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RE: Your views on the New Bosses

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9/14/2013 15:17:45   

I like the new bosses, they are just difficult enough to make you think about the strategy and builds.
Epic  Post #: 26
9/14/2013 16:03:00   

Same, the past bosses were way too easy, this is the type of bosses we want and they should start making them more harder.

Exile Leader was the same as the admin 10, just a different skin.

Also Mid Str Tank BH with Mid str TM with max assimilate, Can also beat them quite well.

I wonder if the devs can make a Super Tuna 2v1 Boss, Same as BigTuna, but with 1000HP for the Naval Yard expansion, I don't Think we could survive all the tuna cheap shot crits.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 27
9/14/2013 20:50:27   
Archlord Raistlin

Nice job on level up and new boss cheevos. Haven't beaten either boss yet, but they are tough for a cyber
and will take some figuring out... been awhile since I had to do that. Thx for a decent update...
Post #: 28
9/15/2013 0:41:46   

I was stunned 4 times in a row in one go at Admin 10. Lightning, stun grenade, plasma grenade, lightning. Both grenades were crits. Needless to say, I died.
I'd really appreciate being able to see the stats on these guys.

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DF AQW Epic  Post #: 29
9/15/2013 3:36:56   

i got exile leader to 93 then he killed my partner then i soloed him till 56 then he killed me -.-

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 30
9/16/2013 3:38:09   

Yes, these bosses are tough , but got both achievements in 3 tries with me and my partner with 40+ HP. Need some strategy to compete too
Post #: 31
9/16/2013 3:57:43   

I beat them with no cores. pretty easy when you change builds and go heal loop.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 32
9/16/2013 6:09:35   

^Agreed. Heal loop is probably the only surefire way of winning them without encountering too much problem.

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 33
9/17/2013 2:12:19   

^but not every class can go heal looping. I mean BM is definitely having a difficult time beating these bosses. Although as a focus BM, i was able to beat them with a help of good partners and a huge amount of Luck. I guess whatever build you use as long as they stun, crit, and blocked A LOT, no player had the chance to win against them.
DF Epic  Post #: 34
9/17/2013 5:42:54   

onestly focus bm can easely heal loop, we beated the bosses whit 2 focus bm, and healed 5 times each; u just need bothanical hazzard, low heal (1-2) , full phis dmg and alot of resistence
Epic  Post #: 35
9/17/2013 7:26:42   

^ well then you must be VERY LUCKY. level 1-2 heal can only regenerate 36-38 hp. Administrator 10's cheap shot and/or berzerker can easily wipe that out in single hit. Notwithstanding with critical chance. Considering boss has atleast 3 skills which has the chance to stun you, you have higher chance of being stunned atleast 2-3 of those skills. That's why im saying that LUCK will be the only factor for the players to win these battles. Not even your high dex and tech can prevent the critical chance that these bosses.
Again, im not complaining simply because i was able to beat both of them. But the dev's know that some changes has to be made in order for the bosses not to be ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to beat.
DF Epic  Post #: 36
9/17/2013 7:57:09   

I'm seconding kaiseryeux21 statement. We may have had different builds but mine was more tank-leaning with 75 HP. I had 62 EP and Lvl 8 Heal, so could use it twice + 15 HP from Generator. Even with Poison Bot, it's difficult unless you get your items and builds to match, i.e. Azrael's Will can be a life saver, or using Bunny Bot + Yeti + Concussion Shot to force him to Strike himself (did that twice when I've tried with Digi).

But I disagree with them being almost impossible. I've did it with another BM, I've won with a Merc (Cyber Dream), easily won with a BH (Spartan), tried with a Lvl 32 CH (but lost by 100'ish HP). I'm sure TLMs could do just as good too due to Mineral Armor (spam Tech instead + good Bot + Heal loop). Although, I did struggle with a TM since it was difficult but it could be matter of the build.
AQ Epic  Post #: 37
9/17/2013 11:13:57   

I'm quite suprised with how good the fights are. ^^
The Exile Leader went on too easy, but the Administrator 10 is a bit more challenging to me. But it ain't impossible for two all out damage Bounty Hunter builds againts them!
AQW Epic  Post #: 38
9/17/2013 17:41:44   

@trans, sorry for saying its ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE. it would have been EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. funny thing for this bosses is that they have become very very smart because they often used melee attacks on player with less dex and without SA, and using range attacks on players with low tech. I did try to challenge them with different kind of partners and it seems like i couldn't just do it again.^^ I was just lucky i already got the cheevo.
DF Epic  Post #: 39
9/17/2013 17:49:52   

as a merc i've teamed up with BMs, and those tended to be harder matches.
mainly because the BM cant tank.

however i leaned more towards a lvl 3 FM with 63 energy for my partners
and lvl 4 FM for me.

when im playing with a BM, the goal is for the BM to hit as much as possible to make that bloodlust work, and for me to be the 5 focus tank medic.
it works pretty well.
and its pretty much guaranteed win when there's a merc and a merc/tlm.

i should however point out that i was a BM the first time i beat admin 10, and my partner was a tech mage.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 40
9/17/2013 23:00:59   

alleycat and i the syfy beat admin 10 the 1st time on heal loop builds and exile boss 2 times it took on heal loop build

always the syfy
Post #: 41
9/18/2013 12:34:16   
Sensei Chan

IMO They are insanely hard to beat even when I was fighting them with Trans and were both experts we still lost I think the problem with Admin 10 is he has a ridicules about of luck with his stuns and he does such high damage when he uses Double Strike or Berserker I tried several times with different people and I have not even come close to beating either of them I am using a level 5 focus Blood Mage which is probably the best class for fighting bosses yet I still manage to lose them guy's are so OP!
Epic  Post #: 42
9/18/2013 12:51:20   

@ Sensei chan

2 blood mages going against him would be almost impossible. With this boss you need to heal loop or have someone who can heal loop and Blood mage even with blood lust can't heal loop. It was said earlier in the thread it would be extremely hard for 2 blood mages to win against them.

As for the luck factor they have? Yeah I think the staff did that on purpose to make the bosses challenging.

Lastly I have to ask what gear are you using? They are weaker to physical attacks so if you were using energy equipment it would be just that much harder for you.
Epic  Post #: 43
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