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Absol-ution II

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5/9/2013 11:17:10   
Times Silent Keeper

Absol-ution Part II
A NightMare From the Depths of Dreams

Location: Travel Map » Granemor » General Herous' Tower » 15: Absol-ution Saga » 2: NightMare From Depths of Dreams


«Scene: The Order crash site near Mount Thrall.»

Hollow: Hello, Gaiden, Ryuusei, «You».
Hollow: I understand you want me to use Order technology to help rescue Twain...
Hollow: It is only because Galrick and Lkeas are asking that I am even considering it. Twain had my son attacked with the Cold, and nearly cost him everything...
Galrick: Daniel survived, though...
Lkeas: I do not think that matters, Galrick.
Hollow: Of course not. The mere suggestion makes me want-- *sigh* If Jess got wind of the fact that I was trying to use the D.E.N.N.I.E. Phantom to save Twain of all people...
«You»: The Deni Phantom?
Galrick: A bit of technology The Hollow is working on with Vince. Trying to augment future technology with Magitech. The Phantom is a ship, a small one.
«You»: So what's Deni?
Hollow: Not Deny, not Deni, but D.E.N.N.I.E. Phantom. It has to do with the engine. Digital Elliptical Narrow Navigation in Etherspace.
Galrick: Rather than travelling through space like the Alteon, or the Void like the Network Void ships, among other things, the Phantom travels through a fictional construct called Etherspace.
«You»: Wait, it travels through a fictional construct? How's that work?
Galrick: Very improbably...
«You»: Right.
Hollow: It is not quite fictional. Etherspace is a mental projection created in the Astral Plane and maintained by the collective minds of all that travel that plane.
Hollow: You can get between any two points in the physical realm through etherspace.
«You»: But...
Hollow: But it won't be at all easy. There is no telling what we will encounter.
«You»: Why didn't I just ask Falerin again?
Lkeas: Do you really think it would have been easier to deal with the Loremaster?
«You»: Point.
Hollow: Give us a few days to stock the ship and run some last tests... then let's all meet on the Launch Pad near K'eld Alorin on Vandar.
«You»: Very well. Thank you, Hollow.

«Hollow nods. New Scene: The Launch Pad. A ship is taking off.»

Hollow: Are we ready?
Gaiden Cartwright: That is a loaded question.
Ryuusei Cartwright: No, but that does not matter. Time to move on.
«You»: Right, ready as I will ever be...
Lkeas: All aboard and accounted for.
Hollow: Terul'sith-- engine status?
Terul'sith: D.E.N.N.I.E. online. Activate Lucigenesis Wave.
Galrick: Advanced Lucigenesis Device integration at 100%.
Celestra: Shields are holding.

«The Phantom begins to shake and smoke.»

Hollow: Launch in 10... 9... 8...
Hollow: 7... 6... 5...
Hollow: 4... 3... 2... 1!
Terul'sith: We have Lucigenesis...

«The Phantom flies over the ocean as the sun sets. It reaches Battleon, and then the Scene suddenly changes. New Scene: The Nightmare Realm.»

Galrick: Nightmare Realm achieved, preparing for Etherspace entry...
Celestra: Shields down! We have incoming...«Scene: Inside the Phantom, near its shield generators. The invaders have been defeated.»

«You»: I think that's the last of them. Huntress, did you get the shields back up?
Celestra: Trying... Terul'sith, can you reboot the shield generator?
Terul'sith: I think it needs a corrective tap. Hold on.

«Terul'sith gives the generator a shove.»

Celestra: Shield generators online... shields holding.
Hollow: (over intercom) Prepare to Jump to Etherspace.

«Scene zooms out to show the Phantom traveling, preparing to Jump.»

Galrick: Etherspace entry in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

«The Phantom arrives in Etherspace. Scene shows the interior of the bridge.»

Hollow: Welcome to Etherspace.
«You»: Just like I never dreamed it would be...
Lkeas: Funny, it's exactly as I envisioned it would not be...
Galrick: Transit Ellipse has been set to the Kresh Nebula.
Hollow: Engage.

«The Phantom continues its travel. New Scene: Elsewhere, a strangely colored Nightmare Rook speaks to a silhouetted figure.»

Ascended Nightmare Rook: Lord, we have an incursion...
???: Your queen is getting more daring? How droll.
Ascended Nightmare Rook: No, my lord. This incursion comes from beyond the Nightmare Realm. The technology is unlike any I have ever seen.
???: I have tracked it.
???: Primitive... but potent. Magic and Technology combined. What is the origin of this vessel?
Ascended Nightmare Rook: If I were to venture a guess, I would say Lore is the most likely origin multiverse.
???: Aye. That seems likely. The ship's trajectory suggests a return to that multiverse, though outside the Lorian sector.
???: Well, Lorian interlopers... you and your world are about to learn who rules the Etherspace. Prepare to take Lore out of spacetime...
Ascended Nightmare Rook: Ready, Lord Etherseid.

«Lord Etherseid comes into full color and focus.»

Lord Etherseid: You have messed with the wrong NightMare. Do it.

«A screen falls downward, showing the removal of planet Lore from spacetime.»
Absol-ution Part II

  • O.R.B. [L. 13]
  • O.R.B. Z [L. 27 Z]
  • O.R.B. [L. 33]
  • O.R.B. [L. 53]
  • Guardian O.R.B. [L. 70 G]

  • O.R.B. [L. 73]
  • O.R.B. [L. 93]
  • O.R.B. Z [L. 103 Z]
  • O.R.B. [L. 113]
  • O.R.B. [L. 133]
  • Guardian O.R.B. [L. 143 G]

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    Entry thanks to Archmagus Orodalf. Monster list and location thanks to In Media Res.

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