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A tale of a Gunfighter

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5/16/2013 5:45:44   

As I really have fun to use the Felled Gunfighter armor in AQ, I decide to make a fan fiction of it. Hopefully you will enjoy it.
Link to discussion thread: Here it is

Prologue: So it Begun

When I woke up, I heard explosion everywhere.Somehow my window is broken.People were running and shouting everywhere. As a traveler, I am quite surprised by the situation . Suddenly a rock hit me. I try to move the rock, but because of the lack of power I canít move the rock. I shouted for help but everybody was too busy with themselves to help me. I felt my heartbeat stopping and the sound of explosion is becoming louder. And so it reached the climax and I felt my eyes closing.

When I woke up, darkness was everywhere and a grim figure approached me. He used a scythe which was connected to a hourglass and a ship. I thought for a few minutes and I came to the conclusion that he is Death. Scared, but calmly, I tried to approach death. He speaks with a grim voice: So it seem a soul has a little accident,donít you? Follow me and I shall count your deed. So I follow him knowing that I may not go back to my world. So it seems that I may give you another chance to live. But before that, may I ask your name? I think for a second and said: Lethis. So you are Lethis. I shall give you another chance to live but you will have to wear a form of a skeletal gunfighter. You could choose to do so or stay in this realm.

<>Which do you choose? <>I choose to be a skeletal gunfighter. <>Very well, when the time comes you will come back to this realm resting peacefully. Now let me send you bac... <>Death, I need to ask you a question before I go. <>Why do you let me go back to the world again? Ah.. an interesting question. You see, I see that you are a good person, considering the deeds you have done. I shall give you another chance to live. Since you have done good deeds you will still have your human emotion and other things, though you are a undead. Be warned though, you will have many enemies and try not to become a human or I shall not accept you here. Now let me send you back to your world...

I feel awaken in a place far away from my village. It seems that I have become alive again. But when I see my hand, it seems that Iím a undead now. I feel sad but I know that even though I may have many enemies, at least I have another chance to live. I see that I have a hat, a shoe and two pairs of guns. Seems like Death really want me to survive. And so a tale has just begun......

Edit: I'l be taking a break. Further chapter will also be released when I'm done with my break.

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5/17/2013 5:10:24   

Chapter 1: Revelation

After I woke up, I see a village nearby. It seem that the village is friendly, even though I donít know if the town will be friendly to me. When I came to the town, a moglin called Twilly approached me. Im sorry,undead is not allowed on this town . Iím not going to let you to destroy this town,undead. As a undead, I try to persuade him to let me stay in the town but it seems I canít. I feel sad and mad for being a undead. People hate me for being a undead but what can I do? As a former human, I shall prove to Twilly that even a undead could be good. So the next day, I go to the battleon and met Twilly again. Hello, undead. This town do not allow undead so onece again I need to ask you to go away kindly. Hello Twilly. I am Lethis and even though I am an Undead, I will try to help your people. I have a job available to prove your worth Lethis,Twilly said. Go to the graveyard and kill undead who is trying to approach Battleon. Then I may consider you to stay in Battleon.

So I go to the graveyard to kill undead. Killing a undead while being a undead is pretty hard as I havenít obtain any light weapon. To my surprise, it seems like I could make the gun a light weapon by merging the essence of the undead. Could Death have give me a gift? With that power, I shoot undead easily and shoot them many undead with my power. After fighting all the undead , I notice a Dracolich which seems to lead the undead army.

I doesnít have any undead essence left and now I am in trouble.I tried to battle it using my gun but it kept resisting my attack. The Dracolich roared and a army of undead appeared. I am in trouble now. I killed the undead slowly and almost all of them is dead. The Dracolich use its breath attack and somehow I am damaged heavily. I am in despair. Is this my final days? Catch, Lethis!Seems like I am given a ammo for my gun. Fast but calm, I fused it with my undead essence to make a holy ammo. I take both of my gun and shoot the Dracolich, even though I may be dead. The Dracolich is dead! But I see a dark orb surrounding the Dracolich and I go there to see it.

Y..o..u will not survive Lothalis, a creature said in the orb. Who are you? I am a embodiment of your fear, I am the creature that you will never imagined, I am the destroyer of Lore itself. Lothalis stop talking for a few seconds. You! You destroy a village that is innocent, destroy everything that I love and made me become this creature!. I know, Lothalis. Save the hatred for the best. When the time come, you will have your revenge and when you realized what we have done, it will be to late. Until then, farewell Lothalis.

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5/26/2013 9:03:56   

Chapter 2: The Dream Of The Dead
I have been accepted to the town even though it is unclear if people really accepted me. Fortunately, someone called Yulgar let me stay at his Inn. When I go to the inn, it seem that he has a assistant called Hans. They are both nice to me. He offered me a room for free. While it is a good offer, I feel sad for him.Yulgar, is there any job available? Well you could certainly help me with forging a weapon Lethis. But I need a few material which is very hard to find.

To repay your debt, I will help you even if it is hard to do. *laugh* Very well Lethis. I need a holy dragon essence which you could create by getting the essence of light dragon, undead aura from any undead, and lastly Abyss Wrath from Abyss Wyrm. If you collect those things, I would be forever grateful.

Since itís already nightime, I decided to sleep in Yulgar inn before searching for the components. I am glad that Iím finally accepted by some people. I keep thinking about it and before I know it I, Iím already asleep. I feel that Iím going into the realm of Death and I have a feeling that he have a message for me.

You know Lethis, you are one of the most luckiest few to live again, Death said. I kinda of expected a better greeting from you Death but you have a point. Now why are you making me going to your realm? This is only a dream Lethis. I am only contacting you through this dream because I have something to say. I feel trouble coming Lethis. You remember the explosion before youíre dead donít you? As a undead, it is hard to remember things, but thanks to your gift I could remember it,Lethis said.

It seems that theyíre making a plan which involve lore, but theyíre plan is so long before it is completed. And you are allowed to use spear now, because I feel it may help. I suggest you to wait for a better time to use a spear though, even though it is your choice.But do not use other weapons other than gun and spear or there will be something bad happen. You should go back now,Lethis. I shall see you in another time.

Wake up Lethis! Could you be a little quiet Hans? It is already sunrise Lethis. But Iím vulnerable to sunlight, Hans. If thatís the case, how could you go to Battleon?Iím also sure Yulgar ask for your help, Lethis. Alright, Iíl take a bath and Iíl be on my way.

I feel really fresh after taking a bath. What I cannot understand is why does undead could take a bath and yet it feels like a human? I feel that Death is really giving me a gift. After taking a bath I asked Yulgar about when I collect all of the components, what would he do with it? That is up to you to decide. First I need to find the light essence. I never met a dragon so I need someone help with it. I need to ask a townsfolk about finding the material. What made me a bit annoyed is every townsfolk that I ask ran instead of helping me.

The last townsfolk that I ask is a paladin which his skill in killing undead almost kill me. So I use my gun and when I try seeing my ammo, I found out that there is a new type of ammo, which is possibly another gift from Death. I shot my enemy but because of the light that blind my sense, my arrow hit a spot that I couldn't see which surprise me that the paladin faint.

I almost took the corpse of the paladin, but something really weird happen. The paladin awake with a deep voice: You will not survive this Lethis! The paladin grows wings and somehow the skin of the paladin teared slowly. It seems that the paladin is a undead!! Then slowly, the head of the paladin is shown to be a skeleton. The paladin then grows a dragon like head which seems that he is a dragon. I grab my gun and shoot with everything that I could. However the power of my gun almost didnít do anything.

The dragon flies to the air to flee. I go back to the inn thinking to ask Yulgar about finding the material. Unfortunately, the dragon use the breath attack from the air. With the element of light and darkness, I cannot fight back. The dragon goes to the ground and it seems that I have no hope left.

Lethis! Will you give up this easily? said a grim voice? Death?! Indeed, this is me. If you cannot kill a dragon, how can you kill the person that killed you before? This dragon is a lot weaker than the person that you will face. But, I have never faced anything like this before!. Like it or not, you will have to survive Lethis. You will face something harder than this, or even me. What do you mean Death? You will find about it later. For now face the dragon Lethis!

My weapon is not ready. With my courage, I shot the dragon with the gun, even though it might not work. *The dragon shouted and slowly, losing its power* How is this possible? I keep shooting and notice that my arrow makes the dragon speed fall. The dragon stopped. This is my chance! I feel my courage has increased. Will this works? Combining my courage with my ammo, my might is unstoppable. The dragon slowly fall. I shoot another arrow, this time I didnít see the range of my ammo. Slowly, I see the dragon explode to pieces. He heal himself, but I manage to kill it, thus making the dragon disappear to a flesh of bone.

Lethis! Your power and courage is very interesting, Twily said. Iím not that strong though. But you killed that Palagon alone Lethis. Do you need a heal, Lethis? I suppose I could have some. There you goes. Thanks Twilly. Anyway I heard that Yulgar is still waiting for you to collect those parts. Alrightí Iíl bring them to Yulgar. However I need Abyss Wrath, any idea where to search Twilly? Go to Deren. You might find a Abyss Wyrm.

As I prepare to go to Deren, Yulgar approached me. Hello Lethis. Twilly told me what happen. Seems like you are going to be a hero. I may or may not be a hero Yulgar, considering the hate that I have. You still did a good job. And youíve also collected 2 reagents that I need. I will forge you a weapon of your choice. Do you want a spear,staff or a blade? Spear is better for me Yulgar. What element do you want it to be? Since all I have is darkness, Fire could be handy. Alright, by the time you are done with the Abyss Wyrm I shall have your weapon done. Good luck Lethis, this will be one of the hardest battle you will face. Also, I shall give you a protection, seeing you donít have one. This shield is called the Legacy Shield, a shield given to Battleon precious Hero. You are worthy of having such a shield. This shield will also help you to fight the Abyss Wyrm. Valencia will help you to go to Deren. Good luck Lethis.

Hello Valencia. Hello, are you here to trade a rare item, to get legendary weapon or to adventure to hard places? Iím only here to go to Deren. Deren is quite far but thanks to the cooperation of the society of Deren and Battleon, you could go there easily. All you need to do is ask me to teleport you to Deren and I shall help you. But before you go to Deren, I have to ask you a question. What is your name and purpose to go to Deren? I am Lethis. My purpose is to kill the Abyss Wyrm. A interesting reason, Lethis. Very well, I shall teleport you to Deren.

Deren is a very big place, even bigger than Battleon. I saw a palace, and decided to go there to find information about the Abyss Wyrm. There I am greeted by Neil, the moglin schlolar. I never seen you before. Are you here to seek knowledge or donate your knowledge?Actually, I am here to kill the Abyss Wyrm. You are indeed a brave one. There are not really many people who dares to fight the Wyrm. Very well. Go to the dock and kill the Wyrm who cause problem to the people of Deren. And may I know your name? I am Lethis from the town of Battleon. Alright, I shall wish you luck on killing the beast.

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5/26/2013 9:10:40   

Chapter 3: Surviving Death Trial
The Deren docks seems peaceful. I saw many ship but I couldn't see the Wyrm.Suddenly, the water splashed and I saw people running. Finally, the Wyrm has shown its appearance. With my default ammo, it seem that it may do a reduced damage. I hid in a building to take time to examined the Wyrm. It seem that the Wyrm has a element of water. The attack of the Wyrm is almost enough to kill a dozen of townsfolk. Considering that water type is usually weak to fire type and all I have is a darkness weapon which isnít really effective to a water type. I also think that the Abyss Wyrm is weak to energy but sadly I doesnít have any other weapon other than the dark type. I prepare my ammo and my shield, hoping to survive.

To counter my weakness, I need to dodge the attack of the Wyrm as much as possible. I notice that the building doesnít have any window so I need to go frontal. I go out from the building and I tried to walk as fast as possible. I shot my first ammo to the Abyss Wyrm,hoping to damage the Wyrm. My fear is correct. The Wyrm have a resistant to a darkness weapon. The Wyrm notice my attack and it release a water type breath attack.

The breath attack somehow feels weak to me. I have found another power: A resistant to water type attacks. The ability will help me survive against the Wyrm. The wyrm then approached me and slash me. Because of my resistant to water attacks, I may win the battle. Over confidently, I keep shooting my ammo knowing that I would win. But then, the Abyss Wyrm makes a wave of water that suround itself. After I try to shoot through the wave, it doesnít have any effect. To make it worse, the Abyss Wyrm summoned a army of Vagaran and battle whale. Is this the power of a Abyss Wyrm?

One by one, the Vagaran charged viciously. The battle whale acts as a tank to keep the Vagaran alive. With my current power it would be impossible to beat them. When I thought I would die, I found a sword. But I remember that Death said that all I can use is spear and guns. So I did not take it. I keep running to find a possible weapon to use. I found some dynamite that I could use and also some ammo that I could use. I ran back to the dock and with my normal ammo, I shot several battle whale.

Because I think I will save my new ammo to be used in the fight with the Abyss Wyrm, I prepared several dynamites in a place where the Vagaran cannot see. When they approach the spot, I shot the dynamite making a explosion and also killed the Vagaran and damage the Abyss Wyrm a little bit. The Abyss Wyrm wave is now gone, I could charged the Abyss Wyrm. I equip my new ammo and load it to my gun. Before I could attack the Abyss Wyrm send a barrage of water to me. Luckily I dodged it, even though some of the water hit me. I shot the Abyss Wyrm with my gun. The new ammo is really useful .

The Abyss Wyrm started to charge for a huge attack. I start to think about what should I do. I had found that I still have some dynamite left, which could be a good option tom kill the Wyrm. The Abyss Wyrm stop charging and open its mouth. He used a breath attack and also summon a wave that attack me. The Wyrm also summon a barrage of water missile that hit me. I am damaged heavily but I could still stand. I throw all the Dynamite I have into the Wyrm and then I shot it with my gun. A huge explosion happened and I try to run as safe as I could.

After the explosion has ended, I go back to see the Wyrm and it seem that I have killed the Wyrm. I approach the Wyrm and collect the Abyss Wrath from the Wyrm.

After finding the material that I need to help Yulgar, I decided to go to Battleon. But somehow Death appeared in front of me. Seems like you just did a great accomplishment, Lethis. I was about to get killed by that Wyrm though. Considering that you have done a mighty deed, I shall give you a gift. Let me guess, a privilege to use a weapon? No, I shall give you a mini Abyss Wyrm. Really? Thanks Death,it would really help me. I will also teleported you to Battleon, to make your journey easier. Enjoy your gift, Lethis.

I step into Battleon, being proud of myself. It seem that Yulgar is waiting for me. As I promised, here is the Abyss Wrath. Is that the Abyss Wrath? Yeah, took a long time to get.Wait here, Lethis! This is the spear that I promised you. I have given all the material that you have give to me. And with the Abyss Wrath, this weapon will be very strong. It could change based on the approval of Death, Lethis. Consider this as a gift from me. But why are you helping me? It is pretty sad to see your fate Lethis. This is my gratitude for heroes who like to help people. People is also waiting for you outside, Lethis. I think you should meet them.

When I go out, all I heard is people cheering for me. Has people accept me? I met Valencia and other people asking about how did I killed the Abyss Wyrm alone and also facing a army of Vagaran and Battle Whale. Lethis, you will have our gratitude,Valencia said. As a gift, I will make you a Guardian. Guardian??,Lethis asked. They are the protector of lore and by seeing your deeds, I will make you one of Battleon Guardian. Do you accept to become a guardian of Lore? Yes, I accept your offer. Very well, I shall give you your Ultraguardian armor. People usually get the normal guardian armor but your deed is beyond amazing. Enjoy your armor. Also if you want to get BOA meet me privately, behind Yulgar Inn, I would really appreciate it. Thanks again Lethis.

I have become very proud of my achievement. I killed the Abyss Wyrm alone. I killed a army of sea monster alone. I also have a new weapon from Yulgar. I have think for a while for a name of the weapon and I haven't. I'l think about it later. I also got a Abyss Wyrm pet from Death himself and it is pretty powerful and also friendly too. I also became a Guardian which give me a few perks. I guess I have to sleep now considering that it is nighttime

I have wondered, how did you go here every night Lethis. We meet again Death. So what do you have in mind?,Lethis said. The new threat is rising. There is a few trials ahead, Lethis be prepared. Your deed is also amazing. You killed a army of sea monster alone and you have gained the trust of the Deren and Battleon. I will also allow you to use a blade now, considering you will need a blade. I will also give your new blade a new power, the power of a Abyss Wyrm. You could use the power of Abyss Wyrm or call the Abyss Wyrm. I have change the form of the spear that YUlgar have crafted to a blade, to suited you better. Also, I shall deliver you the pieces of Blade of Awe. Thanks Death,Lethis said. For now farewell Lethis and remember that there is many threat and trials that will come.

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