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RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread

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4/28/2015 21:23:20   
Lord Arkatares

@ Brasca 123

Why does everyone think I'm freaking out here?
I'm trying to come of as reasonable here, my mood while
writing these comment's and replies is best described: as Calm with some
eccentricity on top, not: FREAKING OUT HERE OMG OMG OMG AHHHHHH!!!
I don't know how to break it to you but I'm always this Bent and devoted,
both online and in real life, this isn't me having a hyper, the whole LARGE LETTERS!!!
thing isn't me screaming and getting all CURSE YOU FRIEZA! NOW I'M MAD!!!
it's just me emphasizing and expressing specific word more than other's,

and let me give you an example of my favored method of taking out creep's,
perhap's this will enlighten you as to why I want DoomKnight to Retain a 100%
OP Version,
Imagine a beautiful suburban neighborhood, sybolic of each wonderful level in dragon Fable,
now Imagine row after row of mail boxes, one In front of each and every House each sybolic
of the row after row of Creep's in each and Level, Now imagine Me standing up on the passenger
seat of of a sports car holding a golf club, Do you honestly think I want to have to tell the driver,
to hit the reverse because I missed a mailbox the first time around?
Alot of the newer Creeps Don't go down in one hit with the Doom Knight class any more, and to
be honest Doom Knight's have a tendency to burn through mana as quicky as the sports car burn's
through gas, and lets face it, mana ain't much cheaper than gas these day's and even worse our tank's
been downsized, and while that might not mean much to a Hybrid, I assure you Doom Knight is DEFINITELY
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4/28/2015 21:26:39   

To be honest, much like going around a suburban neighborhood hitting mailboxes, you aren't supposed to mow down monsters like they're nothing, otherwise there would be no point in sending them to stand in your way.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 227
4/28/2015 21:31:35   

Let me be VERY clear. Unless you have something to discuss that is not a form of "I want DoomKnight to stay as it is" or any form of anything that isn't "I'll wait till it's a few months from now when Ash has talked to Geo and progressed to the point where something should happen" on the topic of any changes stop. You can discuss the class now but that's it. If it continues your post will be deleted without notification. If you continue past that it's a warning.

My note to tell you all my plans was not to get you to try and argue with me about it right now. It was to let you know that based on things that have happened there will be a new version tested at SOME point in the future to see how the changes are received. If anything I've just said isn't clear PM me. Other than that drop it till the testing period.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 228
4/28/2015 21:39:39   
shadow dragon666

Ash: Did you ever consider the point I made on Dark Aura and it's MP cost being a bit to high to ever really be of any functional use? Or is that just a wait and see with the idea of a rebalance?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 229
4/29/2015 16:45:44   
Almighty Agathor


1.) Nothing has happened yet.
2.) DoomKnight will not be nerfed to oblivion, rendering it obsolete.
3.) Numbers have not even been tinkered with yet, much less balanced/implemented/tested.
4.) No armor skill revamp has ever made said armor less than it was. In fact, it has improved each armor that has been revamped so far into a much more useful item than it used to be.
5.) If the armor gets rebalanced, it will slightly reduce some numbers while adding in some numbers in other skills. That is balance. Nothing will be taken away.
6.) In previous armor revamps, most of the the modifications aren't even noticeable during gameplay without a calculator and a spreadsheet.

Why do some of you's think the armor will be any worse? I feel that a re-balance to this class would be amazing. Personally, I love being able to use more than 6-7 skills on a class, and a re-balance would get me to use the skills I don't use. (EXCEPT Favor, only tried it once, wasn't a fan. Lol)

Now, to discuss the armor as it sits TODAY, I think that it is a great farming and warmongering class. I also feel that it does need some fixes, so a tactician can use the class effectively. I will admit, I bought the class, IMO, and I am very pleased with it so far. BUT, I am very welcoming to a re-balance of some skills.

I cannot tell you how much I wish Carve was fixed the way Ash said he wants to! I dislike that on some monsters, I will heal 85 HP, and on others, 14K HP. I would like a steady, high heal amount. That, and fixing Revert, and Void, would be very pleasing to me. Those skills show vast potential, but again, I don't use them atm, because they cause me trouble.

So, IMHO, the class needs this PROPOSED re-balance.


You can discuss the class now but that's it.

@Ash, if this post is considered as anything that needs to be deleted, I apologize in advance. I just felt I needed to express everything said about the class, as everyone seems to skim over the facts.

No, your post is fine since it's pertaining to your thoughts on the current armor/skills.

Thank you for the reply, Melissa! I look forward to hearing what may be done to Dmk in the future!

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Let me ask you, does a machine such as yourself ever experience fear?!
DF AQW  Post #: 230
5/1/2015 21:01:15   
Mr G W

Honestly this class needs a revamp as much as the others.

Void/Revert are extremely slow for some reason and Void is glitchy and hurts yourself rather often.

Blood rite/Life carve removing/healing a fixed amount of health rather than a % of the enemy would make the class feel less clunky too and avoid some issues against high HP monsters.

The damage scaling could probably be toned down a bit. Maybe instead of capping at 400% it could cap at 300% as it would still be ridiculously strong. For comparison kathool caps at 200% and is already pretty strong.

I agree that doomknight despite being a bought item should be balanced and not be gamebreaking. Devalues a lot of things as it is.

Everything else is fine though.

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AQ DF  Post #: 231
5/1/2015 22:29:45   
Almighty Agathor

^ This. I strongly agree to that.

One thing though, has anyone else noticed that the weapon Transcendence matches Doom Knight to a "tee"? I think it looks good on DmK
DF AQW  Post #: 232
5/2/2015 12:23:58   

I really agree with what everyone else says. As I am a HUGE fan of DmK, I really love playing with it. It is crazy how strong it is, but most of it's strength comes from a few select skills. Now:
1( I have not read all of the other posts, so if I say something that has already been proven to be a bad idea, my bad. XD
2( I'm going to go through each of the skills to give my suggestions. These are my personal opinions. I am not a gaming expert, so once again, yeah. XD

Okay, Vengeance is a really powerful skill. 5 hits of 400% damage due to the DmK boost. If you were able to crit 5 times, you'd get a total of 4000% damage. That is crazy good. However.... I rarely ever find myself using it precisely because it's pure overkill damage. Often, I never use taunt in a fight UNLESS I know I need this skill, and usually then, I go taunt some weak monster in order to unlock vengeance, then go to the monster that is giving me trouble. Otherwise... I just never use this skill. Why not use Life Carve or Blood Rite instead? Those can be used at any moment. The only reason why I would use Vengeance is when I need a huge burst of damage to beat a really hard boss. Honestly, I'm not sure what to recommend here. Vengeance IS great, but when I never use it, that doesn't matter.

Blood Rite: Oh boy, my favorite skill in the game. Straight up double damage for the cost of some health. Factoring the DmK Boost, it deals 800% damage non-crit. This is one of the main skills in the DmK arsenal that make it crazy powerful. 3 hits of Blood Rite outdoes Vengeance, and Vengeance has that Taunt/5 turn wait to it. Blood Rite does not have a cool down. Now, I have read what other people have said about this skill, and I agree. I think a set HP amount would be good. It's funny how little you lose against small monsters, but against bosses? You can literally kill yourself with this skill.

Dark Aura: This is another one of those skills that is VERY VERY good, but it feels useless. Now, after the wisdom nerf, I think this skill has a lot more use. It halves all MP costs for the entire battle, and DmKs are MP-eating machines. XD However.... Again, I rarely ever use this skill. I rarely ever NEED it, either. It's like Vengeance where I'll only use it in a fight where I know I will need more MP. Now what I am going to suggest may sound incredibly crazy:

Make it a MP healing skill.

Yes, I'm dead serious. I get that adding a MP heal to DmKs is like throwing a candle into a warehouse full of dynamite. However, I don't want this skill to be a "Mash to win" skill. You should have to be smart about this. But at the same time, I don't want to punish people for using the skill or make it unneeded (how Dark Aura is now). I'm picturing a few ideas for this.

1( This is something kinda similar to Akriloth's MP steal, but instead of ending up with less MP than when you started, you get more. Let's say you have 500 MP and the skill costs 100. You use the skill, so the cost of 100 is deducted. Then you lose the rest of the MP, the 400. You are struck with a MP-heal DoT that lasts for X amount of turns. The total amount healed could be around 600-750. It requires you be in a long battle, and it requires that you make do with some turns without a huge amount of MP.

2( An HP to MP skill. Since I know you can life carve this one to death, I was thinking something drastic. Possibly a 50% HP to gain 25% or so MP. If Life Carve is set to gain a certain amount of health, then this skill could be less broken. It would take some number crunching to get a good ratio between both skills. This skill should make you think "Is the extra MP really worth it? Can I survive a hit after using this skill?" I want strategy.

3( A self-inflicting stun. Pretend you use this skill. It's cost free, and as soon as you use it, you gain X amount of MP. However, you can not act for Y amount of turns (Resting to regain MP). This may be viewed negatively, so there could be some other negative effect instead of a stun. It could be a cool down effect to your skills, IDK. However, I want it so that you can't just readily attack right after using this skill. You need a cost to heal MP.

Shadow: This skill... Okay, I REALLY love it. It's very fun to use against challenging bosses because it is an instant double damage boost. That is SWEET. However.... I'm noticing that we are encountering less and less undead. I was thinking that, while you shouldn't have double damage to ALL enemies (I think even the slightest damage boost here would be unfair), I think there could be some kind of nerf/buff for a few turns. For example, against undead, deal double damage. Against anything else, - X% Bonus to hit on the enemy for 5 turns (It's a shadow. So it could be out of fear or a lack of ability to see). Something simple that at least gives more options. I want every skill to at least have some use, be it small, in fights. I don't want us using the same 5 skills over and over.

Wake: I really don't have anything to say on this skill. It's great, and I do use it a lot. A lot of DmK skills revolve around darkness, so it makes sense to have a skill that makes the enemy weak to darkness. The only suggestion I could make is to make it use the same formula as Revenant's Curse where the more darkness resist the enemy has, the more the skill weakens them.

Favor: This is probably the skill I hate the most. I NEVER use this. I'll be honest. In cases where you MIGHT need this skill, I think that you are much better off switching to another class. In the deepest neverglades, I used Dragonlord instead of DmK because I will not use this skill. Plus, if we follow the suggestions I made with Dark Aura, then this skill is pointless! However, I DO love the idea of a skill that will give you some kind of bonus in exchange for your life X turns later. Very DmK-ish concept. Instead of giving potions, my idea was something along the lines of removing all cooldowns or giving some huge buff. I know I said a damage buff would be extreme in the case of Shadow, but if your life is on the line, I think it fits here. The more powerful the buff, the less turns you should get to live.

Split Strike: I rarely use this skill. However, I recommend that it mostly stays the way it is. If anything, I would just buff the damage on the MP hit.In the future, there will be more monsters that use MP, so this could be INCREDIBLY useful. If there is going to be any change made to it, I think it could be a MINOR... MINOR MP steal, or it could be focused into killing MP instead both HP and MP.

Life Carve: THIS is the skill that makes DmK utterly broken. Because of it, we have killed the unkillable, beaten the unbeatable, and broken the game itself. Unless you run out of MP, if you can get a hit on a big boss, you are going to win. I agree with the idea of it healing a set amount so that it is useful against big monsters and little monsters, but I have another crazy suggestion.

Stop Life Carve spamming.

Okay, so the big reason why this skill can break the game is because you can chain Life Carves together. Step 1, use any attack. Step 2, spam life carve. In case of miss, go to step 1. Step 3, win fight. The whole point of my suggestions is to make it so that every skill has a use. Even with Life Carve having a set HP, people are going to spam it, and this would make the other skills less favorable. The way to fix this, to me, is simple.

1( Make it so that it has a 1 turn cool down. Simple, it forces you to use another attack.

2( Program it so that Life Carve's hit doesn't count towards the healing requirements of itself, as in, the game treats it as a miss for the requirements. This may be hard to do, I'm not a programmer, but it's an option in case there is something wrong with the first option.

3( Make it so that the amount that Life Carve heals decreases if used multiple times in a row. Best analogy I can think of is Protect in Pokemon. The more you use it in a row, the greater chance it has to fail. Here, the more you use it in a row, the less it heals. Again, I'm not a programmer, so I don't know if this works.

Doom Spikes/Void/Doom Blast: You might be wondering why I am bunching these together. Well, the suggestions I have for these skills really depend on the other, so let me get right to it.

Doom Spikes is the best warmongering skill. Hits all enemies, stuns them, deals great damage, and goes by really fast. Doom Blast is also another great skill. It hits the enemy 5 times and inflicts 5 powerful DoTs on them. It's great for dealing a lot of damage really fast. Void, however, is not a good skill. It's super slow and glitchy, and if you wanted to deal damage to the enemy, you have much better options. Now, there is something I've been wanting in DmK for a long time, and this is another crazy suggestion.

I want another multi.

So, I often find that the time I need another multi is after I've used Doom Spikes. Considering just how amazing Doom Spikes is, it makes perfect sense for it to have a long cool down. However, I think a backup multi would be incredibly useful for DmKs. Now, to my suggestions:

Doom Spikes: Keep it unchanged. It's a powerful tool, and it doesn't take away value from other skills.

Doom Blast: Standard multi. Hits all enemies, but instead of dealing 400% damage like the basic attack, it deals 200% damage. This way, it allows you to clean up the enemies without being overpowered.

Void: Take Doom Blast's place. Instead of using the current animation, it could use one of Seppy's. He has two choices. We could use the one where he jumps up and slices down, hitting 5 times really quickly instead of the 1 Seppy did. We could also use the animation where he attacked with a ball of necrotic energy. In the "Fight Seppy" quest, this was the attack he used that drained our MP. Either way, 5 hits of moderate damage with a DoT for each hit.

Now, to make things easier, you could just change void completely into the multi with a new animation and keep Doom Blast the same, but I think Doom Blast fits better for a multi animation.

Break: I don't think a lot of people realize just how useful Break is. It deals 2 hits of 100% damage, resulting in the same damage Blood Rite would do. In fact, you are much more likely to do more damage with Break than Blood Rite. Blood Rite has 2 hits, so you can crit on either one of them. Blood Rite has only 1 hit, so you either crit or you don't. Plus, Break reduces the monster's ability to resist stun, giving it great synergy with Doom Spikes. At the moment, I can't really think of any way to improve it or change it. It is a hidden gem of a skill.

Revert: Like Void, this skill has some serious issues. If you use this against a monster that has a single hit, you practically have invulnerability for 5 turns (unless it can kill you in one hit). However, it's really slow and annoying. Plus, against single hit monsters, it has the same issue as Vengeance where it is kinda overkill. I wouldn't use it unless I absolutely needed to. To fix this, there needs to be some changes. Along with fixing the speed of the skill, I suggest that it heal a set amount of HP for a few turns along with giving a nice buff. That way, it is useful against all enemies, and it draws the player to use it. 5 turns of 100 HP and a good bonus to hit? Yes please. Something along the lines of that could be really useful.

And those are my recommendations. This may not be the right time and place to suggest all of these changes, and I really hope I don't get deleted, but I feel drawn to post these. Again, since all of these ideas come from my personal experiences with DmK along with the fact that I'm not a programmer, I'd love some constructive criticism. Keep in mind that I am trying to make it so that every skill has use without one skill overshadowing the other.

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5/2/2015 13:46:20   
Almighty Agathor


Favor: This is probably the skill I hate the most. I NEVER use this. I'll be honest. In cases where you MIGHT need this skill, I think that you are much better off switching to another class. In the deepest neverglades, I used Dragonlord instead of DmK because I will not use this skill. Plus, if we follow the suggestions I made with Dark Aura, then this skill is pointless! However, I DO love the idea of a skill that will give you some kind of bonus in exchange for your life X turns later. Instead of giving potions, my idea was something along the lines of resetting cooldowns or giving a huge buff. I know I said a damage buff would be extreme in the case of Shadow, but if your life is on the line, I think it fits here. The more powerful the buff, the less turns you should get to live.

Couldn't agree more. Well said!
DF AQW  Post #: 234
5/2/2015 14:47:11   

i have a few ideas to share as well.
firstly, even if you are lvl 81 you dont quite reach 400%. iirc its 393% at lvl 80. im getting 379% at lvl 80. its best to give dmg percentages as scaled dmg. example: normal attack is 100% scaled dmg, blood rite is 200% scaled dmg. with a bit of rounding we do get the same percentages as you. its not a big issue.

Taunt/Vengeance so taunt, useless on its own and the only thing it does is that it unlocks vengeance. not a good skill at all. if vengeance is worth it, it wouldnt be a problem but actually it isnt. it takes 5 turns before you can use vengence. it does 500% scaled dmg so its a lot but the dmg from blood rite is enough for everything and you never need vengeance. the skill is very situational and you almost never need that amount of dmg. i used to use taunt so i have vengeance ready at all times but i never used it anyways. overall i almost never use them now.

blood rite great, use it all the time. yep, yep, yep.

Dark Aura is also very situational. its great in very long fights against very strong bosses. there the skill is actually cost effective and saves you mana. im 99% of battles though, it wastes your time and mana. it also is a waste against the strongest bosses that you carve to death. i almost never use it.

Shadow is another situational skill that doubles your dmg aginst undead. the problem here is that it wastes a turn to give you double dmg only against undead. its somewhat good against undead bosses but you rarely need that amount of dmg. useless against normal (non boss) monsters. useless against monsters that are not undead. overall almost useless skill. i almost never use it.

Wake gives -100 to darkness. good skill against enemies with no darkness resist to begin with. only good against bosses and against just some of them. very situational skill and thats why i almost never use it.

Favor resets cooldowns, refills potions. its a great skill that i think is underused. this skill makes you have infinite resources, hp and mp. great against normal monsters and bad against bosses. its useful in long quests and when i spam my most expensive skills. it wastes 1 turn in every 5th-10th battle based on hp/mp consumption. i drink hp and mp potions outside of battle and with this skill i refill them, the cooldown reset is something that i dont need and i dont use. i dont use this skill very often since only few quests are long enough or i rarely waste mana without any mana management.

Split strike is a skill that dmgs hp and mp by 100% scaled dmg. since so few bosses use mana, its uses are just as few. i almost never use it.

Life carve does dmg based on enemy hp. its a bit situational because its dmg is 15% of enemy hp. against normal monsters its useless, against bosses its very useful. the stronger the boss, the more it dmg enemies and the more i heal. its overall a great skill but i find myself using this rather rarely. its not worth it against non boss monsters.

a few notes about life carve: it cant steal life on the first round, its element neutral and elemental resistances dont work against it, even 100% to all is useless. its hit chance seems a bit reduced which gives it the impression of not working all the time. with high bonus, thats fixed and it works about always. enemies with high defences can actually wreck a doomknight because life carve becomes useless. the dmg has no cap. can literally kill anything in 7 turns, starting from the 2nd. the skill has a 2nd hit of 75% scaled dmg which makes the skill acceptable against normal monsters.

doom spikes great. 100% scaled dmg for up to 3 targets, stuns for 3 turns. useful for all fights either as a stun or multi target skill. wastes a lot of mana but that can be negated by favor or healing magic. great for wars and great for normal quests. i use this very often.

doom blast 5 hits of 25% scaled dmg and 5 dots of 10% scaled dmg over 3 turns. 125% scaled dmg on impact, 150% scaled dmg over 3 turns. overall great skill on paper. the dmg is over time and no battles last this long. the dot cant crit so most other skills are better by default. im looking at you blood rite... and the delay in dmg is not needed when other skills deal all their dmg instantly. the dot has synergy with wake but you almost never go that path unless for fun. i almost never use this.

break great. same dmg as blood rite, costs no hp, costs very little mana. perfect for first turn use. its effect is super situationa and not useful in 99% of battles but its dmg and mana cost are just awesome. i use it all the time. if it had no cd as blood right, i might as well use only this skill and never touch blood rite. but until then, this is my 1st trun skill in most battles and rite is the follow up.

revert a situational heal that can be great against some and horrible against others. a normal heal like that of paladin or dragon lord are universal and work great all the time but this one is rather useless in most fights. the skill has a long duration but is still uselss and thats why i almost never use it.

void bugged, rarely of any use. does 100% scaled dmg and 200% of enemy's dmg back at them as a dot of no element. as revert it only works for the last attack. does 0 if the enemy misses. the effect is applied even if you miss so its a good skill to use when the enemy has very high defences. can be useful against enemies that deal a lot of dmg in 1 single hit. most monsters dont deal that dmg and blood rite is almost always doing more dmg than this. i almost never use this.

overall conclusion: break, spikes, blood rite and life carve are good and useful. favor is not bad but you dont need to use it a lot to benefit fully from it. all else is highly specialized for very specific conditions and those are extremely rare so basically all else is useless. some of those useless skills are fun so it makes sense to use them from time to time just look at their animation but they wont ever do the job better than the useful skills.


2( Program it so that Life Carve's hit doesn't count towards the healing requirements of itself. This may be hard to do, I'm not a programmer, but it's an option in case there is something wrong with the first option.
what does that mean? your heal isnt based on your dmg?

id like to add that some of the useless skills were very useful before the dmg became scaled. back then the dmg was low so the fight was lasting for a longer time and taunt/vengeance was much more useful, wake was also pretty great. void was dealing significantly more dmg than the other skills because of the return dmg. and of course life carve was the best. the life steal dmg made the skill deal the most dmg out of all and it has no cd so you just spam it and win. now that break, blood rite have more dmg, life carve steps back and lets those 2 deal the dmg against normal monsters.

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DF  Post #: 235
5/2/2015 15:22:57   



what does that mean? your heal isnt based on your dmg?

1( No, it's based on the enemy's health. It's a 1/11th, IIRC.
2( In order to get the healing effect on Life Carve, you have to have hit the enemy the turn before. What I am suggesting is that Life Carve's own hit, the one that you do when you use the skill, does not count, as in, you won't get the healing effect if you use it again in a row. It's treated by the game as a miss.

Anyways, the scaled damage thing does make sense. I'm Lv75, so it MAY be off... I typically use weapon specials such as Frost Scythe and Gloom to figure out that kind of stuff.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 236
5/2/2015 15:33:49   

i c. 1 turn cd will be much easier to do. but this way you can deal dmg all the time and you will lose the heal for following life carves. if it has a counter it can be made to heal every 2nd use. im pretty sure Ash has something much different in mind for this skill.
DF  Post #: 237
5/2/2015 18:03:47   

Looking at Sepulchure's moves and effects, I have a few ideas myself for some of DmK's skills.

Taunt: Nerf enemy's PowerBoost by 25, increase your All resistance by 25.

Dark Aura: One hit of 100% Scaled damage on enemy's MP, regenerates MP based on damage and apply Mana Leech effect to enemy (200% Scaled damage on enemy's MP per turn for 5 turns).

Shadow: One hit of 100% Scaled damage on enemy's HP, one hit of 100% Scaled damage on enemy's MP. Against undead, the hits are boosted to 200% each.

Wake: One hit of 50% Scaled damage on enemy. Decreases enemy's resistance to Darkness based on enemy's resist (like Icebound Revenant's resist nerf skill). Either Stun for one turn or applies -50 to Hit for two turns.

Life Carve: One hit of 100% Scaled damage on enemy. Applies Necrotic Warmth, heals 5% of your HP each turn for 6 turns. That way it's less... broken, more reliable.

And about the class's overpowered damage, I had an idea. Why not determine the damage with a passive? Let's say the formula that determines your scaled damage is the following: Dmg = Weapon damage * (Number of turns / 2). The passive caps at 8 turns.
That way, your Scaled damage at the start of the battle is 150% Weapon damage - quite powerful, in my opinion. And it takes 8 turns to reach again the broken 400% Weapon damage. Most battles with DmK will probably not last 8 turns, so against normal mobs you don't start with LULZ IMMA CRUSH YOU WITH 800% DAMAGE. :P

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Post #: 238
8/24/2015 10:36:53   

So, since Ash posted on Twitter that he's adding Seppy's animations to the new DmK, could it mean he's done with all of the skills and now he's just adding animations?

If so, just how close are we to the release?


Post #: 239
8/24/2015 10:51:57   
Dark Lord Urmi

https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CNILWihWcAAIg1E.png:large pure beauty.....thank you ash T^T
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 240
8/24/2015 10:52:28   

I'm pretty sure Ranger comes first, then GPS and finally DMK. (dragon classes to tier 2 standards will be somewhere in the middle I guess).
If I have to give a date I would say november/december (in a optimistic view) and january/february (in a pessimistic view).

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 241
8/24/2015 17:20:31   

*Sees the image Ash posted* *Checks wallet* *Jumps off of computer and starts looking around house for money*
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 242
8/24/2015 17:25:37   


I'm pretty sure Ranger comes first, then GPS and finally DMK. (dragon classes to tier 2 standards will be somewhere in the middle I guess).
If I have to give a date I would say november/december (in a optimistic view) and january/february (in a pessimistic view).

I've had to move projects around some so that timeline isn't right anymore.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 243
8/24/2015 17:49:10   

Then can you enlighten us with the new schedule?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 244
8/24/2015 17:57:37   


Last one ported in. Time to code a couple of skills before starting on the MQ release.

Seems the heavy-lifting (again, THREE HOURS for one skill earlier) seems to be taken care of. Now for the "simple" (read, pretty much just as complicated but not art jiggering) coding of skills, and we might get the revamped DoomKnight by October! Maybe. I'm being optimistic.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 245
8/24/2015 18:17:13   


Actually with how things are looking right now and Ash's new schelude, we might get it surprisignly soon!
Post #: 246
8/24/2015 18:27:03   

To be fair a lot of the time was,

*Plays the animation*
"That doesn't look like it's in the right spot"
*flips back to the seppy file*
"That's not in the right spot"
*Adjusts it and plays the animation*
"That still doesn't look like it's right."
*flips back to the seppy file*
"It's just a little bit too low..."
"It's still a little bit too low. How..."
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 247
8/24/2015 18:34:30   

I'm doing weird stuff with my video editor and I know how time consuming these little things can be. (right now I'm doing a short clip to introduce my new vid). Oh well I'm still a noob \_(ツ)_/

You like my blushing Crest?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 248
8/24/2015 22:01:44   
Dark Lord Urmi

ash out of curiosity what moves are getting new animations, i mean obviously that was blast in the twitter picture but do we still turn into a dark dragon for vengeance or is it smudd? lol i know that last part is wishful thinking.

< Message edited by Dark Lord Urmi -- 8/24/2015 22:03:01 >
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 249
8/24/2015 23:39:42   

i may be the only one, but i dont like the dragon transformation. any other animation with 5 hits would be better for me.
DF  Post #: 250
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