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Paxia Clans

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5/6/2013 3:09:09   
Times Silent Keeper

Paxia Clans
Eternal Balance
Location: Travel Map » Sail East » Paxia Clans

Destination Descriptions
  • MECHA WAR! - Takes you to a page that lets you access both Paxia Under Siege and Big Mech Attack!
  • Glacius - Kept frozen by underwater currents, this area is home to the Glacius Clan.
  • Nocturu - Deep within the shadows of Paxia forest lies the Night Castle, home of the Nocturu Clan.
  • Geoto - This lush green forest is home to the Geoto Clan.
  • Lucian - At the peak of the highest Paxian mountain lies the Lucian clan.

  • Trophy Room - Visit the trophy room to see awards given to each clan.
  • Almost Black Hole - Meet a mysterious dwarf and learn how to repair your clan bases.
  • Ruins - The ruins of the first and second clan war.
  • Igneus - Hidden behind an active volcano lies the Igneus Clan.
  • Dynami - These rocky plains are home to the Dynami Clan.

  • Clan Defenders! - Check here for a tally of total victories and a quick way to help defend your clan! - Clicking on it takes you to Paxia Defense!
  • Nautica - Floating in the deep hides the Meduse, the biomechanical home to the Nautica Clan.
  • Aerodu - These narrow perches are home to the Aerodu Clan.
  • Monolith Island [Paxus] - This mysterious place is covered with giant stone monoliths. Very little people know the secret to this area.
  • Monolith Island [Negatus] - The narrow bottom end of the island.

    Joining A Clan

    If you are not in any clan yet, you can visit each of the respective clans and choose whether you wish to join it or not. Prior to joining, you can take a look at the clan's statistics, as shown below:

    If you wish to join any clan, click on the clan leader.

    «Clan Leader»: Welcome to the «Clan Name» home base, what would you like to do?
  • Join the «Clan's Base»
  • Explore

    «If you choose to join the clan...»

    «Clan Leader»: Are you absolutely sure you want to join us?
  • Yes
  • Back

    «Select yes once more...»

    «Clan Leader»: Are you positive?
  • Positive
  • No

    «If you are positive about this selection...»

    «Clan Leader»: Wonderful! I will add you to our membership records... Please wait...

    «You receive a message 'Successfully Joined Clan'. Congratulations! You are now part of the clan!»

    Helping Your Clan

    Once you are part of a clan, speaking to your clan leader will inform you of any ongoing events, as well as give you several options to assist your clan.

    «Clan Leader»: Have a nice day! No events are currently scheduled.
  • Instructions - For when there are any clan events, else you get the above dialogue
  • Donate Z-Tokens
      «Clan Leader»: How many Z-Tokens would you like to give?
    • 0
    • 10
    • 50
    • 100

      «Select any amount except 0 and you get the following dialogue.»

      «Clan Leader»: Much appreciated. Let me add it to the pot...

      «You get the message 'Successfully donated «» Z-Tokens to clan.' and that amount is added to the total Z-Token pool, with the same amount being deducted from your Z-Tokens.»
  • Repair
      1 BATTLE: Clan Defense

      «Prior to the battle, Dr. Ai-Pang will provide you some details and instructions to this mini-game.»

      Dr. Ai-Pang: The remote picks up time frequencies from the Almost Black Hole. All you have to do is press the buttons. The remote will flash a series of colors.
      Dr. Ai-Pang: When it says "Go", press the buttons in the same order you saw. Each turn there will be more and more buttons to press.
      Dr. Ai-Pang: If you make it far enough, your clan base will be repaired. For a cost of only five Z-Tokens from your clan token stockpile.
      Dr. Ai-Pang: Ready to begin?
    • Go!

      «You need to go through at least 7 memory sequences correctly to repair your clan base.»

        Mistakes / Failure
        «If you make any mistakes, you take some damage and Dr. Ai-Pang says this.»

        Dr. Ai-Pang: Too bad... That sounded painful... Ready to try again?
      • Go!

        «You repeat the mini-game again. Should you keep making mistakes until your HP reaches 0, you receive the following dialogue.»

        Dr. Ai-Pang: Was it too hard to follow? That's too bad. If you want to try again, just come back and see me.
      • Done

        «You are defeated in battle. You then receive the message 'Strange... You awaken just outside your clan headquarters...' and appear outside your clan base.»
        Success / Complete Success
        «If you manage to finish 7 memory sequences in a row without failure, a Z-token goes through the memory machine, and comes out at the bottom, tinted red. You are given the option to collect your 'Prize', or to 'Continue Playing'. If you choose to collect your 'Prize'...»

        Dr. Ai-Pang: Well done, you turned back time! Your clan now has slightly more HP.

        «You conclude the battle and return to your clan leader. If you however chose to continue playing, you will proceed to do another 14 memory sequences (for a total of 21), and successfully doing so makes a blue token appear to the right of the machine instead. You get the same dialogue as above, and return to your clan leader after.»
  • Shop
  • Explore

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    5/6/2013 3:11:01   
    Times Silent Keeper

    Exploring Clans

    Aerodu - High in the Sky

  • You have a sudden urge to ride these wearing a cowboy hat...
  • Rocket Juice!
  • *Tonk Tonk*...This one is empty.
  • Don't go too close to the edge, the ground is faaaaaar away...
  • Neon lamps? Umm...a wizard did it.
  • Aerodu's clan leader...Aerodu.
  • Oooo...Velvety...

    Aerodu Member Shop
  • Aerodu Shortbow [L. 10]
  • Cyclone Aerodu Shortbow Z [L. 22 Z]
  • Aerodu Shortbow [L. 30]
  • Aerodu Sword [L. 38]
  • Aerodu Shortbow [L. 50]

  • Aerodu Shortbow [L. 70]
  • Cyclone Aerodu Shortbow [L. 87 G]
  • Aerodu Shortbow [L. 90]
  • Aerodu Shortbow [L. 110]
  • Aerodu Shortbow [L. 130]

  • Cyclone Aerodu Shortbow Z [L. 143 Z]
  • Cyclone Aerodu Shortbow [L. 150 G]

  • Aerodu [L. 10]

  • Aerodu Shield [L. 40]

  • Gong of the Wind [L. 40]
  • Gong of the Wind! [L. 65]

    The Meduse - Under the Sea

  • This lamp is made up of a thousand little glowing fishies.
  • The bubblesphere keeps the water out...Or does it keep the air in?
  • Nauticans like to keep their floors really, really clean!
  • Nautica's clan leader...Nautica.

    Meduse Member Shop
  • Nautica Axe [L. 10]
  • Torrential Nautica Axe Z [L. 22 Z]
  • Nautica Blade [L. 30]
  • Nautica Axe [L. 30]
  • Nautica Axe [L. 50]

  • Nautica Axe [L. 70]
  • Torrential Nautica Axe [L. 87 G]
  • Nautica Axe [L. 90]
  • Nautica Axe [L. 110]
  • Nautica Axe [L. 130]

  • Torrential Nautica Axe Z [L. 143 Z]
  • Torrential Nautica Axe [L. 150 G]

  • Nautica [L. 14]

    Igneus Chain - Fire, fire burning bright...

  • The Igneus usually hold annual gap crossing contests. Would probably explain why they're on fire.
  • Liquid hot magma
  • Strange, you see tiny little footprints, like if someone was wrestling up here.
  • The Igneus clan leader.

    Igneus Member Shop
  • Firebolt Crossbow [L. 1]
  • Flaming Throwing Knives [L. 8]
  • Igneus Sickle [L. 10]
  • Blazing Igneus Sickle Z [L. 22 Z]
  • Igneus Sickle [L. 30]

  • Igneus Sickle [L. 50]
  • Fire Lord's Axe [L. 60]
  • Igneus Sickle [L. 70]
  • Blazing Igneus Sickle [L. 87 G]
  • Igneus Sickle [L. 90]

  • Igneus Sickle [L. 110]
  • Igneus Sickle [L. 130]

  • Blazing Igneus Sickle Z [L. 143 Z]
  • Blazing Igneus Sickle [L. 150 G]

  • Fire Bat Swarm [L. 28]

  • Gong of the Wind [L. 40]
  • Gong of the Wind! [L. 65]

    Dynami Plains - The Floating Generator

  • Dynami Worker Monks
  • This pillar gathers the energy from the Dynami and powers the generator.
  • Clicking the generator when you are not in Explore mode makes it light up. Pretty!
  • The Dynami clan leader, Dynamo.

    Dynami Member Shop
  • Dynami Sword [L. 10]
  • Enforcer Blade [L. 20]
  • Voltaic Dynami Sword Z [L. 22 Z]
  • Dynami Sword [L. 30]
  • Energy Cleaver [L. 45]

  • Dynami Sword [L. 50]
  • Dynami Sword [L. 70]
  • Energy Master's Blade [L. 77]
  • Voltaic Dynami Sword [L. 87 G]
  • Dynami Sword [L. 90]

  • Dynami Sword [L. 110]
  • Dynami Sword [L. 130]
  • Voltaic Dynami Sword Z [L. 143 Z]
  • Voltaic Dynami Sword [L. 150 G]

  • Current Event [L. 15]

    Lucian Peak - The Golden Palace

  • The light emitting from the Palace makes it nearly impossible to see in or out.
  • This entire Palace is made up of small shards of Lilorite.
  • The Lucian clan leader, Lucius.

    Lucian Member Shop
  • Lightbolt Crossbow [L. 1]
  • Lucian Spear [L. 10]
  • Radiant Lucian Spear Z [L. 22 Z]
  • Lucian Spear [L. 30]
  • Lightmace [L. 40]

  • Lucian Spear [L. 50]
  • Light Master's Blade [L. 63]
  • Lucian Spear [L. 70]
  • Radiant Lucian Spear [L. 87 G]
  • Lucian Spear [L. 90]

  • Lucian Spear [L. 110]
  • Lucian Spear [L. 130]
  • Radiant Lucian Spear Z [L. 143 Z]
  • Radiant Lucian Spear [L. 150 G]

  • Light Blast [L. 40]

    Geoto Chain - Earthen Spire

  • Rocks, lots and lots of rocks.
  • The Geoto clan leader.

    Geoto Member Shop
  • Geoto Sceptre [L. 10]
  • Quaking Geoto Sceptre Z [L. 22 Z]
  • Geoto Sceptre [L. 30]
  • Geoto Mace [L. 38]
  • Geoto Sceptre [L. 50]

  • Geoto Sceptre [L. 70]
  • Quaking Geoto Sceptre [L. 87 G]
  • Geoto Sceptre [L. 90]
  • Geoto Sceptre [L. 110]
  • Geoto Sceptre [L. 130]

  • Quaking Geoto Sceptre Z [L. 143 Z]
  • Quaking Geoto Sceptre [L. 150 G]

  • Geoto [L. 10]

    Nocturu Forest - The Nighted Day

  • Although seemingly evil, the Nocturu are one of the clans who pray the most.
  • The darkness clan can only hide in shadows if they are drenched in light.
  • The Gates of Drell.
  • The Nocturu clan leader.

    Nocturu Member Shop
  • Dark Blade [L. 10]
  • Nocturu Dagger [L. 10]
  • Cloaked Nocturu Dagger Z [L. 22 Z]
  • Evil Battleaxe [L. 25]
  • Nocturu Dagger [L. 30]

  • Nocturu Dagger [L. 50]
  • Darkbow [L. 60]
  • Cloaked Nocturu Dagger [L. 87 G]
  • Nocturu Dagger [L. 90]

  • Nocturu Dagger [L. 110]
  • Nocturu Dagger [L. 130]
  • Cloaked Nocturu Dagger Z [L. 143 Z]
  • Cloaked Nocturu Dagger [L. 150 G]

  • Darkness Dragon Ambush [L. 68]

  • Gong of the Wind [L. 40]
  • Gong of the Wind! [L. 65]

    Glacius Glacier - Ice, ice baby...

  • Although very light, this snow covers traps set up by Glaciar.
  • The Ice Kingdom is made of ice shards from the 32nd Ice Age.
  • The Glacius clan leader, Glaciar.

    Glacius Member Shop
  • Ice Bolo [L. 10]
  • Glacius Hammer [L. 10]
  • Ice Shard [L. 20]
  • Arctic Glacius Hammer Z [L. 22 Z]
  • Glacius Hammer [L. 30]

  • Ice Katana [L. 50]
  • Magic Ice Katana [L. 50]
  • Glacius Hammer [L. 50]
  • Glacius Hammer [L. 70]
  • Arctic Glacius Hammer [L. 87 G]

  • Glacius Hammer [L. 90]
  • Glacius Hammer [L. 110]
  • Glacius Hammer [L. 130]
  • Arctic Glacius Hammer Z [L. 143 Z]
  • Arctic Glacius Hammer [L. 150 G]

  • Ice Dragon Spirit [L. 30]

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    Times Silent Keeper

    Other Paxian Locations

    Paxian Ruins
    NEWS: Paxia has been destroyed! No one knows what has happened, but all clan leaders are currently missing. A messenger stands in the ruins to give out more information.
    RUMOR: Reinforcements are arriving soon to help rebuild the bases.

    «Scene: Paxian Ruins. The three original clan bases (Aerodu, Geoto, Nautica) are all up in flames. Two Mogo-Habilis sit on the field near the ruins. Clicking on them initiates a conversation. You can skip the conversation at the start.»

    «You»: What happened here?
    Mogo-Habilis: BOOOOOM! Big-Bada-Boom!
    «You»: Did...you do this?
    Mogo-Habilis: *stares*
    Mogo-Habilis: Thingy jump from tower. BOOM! Thingy jump on birdy. BOOOOM! Thingy jump in water. Splooch!
    «You»: Where did thingy go?
    Mogo-Habilis: Thingy poof. Looking for other friends to make boom.
    «You»: Hmm..other clans? Where can I find these? Did you see any other ones?
    Mogo-Habilis: *stares a little longer*
    Mogo-Habilis: See moving statue. Statue knows everything. Statue never stop moving, but statue always in same place. On island.
    «You»: Where?
    Mogo-Habilis: Island. You look.
  • Return to Battleon
  • Explore Island - Takes you to the Paxia Map

    Trophy Room
    The various types of trophies given out are:

    First Clan Event Trophy [Awarded To: Nautica, Geoto, Aerodu]
    The participation award was given to the original 3 clans who helped in the first clan event.

    Rusty Cleaver [Awarded To: Igneus, Aerodu]
    The Rusty Cleaver was given to the winning team during the "Leaf it to Cleaver" challenge. Hope you had your tetanus shot!
  • Equip the Rusty Cleaver
  • Done

    Broken Paxus Doll [Awarded To: Igneus]
    This broken Paxus doll was given to the winning team of the "Paxus Says" challenge. Looks like it was pushed too many times...

    Hand of Paxus [Awarded To: Geoto]
    The Hand of Paxus was given to the runner up team during the "Paxus Says" challenge. It's always nice to have a helping hand.

    Almost Black Hole
    «You»: Who are you? And what is THAT?
    Dr. Ai-Pang: I am Dr. Ai-Pang, which you may pronounce as Eye Pong. And THAT, is a bit complicated to explain.
    «You»: Enlighten me...
    Dr. Ai-Pang: I am a technomage, born in Dwarfhold. I journeyed to this place because I was intrigued by the events and technology found here.
    Dr. Ai-Pang: This strange ring actually contains what is known as an Almost Black Hole. I found it shortly after I arrived...
    Dr. Ai-Pang: The presence of so many powerful elemental avatars on the small island of Paxia collapsed the land into an Almost Black Hole.
    Dr. Ai-Pang: If I had not put the containment ring around it, it would have sucked in everything else-- perhaps even the whole world eventually!
    Dr. Ai-Pang: All of the avatars are trapped within the Almost Black Hole, but anyone who arrived after I placed the ring is able to enter the Almost Black Hole and also leave afterward!
    Dr. Ai-Pang: This is because time no longer exists inside the containment ring. You will still be connected to Time, and can therefore be pulled back out of the Almost Black Hole.
    Dr. Ai-Pang: Perhaps if you, ehem, offer me a gift of some kind, I can be persuaded to let you play with the controls of the containment ring.
    Dr. Ai-Pang: Who knows-- you may be able to reverse time and remove some damage from your clan base!
    «You»: Alter the fabric of time and space? How could I say no?
    Dr. Ai-Pang: Okay... If your base needs repairing, select "Repair" from inside your base.
    Dr. Ai-Pang: Then you will automatically meet me here, and you can try out the Almost Blackhole.
  • Bye!
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    Times Silent Keeper

    Monolith Island

    Paxus Statue
    «If you enquire about Clan Information...»

    Paxus: So, new to clans? Here is a quick guide...
  • Clan Health
      Paxus: Clan health will change each week. Paxia is a place of peace, but every few weeks a war is created as a friendly challenge.
      Paxus: Some wars could be simple ones but others could be fun scenarios that clans must complete to win.
      Paxus: Either way, all clans will always start with the same Health to keep balance in the Island. The strength of each clan will come from its members.
  • Z-Tokens
      Paxus: Z-Tokens are the lifeline of clans. Each clan has its own personal bank to store tokens they've gathered from their members.
      Paxus: These tokens can be used for a few things. First, they are used to bribe Dr. Ai-Pang. His time machine will convert tokens into Health for your clan.
      Paxus: Second, the Tokens will be used to pay for the entry fee of large clan events.
      Paxus: Tokens are very useful so don't forget to donate any extra ones you may have.
  • Leaving a Clan
      Paxus: You can join a clan whenever you want, but leaving the clan is a bit harder.
      Paxus: You will need to find Negatus, a rogue Paxian who can strip you of your clan identity.
      Paxus: The only problem is that Negatus will sometimes hide, or leave during wars or other clan events, so he can't always be relied on.
      Paxus: Don't be scared to use him though, you will always be able to re-join a clan.
  • Clan Rewards
      Paxus: After each clan event, a small or large reward will be given to the winners, and sometimes a smaller prize to the runner-ups.
      Paxus: These rewards can be anything. They can be Z-Tokens, armors, weapons, shields, trophies and even some items to decorate your clan house.
      Paxus: Make sure to join every war event and support your clan, winning will depend on how well you and your other clan members participate.
  • Done

    «If you ask Paxus about the Ruins...»

    «You»: Do you know what happened to the clan bases?
    Paxus: Paxus knows all...
    «You»: Well do you know who did this?
    Paxus: No.
    Paxus: Paxus does know that it was a creature of great power, and of greater evil. He has unbalanced this land.
    Paxus: Paxus has created the remaining five clans to help fight against this creature. For now, visit these places and learn from them.
    Paxus: Paxus will contact you more when he finds out more from his meditation.

  • Blade of Grass [Lower right corner]
      Paxus: When a tree falls in the forest and non-one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?
  • Paxus' Head
      «You»: Who...are you?
      Paxus: I am Paxus, eternally searching...
      «You»: Searching? For what?
      Paxus: Balance.
      Paxus: Paxus molded Paxia from all elements, to be a home for them. An island of balance in a world always at war.
      Paxus: Each element has a clan, and each clan a leader. I molded the leaders from animals, for they are pure, without greed or evil intent. If you do not lead, who shall follow?
      Paxus: The clan leaders do not know their true strength, but it is enough for Paxus to know. It is enough for Paxus to control their power. Power is most when it is shared.
      Paxus: Here I stand, always here, balancing. Through Paxus the elements here remained balanced. Paxus seeks pure balance within himself even as he gives it to others.
      Paxus: Paxus holds great elemental power in each of eight hands, and this had made Paxus immortal. From where did it come? Paxus does not know.
      Paxus: Paxus awoke from a slumber of 1000 years, sitting atop the shell of a leviathan turtle in the Great Sea. In each hand, Paxus found his calling.
      Paxus: 8 arms, 4 legs, and 3 faces... Oh how Paxus would be pleased to have 1 tail to help balance.
      «You»: Urge to push...rising...
  • Hand of Igneus
      Paxus: Flame destroys the most of all, but always leaves just enough behind.
      Paxus: Flames are wild but very clever, for this Paxus chose the fox. Quick and strong, the Igneus Clan burns bright.
      Paxus: The Igneus hide deep in burning volcanoes absorbing the heat coming from its core.
      Paxus: Join them if you have a burning desire to serve your clan in battle as a swift, hot-headed warrior.
  • Hand of Lucian
      Paxus: Dispelling shadow and giving heat without destruction, light means possibility...
      Paxus: Although many think that the Lucian and the Nocturu clans are foes, but this is not the case. One would not exist without the lack of the other.
      Paxus: The Lucian Clan is a nimble group who hover high in the mountains where the sun is at its strongest.
      Paxus: The Pegacorn was the perfect animal to choose as their leader because of its grace and pureness.
      Paxus: Join the Lucians if you enjoy brightly lit areas where all is revealed.
  • Hand of Glacius
      Paxus: When a world needs rebirth, it first rests in ice...
      Paxus: The glaciers in the southern part of the island are constantly frozen. It is there that Paxus has imbued ice.
      Paxus: A Polar Bear has been chosen as the leader of the Glacius Clan because of its strength as an individual.
      Paxus: Snow is pure and white, very easy to spot attacking enemies, or hiding waiting to pounce. Choose this clan if you enjoy isolation and solitude.
  • Hand of Nautica
      Paxus: In water we see a shaper of all things, a mother to worlds...
      Paxus: The Nauticans are truly peaceful giants. Living deep in the ocean, they've learnt to survive by staying low and quiet.
      Paxus: They are very good at hiding though, the ocean is a vast place to hide.
      Paxus: Join the Nauticans if you are a quiet, peaceful person who is always pondering a thought.
  • Hand of Dynami
      Paxus: Energy is the spark of all life, and the mother of life's own creations...
      Paxus: This quick thinking clan is a bundle of energy. Paxus has chosen the Firefly as its leader because of its self-created power.
      Paxus: The Dynami Clan generates much of its power from its own members and gains strength in numbers.
      Paxus: Join the Dynami Clan if you enjoy working as a team with your fellow members. It's crowded, but undoubtedly electrifying.
  • Hand of Nocturu
      Paxus: As darkness falls, so do lies, and all that remains is what cannot be seen...
      Paxus: Deep in the forest lies the Nocturu Clan. Paxus has chosen the bat as the animal because of its ability to hunt in pitch black.
      Paxus: The clan is for the elegant who does not rush into battle but instead watches the outcome until it is the perfect time to strike.
      Paxus: Many believe the Nocturu to be evil, but only those who abuse their powers are truly evil.
      Paxus: Join this clan if you enjoy hiding in the shade of night.
  • Hand of Aerodu
      Paxus: The air is all-encompassing, and the wind is its strength...
      Paxus: Quick as the wind, the Aerodu Clan is one of the fastest clans in Paxia.
      Paxus: Perched at the edge of a mountain, they are always watching for their next prey.
      Paxus: Join this clan if you are eager to fight and fierce on the attack.
  • Hand of Geoto
      Paxus: From earth comes the peace of eons, and the unstoppable movement of life...
      Paxus: Born from the earth, the Geoto Clan thrive in dirt. The Horned Lion has been chosen as the leader because of its love for the Land.
      Paxus: The Geoto have no real home but find rest wherever they can. For now, they live in the mountains near the western forest.
      Paxus: Join them if you are a calm fighter who enjoys rest as much as the occasional war.
  • Paxus' Left Chest
      Paxus: What is the sound of eight hands clapping?
  • Paxus' Right Chest
      Paxus: Why do the clouds move when the wind is still?
  • Paxus' Stomach
      Paxus: Paxus never eats, but one does not need eating to feed...
  • Paxus' Knee
      Paxus: Head and shoulders, knees and toes...
  • Paxus' Balancing Foot
      Paxus: Pushing Paxus will only result in you pushing yourself...

    Negatus Statue
    Prerequisite: Character Level 25+

    «If you have a clan, skipping the dialogue takes you to the choice of leaving your clan or not below. Else, Negatus will tell you he has nothing further to help you with.»

    «You»: Neat, another statue! Do you talk too?
    Negatus: I am Negatus, the other half...
    «You»: The other half of what?
    Negatus: Balance.
    Negatus: Paxus stands at one end of the island, but needs Negatus to keep balanced.
    Negatus: Without one the other is useless. Paxus gives the gift of elemental powers, Negatus removes them.
    Negatus: If every creature had powers, all would be special. If all are special, then none are. Negatus keeps the order of eternal balance.
    «You»: Right. Balance. So is that why everyone here likes standing balanced over the edge of a cliff?
    Negatus: It takes much focus to give and take powers. Having a balanced body can only result in a balanced mind.
    Negatus: I need much concentration though, I sense an imbalance in this world... Tell me what you need so that I can go back to meditation...
    Negatus: If you no longer want to belong to the clan you joined, I can help you leave your clan.
  • Leave Clan
  • Go Back

    Negatus: So you've decided to release yourself? Good choice. You are always free to join a new clan if you wish, but I might not always be here to release you if you make a mistake.
    Negatus: Please wait a few seconds while I take care of this...

    «You receive the message 'You are now removed from this clan.' followed by the dialogue below.»

    Negatus: The change was successful.
  • Okay
    Negatus: My powers are great, but I have nothing further to help you with.
  • Go Back
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