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Ultimate Troubleshooting Thread

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3/22/2013 23:09:08   

Ultimate Troubleshooting Thread

    This thread would not have been possible without the input and contributions of Charfade, Eventus, Rasudido, SMGS and Theo.

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3/22/2013 23:10:24   

Eventus' General Tips on How to Avoid Lag

1. Keep your Flash Player up-to-date. You can find what your current version is & the latest version you can get for your OS in Adobe's help page. If you feel that the latest version of Flash is causing slower gameplay rather than improving it, you can also downgrade your Flash to a previous version that you felt worked better by visiting this page (Adobe's Flash Player Archives) and selecting an older version instead. Please note that older versions of Flash are not supported by Adobe anymore and may be more prone to performance and stability issues, or more vulnerable to certain security exploits that later versions are protected against, so you should always take extensive precautionary measures when using an older version of Flash to ensure that your system's integrity is not compromised. For example, you may want to avoid opening emails from email addresses you do not recognize, or visiting strange sites that you found in an advertisement, especially if they use Flash to run.

2. Clear your cache out regularly. If you don't know how to do so, click this link and select your current Internet browsing method on that page for instructions on how to do so.

3. Keep other programs actively running at a minimum when playing EpicDuel. If you have like a dozen other browsers, tabs, programs or applications running simultaneously, you will be grinding through CPU Usage and exhausting your available RAM, so you can expect colossal lag. Multi-tasking is fun, but not when you do it at the cost of efficiency!

4. Experiment with other web browsers. The most common web browsers include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari. Some browsers perform better than others in specific tasks - you don't have to try them all, but it's always nice to have an alternative browser to use when a browser-specific bug gets in the way.

5. Set your Graphics Quality to Low. If your graphic card isn’t powerful enough, having a “High” Graphics Quality setting could overwhelm it, resulting in unplayable frame rates (hangings or chronic lagging). You can change your Graphics Quality setting in the Settings panel, as indicated by the icon with cogs in the game.

6. Set your Battle Animation to Faster Animation. The game will look noticeably less fancy, as it would with a lesser Graphics Quality setting, but it will also animate much faster as well. You can change your Battle Animation setting in the Settings panel, as indicated by the icon with cogs in the game. In the Settings panel, you’ll see a bar with 8 notches. 1 is the farthest left (Smoother Animation), and 8 is the farthest right (Faster Animation). You’ll want to set it to 8.

7. Disable any Toggle Options you feel are unnecessary by unticking the options. These options remove the need for your client to load certain features that are not required in order to have an excellent gaming experience and you will notice less lag varying on the amount of options you choose to disable.

8. Reboot your computer, especially after a major system or antivirus update, or if you haven’t restarted your computer in a long time. Sometimes processes could compile silently in the background without you knowing it if you don’t reboot your system for a while, which in turn eats up your RAM and CPU usage, making just about everything run more slowly than they should be.

9. Ensure that your anti-virus software isn’t actively running a scan or other major task in the background. Most anti-viruses have scheduled scans that automatically begin without your explicit permission while you’re in the middle of doing something. These scans typically use up a lot of CPU, meaning your computer is prone to functioning at least 50% more slowly than it should during these running scans unless you manually cancel them.

10. Check your Internet connection. You can check what your current Internet speed is at this link. The provided link will test your Internet's ability to maintain a constant Internet stream in order to measure your Internet connection's online gaming capabilities. If your Internet speed is less than the passable speed (Grade C or lower), you may want to consider contacting your network administrator or ISP for assistance in getting better performance. If it's less than the optimal speed (i.e. less than Grade A), you may also want to do the same if you wish to pursue better quality Internet connection, or refer to Charfade's Advanced Connection Information tips below (in quotes). If you’re using a wireless network connection, consider using a local (wired) network connection instead, as that would allow your network adapter to be directly linked to your router, making for a faster connection as well.

11. Try playing on a less populated server. Generally the server that has the most players in it will inevitably experience some kind of performance issue, and simply switching servers can help avoid that issue.

12. Consider performing a defragmentation on your hard drive. Defragging your disk will basically organize your entire system so that it could find and access files more efficiently and quickly when you want them to open, which essentially enhances computer performance in various aspects. To learn more about disk defragging, click here for PC users, or click here for Mac users.

13. Try disabling your Flash’s hardware acceleration. To do this, right-click your gameplay area (or anything that needs Flash to run), select Settings, then uncheck the “ Enable hardware acceleration ” box that pops up. Doing this can potentially fix any poor picture quality or slow display times you experience while playing EpicDuel.

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3/22/2013 23:10:52   

Charfade's Additional Nifty Tips on How to Avoid Lag

  • Check your internet connection. If you're using wireless, try going closer to your router... or better yet, use a wired connection if possible.

  • If you're playing on a laptop, make sure you don't block the fans, get a cooling fan pad as to not overheat your PC. Hot computers will run slow. Remember computers are like living creatures! they need to breath too! The colder your system is, the better it will run.

    Advanced Connection Information

  • Find out what type of internet connection you have. Cable or Fiber Optic is going to be your best choice and is recommended. To find out you will need to contact your internet provider of what plan you have. This list will tell you the different kinds there are.

  • Find out what internet cable (aka Ethernet cable) you have in your house. This is really for wired connections. Not all internet cables are created equally. In the US we use the cat system. Cat-6a is going to be your best while cat-5 is the worst. This means even if you have a really good internet connection, you might not be getting the best for your buck if your have a less than great quality internet cable.

After having attempted all of these general troubleshooting steps on how to conquer the lag monster, if you still experience chronic lag and believe that the servers are lagging, you should consider making a report in the ED Bugs Forum using the Bug Post Template. If others have reported the same, please ask them to post in the report that you make with the details requested. If you are the only one experiencing lag while playing EpicDuel, it's more likely than not that your system needs a tune-up or an upgrade, meaning we are unfortunately unable to assist you with the likes as the developers cannot fix isolated issues that only happen in your computer.

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3/22/2013 23:12:22   

Minimizing and Switching Tabs

As a general rule of thumb when playing the game, try not to minimize or tab the game. This is due to Flash Player not rendering animations while the game tab is not active, which means that it may cause some issues, possibly even disconnects if you are constantly changing tabs or minimizing your screen.

The solution? Try not to minimize/tab the game in battle to often, and make sure your performance slider is set to high performance. This will keep things running in tip-top condition for you!

However, if you must switch your tab because you need to check on multiple tabs and windows,, here is a guide on how you can disable this feature of Flash Player:

Warning: This may cause you Flash Player to crash more frequently (not a lot, some have done this without experiencing crashes at all), but it does increase the chances of it. This is the reason Adobe reduced the frame rate of animations running in background tabs.This should not be much of an issue, but worth mentioning before you go ahead.

    1. Find your Flash Folder
    The following are default locations of where the required files are saved upon installation. If you chose to save these files in a custom location during installation, you will have to locate it.

    Windows NT, 2000		C:\WINNT\System32\Macromed\Flash 
    Windows XP, Vista, 7		C:\WINDOWS\System32\Macromed\Flash 
    Windows 95, 98, or ME		C:\Windows\System\Macromed\Flash 
    Windows 64-bit			C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash 
    Macintosh			\Application Support\Macromedia 
    Ubuntu				etc/adobe/

    2. Create Settings File

    a. Right click inside the Flash Folder.
    b. Select New > Text Document.
    c. If you are a Windows Vista or 7 User, simply open up the Notepad program.
    d.Type the following text inside the text document or Notepad: FullFrameRateWhenInvisible=true
    e. Set the ‘Save Type As:’ field to All Files (*.*)
    f. Save the document with the filename: mms.cfg
    g. If you are a Windows Vista or 7 User, you will have to move the document to the Flash folder manually.

    3. Restart programs that use Flash
    ...And you’re done!
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3/25/2013 20:40:14   

Resolving Display Issues

Reasons You Would Troubleshoot:
  • Poor Graphics Quality
  • Slow Framerates

    If you do not experience any issues similar to those listed above, it is more beneficial to leave the settings as is to retain better performance.

System Requirements:
  • Windows: Microsoft® DirectX 9 with VRAM 128 MB
  • Apple: OpenGL, OS X v10.2

The Effect:
    Executing the actions mentioned below will eliminate hardware or driver compatibility issues with Flash Player. Software will then be automatically used to scale and display the content on the game client.

    1. Open http://epicduel.artix.com/play-now/.
    2. Right click anywhere on the game client.
    3. Select the Settings... option.
    4. You should immediately be on the Display tab of the settings interface. Simply deselect the Enable Hardware Acceleration option.
    5. Select the center tab in the settings interface, the Local Storage tab, which looks like a folder icon.
    6. Move the slider all the way to the right until it says ‘Unlimited.’

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