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RE: =DF= DoomKnight Discussion Thread

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9/11/2015 20:23:53   

Haha, ok I'll have faith in your Ash, looking forward to test it out :)


To be honest, I hope the revamp makes the class more challenging to play (not weaker, but more challenging). I bought it earlier this year, used it for two days, and then switched back to the greatest class ever concieved, Evolved Chickencow. Some more fun with DmK would be good ^^
(Can we have a Doom Chickencow?)

Haven't really played the Evolved version of Chickencow but the Ascended one is pretty strong. xD

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Post #: 276
9/30/2015 18:06:48   

a good comparison could be loading the doom knight armor with a level 60 char and doing the fire war quest in which you go into the lightning chasm and there's someone's player who's an old (pre revamp) doom knight.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 277
9/30/2015 18:39:39   

No, that really wouldn't be. That uses PvP AI and we all know how wonderful that is in terms of picking skills.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 278
9/30/2015 19:00:08   

Uhhh.. Ash? Lightning Chasm loads the characters as a guest, so you can pick their moves. You are probably thinking of Assault on the Enemy.

Ah, you're right. Had them reversed. Cold medicine does that to me. ~Ash

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 279
10/4/2015 18:44:40   

Maybe since we have a bit longer until the new DMK is live, we should brainstorm on what they'll be called? Maybe the original can be called Legendary DoomKnight? Or maybe Broken DoomKnight? LOL! Okay that one was a joke! But would be heck of funny if Ash renamed it that! What names do you guys think would be good?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 280
10/5/2015 6:04:09   

i went and got Doomknight the second I could, back when you could easily find the prepaid cards


AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 281
10/5/2015 16:31:13   
Doomful Lord

To start I'm just going to say I'm not really going into maybe the raw rotational viability of the class. I don't really care about the most "Optimal" way of playing. I care most about how the class feels as a whole, while then I might go into a rotation because of that I don't care about the optimal rotation, just how I like to play, as well the numbers are to help compare large things to other large things.

The general feel of the class how it is right now tends towards more of an overall-powerful, but balanced style of fighting. It's somewhat of an offensive dragonlord almost in my opinion. It's big skill takes a few turns to use (Inner Darkness, comparable to Dragonheart), it has a reliable high damaging move (Blood Rite, comparable to Dragon Bite and Rush). Defensively it doesn't really defend, it weakens the opponent. Dragonlord wants to overall take less damage and heal itself overtime for insane sustainability, though they do have a similar idea with the new updates to the Light and ice ability to Doomknight. Doomknight then in turn takes on a similar idea of wanting to somewhat "extend" the match to draw out insanes amounts of damage. A class like Deathknight or Ascended Chickencowlord can do fairly more damage immediately than Doomknight from their high power, high mana direct damage abilities, but Doomknight gets impressive damage with impressive debuffs to the opponent with every one of it's abilities. I can definitely tell that it can do a lot of damage overtime, much more than either of these classes definitely while having some of the best debuffs, just it lacks in terms of immediate damage with the first "powerful" attack you can use being Blood Rite. However even at level 50 that I tested it with it still does more damage overall (If I did the math right with the Damage boost) than Deathknight's Obliterate, and it can be spammed. However this isn't to say it can't be good for farming or getting through a quest easily or quickly. There might be a quicker class, but with the Damage Boost and Spikes, any set of multiple enemies can be essentially stunned as a total, and finished off very easily and quickly before even the stun is gone with Blood Rite or even basic attacks at times. At most I could see you being able to be slower with more powerful individual monsters.

TL;DR Overall with my thoughts I would say that compared to other classes Doomknight as of right now seems unique in that you sustain while dealing damage, which has a strange feeling that makes at least me feel slow, but still purposeful and powerful especially compared to other classes that have their sustainability and outright damage more separated.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 282
1/23/2017 15:48:49   

My only problem with doom knight is if your a mage or a rogue and all you have staffs or daggers with a few scythes its annoying because the doom knight is designed for swords and scythes. what i find especially annoying is i have the doom daggers which is fine when i'm using a rogue class like cryptic but holding the one dagger with doom knight just makes it feel less. what would be nice is a mage and rogue version for us who aren't warriors.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 283
1/23/2017 16:17:42   

Functionally, the class works flawlessly regardless of which base class you have, if you mean that you feel silly wielding a little dagger as a DoomKnight, well, just use the Show functionality to "cover" the dagger and it should look just fine.
AQW  Post #: 284
4/6/2017 10:06:34   

Just got it and Im liking it enough so far. Mostly I spam the Blood ability to clear trash mobs and the Corruption>Blast>Blind for bosses. Love the multi strike stunner but on the other hand some of the cooldowns are a little meh for me sometimes. If this class had a way to recover mana it'd probably be invincible.
DF MQ  Post #: 285
4/6/2017 10:57:15   

I mostly use the Doom Knight for wars, or if I need to clear a quest in a hurry, or if a quest is proving too challenging for me.


Master of Light and Darkness
Rio Skyron
with Bianca, my blade of Destiny
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DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 286
4/22/2017 9:10:02   

i wouldnt mind a doommage or doomrogue
DF  Post #: 287
4/22/2017 9:37:53   

@wartotal that would make sense if the class was doomWARRIOR, but it's doomKNIGHT. it's more of an evil, more offensive version of dragonlord, really.
DF  Post #: 288
11/29/2017 1:24:01   

Are there any plans to fix Doom Spikes? It's been bugged as long as I can remember.

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Post #: 289
11/29/2017 1:38:37   
Lv 1000

If you are referring to Doom Knight Variant 1, I'm fairly certain that it is no longer being supported/patched due to the remake of the armor and it being such a mess of code that it's just not worth it (regardless of the issue).

If you're referring to the new version of Doom Knight, the stun is intended to be split between the number of mobs stunned, i.e. 3 stunned mobs = 1 turn stun each, 2 stunned mobs = one mob with 2 turn stun and the other with 1 turn stun, 1 stunned mob = 3 turn stun.
Post #: 290
11/29/2017 1:41:29   

@Lv 1000 Oh, I thought it was an equal stun to all enemies. That clears that up. Thanks! and yes, I was referring to the revamped version.

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Post #: 291
1/6/2018 14:17:10   

Not sure if this has been ever posted here before but there is a way to get yourself healed with enemies attack.

The goal is to weaken the enemies' boost over -100. The lower the better and the more you will get healed.

Couple of ways to weaken the enemy:

  • Weakening Blow Skill (This reduces enemies boost by 50%)
  • Weapon that weakens the enemy, example Battle-worn Doom Blade (-25% to boost if procs)
  • Corruption Skill, if the enemy is Beast, Avian, Bug, Plant or Fungus (-50% boost decreasing by -10% for 5 turns) against Reptilians and Dragons it's (-25%)
  • Use Guest Dragon Tickles Skill / Pet Dragon (-30 boost)

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Post #: 292
2/25/2018 23:19:58   
revan 225

@Lv 1000


If you're referring to the new version of Doom Knight, the stun is intended to be split between the number of mobs stunned, i.e. 3 stunned mobs = 1 turn stun each, 2 stunned mobs = one mob with 2 turn stun and the other with 1 turn stun, 1 stunned mob = 3 turn stun.

This is incorrect. It is, in fact, a bug. It's meant to work just like how V1's version is meant to work: 3 turn stun for all enemies hit. When making the Revamped version Ash ported the exact code from V1, bringing the bug along with it. I even talked about the bug with Ash during the process of the Revamp testing phase and he couldn't figure out why the bug was persisting.

At this point, either that staff will leave it as a permanent bug, or they may just reword the skill so that way it just reflects how the bug works, but it was never intended to work as it does. If Ash were still here with us I am confident it would have been fixed by now, as part of the purpose of the Revamped version is that its supposed to be the version that will be supported and debugged when bugs arise/fixing current bugs.

For proof of my statement I have a screen capture of the thread with my post and Ash's response. Here is my proof.

When Ash was here and working on the Revamped Armor, Doom Spikes sometimes stunned each enemy 3 turns each, and other times not. Since his departure however, it doesn't work at all. Identical to V1.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 293
2/26/2018 0:10:29   

I asked Verly about it once and he said it was intended.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 294
2/26/2018 0:23:36   
revan 225


And Ash, who designed the Revamped version, very clearly stated it was a bug. Verly is wrong. Just because they are okay with it being broken and just rolling with it, does not mean it was meant that way. As linked in the picture, there is proof of my statement.

Here is more proof.

If you read his post, as quoted in my Doom Knight guide:


3. Doom Spikes
100% damage to all foes.
Attempts to stun all foes for 3 turns.
CoolDownAmount = 14
Mana = 3.5 * scaled mana

It's really sad that people think it's working as intended. Some heavy misinformation there.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 295
2/28/2018 11:05:31   

I only desire two things regarding the Doom Knight, and having one will eliminate the need for the other:

1. A canon/lore way that our character can possess the armor without being evil. I reject the idea that it can't be done because of previous lore and story. Lore and story are meant to serve the game and can be changed accordingly.

2. A reskinned (not a new class, just the same class recolored or skinned) DmK armor that is a "good" version and that we can use with the canon. I won't use the term "Destiny Knight" because that's a trigger word that get's a "we won't do this" thrown in your face.
Post #: 296
2/28/2018 12:55:38   

Well then your in luck, cause unless is Guardian, Dragonlord, and maybe Ascended Chickencow Lord, no class that requires real life currency to obtain is not, nor will they ever be canon to the lore unless said otherwise by the staff. DmK exists purely as an overpowered, for fun class. The only canon classes that could really be considered evil are Deathknight, Fleshweaver, and MAYBE Necromancer (juries still out on this one so until then we'll consider it lawful evil for the time being).
DF AQW  Post #: 297
2/28/2018 15:04:51   


The only canon classes that could really be considered evil are Deathknight, Fleshweaver, and MAYBE Necromancer (juries still out on this one so until then we'll consider it lawful evil for the time being).

Actually, the staff has said that DeathKnight and Necromancer aren't exactly evil per se, it's all in how the class is used. Personally, I don't see how the Hero (the goodiest good guy/girl there is) cannot find a way to use this famous armor for the good of all the good creatures of Lore (for goodness).


May the Shadowscythe fall and DoomKnights serve truth!
Post #: 298
2/28/2018 15:42:27   

I did say considered evil. To be more specific the classes can be considered evil by nature. Look at Necromancers, aside from the few we've met that are pretty neutral overall, most Necromancers could be considered evil just based on their powers to revive and enslave the dead. Same with Deathknights, the whole thing with that class is a holy warrior falling to the side of necromancy and darkness, even the Deathknight that teaches the class could be considered evil, seeing as how after he became a Deathknight he tried to kill his friends. So while our hero is not evil the classes they can use could be considered evil in how they can be used. I find the Necromancer version of us in The Inn at the Edge of Time to be a perfect example, who from how her dialogue is worded slaughtered all of Falconreach and reanimated them just because they were unhappy that she reanimated Serenity, would you consider that to be a GOOD hero? Hereís her dialogue to show exactly what she says:

<Character> (NPC) (Necromancer): Ah, Serenity. She died in my timeline, you know. But it was okay, I reanimated her.
<Character> (NPC) (Necromancer): She now bakes bread and puts me to sleep, like before.
<Character> (NPC) (Necromancer): The villagers weren't too happy about that, though.
<Character> (NPC) (Necromancer): It's fine, though. They are now reanimated as well! Falconreach has never been so perfect!

I also find it interesting how you left out the stuff I said about Doomknight not being canon, and bow aside from 2, maybe 3 classes, no class that cost real world currency is canon. Like a I said, Doomknight is there for dedicated players to have fun with. Itís a reward for sticking around for at least 2 years and willing to help fund the game, its not a class that has an effect on the story, it never hase been, the most itís done is effect some bosses and buff them, and most, if not all of those bosses don't affect the overall story of Dragonfable.

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DF AQW  Post #: 299
2/28/2018 16:58:27   



Personally, I don't see how the Hero (the goodiest good guy/girl there is) cannot find a way to use this famous armor for the good of all the good creatures of Lore (for goodness).

Because that would contradict literally every bit of established fact about the shadowscythe and Doom in general. It doesn't matter how much of a goody two shoes you are. Doom artifacts will corrupt you. Even the Hero themself has shown they are not immune to this with the cloak scrap, and their own doom weapon if you choose not to purify it into a destiny weapon. The descriptions for the higher tier axe, staff, and daggers show that they are indeed affecting the hero's mind, and slowly corrupting them to darkness and evil. And that's just from a single weapon with a spirit weaker than would be found in the doom armor. And really, think about it: if Sepulchure couldn't resist the corruption(and he was canonically a greater force for good than the Hero, both in terms of strength and willpower), what chance would the Hero have to do so?

Also, another reason that doomknight, or a good equivalent simply can't be made canon, is because there isn't anybody to train them with that class(same reason that the calendar classes and pyromancer aren't canon, no teacher).
DF  Post #: 300
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