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Fortune Trans-PLANT-ed

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5/7/2013 15:25:09   
Times Silent Keeper

Fortune Trans-PLANT-ed
Blarney War 2013

Location: Blarney Portal Painting » 2013: Fortune Trans-PLANT-ed!

«Scene: Battleon. A rainbow forms and Uncle Sham enters the scene riding on the rainbow, which then disappears.»


«You enter the scene.»

«You»: What in the world? There is no need to shout... What are you doing here Sham, and what do you want with me?
Uncle Sham: We need your help.
«You»: We? Who is we? You have a mouse in your pocket?
Uncle Sham: No... Actually that's me Golden Gween.
«You»: You have a pet gween? How do you acquire a gween? Not that I am surprised that yours is Golden, but how exactly do leprechauns get a non-Lorian pet?
Uncle Sham: A stroke of good luck... but I fear it may be the last. Come out O'Gweeny...

«Zooming in to Uncle Sham's pockets, a Golden Gween pops its head out.»

Uncle Sham: Gweeny go get the item for me. Be sure you are very careful. Things are very dangerous now.
Uncle Sham: I do not want anything to happen to you, you are worth more to me than all the gold in my vault...
Uncle Sham: Well maybe not ALL the gold... but very close...

«O'Gweeny springs out of Sham's pockets and off the scene.»

«You»: There's the Sham we all know and "love." Why would I help you?
Uncle Sham: You are the Chosen of Lore aren't you? You are the one people call when they need help...
«You»: Uh, some people maybe, but why would you want my help, and why would I want to help you? I swear, if this is some sort of plot to take my gold...
Uncle Sham: Why I never!
Uncle Sham: Take YOUR gold?! YOURS? Lore's gold properly belongs to the Leprechaun kingdom!
«You»: Sure it does...
Uncle Sham: But no... this has nothing to do with "YOUR" gold. In fact, if you help me you can keep all the gold you find.
Uncle Sham: Of course, if you want to be parted from some of that hard-earned auric loveliness, I can arrange to open our trade market to you.
Uncle Sham: It is a great honor that none of Lore's human races, save the Moglin, have ever been granted before; but this is so critical it requires extraordinary measures.
«You»: You're prepared to let me keep gold or Leprechaun treasures?
Uncle Sham: Or a bit of both, whatever you decide.
«You»: Have you hit your head?
Uncle Sham: YES! Repeatedly! And stubbed my toes, broken my favorite mirror, tripped on a crack injuring my besainted mother in the process... that's the point!
«You»: Uh? What?

«O'Gweeny returns to the scene.»

Uncle Sham: Who's my preciously little O'Gweeny. You are! That's right you are... You are back far too soon, though. You could not have gotten the item yet.
«You»: Looks like it brought something alright!

«Several monsters enter the scene...»

Uncle Sham: It looks like you will get an opportunity to earn your gold sooner than later, «You». The war has started.
«You»: War?
    Full Heal after battle #2
«You»: Alright, what gives, Sham?
Uncle Sham: Leprechauns handle more than Gold, «You». We are children of fortune, the sons and daughters of chance, the scions of Entropy...

«Warlic's shop suddenly rumbles in the background and smoke billows out from his shop.»

Warlic: Oh dear. That did not go at all as expected...

«Warlic enters the scene, his head completely charred.»

«You»: Warlic! What was that?! Are you okay?
Warlic: Oh hello, «You». Nothing serious, I just accidentally grabbed the wrong vial when preparing a potion in my cauldron.
Warlic: Well, the smoke should have cleared... I need to get back to clean the mess.
(Thought) Warlic: I think I need to have my eyes examined, that is the fourth time this week that I have went to grab something off the shelf and accidentally grabbed the next vial over.

«Warlic begins to leave the scene but stops midway.»

Warlic: But I know there is nothing wrong with my eyes...

«Warlic leaves the scene. Just as he leaves, Robina enters.»

Robina Hood: Sham, you're here! Thank goodness!
Uncle Sham: Robina Hood? What is it? Nothing has gone wrong with our arrangement, has it?
Robina Hood: Yes! Leprechaun bandits waylaid the caravan and stole all of the items I arranged to get for you...
Uncle Sham: Ordinarily I would say that is your problem and not mine, but I fear this is my problem all over again... We will honor our arrangements.
Robina Hood: I know... O'Greeny ordered the Gold you were sending for the monsters sent anyway... but that's the problem. Rogue Pirate Ninjas waylaid the ship.
Robina Hood: I tried to stop them but for some reason I keep breaking my bowstrings... I need to have a talk with Yulgar. I think the bowyer-fletcher sent a bad batch.
«You»: Pirate... Ninjas?! Given the rivalry between the Ninjas and the Pirates, how can there be Pirate Ninjas?!
Robina Hood: These are rogue agents, «You», they won't answer to either order.
«You»: Well the vampires and lycans share a similar rivalry and yet we still have werepyres, though that was because of Erebus' manipulations...
Uncle Sham: Forget the Pirate Ninjas and the highwaymen, «You». They're not important right now...
«You»: Not important? They ran off with your merchandise and your gold and they're not important?
Uncle Sham: More coin can be sent and more merchandise acquired.
«You»: Uh... something is very wrong here...
Uncle Sham: Yes! That's exactly what I am trying to say.
Robina Hood: Speaking of rogue agents Sham, I spotted several of your kinfolk and a few cyberchaun near the docks. I do not think it is coincidental...
Uncle Sham: No. I suspect not. I have heard several reports of some of my people being spotted who seem immune to the changes...
Uncle Sham: The problem is we cannot figure out how and why.
Robina Hood: Oh dear... here come more monsters, and they seem none too happy about their missed shipment...
  • Battle with Robina's help
  • Battle by yourself

    «Regardless of choice»
      2 BATTLES
    Aria: Ouch!

    «Hans and Aria enter the scene.»

    Hans: I will have a talk with my uncle! I have no idea what he was thinking sending us such shoddy horseshoes, but four thrown, in one day? This is ridiculous.
    Hans: And you need to have that scratch looked at, Love. I do not know what got into that Shadowkitten.
    Aria: I think I stepped on his tail, it is not his fault he was just crossing my path at the time I tripped. It was his bad luck just as much as mine...
    «You»: Uh, hold up Hans and Aria. I'm sensing a pattern here. Is this your problem as well Sham?
    Uncle Sham: You are catching on... yes... I am afraid so...
    «You»: I think it's time you tell me what is going on.
    Uncle Sham: Long ago my people were charged by The'Galin with managing some of the growing Lorian entropy.
    «You»: In English...
    Uncle Sham: We bring good luck to the world. We gather the shamrocks and distill them into pure fortuions. But something has gone terribly wrong.
    «You»: Obviously, but what?
    Uncle Sham: I wish we knew; the new batch of fortuions is completely ineffective.
    Uncle Sham: It seems to be contaminated with misfortuions and as a result not only is good luck leaving our kingdom, but bad luck seems to be spreading out to Lore in its place.
    Uncle Sham: You must follow me. We can get you some of the last supply of the prior batch of fortuions. Otherwise it will only be so long before the bad luck begins to strike you as well.

    «The scene fades to black and switches to lush plains, with a rainbow in the background. Sham moves a giant rock, revealing a pile of gold underneath.»

    «You»: You must be stronger than you look...
    Uncle Sham: It is made of plaster.
    «You»: So you hide your treasures under...
    Uncle Sham: A sham rock. Yes, of course, where else would I hide something so valuable?
    «You»: Uh, in a vault?
    Uncle Sham: Vaults are targets. Who targets an enchanted plaster rock?
    «You»: Right...

    «Sham throws you a potion.»

    Uncle Sham: This is it. The absolute last of the fortuions. The leprechaun kingdom is trusting you with all of our fates.
    Uncle Sham: We have faith in you. After all, you consistently have managed to defeat my carefully laid plans, in spite of my consistent, flawless execution...
    «You»: Riiiiight... that's exactly what happened.

    «You receive a Full Heal.»

    «You»: Oh no, it looks like a veritable army of stirred-up creatures has us cornered... We need to get to the bottom of this quickly. *drinks potion*


    A spate of horrible misfortune has plagued the Leprechaun Kingdom and it has the potential top spill over into all of Lore. Monsters are running rampant as the forces of entropy have thrown everyone into disarray, random monsters of every description upset by the changes of fortune are attacking at every opportunity, what could have made such normally lucky creatures so unfortunate? What is with the rogue Leprechauns that seem to be stirring the pot? How are they immune to the effect? Can this spate of misfortune be stopped before all of Lore is infected?
  • To Battle!
  • Explore Camp
  • Back to Town

    Potion Bag - Gives you potions if you have less than 4 on hand (Guardian Only)
    Leprechaun - +0.1% Ranged Attack Bonus, maximum of +20%
    Four Leaf Clover - Full Heal
    Leprechaun Hat - You are now wearing a Leprechauns' top hat!
    Click on Robina's bow if you want her to join you in battle!
    Robina has joined you for battle!
    Click on Captain Rhubarb's hat if you want him to join you in battle!
    Captain Rhubarb has joined you for battle!
    Warlic's Charred Head - Looks like Warlic suffered an unfortunate accident!
    Warlic's Robes - Click on Warlic's crystal ball if you want him to join you in battle!
    Warlic's Crystal Ball - Warlic has joined!
    It's a fountain. Of Water!

    To Battle!
    Full Heal after battle #2

      «After the defeat of 50% of Leprechaun forces, a new cutscene 'Liborg' was unlocked.»

      «Scene: Outskirts of Battleon. Sham and you confront a female Leprechaun protected by several Leprechaun guards.»

      Uncle Sham: Liborg! What are you doing here! We banished you for stealing from the treasury!
      Liborg: I know... and I told you that you would be "Sorrel," uncle. Well, my vengeance is at hand.
      Uncle Sham: What have you done? Is it you who leads our renegade kin?
      Liborg: Oh it is I indeed, uncle, I lead them and soon it will be us and not you who rule. The females of the Leprechaun kingdom are done being your cooks and housekeepers.
      Liborg: Our oppression ends now... As to your first question, I have performed A Switch and Bait.
      «You»: Oppression? And I think you mean a bait and switch...
      Liborg: Yes oppression! Think about it. When have you even seen a female of my species other than me?
      «You»: Come to think of it...
      Liborg: And NO! A switch and bait. I mixed in Oxalis stricta into the Shamrock fields.
      «You»: No one noticed this?

      «Liborg takes out a shamrock.»

      Liborg: This is an actual shamrock...

      «She then takes out another flower with yellow petals.»

      Liborg: And this is yellow woodsorrel... or the so called "lemon clover".
      «You»: The flowers are completely different but the leaves look very similar except the woodsorrel is more heart shaped. You replaced the shamrocks with SHAMrocks!
      Liborg: Exactly. Harvested and mixed in without flowers they are virtually undetectable.
      Liborg: And do you know what Oxalis the scientific genera of sorrel is, Chosen of Lore?
      «You»: Not particularly...
      Liborg: It means death... woodsorrel is only very minorly toxic, and only in large doses. In face it is eaten for its tart leaves and is often used to make a lemon like beverage...
      Liborg: But brewed in with Shamrock into fortuions...
      Liborg: It negates fortune as death negates life!
      «You»: That is the switch, I take it. So where's the bait?
      Liborg: I hired some extra-special bandits to waylay the shipment for Lore's monsters, knowing that Sham would be forced to use the last of the good fortuions to fight them.
      «You»: I can understand being angry at Sham, who couldn't...
      Uncle Sham: Hey! I resemble that remark! Wait-- you hired those Pirate Ninjas?!
      «You»: But this has to stop.
      Liborg: Of course I did, Uncle. And why stop now, «You»? I am just getting started.
      «You»: Liborg, what you are done is unraveling Lore. It will affect you eventually too. Why would you do this?
      Liborg: There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune...
      «You»: What?
      Liborg: I have brewed some fortuions of my own, my fellows and I have used it to our gain.
      Liborg: Better still I have a hidden field of pure shamrock, enough to supply fortuions for near a thousand years...
      Uncle Sham: And you plan to control the supply. Hold Lore hostage to make your profit...
      Liborg: Exactly, uncle. You have taught me quite well.
      Uncle Sham: You go too far, Liborg! We have a sacred duty... even I would never be so greedy.
      Liborg: LUCKily, uncle, I am not you! See you soon, «You»!
      «You»: Oh no you don't, Liborg, get back here!
      Liborg: Oh, I don't think so.
      Liborg: Besides, you have incoming, but your fortuions will run out soon enough, and then...
      Liborg: Time to turn that tide I mentioned, «You».

      «The scene fades to black.»
    «After defeating 100% of Leprechaun forces...»
      6 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal after battles #2, #4 and #6
    «Scene: Confronting Liborg»

    «You»: It seems like my luck has held a bit too long for you, Libo...

    «You trip over a rock in your way and die. Oops.»

    «You»: Ouch, I tripped on that rock...
    Liborg: You were saying, «You»? Well, fortune favors the bold...
    Liborg: Time to take out the trash!

    «O'Gweeny enters the scene, carrying a tiny vial of liquid.»

    «You»: What have you brought, O'Gweeny?

    «Zooming in to O'Gweeny, it has brought a vial of clover essence! You return to life.»

    «You»: Oh you clever, clever creature. What a great pet, Sham. I am almost Gween with envy.
    «You»: YOU were saying, Liborg? Something about taking out the trash...
    Liborg: A misunderstanding, «You» that's all...
    «You»: Well then this is just a misunderstanding too... Normally I hate to hit a girl, but for you, I will make an exception.Liborg: My aching kiester.
    Uncle Sham: You will take us to your Shamrocks and help us repair the fields. Apparently I was mistaken to exile you. You cannot be trusted on your own.
    Liborg: And if I refuse?
    Uncle Sham: Well, I will break off me shillelagh on your backside...
    Liborg: Not refusing. Not refusing.
    Uncle Sham: I thought not.
    «You»: And Sham?
    Uncle Sham: What, «You»?
    «You»: You MIGHT want to reconsider your policies on gender equality...
    Uncle Sham: Aye, good idea «You». Work 'em harder so they do not have time to plan revolts against my kingdom!
    «You»: That's not exactly what I had--
    Uncle Sham: Now then, «You», I am as good as my word. The trade market will be opened to you. The Leprechaun kingdom is forever in your debt...
    «You»: Or until the next time you have a money making scheme...
    Uncle Sham: Aye, exactly.

    «The scene switches to the outskirts of Battleon. A treasure chest can be seen on the ground. Robina enters the scene.»

    Robina: You did it! You have helped save the Leprechaun Kingdom and restore luck back to the lands. Warlic's hair is already starting to grow back!
    Robina: Open the chest to collect your rewards! You have earned it!
  • Rewards!

    «Click on the reward chest and...»
  • Get War Reward!
  • Skip Reward / Already Have It - Return to Battleon
    Fortune TransPLANTed - Blarney War 2013

  • Golden Gween Z [L. 14 Z]
  • Golden Gween [L. 34]
  • Golden Gween [L. 54]
  • Golden Guardian Gween [L. 74 G]
  • Golden Gween [L. 94]

  • Golden Gween [L. 114]
  • Golden Gween Z [L. 134 Z]
  • Golden Guardian Gween [L. 144 G]

  • Clover Essence [L. 14]
  • Clover Essence Z [L. 29 Z]
  • Clover Essence [L. 34]
  • Clover Essence [L. 54]
  • Clover Essence [L. 74]

  • Concentrated Clover Essence [L. 91 G]
  • Clover Essence [L. 94]
  • Clover Essence [L. 114]
  • Clover Essence Z [L. 124 Z]
  • Clover Essence [L. 134]
  • Concentrated Clover Essence [L. 144 G]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

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    Times Silent Keeper

    Monster List
    Night Terror (2)
    Fire Drakel Warrior (4)
    O'Teeny (5)
    O'Greeny (5)
    O'Meany (10)
    Cyberchaun (10)
    Dragonchaun (10)
    IceCat (10)
    Angry Protester (10)
    Baby Sacragon (11)
    Giant Cyberchaun (12)
    Leprechaun Power Armor (14)
    Fire Drakel Warrior (14)
    GO-LD Walker (15)
    O'Greeny (20)

    O'Beany (22)
    Night Terror (22)
    O'Meany (25)
    Cyberchaun (25)
    O'Teeny (25)
    Giant Cyberchaun (27)
    Leprechaun Power Armor (29)
    IceCat (30)
    Dragonchaun (30)
    Angry Protester (30)
    Fire Drakel Warrior (34)
    O'Greeny (35)
    GO-LD Walker (35)
    O'Meany (40)
    Cyberchaun (40)

    Giant Cyberchaun (42)
    Night Terror (42)
    O'Teeny (45)
    Baby Sacragon (45)
    O'Greeny (50)
    Dragonchaun (50)
    IceCat (50)
    Angry Protester (50)
    Leprechaun Power Armor (52)
    Fire Drakel Warrior (54)
    O'Meany (55)
    Cyberchaun (55)
    GO-LD Walker (55)
    Giant Cyberchaun (57)
    Baby Sacragon (60)

    Night Terror (62)
    O'Greeny (65)
    O'Teeny (65)
    O'Beany (67)
    O'Meany (70)
    Cyberchaun (70)
    Dragonchaun (70)
    IceCat (70)
    Angry Protester (70)
    Night Terror (72)
    Giant Cyberchaun (72)
    Leprechaun Power Armor (74)
    Fire Drakel Warrior (74)
    GO-LD Walker (75)
    Baby Sacragon (75)
    O'Greeny (80)

    Night Terror (82)
    O'Meany (85)
    Cyberchaun (85)
    O'Teeny (85)
    Giant Cyberchaun (87)
    Leprechaun Power Armor (89)
    Dragonchaun (90)
    IceCat (90)
    Angry Protester (90)
    Baby Sacragon (90)
    Fire Drakel Warrior (94)
    O'Greeny (95)
    GO-LD Walker (95)
    O'Meany (100)
    Cyberchaun (100)

    Night Terror (102)
    Giant Cyberchaun (102)
    O'Teeny (105)
    Baby Sacragon (105)
    Leprechaun Power Armor (109)
    Dragonchaun (110)
    IceCat (110)
    O'Greeny (110)
    Angry Protester (110)
    Night Terror (112)
    Fire Drakel Warrior (114)
    GO-LD Walker (115)
    O'Meany (115)
    Cyberchaun (115)
    Giant Cyberchaun (117)
    Baby Sacragon (120)

    Leprechaun Power Armor (124)
    O'Greeny (125)
    O'Teeny (125)
    Dragonchaun (130)
    IceCat (130)
    O'Meany (130)
    Cyberchaun (130)
    Angry Protester (130)
    Night Terror (132)
    Giant Cyberchaun (132)
    Fire Drakel Warrior (134)
    GO-LD Walker (135)
    Baby Sacragon (135)
    O'Greeny (140)

    Leprechaun Power Armor (144)
    Fire Drakel Warrior (144)
    O'Meany (145)
    O'Teeny (145)
    Cyberchaun (145)
    Night Terror (145)
    Giant Cyberchaun (147)
    IceCat (150)
    Dragonchaun (150)
    GO-LD Walker (150)
    Angry Protester (150)
    Baby Sacragon (150)
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