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Elements of D'awww!

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3/11/2013 14:13:23   

Elements of D'awww!
SnuggleFest '13

Location: Travel Map » Sail East » Travel South » Veil Base Camp » Talk to ElBhe! » SAM II: Elements of D'aw

«Scene: Battleon. ElBhe enters, mounted on a shadowpony!»

«You»: It's a bit odd seeing you here today, ElBhe.
ElBhe: Yeah, I'm not too thrilled about it. It's tricky enough getting around town without all the ladies following me everywhere, but it's especially bad during Snugglefest.
ElBhe: But little Inky here just wanted to join in the festive spirit, so....
«You»: Inky?
ElBhe: Yep! I named my pony 'Inky Sky'. She's the best shadowpony of them all.
ElBhe: She's also rather curious about the sort of parties and holidays that you humans have. Shadowponies haven't seen many humans, after all.
«You»: I'm amazed she's even able to leave The Veil. I thought that most shadow creatures couldn't do that.
ElBhe: Oh, shadowponies have advanced far beyond the means of most shadow creatures. They're quite intelligent, and they even have their own culture and society.
ElBhe: They're working on making a home for themselves in The Veil, too, where they can be safe from some of the more dangerous threats.
ElBhe: I warned little Inky here that the outside world is dangerous, but... she said she couldn't miss the opportunity.
Inky Sky: Of course not! The Veil is booooooooring, anyways. Everything's 50 shades of black.
«You»: ...you know, I really shouldn't be surprised that you can actually talk.

«The skies above Battleon suddenly darken and clouds drift away.»

«You»: Great, I know what that means.
«You»: Why is it that whenever you come to Battleon, ElBhe, there's always a shadow monster attack?
ElBhe: Tsk. Don't be a speciesist.

«Inky Sky hops over to your side, and Queen Fillymeana and her shadow stallion minions enter the scene.»

????: Bow down, foolish ponyfolk, for I have returned to conquer you all!
Inky Sky: *gasp* It's the Forever Feared Filly, Queen Fillymeana!
«You»: Why do you call her a filly? She's bigger than you are.... Isn't she a mare?
ElBhe: I imagine for the same reason that everyone's always asking if she's sick. Because she sounds....
Queen Fillymeana: Don't you DARE finish what you're going to--
ElBhe: ....a little hoarse.
Queen Fillymeana: THAT'S IT!

«Queen Fillymeana raises her hoof and ElBhe fades into thin air.»

Queen Fillymeana: Off to the prisons with you. Now then, if you'll excuse me, I have a new world to conquer!

«With a bolt of shadow lightning, Queen Fillymeana and her minions vanish.»

«You»: Much as I lament to say this, I suppose we can't leave ElBhe to her. We'll have to save him, and keep this 'queen' from setting up her throne in Lore.
Inky Sky: The last time Queen Fillymeana rose to power, she ruled the shadowponies with an iron hoof!
Inky Sky: There's only one way to stop her: we have to find the Elements of Daw!
«You»: ...what?
Inky Sky: Oh, right, I forget you're not versed in shadowpony lore. *ahem*
Inky Sky: See, thousands of years ago, Queen Fillymeana was defeated by the power of love, manifested in the form of five crystal hearts that were called the Elements of Daw.
Inky Sky: These five hearts, filled with love and kindness, are extremely powerful when brought together.
Inky Sky: So powerful, even, that they rival the power of Awe itself, which is why they were jokingly named the Elements of Daw.
Inky Sky: Fortunately, if Queen Fillymeana is here on Lore, then the Elements would have also come here.
Inky Sky: And since it's Snugglefest, there's undoubtedly enough energy in them to defeat her once and for all!

«You are shown a screen with the five crystal hearts. Clicking on each of them leads to the following.»«Once you have collected the Elements of Daw, you confront Queen Fillymeana with Inky Sky.»

Inky Sky: You're in trouble now, Queen Fillymeana! We've gathered the Elements of Daw!
Queen Fillymeana: Then I simply won't give you time to use them on me!«The Elements of Daw circle around. Particles gather around the crystals, powering them up, but it all dissipates suddenly and the Elements drop to the ground like useless crystals...»

Queen Fillymeana: HAHAHA! You foals! Even with Snugglefest in full bloom, you haven't enough power to energize the Elements!
Inky Sky: Well, guess that means it's time for Plan B.
«You»: Plan... B?

«You disappear from the scene. Inky Sky calls her fellow shadowponies into the scene and...»

Inky Sky: Ready? And... quick, everyone! Ponypile!

«The shadowponies charge toward Queen Fillymeana and knock her over! The scene fades to black and you return to Battleon with Inky Sky.»

«You»: Well, that worked much better than I expected.
Inky Sky: Yeah. But to be fair, it's hard to resist a ponypile of that scale.
Inky Sky: Plus, it seems the Elements did their job after all. After she had been weakened enough, her heart was finally free to ask about love.
Inky Sky: Or maybe we just beat her into amnesia. She may have just been asking 'what is love?' just so we'd not hurt her any more.
Inky Sky: Of course, my owner might not be so thrilled....

«ElBhe enters... with Queen Fillymeana?? She sits down and listens intently to ElBhe...»

ElBhe: I told you, lady, I'm a one-pony kitten.
Queen Fillymeana: But ElBhe, I can't help myself! You're just so cute... I simply MUST snuggle you!

«ElBhe swiftly flees the scene, and Queen Fillymeana gives chase! From off-screen, you hear:»

ElBhe: Leave me alone!
Queen Fillymeana: You will snuggle me! As a Queen, I command you to be mine for Snugglefest!

«The scene then fades to black.»
Elements of Daw

  • The Fires of Daw [L. 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 31 Z | 112 G, 145 G]
  • The Spark of Daw [L. 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 31 Z | 112 G, 145 G]
  • The Brilliance of Daw [L. 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 31 Z | 112 G, 145 G]
  • The Tears of Daw [L. 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 31 Z | 112 G, 145 G]
  • The Roots of Daw [L. 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 31 Z | 112 G, 145 G]

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    Entry by whackybeanz. New location thanks to In Media Res.

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