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Rescue the Sacrifice!

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9/29/2013 3:09:03   
Times Silent Keeper

Rescue the Sacrifice!

Location: Battleon » Robina's Shop » Truphma Saga » 8: Paxia in Peril! » 3: Rescue the Sacrifice!

Though the Paxia War was fought hard and true, and the Leaders were brought home, some in worse shape than others, the clan members Xov took for herslef never came home. When she claims something, it appears she means for keeps. Eukara Vox is asking that those who have attained Guardian status and training go on this dangerous mission to rescue the Clan members who are still prisoners in Xov's Base camp.

«Scene: Eukara's Library. Her Portal appears into the scene.»

Portal: Ms. Vox, you summoned me?
Eukara Vox: Yes, Portal. I need to talk to «You». Bring the Hero here, please.
Portal: I am afraid I cannot do that. You are overworked and still recovering. Taking the children on that trip was a bad idea.
Eukara Vox: You are my Portal. I am ask-
Portal: And I won't. I can take the Hero a message, but you are not going back to Lore's surface until you are well.
Eukara Vox: I love how everyone else thinks they know what is best for me.
Portal: Ms. Vox, I will take the message. You know that «You» and I have a great relationship.
Eukara Vox: ...
Portal: Relatively...
Eukara Vox: Very well. Even though it seems the Paxian leaders were rescued, the clan members were not. They are still in Xov's grasp.
Eukara Vox: «You» must infiltrate the base camp and get them back.
Eukara Vox: If they remain in Xov's grasp for much longer, I may not have the ability to heal them. As it is, I am not sure if what I have found is going to work.
Portal: I will take the message to the Hero. YOU, on the other hand, stay here and heal so you can be out there with them again. I know you miss being with the people of Lore.

«Scene: Lolosia»

«You» (Thought): Something isn't right in Lolosia, but blast it if I can get a straight answer from anyone here.

«Vox's portal teleports into the scene.»

Portal: «You».
«You»: Oh, no, not you. What is it this time? A zap to the backside, and spin on my head. Oh no, wait, a drop from the top of a building?
Portal: All plausible alternatives to my mission, and better ones, to be honest. But no. I have a message from Ms. Vox.
«You»: Is she... okay?
Portal: She would be better had she not gone to school and tried to teach while still weak! No one listens to me.
«You»: Yeah... Trigoras. *shivers*
Portal: You must rescue the clan members that never made it home. If they are in Xov's keeping much longer, they will not be...
«You»: ...able to come home. At least, as they should be, not as Xov wishes.
Portal: Yes. Go to the base camp and rescue them. It will not be easy. She has a great amount of reinforcements there, according to Ms. Vox.
«You»: No worries, Portal. Tell Eukara that I will not fail her.

«Portal vanishes from the scene.»

«You»: I hate that thing.

As you walk towards the base camp, things seem very off. Patches of the beautiful forest and roadside flowers become bland and colorless. At first it was a splash here and there, but soon enough, you become convinced this was the right path. The patchwork blandness became more widespread, until whole swaths of the country side was without the liveliness of color.

«Scene: Truphma Encampment»
  • Find the Clan Members! - See below
  • Leave - Returns you to Battleon (less than 4 clans found) / Proceeds with dialogue (at least 4 clans found)

    «You initiate a search for the missing clan members. Click on the respecting tents or entrances to check them. For the locations of missing clan members, [Click me!]»
    «If you click on the wrong tent, you get a message "This is the wrong area! You have aroused the suspicion of a Truphma grunt."
    Clicking on the correct tent yields unique messages to each clan. Regardless of which tent you enter, you engage in 2 BATTLES, with a Full Heal after battle #2. Re-entering tents repeats the battles.»
      Aerodu - The missing Aerodu clan members have been discovered!
      Geoto - It's the missing Geoto clan members!
      Lucian - Looks like the missing Lucian members are being held here!
      Nocturu - You have found the missing clan members from Nocturu!
      Glacius - This is the right area for missing Glacius clan members!
      Igneus - The clan members from Igneus have been spotted!
      Nautica - The room with missing Nautica clan members was not easy to find!

      Clan Members: Get us out of here «You»!

      Dynami - Dynami's missing clan member has been discovered!

      Zyrain: Get us out of here «You»!
    «Once at least one clan is rescued, you receive a message "You have rescued «» clans!" after visiting a tent. Once you have saved at least four clans, you can proceed with the dialogue by clicking on the Leave button.»

    Well done hero! You have rescued the missing clan members, however Xov's magic is terrible. Leaving the rescued in various stages of dulling. Even amongst the worst of them you can sense a glimmer behind the dull, expressionless faces. You know hope is not lost as you race back to Eukara....

    «Scene: Eukara's Library. You bring in the entire group of now freed clan members to see Eukara.»

    Eukara Vox: I hope you rescued them in time, «You». If not, this is all my fault.
    «You»: I am sure they will be okay.
    Eukara Vox: Your bravery is unquestionable and will be rewarded indeed. Right after I fix this mess.

    «Eukara extends her arm holding the staff. Colorful beams flood the scene, and as the beams disappear, Eukara is seen collapsed on the ground from over-exertion, as she retracts her arm, the final sprinkles of magic fading away.»

    «You»: Portal, take them all back to their clan leaders! I will stay with Ms. Vox.

    «Portal appears and whisks the entire group of clan members away.»

    «You»: Help! Anyone!

    «Kastio appears from the jar of sand he was residing in.»

    Kastio: My lady! I will take care of her. You... read something while I attend to her until Portal comes back for you.
    «You»: You're giving me... something to read? *shrugs* Okay let's take a look.
    «You»: The history of Potheet V and the Movement of Peace. The bookmark is on the chapter "The Era of the Downward Spiral". I wonder...
      «If you saved all eight clans above, you encounter the following battles. Else, skip the battles.»

      2 BATTLES: Monumental Treasure Hoard

    Rescue the Sacrifices

  • Paxian Defender [L. 4 G]
  • Paxian Defender [L. 24 G]
  • Paxian Defender [L. 44 G]
  • Paxian Defender [L. 64 G]
  • Paxian Defender [L. 84 G]

  • Paxian Defender [L. 104 G]
  • Paxian Defender [L. 124 G]
  • Paxian Defender [L. 144 G]

  • Cyclone [L. 4 G]
  • Cyclone [L. 24 G]
  • Cyclone [L. 44 G]
  • Cyclone [L. 64 G]
  • Cyclone [L. 84 G]

  • Cyclone [L. 104 G]
  • Cyclone [L. 124 G]
  • Cyclone [L. 144 G]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Locations of clan members thanks to Dragoon23 and Elemental Magician. Reduction in battles and new location thanks to In Media Res.

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