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(ED) Wanderings of a Frost-bitten Warrior

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8/27/2013 13:57:02   
Bionic Bear

http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=21434280 <-- discussion thread.


"Attack!" Came the battle cry, as battalions of Exiles surged forward. Edris Ball, one of the many fighting to save the Krampus people, equipped his assault magnum and directed it in the general direction of the Legion soldiers. As he observed his comrades slashing, bashing, and shooting through enemy lines, he fully believed that this war would finally be over.
He let loose a shot from his magnum and watched as the projectile it shot made contact with an arctic guard. The man fell backwards into the snow.
Just as everything looked to be progressing in favor of the Exiles, a battle horn sounded. The members of the Legion retreated back towards the Alydriah's palace, much to the confusion of the Exiles.
"What's going on?" Asked Edris, looking around at his fellow soldiers. "Why are they running away?"
"Hah, we were much too strong for them. Watch the wretches flee in fear from us!" came the reply. Exiles all around began to cheer their dominance to the world.
That was when all hell broke loose.
Yetis, frost demons, and all sorts of corrupted Frysteland beasts began to pour out of the grounds surrounding Alydriah's palace. They trampled over everyone, Legion and Exile alike, cutting a swath through the Exile army. Edris watched as an Exile soldier was snatched by a frost demon and flung into a tree nearby.
Unafraid, Edris began to reload his assault magnum. He had just finished setting the weapon setting to obliterate and was about to fire when a rush of wind flew through his ears and his feet had left the ground.
In one moment, he was weightless. In another moment, he made contact with the ground.

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8/29/2013 10:25:33   
Bionic Bear

Chapter 1
"Hmm, here's another dead one. Looks like a lot of Exiles were killed here yesterday."
Ylwa the Beast Rider strode through the bodies strewn across the battlefield. She wrinkled her nose at the smell coming off of them.
"Ohh, help me, someone please help me," moaned a voice, not too far away. Ylwa looked in the direction the voice was coming from. Her eyes found a man, wearing standard Exile issue clothing, half buried underneath the snow.
Making haste, Ylwa moved in towards the man, constantly looking around for the Legion's sweep-up crew. Those who had survived would come back later to scavenge weapons and gear from their dead enemies and comrades.
Ylwa was about to arrive at the man's location when a yeti sprung out from underneath the man. It was small, not half as big as her Maia was, but it would replace the beasts that the Legion had taken away from her, that was for sure.
Noting the baby yeti, she pulled the man out of the snow. His face, on closer inspection, was turning blue. Searching in her clothing pockets, Ylwa found a small scarf. It would do for the man until they arrived back at her hut.
"What is your name?" she asked with concern.
"Edris," the man whispered. "Edris...Ball." With that, the man's eyes closed.
Wasting no time, Ylwa gently placed the man on her shoulders, and began to trudge back to her small hut. There, he would be nourished and fed until he had the physical and mental health to leave Frysteland.
She also did not fail to note the small yeti following behind her. Without turning around to show any signs of recognition, she trundled onward.

Edris Ball awakened to find himself in an unfamiliar room. Immediately, his first thought was, was I captured by the enemy? He stood up from the small bed someone had placed him on top of to find that someone was cooking something. A smell wafted in through an anteroom, not too far from where he was now.
Seeing as how he was not in chains and began tortured, Edris reasonably decided that one of the local Krampus had found him and taken him in. As these thoughts ran through his mind, he began to think of his own physical condition. When that frost demon, grabbed him, oh my, what a grip that beast had. Its icy claws had probably left a few marks on him, and who knew the condition of his bones after his landing? Starting to worry, Edris lay back down. If the person who had found him had been kind enough to provide for him, Edris was sure that in due time the person would also begin to supply him with the necessary medicine for him to be back to full health.
He thought heard the sound of something moving on soft feet, moving towards him. Edris surveyed his surroundings as best as he could while lying down, but he could not see any people nearby. Deciding that this was simply his mind toying with him, he closed his eyes, thinking to rest a little bit, and then to scout out the building he was in. However, before he knew it, Edris was fast asleep.
When he woke up, there was a large weight on his chest. Fearing the worst and that he actually had been captured by Legion forces, Edris did not dare to open his eyes. At least, not until the weight leaned towards his face and licked his cheek.
Opening one eye, Edris watched in horror as a white and furry face with four eyes loomed in front of him. The creature opened its mouth, and the tongue licked his cheek again.
"AAH! GET IT OFF ME! GET IT OFF ME!" roared Edris, in a mad fit of fear. He flailed and squirmed, frantically trying to throw off the creature sitting upon his stomach. As the creature was about to be thrown off in a disgraceful fall to the ground, strong gloved hands took hold of his arms with an iron grip, holding them down. Edris found himself staring into the face of a woman with light brown hair. The face itself wasn't wrinkled, but nor was it the one of a young lady. It stood tall and proud, with a stern expression fixed upon it. The cheeks and nose were slightly red, and upon the head of this woman was a rugged helmet, equipped with fearsome horns.
The gloved hands pulled the arms together, and one hand was big enough to capture them both. The other hand disappeared for a moment, then came back holding a massive mallet that looked like it could crush someone's skull.
"Stop your squirming or this comes down on you," said the woman, severely, indicating the mallet with a shake of her head.
Edris took one look at the mallet and ceased all movement.
"Good," said the woman. "Now, I will let go of your arms. You will sit upright and tell me about yourself. If you do not, I will leave my furry friend here" -she pointed at the four-eyed beast- "to sit upon you and lick your face as he likes.
"Well then, don't just sit there blankly, start talking!"

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8/29/2013 10:39:50   
Bionic Bear

Chapter 2

Edris stared up at the woman's face, trying to decipher who she was. There had been rumors, spread through the Exile forces, of people among the local Krampus who had an affinity for working with the yetis that were found on Frysteland. Seeing how this woman defended the creature on his body, he had no doubt that the rumors were indeed true. What was the title with which they were addressed? Edris took a moment to remember, and his mind drifted back to when he had first heard the rumor. While it was rare for him to forget anything, this had been in someone else's conversation.
"...Beast Riders, they named themselves," one person had said.
"Beast Riders? So they ride the yetis?" the other had said.
"I dunno, but why they'd do a darn fool thing like that for? Must be wrong in the head or something, these primitive natives!" the first person had said. They had laughed about it together afterwards.
Edris's reminiscing was cut short when the woman's gloved finger poked his forehead. "Hello, is there anything here? Are you going to speak or are you not?"
The voice of Edris was hoarse and raspy when he whispered, "...are you... a Beast Rider?"
To his disappointment, the woman's face did not change.

This chapter is going to be continued at a later date, just posting it here quickly...

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