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Myth of Trigoras!

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9/29/2013 2:51:33   
Times Silent Keeper

Myth of Trigoras!

Location: Battleon » Click on Robina's Shop » Quests » Next * 3 » Myth of Trigoras!

«Scene: Battleon School»

Eukara: Alright, students, settle down. While I understand having «You» join us for the day is exciting, it does not excuse you from behaving properly.
Eukara: Today, we will be spending the day doing projects and activities using the Legend of Trigoras. Who in here can tell me something about Trigoras?
Jimmy: Well, the trigoras are big monsters.
Sora: They have THREE heads!
Eukara: Yes, you are both somewhat right. But, do you know where Trigoras comes from?

«You enter the scene.»

«You»: Out of nowhere usually...

«The students fly into a frenzy upon seeing your entry.»

Eukara: Students, please! I will not have mobbing in my classroom!
Eukara: We were just talking about what we actually know about the creature we commonly call, Trigoras. Tell me, «You», do you know where Trigoras comes from?
«You»: Well, to be honest, I always thought they came from some dark cave in the forest.
Eukara: Ah, the... No «You», HE, is a lost soul, roaming our world.
«You»: He? You mean Trigoras is... one creature, not many?
Nik: But, Ms. Vox, how is that possible? «You» has defeated Trigoras many times! I know all the stories!
Eukara: Well, my wonderful students, that is what we are going to spend the day learning. I found The Myth of Trigoras in my library a week ago. After reading it, I knew I needed to teach it to you.
Eukara: It's a sad story of fighting, betrayal and punishment. A fitting read, don't you think?
«You»: Do you have anyone you answer to when it comes to the content of your lessons?
Eukara: Of course I do, their parents! I've no complaints yet.
«You»: . . .
Eukara: So, we've already cleared up one misunderstanding. Trigoras is one creature, and one creature only. Do you know who the Creeren were?
All: No, Ms. Vox.
Eukara: No worries, my students. I assumed you didn't. So, today, you are going to learn much in the way of history on Lore and cooperation.

«Eukara's staff transforms into a book and she closes her eyes, beginning her narration.»

Eukara: The island was not overly large, yet supported a thriving civilization of artisans and architects. Life revolved around the assistance of others and the love of art.
Eukara: Their benevolent king, Sydan ans Vankka, ruled with wisdom and kindness. He had three sons, Hapfjell, Ristet and Tristhet, whom he raised alone after his wife died in childbirth.

«The classroom darkens.»

Sora: It's happening!
«You»: Oh, here we go again...
Eukara: The king was much loved, but one day, a tragedy befell Creeren. An earthquake struck the island while King Vankka was out visiting his subjects.

«Magical beams of light replace what was once the classroom as Eukara continues her narration.»

Eukara: The bridge he was crossing collapsed, taking him down into the rushing river below. All who were with him that day died. After the period of mourning was over, the brothers began to bicker.
Eukara: The abrupt death of their father left the Creeren without an appointed heir. Each son thought he made a better ruler and they fought.
Eukara: The people suffered, either being forced to take a side, or forced to take refuge in the countryside.

«Scene: Creeren. Monsters are seen swarming and attacking civilians.»

Eukara: The war between brothers had left the nation in disrepair, monsters were left unchecked, and it seemed the island wouldn't survive the battle before them.
Students: Yay! Field Trip!
    Full Heal
«You»: Oh dear lords, you can't be serious...
Nik: «You» gets to be our teacher!
Students: «You»! «You»! «You»! «You»!
«You»: Shush! I need to think! This is a very dangerous place.

«Jimmy raises his hand and points to the distance.»

Jimmy: Oh, look! An elmo is coming right for us! Should we take notes, «You»?
«You»: What the...?
    1 BATTLE: St. Elmo's Fire
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal
«You»: Take notes?! Why don't you take yourselves over to that building over there and hide? That way I know you're okay.
Students: But... Ms. Vox let's us--
«You»: I'm not Ms. Vox! Now, go!
Janek: Obviously... She'd let us watch so we can learn...

«The students hide into a building in the background.»
    Full Heal
«Hapfjell enters the scene.»

Hapfjell: Why do you insist on continuing this childish rant? I am the oldest. I am the heir!

«Ristet and Tristhet enter the scene.»

Tristhet: Age has nothing to do with being fit to rule. If father thought you were fit, he would have already had it documented. What confidence he had in you!

«Hapfjell turns and faces his other two brothers.»

Hapfjell: Says the one responsible for our mother's death!
Ristet: Enough! Both of you are acting like idiots! Our inability to come to our senses has destroyed Creeren! Do you not see it? Is all you care for, your own elevation above the others?

«Eukara's students come out from hiding and stay in the distance.»

Hapfjell: Oh, so now you are taking the high and mighty road? Where was that months ago? Where was your morality then, oh righteous and benevolent one?
«You»: What... why can't they just LISTEN! Hey, Vox Pack, get your tails back behind the building.

«A Doom Jelly charges straight for you!»
    1 BATTLE: Doom Jelly
    1 BATTLE
(Thought) «You»: And they just stand there... taking NOTES! I remain alarmed at Ms. Vox's teaching methods...
Tristhet: *snickers* You think you are the better choice, and so you are going to appeal to the masses by acting so sweet and kind. You are nothing but a mimic of our father!
Ristet: Our people are DYING, brothers! Our island is in ruins and even now, it groans in pain, as if it is ready to give up.
Hapfjell: Your bleeding heart is a mask for your deceit. Shut up and skulk away like you always do.
    1 BATTLE: Big Blue
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal
«You»: Argh, how am I supposed to follow the storyline if monsters keep interrupting! I know I missed something!
Ristet: You are the imbeciles! You are the destroyers! You cannot see beyond your own noses!
Tristhet: Let's see about that!

«The three brothers charge toward each other, only to be interrupted by a bright beam of light, causing them to fall back. A spirit of water appears between the trio.»

???: So, it has come to this. Your father would be so disappointed in all three of you. Yes, even you Ristet. For even in your attempt to keep the peace you have contributed to the fight.
Hapfjell: And who, exactly, are you--
Tristhet: --to speak to us as if admonishing a child?
???: *tsks* Yes, Sydan would be heartbroken indeed.

«Ristet suddenly gets on one knee and bows to the water spirit.»

Ristet: My... my lady!
Hapfjell: Lady of what, exactly? Ristet, stand up, you fool. We bow to no one.
Lady of Waves: I am called Lady of Waves, faithful servant of the Water Lord. The Water Lord is poised to take your island into the depths, princes.
Lady of Waves: Your father used to walk with me daily on the shores, listening to the will of the Water Lord, so that his people would be a shining light in my Lord's eyes.
Lady of Waves: And upon his death, none of you sought to do the same. Instead, you fought, bringing destruction on the favored island of the Water Lord.
Tristhet: The... Water Lord? Take our island?
Lady of Waves: Yes! And why shouldn't he? You have abused the land and the people. There are NONE left for you to rule. YOU have destroyed the legacy your father tenderly nursed.
Ristet: We've failed. My Water Lord, we've failed. FAILED!
Lady of Waves: For this you will be punished. Divided you lived and together you shall eternally roam Lore. With a heavy heart I do this.

«In a mass of bubbles, the silhouette of the three brothers merge and transform into a massive, three-headed green dragon.»

Lady of Waves: In constant bickering you lived, subjecting your people to pain, betrayal, hardship and disappointment.
Lady of Waves: And you will live, ever more, three-in-one, constantly at odds with those who seek peace and unity.
Lady of Waves: You will spend your eternity roaming the world without a home and without friends.
Lady of Waves: You will bicker constantly, and though you may not want to, be hunted and condemned to fighting all your lives.

«Trigoras leaves the scene. The Lady of Waves turns and looks at you.»

Lady of Waves: You do not belong here... Be gone!

«In a flash of light, you find yourself back in the classroom. Eukara's students surround her and cheer.»

Students: Ms. Vox! Ms. Vox! Ms. Vox!
Eukara: Oh my darlings! I was so worried! «You», I am deeply sorry.
«You»: You really need to get that fixed...
Eukara: I've tried. The leader of my order is perplexed, because she cannot figure out why I do this.
«You»: So, we are stuck with your erratic magic spontaneously whisking us into books and history?
Eukara: I am afraid so...
Students: Yay!
Students: We saw the three brothers argue!
Students: The brothers reminded me of my parents my mom and her sister...
Students: And there was a LADY.
Students: Yeah, Lady of Waves.
Students: So pretty.... *sigh*
Students: And they were turned into Trigoras!
Eukara: «You», thank you for taking care of my students.
«You»: It would have been easier if they weren't... Nevermind. Your students were exactly as I expect them to be. Good day, Ms. Vox.
Eukara: I assume you took notes?

«The students have a wide smile on their faces, throwing all their notes up into the air.»

Students: Of course!
Eukara: You are the perfect students!
Myth of Trigoras

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  • Ferocious Might of Trigoras Z [L. 135 Z]
  • Ferocious Might of Trigoras [L. 142 G]

    Find Trigoras via the Battle Monsters button in Battleon, you can also find him in the Void sometimes!
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    Formatting correction thanks to Paradoxical Enigma.
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