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Armor Leans

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4/5/2013 3:10:37   
Legendary AK!!!

Armour Lean

Armour Lean xQ
Your armour has an offensive lean. Both your armour attacks and the monster deal xQ damage.

Armour Lean x1
Your armour has an neutral lean. Both your armour attacks and the monster deal standard damage.

Armour Lean xQ
Your armour has a defensive lean. Both your armour attacks and the monster deal xQ damage.

As described. Note that this status will not affect attacks from pets, guests, spells or weapon specials. In addition, the damage done by monster is only affected if it is one of the 8 standard elements.

This impact can't be shown on their element modifiers, however, so take this into account when selecting armours. This is because xQ is applied after factoring your total resistance from armour, misc, shield, etc.

NOTE: Because this is a very recent change to the armor system, only armors listed below have been changed to use armor leans. The rest have not been swept yet.

Write up thanks to Koree.

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4/5/2013 3:10:54   
Legendary AK!!!


1.25 - Phase 1

  • Baby Sacragon Form (Guardian/Mastercraft/Temp)
  • Black Pirate Costume
  • Brain Spider Form (Guardian/Mastercraft/Temp)
  • Champion of Akriloth (Special Offer/Mastercraft)
  • Chaos Armour (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Cleric of Carnafex (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
  • Cryomancer Bloodmage (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
  • Demon Warrior (Special Offer/Mastercraft)
  • Dragonhide Armour (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Dwarven Warrior (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
  • Evolved Void of Nulgath (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
  • Fat & Tacky Santa (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare; Z-Token/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Flame Guardian Dragon Form (Special Offer/Mastercraft/Guardian/Rare)
  • Flame Guardian Dragon Form Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Guardian/Rare)
  • Frost Wyrm Tera'Suul (Special Offer/Mastercraft/Temp)
  • Frostval Mercenary Garb (Normal/Mastercraft/Guardian/Rare; Z-Token/Mastercraft/Guardian/Rare)
  • Fruitcake Berserker (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Gogg Form (Guardian/Mastercraft/Temp)
  • Golden Fang (Beast Mode)
  • Golden Paragon Plate (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Hand of Tera'Suul (Special Offer/Mastercraft)
  • Headless Horseman (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Horde Armors ( Temper, Reckoning G, Reckoning, Fury, Outrage, Indignation Z, Indignation, Retribution, Wrath Z, Wrath, Ire)
  • Human Fisher (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Hydro Guardian Dragon Form (Special Offer/Mastercraft/Guardian/Rare)
  • Hydro Guardian Dragon Form Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Guardian/Rare)
  • Hydromancer Bloodmage (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
  • Leprechaun Power Armors ( Green, Gilt Z, Guardian, Emerald, Gold Plated Z, Lucky, Leprechaun, Blarney, Clover, Solid Gold Z , Shamrock, 4-Leaf Clover - Rare)
  • Leprechaun Power Au-rmours ( «Normal», G, Z - Rare)
  • Lumenomancer Bloodmage (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
  • Midnight Predatory Vampire Form (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Midnight Savage Werewolf Form (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Nulgath (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Paragon Plate (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Pixel Hero (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare; Z-Token/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Predator of the Night (Beast Mode)
  • Primal Shadow (Normal/Temp/Mastercraft; Guardian/Temp/Mastercraft)
  • Pzycho Fiend Form (Mastercraft/Guardian/Temp)
  • Samukematsuri Samurai (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Sweater Dragon Mount (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Rage Beast (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
  • Snide Transformations ( «Normal», KiloSnide, MegaSnide Z, Guardian , MegaSnide, GigaSnide, TeraSnide, PetaSnide, ExaSnide, ZettaSnide - Temp)
  • Savage Werwolf Form (Rare)
  • Spirit Protector (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
  • StarSlayer (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • SteamRaider (Mastercraft/Special Offer/Rare)
  • Tinkerer (Special Offers)
  • Ultimon's Armour (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
  • Wabbits - Demonic Form (Rare) ( Wabbit, Wascawy Wabbit, Vewy Wascawy Wabbit, Weawwy Wascawy Wabbit)
  • Warlord of Nulgath (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Waqaya of Osiris (Normal/Mastercraft; Z-Token/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
  • Werewolf (Beast Mode)
  • White Howler (Beast Mode)


  • Chimeran Riders ( Noxious Z, Noxious, Baneful, Venomous, Poisonous Z, Poisonous, Toxic, Virulent, Deadly, Fatal)
  • Cyclone Wyvern Form (Guardian/Mastercraft/Temp)
  • Hippocampus Armour
  • Legendary Samurai Warlord O-Yoroi (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Lightbringer Form (Guardian/Mastercraft/Temp)
  • Samurai Warlord O-Yoroi (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
  • UltraGuardian armours ( Mighty UltraGuardian Plate, Deft UltraGuardian Leathers, Insightful UltraGuardian Robes)

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    4/5/2013 3:11:57   
    Legendary AK!!!



  • Asgardian Steeds ( Volt Rider, Thunderbolt Cavalry, Lightning Chevalier Z, Lightning Chevalier, Svadifari's Oath - Mastercraft)
  • Banshee Form (Normal/Temp; Guardian/Temp)
  • Darin Form (Temp)
  • Demonmancer Plate (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Ebil Cloak (Temp)
  • Ebony Sepulchure Form (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
  • Egg Armors ( EggStalker, EggKiller, EggButcher, EggSlayer, Eggsassin, Eggsbane - Rare/Z-Token )
  • Firezard Form (Normal/Temp; Guardian/Temp)
  • Frogard Form (Normal/Temp; Guardian/Temp)
  • Frogzilla [New versions] (Temp)
  • Frozen Dragonslayer (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
  • Giftbox Armor X-XXX 2013 ( Normal/Guardian/Rare, Z/Guardian/Rare )
  • Gnat Form (Normal/Temp; Guardian/Temp)
  • Golden Fang (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
  • Golem Summoner's Robes ( «Normal», Z)
  • Light Lord's Cleric (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
  • Paradox Plate series Anomalous Armor Z, Mystery Mail, Enigma Ward Z, Contradiction Cuirass, Paradox Plate, Nonsense Uniform, Riddle Regalia (Temp/Guardian, Normal, Guardian)
  • Pheron Form (Normal/Temp; Guardian/Temp)
  • Predator of the Night (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
  • Rage Beast (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
  • Raydius Dragon Form (Normal/Temp; Guardian/Temp)
  • Red Pirate Costume
  • S.A.N.T.A. (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Sea Squirt Form (Guardian/Mastercraft/Temp)
  • Trobble Form (Normal/Temp; Guardian/Temp)
  • Two-Bear Form (Normal/Temp; Guardian/Temp)
  • Werewolf (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
  • White Howler (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
  • Z.A.N.T.A. (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Zardhunter (Temp)

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    4/5/2013 3:12:23   
    Legendary AK!!!



  • Armor of Llyr (Normal/Mastercraft; Z-Token/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
  • Bard of War (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Chilly Form (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
  • Festive Bard of War (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Fujin Plate ( Oread's Dexterity, Oread's Dexterity Z, Vinddverger's Agility, Lokapala's Nimbleness, Bacab' Finesse, Bacab' Finesse Z, Ventus' Finish, Anemos' Poise, Vayu's Grace, Fujin No Kiyousa)
  • Piratechaun (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Quester's Heavy Dragon Gunner (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Radiant Warhorse (Temp/Guardian; Guardian)
  • ReignDragon Riders ( Normal (Rare), Z, Temp (Rare), Elder Z, Ancient Z)
  • Slag
  • Squire's Training Armour - with Defensive Stance toggled on
  • StarSaviour (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Stone Golem Form (Guardian/Mastercraft/Temp)
  • Sweater Dragon Mount (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Twilly Form (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Vibrant Living Armour
  • Wabbits - Cute Form (Rare) ( Wabbit, Wascawy Wabbit, Vewy Wascawy Wabbit, Weawwy Wascawy Wabbit)
  • Yellow Pirate Costume

  • Dragon Knight Hides ( Hatchling Z, Hatchling, Young, Adolescent, Adult Z, Adult, Mature, Elder, Ancient, Wyrm )
  • Knight of the Fire Orb (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Reflecting Plate (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
  • Squire's Training Armour

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    4/5/2013 3:12:59   
    Legendary AK!!!


    Your armour has a spellcaster lean. Monster attacks deal x1.25 damage, and armour attacks do x0.8 damage. However, all «element» damage from spells gains +«»% damage.

  • Angelic Robes
  • Brilhado Necromancer Robes

    1.25 (Phase 2)
    Your armour has an offensive lean. Your armour attacks deal x1.25 damage. However, you take x1.15 damage from monster attacks. Spells deal x1.3 damage.

  • Offensive Test Armor

    0.8 (Phase 2)
    Your armour has a defensive lean. Your armour attacks deal x0.88 damage. However, you take x0.8 damage from monster attacks. Spells deal x0.94 damage.

  • Defensive Test Armor

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