Who----" "I am the former Avatar of Death." he said. "How'd you----" "----know what you're thinking? I am a part of you, so I know what you're thinking now." he said. Riiiiiiight. "Then answer me this: How-----" "---are you still alive? Simple I GAVE you life." he said. "Um.....Th----" "No problem." he said.

He is getting so irritating. "So how---" "----am I here? Well, in order for you to live again, I left your body, gathered your essence, brought you here in the Spirit realm, and brought your spirit back to your body." he said. "Really? Thanks. So, can I-----" "----get back to the surface? A little later. Keep me company for a while. You might get some questions answered." he said. "Questions ans.......You know?!" I asked.

He nodded. "Of course I do. I'm a part of you, well, former part of you, remember?" he said. Riiiiiight. "You know, on second thought, don't ask. I know what you're going to ask anyways. I'll just tell you the story on how it happened." he said, then flicked his finger. Immediately, a chair formed right behind me. "Sit. This'll be a LONG story......" he said. I sat down and prepared for what he's about to tell me.

"I shall tell you how I had found a host in you. It was before you originally died. Before you tried escaping Death." he said. Finally. Things will be clearer to me now. Every question and mystery I had will finally have some answers..........

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3/22/2013 2:10:37   

Chapter 26:

Christopher's POV
"I will start at the time when you fought The 'Galin, approximately 170 years ago, I think." he said. I what?! "If I had fought The 'Galin before, then what happened? Why did he return?" I asked. Cause this isn't making any sense right now. "Okay. Let's start with that. For what happened, it was about the same thing back then and now. You managed to defeat The 'Galin, but without the........extra help you have now." he said.

"So is that the reason why everything seems so familiar?" I asked. He nodded. "What happened after I 'defeated' The 'Galin?" I asked. "What you remembered when you were trying to outran Death." he said. Is that so........ "How did I die before I tried to outran Death?" I asked. "Do you remember your dream?" he asked. Dream? What dream? Oh, wait. I think I remember now.


I ran. Ran for my life. Ran through the depths of Darkovia Forest. I looked behind. Wolfwing, still following me. It's like he was toying with me. He kept on blocking my path for the last few minutes, but didn't do anything else. I just ran forward.

There was a figure, no, not one, but a whole army of shadow-like beings. I saw them all, blocking my path a few miles away. There was no where else to run. I can't go back, Wolfwing was chasing me. He kept on yelling something, although, I'm too terrified and exhausted to understand it. Suddenly, I stopped. I felt something gripping me. A shadow. It was crushing me as it went up my body.

"Christopher......." I heard someone whisper. It was getting louder. I was shaking, no, I was BEING shaken. "Christopher.........!" The whisper's were getting louder as the shadow gripped me tighter.


Yup. That's the one. "Yes, I remember." I said. "That's how you died. Minus the 'whispering' and the 'being shaken' part." he said. "So, I was running away from Wolfwing?" I asked. "Yes. Because you knew that he was going to kill you. Because he didn't accept you as one of his 'children'. So he chased you down to the part where you were struck with great fear and great need of power which had caused my subconscious to take interest in you. At that part, I had already left Cenara. I had searched for a new host but had found no-one of my interest. My power was running low back then, so, out of desperation, I tried moving on to you. Then it happened. When I tried 'possessing' you, well, you know." he said. Ah. So what I had dreamt HAD happened before. "So, how DID you manage to 'possess' me after I died?" I asked.

"When you died, you got sent to Death's Realm, unconscious. I followed you there and......'reasoned' with Death. I told him to chase you for a while, while I worked on your wish." he said. Wish? "What wish? I don't remember wishing for anything when I was at Death's Realm." I said. I seriously don't remember if that really happened or not.

"Of course you don't. Your subconscious did that part." he said. My what? Is that even possible? "Yes, it is possible. If your will is strong enough. If you want to know what wish that was, you wished that everything had never happened, except for Janice's memories of you, and be reincarnate as a Human again." he said. Oh. So THAT'S it.

"Then why isn't Toff turned to Human? Why didn't our mother got back to life?" I asked. "For all of your questions, there is ONE similar answer. The Devourer had.......'interfered' with me, granting your wish. While I had completed your wish, the Devourer used his powers to.........keep those events at bay. Naming: Toff's Vampirism and your mother's death. Along with Wolfwing and Toff's memory of what happened for those years. My power didn't quite worked instantly. And through those months of you, dead, things just grew normally." he said. That clears it.

"But why did the Devourer interfere?" I asked. I'm very curious about that part. "I don't know. To put up more of a challenge to him, maybe?" he said. Uh huh...... "Thanks. Everything's all clear to me now." I said. "No problem, though I may be leaving you now." he said. "Huh? Why?" I asked. "Because you're now fully undead. And I can't have a host that's undead." he said. "So I'm now forsaken like E?" I asked. "Yes and no." he said. Huh?

"Oh yeah, Death said if you die once more, he wouldn't see you no more. Instead, you will be directed here, and your soul will rot for eternity." he said. Ouch. Harsh. "But, I 'reasoned' with him again. I told him to 'ease' the punishment a bit. And a few more arguments later, he finally decided that he'll just treat you like any other creature that dies and gets to see him, but you'll have to pay him if you want to live again, maybe." he said.

"So, can I go back now?" I asked. "Oh yeah. Sure, you can go now. Oh, and enjoy your new power." he said. New power?
What does that even mean? "See you." he said, and with a flick of his finger, I returned back to life.I woke up as a ghost, hovering in front of The 'Galin. So much for bringing me back to life. "What the.....? What's THAT?" Smith said, looking at me.

The'Galin, then, shot a beam of dark energy at me, turning it black. Uh oh. Suddenly, another spirit with the same head as mine, floats up. That's.......freaky. The other spirit's head, then, briefly changes to a different one, before changing back. Again, freaky. "Whether our vessel dies or not we shall make uncreation profitless for now, though in truth uncreation and creation are one. We are Hope. We are the Lorians. We are you." the spirit beside me said. This is all coming back to me now. The Avatar of Death was right. This all had happened before.

"We are all Lorians. We are the Avatar that dwells within Creation. We are, however, greater than the sum of Our pieces. We have seen you before. We have always watched. This is the natural order. The new cycle that has arisen from within creation. All is as Our mother, as Our father, and as WE intended." the spirit said.

".... Urgh....I feel myself slipping....I feel myself being destroyed....!" I said. Literally. "And now we sacrifice ourselves for Lore. You and I and We. I am sorry I must forsake you to awaken myself. The cycle continues." the spirit said. So that's what the Avatar of Death meant by 'No, not yet'.

The Spirit, then, suddenly leaves, as my spirit turned white again, then float towards my body again. NOW I'm back to life. "What is this?....Hollow. Forsaken. Of no use. A worthless meal. What waits..." The 'Galin said. "Not good....I'll be back later, master. Places to go, people to see...." Smith said, then left. Coward.

Suddenly, I had this, very weird feeling that I can't explain. Moments later, shadows had enveloped me, exploding all around me like firecrackers. What's happening........?

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3/27/2013 9:25:24   

Chapter 27:

Christopher's POV
"What........What's happening?" I asked myself. Suddenly, my hands turned to claws. A pair of dragon wings, sprout from my back. Wait, not just dragon wings, but a pair of bat-like wings sprout from my back too, just below the dragon wings. My skin began growing fur, with some scales along some parts. My face lengthened into a muzzle as my teeth sharpened to a point. My canines lengthened into fangs as horns grew from each side of my head.

My short, gray hair, lengthened down up to my back. A tail grew long from the base of my pelvis. My eyes turned blood red, and has been enhanced, which allowed me to see through an area of a kilometer. My sense of smell has also been enhanced, able to smell someones presence a kilometer away from me. At this point, I have become a full fledged Dracopyre, thanks to Nightbane's blood. As the shadows left my body, I took a good look at myself.

Other than what I have seen earlier, the other changes I saw was that my fur became the color of my hair, and my scales became a dark, gray-ish color. My muscles also grew, like a body builders'. I dropped my sword and took off my backpack and hat. "Hmm. Interesting. You will really be of a good challenge to me now, Human." The 'Galin said. "Now, The 'Galin, prepare to meet your end........" I gave him a cold, and icy stare. ".........at the hands of ShadowScale!!" I howled, then lunged at him.

"ShadowScale..........This should be fun." he said, then dodged my claw. He repeatedly hit me with his cane before jumping back and lunging at me again, then clawed me on the chest. I staggered back. I looked at the wound, which wasn't there anymore. Wow. That's one fast regeneration. I Inhaled deeply. I felt something piling up in my throat, then released it as a concentrated beam of dark energy at The 'Galin. It hit. Yes!

The 'Galin staggered back. Dark energies started surging through his body. "Had enough?" I said. "Heh. As I would like to stay here and fight, I got other things to do." he said, then walks inside the Temple of Hope. Falerin suddenly appeared beside me. "It is time. Keep his foot soldiers busy. Keep them away from the Temple while we finish this." he said. Time to test my powers then.

I saw several monsters heading towards us. I cracked my knuckles. "Bring it." I said, then lunged at the monsters, naming: Skull Apes and Soul Banishers. I grabbed a Skull Ape by its arm and threw it at the rest of them, which knocked them all down. The whole Temple of Hope suddenly began to glow. "You see? It begins. Fight as you have never fought before!" Falerin said, then vanished.

The monsters stood up then lunged at me at the same time. I dodged a Soul Banisher's scythe, then speared my claws through it. I flew up, threw the Soul Banisher down, then released a beam of dark energy like before. The beam erupted into a flurry of shadow-y flames, which had eliminated half of them. I looked at the Temple of Hope. The eight elemental orbs crashed through the roof of the place as it began to shake, with rubbles falling to the ground.

A spirit, the one from before, floats down, and, in a flash of white light, it turns into a human and moves into the temple. "Is that.......?"
"Look out!" I heard a voice shout. I looked down and saw a Soul Banisher lunge at me. At the same time, Toff blocked its way and struck it down with his sword. "Thanks Toff." I said. "Who......?" "Watch out!" I yelled. A Soul Banisher lunge at Toff. I bolted down and grabbed its head......er, helmet, and threw it to the other monsters.

Toff and I landed down, but his sword stayed pointed at me. I saw Janice, Crystal, and Wolfwing coming out of the rumbling Temple of Hope and towards us. "Toff, are you okay? Where's Chris? Who's that?" Crystal said, while pointing at me. "So you followed Balius' footsteps.......?" Wolfwing asked. "No. There's just been a.......little accident." I said. "Who are you? How did you know my name? What did you do to my brother?" Toff asked, sword still pointed at me.

"Couldn't you recognize your own brother?" I said. "Say wha......?" he said, but was interrupted when the Temple of Hope suddenly explodes. A portal opened up. Inside, Beleqwaya and Ryuusei stand on a black disk, highlighted by the night sky with the glowing red eyes. I looked around and saw Warlic, Falerin, Kalanyr, and Tralin stood beside us, though I have no idea when they got here. I gazed back at the portal.

Thanks to my enhanced hearing, I can hear what Beleqwaya and Ryuusei is saying. "The'Galin, my lord, do not abandon me!" Ryuusei said. "Abandon you? Did you not expect as much? You represent everything he hates most in all of creation. It is because of people like you that he comes at all!" Beleqwaya said. The Devourer's eyes, then, fades off into the distance, leaving those two alone. "My Lord......NO!!!" Ryuusei yelled.

Geez. "He has left you. And now I will rend apart your miserable existence and scatter it across the endless expanse of the Void!" Beleqwaya said, then blasts Ryuusei, who falls to his knees. Beleqwaya steps forward and holds up his hand, which is radiating magic. "What is he going to do?? Is he actually going to kill Ryuusei?!" Crystal said. "Bele, do not!!" Warlic said. "He is spreading himself too thinly!" Falerin said.

"His essence cannot handle that much raw mana!" Kalanyr said. "It will unravel the very fabric of his being!" Tralin said. Back in The Void, Beleqwaya's hand glows even brighter, and Ryuusei glows with the same energy until his entire body is alight. "For Lore. Fore the ones I love. For Galrick, and for everyone else you have hurt! Ryuusei Cartwright....Robert Twain....I am Beleqwaya Melamin.......NOW PERISH!" Beleqwaya yelled.

Ryuusei, then, explodes into particles. Beleqwaya's shoulders sag. "...I am... sorry... Melamin..." he said, then collapses. His body glows white, before disintegrating into white particles. The void glows white. From the outside, the portal glows white and disappears. The spirit of Hope flies in, briefly making contact with me before flying off again. Okaaaay. What was that all about? Suddenly, I felt weak, like I was going to collapse.

And with that, I reverted back to my Human form, which had shocked Toff, Janice, and Crystal. "Beleqwaya...." Kalanyr said. "He is gone, Kalanyr." Warlic said. "Like so many others, he has given himself to slow the Uncreator." Tralin said. "We did it! We defeated the Devourer! He is gone, never again to haunt our world! WE WON!" I said. Diviara suddenly flies in. "Is that what you believe?" he asked. "It's true, isn't it?" Janice said. "I fear not." Falerin said.

Wait, its not over yet?! ".....So The`Galin still could return, then. But he seems so different from what we were led to believe." Crystal said. "Uncreation is necessary in some form if creation is to proceed." Falerin said. "Just what did The 'Galin mean, that he had kept his promise to you and to Galrick?" I asked. "When Galrick let the undead into Lore, he became a priest communicant of The 'Galin." Falerin said. He what?!

"I freed him from the Network, but not from the obligation he assumed." he said. "I see... so if he was the property of The 'Galin, why didn't he melt like Epheel?" Toff asked. "Galrick knew his death was likely and he begged me to protect his body and soul from Ryuusei, lest they be used as undead...or for something more sinister." Falerin said. "That isn't an answer." I said. " I am getting there. I claimed Galrick as my own agent. Doing so was bound to fail....because of the existing claim." Falerin said.

I don't understand...... "It may have been taken as an act of war on the Lorian pantheon as well." he said. "....That was very risky, then." I said. "It was....and I only succeeded because the one who owned Galrick released him to me at great personal cost." Falerin said. "The 'Galin." Toff said. "The same." Falerin said. "So wait. If Galrick is alive, where is he? And what of the others who have fallen? Giliara.......Nightbane......." I said.

"Lore has lost Galrick. Giliara has moved on to his reward, and serves the Lord of Light. Balius, too, is finally at peace." Falerin said. "Somewhere Galrick lives, though." I said. "Yes. Not as he did, but he lives. he cannot return to Lore. While he lives, he does so in exile on Terra as my agent there. Now if you will excuse me, I am demanded elsewhere." Falerin said, then vanished. "There is much to do. Agents of the Network still plague this land and it is ever changed from The 'Galin's passing. We must rebuild the Temple and Granemor." Diviara said.

"Still, The 'Galin has been defeated. That's something, at least...." Janice said. "We have won the day, but he is not defeated. You only sent away his vessel, slowed him down. He had already abandoned that host, and he will find another." Diviara said. "But....." "However, your aid and the aid of others like you has allowed us to accomplish something fairly remarkable, something even the Drakel did not manage to do the last time." Diviara said. "Remarkable? What do you mean?" Toff asked.

Thorne Lorin appears beside them. "Yes, quite remarkable. The work of the Knights of Lorithia may yet succeed. At the very least, this gives me Hope. Hehehe..." he said. "I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that. What exactly IS the work of the Knights, anyway?" I asked. "It is simple. We wish to show The`Galin that creation is worth saving, that he has misjudged us. We seek to show him that we CAN come together and reunify him with the land of his birth. With this victory we have bought a reprieve from Uncreation." Thorne said.

"We have amazed him and stayed his hand. Lore has put forth a show of enough unity to give him pause. We have given him the sight of his ultimate and true desire. We caused him to have second thoughts. For now, at least. Of course, he could return at anytime. Now I must see to my son." Diviara said. "Diviara, tell your son Amilara that he should not be too concerned. What he did was necessary, and I think we all wanted to beat Ryuusei senseless." Thorne said.

"He just managed to do it!" I said. "He will come around in time." Diviara said, then flies off. "The 'Galin must be pleased at his results with Diviara. He has been a particularly loyal servant." Thorne said. Say what? "The Order of Lorithia's work is never done. If you will excuse me, I need to see Tralin about setting up a permanent location to commemorate this effort in the City of Deren proper. What has happened here needs to be recorded and remembered." he said.

"This is a turning point in history.....That much is certain. The world will never be the same again." I said. "Well, now that THAT'S done, its best that everyone go on with their lives now, eh?" Wolfwing said. "Indeed......" Warlic said, then vanished along with Kalanyr. "Well then, I'm off now." Thorne said, then went off. "See you soon....." Tralin said, then also went off. Toff, Janice, and Crystal just stared at me. And I know that they're confused, and shocked as well.

"I'll get going then. I have thing to attend to back at Darkovia......." Wolfwing said, then flew off. "So......Got anything to ask me or something?" I said. Janice ran up to me and hugged me tight. I hugged back. "I was so worried about you......." she said. "Well, same goes for me to you." I said. "E-ehem. If I may, I have something to 'ask' you, brother." Toff said. I broke away from the hug and face him. "Well......?" I said.

"HOW did you became a Dracopyre?!" he asked. "As I've said, I had a 'little accident' with Nightbane." I said. "And that is......?" Crystal asked. "Well......." I explained how Nightbane's blood 'accidentally' fused with mine, how I remembered everything thanks to the Avatar of Death, and how I transformed and almost kicked The 'Galin's butt. "So, you remember everything now......." Toff said. "Yup. No need to be worried though. I definitely won't do anymore stupid things in the future." I said.

"Good to hear that." he said. "Oh yeah, one more thing. If you HAD told me the truth earlier, I MAY or may not do the exact same stupid thing back then." I said. "Yeah. And that's why I didn't tell you." he said, then laughed. "Well, should we be getting back now? It's almost sundown." Crystal said. "Yeah. So, let's go?" I asked. They all nodded, then all of us went off, through the horizon. I'm happier now that I had found out the whole truth.

My new powers may or may not help in the near future, but everything happens for a reason. I don't know if this is the end or just the beginning of our adventures, but one thing's for sure, I'm the first person to had escaped Death this long, and thus, won't let that record break.......maybe............

This ends my first ever AdventureQuest fan-fic story. I hope y'all like it. Thanks for everyone's support and for everyone who has read this
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