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=DF= The 13th 13th War Story Thread

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9/6/2013 18:37:16   

Got a story to tell of your warring adventures during this war? You can post it here!

Please remember, only one post is allowed per person. You can edit your post to add-to or change it.

=DF= The 13th 13th War Commentary Thread

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Scorpio: The Thirteenth 13th!

Guardian Scorpio was sitting at home in his mansion cozily located in the heart of DoomWood. He was staring out the window gazing at the ever present moon when he heard a frantic knocking at his door. Walking over to the door, he swung it open to find a scared townsman covered in sweat leaned up against his doorframe.

"Well, what is it?", asked the Guardian.

"The Undead! They're everywhere!", screamed the panicking peasant.

"Of course they are! This is DoomWood! If you didn't expect Undead you must have been deaf to the talk about these parts.", said Scorpio, considerably annoyed by the obvious statement. He was about to slam the door when the man spoke up.

"Not like these! The normal ones don't bother, the Necromancers don't either, but these are different! They all have masks and strange elves in cloaks have been following them around! There have been whispers, some kind of cult and something about a masked man.", as he said these last words he was so nervous he could barely finish the sentence.

"Masks you say? I'll see about them, along with these cloaked elves. You just... hmm... I can't just let you walk back to town alone right now. Wait, I know!", the Guardian screamed these last words as he rushed over to his mechanical gryphon. He pressed its left eye and then turned its head to the right, causing a loud sound of moving gears and falling dirt, but no visible changes.

"What... what did you just do?", asked the confused towsnsman.

"Could you just walk over to the Togstone that isn't glowing, and stomp your foot?", requested Guardian Scorpio.

The man did just that, and dirt slipped away to reveal a set of stairs leading to an area beneath the mansion. Both peasant and Guardian stood and stared at the passage.

"Quite a piece of work, isn't it?", remarked Scorpio, "I got it installed after a trip to Popsprocket, you know before the whole Rose thing, those Gnomes did a great job of blending it in."

"Why, why do you have this?", inquired the man.

"Well, sometimes I go down there when I hear that a Rose patrol is coming, though if they're really unlucky I don't quite get down there in time and have to use... other ways of getting rid of them.", said the Guardian, "Before that was necessary, and even now, it's L Draco's den."

"L Draco? Are you sure?", the townsman was understandably anxious about sharing a room with a dragon.

"Yes, I'm sure. Now get down there before somethings finds you!" Scorpio was irritated at the man for wasting time.

Scared by the sudden change in tone, the peasant rushed down the stairs, and no sooner had he reached the bottom than the passage concealed itself again and the gryphon head turned back. Guardian Scorpio went back inside to survey his weapon rack.

Hmm, thought Scorpio, against the Elves the axe would probably work better, but the scythe would give me better results against the Undead... Decisions, decisions...

The Battle Begins
Having settled on both, Scorpio walked towards Falconreach. Having found no more resistance than usual, he was about to chalk up the peasant's suspicions to paranoia and ghost stories. However, as he entered the gate, Ash rushed up to him.

"Guardian Scorpio! You've arrived! Good, there's a major problem!", Ash practically screamed with joy and relief.

"Let me guess, masked Undead and Elven cultists?", inquired the guardian, already knowing the answer.

"Hmm... Some farmer or other must have gone to you rather than the guards or me.", Ash seemed a bit jealous as he said this.

"You know, technically I am a Guardian. I'd say he did tell a guard.", Scorpio was used to this kind of sentiment, having garnered such a massive amount of fame in such a short period before disappearing.

"You got your armour, painted it like the extinct Amityvale section, and moved out to DoomWood. You're hardly a guard, but that's not the point. why are these Undead showing up?", Ash was obviously confused by the event.

"Well, the masks are a trademark of sorts, but Friday the 13th isn't until next week. I guess they got impatient. As for the cultists, I'm clueless.", the dark Guardian was not used to being confused by matters of this nature.

As they contemplated the situation, a masked zombie slowly limped up to right behind Scorpio. Everyone stood and stared as it approached at a snail's pace, until it got within striking distance.

"Behi-", Ash wasn't even able to finish the word before, in a blur of motion, the zombie was a mere pile on the ground and Scorpio preferred weapon of choice, a scythe as elegant as it was deadly, was firmly gripped in the Guardian's hand.

"So then, where were we?", asked Scorpio, just barely acknowledging the dead creature at his heels, "Bothersome beasts, the whole lot. Maybe Artix has the right idea."

"I find that an odd statement coming from someone with your talents", remarked Ash, pondering the anti-Undead statement made by the Dark Guardian.

"My undead have class, elegance, and know how to get the job done. Just because they can't speak doesn't mean they have to be made into imbeciles.", said Scorpio, looking back in disgust at the pile of flesh that was once his attacker.

"Well, you better get real fast with that scythe, look!", Ash screamed the last word as he pointed off to the east.

Scorpio looked in the direction Ash pointed, seeing a sight which shocked even him. A massive legion of skeletons, zombies, and slimes. But beyond the masked legion was a group which interested him more than it frightened him, elves in red, sinister-looking hooded cloaks.

As the army advanced, Scorpio could get a closer look at the cloaked figures. Judging by what little he could see, not all were Elves, like the peasant had thought. Some were clearly human and others he presumed to be Undead. He was contemplating the mashup of races when he noticed that he wouldn't be able to stand there any longer. A battalion of Undead had surged past the defenders and were coming straight at him.

Scorpio leaped out of the way of the charging marauders and tossed his scythe at the group. Half the skeletons had been dismantled, and some of the zombies got cut, but no major damage to the group. running directly in front of the now weakened squad, he held out his hand as if to stop them. When the Undead continued charging, as he knew they would, he shot out a series of electric waves, shocking the remaining skeletons. With the only threat now being a handful of zombies, the Dark Guardian stood his ground, spinning and swinging his scythe masterfully. Within thirty seconds the zombies were cut up corpses on the ground. As he was admiring his handiwork, Guardian Scorpio was interrupted by a sharp and cynical voice.

"It took you that long to dispatch them?", mocked the voice, "Perhaps you aren't the one I thought you were. You are Scorpio aren't you? The 'Dark Guardian'?"

Scorpio was annoyed by the disrespectful tone of the voice, "Show yourself, coward! I am the Guardian Scorpio, but above all I'm a man of honour. One more hiddden insult and I'll blast the whole area until I find you."

No sooner had the words left his mouth than Scorpio was confronted by a man wearing an evil-looking robe with a hood that concealed his face. From this close perspective the Guardian percieved he was part of some cult, no doubt a sinister one.

"Fine, I wouldn't want to ruin the fun.", the Cultist admitted, "I prefer honour myself, though I hardly see it as a necessity. But, in fair sport I'll give you time to prepare."

Scorpio wondered what he meant by those last words. The tone in the Cultist's voice clearly indicated he didn't want Scorpio to prepare for a treaty.

"Prepare for wha-", the Guardian couldn't even complete his question before a pillar of rock smashed into his jaw, knocking him down. Using his scythe for leverage he pulled himself back up with a jump. Scorpio held his scythe in a defensive position, wanting to be ready for a follow-up attack.

"Ah yes, a scythe, what a coincidence you brought one. I fancied this more of an axeman's battle, or maybe a swordmaster.", as the man said these words, darkness formed around his hand, coalescing into a vicious looking scythe, "Let's see who is better with the most elegant bladeever made to kill."

With that the Cultist lunged forwards at Scorpio. The Dark Guardian barely had time to dodge, and even so he still got hhis armour nicked. Scorpio had not expected such a challenge. He shot a rlaming dragon-head from his palm, hoping to knock the Cultist off his feet. With a smirk, the robed man easily jumped over the attack. The Guardian needed to formulate some kind of strategy.

Think, thought Scorpio, he's aligned with Darkness clearly, so use light!

Realizing this, he pointed his sythe at the Cultist. a bright beam of light shot out of it, hitting the man with full force. The Cultist was knocked down, but quickly recovered.

"After all my training, Light is but a mere annoyance.", said the hooded Cultist, "Not one of the Undead on this battlefield are as attuned to Darkness as my brothers and I. You're 'honour' can not protect you against the unfiltered power of Darkness!"

As the Cultist said the last sentence, something clicked in Scorpio's head. If he wasn't as weak to Light, he wouldn't be as well protected by Darkness! Scorpio figured it was time to teach the Cultist a lesson in insulting a man's honour.

"Do you know why they call me the 'Dark Guardian'?:, asked Scorpio, "It isn't because of myliving situation, or my personality, it's because of this.", as he said the last word, his scythe melted down into a standard longsword. The Cultist was about to laugh when the longsword shifted shape, twisting and bending until it became an axe. As the axe filled out in colour and design the Cultist stared in horror.

"No, it can't be!", screamed the Cultist, alarmed at the sight of the weapon.

Scorpio smirked as looked down at his hand. His regal scythe had transformed into a weapon that all fear, except for those who are truly attuned to Darkness. In the Dark Guardian's hand was none other than the ShadowReaper of Doom. Aside from Sepulchure's own blade, no weapon on Lore could match its dark powers.

"But, how?", asked the nervous Cultist, "Doom Weapons drive their owners insane! The Darkness spirits inside take control of their minds! Nobody has ever managed to control one!"

"That's the beauty, we've worked out an agreement.", Scorpio removed a small, purple gem from inside the handle of the axe, "He gets let out every once in a while, and I get to keep my sanity. Scorpio tossed the gem into the air, causing it to glow and then disappear. In its place stood a ten-foot tall Reaper. The Reaper drove its spear down into the heart of the Cultist, knocking it down. Scorpio looked upon the cultist with disgust.

"For the honour of all the Guardians who have fallen before me, I will eradicate you and your cult!", as he said this, the Dark Guardian pointed his axe at the downed Cultist. At this gesture, a ghostly battalion of Guardians charged at the Cultist, finishing him off.

"Well, that's one down.", remarked Scorpio, "Far too many left though..."

Shocking Revelations
Scorpio continued cutting and blasting his way through the army of undead. His scythe made quick work of any footsoldiers that crossed his path. He was about to return to the war camp when a hulking mass blocked his path. It appeared to have some stone-like, sinister armour. It was as if the Cultist's robes had been magnified and hardened. It carried no weapon, but appeared to have large curved arms that would do the job better than any blade or club. The Dark Guardian could sense it was Undead, a fact that startled him. He wondered what foul necromancer could have created such a monstrosity.

The Brute stomped its way over to Scorpio. swinging its massive arm upwards when it got near. The force of the impact launched Scorpio into the air and flung him several feet back wards. Having planned on resting, he was unprepared and now quite furious. He faced the beast and started slashing wildy with his scythe. As hit after hit landed, the Dark Guardian felt a peculiar sensation. It was an elemental feeling he was quite familiar with, not always in a good way. Somehow, in his rage, his attacks had become imbued with the power of Light. The empowered strikes burned the Brute as they cut him. After a handful of swings, the creature fell upon the ground, dead.

With the threat taken care of, Scorpio quickly got to the camp. When he arrived he saw Ash standing there with a grim look on his face. He had been serious before, but now he was downright determined. As Ash looked at the returning Guardian, Scorpio knew something had happened while he was away battling.

"Well,", he asked, "what is it?"

"We... we recieved reports...", Ash was distracted and could barely finish the phrase.

"What kind of reports? More undead beasts, bigger too? Or reinforcements, more vicious and crazy than these?", Scorpio was worried what kind of report had so worried Ash.

"No, nothing like that...", Ash tried to regain his composure, "Scouts have reported seeing the Cultists snooping around old fortresses."

"So,", asked the Dark Guardian, "Big deal, they can steal all the dirt and rusty old daggers they want."

"No, the fortresses, they...", Ash had trouble explaining the dire situation, "They belonged to... them! Sepulchure, Xan, Aisha! all the worst villains you've fought. They've taken armour, plushies, icicles, and who knows what else! Nobody knows where they'll go next or what they'll take! And most importantly, nobody knows what they're even doing!"

Ash hadn't meant to start screaming, but once he started talking he couldn't hold back. He was too angry about the whole situation. The Cultists showing up with an army of undead a week before the 13th, the monstrosities that accompanied them, the terror they inspired in the townspeople, everything.

"Oh, and one more thing.", Ash was now calm, too calm in fact, "The one leading them on these expeditions, he was the one you told me about, the one with the scythe."

"How is that possible?", Scorpio was startled by the idea that the Cultist could have survived the final ghostly onslaught, "I fought him, I saw him die as the Guardians killed him. I used my scythe, my spells, I even used my axe on him!"

"I don't know...", Ash seemed to be lost in thought, "to survive not only the ShadowReaper of Doom, but the spirit within. As well as the attack by the fallen Guardians... apparently death is diffrent with him."

"Well, whatever's the case, we should focus on the army that's here, before we worry about the Cultists in distant areas of Lore. Defend the home front, I'll see what I can find out.", with that Scorpio went to his makeshift bed he put together at the campsite. It would be a long day tomorrow, this he did not doubt.

Scorpio awoke the next morning in a good mood. This lasted for five seconds, after which he remembered why he was sleeping where he was, what was happening outside, and what events had occured in faraway lands. He quickly started a training match with an Undead viking he had summoned to hone his skills before the day's combat.

As he effortlessly blocked and countered every swing of his summon's axe, Ash came up to him. The Guardian reverted his creation into a pile of bones and metal, Ash began to speak.

"We have news, some relatively good, some bad.", Ash, though he had slept more soundly than any other that night, already sounded fatigued.

"Give me the good, then the bad. I could use something on the upside to start my day.", Scorpio was doubtful of how good the news could possibly be.

"Well, we know something about the cultists. Scouts have heard them speaking of some kind of ritual involving the stolen items.", Ash was not cheerful, but had perked up from gloomy to dark, "we just don't know the purpose of the ritual. It could be some kind of villainous magic picnic, more symbolic than practical or-", Ash was cut off by Scorpio.

"Or, it could be some kind of necro-demonic summoning, right? So then, what's the bad news?", Considering what the good news was, Scorpio was worried about what the bad news was.

"They struck again. They were reported to have stolen an arm and a broken purple crystal from a graveyard.", Ash didn't realize it, but that news was far worse for his companion than it was for the rest of the Guardians.

"Wait, a purple crystal, and broken too? That's Vayle's! I remember the day it shattered like yesterday. Then the arm must belong to her brother! They took Edgar's arm! Wait a minute, a graveyard, Vayle's crystal... They, they-", Scorpio was cut off by Ash, who was puzzled by the confusion and rage that was as evident as it was uncharacteristic in the scythe-wielding fighter.

"They what? Took them, we know. What's the big deal?", Ash wondered what was causing Scorpio to get so upset.

"They took it from the graveyard in DoomWood! They were on my homeland, and I was away! If they had found my house... If I had been there, I could have stopped them! I could have ended this war once and for all! As it is we've barely killed half of them!", The Dark Guardian was distraught at the thought of those cultists so close to his home.

"Just calm down, there's nothing you can do now until we find them. Even if you were there, who's to ay you could have stopped them, we already know that your first try didn't work.", Ash tried reasoning with the infuriated hero.

"I guess you're right... I'll be fighting if you need me.", with that, Scorpio walked out side, scythe in hand.

It wasn't until the next day that Ash and Scorpio talked again. The Dark Guardian was staring off at the distance, lost in thought.

"Scorpio, we have reports of more thefts,", Ash was uneasy about breaking the news to his friend, who had reacted so angrily before, "Sek-Duat, Yalla, who knows why. You have to won-", Scorpio cut him off with a blunt question.

"Do you know what today is?", asked the Guardian.

"Yes, it is Friday, and the seventh day of the war.", Ash was confused by the obvious question.

"You're correct, but it's also the 13th, and yet there have been no signs of anything unusual. Gives me a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, like wen I saw that fallen teacup of Celestia's...", Scorpio was lost in thought as he made this statement.

"Sir!", a Guardian ran up to him, "We've heard reports of aritual in DoomWood, something about an all-powerful Baron. We sent a scout to investigate, but he hasn't returned."

"Hmm,", Scorpio was puzled by what it could mean, "I only know of one all-powerful Baron, but something tells me that he isn't the one they were talking about. Besides, he's more of a Mogloween guy."

"Well, we have good news,", said the Guardian, slightly nervous about being near his dark counterpart, "The monster waves have pulled back!"

"It's not over yet...", ash felt a creeping sensation spread across his spine, "Can you feel it, Scorpio?"

"Something is coming...", Scorpio looked up at the moon, "I..."

He was cut off by the presence of a looming figure flying in front of the moon. Scorpio could just make out his half-masked face.

This must be the masked man, thought Scorpio, the one the pesant had heard about.

As he finished this thought, the masked man landed. He shot a wave of pure evil at Scorpio the second he touched the ground. From the amazing power, Scorpio concluded this must be the Baron the Guardian mentioned.

"You there,", said the Dark Guardian, "what's your name, and what business do you have here?"

"I am the Baron Jaysun Valtrith," his demeanor was one of pure confidence, "My business here is to destroy you and everything you've worked for. You may think you've fought villains before, but none have had half my power!"

With that, the Baron unleashed a series of dark bolts at Scorpio. As each one made contact, Scorpio felt the burning pain of a thousand slow deaths. Despite the agony, he would not be discouraged. Scorpio shot a flaming dragon spirit-head out of his palm.

"Is that really your best?", mocked Baron Valtrith, shrugging off the attack.

Enraged, Scorpio slashed wildly with his scythe, only to be further annoyed by the fact that each time he thought he had struck, all he had hit was a wall of shadow. He slashed at the ground with his scythe, piercing the earth and causing a trio of Undead Guardians to spring up. As they charged at the Baron with their rusted blades, they made minor incisions but, much to Scorpio's chagrin, inflicted no major damage.

From that point it was a desperate struggle for Scorpio. He managed to block most of Valtrith's sword attacks, but the shadow-like creatures that were attached to his body made for a challenging fight. Just as he blocked one head, the other would attack. Too often he'd been rendered immobile by the venom the snake-head contained. As he struggled, a thoguht came to him.

"Enough!", screamed the Guardian, "Your not the only one with extra creatures!"

With that, a large green and yellow dragon appeared behind Scorpio. It had a smile on its face, after al it hadn't been summoned in some time.

"Ready to meet the reaper?", asked the Guardian Dragon as it unleashed its powerful breath on Baron Valtrith.

After the smoke cleared, the Baron stood there, smiling. He was obviously unharmed and was rather amused by the attempt. Scorpio stood and wondered at what kind of power the Baron had to be able to withstand such a blast without so much as a scratch. The Baron noticed the distracted Guardian but did not strike.

"How amusing that you thought that would work.", remarked the masked Baron, "You had no chance of succeeding, but still, it was rather fun to watch you try. A worthy opponent. I shall enjoy breaking you and all you protect."

As he said those words, he teleported away. Scorpio was regretting not finding out more about him. All he had was a name, and barely that.

"What... Who was that?", asked the perplexed Guardian.

"I... have no idea,", answered Ash, "but it's definitely not the last we've seen of him. You should go home, get some rest. For the moment we're safe."

Scorpio took Ash's advice and headed home. As he approached his front door he activated the secret passage. When the stairs appeared, the townsman rushed up excitedly.

"Are they gone, am I safe?", asked the worried man.

"Yes, they're gone, for now. You can find your way back home, right?", inquired Scorpio. For some reason, he always got a weird feeling near this guy. Familiar, but weird.

"Yes, I'l do fine. Thanks for the housing while the war went on. Your dragon, he's a rather kind fellow.", said the man, "By the way, my name's Chomper, if you're ever in Moonridge and find yourself needing some "special supplies", I'll tell my guy. He knows what you need.", the man obviously knew about Scorpio's necromantic hobby, but something wasn't right.

As the man walked off, his form changed to reveal a skeleton wearing a simple, black robe. Now Scorpio realized why he got that weird feeling. It's not everyday you house a disguised Undead in our dragon-lair.

Hmmm, thought the Dark Guardian, I may need to take Chomper up on his offer.

With that, he went to his bed. Tomorrow he'd have some shopping ot do, anything to take his mind off Valtrith...

The End

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Welcome to TDLNND. I'm your host, Dragonman, and this, is the news.

Insane cultists have recently been spotted entering Sepulchure's fortress, and leaving later, carrying, something. It is rumored to be a piece of the Evil Doomknight's armor.

This would not be reported, if not for the fact that the same cultists that have Sepulchure's armor, are currently attacking Falconreach.

Their invasion force is small, and already over 5% of the army has been destroyed, however, there is something unusual about this invasion. Something chilling.

I dread when Friday the 13th actually arrives, I fear this may just be the beginning.

if not, we're pretty much safe, since this invasion force is [retty small. There is a good chance we could destroy the whole force before the dreaded day arrives. Of course, at this time of year, are we ever that lucky.

Memories are brought back of a previous Friday the 13th, one that took many lives. May Lady Celestia, and the Guardians who lost their lives that day, rest in peace.

However, with this being the 13th war on the unlucky day, this war may be even more devastating.

Day 2:

Welcome to TDLNND, it appears that earlier today, somebody broke into a local insane pyromancer's, and probably stole things. Xan has been unable to identify what was missing, because so many things have been rifled around with.

It appears that Xan (Aged 225) had been out getting lunch, and when he returned, all his stuff was thrown around. Xan worries they may have taken something important.

Xan was an important veteran of the Infernal Wars 5 years, and was MIA after he assisted in getting rid of Wargoth. Now that he has finally returned, he is hurt that anyone could do this to someone who fought so hard to protect this world.

Xan has also assisted in the Fire War, and the Wrath of... OK who am I kidding, we all know who he is. I don't know how I'm going to continue to spin it so Xan looks perfect, he's not. But it is still troubling that someone has been breaking in to homes of Villains lately.

Noxus, aged unknown, a necromancer from Doomwood, is worried that he will be next, similar feelings are shared by Aisha, Okuchi No Okami, The Irismancer, Frydae XIII, The Braken, and even Warlic. Icemaster Yeti fears he may be targeted, even though he has devoted much of his life to good. Local Necromantress Vayle shares his feelings. For many of these villains, after the recent loss of their dear friend Emperor Sek-Duat, and that annoying guy who tried to be a villain Baron Au'Midas. However Zadd says "I never really was a villain, and since now, I'm with the Rose, I feel completely safe. We were unable to reach other villains such as Kathool, Konnan, Drakath (who is reportedly alive), or the Mysterious Stranger (also reportedly alive) for comment.

What sort of evil group could do evil to villains like this?

Day 3:

Welcome to TDLNND, I'm Dragonman, really frustrated that the Cultist Brute won't show up so I can kill him!

In other news, people are running around trying to find cultists, yelling things like "Let me kill you!"

*Sniff sniff* I smell a Brute. Let me kill you! Come back you coward!

*We're sorry TDLNND is experiencing technical difficulties.

Day 4: *Note: At this point Dragonman has been driven to madness*

This is Dragonman, these are the news. Need kill Brute.

That's it.

Other me has gone a bit, mad without being able to kill the Brute. It'd be best not to get on his bad side. He'd be ripping his hair out if he wasn't reptilian.

So yeah, this is the shortest news ever, but we don't want to get in Dragonman's way anymore, so let's get out of here.

Day 6:

Welcome to TDLNND, I finally killed the Cultist Brute, so rest assured about that.

In other news, Aisha's palace and the Graveyard where Edgar was destroyed have been robbed too. The cultists seem to be collecting artifacts of defeated villians, to create someone, or something, that could, possibly defeat us. The thought is unnerving.

Only two days remain until the bad luck comes, and we don't want to be there when that happens.

Day 8:

Welcome to TDLNND, I'm Dragonman saying we've destroyed the undead, but something is coming... could it be? Noo, noooo. This is bad, this is very bad.

I've gotta cut the news out early and consult with The Order.

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Confidence, Mystery and Danger

They came early this time. Everyone was preparing for the attack everyone expected it to come next week though. Caught the people unprepared and the defenders with their guard down well except for a few. Who ever controlled this army of undead decided to accelerate the schedule and attack before Friday the 13th when most other Necromancer normally did. Though this attack was early the defenders were quickly rallied. On western defensive front two men stood surrounded by slayed undead.

Cleaving the last Deadwood in half with his axe the DeathKnight walked over to the DragonLord and spoke “I wonder why they attacked early this year Christian.”

Christian a bit taller than the DeathKnight with shoulder length black hair and piercing blue eyes a combination the DeathKnight always found unique responded “Your not the only one Deathlord. I think they're on deadline for something. Hey maybe attacking a week early became the new tradition while we were frozen.” The sense of failing that came with the last statement was enough to make Deathlord a little depressed. Ever since them and many Loren heroes were frozen at the hands of the leader of the Rose Jaania Christian has long seemed to feel that he had failed Lore in some way when it happened despite what others have said to the contrary.

A slight breeze blew towards them bringing the smell fetid meat of the zombies in the approaching army. Before they moved off to assist in other areas they heard someone call for them.
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The Story Of Grams

Chapter One

They were ready to strike. No one could oppose them. They only needed the parts that fueled enough hatred. The hatred that could ressurect... Grams!
They were still planning to attack FalconReach. I had to stop them. Because I was the only one who knew their plan. Since Sepulchure and Noxus was out of the game, other cults and groups had taken over.

Guardian Fox: Hello there, Aria! Nice weather, isn't it?

Aria: Yes, the weather is very nice! Have you seen Ash lately?

Ash: I am actually right here. What did you need?

Aria: Several of the animals that were sent here is gone! I was wondering if you could help me find them.

Ash: Of course I can help you. Why didn't you ask anybody else? I heard the "Hero" have returned.

Aria: You see... *Blushes* You are my "Hero"!

Ash: Alright, I'll help!

They didn't know anything...

Chapter Two

All I could see was the evil purple. It had seen me... I ran away as fast as I could! When I heard some voices, I quickly hid under some bushes. It was some of the so called adventurers. I saw some necromancers talking to the Guardians too... The cultists were close.

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Eris Blackwood

War Story

My old man told a war story
There was fighting,
and death...
always death

One day I looked up to him and said,
Tell me a tale of war before the fire
He said,
I have never told a tale of war,
for the tales I tell,
Are tales of, LOVE <3
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Friday the 13th: Jaden's Story




"You will watch your friends...your towns...fall to me."


"There will be nothing you can do to stop me."


"80!" Jaden gasped, finishing one last push-up, then falling flat on the ground. Cursing, he struggled to stand, his muscles aching, his lungs heaving. After a few frustrating moments, he righted himself. Taking a few deep breaths, he attempted to ease his inner turmoil by taking in his surroundings.

The side of a large mountain loomed over him, nearly blotting out the section of sky that struggled to make itself seen behind it. The base of the mountain eventually became flat, rough ground stretching all the way to the edge of a cliff overlooking a beautiful landscape. From his height, he could see the ancient powerful forest that grew out from the base of the cliff, and the large lake that bordered it. Sunlight fell upon the trees and the water, adding a golden hue to the green and blue. At the far edge of the body of water, he could make out the huge oak that rose out of the middle of Oaklore Keep. What was once a bastion for all that was good, a haven for all those who required aid, was now an outpost for the exterminators of everything magic, innocent or not, on Lore.

Sighing, he turned his gaze to Sunbreeze Grove, a small clearing near the edge of the forest. He could just make out the Creatoux striding around it, the distance between them and him making them look almost like doves.

Despite the peace and tranquility that surrounded him, thoughts of his past battles still assaulted his consciousness. While he enjoyed nothing more than to find quiet places to escape his daily life, it sometimes resulted in his memories becoming too clear for his liking.

"Perhaps meditation on your memories would prove successful, as opposed to drowning them out with strenuous exercise"

Jaden turned, the powerful vibrations of the voice still rolling through him. As he did so, the figure who had spoken came into view.

A humanoid was rising out of the ground, made out of rock. Only it's torso was visible, the rest of him sloped down into the earth, much like a mountain. A fitting synonym, for this was the mentor to Dragonlords, the keeper of the armor, The Old Man of the Mountain. His gaze seemed to go right through him, nothing seemed to escape it, and Jaden's thoughts were no exception.

"My memories are better off buried." Said Jaden, not impolitely, but in a tone that suggested that the conversation should end.

"Memories have a way of overcoming the obstacles you place in front of them." Stated the old man, vibrations once again coursing through the ground.

Jaden said nothing.

The Old man continued. "Better to deal with them now, than-" He stopped, looking towards the edge of the cliff.

Jaden whirled around, expecting a hostile force. Instead, he saw a white dragon with feathered wings flying toward them. One of the Creatoux. Seeing the speed at which the dragon was flying, Jaden hurried towards his gear, which he had discarded in favor of exercise garments. Whatever the dragon had to say, Jaden had a feeling he would need to be ready for anything.

He had just finished pulling on his duster, a beautiful garment, with a black base and dark green lining, when the dragon landed.

"Jaden!" It called, "Hooded men have penetrated the magic barrier and are confronting Lady Elysia and Emeraldus!"

"How many?" Asked Jaden, as he grabbed his sword and hurried over.

"Four." The dragon responded. "We must make haste, climb on."

Without another word, Jaden jumped up onto it's back. He had time to raise his hand in farewell to the old man before the dragon took off with a rush of wings.

As they flew off toward Sunbreeze Grove, a rumbling sigh escaped the old man.

"Proceed with caution, Jaden. I fear that the demons of the past are coming for us all."

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9/8/2013 12:44:40   
Rune Knight

Time Forgotten
Malevolent moans from time forgotten
Have rent air no less tainted than before:
That strange rose fragrance air now rots in.
Despite spreading their pestilance in scores,
Never before have they found such a plague
And yet those necromantic tyrants know
Too well the power- indistinct and vague-
They once used, terror and misery sown.
All is lost behind a veil of shadow
That will be pierced by lustrous spears of light,
With erronous evils reaping what they sow-
Destroyed by the raging warmongers' might.
We have met this power before, my friend.
That foul force will break while we never bend.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
9/8/2013 22:56:49   

A WARmoner List of what people potray there selves as

Fish mongers
Scyth masters and collecters
Zuster (not the one ingame)
HAMMER masters and collecters
Pyromancers (not talking about the class)
Doom knights (not talking about the class)
Spoon masters (*wonders what ever happed to smog*)
Counter Guardians
BattleMage(or something along that line), Necromancers
Rune Knight
Death Knight (not talking about the class)
Chronomancers (not talking about the class)
Dragon Knight
Wolf Rider

i know theres tons more type of players but cant think of them so if i forgot or ecven if you can think of anything else just PM me and ill add it to the list

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9/9/2013 15:16:20   
Chaosweaver Amon

The 13th 13th

By Chaosweaver Amon

Grimlon roared as he swept his sword through the body of another undead minion, shattering it's heavy ribcage. He charged forward, and stomped down on a slime that pulled down on a Mage's leg as he was engaged with a minion of his own. Grimlon then turned, and looked out across the battlefield, warriors, mages, rogues, all sorts of fighters defended Falconreach that day. The battle was in their favor, unlike the one war that stuck in his mind...forever nagging at him, feeling him with guilt, as he remembered that flaming maniac cackling in his face. He snapped back to his senses, and dove onto a zombie, driving his sword through it's neck. He rolled off of it, and sprung again, at a pair of skeletons, smashing their heads together as he went. The ground shuddered as another nitroglycerin sponge smashed down into the earth, scattering more minions everywhere. The undead were everywhere, an obstacle if not a challenge; if they couldn't kill you, they certainly got in your way. A skeleton then slammed down onto him, sending his face into the dirt. He grunted and rolled on top of it, and smashed it's skull in with his fist.

As he leapt backwards off the skeleton, he collided with something solid, unlike the weak frames of the skeleton. As he scrambled to his feet, he realized he was facing a tall, hooded figure, bearing a long, dark scythe. Grimlon charged the figure, and with remarkable speed, shadows burst from the scythe, and threw him ten feet through the air, to land on a pile of scorched bones. He saw the figure approaching rapidly, and drew his dagger, flinging it as hard as he could; only to have it deflected by another shadow. He chaged again, sword in front of him, and black lightning converged on him, slamming him to the ground. Grimlon spun around, and kicked the figure's feet out from under him with all the strength he had. To his grim delight, he made contact, and the hooded figure fell. He stumbled toward him, only to have more shadows wrap around him, and fling him at the heavy stone wall of Falconreach; but Grimlon braced himself, and sprung off the wall, using the same momentum to dive at the figure, only to have him sidestep, sending Grimlon crashing into the ground in a painful heap.

The figure slowly strode toward him, and placed the icy cold blade of the scythe on his neck. "You've given me some trouble...warlock, but no longer. We will bring him back, no matter what it takes!" He raised the scythe above his head, and Grimlon cringed, preparing to feel the blade slice through him. But it didn't. Instead he heard a hissing screech, and a tall man with flowing silver hair was holding the figure above his head in a ball of violet light. He slammed him down, and flung him next to Grimlon, who then noticed the figure covered in what looked to be cobwebs. He flailed to free himself, only to entangle himself more, as he was thrown again into the ground. Grimlon watched, as the tall man lifted the figure off his feet by his throat, and whispered something to him, before impaling him with a long, slim Kama that seemed to come from out of nowhere.

Grimlon stood, and said "I owe you, Amon. You didn't have to do that." Amon nodded slowly and stared out over the sunset. He spoke with a smooth, deep voice when he said "I did though. And you do owe me. I will remember that. For a long time." He then slipped the Kama into his tunic, and leaped over the Falconreach wall, his lanky shadow flowing in the setting sun.

The 13th 13th
By Chaosweaver Amon

Amon slipped into his heavy grey coat with a tattered hem with a quiet sigh. Placing a white porcelain mask on his face, he looked at the grimy mirror on the wall, and straightened. To fight one's best, one must look one's best. Not his motto, but he liked the saying. He had killed the man who'd taught it to him, all those years ago, and almost felt sympathetic for the old fool, rotting in the ground. He tightened the straps on his old, cracked soul looms, and put on a belt with his Kama on his left hip from a loop, and slid his scythe into the strap on his back. He hadn't been to war in some time, and didn't really need to this time. He'd seen the army he fought against, and he knew it was hopeless to pit it against the army of Falconreach with any chance of success, but he knew that the Warlock would be in danger, and he could not let something happen to him. Cracking his neck, he strode silently through the heavy door to emerge in a back alley of Pellow Village. Silently drifting around the corner, he reached a wall made of purple bricks. Without stopping, he jumped forward, and glided over the wall, to land lightly behind the weapons store. He walked quickly around it, and walked straight onto the walkway of raw void magic that guided him to the city of Ravenloss; nodding to the group of dark elves that always clustered around the building with no entrances. When he reached the portal, he stepped onto it, the world shuddered around him, and then he was in Falconreach.

It was sunset when he arrived, and he could see the flashes of nitroglycerin sponges exploding in the distance, and he could hear the sounds of battle; swords clashing, bones shattering, screams of agony and fear...and then he heard a roar. The roar of someone he knew once, and he knew he was just on time. He sprinted through the town, passing worried townsfolk as he went. He doubted they noticed him; he was too fast, and they were too nervous about the undead. He heard the same voice cry out in pain, and heard something slam against the ground, and the sound of a sword dropping. Increasing his pace, he jumped up, pushed off of the wall of a building, and landed atop the city wall. Observing the scene, he looked down to see a hooded figure with a large black scythe flinging a man in Dragonwarrior armor around with shadows. He waited a moment, and saw the figure lower the blade of the scythe to Grimlon's throat.

He leaped down silently, and kicked the figure full force in the chest, sending him sprawling. Then, he lifted the cultist into the air, in a ball of magic, and flung him to the ground, turning the magic into webs as he did. He again flung him to the ground, stunning him, to then pick him up by the throat, and hold him above his head. "I'll see you in hell, freak." He murmured, before slipping his Kama into the cultist's belly. Throwing the body aside, he looked to Grimlon.

"I owe you, Amon. You didn't have to do that." He said, in his rough voice. Amon thought about a response for a moment, to then nod and say "I did though. And you do owe me. I will remember that. For a long time." He slid his Kama into the loop in his belt, and bounded away, leaping back into the walls of the city, preparing to strike again.

The 13th 13th
By Chaosweaver Amon

Vaurian stuck his sword through the skull of the Brute in complete silence. The brute around him was silent, he was silent, and the world was silent; to him at least. His time was nearly up, due to the poison he drank, and he was ready for it. Maybe an hour I have, he thought. that's all I need, an hour to finish the bloody war. None of his wounds pained him, no sounds bothered him, all he did was see and slay. The poision he had drank was a finale, of sorts. It enhanced his speed, strength, and skills, but it only gave him a day to live; he spent it slaying the assaulting undead. He had lived long, and was proud of it, but he was ready to go. He had spent the last 10 years training his replacement warlock, Grimlon, who would inherit all of his money, weapons, armor, and powers once the night was done. The man deserved it, he had suffered so much for other people, and would use the power well.

Of course, Vaurian wasn't really conciously thinking this, as he spun ridiculously fast, slicing through three undead in a single stroke. His mind was blank, he was just a killing shell, after all, he had no need to bear the burden of thinking. As a hero was torn apart from the inside out above him, he felt blood spatter his pale, bald head. Leaping up, the cultist who had just murdered the hero shot three blades of shadow at him, and they tore through him like he was a paper dummy. It didn't phase him at all. He flung his last dagger at the cultist, who deflected it with his staff, and disappeared into shadows. Landing lightly, Vaurian shot a massive, silver beam of magic from his hand, and blasted a group of undead apart. His muscles tensioned by the second, yet he still continued to speed up. He swung full strength in every stroke of his sword, ran as fast as he could towards every enemy, but he didn't tire. As the moon rose higher in the sky, the blood on his sword practically glowed in the silver light.

As the massive iron bell rang for midnight, he felt the burning spikes of poison converge on his heart. Releasing one final roar of fury, he beheaded the nearest zombie, and collapsed, hearing a heartbeat that he hadn't heard in what must have been a century.

The 13th 13th
By Chaosweaver Amon

Grimlon stood over the open tomb in solemn silence. The rain pattered down on his heavy, leather cloak, as he stared down at his dead old master. His beard had been trimmed, and his skin was cleaner than Grimlon had every seen it. He had been lain down with his cloak spread out beneath him, holding his sword across his chest, as was the way to lay a Warlock. His amulet lay out of his leathers, for the first time he'd ever seen it. The silver skull seemed to stare at him as it shone in the light of the full moon. Reaching down, Grimlon removed the amulet, and Vaurian's skin dried, and cracked, then blew away into the night air.

By placing this amulet around my neck, I hereby accept the responsibility of a master Warlock. His silent vow drifted up into the heavens, and the skull shimmered. This war was ending tonight. He had new powers, and was ready to use them. He was going to finish this 13th 13th.

As Grimlon stood beside Ash in his new armor a guardian came sprinting up to them, covered in dried blood and dirt and said, "The monsters have pulled back!" Grimlon paused...sensing something in the air. "It's not over yet," Ash replied. "Can you feel that Grimlon?" He nodded. "Something is coming...I..." A loud sweeping sound was heard, like a heavy wind pushing a tarp. The guardian pointed in shock, as a large shadowy figure flew across the light of the moon...and charged down, masked face contorted in a snarl as he attacked.

Shoving Ash aside, Grimlon's sword was out instantly, blood red blade glowing in the silver light. He dodged aside a snake of shadow, and swung his sword down on the figure's arm, but he caught it on his gauntlet, and threw Grimlon back. He charged again, sword aimed at the being's belly, but was knocked aside by the club-like arm of a brute. Leaping to his feet, he saw that he was surrounded by all five cultists this time. They all converged on him, and he roared in anger, slicing at them with ridiculous speed. He took out the brute by slicing through his throat full strength, and it collapsed, choking on its own black blood. He deflected the scythe of the high cultist, and swept the air into it, sending it colliding with the three others. He summoned bolts of lightning down at the cultists...but they were stopped, a shield of shadow hovering over the heap of beings. Their master had returned to the fight. "I don't like you hurting my supplicants, freak. Your soul will be the first I harvest!" He sent daggers of shadow flinging at Grimlon, who dodged and deflected them with his sword. He flipped sideways, and was hit in the stomach with the staff of a cultist. He punched it in the face, and barely ducked the swinging scythe of the high cultist. He kicked it away, and backed up against the wall, to see a lion of shadows spit black fire straight at him...

...and Amon catching them in his hand.

The 13th 13th
By Chaosweaver Amon

Amon absorbed the shadows into his palm, and whipped them at the nearest cultist, tearing through it like paper. Nodding to Grimlon, he said "Get the cultists. The Baron is mine." And he leaped up, spinning his scythe at a wicked speed, attacking the Baron from all angles. He dodged the lashing of a shadow snake, and cut it's head off. The Baron roared in pain. He kicked him in the leg, and smacked the butt of his scythe into his jaw, with a satisfying crack. He prepared to behead the Baron, but was kicked back against the wall. He ducked the swinging claws of shadow, and rammed his head into the Baron's stomach. "You look good Amon!" he called angrily. "Glad to see you live up to my old motto. What was it? 'To fight one's best, one must look one's best'!" He leaped at Amon again, but Grimlon's armored boot smashed into his ribcage, straight in the face of the shadow lion. The four cultists lay convulsing in a bloody heap on the ground.

Howling in anger, the shadows of his cloak sprung up around the baron, and the snake head grew back, the lion's head sharpened, and the Baron straightened, grinning. "Did you really think it would be that easy? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!" The lion's head spat a flurry of shadows toward them, and Grimlon held his roundshield in front of him, the shadows warping around it. Amon summoned a massive spider web of magic, and caught the shadows as they flew. The baron frowned. "To be perfectly honest with you Jaysun," Amon said casually. "Judging by out last fight, where I sent you crying into the abyss, I'd say I did think so." They charged the Baron at the same time, and Amon flung his Kama at Jaysun, to have it deflected off of the shield of shadow, right back into his hand.

Grimlon smashed his shield into the Baron's gut, to have him stagger back and swipe at him with shadowy claws. He ducked, and Amon nailed Jaysun in the face with his foot. The constantly battered him, slicing and punching and kicking and throwing...until he roared and leaped back angrily. "Worthy opponents. But remember that I would never waste my full strength on peasants like you! This is not the last you'll see of me, fools." And with that, he disappeared in a burst of black and red flame.

The End.

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Frost Moglin

Slimes, cultists,
zombies, undeads,
all those in here,
can we beat them?
Of course we can!
When have the warmongerers failed a challenge?
When have the warmongerers lost a war?
That will not happen here, and not now!
We will win those cultists now!
Of course we will!
As we are the warmongerers of DF,
and we will not fail!

Something small, but still too big to fit in the war thread.
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9/13/2013 13:12:25   
Stephen Nix

Undead Penguinmancer DragonFable

After countless "Penguin Hours" as Stephen Nix called it, he decided to gather up all of his undead pieces and hold them in a nearby Penthouse where he summoned up some old friends of his to help with his plans. Stephen Nix was planning on selling the bones at the Penthouse and make a large fortune.

He forced countless players and unsuspecting heroes to fight for him and with him during his time called "Penguin Hour". Stephen would tell the citizens that for one straight hour all kills will be collected, but on the flip side, Stephen would help to defeat the army. Though at this point only 75% of this army was slain, Stephen had made enough money for his men to be completely satisfied.

While communicating with his fellow loyal penguin soldiers through a secret radio transmitter, (Which was used to help keep the Penguin gang in the loop about any shipments being taken to the Penthouse) Nix and the gang dressed for the occasion! Nix wore a purple hat with a giant straw sticking out of his mouth with his penguin minions wearing black top hats and shirts with each of their names on them so Nix would not be confused as to which one was which as the penguins did look the same. The plan was simple, gather up the bones and place them in the Penthouse, once enough was collected the "buyer" would pay for the merchandise.

There were two heroes that were starting to catch onto this plan: Faerdin and Chisagen. These two followed Nix's minions to the Penthouse and gathered critical information to bust "Stephen Nix and the Fishman." After hacking into one of the radio transmitters on the battlegrounds during the war, Faerdin figured out Nix's plan and acted out as the "buyer" to purchase the bones of the creatures defeated in the war...one problem is that Nix didn't know that Fae was in disguise the whole time. Once the money was given to Stephen Nix, the Penguin gang took their loot and hauled it away in a suitcase and took the money to a different location as they almost swore that someone out there was watching them. (Fae and Chisagen)

At this other location, the authorities were called in advance and Fae and Chisagen were told to go in to stop Stephen Nix and his minions before they could get away. They made their way through a backdoor in the building and just as Nix would enter, they would together, spring the trap! Nix and his penguin minions (Sparrow, Hawkeye, and Swoop), shortly made their way to the building and were finally ready to end the plan on a high note with a suitcase full of gold.

Nix placed the suitcase on a table and said, "We'll divide the loot, and we'll fly our separate ways!"

Faerdin and Chisagen opened their way through a side door to surprise Stephen Nix and his minions. Fae shouted, "Wrong Penguin!" Nix slammed the case shut and the 4 villains backed away slowly. Fae continued, "You'll all fly together..." Chisagen finished, "...up the river you birds of a filthy feather!" Fae spoke once again, "You betrayed yourself at the Penthouse," Nix gnarled at the two heroes but Fae continued, "You used the very same words that were spoken on the battlefield." Chisagen spoke up, "We found out about your secret radio transmitter!" Fae then finished, "We acted out a charade to trap you!"

A fight had broken out between the heroes and Nix with his minions.

As Nix and his minions start to fight each of these heroes police sirens are heard. If someone was to make a punch or some sort of a hit, a small sign would appear randomly in the middle of the screen with random action words, describing the hit. Once the battle was over, Chisagen laughed as Faerdin smashed both heads of Stephen Nix and Hawkeye together knocking them both out.

Guardian Kain and his fellow Guardians rushed inside the building just as the fight was over to make the arrests on Nix and his minions. Guardian Kain spoke up and expressed, "Saints Alive!" Fae corrects him as Chisagen and he are about to rush out of the building and continue the war, "No Chief Guardian Kain, not Saints Alive, but Four Birds Bagged!" He chuckled, "Tell Warden Draketh to keep better eyes!"

The heroes salute Kain and ran out of the building and continued their way to the battlegrounds......


Confused aren't you? Wonder where I got this from? Do you wonder why Nix and the minions dressed up like this, or why the heroes talked this way?

Hmm what would the cutscene look if it was acted out? Enjoy! Click this link!

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