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Insult to Injury!

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9/29/2013 3:05:55   
Times Silent Keeper

Insult to Injury!
Paxia War

Location: Battleon » Robina's Shop » Truphma Saga » 8: Paxia in Peril! » 2: Insult to Injury!

You may skip this cutscene at any time.

«Scene: The home of Clan Nocturu. Xov Arakue's Truphma have surrounded the Chiropterran clan leader.»

Xov Arakue: Noctros, is it?
Noctros: Perceptive, aren't you? Why have you come to my sanctuary?

«Xov enters.»

Xov Arakue: You know why I have come. All of your so-called leaders knew I would be here eventually. And yet, all of you sat in your sequestered palaces and did nothing.
Noctros: I have ways of seeing beyond my walls. I know you are not having such an easy time yourself. Perhaps getting out of your own palace has done you some good.
Xov Arakue: Tsk, tsk. You are in no position, Noctros, to bait me. You are surrounded, and your blessed abode is failing. Even now, it is succumbing to my power, our power.
Xov Arakue: Surrendering would be best, but you are like all others who "watch" over the elements and warriors. You will let them do everything for you while you watch.
Noctros: You are not welcome here. Leave, Xov Arakue, and do not set foot in my realm again.
Xov Arakue: Bring him!

«A Nocturu clan member is brought in by two Truphma.»

Xov Arakue: Tell us all again your rousing words when we entered the palace!
Moap: My leader is the Honourable Noctros! I will die for him!
Xov Arakue: Honourable is a strange way to describe your fearless leader. You are a Chiropterran, are you not? Not of Lore's blood, but of another place.
Xov Arakue: So, Moap, you are to believe that your leader, who abandoned his people, who left his world, who has never looked back, is what you wish to emulate?
Xov Arakue: You wish to follow, blindly, one who dismisses his own in a heartbeat for greener fields?
Xov Arakue: That, sir, doesn't sound like an honourable leader to me. That sounds like someone willing to sacrifice whoever it takes to be where he is most powerful.
Xov Arakue: Truly, you fit the darkness stereotype to a T. You are not honourable, you are nothing but a dark evil!
Noctros: Darkness is not evil, Xov. Get your facts straight.
Moap: Though we follow the Darkness, we're not evil! Thought you won't believe me, we're the ones who pray the most on the island of Paxia.
Xov Arakue: You think praying the hardest is a good thing? I would say it was the opposite. If you must pray so hard to have your leader turn his blind eyes towards you, then he is no leader at all.
Xov Arakue: He who has to pray the hardest has the most unfeeling leader or god. Your prayers only show me that it is rather pathetic that anyone should have to pray so hard for their leader to notice them.
Moap: But...
Xov Arakue: Take him away. He's served his purpose. Noctros, don't you think that they have all questioned why you left your people, abandoned them?

«Moap is taken away.»

Xov Arakue: Did it ever occur to you that maybe they all fear you would do the same to them?
Noctros: You have had your say. Now go before I dispose of you.
Xov Arakue: I am only getting started. Bring him in!

«Another clan member, Riffus Maximus, is brought in.»

Riffus Maximus: I love Nocturu! Our oldest members were full of creativity and imagination!
Riffus Maximus: The sacred halls of this castle drove them to create the story of our clan, to chronicle all that we are about. They created tenets and religious and historical archives.
Xov Arakue: But your current members are lacking? Sounds as if your leader has fallen short again.
Xov Arakue: You've encouraged nothing in your people, Noctros. You've let them flounder, alone, their minds filling with ideas that counter peace and tranquility.
Riffus Maximus: That isn't what I said! Our creativity and religious devotions are what we are known for best. You cannot get any better than that!
Xov Arakue: Oh, but you see, that is exactly your problem. What has your creativity created but a glorification of unsettling and disturbing things like war, hatred, revenge, pain and sorrow?
Xov Arakue: What do your prayers do but implore and beg for the abilities to inflict that on others?

«Noctros raises his wings.»

Noctros: That is enough!

«Yet another clan member, Undersoul, is brought in.»

Undersoul: Shadows dwell in all men's hearts, and in Noctros's spire the shadows dwell everywhere. Nocturu is peace, and it is war.
Xov Arakue: So you prey on the shadows that fill men's hearts? Shadows that kill, maim, hurt. Shadows that create turmoil and strife. Nocturu isn't peace, Noctros. It is war.
Xov Arakue: It is a war of the soul desiring for a peace you cannot fathom. You devour the shadows in men's hearts to fuel your own desires.
Xov Arakue: See what you have done, Noctros?! You have created a following that is delusional in regards to what peace is!
Xov Arakue: You have given hope to those who do not realise you are a coward and a deserter. Just as you are blind to the world, they are blind to YOU!

«A winged Truphma beside Noctros stands up.»

Xov Arakue: I'd be doing Paxia a service by divesting you of your throne. Seize him, my soliders. Seize him and turn his mind! No more will people flock to this dark leader and his blinded, ambitious ways.

«Scene fades. New Scene: The palace of Clan Lucian.»

Xov Arakue: Greetings, Lucius. Such an undignified display for one such as you. I was under the impression that a creature like yourself was more graceful.
Lucius: What are you doing in my realm? You are not welcome here.
Xov Arakue: I am doing my job, Lucius.
Lucius: Your job is nothing but the depression of spirit and truth. You are a blight on our world.
Xov Arakue: Tut, tut, Lucius. Resorting to name-calling is so beneath you. Surely someone like you would be enlightened enough to see that what I have to offer is for the good of all.

«More Truphma enter.»

Xov Arakue: The fact of the matter, Lucius, is that you don't have a choice.
Lucius: Begone, you monster.
Xov Arakue: Here you go again with the name-calling. Is that as creative as you get? Apparently, even though you represent light, your people are far from enlightened. Bring him!

«A member of Clan Lucian is brought in.»

Xov Arakue: Recite for me your art.
SIGMUND: Shiny. Powerful. Graceful. Pegacorn.

«Xov makes a mocking face.»

Xov Arakue: *claps slowly* Is that all your clan is? A bunch of pretties who wish they had power?
Xov Arakue: I have to say, for such an inspiring element, you are woefully undermanned. I met few willing to come to your aid upon storming the castle.
Lucius: What have you done to my people!?

«Xov's face returns to its usual expression.»

Xov Arakue: Nothing more than give them enlightenment. Though, this one resisted well. She has spirit and will serve me well. Bring her!

«A female clan member is brought in.»

Xov Arakue: show me that spirit again, young one. Show your enlightened leader what you are made of.
Theosenia: Our leader is beautiful, noble and wise! Our clan has done some quite remarkable things in the past, and it's always read to rise and shine again!
Theosenia: We still have some of the oldest members who are extremely active.
Xov Arakue: Again with the compliments of superficial attractiveness. Is that all you are, Lucius? A superficial creature, vain, and in need of such attention?
Xov Arakue: And you might have done remarkable things in the past, but what of the present? Are you that reduced, that decrepit, that you cannot be a force to be reckoned with now?
Xov Arakue: Oh wait... you have the oldest members. There's your problem. So you've failed to attract new blood to carry on your "valiant" and "noble" teachings. Will such goodness die with you, then?
Theosenia: That is NOT what I meant! You twist my words, you cruel, lifeless witch. In the case of a war, let me assure you that you'd much rather have Lucians as allies instead of enemies!
Xov Arakue: Charming. Seems they do take after you, Lucius. Name-calling seems to be what you are best at...
Xov Arakue: Rein him in, my soldiers. It's time to take this pony out to pasture.

«Scene fades. New Scene: Aerodu thinks.»

Aerodu: Rumour has it two have fallen.

«His eyes shut in contemplation.»

Aerodu: Rumour. Should I put my trust in rumours?

«Scene fades. New Scene: An Aerodu Clan member sounds the alarm as she sights Xov.»

Jerenda: An enemy at our doorstep! The shrieking battle cry of our leader will be the last thing you hear as our warriors descend on you.
Jerenda: You will fall to the might and glory of our blade. We will not be broken. We will not fall.
Xov Arakue: My, such passion and ferocity. I think I will keep you.

«She transforms Jerenda, dulling her instantly.»

Xov Arakue: Perfect.

«Scene moves as Xov advances on Aerodu.»

Aerodu: Then it is true.
Xov Arakue: I must say, you run a pretty tight ship here. I had the most awful time getting to you. Such devoted followers...
Aerodu: Yes, they are. I don't have to abuse my followers into blind submission. Your minions are nothing but damaged goods.
Xov Arakue: Such strong words of confidence. Yet I am here, which means your precious followers fell to me. Perhaps such a tightly run ship has issues. *snaps fingers*

«Two clan members are brought in.»

battlesiege15: Aerodu is a graceful and care-free clan where you can basically set yourself free and do whatever you want.
James Lu: Aerodu is honourable, nice and does not turn away anyone.
Xov Arakue: Tsk, Aerodu. You seem to have a clan full of people with weapons and no self-control or discipline. They can do whatever they want? You do not turn any away?
Xov Arakue: What are you doing up here? Creating a military or creating an asylum of halfwits, undisciplined mobs and careless vagrants?
Aerodu: That is not what they said.
Xov Arakue: On the contrary, it's exactly what they said. You have no real control over their behaviour, do you? Bring in the other two.

«Two others are brought in.»

Xov Arakue: Tell me again about your clan, loyal fighters...
Doomsday: Our leader is a giant bird that pilots a spaceship with missiles and lazers.
Muchiha: Our enemies are just jealous of what the Aerodu Clan has. We just simply "look down" on them.
Xov Arakue: So you are telling me that your leader is a creature capable of flight, yet feels the need to pilot a flying machine? I truly apologise for him.
Xov Arakue: It seems you follow an impotent leader harbouring some crippling fear that he hides behind the great flying machine you so dearly love.
Xov Arakue: You "look down: on the other clans? I don't know how you're able to do that if you can't drag yourselves away from your mirrors.
Xov Arakue: Such self-importance is the downfall of all powerful nations and clans.
Aerodu: Enough. I will take you down myself.
Xov Arakue: Not so fast, Aerodu. You have soldiers who would throw themselves off of bridges if you ordered them to, but lack the wings to soar through the sky.
Xov Arakue: Instead they'll plummet to the ground and die. Before he fell, I asked one called hict98 what makes you strong. He claims that you have a great second in command.
Xov Arakue: *Claps*

«The aforementioned second in command is brought in.»

Aerodu: Ultrapowerpie... no...
Xov Arakue: He fought bravely, led many against me and mine, but he fell, just like you will. And this one, who proclaimed such fierce devotion the moment I set foot on the ship will help.

«The turned Jerenda enters.»

Aerodu: Jerenda...

«Scene fades. New Scene: The Igneus volcano.»

Xov Arakue: (off-Scene) I will hand it to you. If you don't want someone to reach you, live in a volcano.

«She enters.»

Igneox: Xov Arakue! This cannot be...
Xov Arakue: Oh, it can be. I came upon such fiery followers on my way in, too. Admirable to a point, but more disturbing.
Xov Arakue: You, Igneox, are the epitome of why I am on Lore. You and yours are the embodiment of why I spread my message.
Igneox: Do tell, Xov. What is it about my followers and myself that you find so terrible that we are the examples?
Xov Arakue: Because you asked... Bring the first in!

«Yazoi is brought in.»

Yazoi: We will become a RAGING UNSTOPPABLE INFERNO and burn everything away. We will not be stopped, ever!
Xov Arakue: You and your clan seek to consume everything? What will happen when there's nothing left for you gluttons to feat on?
Igneox: ...
Xov Arakue: No reply? No fiery retort? Shame. Shall we hear out another?

«CH4OT1C! is brought in.»

CH4OT1C!: Those who follow Igneus are often those who love destruction. WE have the power to destroy.
Xov Arakue: THIS is why I am here, Igneox! Wanton destruction, determination to annihilate, the will to wipe out all that is in your path.
Xov Arakue: This I find irresponsible and despicable. I have no mercy for you. THIS is what the mind does when it is allowed to create and imagine.
Igneox: You misinterpret what they are saying.
Xov Arakue: No, Igneox. You mislead and misguide your own followers into the path of destruction and downfall. You put these horrific thoughts and actions into them. You indoctrinate them into violence and hatred.
Igneox: That is untrue!
Xov Arakue: Bring me the one who calls himself whackybeanz. I will take care of him.

«whackybeanz is brought in.»

Xov Arakue: Tell me, whackybeanz, what it is that you proclaimed to my commanders.
whackybeanz: Igneus prides itself for being one with burning hot passion in whatever we do, be it on or off the battlefield.
whackybeanz: We strive to do the best in whatever we do, because like flames, we believe that our power cannot be extinguished easily.
Xov Arakue: He was a shining spark among these blackened embers. He will join me by my side with another from Aerodu to fight my fight now. I'll leave the remains of your clan to burn themselves out.

«With a splash of dullness engulfing him, whackybeanz is transformed into one of Xov's kind.»

Igneox: No! You cannot do this! You are the one in the wrong here!
Xov Arakue: Don't worry, I'll rescue you from the utter destruction I have decided upon for your fortress of fire. I'll save your hide.

«Scene fades as a host of Truphma rushes toward Igneox. New Scene: The home of Clan Glacius.»

Xov Arakue: The perfection of snow, the beauty of white, the comfort of cold...

«Glaciar enters the scene.»

Glaciar: So, it is my turn, Xov. I had wondered if there was any significance to the order in which you have visited us all. There is always a method, even amidst madness.
Xov Arakue: You believe my mission is madness?
Glaciar: No, I was just quoting someone. I believe your mission is misguided. But, no, not madness, despite what the others may think.
Xov Arakue: Misguided?
Glaciar: Yes, Ms. Arakue, misguided. I cannot, for sure, speak of your past or what drove you to this course of action, but something did.
Glaciar: The past has a way of corrupting the best ideals and thoughts. Perhaps that is the problem.
Xov Arakue: ...
Glaciar: I have been around a long time. I have seen the misguided action of those around me, including other clan leaders.
Glaciar: We jump to conclusions, we jump to action and we sustain our fight and thoughts without re-evaluating them over time. And, suffice it to say, things get convoluted...
Xov Arakue: And that is why I do what I do. It is why my mission is to give people a life without all of that. Fear and envy, the base of most violence and dissonance, is a product of our imaginations.
Xov Arakue: If you cannot imagine your fears, your emotions, then you cannot do things that are terrible in response.
Glaciar: Yet, you've stormed my palace. Have you not imagined your fears and are now acting on them?
Xov Arakue: There is a difference. I have not hurt anyone. I have merely defended myself as I wore down your fighters, enlightening those who crossed my path.
Xov Arakue: I have given them a life that is free from negative emotions; free from the imagination that causes them such pain. I have given them a second chance at life.
Glaciar: Yet, I caught you in here before I arrived, looking around. I swore I saw something in your face that does not match up with your philosophy.
Glaciar: Almost as if... you missed something. Perhaps, regret?
Xov Arakue: Your imagination made you think you saw something. Bring in one of his fighters!

«The Truphma drag in Turtle_King.»

Xov Arakue: Speak your piece.
Turtle_King: We are guardians, protectors and those who face the bitterness of cruelty like we face a bitter cold blizzard.
Turtle_King: Head on! Glaciar is mostly quiet and wise yet powerful enough to deserve to lead and protect.
Xov Arakue: For the first time since I started this crusade, I have heard intelligence. Shame it is not yet perfect. I will applaud you, Glaciar, for teaching your charges to stand against cruelty.
Xov Arakue: The problem is that you cannot dispel cruelty until you rid yourself of all the ways you succumb to it yourself.
Glaciar: No one is perfect, Ms. Arakue. We do what we can, and learn along the way. Some learn better than others. Regret is as powerful as envy and fear, Ms. Arakue.
Xov Arakue: Bring in the other one!

«Nephanie is brought in.»

Nephanie: Glaciar has taught us wisdom in the face of the deep cold. He has shown us how to stand against the bleakness and see the beauty that can be.
Nephanie: There is nothing wrong with Ice, with the biting chill, as long as the heart stays strong. An enemy is only an enemy when he proves to use evil to get his way.
Xov Arakue: No, nothing wrong with Ice. The quiet, frozen solitude is the best place to know what should be...
Glaciar: Ms. Arakue, please, see how your misguidance has changed you into the very thing you loathe.
Xov Arakue: No, I am not misguided. Take him.

«A group of Truphma appear in the background, ready to hold Glaciar captive.»

Glaciar: No, Ms. Arakue, that will not be necessary. I will go willingly, if it will eventually help you see the error of your ways.
Xov Arakue: Then... lead him... away...

«The Truphma head toward Glaciar as the scene fades to black. Xov pays a visit to Nautica's meduse, next.»

Xov Arakue: *yells* You have the cleanest floors? Is that all you can boast about? Is that all you have, Nautica? Can you not muster even the smallest contingent to defend yourselves?

«No response.»

Xov Arakue: ....... . . .
Xov Arakue: *yells Just like those who let their imaginations and creativity consume them. Always the artist, never the realist!

«Nautica enters the scene.»

Nautica: Do you think it is necessary to behave like this?
Xov Arakue: Oh, look, someone has finally pulled themselves from their "art" to pay attention to the real world.
Nautica: Art is a complex concept that demands attention to be made truly great, something that this clan understands. Without us, who would capture the beauty of the world around us?
Xov Arakue: If you looked up from your 'art' every once in a while you might see that the picture you were drawing has changed. Changed for the worse.
Xov Arakue: You've championed inaction and self-absorption to such an extreme that you've dropped off the face of the earth, secluding yourselves beneath the sea.
Xov Arakue: All so your artistry won't be disturbed.
Nautica: Such mean accusations. You make us sound as if we have no care for the world. Quite the--
Xov Arakue: Spare me your excuses. Your clan is everything that me and mine find offensive. Creativity, imagination... you embody one of the most dangerous results of these things.
Xov Arakue: Complacency and apathy! This is unacceptable.
Nautica: Perhaps you ned to participate in one of our poetry sessions or paint a picture, Miss.
Xov Arakue: . . .
Nautica: I assume your silence is just you trying to figure out which is more to your liking.
Xov Arakue: Unbelievable. You are so consumed by yourselves you have no idea what is going on! Bring in Archmopecake. *mutters* The names in this place...

«Archmopecake is brought in.»

Archmopecake: My leader! Nautica! Have you told her how wonderful the undercurrents of depth, peace, and loyalty run in our family?
Archmopecake: She will not believe me. I think there is something wrong with her...
Xov Arakue: So, all of you have are undercurrents of these things? Undercurrents are weak, pathetic and a sign of an inability to stand firm on anything.
Xov Arakue: Have you become that weak, that deranged, in your artistic complacency that you cannot even muster your convictions in strength?
Nautica: Again, such mean words. Why do you attack us so?
Xov Arakue: Bring in the other, more verbose one.

«Dethhollow is brought in.»

Dethhollow: My beloved, all-loving and creative leader!
Xov Arakue: *Sigh* Delusions run deep here... just like the currents you float upon.
Dethhollow: We are great! Our clan is filled with the knowledge of an age long past.
Xov Arakue: Ah, dwelling on the past. Does that help you cope with the present? Or do you even care about the present? Does your ability to dwell on your artistic pleasures derail you from the reality of the world?
Dethhollow: Reality? *sputters* The leader is as the sea, patient and understanding yet with the potential to be cruel and merciless.
Xov Arakue: Yes, with such creativity running rampant here, it is no wonder you can boast of having such a cruel and merciless leader. Your creativity has sparked an imagination that breeds conflict and pain.
Xov Arakue: When your wonderful leader can tear his eyes away from his canvas, all he can do is be cruel? Yet, you willingly follow this individual? And the others wonder why I do the things I do.
Nautica: I feel that you are misrepresenting my character. Perhaps we could discuss how you're wrong over a spot of tea?
Dethhollow: I follow because Nautica is so great! Stop and think about things from his perspective.... You're on an island. The island is surrounded by water.
Dethhollow: Nautica's element is the boundary between Paxia and the mainland. In the end, Nautica controls the sea. And Nautica has the ability to stop any trade with Paxia, if its wise leaders should choose so.
Xov Arakue: I see. So, not only is your leader and clan willing to be cruel and merciless, you are also apt to controlling every aspect of life that does not pertain to you.
Xov Arakue: So, all your artistic creativity and imagination is used to torture and cut off all other peoples and force them into submission to you?
Xov Arakue: And everyone thinks I am such a terrible person for my desire to spread my lifestyle. You are far worse.

«A group of Truphma appear behind Xov, advancing slowly, ready to take Nautica away.»

Nautica: I am sure that is not what he is saying.
Xov Arakue: Oh, no, he has spoken very plainly. And, thus, has sealed your fate. TAKE THEM, NOW!

«The Truphma charge toward Nautica as the scene fades to black. Over at Geoto's clan base, Geoto is deep in thought.»

Geoto: I must be strong, resolute, and ready for her when she comes. I have seen her army swarm our island.
Geoto: I have asked my clan to meet her, but the reality of the situation is, I will see her on my doorstep.

«A group of Truphma find Geoto, breaking his chain of thought.»

Geoto: The vanguard, I presume...

«Xov enters the scene.»

Xov Arakue: Not as pushy as yours were, though. To be honest, I was touched that you sent them so far ahead.
Geoto: You've gone to the others, taken their leaders, punished the clansmen and women. I assumed you intend to do that here.
Xov Arakue: Well, you've at least saved me some time. Shall we proceed with why I intend to take you prisoner and make you see my way of things?
Xov Arakue: *Smiles* I see you thought I would do something terrible. I am not a barbarian.
Geoto: Could have fooled me, Ms. Arakue.
Xov Arakue: *Smiles* Bring him.

«The Truphma bring in Neo_Manni.»

Neo_Manni: Geoto is full of knowledge and wisdom. Imagine how being so balanced could get my leader out of any situation.
Neo_Manni: He is like the greatest warrior of LORE. Magical creatures are ready to pounce if provoked on his command.
Xov Arakue: You're using your powers over the earth and its creatures to raise an army instead of using it to aid people.
Xov Arakue: You'd rather kill than help hundreds more survive the next winter. That alone tells me all that I need to know, but there's plenty more blasphemy to be heard.
Geoto: Hear what you want, Ms. Arakue. Nothing I say will change what your ears perceive as truth.
Xov Arakue: Perhaps hearing the blind love for you and your clan from your clan head will help enlighten you. Bring in the next one.

«Oliver Bell is next to be brought in.»

Oliver Bell: I have been dedicated to this clan because of the community. Geoto has a habit of attracting people who are dedicated and hardworking and with a wide variety of views and ideas...
Oliver Bell: It is the people more than anything else which have made this clan truly great.
Xov Arakue: Yet, such a close-knit community has its pitfalls. When all your attention is on yourselves, you end up forgetting about the outside.
Xov Arakue: Sure, you attract dedicated, hardworking people, but what about once they are a part of your community?
Xov Arakue: They become content with your clan and the relations they have within in and lose all will to reach out to the outside. How do you sit in your home and know that this is happening?
Oliver Bell: While Geoto is not perfect, no being truly is, he is clearly an intelligent and capable leader who has served the clan well, in addition he is able to recognise and learn from his mistakes.
Oliver Bell: I would be willing to bet he is also skilled in battle when the need comes for it.
Xov Arakue: You... have not seen your fearless leader fight? How can you be so dedicated to someone you cannot positively rely on in case of battle? You bet that he is capable, but you cannot guarantee it.
Oliver Bell: If the threat is clearly from a foe who we cannot avoid conflict with then we would have to respond aggressively and pursue the conflict on our terms rather than theirs.
Oliver Bell: If the enemy is one who is either misguided or misled then the response would likely be to try and correct this issue first as calmly as possible but if that fails then once again we would have to adapt.
Oliver Bell: If the matter is more ambiguous of the motivation of the enemy is unknown Geoto would likely choose to offer peace rather than hasten to war.
Xov Arakue: I would consider those words intelligently presented, if it were not for the fact that they are not tried and proven actions by your leader.
Xov Arakue: You cannot actually tell me if any of those are true behaviours of your leader. You've never truly seen him do anything, have you?
Xov Arakue: He presents and casts an aura of peace, patience and due process, but that is all it is.
Xov Arakue: Something that piques your imaginations, stimulates your creative minds and feeds the shade that is pulled over your eyes.
Geoto: That will be all, Xov Arakue. You have had your time here and now it is time to go. You have no business here.
Xov Arakue: On the contrary, Geoto, that is all I have here. Important business. Capture the stoic earth commander and throw him in with the others.

«A large earthen hand rises from the ground and surrounds Geoto.»

Xov Arakue: As for you, Oliver Bell, you are now mine. You will do wonderfully alongside the others I have claimed...

«The scene fades to black, and Xov arrives at Dynami's generator.»

Xov Arakue: You think as one, yet we act as one. You love being the queen, but your reign is at an end. I am here to run your clan the proper way.
Dynamo: No one can run my clan better than me! I AM THE QUEEN!
Xov Arakue: Yes, and such a bygone, spent queen you are. You lead with a temper that rivals the very creature you look like. Short, quick and hot, leaving no room for intelligent reasoning.
Dynamo: I know your methods, Xov. I know that you take without asking. I know you force everyone you touch to submit to your ideals. You are not fit to be in my presence.
Xov Arakue: Ah, yes, your presence. Your presence is not so wonderful. And let's not point fingers at methodology...
Xov Arakue: Isn't it you who's infected your clan with your chemistry, connecting them all together so that you can constantly monitor and manipulate their thoughts?
Dynamo: It's not manipulation!
Xov Arakue: It isn't? But, how can it be that so many come to you, yet all end up just like you? Hot-tempered, jumpy and ready to attack? Or unable to think on their own, only able to do as the whole does?
Xov Arakue: My Truphma may all believe in the same ideals, but they still are individuals who serve me. While I might have opened their eyes, I haven't taken their freedom.
Dynamo: How dare you! You come into MY home, you attack MY clan and threaten ME! ME?!
Xov Arakue: And now we come down to the truth. It is all about you. You, you, you. Such selfishness is quite unbecoming a true queen.
Xov Arakue: According to one of your most faithful I have taken prisoner, you are all that holds this clan together. If you die... so does the clan.
Xov Arakue: And that would result in hundreds... thousands of people lost, confused, without direction. YOU are too important. YOU are what is wrong. YOU deserve to go down.

«A group of Truphma enter the clan base.»

Dynamo: I would like to see you try.
Xov Arakue: Look around, my Lady. You were so concerned about yourself, you didn't notice that you have lost all your precious followers.
Xov Arakue: Your self-absorbed importance cost you your precious people...
Dynamo: Nooooo!!!
Xov Arakue: Bring in Zyrain.

«Zyrain is brought in.»

Xov Arakue: My thanks, Zyrain. Your impassioned pride in your clan helped me immensely in capturing your Queen. Your emotions got the best of you, and gave the best to me.

«The scene fades to black...»

Xov has wrestled command of the island from the leaders, thinking that the clans have fallen to weakened a revolting states, no longer capable of being the once proud and powerful fighters they once were. Each leader is slowly being exposed to Xov's ways. It is up to you and your fellow clansmen and women to resuce them and take back what is rightfully yours.
  • To Battle!
  • Back to Town

    Twilly: Those Truphma sure do move fast! They managed to capture all the clan leaders before we noticed! We need to get them back!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    Potion Bag - Refills your potions if you have less than 4 on hand. (Guardian Only)
    Robina Hood - Robina the Ranger will join you in battle!
    Eselgee - Eselgee the Berserker will join you in battle!
    Hollow - Hollow hates missing a good fight!
    Wandy - Wandy the Dark Jungle Witch will join you in battle!

    To Battle!
    «A countdown timer appears, with the deadline set for Thursday, 15 August, 0000hrs. You can select which clan you wish to fight for. Regardless of choice, you face the following:»

    Optional Full Heal

      «When three clans [Igneus, Aerodu, Glacius] hit 100% on their war meter, a new cutscene, "Reinforcements?!" appeared in the war camp.»

      «Scene: Paxia. Xov stands beside a portal while she speaks to her underlings.»

      Xov Arakue: Reinforcements, NOW! Igneus and Aerodu were FAR more effective than they should have been.
      Xov Arakue: And... Glacius is free too, his people awakening the way I had hoped they wouldn't... I want to know WHY we have failed!
      Truphma Commander: My Lady Xov, I fear that maybe the information gathering for the clans may have been sabotaged.

      «Xov flies into a rage.»

      Xov Arakue: Sabotaged? How... did... you... allow... that?
      Truphma Commander: My thoughts are that the incomplete soldier has had a hand in this.
      Xov Arakue: The report said it was taken care of.
      Truphma Commander: I... I guess not, my Lady.

      «Xov extends her hand a massive power begins gathering on her staff, illuminating the scene...»

      Xov Arakue: Failure is NOT an option. Not with what I suspect of this... Hero...

      «Xov sends the blast of power right at her Truphma Commander, obliterating him.»

      Xov Arakue: Commander Four! In here, NOW!

      «Commander Four flies into the scene.»

      Truphma Commander: My Lady.

      «Xov extends her arm and gives her orders to her commander.»

      Xov Arakue: Command my reinforcements from Stark 3 and Dretke 5. NOW! I will not be shown up by this island of misfits.

      «Her commander nods.»

      Truphma Commander: Yes, Lady Xov.

      «From the portal, silhouettes of Truphma can be seen pouring out from the portal... This caused the remaining five clans' war meters to fall, with the addition of Truphma forces to each of them.»
    «Regardless of which clan, after defeating 100% of Xov's forces in that clan...»

    «You»: Your plan has failed, Xov! I'm taking you down before your dreary corruption infects my clan's leader!
    Xov Arakue: Think again, «You». You will never rescue your leader because you will never make it past my golem!

    «Xov stretches her staff out and summons an Earthen Fist from underground!»
      1 BATTLE: Earthen Fist
      Full Heal
    «A treasure chest lays on the ground, and the clan leader of the clan you saved enters the scene.»

    «Clan Leader»: Thank you, «You». Xov may have gotten away, but you have freed me, taken down the drab Truphma forces, and restored balance to the lands of Paxia.
    «Clan Leader»: To commemorate your bravery and dedication to your clan a very special reward awaits you. You have earned it!
  • Rewards!

    «Click on the treasure box and...»
  • Get War Reward!
  • Skip Reward / Already Have It
    Insult to Injury

  • Paxian Deliverance [L. 10]
  • Mystic Paxian Deliverance [L. 10]
  • Pristine Paxian Deliverance [L. 23 G]
  • Pristine Mystic Paxian Deliverance [L. 23 G]
  • Paxian Deliverance [L. 30]

  • Mystic Paxian Deliverance [L. 30]
  • Paxian Deliverance [L. 50]
  • Mystic Paxian Deliverance [L. 50]
  • Paxian Deliverance [L. 70]
  • Mystic Paxian Deliverance [L. 70]

  • PriZtine Paxian Deliverance [L. 80 Z]
  • PriZtine Mystic Paxian Deliverance [L. 80 Z]
  • Paxian Deliverance [L. 90]
  • Mystic Paxian Deliverance [L. 90]
  • Paxian Deliverance [L. 110]

  • Mystic Paxian Deliverance [L. 110]
  • PriZtine Paxian Deliverance [L. 120 Z]
  • PriZtine Mystic Paxian Deliverance [L. 120 Z]
  • Paxian Deliverance [L. 130]
  • Mystic Paxian Deliverance [L. 130]

  • Pristine Paxian Deliverance [L. 150 G]
  • Pristine Mystic Paxian Deliverance [L. 150 G]

  • Mighty Morphin' Golem Stranger [L. 10]
  • Mighty Morphin' Golem Stranger Zeo [L. 30]
  • Mighty Morphin' Golem Stranger Turbo [L. 50]
  • Mighty Morphin' Space Golem [L. 70]
  • Mighty Morphin' Lost Galaxy Golem [L. 90]

  • Mighty Morphin' Lightspeed Golem [L. 110]
  • Mighty Morphin' Time Golem [L. 130]
  • Mighty Morphin' Wild Golem [L. 150 G]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Nocturu, Lucian, Aerodu and Igneus cutscene dialog thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf. Correction thanks to The Green Guy.

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