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RE: The Mysterious Stranger: What game is he playing? (MAJOR SPOILERS)

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5/13/2013 23:29:12   
How We Roll Winner

He didn't technically say he was here at the moment of creation, he said he was present before the other elements were brought together.

But pure darkness, is in and of itself, an element too. It could be he was speaking metaphorically and referring to a void or an abyss possibly.

Smudd never killed Sepulchure, A tail coming down and squashing you (especially a tail that big) is aided by gravity. What might look like force to us due to the cutscene, may have been just gravity assisting the movement.

sure it was quick. But than again, the battle-attacks of the smudd were rather quick and quite hurtful as well. Especially if you didn't have the doomknight class helping you to battle.

The doom blade never stated that Sepulchure had to follow it's orders. It was relaying information to him. Sort of like a second conscience, much like xing and xang.

And it never really implied who the master actually was. Sure the Mysterious Stranger is involved and was selling doom weapons, and that the darkness of the NBOD went back up into a shape and disappeared into the mysterious strangers arm, but that doesn't really mean the MS was the master Sepulchure followed.

It's very possible, sure. And there's a lot of evidence to support the theory, but there's also doubts. Sepulchure and Drakath were both defeated. That much is true. But look what transpired to Drakath at the ending cutscene. Look what we witnessed at the ending cutscene for Seppy.

If you want my opinion, we haven't seen the last of either of them, and we've probably not seen the last of the MS either.

AQW Epic  Post #: 26
5/14/2013 13:37:40   


Ultimately, when victory was in the grasp of the evil forces, Drakath betrayed Sepulchure. The horrifying sequence of events that followed turned Drakath into Dragon of Darkness (which was supposed to line up with his role as the Darkness Dragon in the classic AdventureQuest) Drakath was killed. Well... he should have died. Something else happened. You will not find out exactly what until the end of AQWorld's overarching storyline. But he was "chosen" and became the Champion of Chaos.

The above is from Artix's post in the Slugwrath Bloodline thread

From it we can safely say that Drakath is no longer really part of the DF time-line and we won't find out what happened until the end of AQW's Chaos arc. As for Seppy he's still roaming with his daughter somewhere in Lore and is probably still looking for a way to save Lynaria. On the subject of the Stranger there is small amount evidence against the MS being Seppy's master.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 27
5/14/2013 14:34:16   
How We Roll Winner

@Deathlord45, I'm not so certain he is with his daughter. Granted in the later time period of AQW he does seemingly come from the flying fortress, But, the last we saw of Gravelyn was in DF's near-end story where grams tried to leave with her. That doesn't really tell us much about what happened to her though.

(Gravelyn i mean. We clearly saw what happened to grams)
AQW Epic  Post #: 28
5/14/2013 17:33:08   

I meant roaming as in traveling around on foot from place to place or where ever he goes. You're right though on Gravelyn and the fact we have no idea what happened after that event but I doubt he would've let fall to her death.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 29
5/14/2013 21:22:49   
How We Roll Winner

Well we clearly know she doesn't fall to her doom, based on the fact that in AQW she's very much alive and taken charge, granted a few things changed, but even than, she did have the ability to communicate with creatures. Grams was teaching her that much.
AQW Epic  Post #: 30
5/17/2013 10:39:00   

We don't know how much or what Grams taught her for all we know shes of living with animals that take care of her and Seppy is currently looking for her. But I still believe that the Stranger is/was Seppy's master.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 31
5/22/2013 12:26:58   
Legendary Loremaster



Bah, y'know what I meant. Think hive-mind. Two bodies of the same being. I do admit that it's possible that Erebus lied. More than possible, actually. :P Although, I don't think the Stranger of the other universe(which I think Fal might have said may not be DF, but a universe VERY similar) would care so much had his analog been killed rather than Uncreated.at I personally think that it's more likely the Stranger wasn't/isn't the Master.

Both Geo and I have stated for the record that the version of Lore shown in the Epilogue is a close parallel to Dragonfable but not identical to that world. It was a near crossover but not a full one. We had reasons for that distinction. We might do a fuller crossover at somepoint Geo and I have talked about it but there are issues that abound. The most apparent is that they are not only in different timelines but there is a time differential. If AQ would cross in to DF directly you would arrive in the future of the current game. If DF crossed into AQ it would be changing the past. Time travel would clearly be involved laterally (between worlds) and linearly (along a timeline) and that is very messy.

Erebus clearly did lie. If he had done what he claimed outside of time then there never would have been at any point in AQ a MS who was not Erebus.
Post #: 32
5/22/2013 16:07:52   

@Falerin so it was one of the alternate DFs floating out in the multi-verse. So that could mean that this new to AQ Stranger would be weak to same things the DF one was.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 33
7/4/2014 19:35:17   
Vongola the Wise

Maybe he's like the Satan of this Universe. The good deities and evil deities, like Cthulhu mythos.


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 34
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