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Crystal's Poetry

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8/2/2013 21:18:06   
Crystal Sunshyne


May I come in?
I will leave in silence
If there is naught to say; I am not proud.
And even if I stay, I won't be loud;
I will speak in silence.
May I begin?
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8/2/2013 21:50:05   
Crystal Sunshyne



Perfectionist, be brave, be imperfect if you dare
Relax your endeavour to make all your work just so
If you wait until you have something good enough to share
You might wait forever, and then you may never know...


Being humble is not about feeling so small
That you think you are worth nothing at all;
Humility means respecting with all your heart
The universe, and yourself as a sacred part

Teary Sparkle

I love when sunlight dances on wavetops;
I see the canal’s smile in its sparkle.
And when it rains, it sparkles with teardrops;
Even through tears, it knows how to smile.

Blank Verse

What’s wrong? It’s nothing, oh the curse of naught!
The empty page is beautiful, pristine,
Full of unwritten possibility;
But lacking words, such beauty matters not.
How can this curse of nothing be removed?
A simple cure: begin, oh just begin!

My Infinite Love of Decisions

The world is so vast I don’t know where to start;
There are too many wonders to see.
Life’s awesome and all, but I don’t like this part:
Choosing what kind of person I’ll be.
Oh what do I do? I would follow my heart
But my heart says, “What? Don’t look at me!”

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8/11/2013 23:08:02   
Crystal Sunshyne

Stands Alone

Is it lonely to be the last star left at dawn?
While the others fade, for a moment it shines on
And dreams with all its strength, lest night should die.
It shines alone, in peace, the brightest in the sky.
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8/30/2013 23:19:52   
Crystal Sunshyne


Clouds are made of distant dreams
And fantasies of faraway floating castles.
Clouds are like wishes, white lies, and high hopes:
The more they grow, the less their disbelief suspends
And finally reality will pull them to the ground.

The clouds are falling.
I try to break their fall but I can't catch them all.

Puddles splash and my toes sparkle
With the light of broken raindrops
As I dance on shattered dreams.
I hope my feet don't hurt them--
Dreams are fluid; they'll re-form
As something better
Something wetter

Pitter-patter, pitter-patter
Like thousands of tiny tinkling footsteps;
I can hear the raindrops dance with me.

I am awake, alive, and free.
These raindrops feel more real to me than distant clouds;
The present is more tangible than dreams.

I close my eyes, tilt my face to the sky,
And savour the touch of rain:
A shower of kisses from the heavens.
I smile :)
And kiss the sky back <3

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9/3/2013 21:13:23   
Crystal Sunshyne

Dear Streetlight Outside My Window

I love the way you make the raindrops sparkle on my window,
And in the winter, the way you make the falling snowflakes glow.
You're beautiful, you know.
But not because your own form has much charm when seen by day;
You're beautiful because of all the light you give away.

Generosity with luminosity,
I admire that in you.
You shine fearlessly and effortlessly;
I admit I envy you.
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10/2/2013 11:33:23   
Crystal Sunshyne

In A New Light

I crave the colour of the dawn
When all I have is midday blue.
It's time I let the day move on,
For sunset paints the dawn anew.

I sought the comfort of the dawn
When all my hope was midnight black.
Bright stars, where once the sun had shone,
Could not replace the light I lacked.

But now I wish the day complete
Even if darkness will attack.
This road could still end in defeat
I fear, but I will not turn back.

The endless cycles will repeat
And plot new paths I must pursue.
Twixt day and night, the change is sweet;
Both dawn and dusk have freedom's hue.

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1/25/2014 21:08:05   
Crystal Sunshyne


The wind bellows and billows and buries with snow

Clouds of snowflakes fill the air--
Swirling ice crystals illuminated in the night,
Sprinkling glowing frosting on twinkling winter lights.

Shadows dance across the snowscape
Like memories of lost moments,
Half-hearted apologies for regrets
That hardly matter anymore;
How easily time forgets.

Footprints traipse across the windswept landscape,
Soon to be erased.

Streetlights disappear into the distance,
Become the faintest sparks of light
On the horizon behind
And then

And ahead, an untouched snowy streetlit path awaits
With promises for my mysterious future fate--
But tomorrow can wait
While I let the wind throw back my hood,
Brighten my face,
And make a snowman out of me
Frozen in time.

Nothing in life is lovelier than snow
Except hot chocolate and the warmth of home.
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8/25/2014 14:47:39   
Crystal Sunshyne

Acrostic poems :)


Night fades out fast from dark to dawn
Until the last bright stars are gone;
Sweet dreams give way to sweeter day.

Setting Hopes

Her dreams are vague, dark silhouettes,
Only shadows in the sunset.
Pastel gold skies match her soft heart;
Each heartbeat fades them both to dark.
She hopes, regrets, then lights the stars.

Dear School

Summer may be sunnier, but you still make me happier.
Can you forgive me for this? You know it's not that I don't care--
Hoping hiding has the power to make homework disappear
Only overwhelms me more with work I can no longer ignore.
Oh but I still love you with a love divine and rare:
Love of learning simply for the sake of knowledge to explore!

Light the Cold Roads Home

Sprinklings of streetlights and sparkling starlight
Like little glowing amber embers
Ease the dark of this cold night.
Each fleeting evil feeling is freely fleeing, and those
Forgotten hurtful thoughts the heart remembers
Uncast at last their shadows.
Life feels fulfilmentful when people are gleeful:
Let even your darkest roads hold light that renders
Your worries sleeful.

(Sleeful: adj. 1. Having the quality of being elsewhere, going elsewhere or doing something else. 2. Being or becoming something else. 3. Elsewise possessing vague, uncertain and confusing characteristics of elseness. Etymology: from a misreading of “gleeful” as “sleeful” and the fact that “slee” is an anagram of “else”)
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10/22/2014 20:10:07   
Crystal Sunshyne


No matter what chaos may come to surround me,
I have the power and the right to be at peace.
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2/5/2015 0:24:04   
Crystal Sunshyne

So this is what my mind seems to have created so far out of the elements for round 7 of Here's How We Roll (right turn, dropping something, arrow, planet, shooting star, pyramid, parachute, magnifying glass, letter L):

Impossible to Reach

Let arrows rain; let cupid’s reign be cruel.
I wished my heart, like wishing stars, would fall
Vindictively in hate with love, the fool
Entombed in pyramids where curses crawl.
Toward the shadows of the sky I steal
One glance through glass that shows dark stars; I steel,
Like shield and sword, my heart against the spell
Of Venus who would draw her ink-stained quill
Versed in verses that could all anger quell.
Each heart that would win mine is blood to spill.
A parachute drops from the stars to sail
Nearly straight into me but I recoil
Enough to drop my guard and rage derail
When this guest turns right off of my heart’s soil.

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2/14/2015 15:58:09   
Crystal Sunshyne

Yet Not Untouched

Like little untwinkling stars the planets glow
Outnumbered by the shooting stars that fall;
Velocity shimmers with stardust full
Enough of dreams to drop to us below.
Toward the brightness of the sky I steal
One glance through glass that magnifies; I steel
Lost steadiness for the darkness I plunge
Into if I would hide my eyes in wool
Veiling me with strength like a pyramid wall.
Except your parachute will land; you lunge
Across the distance I keep, for you fell
Not far enough. Wear my walls like a glove;
Each heart that has won mine I’ll always love,
Whichever turns signed arrows shall foretell.
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6/21/2015 22:02:34   
Crystal Sunshyne

Another Book

Behind my hand I can't conceal
My agonized, delighted squeal
As I turn the last page to reveal
The end. The end... is that all?

No. No, there's more of this story to gain.
There is a sequel I must obtain
Because I just cannot refrain
From this need, my need to read on.

Like an addict I set out
Into the dusk because I doubt
That I could last this night without
The next, and the next, twists of plot.

As an arrow through the wind I ride
Straight to the store, and once inside
This heaven where stories and tales reside
I find it. I find it quite odd

That I resist the urge to peek
Through other books than what I seek
And if I like them maybe sneak
Ten more, I mean one more book

To read once I have finished this.
But today I think I'd be remiss
To stray from my bubble of bookish bliss
With this one. This one I can't toss

Aside with the desire for more,
As much as I'd love to lift the store
And carry it home so I can explore
All the books, all the books there are...

(Ignoring the fact that I'm not quite that strong
And buildings are best left where they belong
Not crashing into cars as they're carried along
And it's stealing; stealing books is wrong.)

If I'm honest I'll admit the fact
That given how much time I lacked
To let the other books distract
My purchase, perchance desire knocked

But now the Chapters door swings closed
And I bike home through streets unexposed
To the aforementioned chaos I'm predisposed
To wish, and wish, I could've caused.

I enter one of the not-bookstore-crushed-wrecks
Beneath a darkened sky now with starry specks,
And I begin my new literary treks
Into one more, I mean ten more books.
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7/9/2015 15:39:47   
Crystal Sunshyne

Prismatic Sunlight

You think your rays are bright but bland
And see no colours where they land
But oh how wrong you are.

Let me show you the hues your sunbeams hold:
The vibrant red and cheerful gold,
Deep green and deeper violet.

I’ll respect and reflect and refract the rays
Of rainbow light that you can raise
From my unshining heart.

In shadow, I cast naught but black
With all the strength of light I lack
To glow despite the dark.

The sharpness of my shade confides
That I am made of broken sides,
My angles almost violent.

But I’ll perfect and protect and project the light
That you can cast to change my sight
And heal my smiling heart.
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