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=DF= Necromancer Armor Discussion Thread

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7/24/2013 6:39:02   
  James Lu

Hiya DragonFablers!

You wanted more various threads of discussion about Classes and we listened! This week and every week following, we will be introducing a thread for every class in DragonFable.

This thread: All things Necromancer Armor .
Now for the rules of this thread:

  • All =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules apply.
  • The "All Classes" thread will remain pinned to the top of the forum until all the current class threads are released.
  • There will be a Class Directory stickied to the top of the forum once a few class threads are active for quick locating.
  • On suggestions: The DragonFable staff offer specialized suggestion threads from time to time and you may post your suggestions when those events occur.
  • Please keep discussions to the Necromancer armor.
  • Most important: Have fun!

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  • AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
    7/24/2013 6:49:21   
    Dwelling Dragonlord

    ArchKnight AQ / OOC / L&L

    The necromancer class always had some hints of a lich in it, to me. Maybe that has got something to do with how it resembles the type of necromancer Noxus is.

    I really don't have any complaints on the skills-department.


    Please keep discussions to the Paladin armor.
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 2
    7/24/2013 6:59:59   

    I've felt for a while that it needs a bit of a damage buff. I used to love it for it's uniqueness but I believe it is too easily outclassed.
    DF AQW  Post #: 3
    7/24/2013 7:32:22   

    My second favorite class. Despite of the long cool down and randomness on some skills, the class holds it own really well especially in long quests and against bosses. Turn is unarguably the best defensive move in game (or rebirth?).

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    DF MQ AQW  Post #: 4
    7/24/2013 8:08:44   
    Shadows Morgenstern

    I love this class so much. Something about the hovering, the summoning of undead minions to attack for you. Even the basic attack animations! Necromancer is such a cool class! Just wish it got a bit of a polish, y'know?


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    DF  Post #: 5
    7/24/2013 8:14:32   
    99th Dracopyre

    It's good, but more undead creatures wouldn't hurt.
    Honestly, I thought this armor revolved around undead stuff. Like literally everything had undead stuff. (That was back when I had no DA and it was on preview)

    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 6
    7/24/2013 8:23:16   

    In my opinion its a bit on the weak side. Don't think its up to 9.0 standards. Its still awesome as fudge to feel like you're flying around when you go to town and through quests! When in fact you're floating!
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 7
    7/24/2013 8:28:55   

    I would like gigantic undead demons and whatnot :D
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 8
    7/24/2013 9:05:52   

    Necromancer is awesome! However, I would like some more DoT damage.
    It is much better than most other classes.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 9
    7/24/2013 9:59:50   

    I LOVE this class. It's defensive, it's Offensive, it's confusing... This class is a BOSS. Want to knock a monster out? Chuck your weapon at it with Sleep. Want to avoid getting hit at all by a monster? Use Turn! Need to end a small battle quickly? The Final!
    I even think it's better than classes like Deathknight or KAA (if you don't have the DC to get it). Your skills are all your element, which make it easier to have fun battles. Yeah, the DoTs and cooldowns could be fiddled around with a little, but it's still a great class. If it was ever to be updated, the armor itself could be toned a bit. Make it a little more even design-wise to more recent classes. But I'd say keep it around; it's a bit nostalgic!

    @Fae: Exactly! Something powerful enough to take down THE most difficult Boss (or at least one of the most mentioned/feared) in DF is worthy of recomendation.

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 10
    7/24/2013 10:09:08   

    I feel the need for the giant undead skelly Necromancer skill thingy from AQ

    Even though I am non-DA, Seeding and Summoning is still fun :D and Floating Rocks look awesome with it!
    DF AQW  Post #: 11
    7/24/2013 11:17:04   

    Perfect armor with perfect skills and animations XD
    I think this armor needs a little buf for damage output.
    Oh yeah. And weapon special attacks is not realy workin on necromancer. For example, NSoD special using necromancer, hits an enemy only 5 times, sometimes hits 12 times but get a debuf (average do 80 with crit). And Furious Feather Scythe's special also is strange. Weapons disc keeps flying around the screen for few seconds until it returns even if you already have defeated an enemy. This was not ment to be a bug report, just suggesting what should need to be fixed in future
    DF  Post #: 12
    7/24/2013 11:17:22   

    necromancer is probably one of my favorite armors. it is not nesescarily the most powerful, although it does offer some interesting gameplay and its attacks are unique and fun to use
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 13
    7/24/2013 15:43:07   
    Rune Knight

    I felt that Paladin could better reflect its nature in its style if revamped, and I admittedly feel the same way about Necromancer. The Class in its current state is a tad slow, though nevertheless underrated due to its versatile and unique Skills. Necromancer is, however, not the kind of Class that I would expect to be slow. Since sacrifice and impurity of life are constant themes for the Necromancer, I would expect the Class to have a lot of disease-related DoTs and a variety of ways to hinder itself in exchange for more power. Reflecting these themes would render Necromancer more or less inclined toward building offensive power and weakening the opponent over the course of a battle, and I think that could suit it quite well.

    Like I had made for Paladin, this is a hypothetical set of Necromancer Skills that kind of captures my thoughts:

    Green Mist: 25 Mana, 7 turn cooldown. Deal 100% damage to all targets and afflict with -25 All Resistance for five turns.
    Pestilence: 30 Mana, 6 turn cooldown. Deal 60% damage to all enemies and 80% weapon damage every turn for six turns.
    Reanimate: 20 Mana, 3 turn cooldown. Raise a skeleton to deal 200% damage and deal an additional 50% damage every turn for five turns.
    Undead Offensive: 20 Mana, 3 turn cooldown. Summon three skeletal warriors and deal 150% damage to all targets.
    Shadow Inversion: 25 Mana, 10 turn cooldown. Gain 200 Resistance to target's last used Element for two turns.
    Revenant Phalanx: 25 Mana, 4 turn cooldown. Raise three armored skeletons with shields. Grants 250 Dodge/Block/Parry and reflects damage back at attacker for two turns.
    Necromantic Mending: 50 Mana, 8 turn cooldown. Deal 7% of Maximum Health to target as damage and recover damage dealt as Health every turn for five turns.


    Dark Bind: 25 Mana, 10 turn cooldown. Send a spirit from the Elemental Plane of Darkness into an enemy, granting them +50% Boost, +100 Heal Resistance, and -25 Darkness Resistance for five turns.
    Subjugate Spirit: 25 Mana, 6 turn cooldown. Deal 125% damage, target has 50% chance to hurt itself instead of attacking every turn for three turns.
    Necrotic Sacrament: 20 Mana, 15 turn cooldown. Afflict self with -50 All Resistance, -75 Heal Resistance, and +30% Boost for five turns.
    Siphon Life: 40 Mana, 3 turn cooldown. Deal 300% damage, recover damage dealt as Health.
    Soul Sunder: 20 Mana, 13 turn cooldown. Sacrifice 25% of Maximum Health to recover 5% of Mana every turn for 15 turns.
    Phylactery: 50 Mana, 30 turn cooldown. Consume Sundered Soul to create a phylactery. Become a Lich upon death, restoring all Health and Mana and granting +50% Boost.
    Unholy Harvest: 35 Mana, 7 turn cooldown. Deal 150% damage, destroy target if beneath 15% Health. If above, deal 100% damage every turn for three turns.

    @DragonlordKhan: Though I feel Necromancer's style could be a bit different, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Necromancer is a woefully underrated Class. I actually beat Hard Mode Doctor When with it a long time ago, and Hard Mode Doctor When is terrifying. xD

    < Message edited by Faerdin -- 7/24/2013 15:44:08 >


    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 14
    7/24/2013 16:15:03   

    I agree with the usual consensus, Necromancer is a totally epic class, animations and skills wise. Give it a current-Game DMG Boost and the class will be perfect. Turn is the finest skill, along with the many different types of undead you can summon, like the Mage, Undead berserker...or the boot. xD


    DF MQ AQW  Post #: 15
    7/24/2013 16:36:06   
    The Odor

    My favorite armor ever! Despite how old it is it can hold its own extremely well and have the some of the best Utillity skills out there.

    The art is superb with SO many little things. The cracks in the armour, all the undead minions, your clawed back gauntlet, the base attacks... EVERYTHING really. And all while keeping the Necro spirit in a rather un-necroy form. I just love it!

    If they update it (which I want them to) I would like to see just a minor touchup on stats and maybe some slight rework of the art. It is very unique looking and I don't think I would like a classic dark mage look as much.

    < Message edited by The Odor -- 7/24/2013 16:43:58 >
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 16
    7/24/2013 20:23:47   

    One of my personal favorites. Although I don't like being a Necromancer in any other game, this just feels great. Love all the skills and animations.


    DF  Post #: 17
    7/24/2013 20:50:34   

    From an RP standpoint I don't like Necros. Real life: still no. DF: Yes.
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 18
    7/24/2013 20:51:37   
    AQW Lore-titician

    before soul weaver, Necro was my favorite class, first, because I saw my character FLOATING! "ow yea baby, I'm too awesome to walk!"
    the skills were quite artistic compared to what we had in that time, I loved using every single skill just for the sake of watching it. Although the colors werent much my favorite and quite hard to match a good weapon with it (although the new "show" option saves if you like the base weapon's design) I really suggest a color custom necromancer =) and as everyone suggested, perhaps some skills could get a buff xD

    By the by, I think you should change the animation we use when triggering the weapon's special attacks, ok, its cool seeing our char envelopting himself in a sphere or pure darkness, but that makes our weapons float upside down, and when their special attack involves shooting something from them, its REALLY awkward watching our weapon shots backwards and upside down xD
    DF AQW  Post #: 19
    7/24/2013 21:00:16   
    Baron Dante

    Oh boy this is a neat class.

    When it originally came out, it was pretty much the absolute strongest class. That was just the offensive side, too. However, this class has an unique defensive side.

    It has your regular 3 turn stun (Though the Mage variation. No damage), but it also has Dominate. Now, Dominate is a fun one. Either the monster hits itself, or it deals increased damage on you. I think I tested t once and it's 80% shot to hit itself. Dominate, however, CAN'T BE RESISTED. It's deals the damage on itself via DoT, so if the monster has 100 resistance to it's own element, it does nothing, more than that it heals itself, less than that, 100%, or a weakness, 200%. This means you can't use it on quite everything.

    Necro also has a quite handy healing skill. Not on the level of old DL and such, but still rather good.
    Mystify works as a looping Blind skill IIRC. However, it has a -50 Bonus while also increasing the damage of the monsters. That... as silly as it is, might not be a bad thing.

    Because this is the absolute greatest thing about Necro. Turn. Turn is a unique shielding skill, and pretty much the best in the game. It gives you 200 resistance to the element you got hit by last. Now, against a monster with multiple elements (Or multiple monsters with different elements) it's not ideal, but. At the absolute best, you can reach at least 40 All resist. This means you take 60% damage from all attacks. Now, you use Turn. Your resistance against the relevant element suddenly becomes 200 (At least) + 40 of All. You now have 240 resistance, so for the next two turns, you will HEAL a giant amount, 140% of the monster damage, more than double what the monster normally does against you.

    So in end, Necromancer is actually a really good class even on todays standards. (In fact, new standards would make it worse, most likely) It has a somewhat lacking offense nowadays, but this is another great example of a class that isn't just offense. It has some rather useless skills, yes, and the offensive skills can be a gamble, but outside those it's a solid class.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
    7/25/2013 0:08:56   

    This is my favorite class from a Roleplaying point of view. This is a class that really feels like it is what its suppose to be. I can't describe how much fun it is to summon undead minions to fight for you. From a gaming standpoint its still the best defensive class in the game and is the best boss killers that you can find. If you truly know the strengths and weaknesses of this class there is no boss that you can't take down. Take that Super Sayian character in the PVP I was able to beat him all the way up to the low 20's in the rounds and at that stage he does crazy multi hits and one hit KOs but I was able to use the Necromancer's defenses to use and he was never able to him me more than once each round because the Necromancer is the greatest boss killer in the game.

    I really hope that the staff gives this class and update where you can be a lich or maybe just give the armor itself a bit of a makeover the only problem I had with the class was how bulky it looks. Its suppose to be a mage type class but it ends up looking like its a beefed up warrior class. All and all this was an amazing addition to the game and one that I hope will get a throwback someday because I've never had more fun with any other class in all my years of playing this game.
    DF  Post #: 21
    7/25/2013 17:00:27   

    i think the dmg should be raised . i like the class and it has ok dmg but i think it should be raised.
    Post #: 22
    7/25/2013 21:43:20   

    i think @Faerdin 's version of the necromancer looks very awesome, if they update it for book 3 it should look like this so the old version could be the same in the books 1 and 2
    and the new one could still be avaliable in book 3, pleasing everyone.

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    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 23
    7/25/2013 22:12:24   
    Lupus the Wolf
    Heres How We Roll Winner
    July 2014

    Necromancer float is the best float

    Also summoning skeletons are preeeetty wicked.


    A calculated tragedy, miracles are foolish
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 24
    7/25/2013 22:19:35   

    My mage, until recently, sported necro exclusively. No, I didn't abandon it because it was weak, still powerful even to this day, I permanently put it in the closet from a RP standpoint. My mage just stopped liking necromancy after the Final 13th war.

    As for the armor itself, maybe a bit of polishing here, a slight change there, a new animation there. Quite simply, just a simple update to current class standards.
    DF MQ  Post #: 25
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