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Barry Jotter!

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9/29/2013 3:07:39   
Times Silent Keeper

Barry Jotter!

Location: Battleon » Warlic's Shop » Quests » Barry Jotter!

«Scene: Warlic's Shop»

Warlic: Ah. «You». Thank you for coming.
«You»: What did you want to see me about?
Warlic: Let me introduce my "nephew".
Warlic: This is Barry Jotter. He's spending some time with me while he's on a break from Zardwarts.
«You»: I thought that was just a myth.
Warlic: What? (Chuckles) No, no, Frogwartz is the name of the wizard's academy he attends.
«You»: Ah, I see.
«You»: What did you want to see me about?
Warlic: One moment. Barry, will you please check the cauldron in the back and make sure it doesn't boil over?
Barry: Yes Uncle Wally.

«Barry leaves the scene to check on the cauldron.»

Warlic: Argh, I dislike that name...
«You»: Well?
Warlic: You have to help me «You», the kid is driving me crazy!
«You»: I'm not much of a babysitter.
Warlic: Kalanyr told me you had a way with... the younger crowd.
«You»: Oh, did he also mention how my last adventure with the Jr. Squires ended?
Warlic: You don't understand. Every time I turn around he's moved something, broken something, or fiddle with a potion.
Warlic: Yesterday I was brewing a healing potion for a client and when he drank it, he sprouted an extra head, arm, and a 6 foot tail!
Warlic: Barry thought the potion needed more "purple". So he added some moon berries.
«You»: Still I don't see what I can-

«The cauldron at the back suddenly explodes and black smoke fills the ceiling!»

Warlic: Please «You»! I'm losing my mind. Can't you just take him out for a few hours and show him Battleon?
«You»: Well, I don't.......


Barry: Ummm... Uncle Wally? Hypothetically speaking - what is the best spell for extinguishing flames?

«Warlic looks down.»

Warlic: ....
«You»: All right. I'll take him for a few hours.

«You take Barry along your travels. First stop: Aria's Shop!»

Aria: Hi «You». And who is this?
«You»: Hi Aria. This is Barry. He's Warlic's "nephew" and I'm showing him around.
Aria: Hello Barry, welcome to Battleon.
Barry: Hi, thanks. You have some cool animals here.
Aria: Thank you. Feel free to look around.

«Barry leaves the scene to explore the shop.»

Aria: So why are you babysitting Warlic's "nephew"?
«You»: (Chuckles) Because he's been driving Warlic crazy getting into everything.
Aria: Oh, he seems harmless enough.

«CRASH! Silhouettes of animals can be seen running across the scene!»

Aria: My pens and cages! He let all the animals loose!
«You»: Don't worry, I'll get them.

«Scene: Plains»

«You»: Stay close. I can't believe you let all of Aria's animals go.
Barry: (Sniffles) I just wanted to pet them.
«You»: Looks like we've got trouble. Stay behind me.
  • Battle with Barry's help
  • Battle by yourself

    «Regardless of choice»
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «You find a Platypulse!»

    Barry: That was awesome!
    «You»: Not the word I would use.
    «You»: Shhh, there's one of Aria's beast. Don't...
    Barry: I'll get it!

    «Barry chases after the Platypulse which swiftly flees.»

    «You»: ...chase it. This is going to take a while!

    Several hours later. Aria's shop.

    Aria: Thank you «You» for rounding them up for me.
    «You»: You're welcome. Now Barry has something to say to you. Don't you Barry?
    Barry: I'm... I'm sorry Miss Aria.
    Aria: It's okay Barry. None of the animals were hurt.
    Aria: Trouble! It looks like some of the forest beasties followed you home.
  • Battle with Barry's help
  • Battle by yourself

    «Regardless of choice»
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
    Aria: When do you return.... the little darling?
    «You»: Not soon enough.
    Aria: Mmmmm.
    «You»: I think maybe we'll leave you now, you've suffered enough.

    «Leaving Aria's shop, the next place you take Barry to is Yulgar's Inn.»

    Yulgar: Hey «You»! How is it going?
    «You»: About as well as can be expected.
    «You»: This is Barry. Warlic's "nephew". I'm showing him around.
    Yulgar: Yes, I've heard about it.
    Yulgar: Hans, why don't you take Barry into the Lounge and give him some cider or something.
    Hans: Will do. Come on Barry.

    «Hans leads the way and Barry follows.»

    Yulgar: I've heard you've been having quite the time.
    «You»: Has it spread around that fast?
    Yulgar: You know Battleon, word of disasters travel fast.
    «You»: I don't know how much more of this I can take.

    «CRASH! Hans returns to the scene with some bad news.»

    Hans: He smashed both mugs.
    Yulgar: What did he do, throw them?
    Hans: No, he touched them.
    Yulgar: ???
    «You»: Maybe we should go.... Barry!

    «Barry returns to the scene.»

    Barry: Sorry Mr. Yulgar.
    Yulgar: Come on Barry, I think it's time to go.

    «You take Barry back to Warlic. Twilly is in his shop too!»

    Warlic: «You»! Back so soon?
    «You»: Actually, it's been a few hours.
    Warlic: Has it? It seems like you just left.
    Barry: It was great Uncle Wally! We fought monsters and chased animals... and...
    Warlic: (Cringe) That's great Barry. Why don't you get ready for supper.
    Barry: Okay!

    «Barry leaves the scene.»

    Warlic: How much damage?
    «You»: Some, nothing too terrible.
    Warlic: I tell you what «You», I'm not sure I'll last the week.
    «You»: Oh, he's not that bad. He's just young and excitable.
    Warlic: Great! I'm glad you feel that way.
    «You»: Oh, no! I'm done babysitting!
    Warlic: Please «You», I have to get these orders out!
    «You»: (Mumble)
    Twilly: «You», I have a question.
    «You»: Yes, Twilly?
    Twilly: Why does everyones keep referring to Barrys as Warlic's "Nephew".
    «You»: Would you want to claim him?
    Warlic: It is more complicated than you know. I have no relatives, not in the way that most mean by the word.
    Warlic: Barry is the son of one of my oldest friends, Jameson D. Trotter... one unfortunately that...
    Warlic: It's far too complicated and sensitive to explain fully now. Suffice to say I made a promise a long time ago...
    «You»: You had orders to get out... we can explore Barry's storied origins at some later time. The sooner you get done the better.
    Warlic: Right.

    «Warlic goes to work on his orders as the scene fades to black. The next day in Warlic's shop...»

    «You»: What do you mean "gone"?
    Warlic: I mean "gone". I went to his room when I didn't hear any crashes for a while and he wasn't there.
    «You»: And that upsets you?
    Warlic: Well.... of course it does. I made a promise to keep him safe. And besides, there's more.
    «You»: More?
    Warlic: A stone goblet is missing.
    «You»: Maybe he just moved it.
    Warlic: No, it's gone. I've looked everywhere.
    «You»: I'm sure they'll both show up.
    Warlic: You don't understand! The goblet...
    «You»: Yes?
    Warlic: Well let me use just one word, Akriloth.
    «You»: Oh my! This can't be good.
    Warlic: We should be okay as long as it doesn't come in contact with blood.
    «You»: Err, we are talking Barry here.

    «Scene: Yulgar's Inn. The missing stone goblet is on Yulgar's counter!»

    Hans: It is pretty.
    Yulgar: Yes, but I suspect it is far more valuable than young Barry knows.
    Yulgar: No doubt Warlic is going to be looking for it.
    Hans: What do all the symbols mean?
    Yulgar: I haven't a clue... OUCH.

    «The goblet jumps a little.»

    Hans: Are you okay?
    Yulgar: The thing bit me!
    Hans: You're bleeding!

    «A jet of black smoke erupts from the goblet as it slowly fills the inn. Over at Warlic's shop...»

    Warlic: ???
    Both: BARRY!

    «Warlic and you rush over to Yulgar's Inn. As the black smoke clears, Yulgar and Hans can be seen with black soot all over them. The stone goblet is also missing!»

    Warlic: What happened?
    Yulgar: Hans and I were examining the goblet Barry left here and it bit me.
    Warlic: Bit you?
    Yulgar: Well, maybe not bit. I guess I snagged my finger on a sharp edge or something.
    Hans: The next thing we know the place is filling up with smoke and heat.
    Yulgar: Once the smoke cleared, you and «You» were here.
    «You»: Just what exactly are we dealing with?
    Warlic: I don't know.
    «You»: Well, how bad is it?
    Warlic: I don't know.
    «You»: You did trap this thing?
    Warlic: Not exactly. After the Fire Wars it was given to me for safe keeping.
    «You»: And how is that working out for you?
    Warlic: You're not helping «You».
    «You»: Sorry. If you didn't trap it, who did?
    Warlic: Akriloth.
    «You»: Oh boy! If Akriloth felt it necessary to trap this thing, it can't be good for us.
    Warlic: That's what I was thinking. We have to find Barry.

    «Back at Warlic's shop...»

    «You»: What now Wally?
    Warlic: Err, «You».
    «You»: (Chuckle) Yes?
    Warlic: I never promised YOUR father anything! (Glares)
    «You»: Right. Sorry.
    Warlic: To answer your question, I need something that belongs to Barry so I can scry him.
    «You»: And that's why we're back here?
    Warlic: Exactly.

    «Warlic leaves the scene and returns with a grey sock.»

    Warlic: This should do.

    «Warlic drops the sock into the cauldron.»

    Warlic: I see him.
    «You»: Where is he?
    Warlic: I'm not sure... lots of trees...
    «You»: He's in the forest. We need to narrow it down, the forest is a big place.
    Warlic: I see... he's... BARRY NO GET OUT OF THERE!

    «Warlic collapses. A short while later...»

    Warlic: Ugh... how strange.
    «You»: I've never known you to faint before.
    Warlic: I didn't.
    «You»: You were passed out on the floor.
    Warlic: I know, but I didn't faint. I was attacked.
    «You»: ???
    Warlic: It felt like a hand reached out and clubbed me.
    «You»: How could that happen?
    Warlic: I'm not sure, but I think they followed my scry line to Barry.
    «You»: That would mean a tremendous power.
    Warlic: Not only that. It means a tremendous power that has Barry!
    «You»: You mentioned something about the forest.
    Warlic: Did I?
    «You»: Yes, just before the attack. Do you know where Barry is?
    Warlic: I believe so.
    «You»: You don't seem too sure of it.
    Warlic: I'm pretty sure, I just wish I was wrong.
    «You»: Where is he?
    Warlic: He's in the Chamber of Fire.

    «Scene: Forest. In the background, red rocks can be seen.»

    Warlic: The chamber is just the other side of that rise.
    «You»: Aren't you coming with me?
    Warlic: No. Once we subdue the thing we need to re-imprison it. I need more time to prepare the goblet.
    «You»: What am I supposed to do?
    Warlic: Stall... and try to keep Barry alive.

    «Warlic levitates away from the scene.»

    «You»: Barry?! Need to make sure I keep myself alive!
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «You»: No point in putting it off.

    After traveling a distance you find an outcropping with a partially hidden doorway among the rubble...

    «Scene: Inside the Chamber of Fire»

    «You» (Thought): I've been in some hot places before, but this place is an oven!
    «You» (Thought): Barry can't survive here for long. I have to find him.
      6 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2, #4 and #6
    «You arrive to see a Djinn right behind Barry!»

    «You»: Barry! Step away.
    Barry: «You» wait!
      1 BATTLE: Fire Djinni
      Full Heal
    Barry: «You», stop!
    «You»: Barry! Get away!
    Barry: NO you don't understand. He's good!
    «You»: What?
    Barry: He's good!
    «You»: Barry, "good" people don't kidnap little boys.
    Barry: He didn't kidnap me, I followed him here.
    «You»: He was imprisoned!
    Barry: Because he was good!
    «You»: ???
    Barry: He wouldn't do what Akriloth wanted to he imprisoned him.
    «You»: Barry....
    Barry: No! It's not fair!

    «Warlic enters the scene.»

    Warlic: «You» what is going on?
    «You»: Seems Barry is under control of this beast. He's defending him.
    Warlic: Barry??
    Barry: He won't listen to me Uncle Wally! He's good, not bad!
    «You»: He says Akriloth imprisoned him because he would not cooperate.
    Warlic: I guess it's possible.
    Warlic: Does it talk?
    Fire Being: I talk quite well Wally.
    «You»: I bet you didn't promise his father anything either. (Chuckles)
    Warlic: (Glares)
    Warlic: Do you have a name?
    Fire Being: Of course, wizard. But with you I will not share it at this time.
    «You»: What do you mean?
    Fire Being: I have suffered much in my long imprisonment. I must learn more about this new world before I share my name, so my allies may call for aid and my enemies may quake in fear.
    «You»: How do we know you are telling the truth?
    Fire Being: I did not hurt the boy.
    Barry: He protected me from the others in the chamber.
    Fire Being: I met some of them.
    Warlic: The boy can leave?
    Fire Being: He is free to come and go as he wishes.
    Warlic: Very well then. We will allow you to remain here.
    Fire Being: Thank you.
    Warlic: But, be warned. I will hold you responsible for any more fire activity.
    «You»: I will be watching you!

    «Barry, Warlic and you leave the Chamber of Fire.»
    Barry Jotter

  • Flame Djinni Wand [L. 3]
  • BlaZing Flame Djinni Wand [L. 7 Z]
  • Flame Djinni Wand [L. 23]
  • Flame Djinni Wand [L. 43]
  • Flame Djinni Wand [L. 63]

  • Blazing Flame Djinni Wand [L. 80 G]
  • Flame Djinni Wand [L. 83]
  • Flame Djinni Wand [L. 103]
  • Flame Djinni Wand [L. 123]
  • BlaZing Flame Djinni Wand [L. 123 Z]

  • Flame Djinni Wand [L. 133]
  • Blazing Flame Djinni Wand [L. 143 G]

  • Call Barry Jotter [L. 3]
  • Call 'Helpful' Barry Jotter Z [L. 7 Z]
  • Call Barry Jotter [L. 23]
  • Call Barry Jotter [L. 43]
  • Call Barry Jotter [L. 63]

  • Call 'Helpful' Barry Jotter [L. 80 G]
  • Call Barry Jotter [L. 83]
  • Call Barry Jotter [L. 103]
  • Call Barry Jotter [L. 123]
  • Call 'Helpful' Barry Jotter Z [L. 123 Z]
  • Call Barry Jotter [L. 133]
  • Call 'Helpful' Barry Jotter [L. 143 G]

  • Stone Goblet [L. 3]
  • Warm Stone Goblet Z [L. 7 Z]
  • Stone Goblet [L. 23]
  • Stone Goblet [L. 43]
  • Stone Goblet [L. 63]

  • Warm Stone Goblet [L. 80 G]
  • Stone Goblet [L. 83]
  • Stone Goblet [L. 103]
  • Stone Goblet [L. 123]
  • Warm Stone Goblet Z [L. 123 Z]
  • Warm Stone Goblet [L. 143]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
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    Missing dialogue thanks to Nova Gryphon.

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