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RE: =AQW= Weapon Suggestions

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3/13/2018 17:24:42   

Darkon's Legacy

'The smell of smoke still clings faintly to this blade- however, it reminds you comfortingly of friends, of loyalty, and of debts repaid.'

A weapon I made in honor of the Seraph/Laken Saga finale coming next week :)
Realized its been an awful long time since I designed a weapon, but I think this does the fallen Seraph Commander justice.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 701
3/15/2018 6:10:01   

More uses for BLoD and NSoD.
I think it would be cool if there were more ways to use BLoD and NSoD to create new items with the same functionality (same bonus damage against undead and all monsters respectively), a bit like Void Light of Destiny or ALod, but specifically changing the appearance rather than adding a bonus stat increase. It would be especially fitting if the item was Legion based as the Void/Nation already has the Void Light of Destiny. I am specifically thinking of NSoD as it would be more fitting because of the alliance between the Shadowscythe and the Legion, though BLoD could work just as well.
My first thoughts about appearance are very minimalistic in change, though make for really cool looking weapons. Sadly I don't have any pictures, unless you could somehow access my brain.
Legion Sword of Doom:
The colour of the bone handle could either stay the same or change to black, either works. The blade would become black with blue energy swirling around it and a glowing blue skull at the guard, a bit like the Legion DoomBlade. Not much else to say to be honest...
Underworld Light of Destiny:
Basically the same changes as Void Light of Destiny with a different colour palette and skull in the centre. The green and red would be glowing blue or white and the skull would be Legion DoomBlade esque rather than a fiend skull.
Post #: 702
4/16/2018 4:08:34   

Golden Caladbolg should have merge shop to dual Caladbolgs sword!
AQW  Post #: 703
5/7/2018 20:28:30   
Card The Ripper

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AQW  Post #: 704
5/10/2018 10:47:31   
Dark Worshiper

Evolved Legion Darkside
Post #: 705
5/31/2018 21:54:57   

Me and my friend worked on my personal sword, it's now complete, wanted to share it with y'all, my friend is super talented!! For now the name is Mana Rune Blade. I would like for it to be for everyone in game, I would like it directly added to everyones account, or everyone can buy it for 0 AC's, I do want it to have a 0 AC tag, so free bank storage. I would also like it made into daggers. No bonuses.

Base Damage: 27-33
Price: 0 AC's
It is also color customable.

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AQW  Post #: 706
5/31/2018 22:05:30   

Fang uploaded it first but that wasn't the finished design

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AQW  Post #: 707
7/3/2018 22:43:17   

Please make a weapon that is the Blinding Light of Destiny in one hand and the Shadow Reaper of Doom in the other. It would look awesome and both weapons are hard to get and could be available to the few people that have both.
Post #: 708
7/21/2018 2:37:13   
Ardryn Entralisk

Collaborated weapon.

Sin of Xionic

True Sin of Xionic ( Legendary Grade )
Weapon has special passives in the link's description below.

Contributors: Grave
Xionic D Xelt
Post #: 709
7/27/2018 22:42:01   

"DUAL" Prime Bloodletters of Nulgath! with same quest when clicked the sword from original Prime Bloodletters of Nulgath.
AQW  Post #: 710
8/16/2018 15:02:57   

The Glowing Hydra Bow:

Using the same chassis as the existing Hydra Bow by Zoshi, the Glowing Hydra bow would replace the wooden part with a static 'lightsaber' type glow. All the credit can go to Zoshi for the design, I'd just like to see an upgraded version of my favourite weapon. Here's a mock-up gif showing the difference between the two.

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AQ AQW  Post #: 711
9/14/2018 19:46:48   

I don't have a NEW weapon to suggest per se, but rather an update to an older one to suggest. The Blademaster Assassin Katana & Sheath are probably my favourite dagger in the game, visually speaking... But it's always annoyed me to no end that you hold the sheathe with the pointy end facing the enemy, as though you were actually going to try to thwack someone with it!

If possible, I would LOVE to see this weapon be redrawn to have the scabbard facing the opposite direction, for maximum super cool ninja swordsman swag! Or, perhaps, for the two or three people who enjoy the scabbard facing this way, a merge shop or quest in Underworld to change between the two.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 712
9/18/2018 0:52:08   
Captain Kuchiki

Considering that Black Dragon Ninja Sword's art style was fixed, would like to see the same art fixes applied to it's other variants - Purple, Pink, and Green.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 713
9/24/2018 13:09:59   

Converting any weapons to a dagger:
I would like to suggest that AQW make it possible for a player to convert any weapon that is not Rare or that already has a dagger equivalent to a dagger for the cost of 200 ACs. For example the Blood Maul, which is a hammer, could be made a Dual Blood Maul by paying 200 ACs. The action would not be able to be reversed, but it would make the Dual Blood Maul an AC item since it required ACs to convert it. The Cadabolg, for example, would not be able to be converted to a dagger because it already has a dagger equivalent. And the Articus, for example, could not be converted to a dagger, because it is Rare and no longer available. I think this would enhance the player experience by giving them more options to customize current weapons in their inventories.
Post #: 714
10/14/2018 6:22:41   

My idea is not necessarily a suggestion for a design but the overal ability to change the look of your weapon,
example; i'm using the burning blade of abezeth right now but im tred of looking at it but i dont want to lose the buff, how can i fix this?
just like the class and armor system maybe there should be a option to transfer that buff onto the costume of another sword just like regular costumes give a small touch of finesse to a character's look,
why can't we do this with our swords though.... there's a suggestion that befits this forum thread *i think*
AQW  Post #: 715
11/8/2018 4:48:20   


Void Light of Negative Legacy
Chaos artifact
Looks like mind breaker but shorts word
Doubles AWE Power word Die chance if enhanced
0 random

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AQ AQW  Post #: 716
11/16/2018 9:36:52   
Jorin Nife

A lovely sword I made in hopes of seeing it put into the game. Fingers crossed!

Undying Horror


Defiled Sword

Undying Defiled Sword

Char. page


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Post #: 717
11/26/2018 0:29:55   

Char Page
I'd like to suggest Cyber Caladbolg 3018 be color custom, it would match with a lot more things!
I'd reccomend the price be scaled up to 1000 ACs or 1500 ACs as it is a color custom version of the original. I am very disappointed with the green version as it does not match with nearly anything I own. :)
P.S. I know some people like green, but wouldn't you rather have a Color Custom Caladbolg instead of a set color, no matter what the color is.

Attached is a slider of the weapon going through the different colors in the spectrum:
GIF of Cyber Caladbolg 3018 CC

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Post #: 718
11/28/2018 0:49:16   

Cyber Caladbolg 3018
It is a stunning sword, all things considered. but i think that the base, out of combat form cuts the hilt off to abruptly. and so i purpose a change, an imporvement.

it's not a big change, and i would do nothing to the in combat form, that thing is amazing, but i think this little change is well deserved, right now it's not worht it's 500 Legion Token price tag let alone 500 acs

Cyber Caladbolg 3018 *UPDATE*
AQW  Post #: 719
1/11/2019 21:39:15   
Uncle Monkey

I'd like to the NSoD to be color custom, or even better, have bonuses like the BoA that would apply the NSoD bonus to any weapon. You could even combine the 2 for owners of both...
AQ AQW  Post #: 720
1/15/2019 4:28:16   

Scarlet Reaper Scythes
Char page

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AQW  Post #: 721
1/15/2019 11:40:20   

here, It's my first, and probably only attempt at this. enjoy. HollowGrind
AQW  Post #: 722
1/18/2019 0:13:11   

There should be a direct opposite. The light and good version of necrotic sword of doom, with the same dmg boost overall as Nsod.
It should also be farmed by turning in 850 auras or faster using blod
This is due to the fact good faction in aqw is underdeveloped as well as players using the merge glitch back then. At the end of the day, players want fun and fairness. Turning in 7500 when others do it using just 800 is not the aim of the game. Even the game did wrong.
Post #: 723
2/10/2019 20:22:22   

I like the SkullCrusher Mace and with the new inventory slots this isn't as big of a deal, but it would be nice to have the mace AC tagged. Even if it was enchant able in @NostalgiaQuest. It would just be nice to be able to have that free storage with a weapon that, to be honest, you have to work quite a bit to get.
Post #: 724
3/10/2019 1:39:22   

Crystal Rune Sword
Post #: 725
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