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The Future Begins Now: AdventureQuest Preview Cutscene

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The Future Begins Now!
AdventureQuest Preview Cutscene

AdventureQuest, the original constantly evolving Flash-Based RPG that only requires your browser and an updated copy of Adobe Flash to play, has been bringing you a world of expanding content, exciting stories, and thrilling adventures with our weekly updates for over a decade.

«Scene flashes through the different appearance of Battleon, from 10 years in the past to 1000 years in the future.»

In our first ten years, we followed the rise of the Chosen of Lore, a group of elite individuals, marked for greatness and destined to shape the world of Lore forever.

We followed them through a march of great villains, great heroes, and turning aside of the Powers Themselves.

«Scenes of various villains appear, including Akriloth, Drakath, Carnax, The'Galin, Erebus, the Seekrat, and so on.»

Now, an exciting new chapter has begun.

The world of Lore is being shaped by powerful forces from both within and without.

«Scene: Battleon, under Twilly's tree. A Stranger with glowing blue eyes, dressed in robes like Eldron's, approaches you.»

«You»: Greetings and well met, stranger. What brings you to Battleon?
Stranger: The gravest of missions, I am afraid. But I cannot speak to just anyone. The one I seek is «You». I am told they are the Chosen protector of Lore.
«You»: Well then, you are in luck. I am «You».
Stranger: Thank goodness. I am Suliban Filigree, a studied zoologist. I have made my life's work understanding the processes that drive living beings of all sorts.

It is you as a Chosen who will determine the future of the world, forever...

«Scene: The Veil.»

«You»: I got here as fast as I could, ElBhe, but this had better not be...
«You»: Oh, you're here, too, Lord Barrius. Then I guess it really is serious.
ElBhe: I'm offended! I'm vry srs about my job.
Lord Barrius: ... be that as it may, we may have a problem, «You».

What sort of Chosen will you be?

«Scene: A landscape that looks a lot like the Scar. Cartwright and his second son face each other.»

Cartwright: Son, I only wish the best for you.
Absolix: It is only because I know that you honestly mean that that you are not dead already, father.
Cartwright: We have been at this for ages. Do you not grow tired of it? The same thing every day. We fight, then break to have lunch, we argue philosophy until dinner and then fight some more.
Cartwright: Day in and day out. It grows most tedious...
Absolix: Then give in. You have changed as much as I. Stop your attempt to teach me amorality.
Absolix: I have seen far too much for it ever to work; and I am far too strong for you to kill me so I might be reborn with the lesson in mind as you once intended.
Cartwright: That I cannot do.
Absolix: Then our battle continues.

«With an audible ROAR, they continue their fight. Glenn Galrick and his wife enter.»

Galrick: Nice hit, Absolix!
Absolix: Who are you?
Cartwright: Galrick, Huntress?
Cartwright: You are certainly the last couple I would expect to be hunting me down.
Celestra: Do not flatter yourself, we are doing it for a friend. Though, as I chased after you for years, Twain, you really shouldn't be surprised.
Galrick: As much as I hate to interrupt someone cleaning your clock, Cartwrong...
Galrick: We are here for a reason. We come at the behest of your older son.
Absolix: Gaiden is here? Why has my brother come?
Galrick: Your little struggle with your father is having very distressing effects on his analogue.
Absolix: Ryuusei is not well? This is grave news. But why should my fight with Father affect him?
Cartwright: We are linked, even more so than most analogues that would normally recohere. We share a son.
Cartwright: When I allowed Lisa to take Gaiden to my analogue, I ensured that I could always watch over him by binding us together.
Celestra: Well, your binding is killing him.

Shape the World!

«Scene: Warlic's Shop. Warlic's face has been burned black.»

Warlic: This is Barry Jotter. He's spending some time with me while he's on a break from Frogwartz.
«You»: Er, hello. I thought that was just a legend. And do I even want to know what happened to your head?
Warlic: Barry had a slight mishap with ingredients.
Barry Jotter: Sorry, Uncle Wally.

What sort of hero or antihero will you unleash upon the omniverse?

«Scene: A desert. You walk among several white tents.»

If you are Evil (-6 or lower Alignment):
    «You»: The note said to meet the changeling rebel here. Whatever he wants, it better be good. Trying to figure out how I fit into this whole thing is complicated enough without a rogue invader tugging at my sleeve.
If you are Good (+6 or higher Alignment):
    «You»: The note said to meet the changeling rebel here. The area is infected worse than I thought. The last time I raided this camp, I thought I had beaten them back.
If you are Neutral (between -6 and +6):
    «You»: The note said to meet the changeling rebel here. It seems the Truphma have a foothold here. When I was here before, trying to push them back, the area was still vibrant.

«You»: The gravest of missions, I am afraid. But I cannot speak to just anyone. The one I seek is «You». I am told they are the Chosen protector of Lore.

«Scene: Eukara's library. Ms. Vox is surrounded by books with interesting titles*. She holds in her hand The Creative and How to use it Wisely

Eukara Vox: She must be stopped. I cannot fail again. I love this world. Only with her destruction can we move onto helping this world further. «You» and I have so much to do... The Chosen will be triumphant.

Lead the World!

«Scene: Battleon town center. The fountain has become shamrock-shaped. Uncle Sham arrives on a rainbow.»

Uncle Sham: «You»! «You»! COME OUT «YOU»! I KNOW YOU ARE HERE!

«You enter.»

«You»: What in the world? There is no need to shout... What are you doing here, Sham, and what do you want with me?
Uncle Sham: We need your help.
«You»: We? Who is we? You have a mouse in your pocket?
Uncle Sham: No... Actually, that's me Golden Gween.
«You»: You have a pet gween? How did you acquire a gween? Not that I am surprised that yours is Golden, but how exactly did the leprechauns get a non-Lorian pet...?
Uncle Sham: A stroke of good luck... but I fear it may be the last. Come out, O'Gweeny...

«O'Gweeny crawls out from behind Sham's lapel.»

Uncle Sham: Gweeny, go get the item for me. Be sure you are very careful. Things are very dangerous now.
uncle Sham: I do not want anything to happen to you; you are worth more to me than all the gold in my vault...
Uncle Sham: Well, maybe not ALL the gold... but very close...

«O'Gweeny runs off.»

Decide Your Destiny!

«Scene: Outskirts of Battleon. You and Sham face a group of other Leprechauns.»

Uncle Sham: Liborg! What are you doing here? We banished you for stealing from the treasury!
Liborg: I know... and I told you that you would be "Sorrel," uncle. Well, my vengeance is at hand.
Uncle Sham: What have you done? Is it you who leads our renegade kin?
Liborg: Oh, it is I indeed, uncle. I lead them, and soon it will be we, and not you, who rule. The females of the Leprechaun kingdom are done being your cooks and housekeepers.
Liborg: Our oppression ends now... As to your first question, I have performed A Switch and Bait.
«You»: Oppression? And I think you mean a bait and switch...
Liborg: Yes, oppression! Think about it. When have you even seen a female of my species other than me!
«You»: Come to think of it...
Liborg: And NO! A switch and bait. I mixed in Oxalis stricta into the Shamrock fields.
«You»: No one noticed this?

«The Scene zooms in as Liborg pulls out a shamrock.»

Liborg: This is an actual shamrock...

«She then pulls out a flower that looks completely different.»

Liborg: And this is yellow woodsorrel... or the so-called "lemon clover."
«You»: The flowers are completely different, but the leaves look very similar except that the woodsorrel is more heart-shaped. You replaced the shamrocks with SHAMrocks!

Now join us for the next chapter of this exciting journey.
Come, Chosen of Lore...

The Future Begins Now!

«Scene: Falerin's library. Falerin is struck in the head.»

«You»: Loremaster, are you all right?!
Falerin: Who is this Loremaster you speak of?
«You»: Er...
Falerin: I am Alejandro Ponche de Bilbao XXVI!
«You»: XXVI, the twenty-fifth?
Falerin: The average number of seconds a blackguard keeps his life after impugning my honor!
«You»: Naturally. Well, Alejandro, is Falerin around? Because I kind of need to speak to him...

«Scene fades.»

*Writing, Music, Drama and Visual Arts: Why we need them/Weapons With Implied Emotion/Chimeric History/Creativity, Constructs, and the Modern Soupspoon/Constructs and Instabilities/Anatomical Compensation and Adaptation for the Advanced Mage/Applied Creativity in Weaponry/When Eagle Meets Serpent and Other Interesting Combinations/Magic Behind Multiplicity/Common Pitfalls in Splicing

Some book titles and corrected dialogue thanks to Falerin. Thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf.

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