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RE: =AQW= Weapon Suggestions

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7/17/2017 17:25:45   
Uchiha Laecio

ArchFiend's Executioner of Nulgath

ArchFiend's Destroyer of Nulgath

Description: "This is the ultimate blade of destruction.
If you can prevent the earth splitting,
the sky falling apart, the new becoming old,
the time erasing lifes, the death ending dreams,
the end of everything. You are still no match
for this blade's ArmaggeDoom!"

Original post from Twitter.

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Post #: 676
7/21/2017 15:35:38   

Class:Arcane Shadowcaster

Info: A follower of evil! i choose this category becuase we havent seen a class related to 'Evil' in ages so here it is! ALso its a good class to take on huge damage classes like Blademaster in pvp!

Auto Attack

Soul Grab: An ability where the player gains heal like Necromancer. (15 mana). (10 second cooldown)

Shadow Grip: An ability where the enemy gets stunned for 4 seconds (45 mana). (20 second cooldown)

Rank 4 passives: Less magic damage intake/Increase damage by 20%

Mana crusher: Get an amount of mana back but uses some of your health and you get a deacrese in crit chance for 5 seconds. (15 second cooldown)

'Dark Shadow spread': A multi target ability which hits up to 3 targets and allows you to get an amount of increse in crit chance for 5 seconds and has to be a crit. (60 mana) (40 second cooldown)

Rank 10 passive: decrease damge taken by 20%

Iam sorry i didnt see the weapon section woops sorry!
Post #: 677
7/22/2017 10:22:21   

Arcane twin pistols (dark and light guns)
Sapphire and Ruby (twin revolvers)
Sapphire (one gun)
Ruby (one gun)
Dark ebony's (twin pistols)
enlightened Ivories (twin pistols)

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Post #: 678
7/25/2017 20:43:15   

Wraith Scythe
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 679
7/28/2017 23:23:52   
meow fish

Its been a few years since ive posted here, thought i'd dust off flash.

Crystalline Carver
Post #: 680
8/9/2017 10:23:30   

Cyber Monday Suggestions:

Ungodly Cybers
Cyber Claws
Cyber Big 100K
Cyber Mirror Caladbolg
Laser Wartexx
Cyber Vilifier
Laser Krom
Dread Laser Saw
Laser Bone Shatter

I did what I could with the tools I had.

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AQW  Post #: 681
9/2/2017 17:26:14   

Duality Caladbolg and Reclaimed Caladbolg

Left: Duality Caladbolg
Right Reclaimed Caladbolg

Recolors of Purified Caladbolg by Dage

Duality Caladbolg Description: Seems Dage didn't neccesarily approve of the Paladins purifying his favorite sword, so he took it back. Looks like he was only half done.

Reclaimed Caladbolg Description: Nothing can purify this blade forever. This was bound to return to its rightful owner...

Original Twitter Post
AQW  Post #: 682
9/25/2017 9:10:07   

Oblivius Sword the sword comes with animation (the runes are activated and the eye blinks).

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Post #: 683
9/29/2017 4:50:38   

ELUCIDATOR from the anime sword art online
hoping you see


Post #: 684
9/29/2017 9:31:19   

Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, make DUAL hex blades of nulgath for nostalgia quest? Thank you!

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AQW  Post #: 685
10/18/2017 1:19:16   
Kat Cooper

Has there ever been a crowbar weapon in any of AQWorld's weekly events? If not, then why not make it happen?
AQW  Post #: 686
10/25/2017 13:08:36   

Damage buff weapons have negative affects on the hold game.

I love the new Burning Blade of Abezeth, which gives 30% more dmg on all monsters.
But if everyone just farm for it, wear it cause it bring boost, and who will spend time to farm for other cool weapons in the game, or spend a single adventure coin to buy new released/need-weeks-to-design weapons of the game????
Nowaday, i see alot of people who just have the burning blade and think they are better than those have farming for ages to have the juggernaut weapons of nulgath - "cause burning blade have dmg boost", that's all.

They will get bored of the game cause they always have to use the weapon with all sets - cause it bring boost.
I suggest when releasing damage boost items, you should include the hold set. That's very succesful with the Archfiend Doomlord set, people can equip the cape or helm and also get dmg boost while wearing other weapons. Which mean they will buy new weapons more offen.

With the Burning blade of abezeth or Necrotic sword of doom, you should create a shop - only accessible for those who have that item- which sell a hold set of that item. So they can decide to equip the helm, armor or cape to get dmg boost and can wear other weapons at the same time. Or quests to earn the set items like you did with the Archfiend Doomlord set.

Sincerely and best wishes.

Post #: 687
11/3/2017 1:25:11   

Starcaptin's Weapon Suggestions
Hello Battleon Forums! This post will be edited every time I have a new weapon to suggest. All details of the weapon will be included in it's respective image link. I hope you like what you see! :D

  • N/A

  • N/A


  • N/A

  • N/A

  • N/A

  • N/A


  • N/A

Update Log:
11/3/17 01:28 pm: Post made; added Old Starlight suggestion
11/3/17 11:16 pm: Added Grave Crow suggestion
11/12/17 12:47 am: Added Ember and Ash suggestion, edited forum post to adhere more to forum posting rules

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Post #: 688
11/6/2017 20:57:17   
Kat Cooper

Cyber Necrotic Sword of Doom anyone?
AQW  Post #: 689
11/7/2017 12:37:27   

Hi :) A recolour of evolved bloodletters of nulgath :) Suggestion for Black Friday :O
Post #: 690
11/15/2017 20:57:04   

Legion Envy Created by Braylin & Hikari
AQW  Post #: 691
11/24/2017 20:00:15   
Card The Ripper

my void swords a there nulgath themed.
Void swords

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AQW  Post #: 692
12/10/2017 9:01:46   

Here is my suggestion for Nulgath Birthday: Archfiend Vampire Blade(left) and FrostFiend Blade(right).

AQW  Post #: 693
1/3/2018 14:45:47   

Here is a suggestion from HikariHD and I (Braylin)
The weapon's name is Legion's Envy

AQW  Post #: 694
1/9/2018 19:48:26   


Saw this joke and was immensely disappointed we weren't getting a BFS wreathed in cherry blossoms. Someone please make this a thing.
Post #: 695
1/20/2018 2:29:44   

Bone Blade Of Necromancy
Fire Breath Of Dragon
The Blades Of Ra
Over Dark Blade Of Necromancy
Necrotic Heart Blade
Khokh Tolboton (Blue Mark)
Bleeding Edge
Fire Spear of Dragon
Whisper Of Dark
Secret Of Forgotten Sands
Blades Of Erinyes
Blade of Descension
Raven Blade
Chained Doom
Chaos Dragon Sword
Sword Of Ice Queen
Phoenix Bow
Scythe Of Death
Sabre Blade

They have been drawn since 2013 for AQWorld's Browser Flash MMORPG. But they have never seen AQWorld's face. I hope you like it!

Character Page: Electrogitar
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 696
1/20/2018 17:21:47   

The Elemental Dragonslayer Katana description reads: "Burning with the passion to protect just like its owner, the thin blade that is part of this katana is capable of cutting through stone and ice as if it is made out of wood."
Swords are terrible at cutting wood! Description should be updated.

The Dark Berserker description reads: "Feel stylish in your new undead mage armor. Color custom! This is a Mogloween 2009 Seasonal Rare!"
Description should be updated.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 697
1/26/2018 1:50:54   

I think it'd be nice to be able to merge the Vampiric Eternal Flame Mace with the Lycan Eternal Flame Mace into a dagger that uses both. If I'm not wrong, it'd be the first 'flaming-hand-weapon' that has two different fire colours. Maybe even make it clickable to swap the colours, say if you want the Vampiric one on the front, or the Lycan one on the front.
Post #: 698
2/24/2018 14:03:19   
Cruel Defender

Description text for the " Castle Guard Sword " :

Though originally invented as weapons for Vampiric Castle Guards it was later used by Maloth's Castle Guards as their primary weapon because of its useful blood-sucking abilities. However, they could not manage to find out how the vampires made the blade of the sword suck blood out of the wounds it made.
Post #: 699
3/3/2018 23:22:37   
Uchiha Laecio

I made this weapon as a gift for Dage the Evil's birthday!

Legion Soul Ripper

*Legion Titan for scale Here
Post #: 700
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