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Golems at Granemor!

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6/4/2013 8:28:29   
Times Silent Keeper

Azamay Golem War

Location: Travel Map » Granemor » General Herous' Tower » 16: Golems at Granemor!

«You can skip the cutscene and proceed straight to the war at anytime.»

«Scene: Ruins of Rundlecrum. Zadd enters the scene.»

Zadd: At last! The site where those intrepid adventurers found that ancient golem. Perhaps there will be enough here to salvage.

«Zadd raises his staff and a magic bolt strikes a pile of rubble beside him. The rubble begins to stack onto each other, eventually forming a golem.»

Zadd: Perfect. I'll use this one as a prototype to help build my forces. And then.... perhaps I'll finally gain the recognition I deserve!

«Scene: Outskirts of Granemor. General Herous is addressing two troops.»

General Herous: That's it, men. Keep practicing the techniques I've shown you. I know they're different from what we're used to, but we need to build our strength.
General Herous: And with the new magics and funding we've acquired, the Granemor military will finally be prepared to exterminate the mutant menace!

«A messenger enters the scene.»

Knight Messenger: General Herous! Cerin of Deren sends his regards, and a warning.
Knight Messenger: His spies have informed us that a large army of golems led by Zadd is advancing towards the city!
General Herous: Is that so? Troops, back into the city. Prepare our siege weaponry for an attack.

«The troops leave the scene.»

General Herous: Unfortunately, Cerin could only send a warning, and not any troops.
Knight Messenger: His forces are occupied with the war in the west, reinforcing Rennd's position.
General Herous: A pity. It would have been nice to fight alongside other members of the alliance.
General Herous: But I do not think their help will be necessary anyways.
General Herous: This golem army will never breach our walls. This city is a fortress.
General herous: Even with our forces spread thin, we will outlast them easily.

A short while later...

«Zadd reaches the walls of Granemor, along with his newly built golem army.»

Zadd: Granemor. A perfect target for my golem army, and a wonderful place to start my own kingdom.
Zadd: Battleon is attacked far too often, their mercenaries and adventurers could fend off any attack.
Zadd: But Granemor's forces are scattered, with some fighting to the west. They will be a much easier target.

«A golem enters with a never-before seen rune lodged in its chest.»

Zadd: The fools rely too heavy on their little wall. And that will be their downfall.

Zadd has built a new golem army and sent it against the city of Granemor. They need your help!
  • To Battle!
  • Explore Camp
  • Back to Town

    Potion Bag - Refills your potions if you have less than 4 on hand. (Guardian Only)
    Herous - Click on Herous' blade if you want him to aid you in battle!
    Herous' Blade - General Herous has joined!
    Dewlok - Click on Dewlok's mount if you want him to aid you in battle!
    Dewlok's Mount - Dewlok has joined!
    Static Golem Army - Zadd's golem army are determined to tear down the walls of Granemor!
    Mobile Golems - +0.1% Ranged Attack Bonus, maximum of +20.0% (200 Golems)

    To Battle!
    Full Heal
    Full Heal

      «Upon the defeat of 50% of Zadd's army, a mid-war cutscene was unlocked.»

      «Scene: Inside Granemor»

      Knight: Sir, the golems are trapped outside. We're slowly cutting down on their numbers with our siege.

      «You enter the scene.»

      «You»: Looks like things are going surprisingly well.
      General Herous: Of course. Zadd was a fool to challenge Granemor.
      General Herous: Zadd's golems may be many, but they cannot breach the walls of Granemor. Stand firm, men! If this is all he can muster, then this war will be over shortly!

      «Scene: Outside Granemor»

      Zadd: I think we've toyed with them long enough. Go, my golem. Give them a demonstration of my power!
      Zadd: And then, we march for the throne room. I want the queen taken alive!

      «Zadd's golem rolls into a ball and self-destructs against Granemor's wall, leaving a large gaping hole, with Zadd's army rapidly infiltrating the fortress. Back in Granemor...»

      General Herous: What was that?!
      «You»: One of their golems self-destructed against the wall and blew it to pieces!
      General Herous: ....I see.
      General Herous: Rally to me, everyone! These mindless creatures shall not pass!

      «Granemor's soldiers scatter to their positions. The war meter scroll's message also changes to: "Zadd's golems have breached the walls of Granemor! The battle has grown more desperate now. We have to keep Zadd's golems from reaching the queen, or the city will be lost!"»
    «After defeating 100% of Zadd's golem army...»
      8 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2, #4, #6 and #8
    Granemor Knight: These golems.... what can we do against such mindless beings of hatred? We're finished....
    «You»: That's no way to talk. We've beaten armies larger and tougher than this!
    General Herous: «You» is right. We must not give up. We will go down fighting!
    General Herous: Open the pens. Release the cavalry.
    «You»: ...cavalry?
    Granemor Knight: But sir, they aren't ready yet! Do you realize what you are doing?
    General Herous: Open the pens. Release the calvary.
    General Herous: We have no choice, soldier. That's an order! Deploy them now, and rally to me, everyone!

    «The gates of Herous' Tower opens, and a cavalry of Moglin-riding Koofu run out, striking the Champion Weapon Golem waiting outside the tower till its destruction. General Herous then runs out of the tower.»

    General Herous: For Granemor!

    «General Herous strikes and destroys all the remaining golems outside his tower.»

    «You»: ....okay, that's something I admit I never expected to see.

    «Zadd enters with his remaining golem army.»

    Zadd: No, NOOO! You're ruining everything!
    General Herous: «You», take care of his golems. I'll deal with Zadd myself!«Zadd bows his head in defeat.»

    Zadd: So powerful! That dark magic.... I've seen it before. Who taught you....?
    General Herous: Enough. Zadd, you will retreat now or I will show you no mercy.
    Zadd: I may as well. You've broken my army. Now I will never earn the recognition I deserve.
    «You»: What are you talking about?
    Zadd: No one considers me a true villain. Everyone's always laughed at me, ignored my threats, and shunned me.
    Zadd: Even the Terrible Twelve refused my application. Do you know how sad that is?!?
    Zadd: Well, I will tolerate it no more. I will rebuild my army, and one day soon, you will know just how powerful of a villain I truly am!

    «Zadd flees the scene. The scene switches to a chest on Granemor's grounds, and General Herous enters.»

    General Herous: Thank you, «You». Without your help, Granemor may have been lost.
    General Herous: We will rebuild the wall and continue our training to become one of the greatest military forces in Lore.
    General Herous: My soldiers report that the golems they destroyed carried some sort of ancient runestones. Feel free to salvage any that you wish.

    «Click on the chest and...»
    Azamay Golems: Granemor

  • Champion Weapon Golem [L. 3 Z]
  • Weapon Golem [L. 10]
  • Honed Weapon Golem Z [L. 22 Z]
  • Champion Weapon Golem [L. 23 Z]
  • Weapon Golem [L. 30]

  • Champion Weapon Golem [L. 43 Z]
  • Weapon Golem [L. 50]
  • Champion Weapon Golem [L. 63 Z]
  • Weapon Golem [L. 70]
  • Champion Weapon Golem [L. 83 Z]

  • Honed Weapon Golem [L. 87 G]
  • Weapon Golem [L. 90]
  • Champion Weapon Golem [L. 103 Z]
  • Weapon Golem [L. 110]
  • Honed Weapon Golem Z [L. 120 Z]

  • Champion Weapon Golem [L. 123 Z]
  • Weapon Golem [L. 130]
  • Azamay Basalt Golem [L. 130]
  • Azamay Granite Golem Z [L. 130 Z]
  • Champion Weapon Golem [L. 143 Z]

  • Honed Weapon Golem [L. 150 G]
  • Azamay Marble Guardian Golem [L. 150 G]

  • Azamay Guardian Chi Shielding Runestone [L. 11 G]
  • Minor Azamay Healing Runestone [L. 20]
  • Minor Azamay Explodium Runestone [L. 20]
  • Azamay Explodium Runestone Z [L. 22 Z]
  • Azamay Healing Runestone Z [L. 22 Z]

  • Minor Azamay Chi Shielding Runestone Z [L. 22 Z]
  • Azamay Healing Runestone [L. 50]
  • Azamay Explodium Runestone [L. 50]
  • Azamay Chi Shielding Runestone Z [L. 68 Z]
  • Azamay Guardian Explodium Runestone [L. 77 G]

  • Azamay Guardian Healing Runestone [L. 77 G]
  • Major Azamay Chi Shielding Runestone Z [L. 100 Z]
  • Major Azamay Healing Runestone [L. 110]
  • Major Azamay Explodium Runestone [L. 110]
  • Greater Azamay Poison Runestone Z [L. 120 Z]

  • Greater Azamay Paralyzing Runestone Z [L. 120 Z]
  • Greater Azamay Chi Shielding Runestone Z [L. 120 Z]
  • Superior Azamay Chi Shielding Runestone Z [L. 130 Z]
  • Superior Azamay Paralyzing Runestone Z [L. 130 Z]
  • Greater Azamay Healing Runestone [L. 130]

  • Superior Azamay Healing Runestone Z [L. 130 Z]
  • Greater Azamay Poison Runestone Z [L. 120 Z]
  • Greater Azamay Explodium Runestone [L. 130]
  • Superior Azamay Explodium Runestone Z [L. 130 Z]
  • Greater Azamay Darkness Runestone [L. 130]

  • Greater Azamay Earth Runestone [L. 130]
  • Greater Azamay Energy Runestone [L. 130]
  • Greater Azamay Fire Runestone [L. 130]
  • Greater Azamay Ice Runestone [L. 130]
  • Greater Azamay Light Runestone [L. 130]

  • Greater Azamay Water Runestone [L. 130]
  • Greater Azamay Wind Runestone [L. 130]
  • Superior Azamay Darkness Runestone Z [L. 130 Z]
  • Superior Azamay Earth Runestone Z [L. 130 Z]
  • Superior Azamay Energy Runestone Z [L. 130 Z]

  • Superior Azamay Fire Runestone Z [L. 130 Z]
  • Superior Azamay Ice Runestone Z [L. 130 Z]
  • Superior Azamay Light Runestone Z [L. 130 Z]
  • Superior Azamay Water Runestone Z [L. 130 Z]
  • Superior Azamay Wind Runestone Z [L. 130 Z]

  • Supreme Azamay Poison Runestone Z [L. 143 Z]
  • Supreme Azamay Paralyzing Runestone Z [L. 143 Z]
  • Supreme Azamay Chi Shielding Runestone Z [L. 143 Z]
  • Supreme Azamay Healing Runestone [L. 150 G]
  • Supreme Azamay Explodium Runestone [L. 150 G]

  • Supreme Azamay Darkness Runestone [L. 150 G]
  • Supreme Azamay Earth Runestone [L. 150 G]
  • Supreme Azamay Energy Runestone [L. 150 G]
  • Supreme Azamay Fire Runestone [L. 150 G]
  • Supreme Azamay Ice Runestone [L. 150 G]

  • Supreme Azamay Light Runestone [L. 150 G]
  • Supreme Azamay Water Runestone [L. 150 G]
  • Supreme Azamay Wind Runestone [L. 150 G]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Location thanks to In Media Res.
    Monster ListMonster lists thanks to In Media Res.

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