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Xov's Fire I

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9/29/2013 3:23:09   
Times Silent Keeper

Xov's Fire Part 1!

Location: Battleon » Robina's Shop » Truphma Saga » 9: Xov's Fire » Part 1

Xov: This has been an unforeseen disaster.
Truphma General: All the reports... they ensured a victory.
Xov: My words given to each leader still hold merit. Though the clans came out of this, they barely pulled through.
Xov: Their leaders were affected, even if only slightly, and will slowly begin to succumb to our ways. The island will fall.
Truphma General: The clan members we lost, though? Reports have come in saying they are back in their clan homes and look to be returned to their original, imperfect state.
Xov: Eukara Vox...
Truphma General: Yes, my lady.

«Xov extends her arm holding her staff as she commands her general.»

Xov: Leave me! Seek out one called Bree'ha. A... Drakel leader. His people are next on my list, creative individuals with machinery and technology. Tell me what you find.
Truphma General: Yes, my Queen.

«The Truphma General leaves the scene and Xov retracts her arm.»

Xov: Why is this world so annoyingly resistant? I have never had this much trouble, nor anyone else in our history!
???: You are forgetting something.
Xov: I forget nothing.
???: But you have. You are forgetting the Prophecy.
Xov: The Prophecy... Surely not?
???: Think about it. What does the Prophecy say?
Xov: "There will come a day, when striving will cease and the leader of the people will have to come face to face with that which could destroy her and all that her people have worked for.
Xov: This person, The One, will be waiting on a world where the leader will find herself at a loss. Battles will not be easy. Wins will be few.
Xov: It is only when The One is destroyed, will the world fall and the Leader will fully extend her reach over the multiverse."
???: So, Xov, who is your real enemy?
Xov: «You».
???: And who is responsible for this enemy?
Xov: The Order of Moravion.
???: Very good, my child. Very good.

«The scene fades to black and switches to you strolling along some plains.»

«You» (Thought): Seems like I am being summoned in all kinds of ways lately. This time, it was a two-bear with a note pinned to it.
    Full Heal
«You» (Thought): And, of course, it is never an easy ordeal to just walk to my destination when needed. No... no, I have to be challenged and attacked.
    Full Heal
«You»: Really...
    Full Heal
«Scene: Battleon Inn»

Robina: Thank goodness you are here. I was given an urgent message to give to you from Vephoma.
«You»: It wasn't easy, but then, it never is. The two-bear was a nice touch. How long did it take for you to pin it to that creature's hide? Vephoma? What could the Beastmaster want with me?
Robina: Well, he is close to Paxia, «You». Perhaps, with the war won, he has uncovered information about Xov's plans or movements?
«You»: Of course! Thank you, Robina.


Despite the recent war
and the victory of the
Paxians, I feel that
there is still something
very wrong around my
realm. Please come to
the Dark Lands and
speak with me.


«You»: I will need a way to get there. Looks like I need to visit Captain Rhubarb.

«Scene: On board Captain Rhubarb's boat»

Captain Rhubarb: Ahoy, «You». And what brings ye here on this fine day? Can't get enough of my boat?
«You»: She's a fine vessel, Captain, but I am here to see if you can grant me passage to the Dark Lands.
Captain Rhubarb: Hmmm, Dark Lands... Probably carrying a note from the lass for Vephoma, aye?
«You»: A note from what lass?
Captain Rhubarb: Ms. Vox, the teacher, matey! Everyone knows that there is a sweet somethin' 'tween 'em.
«You»: I wouldn't let her hear you say that, Captain. She's rather sore about the rumors...
Captain Rhubarb: What for? Vephoma's a fine lad. Keeps the beasties in line, rules his own lands. How about... this. All the lads and lassies love a good dinner on a pirate boat under the stars...
Captain Rhubarb: Why, for a bit of coin, I am sure I could add in a bit of accordion playing too.
«You»: Captain, sir, it's really not necessary...
Captain Rhubarb: An old Petey the Parrot here does swimmingly in a butler's outfit.
«You»: Um... Captain, about that passage to the Dark Lands?
Captain Rhubarb: Right, right. Keep yer secrets, landlubber. But, if they should be needin' dinner...

«Sailing across the seas, you encounter a few battles.»
    1 BATTLE: Dull Vagaran
    1 BATTLE: Washed-Out Water Wyrm
    Full Heal
Captain Rhubarb: Be seein' those bland sea monsters lately about these parts. Can't say I like it, not at all.
«You»: Xov has now gotten her hands on the sea. *sigh* Land, sea, air... No one is safe.

«The vessel sails along until it is almost at its destination.»

Captain Rhubarb: Aye, well, here we be, «You». I assume I have to take you home, aye?
Captain Rhubarb: I'll stay docked here fer a spell, but if'n ye ain't back in a half an hour, ye'll be needing to swim back home!
«You»: Thank you Captain. I doubt I'll need longer.

«Scene: Dark Lands»

«You»: Vephoma! Vephoma, it's me, «You»!

«Vephoma enters the scene.»

Vephoma: Ah, «You», you came. I was afraid the affected sea creatures would have stopped you.
«You»: You know Captain Rhubarb. No sea creature would hold him from sailing. So, what is wrong? You weren't exactly detailed in your message.
Vephoma: Ever since the War on Paxia, my little world has slowly begun to change. I've fought it off well enough, but there is only so much I can do.
Vephoma: Xov moving on Paxia opened up a whole new corridor of our world to her.
«You»: Yes, that was a rough war. I wondered about the after-effects of her attack. She's no longer just staying on the mainland, she's even corrupting lands across the sea.
Vephoma: The creatures are afraid. They seem terrified to leave the boundaries of my lands. And when I go out, the further east my feet carry me, the worse it is.
«You»: She has already moved beyond your lands to the easy?! But, surely she hasn't had THAT much time?
Vephoma: She has her eyes on Deren, the K'elds, and anything else that lurks on that island. The birds communicate a degree of apprehension when traveling southeast.
Vephoma: I see more and more sea creatures who have been affected by Xov's cursed touch.
«You»: The School of Thought is there, along with the Drakel. Both... creative entities...
Vephoma: Both are targets. I know they are.
«You»: I know what I must do. Thank you Vephoma.
Vephoma: Oh... um, «You», could you do me a favor?

«Vephoma extends his arm, holding a book in his hand.»

Vephoma: I have this book, and it is really overdue. You wouldn't happen to, well, have the time later, to give it back to Ms. Vox, would you?
«You»: Sure.

«You take the book from Vephoma.»

«You»: "Dragonflies and Their Personalities Across Systems" Interesting... choice.
Vephoma: Just... return the book, please.
«You»: Alright, alright.
«You» (Thought): Now to figure out exactly where her hands have gotten in to. K'eld Naer? Deren? School of Thought to talk to Nel? I just wish I knew...
«You» (Thought): I better hurry back before Cap'n leaves me to swim home.
    Full Heal
«You» (Thought): Well, that confirms it. Xov's presence is here. Now, on to find out if she has begun to set up camps here.
    Full Heal after battles #2, #4 and #6
«You arrive at a clearing and spot a Truphma General speaking to Bree'ha in the distance. You lurk behind a bush in the shadows to avoid detection.»

«You» (Thought): What are Bree'ha and a Truphma doing together?

«The Truphma and Bree'ha enter the beach hut behind them.»

«You» (Thought): What is this... Truphma's business here? I'd better listen.

«You arrive at the entrance to the beach hut.»

Truphma: ...that is her wish.
Bree'ha: And her terms?
Truphma: For now, she proposes an alliance. You, above all others, seem to understand her drive. If you work with her to bring this world under her fist, you will have a part in it.
Bree'ha: Others have made such promises.
Truphma: Others were not Xov Arakue, Sir Bree'ha.
Bree'ha: Indeed. Tell your queen, Commander, that I am interested. We can work out the details upon a later date. For now, I will start spreading the message and make way for *your* queen.
Truphma: Very well. I will return to her and she will be in contact with you.
«You» (Thought): Oh... this isn't good.

To be continued...

Xov's Fire I

  • Horde's Temper [L. 10]
  • Horde's Reckoning G [L. 23 G]
  • Horde's Reckoning [L. 30]
  • Horde's Fury [L. 50]
  • Horde's Outrage [L. 70]
  • Horde's Indignation Z [L. 80 Z]
  • Horde's Indignation [L. 90]
  • Horde's Retribution [L. 110]
  • Horde's Wrath Z [L. 120 Z]
  • Horde's Wrath [L. 130]
  • Horde's Ire [L. 150]

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