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7/22/2014 3:20:58   
Times Silent Keeper


Journey to Cloud City!
Fujin Set

Tales going back 3000 years say that somewhere above these stark granite mountains there rests a place called Soriranashi-Sonikan, the Cloud City. Someone survived the journey across the Bridge of the Sky long ago and returned to tell of it - but no one has returned from across the bridge since then.

Just what will you find in Soriranashi-Sonikan??

«The scene shifts to the left, showing the Bridge to the Sky, followed by moving upwards, showing a gleam of light, then to the right, where Soriranashi-Sonikan is. You stand at the base of the bridge, and a Wind Spirit descends»

Wind Spirit: HALT! Mortals may not enter the Temple of the Winds!
«You»: Hmmm... "may not" or "cannot"? I mean, is there some sort of magic force field up that would only allow immortals through?
Wind Spirit: Well... no.
«You»: And just how do you know I'm mortal? I haven't died yet. At least, not permanently.
Wind Spirit: Well... I...
«You»: So if I wanted to take a stroll down that impossibly-long bridge to plunder - I mean view - your sacred relics, there's really nothing to stop me, right?
Wind Spirit: Just me, and the master of this realm, and a few other surprises along the way!
  • Fight!
      1 BATTLE: Wind Spirit
      Full Heal

      8 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2, #4, #6 and #8
    Wind Gust!
    A gust of wind strong enough to topple a stone tower blasts over the sky bridge! Can you grab hold of something before you're blown off?
    Difficulty: 96
    Stat Used: Dexterity

    «If you fail the roll, you get blown off the bridge and are given the options to "Try again!" or "Leave". If you choose to try again, you face 2 BATTLES followed a Full Heal and a repeat of the roll. If you succeed the roll you proceed on with your journey.»
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battle #2
    «You»: Looks like I am just over halfway to the city now -- I can just see it through the clouds!

    «The Wind Spirit returns from his defeat.»

    Wind Spirit: That will be the LAST thing you see, fool!!
    «You»: ...Oh, YOU again?
  • Fight!
      1 BATTLE: Wind Spirit
      Full Heal

      6 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2, #4 and #6
    Powerful magic has removed all the air from around the entrance to the city! Can you hold your breath all the way to the gate?
    Difficulty: 86
    Stat Used: Endurance

    «If you fail the roll, you get suffocated and die, and are given the options to "Try again!" or "Leave". If you choose to try again, you face 2 BATTLES followed a Full Heal and a repeat of the roll. If you succeed the roll you proceed on with your journey into Soriranashi-Sonikan.»
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «Fuuryoku descends from the ceiling.»

    Fuuryoku: I have watched your progress with great interest, little one. You have made it very far, further than any have before.
    Fuuryoku: I am sorry to say that not only can you NOT have my treasures, but you must also not be allowed the opportunity to go back where you came from.
    Fuuryoku: So, you see, my beautiful Cloud City will be your final resting place. My lieutenant will show you to your demise.
    Fuuryoku: In the language of the wind spirits, his name means "the razor of winter's first bite".
    Fuuryoku: Your futile human tongue is unable to pronounce its true depth, and unworthy to even try. You may call him "Frank".
    «You»: If that's the way it has to be, well, at least I'll have a nice view in the afterlife!
  • Fight!
      1 BATTLE: Wind Spirit
      Full Heal
    Fuuryoku: You are a mighty warrior indeed, to strike down Frank.
    «You»: Eh, it's not really that big of a deal. That's, like, the third time I've beaten him today. You really need to train your minions better.
    Fuuryoku: ... I see. Well then, little one. Perhaps you and your ego should meet another one of my servants.
  • Fight!
      1 BATTLE: Fujin Dragon
      Full Heal
    Fuuryoku: The defense of the four winds falls to me, then. And with them the symbols of a world long lost.
    Fuuryoku: If you would claim and control their power, you must defeat me, the master of this city!
    «You»: You're a bigger windbag than that thing on your back. Get ready to rumble, Chubby McJumble!
      1 BATTLE: Fuuryoku
      Full Heal
    «Fujin's Relics shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
  • Fujin Set! - Opens Fujin's Relics shop
  • Ancient Regalia! (L105+) - Opens Imperial Regalia shop
  • Play again!
  • Leave
    Fujin's Relics

  • Echo Z [L. 11 Z]
  • Echo [L. 45]
  • Nordhri [L. 60]
  • Virupaksa [L. 75]
  • Kan Tzicnal Z [L. 80 Z]
  • Kan Tzicnal [L. 90]
  • Aquilon [L. 105]
  • Boreas [L. 120]
  • Pavana [L. 135]
  • Tonbogiri [L. 150 G]

  • Oreads' Dexterity Z [L. 11 Z]
  • Oreads' Dexterity [L. 45]
  • Vinddvergar's Agility [L. 60]
  • Lokapala's Nimbleness [L. 75]
  • Bacabs' Finesse Z [L. 80 Z]
  • Bacabs' Finesse [L. 90]
  • Ventus' Finish [L. 105]
  • Anemos' Poise [L. 120]
  • Vayus' Grace [L. 135]
  • Fujin no Kiyousa [L. 150 G]

  • Aura Z [L. 11 Z]
  • Aura [L. 45]
  • Sudhri [L. 60]
  • Virudhaka [L. 75]
  • Hozanek Z [L. 80 Z]
  • Hozanek [L. 90]
  • Auster [L. 105]
  • Notus [L. 120]
  • Vata [L. 135]
  • Fujin no Shukufuku [L. 150 G]

  • Oreads' Ado Z [L. 11 Z]
  • Oreads' Ado [L. 45]
  • Vinddvergar's Pest [L. 60]
  • Lokapala's Nuisance [L. 75]
  • Bacabs' Bother Z [L. 80 Z]
  • Bacabs' Bother [L. 90]
  • Ventus' Aggravation [L. 105]
  • Anemos' Frustration [L. 120]
  • Vayus' Pique [L. 135]
  • Fujin's Curse [L. 150 G]

    House Items
  • Fujin Dragon [L. 11 Z]
  • Fujin Dragon [L. 45 Z]
  • Fujin Dragon [L. 60 Z]
  • Fujin Dragon [L. 75 Z]
  • Fujin Dragon [L. 90 Z]
  • Fujin Dragon [L. 105 Z]
  • Fujin Dragon [L. 120 Z]
  • Fujin Dragon [L. 135 Z]
  • Fujin Dragon [L. 150 Z]
    Imperial Regalia

  • Kusanagi Sword [L. 105]
  • Kazemai Athame [L. 105]
  • Holy Kusanagi Sword [L. 120]
  • Holy Kazemai Athame [L. 120]
  • Sacred Kusanagi Sword Z [L. 135]
  • Sacred Kazemai Athame [L. 135]
  • Divine Kusanagi Sword [L. 150 G]
  • Divine Kazemai Athame [L. 150 G]

  • Yata Mirror [L. 105]
  • Holy Yata Mirror [L. 120]
  • Sacred Yata Mirror [L. 135]
  • Divine Yata Mirror [L. 150 G]

  • Summon Wind Spirit [L. 105]
  • Summon Wind Spirit [L. 120]
  • Summon Wind Spirit [L. 135]
  • Summon Wind Spirit [L. 150 G]

  • Yasakani Jewel [L. 105]
  • Holy Yasakani Jewel [L. 120]
  • Sacred Yasakani Jewel [L. 135]
  • Divine Yasakani Jewel [L. 150 G]

    Void Takeover (Part 2)

    «On 17 Jul '14, Gracie was replaced, not by the return of Death, but by a Chaos Knight! Same as before, the Chaos Knight has two versions of dialogue, the first introducing the current enemy in The Void, the other being the one as follows.»

    Chaos Knight: Huh... That weird dimensional rift spit me out here. Nice nothingness you've got here. I'm gonna have to kill that dusty skeleton and spruce it up. Unless you think you can stop me...
  • I think I can!
      1 BATTLE: Chaos Knight
      Full Heal
    «Upon the successful defeat of the Chaos Knight, the Chaos Armament shop opens. Once you leave:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Chaos Armaments

  • Chaos Axe [L. 110]
  • Chaos Axe [L. 130]
  • Chaos Axe [L. 150 G]

  • Chaos Armour [L. 110]
  • Chaos Armour [L. 130]
  • Chaos Armour [L. 150 G]

  • Eye of Chaos [L. 110]
  • Eye of Chaos [L. 130]
  • Eye of Chaos [L. 150 G]
  • Both of these entries are in preparation to be released. ~whacky

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    7/23/2014 23:52:29   
      In Media Res
     Mini Egg Cookies of Order


    The Transmorphers war is now available in the Hall of Memories.

    The part of Robina's shop where she offers the Truphma quests has been reorganised.

    The Halenro statue in Granemor cemetary[sic] now offers the Aftermath of Extinction cutscene, as well as the Facing the Darkness quest.

    Log out and refresh the page to get all these updates.
    All the related entries affected by this have their changes now reflected. ~whacky

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    7/25/2014 22:27:40   
    Times Silent Keeper


    Beast Hostilities

    Location: Travel Map » Darkovia Forest » DracoPyre Legacy! » 6. The Hall of Memories » Open Doors! » Click on the arrow » 4: Transmorphers: Beast Hostilities

    After searching through Darkovia with Suliban Filigree's aid, you were able to locate the Arena that the Transmorphers have been using for their conflict. The four camps have drawn competing battlelines...

    «Scene: Darkovia Arena»

    Elton Tann: Hi, I'm your host Elton Tann. To my right is color commentator Chenji Sakaimoto and to my other right noted guest naturalist Suliban Filigree.
    Chenji: That's right, folks. Bucknoose, MuttonCutlet, Carpendter and the mysterious and unseen Chairwoman Apia Tagehi-Kasuta...
    Chenji: ...have set their armies against the unsuspecting Darkovian populace.
    Elton Tann: Darkovia can never catch a break.
    Suliban Filigree: Clearly they need better real estate agents.
    Chenji: Which reminds us. This weekly war is brought to you by Kabak Realty.
    Elton Tann: That's right, Chenji. Kabak Realty, he likes to rhyme but he will save you big time.

    Beast Hostilities

    The Transmorphers have divided Darkovia, and in their efforts to find "Which Between Reigns Supreme", have thrust the populace into gladiatorial combat. Which of the four camps will you fight for?
  • Fight!
  • Return to Town

    Twilly: Twilly feels like he's missing out on a joke here.... :(
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please - Full Heal and continue dialogue below
  • Let me handle this! - Close dialogue
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    Potion Bag - Refills your potions if you have less than 4 on hand. (Guardian Only)
    Ubear - The cyber, circus beast Ubear!
    Ep-pig - The man/pig hybrid abomination Ep-pig!
    Flawfish - The scaly AND scary Flawfish!
    Legendairy - The udderly powerful Legendairy!

    To Battle!
    «You are given the option to fight for four different camps: Ubear, EpPig, Flawfish and Legendairy. Regardless of the camp you chose, you proceed to the following battles.»
      4 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal after battle #2
      Full Heal after battle #4
    «Once Ubear's war meter hit 100%...»

    Bucknoose: Muttoncutlet, we have brought in the next batch of candidates.
    Muttoncutlet: Very good, Bucknoose. Bring them in. Carpendter, prepare for the transformation.

    «Bucknoose leaves the scene.»

    Carpendter: Ah, very good...
    Muttoncutlet: And spare us the lengthy philosophical speech on how we were coral-ing these people for their own good.
    Carpendter: Oh.... Pollocks!
    Muttoncutlet: Or that Cod-swallop about how we will free them from the bonds of their primitive humanity or Eel their damaged souls...
    Carpendter: Really? I thought that last one was a Brill-iant pearl of wisdom myself. No need to get crabby. I've fin wondering what you really thought, Apia seemed to like it. She even haddock craving for more....
    Muttoncutlet: Well you can tell Apia that it was ab-sole-utely horrendous...
    Carptendter: Bother...
    Muttoncutlet: In fact, no more aquatic puns whatsoever. They are all wet... Doh!
    Carpendter: I never waste an op-perch-tuna-tee for such a pun! They are the Bass-is for my witty charm!

    «Bucknoose returns with several people ready to be transformed. You enter the scene just in time to intercept this.»

    «You»: THIS ENDS NOW....
    Muttoncutlet: CHOSEN OF LORE!
    Bucknoose: «You»!
    Carpendter: You can cut the Tench-ion with a knife. «You» intends to Mussel in on our Turf and Surf out of here with our candidates!
    Carpendter: You are too late though. The transformation has come. The only way you shall get through this is for one between to reign supreme!
      7 BATTLES (Non-random)

      Full Heal after battles #2, #4, #5, #6 and #7
    Muttoncutlet: Our defeat, stinging though it may be, is without consequence.
    Bucknoose: Without consequence?! That friggin hurt.
    Carpendter: Seriously? Without consequence!? You are just trying to bait «You» into kicking us around some more, aren't you?
    Bucknoose: Another maritime pun, even now...
    Carpendter: What pun... what, "bait"? Are you serious? Well, what word could I have used... Lure?
    Bucknoose: Still a pun.
    Carpendter: Decoy?
    Bucknoose: Still a pun...
    «You»: Would you both be quiet!
    Transmorphers: !!!
    «You»: Seriously all the puns have me reeling...
    Carpendter: Uh, «You», that's my line.
    Muttoncutlet: Enough! Apia has been informed, and Ubear is the being that has won supreme. This information will be quite useful in our studies.

    «The scene fades to black. You go to see Suliban.»

    Suliban: You truly are a hero of Lore, Chosen. You not only stabilized the area. You were able to prove that Ubear is, at least for now, the being that reigns supreme in the process! Congratulations!

    «Suliban vanishes from the scene. Drakath enters shortly after.»

    «You»: You were right... he is back... At the moment he is playing some sort of game. He got me to fight through his Transmorphers and to re-stabilize the undead in the area.
    «You»: But I do not know what his plan is...
    Drakath: Manipulation. That is always his plan. Consider, he just had you do the dirty work required to bring his experiments under control. That saved him tremendous effort.
    «You»: Yeah... But why bring them under control at all? Why not simply manipulate the transmorpher situation directly to his own advantage?
    «You»: I also am not entirely certain that your aid is not a manipulation either, Slugwrath...
    Drakath: That is, of course, always a very real possibility... Regardless, I have proven as good as my word where Erebus is concerned.
    Drakath: Now, I must return to Tralin in Deren... Good day, Chosen!

    «Drakath leaves the scene.»

    «You»: (thinking) Yes, as good as your word... yet to whose advantage, I wonder. Your own... his... both?

    «The scene fades to black. Somewhere, in the darkness, a dim campfire burns, revealing a conversation between mercenaries and someone hidden in the shadows...»

    Mercenary: It took doing, Lord, but we are certain that the war will come.
    ???: That is hardly good enough, fool. If I am to regain what is rightly mine, a war at the Necromancer's Fortress alone is hardly enough.
    ???: What of Ner? Have you a report?
    Drakel Mercenary: Yes, Lord ENTROPY. The K'eld is alarmed, the situation on the mainland and the situation here has them fearing the results of reunification.
    Entropy: What of the human leadership there?
    Drakel Mercenary: Darin has been recalled to Deren and Jano has resumed his role as T'Palo for the crown. His first order was to begin rebuilding the very wall he ordered disassembled during the coming.
    Mercenary: The war will spread like wildfire throughout the kingdom and with each action our name is spread.
    Both Mercenaries: We are tumult, for in our wake truth shall be turned on its head. We are vengeance when justice alone shall not suffice.
    Both Mercenaries: We are upheaval and revolution, for the downtrodden shall be drawn to our cause. We are disorder, disarray, and mayhem.

    «The Beast Hostilities shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Beast Hostilities

  • FlawFish [L. 10]
  • FlawFish [L. 30]
  • FlawFish [L. 50]
  • FlawFish [L. 70]
  • FlawFish [L. 90]
  • FlawFish [L. 110]
  • FlawFish [L. 130]
  • FlawFish [L. 150 G]

  • LegenDairy [L. 10]
  • LegenDairy [L. 30]
  • LegenDairy [L. 50]
  • LegenDairy [L. 70]
  • LegenDairy [L. 90]
  • LegenDairy [L. 110]
  • LegenDairy [L. 130]
  • LegenDairy [L. 150 G]

    Correction thanks to Archlist.
  • Released. ~whacky


    Can't Wait To be Undead!

    Location: Travel Map » Sail East » Travel South » Haven » Mind if I explore the town a bit? » Click on the Celestial Haven » Click on the Neko Armory (left building) » Got any quests? » Sure!

    «Scene: Animal Graveyard»

    «You»: This is horrible....
    Leo: Yes, and perhaps now you can see why I say that it cannot possibly be natural. Animals do not normally congregate to die in such a violent way.
    Leo: And I can smell something in the air. A strange presence hovers over this graveyard.
    Leo: Be wary, «You».«Several black furred Nekos with white faces enter the scene.»

    «You»: Looks like we have company.
    Leo: I recognize their scents. These Neko have been missing for some time.... but something is different about them. I sense something is wrong.
    Leo: What are you all doing here?
    Neko: We can't let them discover the Master's hideout! Get them!«The Necronyancer kneels defeated. A Lich enters.»

    Neko: M-Master....
    ???: It seems that your powers were not sufficient to defeate these nuisances.
    Neko: Forgive us, Master.

    «The Lich removes the soul from the Necronyancer, causing it to lay lifeless on the ground.»

    ???: In death, all is forgiven.
    Leo: How dare you! Who do you think you are?
    Ryn the Undying: Who am I? Well, I suppose it has been many years since I was last seen, so you would be forgiven for not recognizing me.
    Ryn the Undying: I was once known as Ryn the Undying, one of the most powerful liches in all of Lore.
    «You»: A lich?
    Ryn the Undying: Indeed. A lich of many years, in fact. I became a lich in ancient times, when we necromancers drew upon different resources for our powers.
    Ryn the Undying: As such, when the Necromancer Order lost their powers, my own power remained.
    Ryn the Undying: And now that there is a void in the order, I have come back to fill that void.
    Leo: What do you need my brethren for?
    Ryn the Undying: Your kind are rather adept when it comes to magic, and you're quite easy to lure with promises of powers and gifts. You will make ideal servants in my army.
    Leo: It is true that our kind is still quite naive to the ways of the world, and we are quick to embrace any source of learning.
    Leo: But you are abusing that zeal for learning to turn my kind into mindless servants! And that I will not allow!
    «You»: What he said. This ends now.
    Ryn the Undying: If you wish to be ground under my heel, then by all means, try to fight me. But you cannot stop death!
  • Battle with Leo's help
  • Battle by yourself

    «Regardless of choice»Leo: It seems that the creature is vanquished.
    «You»: Perhaps. Perhaps not. The problem with those who wield necromancy is that they rarely like to stay dead.
    Leo: I see. Well, if that creature should return, then we will be ready for him next time.
    Leo: It seems that our kind still has much to learn. And though we are eager, we must be careful not to lose ourselves to evil.
    Leo: Hmm. I see that my fellow Nekos have some items that have been corrupted by that creature's magic. I dare not use them, for fear of what I may become. But perhaps they may be useful to you?

    «The Necronyancer Goods shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Necronyancer Goods

  • Katar of Undeath [L. 10]
  • Katar of Undeath [L. 30]
  • Katar of Undeath [L. 50]
  • Katar of Undeath [L. 70]
  • Katar of Undeath [L. 90]
  • Katar of Undeath [L. 110]
  • Katar of Undeath [L. 130]
  • Katar of Undeath [L. 150 G]

  • Corrupted Flora Shield [L. 10]
  • Corrupted Flora Shield [L. 30]
  • Corrupted Flora Shield [L. 50]
  • Corrupted Flora Shield [L. 70]
  • Corrupted Flora Shield [L. 90]
  • Corrupted Flora Shield [L. 110]
  • Corrupted Flora Shield [L. 130]
  • Corrupted Flora Shield [L. 150 G]
  • Quest released. ~whacky

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    Times Silent Keeper


    Fern Bully
    Find the flora!

    Prerequisites: Must have completed Can't Wait to be Undead!
    Location: Travel Map » Sail East » Travel South » Haven » Mind if I explore the town a bit? » Click on the Town Circle » Click on the Hospital (building with the red cross) » Got any quests? » Sure!

    Angel: Alright. All of the components we need should be around here.
    Angel: The plants in this forest all contain some sort of basic genetic component that I can use to make my medicines and curatives.
    Angel: What I need you to do is gather the basic components for the medicine I request, and bring them to me.
    Angel: I can then use my nature magic to merge them into a plant which will provide the necessary medicinal remedy.
    Angel: Pay close attention to the patients' symptoms and try to gather enough components to make a medicine which will treat all of their injuries.
    Angel: When you think you have the required ingredients, I will be waiting in the middle of the forest to craft your item.
    Angel: Do you understand what I'm asking of you?
  • I'm ready! - Proceed with the dialogue below
  • Can you repeat that? - Repeats dialogue from start

      Angel: A patient of mine is suffering from a strange form of paralysis. Normal paralysis treatment doesn't seem to work.
      Angel: However, the patient has experienced temporary remission of all symptoms when exposed to catnip, and with each dose, the effects have lingered longer than the last dosage.
      Angel: My thinking is that if I can create a flowering plant that can provide him with ample doses of catnip and small amounts of healing, it may eventually reverse and even resist whatever ailment is immobilizing him.
      Angel: I need you to find the ingredients. Please be sure to gather enough for all of them!

      Angel: One of our expeditions into the wilderness located a rather large swamp region previously uncharted on our maps.
      Angel: Unfortunately, the waters were tainted with some manner of toxin, and it sickened quite a few of them.
      Angel: I happen to have created a flowering plant whose pollen makes an excellent curative for blood borne illness and toxins, but I lack the supplies to treat everyone.
      Angel: I need you to find the ingredients. Please be sure to gather enough for all of them!

      «Time Delayed Healing»
      Angel: This particular medicine is going to be tricky to create. I'd like to create a medicine which provides healing on a time delay.
      Angel: My belief is that by allowing the medicine time to grow inside of your body, like a seed, it will be fueled by your body's natural magics and provide greater amounts of healing when it blossoms.
      Angel: Such an effect will be hard to achieve, but I believe with the right seedling and components, it will provide superior healing long-term.
      Angel: I need you to find the ingredients. Please be sure to gather enough for all of them!

      «Physical Ailments»
      Angel: A group of hunters recently returned from a hunting expedition with some of their hunters severely wounded by a fire-breathing dragon.
      Angel: Their injuries are mostly physical ailments, ranging from minor cuts to broken bones and severe burns.
      Angel: I've been able to create a hybrid vine plant that can heal their injuries, but I don't have enough ingredients to make some for everyone.
      Angel: I need you to find the ingredients. Please be sure to gather enough for all of them!

      «Healing Staff»
      Angel: Being out in the wilderness as we are, injuries are very common. Lately I've been working on a way to provide healing to my patients at a more rapid pace.
      Angel: I believe that I can craft a staff which will work well as a channeling device for my nature magic, allowing me to heal patients with greater power and efficiency.
      Angel: But to make such a staff, I'll need ample healing reagents so that I can treat any number of ailments. And of course, a healing reagent wouldn't hurt.
      Angel: I need you to find the ingredients. Please be sure to gather enough for all of them!
    «You commence with a mini game, in search of the components that can help cure the disease Angel was referring to. You need exactly four plants for each hunt Angel requests of you. Mousing over each plant provides you with a short description of the plant's effects. Click on the plant to pick it up, which also yields the message "You have collected «plant name»!". If you have already collected a particular plant before, clicking it again gives you the message "You have already collected «plant name».". A list of plants and their descriptions are as follows. You can hold a maximum of four items. If you attempt to collect more than four, you get the message "You are unable to collect the «plant name». Visit Angel to discard something. Attempting to discard an empty slot gives you the message "You have nothing to discard.".»

      Middle Forest
    • Neospornyan - This flower has been used to make excellent medicines to treat minor burns and cuts.
    • Pureblood Lily - This flower is often used as an ingredient in making potions that treat various illnesses and poisons.
    • Clock Carnation - A flower whose clock-like petals are not only pretty, but indicative of its slowly paced growth cycle.
    • Creeping Kudzu - A basic vine that should make a good component for any vine plantlife.

      Left Forest
    • Enchanted Soil - Special soil which is ideal for growing any type of plant.
    • Iron Orchid - A strange flower that is extremely resilient against freezing and other weather conditions that would hinder its growth.
    • Hydra Vine - This vine is best known for its amazing regenerative properties.
    • Pretty Peony - An ordinary flower that should make a good base component for any flowering plants.

      Right Forest
    • Healing Spring - Water with extraordinary healing properties for healing large amounts of damage.
    • Large Seed - An unusually large seed that should make a good base component for any seedlings.
    • Ancient Tree - A tall ancient tree whose branches would be perfect for a walking stick or staff.

      «Not sure what reagents are required for each type of illness?»

      Paralysis: Enchanted Soil, Pretty Peony, Hydra Vine, Iron Orchid
      Toxin: Enchanted Soil, Pretty Peony, Pure Blood Lily, Healing Spring
      Time Delayed Healing: Enchanted Soil, Clock Carnation, Healing Spring, Large Seed
      Physical Ailments: Enchanted Soil, Neospornyan, Creeping Kudzu, Healing Spring
      Healing Staff: Neospornyan, Pureblood Lily, Healing Spring, Ancient Tree

      «You can speak to Angel in the middle of the forest, which offers various options.»

      Angel: Have you gathered all of the medicines I've asked for?
    • I've got everything we need.

        «If you do not have four reagents...»
        Angel: You don't have enough components yet.

        «If you have four reagents, but at least one is incorrect...»
        Angel: Hm, I don't think you have the right components. At least one of those is wrong.

    • What ingredients do I already have?

      • A menu containing all the plants you have so far opens.
      • Click on Remove to discard any plant from your inventory. This will give you a message "You discard the «plant name» that you collected.".
      • Click on Done to close the menu and resume your plant search.

    • Could you tell me what to look for again?

        Angel: To grow this catnip flower, I'll need healing reagents which can help the patient overcome his paralysis.

        Angel: To grow this flower with the pollen which makes an excellent curative for blood borne illness and toxins, I'll need multiple flowers and the right environment.

        «Time Delayed Healing»
        Angel: To grow this healing seed, I'll need an appropriate seed and healing reagents which can release doses over time.

        «Physical Ailments»
        Angel: To grow an injury-healing vine, I'll need the vine of course, and reagents which help with physical ailments, like minor cuts or broken bones and burns.

        «Healing Staff»
        Angel: To make this staff, I'll need ample healing reagents so that I can treat any number of ailments. And of course, a healing reagent wouldn't hurt.

    • No, I need more time. - Closes dialogue box
    «Once you have the correct four reagents, telling Angel that you have everything you need continues the quest.»

    Angel: Hm....yes! Those ingredients should work nicely! And no sign of any wildlife attacks, thankfully, so we can always come back for more.
    Angel: Let's take them back to the Hospital now....


    Angel: What was that? We'd better investigate. If there is indeed wildlife out here destroying these precious plants, it's essential that we deal with them.

    «The scene fades to black. Moving to the source of the crashing sound, you discover Ratty B.»

    Angel: Who are you?
    Ratty B.: Greetings. I am known as Ratty B. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
    Angel: So is it you who has been destroying the flora in this portion of the forest?
    Ratty B.: Indeed, I am the rapscallion who has been decimating this locality of the woodland.
    Ratty B.: I have guided myself through ample physical instruction because I sought to test my mettle against an explorer of immense fortitude.
    «You»: ....are you just reading from a thesaurus right now? No one talks like this.
    Ratty B.: Oh dear! I did not anticipate that a charlatan of your demeanor would see fit to provoke me!
    «You»: Seriously, you're just doing that on purpose, aren't you?
    Angel: Do all creatures of your type speak as strangely as you?
    Ratty B.: Very well, then! Ratty B deeply sympathizes with the daring stooge who would dare to foment such enmity in him! Lament your impending predicament!
    «You»: ....can we just fight already?
  • Battle with Angel's help
  • Battle by yourself

    «Regardless of choice:»
      1 BATTLE: Ratty B
      Level 0-29: Ratty B (10)
      Level 30-49: Ratty B (30)
      Level 50-69: Ratty B (50)
      Level 70-89: Ratty B (70)
      Level 90-109: Ratty B (90)
      Level 110-129: Ratty B (110)
      Level 130-149: Ratty B (130)
      Level 150+: Ratty B (150)

      Full Heal
    Angel: That drove him off.
    «You»: You may want to be careful. He could come back at any time.
    Angel: And if he does, we shall be ready. We cannot allow anything to damage this delicate forest region.
    Angel: Since you have been such a tremendous help, perhaps you would like to take some of these curatives with you on your adventures?

    «The scene fades to black. Depending on which status Angel wanted you to find reagents for, a different shop will open. The shop names are Catnip Senses (Paralysis), Purifying Pollen (Toxin), Healing Seeds (Time Delayed Healing), Mending Vines (Physical Ailments) and Healing Branch (Healing Staff). Once you leave any of the shops:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Celestial Haven!
  • Leave
    Catnip Senses

  • Catnip Senses [L. 10]
  • Catnip Senses [L. 30]
  • Catnip Senses [L. 50]
  • Catnip Senses [L. 70]
  • Catnip Senses [L. 90]
  • Catnip Senses [L. 110]
  • Catnip Senses [L. 130]
  • Catnip Senses [L. 150 G]
    Purifying Pollen

  • Purifying Pollen [L. 10]
  • Purifying Pollen [L. 30]
  • Purifying Pollen [L. 50]
  • Purifying Pollen [L. 70]
  • Purifying Pollen [L. 90]
  • Purifying Pollen [L. 110]
  • Purifying Pollen [L. 130]
  • Purifying Pollen [L. 150 G]
    Healing Seeds

  • Healing Seeds [L. 10]
  • Healing Seeds [L. 30]
  • Healing Seeds [L. 50]
  • Healing Seeds [L. 70]
  • Healing Seeds [L. 90]
  • Healing Seeds [L. 110]
  • Healing Seeds [L. 130]
  • Healing Seeds [L. 150 G]
    Mending Vines

  • Mending Vines [L. 10]
  • Mending Vines [L. 30]
  • Mending Vines [L. 50]
  • Mending Vines [L. 70]
  • Mending Vines [L. 90]
  • Mending Vines [L. 110]
  • Mending Vines [L. 130]
  • Mending Vines [L. 150 G]
    Healing Branch

  • Healing Branch [L. 10]
  • Healing Branch [L. 30]
  • Healing Branch [L. 50]
  • Healing Branch [L. 70]
  • Healing Branch [L. 90]
  • Healing Branch [L. 110]
  • Healing Branch [L. 130]
  • Healing Branch [L. 150 G]

    Reagents required for respective statuses thanks to battlesiege15, CH4OT1C! and Inferno369. Corrections thanks to Archlist.
  • Settling. ~whacky

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    Times Silent Keeper


    Seeking Silence

    It has been a year since we last saw Silence. Between her service to the Boatman, and the people who she has taken under her wing, she has been busy. But, there is trouble. There is an individual in Lore who is desperately trying to die before his time. The person continuously pushes the realm to accept him, when it is not meant to be. You must seek out this person, learn why he so desperately wants to die before his time.

    Please note that this quest explores some more mature themes. We're offering the opportunity to skip the dialogue if you're just seeking the battles and rewards, as some people may be uncomfortable with these topics.

    «You are given the option to 'SKIP QUEST' or 'Continue'. Choosing to skip the quest eliminates all dialogue, directly jumping into all the battles in this quest. Choosing to continue proceeds with the dialogue below.»

    «Scene: Clarice speaks to Silence. Silence does not look happy.»

    Clarice: My Lady, why do you look as if you have no hope? What can I do to make you smile?
    Silence: My dearest Clarice, such a thing is regrettably beyond you right now. There is an issue in my own realm that neither I nor my master have found a solution to and ... I fear that it is starting to eat away at me.
    Clarice: But, are you not one of the most powerful of all of Lore?
    Silence: My sweet subject, you are too kind to afford me such distinction. Nay, I am not the most powerful; there exist many beings who are greater than I.
    Silence: Yet, possessed of power or not, my master and I must find a way to resolve this issue or there will be grave consequences.
    Clarice: If nothing one such as yourself is able to do can solve this problem, then perhaps you must seek the aid of someone from the mortal plane.
    Clarice: «You», for example. He was such a tremendous help to us last time. Surely, with his thoughtfulness and your intelligence, together the two of you can figure this out?
    Silence: «You»? Oh, but he is so busy. Yet... you are right, my disciple. We cannot let this situation continue to persist.
    Silence: Perhaps the touch of a mortal is what we have been missing all along. Thank you for your assistance, Clarice.
    Clarice: Always, my Lady. Please tell him how we fare, and that his work continues on.
    Silence: Of course. I will return once this is taken care of. Please see to the harvest.

    «The scene fades to black. Over in Death's Domain...»

    Boatman: Mortals are so complex. Must they make everything this difficult? My job is already hard enough as it is without someone trying to violate the status quo.
    Boatman: ...Silence.

    «Silence fades into the scene.»

    Silence: My Master.
    Boatman: Please tell me that you have come up with something regarding Morcef.
    Silence: Master, I have tried all things at my disposal, as have you. But, one of my subjects remembered «You». Perhaps... a mortal would fare better in this situation?
    Boatman: I've seen him often enough, I should have thought of that myself. The idea has merit. Go, and petition «You» to see if he will help us.
    Silence: Yes, my Master. Right away.

    «Silence fades away from the scene.»

    Boatman: *Sighs* It is hard enough to bring those to my realm when they are destined to, but one whose time has not yet come? Why defy fate when you have such a long life ahead of you...?

    «The scene fades to black. Over at Lolosia, you finally have a chance to take a break!»

    «You»: Ah, peace at last! After spending time on another of Eukara Vox's adventures, searching for artifacts in the dusty ruins of some nearly forgotten civilization...
    «You»: Nothing beats the feeling of sand beneath my feet. The sun, the surf, and the gentle breeze coming off the waves are truly all one needs to relax.

    «Silence fades into the scene.»

    Silence: «You».
    «You»: Silence! It's been a while. What brings your beautiful countenance here?
    Silence: Charming an immortal, huh? *Smiles* I have come seeking your help.
    «You»: Seeking my help? What on Lore could I possibly do for you, servant of Death? I swear, I haven't bothered the Boatman in a while!
    Silence: If only it were that simple, «You». I have a heavy burden, one that I have struggled with for a long time, and this burden is becoming heavier and heavier.
    Silence: Even my Master's shoulders are threatening to collapse under its weight.
    Silence: You may be our last hope, for nothing we have done has resolved the situation.
    «You»: Please, Silence, tell me what is wrong.
    Silence: There is one on Lore who wishes to visit my realm before his time.
    Silence: Everyone has a time, fixed and determined, when they meet my Master and myself on the other side for their last voyage. The laws that bind the universe are set.
    Silence: Yet, there is a man who is so determined to undermine this law that the very foundations of my Master's realm shudder.
    Silence: I can feel my realm's pain, its befuddlement at the constant bombardment by this man's sheer will.
    «You»: Wait... Let me get this straight. There is one on Lore who wants to visit your realm before his time, and this very act has shaken the after realm to its core?
    Silence: Yes, and if we cannot right this, I am not sure what the consequences will be. Please, «You», find him and see if you can do what I have failed to do.
    «You»: Of... of course, Silence. I will go now and find him. What is his name?
    Silence: His name is Morcef Dantes. He lives west of Azma Lake, in Augerthorne Forest.
    «You»: I will do everything I can, Silence.

    «You leave the scene.»

    Silence: Fly, «You», for my realm is groaning under the weight of this man's spirit.

    «The scene fades to black. On the way to Morcef's residence, you are attacked by monsters!»«You arrive at the village where Morcef lives.»

    «You»: Such a small place for such a large problem. Hey! Sir! Yes, you there, can you help me?

    «A villager enters the scene.»

    Villager: May I help you?
    «You»: Oh, thank goodness. My name is «You». I've come from a distance to seek out one named Morcef Dantes.
    Villager: «You»? Ah, yes, the «You»! Even out here, we have heard of your efforts to do good. Why are you seeking Morcef?
    «You»: A private matter. Can you tell me where he is?
    Villager: I can, but good luck getting him to talk, cooperate or even muster enough energy to acknowledge you exist. Morcef is on the northern edge of the village.
    Villager: My daughter has tried to take him food, but he seems determined to ignore her generosity. Young children often think they can save the world, don't they?
    «You»: ...Has she had Eukara Vox as a teacher?
    Villager: No, we have no teachers here. Eukara Vox, you say? Perhaps I should look into that.
    «You»: Oh, no, I meant, well... Ms. Vox's students are very unique in their, um, outlook on the world. They frequently fly into danger, with their teacher at the helm.
    «You»: Anyway, I must go before I cause any unfortunate futures...

    «You leave the scene.»

    Villager: Mmmm, Mercedes would be better off with a teacher...

    «The scene fades to black. At the northern edge of the village, you come across a house, but its door has collapsed on its side, allowing anyone to enter.»

    «You»: Yikes... this isn't good. Morcef?!

    «Morcef exits from his house.»

    Morcef: Why do you bother me?
    «You»: I've been sent here to find you and learn what it is that makes you so determined to visit Death's realm before your time!
    Morcef: *Groans* Another do-gooder bent on "healing me", huh?
    «You»: No, not really. I come here by direction of a greater cause than my own. What you are doing is tearing the nether-realms apart, Morcef. Something has to give.
    Morcef: And why should I care? That doesn't matter to me. Nothing matters...
    «You»: Everything matters in the end, Morcef. Everything we do, everything we act on, results in a reaction that furthers reality's timeline, whether for good or bad.
    Morcef: Do you think I don't know that?! I, of all people, know that far too well. Begone, glory seeker. You will not find your worth in helping a wretch like myself.
    «You»: I do not seek personal glory, Morcef. I seek to keep this world together!
    Morcef: I have ruined more than I have blessed. Do you wish to hurt me by bringing this to mind?
    «You»: No, but neither will I stand aside and let my reality break into a million pieces because you insist on breaking the laws that bind the universe!
    Morcef: Has anyone ever told you that you a hard-headed, pushy, insensitive nuisance?
    «You»: Well... hard-headed, yes. Pushy, yes. Nuisance... insinuated. But insensitive, no. That's why I'm pleading with you to tell me what's made you like this, Morcef.
    «You»: I'm not ignoring your pain, but neither can I ignore the pain that your actions are causing so many others. So please, Morcef...
    Morcef: ...Very well, then, glory-seeker. Follow me and let me tell you why. Maybe reliving it will finally bring me darkness and an end.
      4 BATTLES
      Refer to Monster List above

      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «You arrive at another house within the village.»

    Morcef: This was the house and office of the only doctor our village has known in three generations.
    «You»: Was?
    Morcef: Yes, was. You see, he had taken myself and another under his wing to train us to take his place.
    Morcef: He was old, older than anyone could guess and was in need of a successor. I spent three long years studying and learning under him.
    Morcef: In the fourth year, when it came time to take on more responsibility, I felt as if the doctor was putting me aside.
    Morcef: The last year's service would be more intense, readying his choice for his position, and it was clear he was not going to choose me.
    «You»: So, you were not chosen. I am assuming you didn't take it well?
    Morcef: How would you feel if you were cast off like trash, «You»? Of course I didn't take it well. I did everything he wanted me to and more.
    Morcef: I knew in my heart that I was the right choice. The other student might have been slightly older than I, but I never felt like he'd cared enough.
    «You»: What did you do, Morcef?

    «Morcef walks slightly forward, turns to you, kneels down and touches his temple as a flashback begins to what happened. In his flashback, he sees the aged doctor carefully guiding his other disciple, with Morcef just looking from a distance.»

    Morcef: I was so very determined to get this position. I look back now and see that I was blind. But at the time? I was the only choice.

    «The next scene shows Morcef writing with a quill on a piece of paper.»

    Morcef: The choice was made, and all that remained was for it to be finalized. I learned that the doctor was meeting with my rival to secure, for the community, his place as successor.
    Morcef: I couldn't let that happen, so I wrote a letter to my competitor, in the name of his uncle, who was serving in the Knight's army of Rennd.

    «The scene changes, to the doctor's other disciple reading the letter from his "uncle".»

    Morcef: The letter requested him to go to Rennd immediately, as his uncle had been grievously wounded.

    «The disciple is seen traveling to Rennd.»

    Morcef: He left. I had secretly taken the summons from the doctor so my rival couldn't see them. He had no idea about the meeting. In addition, I also intercepted his note to the doctor explaining his absence.
    Morcef: I arranged to have the summons laid out on his table, as if he had read them, for later.

    «The next scene shows a really disappointed doctor.»

    Morcef: When the doctor had come to greet him with the town's leaders, the letter looked read, but he was nowhere to be found.

    «With disappointment, no disciple and sickness ailing the doctor, the doctor draws his last breath and dies in his bed.»

    Morcef: I had meant to make the doctor realize his mistake, but instead, I created a disaster. He was sick, but told no one. He was dying and needed to choose.
    Morcef: He made his choice and I sent the choice away for a long time. The journey to Rennd from here is not easy. We were without a true doctor for a long time.

    «The next scene shows the doctor's other disciple in Rennd, confused with what is happening, as a Rennd guard speaks to him. The flashback ends.»

    «You»: I... don't know what to say.
    Morcef: Oh, the story isn't over. My rival felt that the death of the doctor was all his fault. He left the good doctor, in his time of need, for an errand that hadn't truly existed. He was gone when he was needed most.
    Morcef: My rival... locked himself away from the village. He felt he had let everyone down.
    Morcef: At the same time, the townspeople were without a doctor; someone to stop them from getting sick, to truly treat their injuries. And it has only gotten worse and worse.
    Morcef: I condemned and broke a man. I have watched him slowly waste away from grief and heartache. Out of guilt, I tried to care for him, but it only gave me a front row seat to his suffering.
    Morcef: I have watched the village suffer because we have no one to care for them.
    «You»: But... you trained under the doctor? Can't you--
    Morcef: If I learned anything, glory seeker, it is that I never truly was right for the job. My intentions weren't to help, but to be important.
    Morcef: I can't do the job. I can't. I have failed, over and over. I have hurt, killed, maimed, destroyed.
    Morcef: And for that, I deserve to have the stone over my grave, not the doctor. I am the one who deserves the fate befallen my rival, to die a lonely death because he thought he failed.
    Morcef: But, I am the one who can't seem to get what he deserves.
    «You»: There is still reason for you to be here.
    Morcef: And what is that? To live the rest of my days knowing I ruined lives? To continue suffering because I was a prideful, stupid man in my youth?
    «You»: Not necessarily.
    Morcef: Then what? What could I possibly offer Lore? What is there left inside of me, after all I've done and deserved, to do anything useful with the life that might remain?
    «You»: Morcef, you made mistakes. You did things you shouldn't. Yes, there are consequences and you have had to live with them.
    «You»: But, the sun rises and grants you a new day. You have something more to give this land.

    «Morcef hangs his head down in shame.»

    Morcef: I don't know if I can.
    «You»: Look, you started something years ago. Maybe back then, you did it for the wrong reasons. But, perhaps you really are meant to be a doctor, and serve others.
    «You»: Maybe... you just needed to be broken first, before you could truly give of yourself like the doctor you once studied under.
    «You»: Morcef, for one moment, just imagine that all you learned is still there, just waiting to be released by the true person inside you, to be great for others. To serve others. To be... the lifeline that someone needs.
    Morcef: I don't know... I... Surely I don't deserve that?
    «You»: We all pay for the deeds we do, whether good or bad. But, if you don't learn from that payment, then what is there left for us?
    «You»: Learn from this, but don't throw it all away and try to end what could be glorious because you cannot see the next sunrise for the storms inside.
    Morcef: The storms are all I've known... How can I silence them?
    «You»: Just ask. Silence waits for you to simply just... ask.

    «Silence fades into the scene.»

    Silence: Morcef...

    «Morcef raises his head.»

    Morcef: Who... are you?
    Silence: I am the one who can quiet your storms. If you desire Silence, all you have to do is ask.
    Morcef: Please... I don't want to do this anymore. I don't want to lay beneath these dark clouds that plague me. I want to... to do what this person speaks of. I want to try to be someone who means something.
    Silence: Seems Clarice was right. Thank you, «You». I will take it from here.

    «The scene fades to black as Silence approaches Morcef. Over in Death's Domain...»

    Boatman: It worked. «You» came through again, and this time I didn't even have to negotiate a return fee. For one wonderful moment, my boat is empty and I can enjoy the sweet sounds of life.
    Boatman: I envy Silence. She gets to see them while they live, breathe, run, fight and experience the array of emotions which only those full of life possess.
    Boatman: Just one day, I want to know what she knows. Just... one day...

    «The scene fades to black, and the Seeking Silence shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Seeking Silence

  • Boatman's Bow [L. 10]
  • Boatman's Bow [L. 30]
  • Boatman's Bow [L. 50]
  • Boatman's Bow [L. 70]
  • Boatman's Bow [L. 90]
  • Boatman's Bow [L. 110]
  • Boatman's Bow [L. 130]
  • Boatman's Bow [L. 150 G]

  • Silent Stars [L. 10]
  • Silent Stars [L. 30]
  • Silent Stars [L. 50]
  • Silent Stars [L. 70]
  • Silent Stars [L. 90]
  • Silent Stars [L. 110]
  • Silent Stars [L. 130]
  • Silent Stars [L. 150 G]

  • Torturous Torrent [L. 10]
  • Torturous Torrent [L. 30]
  • Torturous Torrent [L. 50]
  • Torturous Torrent [L. 70]
  • Torturous Torrent [L. 90]
  • Torturous Torrent [L. 110]
  • Torturous Torrent [L. 130]
  • Torturous Torrent [L. 150 G]

    Corrections thanks to Archlist. Monster list thanks to In Media Res.
  • Entry released. ~whacky

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    Harold Saxon


    There seems to be an error in the Fujin set quest entry for if you fail the first roll. The entry says it's two battles, a heal and then you re-roll, but that's never what happens to me - it's always two battles, a heal, two more battles and then a reroll.
    Someone has also pointed this issue out to me, and I'll fix it accordingly when I get to that entry. Thanks! ~whacky

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    Times Silent Keeper


    Moglin Forest

    Location: Battleon » Speak to Twilly » Hello! » Moglin Forest! » Let's go!

    «The Moglin Forest Wins counter begins from 0 whenever you initiate this quest.»

    Twilly: Wow! You must be brave! The Moglin forest is a dangerous place to test your skills. Defeat 20 monsters and you will receive a special reward!
  • I'm ready! - Proceeds to battle below
  • Maybe next time. - Return to Battleon

      1 BATTLE

      Twilly: Nice job! I bet you will defeat lots of monsters! Ready for another?
    • Bring it on! - Proceeds to battle below
    • I am done for now.

        Twilly: See you later!
      • Goodbye! - Return to Battleon

      1 BATTLE

      Twilly: You must be tired after all that fighting. Need any healing?
    • Yes! - Proceeds to dialogue below
    • No thanks. - Repeats cycle from top

      Twilly: Here you goes!
    • Thanks! - Full Heal, and repeats battle cycle from top
    «After a total of 10 cycles (20 monsters), Twilly says the following instead:»

    Twilly: Wow, I can't believe you battled through 20 monsters! You are a true champion. See you later!
  • Let's see those rewards! - Opens Moglin Forest shop. Once you exit the shop:

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Moglin Forest

  • Forest Champion Spear [L. 5]
  • Forest Champion Spear [L. 25]
  • Forest Champion Spear [L. 45]
  • Forest Champion Spear [L. 65]
  • Forest Champion Spear [L. 85]
  • Forest Champion Spear [L. 105]
  • Forest Champion Spear [L. 125]
  • Forest Champion Spear [L. 145 G]

  • Forest Champion Axe [L. 5]
  • Forest Champion Axe [L. 25]
  • Forest Champion Axe [L. 45]
  • Forest Champion Axe [L. 65]
  • Forest Champion Axe [L. 85]
  • Forest Champion Axe [L. 105]
  • Forest Champion Axe [L. 125]
  • Forest Champion Axe [L. 145 G]

  • Forest Champion Wand [L. 5]
  • Forest Champion Wand [L. 25]
  • Forest Champion Wand [L. 45]
  • Forest Champion Wand [L. 65]
  • Forest Champion Wand [L. 85]
  • Forest Champion Wand [L. 105]
  • Forest Champion Wand [L. 125]
  • Forest Champion Wand [L. 145 G]

    Correction thanks to Archlist.
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    Granemor should be updated. Now when you enter the city they no longer do that passage with 'halt, who goes there' and what-not. The new entrance text is:

    Guard: Hail, Sir «You»! Welcome back to Granemor!

    Note to the AKs: it's "Sir" if you're male and "Dame" if you're female. ~IMR
    And it's now updated. Thanks! ~whacky

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    It only does that if you've trained 'Emoran Knight thru Knight class training. Anyone else gets the standard "Halt! Who goes there," text.
    Updated. Thanks! ~whacky

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    Legendary Scribe of Lore


    In the AQ History: Quests & Events release (Dates) the link to the Arron Stone quest (01/31/09) is broken. Here is the correct link:
    Updated. Thanks! ~whacky

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    Times Silent Keeper


    Seed Spitter
    Elves vs Drakels

    Location: Battleon » Speak to Twilly » Heard any rumors? » Hunt the Seed Spitter!

    «A Seed Spitter sprouts from the ground!»
      1 BATTLE: Seed Spitter
      Full Heal
    «An Elven warrior enters the scene, fighting back the onslaught of a Mawler.»

    Rilithia: I need no help from you, mortal. Stay your ground!

    «Rilithia pounces and prepares to attack the Mawler. The Mawler spots the incoming attack and dodges, quickly dealing a strike to Rilithia and vanishes from the screen. Rilithia collapses to the ground in agony.»

    Rilithia: Uuuuhhhh...
      1 BATTLE: Mawler
      Full Heal
    «Rilithia recovers from her pain.»

    Rilithia: You believe you've helped me, but you're wrong. This battle was mine to be won or lost! Now you will prove yourself against MY blade-- an Elvish blade!
      1 BATTLE: Rilithia
      Full Heal
    Rilithia: Indeed, you are a true warrior. Although there is always room for improvement. My name is Rilithia, Lieutenant of the Elven army of Greenguard.
    «You»: Hello, I am «You». I was hunting Seed Spitters when I found you battling that Mawler.
    Rilithia: Interesting. Well, «You», follow me to TreeTop, where my fellow warrior elves gather for tests of ability.

    You follow Rilithia through the Greenguard Forest. After several long hours, you come upon a village built amongst the trees.

    «Scene: TreeTop»

    Rilithia: Strange, no one is here. TreeTop is usually crowded at this time.

    «An Elder enters the scene.»

    Rilithia: High Elder Pilagroth!
    Pilagroth: Lt. Rilithia. I see you have once again overlooked one of our sacred laws and brought an outsider into our home.
    Rilithia: But... TreeTop only borders-- Yes, I guess I have done wrong. I am sorry. But where has everyone gone?
    Pilagroth: Your brothers and sisters have been called to war in your absence. It seems a small Drakel army marches from the southlands.
    Pilagroth: They paid no heed to our warnings and continue to let their monstrous war-beasts feed on the forest's most ancient trees.
    Pilagroth: You must join your fellow warriors. Leave this one here, as I have something to ask.
    Rilithia: Yes, High Elder.

    «Rilithia turns and prepares to leave the scene.»

    Rilithia: I must leave. I wish you well, «You». Perhaps this will help on your journeys.

    «Rilithia passes two (2) health potions to you. Your total health potion counter increases by two (2) if not maxed out yet.»

    Rilithia: OFF TO BATTLE!!!

    «Rilithia leaves the scene.»

    Pilagroth: «You», I must ask you never to reveal this location to anyone else, even an Elf of another land. Our way of life depends upon...

    «From off-screen, Rilithia's screams can be heard.»

    Rilithia: AAAAHHHHH!!!!
    Pilagroth: Rilithia is in trouble! Please help her!
  • Help

    Moments later...

    «Not too far from TreeTop, you spot Rilithia wounded and kneeling on the ground.»

    Rilithia: One of the Drakel's forces is already here... spying...

    «A Drakel Spy flies into the scene!»

    Drakel Spy: Do not get in my way, creature. I must warn my Drakel brethren of the impending attack before it is too late!
      1 BATTLE: Drakel Air Raider
      Full Heal
    Rilithia: Promise me, «You», promise me that you will help stop the Drakels...
    «You»: Drakels are shrouded in mystery. If we don't know the Drakels' motives, how can we be sure we're fighting on the right side?
    Rilithia: The side you fight for is always your choice. Find the human sage called Uldor. It is said that he knows... what... the Drakels want... ughhhhh...

    «Rilithia collapses to the ground from her injuries.»

    «You»: Rilithia?! Here, take this!

    «You offer one health potion to Rilithia. This decreases your health potion counter by one (1). Rilithia rapidly recovers from her injuries and stands up.»

    Rilithia: Ooohhh...
    Rilithia: Thank you, friend! There is no time to spare, I must hurry. Remember, find Uldor and you will find the truth.
    Rilithia: TO WAR!

    Well done, hero! Find Sage Uldor at the lounge in Yulgar's Inn in Battleon, and you can now access the Drakel Black Market!

  • Play again!
  • Go to the Inn!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Correction thanks to Archlist.
  • Released. ~whacky


    Dragon War!

    Location: Travel Map » Dragonspine » 21: Dragon War Platinum

    «You can skip the cutscene at any time.»

    «Scene: Death can be seen. To the left, a silhouette of an unknown figure. The sand in the hourglass on Death's hand falls to the bottom, and the hourglass rotates. The flow of sand to the bottom of the hourglass suddenly stops post-rotation. Death vigorously shakes the hourglass to no avail.»

    Death: That's it then. It is time.

    «The silhouette is revealed to be Galian, who enters the scene.»

    Death: Are they ready...
    Galian: They shall have to be. I can do nothing further to stop this for it is older than I, and my own coming is tied to it. Warn your master that his hold has been broken.

    «Death fades away from the scene.»

    Galian: This dream ends now. But know this, «You»: they are coming. Be prepared.

    «The scene fades to black. Over at The Southern Ice Wastes of Tjeli, a massive crack forms across the icy land. The land splits open to reveal a silhouette of a dragon, who rapidly materializes into a human form.»

    Dragon ???: The threat to our ascension has been recognized. We shall take his measure.

    «In Battleon's town square, a blue glow envelops Galanoth. Suddenly, Galanoth vanishes!»

    Dragon ???: He shall not interfere.

    «Over at Dragonspine, Cyrus and Sheila face the same fate as Galanoth!»

    Dragon ???: Nor shall they. The dragons born of the world shall have no guidance in this and nor shall he.

    «The scene fades to black. Long ago...»

    Galian: (thinking) This is but a memory for me. I stood then at the edge of a vast chasm or a great corridor. Stretched before me was time itself and I saw possibilities and they were wondrous and terrible.
    Galian: (thinking) My fears were not alleviated by my most recent visit to the Chamber. I had argued with the Elemental Lords for some time about their culpability in the corruption that still consumed Lore.
    Galian: (thinking) I am showing you this, Lauren, because you must know. I have written this before. The next part is the most relevant.
    Galian: (thinking) While Lore has known for a while of my youth and the great harm done by my people in Inilar, they have not long known what I would have had them forget.
    Galian: (thinking) What I tried to uncreate. One reason among many, in truth, while Tjeli was cast beneath the ice. I was tied up in it. I could not see. This scene was earlier but it set the stage.
    Galian: (thinking) While each and every one of the Elemental Lords had aided me in casting Tjeli into the sea so many years ago, none would admit that their own temples have become dangerous places.
    Galian: (thinking) What you face now is tied to your destiny and it is a corruption so old I cannot uncreate it, for doing so might unravel myself.
    Lauren: It is time, love.
    Galian: I know... I am not fit to be your gardener, no less a refiner for someone else.
    Lauren: Your lack of certainty affirms our choice.
    Galian: Why do you encourage them in their complacency?
    Lauren: Their nature is to build. Your burden is not their burden. They cannot see because they are within the problem even as they ignore it and the world.
    Galian: I sometimes wonder if my burden is your burden either. I sit here and know fully that the path we are on will eventually cause us to come into conflict with each other, both directly and indirectly, and I despair of it.
    Lauren: And once you leave, no doubt so will I, as I will forget our arrangement, as I must, lest my knowledge cause me to hesitate. We must do as we must do.
    Galian: (thinking) Let us move forward now. For what happens next you have seen already. Xilar was tempted by my voice.
    Galian: Xilar, son of Xilan...

    «The scene suddenly greys out, and you appear in Tjeli, with Galian facing you.»

    «You»: What is this? Am I dreaming?
    Galian: This is happening. It has happened. They are awake, and they have taken Cyrus and Galanoth so the dragons born naturally of this world are without leaders.
    Galian: They hope to sow corruption and seed chaos. Such was their purpose.
    «You»: Who has taken them? What is happening?
    Galian: The platinum dragons. They are coming. My people, they are responsible.
    Galian: They... I hesitate to use the word, for it is such an affront to my wife. My people "created" these beings as a war weapon.
    Galian: Bred from dragons and man, and imbued with fell purpose by my people's dark genetic manipulations.
    Galian: They were sent to conquer the world... and they were used as instruments by the army that led to my death.
    Galian: And so their rise is my rise. To uncreate them is to undo myself. But they could not be controlled and would have consumed all life on Lore.
    Galian: They were wily, clever, but ultimately corrupt. Beings of that nature are born of manipulation of nature, but they are not capable of being manipulated. Except for by one...

    «Erebus enters the scene.»

    Erebus: My ears are burning, Uncreator. Would you tell them the truth? How the powers of this world. United entire. Every one of them. And they, as one, turned to me for aid.
    Erebus: That as a whole they granted me access, because only I, outside of this world's time, could seal them away.
    Galian: We did what we needed and we trapped them beneath the ice. But we knew, all of us.
    Galian: Even you, shade. That they could not be forever contained. Even Death, as manipulative as he is, could not hold them.
    Erebus: Indeed. I foresaw even then the time of their returning. And so I gave Death an hourglass to mark the time of their returning.
    Erebus: A time when chosen others that he likewise could not hold would arise as well. That time has come.
    Erebus: And who would have thought? They sing with the voice of the Birdies.
    Galian: We thought it. We realized it some time ago. When we recognized in our new friends the truth. That they were chosen not merely now, but repeatedly.
    Galian: Not simply for this task but for many. The Chosen have been always so.
    Galian: And had you not been so wrapped up in your own schemes you would have recognized it too, Erebus.
    Erebus: Be that as it may. War has come and we must prepare these birdies to fly. For this of their many tasks even I will aid. Especially now that I have been so rudely yanked into the World.

    «The scene fades to black...»

    Dragon War

    The platinum dragons have risen: Ancient experiments. Weapons of War. Living beings manipulated by the darkest and most fell nation this world has ever known. Their numbers are legion and they stir the dragons and dragonkin of Lore with their manipulations, and have stolen the leadership of the Dragonslayers as well!
  • Fight!
  • Explore Camp
  • Return to Town

    Kabak: Born of ice, but not like me. Time has set the dragons free. While Kabak now can sell you realty. He shall not offer you fealty.
    Kabak: But if the dragons you will seal, then Kabak offers his aid to heal.
  • Heal me please - Full Heal and proceeds with dialogue below
  • Let me handle this! - Ends dialogue
    Kabak: That should do sufficiently. Please end this fight efficiently!
  • Thank you!

  • Potion Bag - Refills potions if you have less than four (4) health potions on hand.
  • Cyrus* - You have freed Cyrus! Click his head to have him fight by your side!
  • Cyrus' Head - Cyrus has joined you!
  • Galanoth* - You have freed Galanoth! Click his helmet to have him fight by your side!
  • Galanoth's Helmet - Galanoth has joined you!
  • Sheila* - You have freed Sheila the Dracomancer! However, she is still too week to aid you in battle!
  • Galian - Galian, also known as The Devourer!
  • Erebus - Erebus aids the war in his own ways.
  • Platinum Dragons - +0.1 Ranged BtH per dragon struck down to a maximum of +20.0 BtH (200 dragons).
    * - Galanoth, Cyrus and Sheila appeared in the war camp when the meter hit 51%, 76% and 96% respectively.

    To Battle!

    Kabak: If my healing you require, all you must do is inquire!
  • Heal Me - Full Heal and continue dialogue below
  • Battle On! - Proceed directly to next set of battles
    Kabak: Now you are all healed up right. It is time to go back to the fight!
  • Thanks Kabak!


    «Once 100% of the dragon forces were defeated...»

    Optional Full Heal by Kabak after battles #2 and #4

    «You confront the mastermind behind this war.»

    Dragon ???: Ahhh, «You». You are too late, my platinum dragons will spread across Lore until they lay waste to everything!
    «You»: I don't think so... dragon me? I'm sending you right back to the icy depths you came from!
      1 BATTLE: Dragon?
      Full Heal

      1 BATTLE: Platinum Dragon King
      Full Heal
    «You»: Now, Galanoth! The creature has been pushed back into the crevice!

    «Galanoth summons Kian, who fires a massive blast at the Platinum Dragon King, forcing it to descend into the depths of the crevice as it closes, sealing the Dragon King beneath the ice once again. Galian enters the scene.»

    Galian: You have done well, «You». Luckily, that was one of my people's more manageable dangers. Much more fell things lie beneath the ice.

    «The scene fades to black. Death can be seen holding his hourglass, which is working as per normal once again.»

    Death: They have been returned to our control, lord.

    «Back at Tjeli, a familiar set of floating ice cubes hovers above the sealed crevice. The ice cubes materialize, and Frigidere appears.»

    Frigidere: I see an opportunity here.

    «The scene fades to black, and the Dragon War Platinum shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Dragon War Platinum

  • Platinum Dragon Axe [L. 10]
  • Platinum Dragon Axe [L. 30]
  • Platinum Dragon Axe [L. 50]
  • Platinum Dragon Axe [L. 70]
  • Platinum Dragon Axe [L. 90]
  • Platinum Dragon Axe [L. 110]
  • Platinum Dragon Axe [L. 130]
  • Platinum Dragon Axe [L. 150 G]

  • Baby Platinum Dragon [L. 10]
  • Baby Platinum Dragon [L. 30]
  • Baby Platinum Dragon [L. 50]
  • Baby Platinum Dragon [L. 70]
  • Baby Platinum Dragon [L. 90]
  • Baby Platinum Dragon [L. 110]
  • Baby Platinum Dragon [L. 130]
  • Baby Platinum Dragon [L. 150 G]

    Corrections thanks to Archlist.
  • Released.

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    Times Silent Keeper

    Several other quest dialogues to be added soon. I have the map(s) related to the newest MC quest as well, so no further submissions on that is required. Thank you for your patience! :)


    Ode to Seasons
    Here I am!

    «Scene: Battleon. Several Moglins with different colored skins are near Yulgar's Inn. You enter the scene.»

    «You»: Erm, hello.
    All: Hello!
    «You»: I don't recognize you. Who are you and why are you just... standing here?
    [link=]Faeh[/link]: I am Faeh. We are waiting for our cue!

    «Faeh dances for a moment.»

    «You»: Your... cue?
    [link=]Robyn[/link]: I am Robyn! And yes, our cue.

    «Robyn bows.»

    «You»: This isn't weird at all...
    [link=]Leanne[/link]: I am Leanne!

    «Leanne waves.»

    Leanne: It's almost time!

    «A black Moglin enters the scene, singing:»

    [link=]Ravynne[/link]: Here I am seasons, come and get me ♪
    Ravynne: Here I am seasons, show me what you got-- ♪

    «Pyra pushes Ravynne out of the scene before returning to her spot.»

    [link=]Pyra[/link]: I am Pyra, and it is time!
    «You»: No... not weird at all.

    «The moglins begin to sing.»

    «You»: What the... what are THOSE?
    Pyra: Here we go girls!
    Robyn: I can't believe that it's real ♪
    Robyn: The way the sand makes me feel. ♪
    Robyn: And all that I want to do ♪
    Robyn: Twirl around without my shoes. ♪

    «A Sunray and a surfboard appear in the scene!»
      2 BATTLES
      Sunray (variant)

      Full Heal
    Robyn: My tiara gleams in the sun's shine ♪
    Robyn: As I try hard to find ♪
    Robyn: Seashells, surfboards and crashing ocean waves ♪
    Robyn: And no need to behave. ♪

    «A Braken and an Ice Cweam appear in the scene!»
      2 BATTLES
      Ice Cweam

      Full Heal
    «Ravynne reenters the scene.»

    Ravynne: Show me what you got, ooh show me ♪
    Ravynne: Here I am seasons, oooooaaah ♪

    «Pyra punts Ravynne out of the scene.»

    «You»: This isn't making me happy...
    All: Here I am seasons, come and get me ♪
    All: Here I am seasons, show me what you got ♪
    All: Show me what you got, ooh show me ♪
    All: Here I am seasons, oooooaaah ♪
    «You»: Wait... come and get me? What?
    Leanne: Can you feel the breeze blowing? ♪
    Leanne: And soon it will be snowing. ♪
    Leanne: But now the leaves are piling ♪
    Leanne: And the softer sun is smiling. ♪

    «A Nepencreep and a Crazy Cornelius appear in the scene!»
      2 BATTLES
      Crazy Cornelius

      Full Heal
    Leanne: Autumn fruit is oh so yummy ♪
    Leanne: For a happy tummy ♪
    Leanne: Sqrapple and Graplant are a tasty treat ♪
    Leanne: But Bread Fruit's what I love to eat. ♪

    «A Deathwood appears in the scene!»
      1 BATTLE: Deathwood
      Full Heal
    «You»: Unbelievable and completely oblivious...

    «Ravynne enters the scene once more.»

    Ravynne: Here I am seasons-- ♪

    «Leanne uses her star wand to fires a bolt at Ravynne, knocking him Ravynne off-screen.»

    All: Here I am seasons, come and get me ♪
    All: Here I am seasons, show me what you got ♪
    All: Show me what you got, ooh show me ♪
    All: Here I am seasons, oooooaaah ♪
    «You»: Why are you asking them to get you?!
    Faeh: «You», don't you just love my tutu? Green is such a great color. I think it goes well with my purple eyes.
    Other 3: FAEH!!!
    Faeh: What?! It does!
    Other 3: Not. Right. Now.
    Faeh: Oh... right. Singing...
    Faeh: *Ahem*
    Faeh: The snow falls all around me ♪
    Faeh: As far as my eyes can see. ♪
    Faeh: Doesn't it make me look great? ♪
    Faeh: So pretty when I ice skate. ♪

    «A Dirty Snowman appears in the scene!»
      1 BATTLE: Dirty Snowman
      Full Heal
    Faeh: The Frostval lights are glowing bright ♪
    Faeh: Making me a pretty sight. ♪
    Faeh: Though gifts are a joyous sight to see ♪
    Faeh: The best gift is actually me. ♪

    «A Tree Slugger appears in the scene!»
      1 BATTLE: Tree Slugger
      Full Heal
    «Ravynne enters the scene yet again, singing:»

    Ravynne: Here I am seasons, show me what you got ♪

    «Robyn punches Ravynne, knocking him off-screen for the fourth time.»

    «You»: . . .
    Pyra: *Clears throat*
    «You»: No, Pyra, please-
    Pyra: I have to love my season! ♪
    Pyra: Spring gives so many reasons. ♪
    Pyra: All the flowers are in bloom ♪
    Pyra: The sun comes out of its tomb. ♪

    «A Mutant Arconoid and Mutant Rasieu appear in the scene!»
      2 BATTLES
      Mutant Arconoid
      Mutant Rasieu

      Full Heal
    Pyra: The trees wake up and turn bright green ♪
    Pyra: Oh the sight that you'll see ♪
    Pyra: And just when you think that there won't be more ♪
    Pyra: You'll get caught in a downpour. ♪

    «A Nombus and a CloudZard appear in the scene!»
      2 BATTLES

      Full Heal
    «You»: Lord of Light, please stop. PLEASE.
    Pyra: But... don't you like our song?
    Robyn: Is there something wrong?
    Faeh: «You», we wrote this song just for you!
    Leanne: «You», we wrote this song just for you!
    «You»: It's not that I don't like it, girls. It's just that--

    «Ravynne suddenly comes sliding into the scene and bumps you with his head!»

    «You»: ARGH!

    «You're knocked off-screen from the impact. Ravynne rolls and recovers.»

    Ravynne: ONE MORE TIME!

    «You swiftly return into the scene to stop any further madness!»

    «You»: OH NO YOU DON'T!!!

    «The scene fades to black, and the Ode to Seasons shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Ode to Seasons

  • Lyre of Lyrics [L. 10]
  • Lyre of Lyrics [L. 30]
  • Lyre of Lyrics [L. 50]
  • Lyre of Lyrics [L. 70]
  • Lyre of Lyrics [L. 90]
  • Lyre of Lyrics [L. 110]
  • Lyre of Lyrics [L. 130]
  • Lyre of Lyrics [L. 150]

  • Candy Floss Shield [L. 5]
  • Candy Floss Shield [L. 25]
  • Candy Floss Shield [L. 45]
  • Candy Floss Shield [L. 65]
  • Candy Floss Shield [L. 85]
  • Candy Floss Shield [L. 105]
  • Candy Floss Shield [L. 125]
  • Candy Floss Shield [L. 145 G]
  • Released


    The Dollmaker Part 1


    A rather colorful tent has been set up on the edge of Battleon. It just seemed to pop up overnight a week ago. It remained closed, though, so exploring who or what was in town seemed out of the question at the time. But then, last night, the tent's door opened up, a warm glow from within inviting all who passed by to step inside. What people found were dolls. Lots and lots of dolls, all different, and yet life-like. The children, of course, are dying to have one. Parents are exasperated while others in town are suspicious...

    «Scene: Battleon School»

    [link=]Eukara[/link]: Now, class, we need to catch up on our health lesson on Lycanthropy and Vampirism, since we had a Rabbit Trail come get US yesterday...
    [link=]Billy[/link]: Ms. Vox, why do Rabbit Trails always come FOR us?
    [link=]Suzy[/link]: Yeah, Ms. Vox. Not that I am complaining, since Rabbit Trails are totally fun, but they always seem to come for us.
    [link=]Sam[/link]: So, wait... if that is true, then Rabbit Trails are our faults?
    [link=]Saedee[/link]: Brilliant deduction, Sam. Though, I think Ms. Vox helps...
    Eukara: *Chuckles* I think all of our thirst for learning attracts those Rabbit Trails! So, let us avoid them by brainstorming Lore's geography and the frequency of Lycanthropic infection.
    Eukara: Get with a partner and Think-Pair-Share for the next fifteen minutes!

    «You enter the scene.»

    «You»: Ms. Vox? Do you have a minute?

    «Eukara turns to face you.»

    Eukara: You are just in time. I gave them a short activity that doesn't require me to look over their shoulder. What is it that you need, «You»?
    «You»: Have you been by the tent that popped up on the outskirts of town?
    Eukara: No, not yet. Is there something wrong?
    «You»: Well, no, not really. I can't actually pinpoint anything, but the whole thing is bothering me.
    «You»: I asked Yulgar and he said there weren't any independent vendors due in town for a while. The guy seems nice, but all he sells are dolls.
    Eukara: Dolls?
    [link=]Sora[/link]: Ms. Vox, are you talking about the Dollmaker's Tent?
    Eukara: Sora, you are not supposed to be listening in on other people's conversations. What have I told you about making other people's business yours?
    Sora: I need to take care of me, and leave everyone else to take care of themselves.
    Eukara: Yes, young lady, that is correct.
    «You»: If you don't mind, Ms. Vox...
    «You»: Sora, have you been to the Dollmaker's Tent?
    Sora: Yes! It is full of all kinds of dolls! And they are so pretty and look real.
    «You»: Look real?
    Sora: Yes, like they could, at any moment, start talking to you as you hold them.
    Saedee: And the detail in the clothes are perfect. I bet, if he made a doll that looked like Ms. Vox, every stitch, every sparkly, every dragonfly would look exactly like she does right now.
    «You»: Really?
    Saedee: The one that looks like Captain Rhubarb looks just like him. I keep waiting for him to yell out "YARRRRR!"
    Eukara: There is one that looks like Captain Rhubarb?
    [link=]Janek[/link]: Yes, and one that looks like Galanoth, but he even has ones that look like Kamui and Vephoma too!
    Saedee: Along with some that look like Vampires and Lycans from Darkovia, Moglins, and even a couple of Drakel.
    «You»: I think I need to pay the Dollmaker a visit.
    Eukara: Let me know what you learn.
    «You»: I will. Try to keep the kids away from the tent if possible.

    «You leave the scene. Eukara turns around to address her class.»

    Eukara: Alright, enough about the Dollmaker. Let's talk about what you brainstormed while «You» was visiting.

    «The scene fades to black. Over at Battleon, Hans enters the scene, flustered.»

    [link=]Hans[/link]: «You»!? Have you seen Aria?
    «You»: Not since yesterday, Hans. Why?
    Hans: I haven't seen her since then either. She doesn't just leave her shop like this.
    «You»: I will look for her, Hans. Go back to the Inn and relax, okay?

    «Hans leaves the scene.»

    «You»: (thinking) Aria is missing. I think I will go check with Warlic and see if he has seen her.

    «Over in Warlic's shop, you discover that Warlic is not where he usually is...»

    «You»: Warlic?
    «You»: Warlic? Warlic, are you here?
    «You»: (thinking) Everything looks like it should. Every jar, flash and ingredient in its place. But, no Warlic... I think it is time to visit this Dollmaker fellow.

    «The scene fades to black. You proceed to the outskirts of Battleon, where the Dollmaker's Tent is at.»

    «You»: Greetings, stranger. I am «You». You are new to the area, right?
    [link=]Dollmaker[/link]: Yes, yes! I've been traveling all over Lore, taking in the sights, smells and company I come across. Such a vast array of people to converse with!
    «You»: Indeed. May I look at your wares?
    Dollmaker: Oh please, yes! I have a great variety of dolls to choose from. Do you have someone in mind?
    «You»: The local teacher is a friend. I thought perhaps gifting a doll to her would be a thoughtful gesture.
    Dollmaker: Indeed...

    «The scene fades to black. Inside the tent, you see all sorts of dolls that look very much like various characters in the world of Lore.»

    «You»: Wow, the children were right! These dolls look very real!
    Dollmaker: I always thought it was odd to make a child play with a doll that didn't look real. Why play with it to begin with, if it doesn't resemble the reality that you are surrounded with?
    «You»: As if they had a sibling beside them, right?
    Dollmaker: Precisely!
    «You»: Interesting, is that a ship's captain there?
    Dollmaker: Ah yes, captains are such interesting people. You can't pretend to be a pirate, if you can't have a first mate that looks the part.
    «You»: He does look an awful lot like Captain Rhubarb.

    «A Warlic doll plops to the ground from above the tent. The Warlic doll is... staring at you?»

    «You»: Ah, now that is a doll I would pay for. It looks like you've met Warlic, our beloved mage. Is that doll for him?

    «Silence fills the tent for a moment.»

    Dollmaker: You could say that...
    «You»: Well, seems you have work to do. This doll and the one in your hand seem to need finishing. I will leave you to your work.

    «You leave the scene.»

    Dollmaker: Thank you. Do... visit again.

    «The Dollmaker raises the Aria doll held in his hands. The doll lets out a whimper.»

    Dollmaker: Shush now. He is gone and can't hear you... my little pet shop owner...

    «The scene fades to black. You return to the Battleon school to report your findings to Eukara.»

    «You»: ...something really is not right. Aria and Warlic are missing, as if they just disappeared. I went to the Dollmaker's Tent and the children are right.
    «You»: The dolls are extremely lifelike. I didn't say anything, but when a half done doll fell from behind a curtain, I swear it LOOKED at me.
    Eukara: Dolls don't look at us, «You».
    «You»: I know that, Ms. Vox. Not only did it LOOK at me, but it had robes on that looked exactly like Warlic's.
    Eukara: How many dolls did you recognize?
    «You»: All of them. I mean, not all by name. But there was a Galanoth, a Captain Rhubarb, Vephoma!
    «You»: ...then the half done doll with Warlic-like robes and the one in his hand looked like it was wearing Aria's clothes.
    Eukara: This... sounds vaguely like a story in my library. The end is not a happy one.
    «You»: Then, we have to do something!
    Eukara: On what grounds? You suspect the Dollmaker is up to no good, and with no evidence you are going to give him the criminal treatment?
    «You»: It's a gut feeling.
    Eukara: Then find your evidence and mete out the punishments.
    «You»: My gut has never been wrong. Time to catch him red-handed.

    «The scene fades to black. Back at Battleon, you see several of Eukara's students.»

    «You»: Hello, children! What's so exciting?
    Sora: We went to see the Dollmaker, «You»!
    Janek: Yes, and he asked us what types of dolls we would like to see.
    «You»: What did you tell him?
    Billy: I told him I wanted one just like Artix!
    Janek: I told him I wanted one just like Aquella!
    [link=]Jimmy[/link]: I want one like Valencia and Zephyros! That way I can make them fight for treasures!
    Sora: I just wanted one that looked like Ms. Vox.
    «You»: Did he ask you to name people, or did you name them yourselves?
    Sora: He asked us to name people to style the dolls after.
    Jimmy: So, we gave him lots of names!
    «You»: I see. Why don't you guys make your way home. I am sure Ms. Vox gave you homework.

    «The children leave the scene.»

    «You»: (thinking) He asked for specific names?

    «Hans enters the scene.»

    Hans: I assume you haven't found Aria.
    «You»: Why do you assume that, besides the obvious fact she isn't in her shop?
    Hans: Because, more are gone.
    b]«You»: More?
    Hans: Yes. I had a message to give Valencia, but when I got to her usual spot, she was gone, even the little flying creature she keeps by her side. I haven't seen Uldor all day.
    «You»: Then, I know what I need to do. I will be back, Hans. Just... don't talk to anyone you don't know.
    Hans: Okay, «You».

    «The scene fades to black. Over at the edge of Battleon, a silhouette of the Dollmaker with his dolls can be seen from outside the tent. You observe the Dollmaker from outside his tent.»

    Dollmaker: It won't be long, my darlings. You will turn me a pretty profit elsewhere, as well as gain me favor with the Queen.

    «The dolls emits cries and whimpers.»

    Dollmaker: Silence! All this noise will not make the job any easier. Just deal with it. It will be over soon enough.

    «The Dollmaker raises a doll that looks like Eukara.»

    Dollmaker: Your students do love you. So much so, that they want you as their very own. And, I will make that dream happen. Now stop crying.
    Dollmaker: The pain is real yes, but it will subside eventually. Your tears are staining your skin and we can't have that.
    Dollmaker: Ohhoooo, are those now tears of rage? Your eyes are so much more expressive than I had anticipated.
    Dollmaker: Perfect. Now, you will sit there until you decide to stop the waterworks so I can finish you. For now, I will work on Valencia...

    «The silhouette of the Dollmaker disappears as he proceeds elsewhere in his tent to work on Valencia.»

    «You»: Am I really seeing.. it can't be. I can't believe it. I can't...
    Dollmaker: Oh, but you can, can't you?

    «The Dollmaker stabs you from the back! You pass out. As you slowly regain consciousness, you see the Dollmaker looking at you.»

    Dollmaker: And here, I thought you would have been a harder catch, «You». This will hurt. A lot. Don't bother to scream. No one but you can hear that.
    Dollmaker: Once I carve you down to child size, you will live forever... as someone's doll. Or, action figure. Which would you prefer?
    Dollmaker: Oh, that's right. You can't answer! HAHAHAAAAAA!

    «You see the Dollmaker raise his carving knife as he approaches you...»

    To be continued...

    «The Dollmaker I shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    The Dollmaker I

  • Artix Doll [L. 10]
  • Artix Doll [L. 30]
  • Artix Doll [L. 50]
  • Artix Doll Z [L. 55 Z]
  • Artix Doll [L. 70]
  • Artix Doll [L. 90]
  • Artix Doll G [L. 107 G]
  • Artix Doll [L. 110]
  • Artix Doll [L. 130]
  • Artix Doll Z [L. 143 Z]
  • Artix Doll [L. 150 G]

  • Galanoth Doll [L. 10]
  • Galanoth Doll [L. 30]
  • Galanoth Doll [L. 50]
  • Galanoth Doll Z [L. 55 Z]
  • Galanoth Doll [L. 70]
  • Galanoth Doll [L. 90]
  • Galanoth Doll G [L. 107 G]
  • Galanoth Doll [L. 110]
  • Galanoth Doll [L. 130]
  • Galanoth Doll Z [L. 143 Z]
  • Galanoth Doll [L. 150 G]

    The Dollmaker Part 2


    Everything has been turned upside down. The town of Battleon has grown slightly cold, though from the weather or the mood, no one can really tell. The Dollmaker's tent is a bustle of excitement from children running in and out, but... is that only children running in and out? Where... are the adults?

    «Scene: Dollmaker's Tent. Children can be seen coming out from the tent holding dolls.»
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «A scream fills the air. You slowly regain consciousness. The Dollmaker is seen holding Lucretia, now a doll, in his hands.»

    «You»: (thinking) Every time... every time I close my eyes to rest, I get none. I am either in too much pain, or I am plagued by monsters.
    [link=]Dollmaker[/link]: There we go, last touches. I think you are the most beautiful one yet, Potion mistress Lucretia. Some little girl is going to buy you and learn to be just like you. And then... *laughs*

    «You see the Dollmaker walk away from your field of vision as you shut your eyes.»

    «You»: (thinking) The pain... but I have to break through this. This is all wrong!!! But how can I fight someone when I can't even move without a child playing with me?

    «The scene fades to black. Battleon, all decorated for Mogloween, is greeted by the Nightmare Queen who exits from a swirling portal.»

    [link=]Nightmare Queen[/link]: Oh, the joy of surprise. Such melancholy, such loneliness... With so much going on, this was too easy.
    Nightmare Queen: Timing is everything. Take a look around Lore, for instance. So much going on... Xov and all her drama. Drakel unrest. The people getting ready for Harvest.
    Nightmare Queen: Oh, and the preparation, even this early for Frostval since everyone knows Frostval requires so much energy to just get through.
    Nightmare Queen: And look at Battleon... I think I like it better this way. Much more suited to my liking.

    «The Dollmaker enters the scene.»

    The Dollmaker: My Lady.
    Nightmare Queen: The Dollmaker. I am pleasantly surprised that you have been so successful.
    The Dollmaker: You doubted me, my Queen?
    Nightmare Queen: Oh, come now. Did I not say that all things eventually fail with «You» around? If we could but get rid of him, all would be fine. But, no, that is never the case. Yet...
    The Dollmaker: Yet, my Queen, he sits upon my shelves, awaiting some child to come by and pick him up.
    Nightmare Queen: Delicious! I must see this for myself, for if you speak the truth, the options before me are limitless.
    The Dollmaker: Come then, my Lady, and behold «You» as you've never seen. Will Khandie meet us there? I believe she wishes to pick out one of them for herself.
    Nightmare Queen: She is already there.
    The Dollmaker: Wonderful!

    «Back at the Dollmaker's Tent, you see Khandie Khain.»

    [link=]Khandie[/link]: Well, this is a first. I am bigger than you. Isn't that just wonderful?
    «You»: (thinking) I can't just stand here! I need to move. I need to fight. I need to free everyone. ARGH!!!
    Khandie: I wonder, «You», are you in there? Did the Dollmaker indeed make you into a doll?

    «Khandie approaches you and picks you up.»

    Khandie: I believe it is you I will be buying today.
    «You»: (thinking) I. MUST. GET. FREE.

    «You shut your eyes. Within the tent, Khandie can be seen holding you on one hand, with the Dollmaker and Nightmare Queen watching.»

    The Dollmaker: I see you've made your choice.
    Khandie: Yes, I want «You».
    Nightmare Queen: Hahaha, you are such a good girl. May I see «You»?

    «Khandie hands you over to the Nightmare Queen, who raises you far above ground to get a better look at you.»

    Nightmare Queen: Trapped inside for all eternity to be humiliated as a child's plaything? Are you yelling, cursing, swearing revenge in a voice no one will ever hear again?

    «The Nightmare Queen returns Khandie's new toy to her.»

    Nightmare Queen: So, my dearest Dollmaker, how did you do it? I've seen Warlic the unstoppable, all powerful, all... perfect as a doll. The Chosen as a doll.
    Nightmare Queen: Eukara Vox as a doll, meaning that your powers aren't just limited to this world.
    The Dollmaker: There are... old entities, old magicks, old lives that only want to be used and asked to be used. I have simply decided to indulge their needs. In exchange, I am given access to what they are capable of doing.
    Nightmare Queen: Older... you walk a fine line, Dollmaker. There is a reason the oldest of old are kept quiet.
    The Dollmaker: Reasons be gone. I have done what so many others have failed to do.

    «The Nightmare Queen walks towards Khandie and stretches out her hand.»

    Nightmare Queen: Khandie, give me your doll. There are things even I will not do for power...

    «Khandie hands you over to the Nightmare Queen. From your perspective, you hear the Queen say the following:»

    Nightmare Queen: Many things. Dream, Chosen. Dream and do what you do best, even if it means I lose.

    «You shut your eyes. You appear in some mysterious realm, eyes staring at you from the distance.»

    «You»: Whaa... I'm not a doll anymore?
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «You»: This place is horrible. Where am I?
    Nightmare Queen: (dreaming) You are in my dreams, «You». The Dollmaker's arcane magic cannot reach you here. Now, defeat the Dollmaker in the only place we can best him.
    Nightmare Queen: (dreaming) This is my realm and no one can conquer it but by my wishes alone.
    «You»: I am in your head? Good lords...
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «A black figure that looks like the Dollmaker appears, but you cannot make out exactly what it is.»

    «You»: What is that...

    «The figure materializes, revealing itself to be the Dollmaker.»

    Dollmaker: My Queen turns against me for some foolish notion about the "old ways". And now, thinks that merely putting you into my nightmares will defeat me?
    Dollmaker: You are nothing, «You». Just a tool, a toy in the hands of creation.
    «You»: I am me. No tool, no toy. And you are gravely mistaken if you think you will come out of this alive.
    Dollmaker: Not only do I think I will come out of it alive, but unscathed. And then, all those children who bought my dolls will become my servants.
    Dollmaker: They will grow to be just like their idols, the dolls they bought, and then become a powerful force that Lore will never be able to extinguish.
    «You»: You... you were going to use the children!?
    Dollmaker: Why not? They are malleable, ripe for training and indoctrinating. And then, I will bring back the old ways. The oldest of old ways.
    «You»: Not if I can help it.
      1 BATTLE: Dollmaker
      Full Heal
    «The Dollmaker kneels, defeated.»

    Dollmaker: No... no, don't leave me! Don't remove yourself from me!

    «Spirits leave the body of the Dollmaker, sucking out all life from him. The Dollmaker collapses and lies lifeless on the ground.»

    Nightmare Queen: (dreaming) If there is one place that even the best magical protection cannot protect it is the inner sanctum of the mind.
    Nightmare Queen: (dreaming) We worked together this time, but it will be the last. Until next time, «You»...

    «The scene fades to black and you are returned to human form. Several children approach you in Battleon.»

    [link=]Timmy[/link]: Um, «You»? I'm not sure I like my doll anymore.
    [link=]Sora[/link]: Me either. All of a sudden, they seemed to be alive.
    «You»: That is because they are, children. I will explain later.
    «You»: Let's all head to Warlic's shop and I will figure out how to fix this. I am sure Warlic will know what to do. I have a feeling this is going to be a very, very long day...

    «The scene fades to black and The Dollmaker II shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    The Dollmaker II

  • Eukara Doll [L. 10]
  • Eukara Doll [L. 30]
  • Eukara Doll [L. 50]
  • Eukara Doll Z [L. 55 Z]
  • Eukara Doll [L. 70]
  • Eukara Doll [L. 90]
  • Eukara Doll G [L. 107 G]
  • Eukara Doll [L. 110]
  • Eukara Doll [L. 130]
  • Eukara Doll Z [L. 143 Z]
  • Eukara Doll [L. 150 G]

  • Doll Form [L. 10]
  • Doll Form [L. 30]
  • Doll Form [L. 50]
  • Doll Form [L. 70]
  • Doll Form [L. 90]
  • Doll Form [L. 110]
  • Doll Form [L. 130]
  • Doll Form [L. 150 G]

  • ElBhe Doll [L. 10]
  • ElBhe Doll [L. 30]
  • ElBhe Doll [L. 50]
  • ElBhe Doll Z [L. 55 Z]
  • ElBhe Doll [L. 70]
  • ElBhe Doll [L. 90]
  • ElBhe Doll G [L. 107 G]
  • ElBhe Doll [L. 110]
  • ElBhe Doll [L. 130]
  • ElBhe Doll Z [L. 143 Z]
  • ElBhe Doll [L. 150 G]
  • Released. ~whacky


    Void Takeover (Part 3)

    «On 06 November 2014, the Chaos Knight was replaced by the monstrous Archfiend of the Oversoul, Nulgath. The Void menu also had an added option to Play Oversoul!, which opens a new tab on your browser.»

    [link=]Nulgath[/link]: I am the Archfiend of the Oversoul, and I have come seeking new minions to join my Abyssal Army. Do you think you have what it takes?
  • Of course, 6-Eyes!
    • Normal Fight

        1 BATTLE: Nulgath (Power 2 version)
        Level 0-29: [link=]Nulgath (10)[/link]
        Level 30-49: [link=]Nulgath (30)[/link]
        Level 50-69: [link=]Nulgath (50)[/link]
        Level 70-89: [link=]Nulgath (70)[/link]
        Level 90-109: [link=]Nulgath (90)[/link]
        Level 110-129: [link=]Nulgath (110)[/link]
        Level 130-149: [link=]Nulgath (130)[/link]
        Level 150+: [link=]Nulgath (150)[/link]

        Full Heal

        «Abyssal Armory shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
      • Play again!
      • Guardian Tower!
      • Leave
      • Play Oversoul!

    • Hard Mode

        1 BATTLE: Nulgath (Power 4 version)
        Level 0-29: [link=]Nulgath (10)[/link]
        Level 30-49: [link=]Nulgath (30)[/link]
        Level 50-69: [link=]Nulgath (50)[/link]
        Level 70-89: [link=]Nulgath (70)[/link]
        Level 90-109: [link=]Nulgath (90)[/link]
        Level 110-129: [link=]Nulgath (110)[/link]
        Level 130-149: [link=]Nulgath (130)[/link]
        Level 150+: [link=]Nulgath (150)[/link]

        Full Heal

        «Elite Abyssal Armory shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
      • Play again!
      • Guardian Tower!
      • Leave
      • Play Oversoul!
  • Maybe later
    Abyssal Armory

  • Clockwork Scythe [L. 10]
  • Clockwork Scythe [L. 30]
  • Clockwork Scythe [L. 50]
  • Clockwork Scythe [L. 70]
  • Clockwork Scythe [L. 90]
  • Clockwork Scythe [L. 110]
  • Clockwork Scythe [L. 130]
  • Clockwork Scythe [L. 150 G]

  • Angelic Light [L. 10]
  • Angelic Light [L. 30]
  • Angelic Light [L. 50]
  • Angelic Light [L. 70]
  • Angelic Light [L. 90]
  • Angelic Light [L. 110]
  • Angelic Light [L. 130]
  • Angelic Light [L. 150 G]
    Elite Abyssal Armory

  • Clockwork Scythe [L. 10]
  • Clockwork Scythe [L. 30]
  • Clockwork Scythe [L. 50]
  • Clockwork Scythe [L. 70]
  • Clockwork Scythe [L. 90]
  • Clockwork Scythe [L. 110]
  • Clockwork Scythe [L. 130]
  • Clockwork Scythe [L. 150 G]

  • Nulgath [L. 105]
  • Nulgath [L. 120]
  • Nulgath [L. 135]
  • Nulgath [L. 150 G]

  • Angelic Light [L. 10]
  • Angelic Light [L. 30]
  • Angelic Light [L. 50]
  • Angelic Light [L. 70]
  • Angelic Light [L. 90]
  • Angelic Light [L. 110]
  • Angelic Light [L. 130]
  • Angelic Light [L. 150 G]

    Aria's Pet Snack Shack
    ...that fresh pet smell

    Location: Battleon » Aria's Pet Shop » Snacktime!

    «Scene: Aria's Shop. You enter the scene.»

    [link=]Aria[/link]: Greetings, «You»!
    «You»: Good day, Aria. How are you?
    Aria: Oh, you know, surrounded by creatures, beautiful day... what else does a girl need?
    «You»: Glad to see you are happy. Say, is there something going on with the Vampragon in the back? It seems a bit sluggish.
    Aria: I noticed it too, but just thought the storm from the other night rattled it a bit. But, then again, it has been a little slower lately. Hmmm, perhaps it could be more...
    «You»: Your Bolsobaka looks like he could use a treat. Seems a bit... sad.
    Aria: My what? Oh, yes, the bolsobaka, my hound. Usually, he's quite playful, but now he just stares off into space. I am afraid all my pets are a bit off, and nothing I have here is helping.
    «You»: Anything I can do to help?
    Aria: I am thinking that it is something missing from their diet. Perhaps, if you went out and searched for some essential snacks that I can give them?
    «You»: And how would I know where to get them?
    Aria: Oh, you have to find creatures already foraging and...
    «You»: Take them?
    Aria: Yes! I usually try scaring them when I need essentials, and it works about a third of the time.
    «You»: That's not efficient, Aria.
    Aria: No, but it makes for great exercise!
    «You»: I will go and bring back enough to hold you over for a long time. I will be right back.
    Aria: Thank you «You»!

    «You proceed to look for some snacks for Aria's pets. You are required to hunt a total of five (5) snacks. You go through 2 BATTLES (taken from your RA list) followed by a Full Heal until you obtain all five snacks. Each battle has a chance of giving you the snack, along with the message "You shoo away the monster and collect the snack!" Once you collect all five snacks, you return to Aria's shop.»

    Aria: You are back! And in one piece!
    «You»: I would never let you down.
    Aria: How many were you able to gather?
    «You»: I have five, but they are fairly large-sized, as I fought some fairly large monsters. You could probably break them up and feed all of your pets.
    Aria: Oh that will last me a long time. Here, let me give one to them now.

    «Aria distributes small pieces of one snack to all her pets.»

    Aria: Oh dear! You must have gotten some great snacks. Just look at them. They have improved so much! Thank you!
    «You»: Oh, and while I was out there, I found this.

    «A dragonfly flies into the scene.»

    Aria: Oh, look at her! She's beautiful. I've been trying to tame a Strekoza for years. They are interesting, faithful, but picky as can be.
    «You»: It must be starving to have followed me here. Aria, why don't you take care of her.
    Aria: With pleasure! Thank you so much! Now my pets are stronger, quicker, and healthier!
    Aria: Here's a reward for all your hard work!

    «Aria's Dragonfly Hutch shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Aria's Dragonfly Hutch

  • Strekoza [L. 10]
  • Strekoza [L. 30]
  • Strekoza [L. 50]
  • Strekoza [L. 70]
  • Strekoza [L. 90]
  • Strekoza [L. 110]
  • Strekoza [L. 130]
  • Strekoza [L. 150 G]
  • Released

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    Bu Kek Siansu



    Journey to Cloud City! http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=21761202

    Imperial Regalia

  • Yasakani Jewel [L. 105]
  • Holy Yasakani Jewel [L. 120]
  • Sacred Yasakani Jewel [L. 135]
  • Divine Yasakani Jewel [L. 150 G]

  • I think, it's just a typo of copied and pasted which should be Miscellaneous instead of Spells.

  • Yasakani Jewel [L. 105]
  • Holy Yasakani Jewel [L. 120]
  • Sacred Yasakani Jewel [L. 135]
  • Divine Yasakani Jewel [L. 150 G]
  • Thanks for pointing this out; however, this issue was fixed in the preparation entry previously. The entry should be typo free now; just waiting for some information before I can release it. ~whacky

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    Times Silent Keeper

    The introductory dialogue to Harvest Festival 2014 is the same as that of Harvest Festival 2013 with the exception of a new option, BURP War!, that was added.


    BURP WAR 2014!

    «You can skip this cutscene at any time.»

    «Scene: Near a crop field. You enter the scene.»

    Farmer: Oh, it's you, «You»! I have to be honest, I expected those BURPs again.
    [link=]«You»[/link]: So did I. That's what I'm worried about.
    Farmer: Why? Isn't it a good thing that the BURPs haven't attacked us this year?
    «You»: I'm not so sure. It used to be that the BURPs attacked us every other year, when their population had peaked.
    «You»: Then more recently, they started attacking every year. We figured that Pestilence had grown in strength, and was sending them to attack us more often.
    «You»: But this year... nothing. And that has me worried.
    Farmer: You should be happy! This is finally a chance for you to relax and enjoy the festival!
    «You»: Yeah, maybe.

    «The scene fades to black and switches over to a conversation between Famine and Pestilence.»

    [link=]Famine[/link]: Are you sure that you haven't simply lost your touch?
    [link=]Pestilence[/link]: Quite certain. The creatures do not respond to my calls. They are gathering in the forests as if to attack, just like every other year... but they will not obey me.
    Famine: This is not good. Could our powers be waning?
    Pestilence: I can't be certain, but I do know that our actions keep things in balance. This disobedience could cause problems much more serious than we ever imagined.

    «The earth rumbles.»

    Pestilence: What is that?

    «Pestilence and Famine proceed to find the source of the rumbling, only to find themselves confronted by BURPs and BlackWhisker.»

    Pestilence: What is this?
    [link=]BlackWhisker[/link]: This? This be mutiny, ye landlubbers.

    «The scene fades to black. Back at the fields, ElBhe speaks to you and Kosefira. A bunch of of fruits and vegetables sought after during Harvest Festival lay beside ElBhe.»

    [link=]ElBhe[/link]: ...so, one more time. You go in search of these... what are these things?
    [link=]Kosefira[/link]: Fregetables!
    ElBhe: ...right, these 'fregetables'. And you gather up this precious food so that you can give it away to a goddess who doesn't eat any of them?
    Kosefira: Uh, yes?
    ElBhe: What a ridiculous holiday.
    «You»: You're just upset because Lorian holidays tend to end with you getting chased off by the unwanted advances of some cute animal.
    ElBhe: You're a terrible wingman, you know that?

    «A farmer enters the scene.»

    Farmer: «You», come quick!
    «You»: Oh, have the BURPs finally started attacking?
    Farmer: Yes, but they're not attacking the fields.
    «You»: Then... where are they attacking?
    Farmer: They're attacking the forces of Pestilence and Famine.

    The BURPs have united under their former rulers and militarized themselves, turning against their old masters and attacking them instead of the Harvest Festival! But when both sides aren't exactly your allies, which side will you fight for?
  • To the battlefield!
  • Explore Camp
  • Back to Town

    Twilly: Oh noes! WATS! WATS are everywhere! Pwease help save us!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please - Full Heal and proceeds with dialogue below
  • Let me handle this! - Ends dialogue
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

  • Potion Bag - Refills your potions if you have less than 4 on hand (Guardian Only).
  • BURP King - The ravenous BURP King.
  • Shogun Akunezu - Shogun Akunezu, Leader of the Shogunate of the Samurats!
  • BlackWhisker - Half pirate, half BURP, all trouble!
  • Pied Burper - The Pied Burper controls his minions with a melodic tune!
  • Pestilence - Pesilence, spreader of disease and blight!
  • Famine - Famine looks to destroy Harvest Fest and weaken his sister Serenia!
  • Samurats - +0.1 BtH per Samurat struck down to a maximum of +20.0 BtH (200 Samurats).

    To Battle!
  • Return to Camp
  • Visit the BURP war camp
      [link=]Shogun Akunezu[/link]: So you and the Battleonian forces have come after all. We have no need for your interference in this matter. This is our war.
      «You»: And it's being fought in OUR countryside!
      Shogun Akunezu: Well, despite your people's interference, we will have our chance at freedom soon enough.
      «You»: Are you kidding? Your foes are demipowers. Your armies can't hope to win.
      Shogun Akunezu: Oh, I assure you, we have not even begun to fight.
      Shogun Akunezu: Deploy our new hardware to the battlefield, at once!

      «In the battleground, as mobs run amok, a machine scoots past the scene and knocks down everything in its way, blasting those that still stand.»

      Pestilence: How cute. They believe they can face us on equal footing by bringing new toys to the fight.
      Famine: Then they have underestimated their opponents.

      «You return to the war camp.»
  • Fight Famine and Pestilence!
  • Fight the BURP Army!

    «Regardless of choice, you undergo the following battles:»
      4 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal after battle #2
      Full Heal after battle #4
    «When Famine's and Pstilence's war meter hit 100%, a new cutscene "Visit the BURP war camp" was released, along with a reset of both war meters back to half of the amount they had when the cutscene was unlocked. After Famine's and Pestilence's war meter hit 100%...»
      6 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal after battles #2, #4 and #6
    «You arrive at Famine's and Pestilence's lair to find all the BURPs utterly defeated.»

    «You»: I'm too late....
    Pestilence: Nonsense, you're just in time. Are you responsible for this silly little rebellion?
    «You»: No, but I have to be honest, it would have been nice if they'd won.
    Famine: Then we don't have the time to deal with you. We need to figure out what is causing this, and quickly.
    «You»: Not so fast. You both have a lot to answer for.
    Famine: Fine, then I'll make a quick snack out of you, and THEN we'll be on our way.
      1 BATTLE: Famine
      Full Heal

      1 BATTLE: Pestilence
      Full Heal
    «Everyone vanishes from the scene. Serenia enters.»

    «You»: Serenia? What are you doing here?
    Serenia: I have come to warn you, «You». What the BURPs say has me concerned.
    Serenia: It seems that my brother, Famine, as well as Pestilence, have lost control of the BURPs.
    Serenia: This could indicate that their powers are waning. And if that is true, it could result in a dangerous shift in the balance of power in Lore.
    «You»: What could cause them to lose their powers?
    Serenia: I'm not certain, but be careful, «You». Change is coming, I can feel it.

    «The scene fades to black. Over at a mysterious lair, the BURPs are speaking to someone...»

    Shogun Akunezu: We failed, master. Pestilence and Famine still live.
    ???: On the contrary, you've done splendidly.
    Shogun Akunezu: ....you are not angry?
    ???: I did not send you into battle against them expecting you to succeed.
    ???: I was merely testing my theory.
    Shogun Akunezu: Your... theory, master?
    ???: Indeed. And it was a success. Their powers are waning, just as planned. With enough time, they will be powerless.
    ???: And when that time comes, I will crush them both with my own claws.
    Shogun Akunezu: Yes, their powers wane.... but now «You» and the Lorians know this, as well. They may try to stop you.
    ???: «You»'s interference was inevitable. Whether it happened sooner or later has no influence on my plans.
    ???: «You», like all heroes, can't see past the end of his pointy beating stick. Adventurers are an easily understood lot of creatures.
    ???: But unfortunately for them, I have had too much time to prepare. Too much time hiding in the shadows, secretly moving my pieces into place.
    ???: Change is now inevitable. And «You» will either embrace that change... or be destroyed by it.

    «The scene fades to black and the BURP War 2014 shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    BURP War 2014

  • W.H.E.E.L. [L. 10]
  • W.H.E.E.L. [L. 30]
  • W.H.E.E.L. [L. 50]
  • W.H.E.E.L. [L. 70]
  • W.H.E.E.L. [L. 90]
  • W.H.E.E.L. [L. 110]
  • W.H.E.E.L. [L. 130]
  • W.H.E.E.L. [L. 150 G]

  • Drop the MOAP [L. 10]
  • Drop the MOAP [L. 30]
  • Drop the MOAP [L. 50]
  • Drop the MOAP [L. 70]
  • Drop the MOAP [L. 90]
  • Drop the MOAP [L. 110]
  • Drop the MOAP [L. 130]
  • Drop the MOAP [L. 150 G]
  • Released.

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    big E


    Very minor thing, but here goes. Artistic Ruins is #5 in the Truphma saga, not #8.
    Got this. Thanks! ~whacky

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    Legendary Scribe of Lore

    Maps for the Celtic Set Quest

    Inis Fail
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    The Green Guy


    Some of the Truphma Saga quests' encyclopedia entries have the locations out of date, and don't reflect the changes to how the questline is ordered.

    Insult to Injury!

    has it's location listed as: Battleon » Click on Robina's Shop » Truphma Saga » 14: Insult to Injury

    when in reality, the location is: Battleon >> Click on Robina's Shop >> Truphma Saga >> 8: Paxia In Peril! (yellow text signifies further subparts) >> 2: Insult to Injury! (white text signifies quest start).
    Got this. Thanks! ~whacky

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    Times Silent Keeper


    For the "Decorate the Battleon Tree!" quest, everything is the same except the dialogue when you're about to receive your reward.

    Decorate the Battleon Tree!

    «Zorbak, holding something in his hands, scoots across the screen.»

    Robina: Was that Zorbak?!
    «You»: It was! He's always trying to ruin the season - let's follow him!

    «The scene fades to black. You catch up to Zorbak. Zorbak's carrying a stack of paper in his hands. From off-screen you holler:»

    «You»: Stop right there, Zorbak!

    «You enter the scene with Robina. Zorbak turns to face you.»

    «You»: Whatever scheme you're planning, it ends NOW!
    Zorbak: Yep, I guess it does.
    «You»: ...
    «You»: Uh, really? That's it?
    Zorbak: Mhm.
    «You»: That's... odd. Usually you have us fight a huge war, and then unleash some uber-hulking undead for me to kill. And then you yell at me to go eat a wreath while I chase you out of town.
    Zorbak: Well, that won't be happening any more. I'm retiring from those shenanigans.
    «You»: I-- re...retiring? What?
    Zorbak: R-E-T-I-R-I-N-G. Retiring. It means that I won't be hosting any more parties like that. (Or "War Crimes", or whatever you call my fun.)
    Zorbak: I'm not gonna have any more time for being the 100% EBIL mastermind you're used to, 'cause I'm restructuring EbilCorp into an investment banking corporation.
    «You»: A what?
    Zorbak: It means that this time next year, I'll be SWIMMING in gold! I've got my papers right here to finish cutting through the legal red tape.
    «You»: You're joking. Sham is the one who abandons his principles for a bit of gold, not you.
    Zorbak: Does it look like I'm joking?
    «You»: No, which is why this feels wrong-- and why you're not leaving until I get a good explanation!
    Zorbak: Ugh, really? There's just no pleasing you. You're all "BLAH BLAH BLAH Explain Explain Explain". Isn't there some Frostval nonsense about miracles?
    «You»: Bzzt. That it doesn't apply when the guy usually ruining Frostval is also out performing "miracles".
    «You»: Now start talking, or Robina will have you singing "Oh Holey Night".
    Zorbak: *Groan*

    «The scene zooms in on a sad Zorbak. Aww! :(»

    Zorbak: If you MUST know, then... well, it's been tough getting my necromancy back, after those whiny paladins nuked my ley lines.
    Zorbak: I'm working on a new way of making undead - a kinda Necromancy 2.0 - but I've hit a few bugs that I can't work out. I've been stuck for months with no progress.
    Zorbak; And we've got a baby on the way, so we kinda need the cash. Looting from massive battles and selling my creations to kiddo villains only really works when I HAVE an army of undead to support it.
    Zorbak: I'll be getting a more stable paycheck, and I won't have to deal with you mucking things up every other week.
    Zorbak: So yeah, I'm hanging up my villain hat, 'cause it's the best move for me and my family.

    «The scene zooms back out.»

    «You»: Oh, I'm so sorry. But look on the bright side: I'm sure you'll find a new job where you can help people to--
    Zorbak: "Help people"? Pfft! I'll leave the people-helping to squares like you. I'm just in this for the money.
    «You»: But it's still a step forward, and for that I'm grateful! Thanks, Zorbak!
    Zorbak: *Groans* Don't make me barf.
    «You»: (hehe) You've made my Frostval! Happy Frostval to you too!
    Zorbak: Oh, go eat a wreath.

    «Zorbak leaves the scene.»

    Robina: Well, that was unexpected. I guess Frostval miracles do happen!
    Robina: Let's get you some rewards for all your hard work!

    «The scene fades to black and the Frostval Tree Decoration shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
  • Special Cutscene!
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Frostval Tree Decoration

  • Cold Sore [L. 7]
  • Cold Sore [L. 27]
  • Cold Sore G [L. 47 G]
  • Cold Sore [L. 67]
  • Cold Sore [L. 87]
  • Cold Sore Z [L. 107 Z]
  • Cold Sore [L. 127]
  • Cold Sore G [L. 147 G]

  • Rock Thrower [L. 7]
  • Rock Thrower [L. 27]
  • Rock Thrower G [L. 47 G]
  • Rock Thrower [L. 67]
  • Rock Thrower [L. 87]
  • Rock Thrower Z [L. 107 Z]
  • Rock Thrower [L. 127]
  • Rock Thrower G [L. 147 G]

  • Wreath Wrath [L. 7]
  • Wreath Wrath G [L. 19 G]
  • Wreath Wrath [L. 27]
  • Wreath Wrath [L. 47]
  • Wreath Wrath [L. 67]
  • Wreath Wrath Z [L. 77 Z]
  • Wreath Wrath [L. 87]
  • Wreath Wrath [L. 107]
  • Wreath Wrath Z [L. 117 Z]
  • Wreath Wrath [L. 127]
  • Wreath Wrath G [L. 147 G]

  • Spearmint [L. 7]
  • Spearmint [L. 27]
  • Spearmint [L. 42 G]
  • Spearmint [L. 47]
  • Spearmint [L. 67]
  • Zpearmint [L. 77 Z]
  • Spearmint [L. 87]
  • Spearmint [L. 107]
  • Spearmint [L. 127]
  • Zpearmint [L. 140 Z]
  • Spearmint [L. 147 G]

  • Broken Ornament [L. 7]
  • Broken Ornament [L. 27]
  • Broken Ornament [L. 42 G]
  • Broken Ornament [L. 47]
  • Broken Ornament [L. 67]
  • Broken Ornament [L. 77 Z]
  • Broken Ornament [L. 87]
  • Broken Ornament [L. 107]
  • Broken Ornament [L. 127]
  • Broken Ornament [L. 140 Z]
  • Broken Ornament [L. 147 G]

  • Frostbite [L. 7]
  • Frostbite G [L. 19 G]
  • Frostbite [L. 27]
  • Frostbite [L. 47]
  • Frostbite [L. 67]
  • Frostbite Z [L. 77 Z]
  • Frostbite [L. 87]
  • Frostbite [L. 107]
  • Frostbite Z [L. 117 Z]
  • Frostbite [L. 127]
  • Frostbite G [L. 147 G]

    Decorate the Battleon Tree - Special Cutscene

    «Scene: Yulgar's Inn»

    Hans: Wow, this mognog is great! You really should--
    ???: «You»! Come quick!
    «You»: Uh-oh, that sounds like Sage Uldor. Hopefully he just wants a mug.

    «You go to see Sage Uldor.»

    «You»: Hey Uldor! What's up?
    Uldor: I have just had a vision! A horrible omen from the future! We must act NOW before it is too late!
    «You»: Oh, good timing! Turns out I'll have a lot of free time on my hands. Zorbak just retired!
    Uldor: What? No! NO!! By the Elemental Lords, NO!!!
    «You»: Huh?
    Uldor: This is what my vision warned of! «You», for the good of all of Lore...

    «The scene zooms in on Uldor against a red background for dramatic effect.»

    Uldor: ...we have to stop Zorbak from retiring!


    «You return to Battleon.»

    Frostval 2014
    It's a Wonderful Life of Crime

    Location: [link=]Frostval '14: It's a Wonderful Life of Crime[/link] » It's a Wonderful Life of Crime

    «Scene: Yulgar's Inn, Lounge. The cutscene continues off from where Uldor speaks to you of his vision.»

    Sage Uldor: «You», for the good of all of Lore...

    «The scene zooms in on Uldor against a red background for dramatic effect.»

    Sage Uldor: ...we have to stop Zorbak from retiring!
    «You»: You've lost me.
    Sage Uldor: The vision was crystal clear: Zorbak, for all his misgivings, is a force of GOOD in this world! Without him, Lore would quickly descend into chaos!
    «You»: ... I'm pretty sure that you've got that backwards. He's constantly stirring up trouble and wars and... like, he even murdered an entire village and turned them undead once!
    Sage Uldor: I understand, but you must see the forest through the trees: he causes a tremendous amount of good that, on the whole, outweighs his occasional sin.
    «You»: "Occasional"? That's ALL he does!
    «You»: I mean, you probably can't even name three things that he's done that remotely resemble "good"!
    Sage Uldor: If that's the proof you need, then let's start with the leprechauns....
      «A flashback begins, returning to one of the Leprechaun wars when Zorbak was present.»

      Sage Uldor: Leprechauns are extremely intelligent, and have won many battles to amass their gold hoards.
      Sage Uldor: Their one weakness is their pride. And Zorbak is an expert at exploiting this.
      Zorbak: You lepre-chumps are dressed in puke-green again? If it's some military tactic to gross me out, then you're doin' it right!
      Zorbak: Too bad for your soldiers, though. I don't care how much gold you have, you couldn't pay me enough to wear THAT!

      «The general sentiment of D:< surround the Leprechauns. Uncle sham is fuming, red-faced with steam coming from his ears.»

      Sage Uldor: Without Uldor putting their pride on the line...

      «Zorbak vanishes, and the Leprechauns exit the scene.»

      Sage Uldor: ...they'd have enough presence of mind to properly fight and defeat us soundly.

      «A GO-LD Walker suddenly appears and stomps the group of Rhubarb, Mercuria and Robina, still hanging around the scene. The flashback abruptly ends.»
    Sage Uldor: Although certainly not as soundly as Nightbane would!
      «The next flashback begins, this time on the events surrounding Nightbane. A black chest can be seen, lying in Darkovian soil.»

      Sage Uldor: If you recall, Zorbak led us straight to Darklaw - the legendary sword we used to defeat Nightbane.

      «Zorbak enters the scene, leading the way for Cyrus, Galanoth and E. The black chest on the ground opens, revealing the Darklaw.»

      Sage Uldor: Darklaw is the only thing that can harm Dracopyres. Without Zorbak, we would have had no hopes of finding it...

      «Zorbak vanishes from the scene, and the chest containing Darklaw does so shortly after. Nightbane enters the scene, unleashing a roar to the skies.»

      Sage Uldor: ...and no hopes of defeating Nightbane.

      «Nightbane unleashes a massive beam towards Cyrus, Galanoth and E. The flashback ends in a flash.»
    «You»: Yeesh. Okay, so Darkovia and most of Greenguard would be down, but at least Battleon would be safe?
    Sage Uldor: Alas, far from it! Remember the great pyromancer who burnt Battleon to the ground? The one who Zorbak helped us defeat?
    «You»: Oh no, you mean...!
    Sage Uldor: Drakonnan.
      «The flashback to The Great Fire War begins. A swarm of fire monsters can be seen, fighting against Battleon's own army. Zorbak enters from behind enemy lines, stomping on a Firezard's head. The impact leaves the Firezard flipped over, lying on its head.»

      Sage Uldor: Zorbak lent his army of undead to help us fight Drakonnan's forces. His aid was *essential* in our survival.

      «Zorbak raises his staff and his undead army rushes across the scene, striking all the fire mobs away from the scene. Amazingly, the Firezard that Zorbak struck beforehand survives the impact.»

      Sage Uldor: And then he brought down the force field guarding Drakonnan's domain, allowing us to finally defeat the pyromancer.
      Sage Uldor: A barrier generated by the Prime Fire Orb itself... few mages are capable of countering such powerful magic!

      «Zorbak fires dark bolts at the remaining Firezard. It gets struck off-screen. The attack also destroys the force field surrounding Drakonnan's lair.»

      «You»: That force field isn't really important if without him we wouldn't have survived in the first place!
      Sage Uldor: Precisely.

      «Zorbak vanishes from the scene once again. Drakonnan, commanding his fire army, exits his lair. A red beam blasts from Drakonnan's hand toward the Battleon army, ending the flashback.»
    Sage Uldor: Drakonnan would have reduced the continent of Battleonia to ashes.
    «You»: Okay, I get it now. We have to stop Zorbak or else the next Drakonnan will get us.
    Sage Uldor: *ahem* Drakonnan WOULD have reduced the continent of Battleonia to ashes, were it not for the ultimate threat that Zorbak is keeping at bay.
    Sage Uldor: Zorbak is keeping in check a threat so powerful that it could take down all of the aforementioned enemies at once.
    Sage Uldor: A threat of unparalleled evil that, once unleashed, will mean the death of us all...
    Sage Uldor: Kabroz.
    «You»: ....
    «You»: Kabroz?
    Sage Uldor: Kabroz.
    «You»: Kabroz.
    Sage Uldor: Kabroz.
    «You»: Marco?
    Sage Uldor: Polo. I mean-- Kabroz!
    «You»: Heh. Okay, yeah, you need to explain this one too. Kabroz is a D-list villain on a good week. There's no way he can be a threat to anything more than our sense of decency.
    Sage Uldor: That is only because Kabroz loves his brother. He is willing to put aside his evil ambitions in order to help out Zorbak's ebil schemes.
    Sage Uldor: Luckily, Zorbak always has something in the works, so Kabroz is constantly kept busy.

    «The scene changes to a view of Lore from space. A huge Kabroz rises from behind Lore.»

    Sage Uldor: Left to his own devices, Kabroz would inevitably perfect his zombification magic. He would take control of Battleonia, with only small pockets of life surviving his horde.
    Sage Uldor: The infection would spread, taking down all civilization, leaving Lore a barren zombie wasteland!

    «Lore, under the influence of Kabroz, slowly dulls and turns grey. The scene fades to black and switches back to your conversation with Uldor.»

    «You»: I... don't know what to say. A zombie apocalypse is... well, I've only heard about it from crazy people before.
    Sage Uldor: I am far from crazy. You know as well as I do that my visions are never wrong.
    Sage Uldor: You must believe me, «You»! You must stop Zorbak from retiring!
    «You»: But, like... can't we deal with Kabroz instead? Throw him into the Guardian Tower jail and forget about him?
    Sage Uldor: You know how fate works. Were we to deal with Kabroz, someone else - someone much more threatening - would take his place.
    Sage Uldor: We need an ally we can work with. Someone who thinks like a villain, but is willing to help us out when things get serious.
    «You»: Someone ebil. *sigh*
    «You»: Okay, I'll... see what I can do, I guess.
    Sage Uldor: Godspeed, «You». The fate of the world rests in your hands!

    «The scene fades to black. You proceed to look for Zorbak at his home.»

    «You»: (thinking) Well this is Zorbak's home. Seems to be unguar...
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «You enter Zorbak's home. Zorbak is at his work desk, sorting through paperwork.»

    Zorbak: A1... A1... A1... Mer? Oh, bleh, it's you. How'd that wreath taste?
    «You»: Oh, it was--
    «You»: (thinking) Whoa, slow down. If I'm going to talk some "sense" into him, then I should tone down the snark.
    «You»: --fine, thank you. How're you doing?
    Zorbak: Oh, I'm fiiiine. I'm looking over loan applicants right now. *rolls eyes* Tons of fun!
    «You»: Would you really be happy running a bank? I mean, we all know that you're 100% EBIL, and I'm not sure what you can get up to with boring bank stuff.
    Zorbak: You're right! Hey, maybe I should have you look over these. If you start your own bank, then you can LEAVE ME A LOAN.
    «You»: C'mon Zorbak, I'm worried. Retiring like this isn't like you. Are you sure that you wouldn't be happier working on more crazy undead?
    Zorbak: ... Why do you care?
    «You»: Well, we're friends, right?
    Zorbak: ....
    «You»: Acquaintances?
    Zorbak: .........
    «You»: Like, you wouldn't want to see me dead, right?
    Zorbak: ......................
    «You»: Dead by someone else's hand?
    Zorbak: Hm, I guess so.
    Zorbak: But that doesn't give me any reason to listen to you. Can't you just go celebrate Frostval and go somewhere else to act all sickeningly sweet? Ugh.
    Zorbak: I'm gonna have to get used to this, aren't I?
    «You»: Huh? Get used to what?
    Zorbak: You -- everyone -- acting like Little Lord Sunshine Pants! Without me, everything will be rainbows and flowers and sugary GOODNESS!
    Zorbak: Without me, all of you are probably going to declare world peace and start being all lovey-dovey. It makes me wanna puke.
    «You»: (thinking) He... he has no idea, does he? Huh. Maybe if I tone up the snark....
    «You»: Yeah, and knowing you, it'd drive you CRAZY. You'd crack.
    Zorbak: Psh. I can take it.
    «You»: No, you'd be in a nut house two weeks in. There's no way that you, Zorbak, the very definition of EBIL, can live with every day being Snugglefest. You can't even stand Frostval!
    Zorbak: I can take it! I've taken all these years of dealing with you, so I can definitely live in a world devoid of my EBIL presence!
    «You»: A world without you would be.... huh. Maybe...?
    «You»: Hang on. This gives me an idea.

    «You take Zorbak outside his home, and call for Uldor. Uldor can be seen holding a swirling crystal ball in his hand.»

    Zorbak: So let me get this straight.... Mr. Boring In Beige is gonna show me what the world would look like without me.
    «You»: Right! And it'll be 100% accurate, which means everything's rainbows and unicorns. Right, Uldor?
    Sage Uldor: Uh... correct, «You».
    Zorbak: If I can take it, then you'll be my personal servant. And if I can't take it, then...?
    «You»: (thinking) Tone down the snark, and play dumb. He already thinks that you're an idiot.
    Zorbak: Then you'll be happy! And Frostval is all about making people happy, which means that I've done my job as a hero!
    Zorbak: Ha! You hero types are so STUPID. You know that I'll win this.
    «You»: Maybe, but as a hero, I have to TRY!
    Zorbak: Mehehehe! Then let's do this!

    «Peering into the crystal ball, both you and Zorbak are taken into a world of sunshine and rainbows. Even the sun smiles at you! Everything is so bright, colorful and cheery.»

    Zorbak: Ugh, the colors! Did the Beige Mage turn up the brightness too high or something?!
    «You»: Nope! This is what you hideout would look like if you weren't constantly necrotizing every living thing around you.
    Zorbak: Seriously? It looks like someone puked this up after a paint-drinking contest!
    «You»: We can give up now if you want...?
    Zorbak: No way, I can take it! Let's go.

    «Zorbak comes across a rainbow. Leprechauns carrying a pot of gold slide down the rainbow and strikes Zorbak right as he's passing the rainbow! For the remaining battles in this quest, you fight as Zorbak, with most of your inventory adjusted. Each battle that follows after this does not yield any exp nor gold.»
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battle #2
    Leprechaun #1: Oi! What was that fo'?!
    Zorbak: For bumping into me, you--
    «You»: Zoooorbaaaak, that's not very nice! Especially considering all the good they're doing for Battleon!
    Zorbak: Come again?
    «You»: Well, without you to constantly start wars with them, we were able to reach a peace deal with the leprechauns.
    Leprechaun #1: Aye! 'tis been eight blissful years of peace!
    Leprechaun #2: We've got a cushy job lookin' o'er Battleon's finances. In fact, we're just deliv'rin' a shipment o' gold t' them!
    Leprechaun #1: Aye, we should be headin' on our way. Ta-ta!

    «The leprechauns leave the scene, carrying their pot of gold.»

    Zorbak: The runts... are WILLINGLY giving away their gold?!?
    «You»: Yep! Leprechauns and humans are living in harmony!
    Zorbak: No way! That ham Sham would never agree to this!
    «You»: Are you sure? Have you ever tried talking to him?
    Zorbak: Erm. Not really...?
    «You»: Exactly. And as long as you're around, we can never really sit down and talk out our differences.
    Zorbak: I-- *groan* I feel dizzy. This doesn't make any sense!
    «You»: We could head back, if you want?
    Zorbak: Meh! No way! This is nothing!

    «Zorbak moves onward, while you stay behind for a short while. After Zorbak leaves the scene, Uldor appears.»

    Sage Uldor: This feels... wrong.
    «You»: What, lying to Zorbak and telling him that things'll be just peachy, when really we're trying to prevent a zombie apocalypse?
    Sage Uldor: Precisely! I understand the gravity of the situation, but I DO have a reputation to uphold. If it gets around that I'm actively deceiving people....
    «You»: Don't worry. I won't say a thing, and Zorbak hasn't clued in yet. We're in the clear.
    Sage Uldor: Thank you, «You». *sigh* Now you should hurry on before Zorbak gets into more trouble.

    «The next place Zorbak visits is Battleon itself. Walls built around town, everything looks really bright and cheery. Zorbak ends up at the entrance to the Guardian Tower, where two red-plated knights stand.»

    Knight #1: Hiya! Welcome to Battleon!
    Zorbak: Mer? Who are you?
    Knight #2: We are the Knights of King Konnan the Repentant! We are sworn to defend Battleon!
    Zorbak: Konnan? That... sounds....
    Zorbak: Wait-- Konnan as in DRAKONNAN?!
    Knight #1: Oof. Looks like you've only heard about our king's bad side. Yeah, he used to be a big villain years ago.
    Knight #1: But he has repented! He has done much good, and restored the land to peace and harmony!
    Knight #2: No one dares attack the innocent peoples of Battleon while our king wields the power of the Fire Orb!
    Knight #1: Yep. Word is that he was burning down a town, and saw a young man trying to pull his family from their flaming house.
    Knight #2: He saw himself mirrored in this youth - much as Akriloth razed his town, he is now demolishing this boy's! He was HORRIFIED!
    Knight #2: From that day forward, he swore to protect the innocent from monsters like what he had become!
    Knight #1: And he's been doing a REALLY good job of it. Even the people who still hold a grudge against him say that he's good at king-ing.
    Both Knights: All hail King Konnan!
    «You»: Remember, Drakonnan was originally a good guy. He just lost it a little when Akriloth killed his family. He only needed some time to grieve.

    «Zorbak turns to face you.»

    Zorbak: I don't-- so-- like-- I mean--
    Zorbak: 'Cause, when I helped you guys nuke Drak's army and off him--
    Knight #1: Ehh? Whatcha talking about?
    Zorbak: Grr. Right, this isn't real.

    «Zorbak turns around to face the knights.»

    Zorbak: So you guys have no idea who I am? Never seen me before?
    Knight #1: Nope. First time.
    Zorbak: Y'don't know my story? Who I work for? Who my family is?
    Knight #2: Alas, no. Should we?
    Zorbak: Nope, 'cause this way you won't be able to tattle on who kicked your sorry butts!
      2 BATTLES: Knight of the Fire Orb
      Full Heal after battle #2
    Zorbak: Mehehe!
    «You»: ZORBAK!
    Zorbak: Oh, lighten up. They're just illusions. What're they gonna do?
    Knight #1: Security breach on the west wall! Send reinforcements! Open fire!

    «A volley of fire arrows rain fly in from behind you.»

    «You»: RUN!!

    «Escaping Battleon, you find yourself in Darkovia.»

    «You»: *huff* *huff* I think-- think we lost-- them.
    Zorbak: Mehehe! Worth it!
    «You»: They may be-- *whew* illusions, but they can still HURT us! Uldor's illusions are THAT powerful!
    «You»: Now we can't enter Battleon and-- *huff*-- where-- are we, anyway?
    Zorbak: Looks like Darkovia?
    Zorbak: Heh. Still as dank and gloomy as ever! I guess that even you guys couldn't clean up the place!
    «You»: Are you suuuuure?

    «A Vampire Lord and Alpha Were enter the scene.»

    Zorbak: Mehehe! I'm sure that these guys will assure you--
    Vampire: Hello, friends!
    Werewolf: Sorry, but this part of the woods is rather dangerous. We're from the Alliance - do you need some help getting through?
    Zorbak: ... Gawha?
    «You»: No thanks, we should be find. *grins* Although could you tell us about your Alliance?
    Werewolf: Oh, you must be new to the area. We're from the HULA - the Human-Undead-Lycan Alliance.
    Vampire: We are dedicated to helping protect all the innocent peoples of Darkovia!
    Zorbak: You guys are WORKING TOGETHER?! You usually hate each other!
    Vampire: True, our people used to be at war, but we had to put aside our differences to fight the dreaded Nightbane the Dracopyre!
    Werewolf: After we offed him... well, it turns out that working together isn't such a bad idea. We get a LOT more done together!
    Zorbak: NIGHTBANE?! No way! There's NO. POSSIBLE. WAY. That you could defeat him without my help!
    Vampire: It cost many lives, but in the end the powers of unity and friendship won out!
    «You»: Huh. Looks like that whole "only Darklaw can harm dracopyres" was just an old wives' tale.
    Zorbak: Look, melon-head, I don't know what third-rate con told you that, but--
    «You»: Hey, don't shoot the messenger! I'm just saying what Uldor is showing us.
    Zorbak: I CAN SHOOT WHOEVER I LIKE! HEY! Tweedledee and Tweedledum! Get over here!
      1 BATTLE: Alpha Werewolf
      1 BATTLE: Vampire Lord

      Full Heal after battle #2
    Zorbak: ARRRRGGH! I've had enough of this!!
    «You»: So, you're giving up on our little bet?
    Zorbak: GRRRrrrhhhh... No, I'm... fine. This is... manageable. I can learn to live with this.
    «You»: Good! Then let's head north, to Frostvale!
    Zorbak: ... Have I mentioned lately how much I hate you?
    «You»: Eleven times in the past hour, actually.

    «Scene: Frostvale. Everything's decorated for Frostval, with lights and candy cane everywhere.»

    «You»: Yep! Just imagine this happening every year!
    Zorbak: BAH! NO! NO NO NO!

    «Zorbak fires dark bolts at a tree.»

    ???: Careful there! You almost broke it!
    Zorbak: That voice! It can't be--!
    Santa Kabby: It's a bit scuffed, but it's okay! Oh, ho ho ho! These things are a LOT hardier than when I was younger!
    Zorbak: KABROZ?!
    Santa Kabby: That's me! Although people around here call me 'Santa Kabby'. It's a silly name, I know! Oh, ho ho ho!
    Zorbak: What happened to you?! You used to be the second-best necromancer out there!
    Santa Kabby: Ohh? Sorry, friend, but I think you have me confused with someone else.
    Santa Kabby: I'm an inventor - a toymaker! I make toys for all the good girls and boys all year round!
    Zorbak: You're... GOOD?!
    Santa Kabby: One of the goodest! And if you're good too, then you'll get a nice gift from me this Frostval!
    «You»: Remember, Zorbak, YOU were the one who introduced him to necromancy. Without you--
    Zorbak: --without me he becomes a big idiot do-gooder!
    Santa Kabby: Ohh, you shouldn't say such things! Bad moglins won't get any gifts from me!
    Zorbak: Yeah? Well sissies like you get your butts kicked!
      1 BATTLE: Santa Kabby
      Full Heal
    Santa Kabby: Ugggghh...
    Zorbak: Mehehehe! For the first time in this little adventure, I'm having fun!
    «You»: Hey! He's your brother!
    Zorbak: Psh. Like you've never gotten in a fight with your brother. And like always, I'm actually WINNING!
    Zorbak: Mehehehe... y'know, this isn't so bad. I can take this festive garbage if I can vent my spleen like this.
    «You»: !!!
    «You»: (thinking) Uldor, if you have a trump card, now's the time!
    Zorbak: I'm done here. If this is the worst you got, then--
    ???: Kabby? Oh, my Kabby!
    Mu-Glen: He's hurt! Someone call a cleric!
    Zorbak: Mu-Glen?! What are you doing?!

    «Zorbak approaches Mu-Glen. The scene zooms in on the two.»

    Mu-Glen: Helping my husband, you big brute!
    Zorbak: HUSBAND?! No, I'M your husband! You love ME!
    Mu-Glen: I could never love someone who hurt my Kabby like that! I HATE you!
    Zorbak: NO! Sweetums, just listen--

    «Zorbak tries to get closer to Mu-Glen, but is taken aback when Mu-Glen slaps him with her fan!»

    Mu-Glen: Don't you "Sweetums" me! Get away from me!
    Mu-Glen: Come on, Kabby, I'll get you help!

    «Mu-Glen moves to Kabby and takes the injured Kabby away from the scene to seek medical help.»

    Zorbak: ....
    «You»: I guess that without you being your 100% EBIL self, Mu-Glen falls in love with Kabroz!

    «Zorbak turns to face you.»

    Zorbak: .... *twitch*
    «You»: So, you can take this?
    Zorbak: *twitch* *twitch*
    «You»: I mean, it really looks like Mu-Glen there is really IN LUUUUUUV with Kabroz.
    Zorbak: *twitchtwitch* *twitchtwitchtwitch*
    «You»: Zorbak?

    «Zorbak jumps up in a fit of rage and starts yelling at the top of his lungs!»


    «Enraged, Zorbak shakes in anger. The anger diverts into magic on his staff, as he fires a dark bolt toward a tree, incinerating it in an instant. He then proceeds to fire his next shot toward you, instantly killing you. The last shot is fired toward the scene itself, which shatters. Zorbak walks towards the now broken scene, with rage filling his mind...»

    «The scene fades to black and the Frostval: IAWLOC shop opens. After leaving the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Frostval: IAWLOC

  • Solid Gold Guardian Blade [L. 1 G]
  • Solid Gold Guardian Blade [L. 21 G]
  • Solid Gold Guardian Blade [L. 41 G]
  • Solid Gold Guardian Blade [L. 61 G]
  • Solid Gold Guardian Blade [L. 81 G]
  • Solid Gold Guardian Blade [L. 101 G]
  • Solid Gold Guardian Blade [L. 121 G]
  • Solid Gold Guardian Blade [L. 131 G]
  • Solid Gold Guardian Blade [L. 141 G]

  • Knight of the Fire Orb [L. 1]
  • Knight of the Fire Orb [L. 21]
  • Knight of the Fire Orb [L. 41]
  • Knight of the Fire Orb [L. 61]
  • Knight of the Fire Orb [L. 81]
  • Knight of the Fire Orb [L. 101]
  • Knight of the Fire Orb [L. 121]
  • Knight of the Fire Orb [L. 131]
  • Knight of the Fire Orb [L. 141 G]

  • HULA Hoop [L. 1]
  • HULA Hoop [L. 21]
  • HULA Hoop [L. 41]
  • HULA Hoop [L. 61]
  • HULA Hoop [L. 81]
  • HULA Hoop [L. 101]
  • HULA Hoop [L. 121]
  • HULA Hoop [L. 131]
  • HULA Hoop [L. 141 G]
  • Released

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    Times Silent Keeper


    Frostval 2014
    It's a Wonderful Life of Crime
    Killing Spree Ending

    Location: [link=]Frostval '14: It's a Wonderful Life of Crime[/link] » Killing Spree Ending

    «You can skip the following cutscene at any time.»

    «Scene: Simulacrum of the cheery Frostvale without Zorbak. The town is completely destroyed from Zorbak's rage. Following the events of the previous installment, Uldor finds and heals you. Zorbak is nowhere to be found.»

    «You»: Ugh... did someone get the number of that carriage?
    Sage Uldor: «You»! Thank the Lords! My healing magic is not so potent, so it took me a while to heal your wounds.
    «You»: Thanks, Uldor. What ha-- oh no! Frostvale's under attack!
    Sage Uldor: True. Zorbak's gone berserk, and is destroying everything in sight!
    «You»: We have to stop him!
    Sage Uldor: Why?

    «An explosion off-screen sends some rubble flying in.»

    «You»: Because of THAT!
    Sage Uldor: You mean the simulacra?
    «You»: Yes, the-- what?
    Sage Uldor: Simulacra. Illusions. Holograms. Magical constructs.
    Sage Uldor: Remember: this is a dream world. Nothing here is real. No one is being killed. No one is feeling any pain.

    «Another rumble shakes the screen.»

    Zorbak: Mercy is for the weak!
    «You»: -_-
    Sage Uldor: They're incredibly realistic simulacra. They can mimic emotions, intelligence, and yes, even pain.
    «You»: Okay... I guess that makes sense. Dream world, and whatnot.
    «You»: So, what do we do now?
    Sage Uldor: Well, Zorbak seems to be enjoying himself.
    «You»: So he's enjoying being ebil? That's great! Maybe this'll show him that he should stay a villain!
    «You»: All we have to do is wait for him to burn down the place, and he'll be all "Durhurhur, this is great! I'ma go back to villaining!"
    Sage Uldor: Unlikely. He's bound to run out of mana eventually. He can't take on a whole town - especially one the size of Frostvale - by himself.
    «You»: Tsk. Can't you just shrink the town? This IS your illusion, after all!
    Sage Uldor: Alas, no. At least , not without removing you and Zorbak from the vision. And re-entering a second vision would require Zorbak's consent...

    «One more explosion from off-screen!»

    Moglin: Urk... I think I... survived....
    Zorbak: NO ONE SURVIVES!

    «Another explosion!»

    «You»: Yeah, that's not really an option.
    Sage Uldor: I suppose that you could help him?
    «You»: You mean... you want me to beat up innocent Frostvalers?!
    Sage Uldor: Illusions of Frostvalers, yes.
    «You»: Well... I guess. If they're just illusions, I guess I can help him along. Yeah, I can beat up a few illusions.
    Sage Uldor: I could even let more people into this world to help you along?
    «You»: Oh, I definitely know a few people who'd love to get a piece of this.

    «The scene fades to black...»

    It's A Wonderful Life Of Crime:
    Killing Spree Ending!

    For the greater good, we can't let Zorbak retire! And because he seems to be enjoying destroying this hologram of Frostvale, we need to do everything in our power to help him. So for the first time in your life, it's up to you to ruin Frostval!
  • Fight!
      How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Five

      «If you select any other than ENDLESS: You will now fight «» wave(s) before returning to camp!»
      «If you select ENDLESS: You will now fight waves endlessly until you flee from battle!»
  • Guests
    • With Sandy Claws
    • With WolfWing
    • With Twig
    • With Mercuria
    • By yourself
  • Explore Camp
  • Return to Town

  • Potion Bag - Refills potions if you have less than 4 health potions on hand (Guardian Only).
  • Twig - Twig was pwomised fish and ice cweam!
  • Mercuria - Mercuria isn't evil - she's just here to help give some extra firepower!
  • Clawg - The evil Clawg has been wanting to get his claws on Frostval for some time now!
  • WolfWing - Though it's a bit out of his way, WolfWing always loves to get a bite of tasty moglin!
  • Frostvale Moglins - +0.1 BTH per Moglin struck down. Max of +20.0 BTH (200 Moglins).

    To Battle!
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battle #2

      «This ends one wave. Depending on the option you selected above, you will go through that many waves.»
    «After 100% of Frostvale's army was defeated, several Moglins riding adorable little creatures enter the scene.»

    Frost Moglin: We represent... THE LOLLIPOP GUILD!
    «You»: The Lollipop Guild?
    Frost Moglin: The Lollipop Guild! We represent the Lollipop Guild!
    Frost Moglin: And in the name of the Lollipop Guild, we're here to give you a swift execution!
    «You»: *sigh* Just try it, you munchkins.
      2 BATTLES: Frostvale Avenger (2)
      Full Heal after each battle
    «Post-war, Frostvale is nothing but ruins, with Frost Moglin corpses laying everywhere.»

    Zorbak: WHO'S NEXT?!?!
    «You»: I don't think that anyone's left. I think you finally destroyed Frostvale.
    Zorbak: You mean... I finally did it?! I finally ruined Frostval?!
    ???: And it'll be the last thing you do, villain!

    «Konnan enters the scene!»

    «You»: Drakonnan?!
    King Konnan: That is King Konnan to you. And I don't know who you are, but I'm giving you one chance to surren--
    Zorbak: You don't know who I am?! I am ZORBAK! 100% EBIL! Necromancer extraordinaire! Ruiner of Frostval!
    King Konnan: If you surrender now, I'll be merci--
    Zorbak: No way! When I'm through with you, more than your armor'll be red!
    «You»: (thinking) Zorbak's probably out of mana, and he's taking on DRAKONNAN? I better stop this....
    «You»: Hey Red! I'm not gonna let you ruin our fun here!
      1 BATTLE: Konnan
      Full Heal (even if defeated)
    «The simulacrum abruptly comes to an end, and you find yourself back outside Zorbak's home.»

    «You»: Ow ow ow! What happened?
    Sage Uldor: I noticed that you were experiencing difficulties, so I ended the illusion. You're safe, and back on the real Lore.
    Zorbak: I did it! I DID IT! MeheheheHEHEHEHE!
    Zorbak: I finally ruined Frostval! And it felt... EBIL! It felt GOOD to be EBIL!
    «You»: So, you're going to stay ebil? Or are you going back to banking?
    Zorbak: Pfft, banking? That's for losers like you. Me? I haven't felt this ebil in a LONG time! There's no way I'd give this up!
    Zorbak: Besides, having you as a servant without doing anything ebil would be lame. Mehehe!
    Zorbak: See you LOSERS later! I have PLANS to make!

    «Zorbak leaves the scene.»

    Sage Uldor: «You», you did it! With Zorbak back to his ebil ways, our world is once again safe!
    «You»: Well, yeah, assuming that we can deal with Zorbak.
    «You»: Anyway, I'm off - I've got a job to do.
    Sage Uldor: Oh?
    «You»: Yeah, Frostvale's hired the Guardians to help deliver presents.
    Sage Uldor: Curious. I thought that they only did that when Frostvale is attacked, and they need the presents delivered quickly?
    «You»: Usually! But we did such a great job for the past dozen years, that they decided to just skip Plan A and hire us directly.
    Sage Uldor: That's.... quite practical, I must admit.

    «Zorbak peeks from behind his home. The scene zooms in on Zorbak.»

    Zorbak: Mehehe! And for my first act of ebil, I'm gonna RUIN THEIR GIFT DELIVERY!

    «The scene fades to black and the Frostval: IAWLOC: KSE shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Frostval: IAWLOC: KSE

  • Lollipop Mace [L. 7]
  • Lollipop Mace [L. 27]
  • Lollipop Mace [L. 47]
  • Lollipop Mace [L. 67]
  • Lollipop Mace [L. 87]
  • Lollipop Mace [L. 107]
  • Lollipop Mace [L. 127]
  • Lollipop Mace [L. 137 G]
  • Lollipop Mace [L. 147 G]

  • Candy Cane Cataclysm [L. 7]
  • Candy Cane Cataclysm [L. 27]
  • Candy Cane Cataclysm [L. 47]
  • Candy Cane Cataclysm [L. 67]
  • Candy Cane Cataclysm [L. 87]
  • Candy Cane Cataclysm [L. 107]
  • Candy Cane Cataclysm [L. 127]
  • Candy Cane Cataclysm [L. 137 G]
  • Candy Cane Cataclysm [L. 147 G]

  • Vampoglin Lord [L. 7]
  • Vampoglin Lord [L. 27]
  • Vampoglin Lord [L. 47]
  • Vampoglin Lord [L. 67]
  • Vampoglin Lord [L. 87]
  • Vampoglin Lord [L. 107]
  • Vampoglin Lord [L. 127]
  • Vampoglin Lord [L. 137 G]
  • Vampoglin Lord [L. 147 G]

    Frostval 2014
    Gift Delivery!

    Location: [link=]Frostval '14: It's a Wonderful Life of Crime[/link] » Gift Delivery!

    Zorbak was going to give up on being a villain, but for the greater good we changed his mind! A trip through a dream world where he didn't exist was enough to show that he's better off leading a life of crime! However, one final task remains: Delivering the gifts before the New Year to make sure that everyone has a happy Frostval!
  • Deliver a gift!
      How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Five

      «If you select any other than ENDLESS: You will now fight «» wave(s) before returning to camp!»
      «If you select ENDLESS: You will now fight waves endlessly until you flee from battle!»
  • Explore Camp
  • Back to Town

    Twilly: Hiyas! It's time to deliver all the Frostval gifts! We only have until the end of the year to do it!!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please - Full Heal, continues with dialogue below
  • Let me handle this! - Ends dialogue
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

  • Potion Bag - Refills potions if you have less than 4 on hand (Guardian Only).
  • Background - Nighttime in Frostvale is the coldest time of all. Dress warmly!
  • Ice Moglins - The Ice Moglins hail you as a hero for saving Frostval! Time to deliver some presents!
  • Artix - Click on Artix's axe to have him join you in battle! He will replace any other guests.
  • Artix's Axe - Artix Krieger the Paladin will join you in battle!
  • Robina - Click on Robina's bow to have her join you in battle! She will replace any other guests.
  • Robina's Bow - Robina the Ranger will join you in battle!
  • Galanoth - Click on Galanoth's sword to have him join you in battle! He will replace any other guests.
  • Galanoth's Sword - Galanoth the Dragonslayer joins you in battle!
  • Warlic - Click on Warlic's staff to have him join you in battle! He will replace any other guests.
  • Warlic's Staff - Warlic will help you in battle!
  • Presents
    • This one is addressed to -- Xov Arakue?!?! Better deliver it last.
    • Oooooh, this present is going to the Guardian Tower. I wonder what's in it?
    • I wonder what's inside? *shake shake sha-- CRACK tink tink* ._.; You saw nothing.
    • This present is shaped like a toaster. Wait, what's a toaster?
    • This present looks like it was crushed in the war. Hopefully it wasn't too fragile.
    • Red, red gift. Go to my head, make me forget that I still need her so.
    • The wrapping is green. It's making you feel a little envious of whoever gets it.
    • Purple gift, purple gift. I only wanted to see you playing with the purple gift.
    • This one is surprisingly heavy. Hopefully it's not full of coal.
    • This gift may be blue, but whatever's inside definitely won't make you feel blue!
    • Is that... a bobcat in here? Who exactly packed this one?

    Gift Delivery!
    «You ride on a ReignDragon as you proceed to deliver a present through the woods. You obtain the ReignDragon Rider as an armor.»
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
    «You»: That was no problem! Now to deliver the gift!

    «You proceed to a random player's house. After three knocks...»

    !!!: Woah! Thank you so much! This is the best Frostval ever!
  • :-)

    «This concludes one wave. You repeat the above (skipping directly to battle) for the number of waves you selected before. Upon completion of the required number of waves, you return to the war camp. Once 100% of the gifts have been delivered...»

    «You»: We did it! All the gifts are delivered!
    Chilly: Not so fast! I checked the list a second time, and some presents didn't get delivered!
    «You»: But they're not here! Where would they be??

    «Robina enters the scene.»

    Robina: «You»! I found some tracks! It looks like someone's been stealing the gifts!
    «You»: Well, let's go get 'em! We're running out of time!

    «The scene fades to black. The tracks lead to Zorbak, standing atop a pile of gifts.»

    «You»: Stop right there, Zorbak!

    «You enter the scene.»

    «You»: Whatever scheme you're planning, it ends NOW!
    Zorbak: No way! Frostval's gonna be ruined! At least for the hundred or so people whose gifts I have here!
    «You»: Not on my watch!
      1 BATTLE: Zorbak
      Full Heal
    «You»: Now why couldn't we have just gotten this out of the way three weeks ago?
    Zorbak: Oof.... You might've beaten me, but there's no way that you'll deliver all these gifts in time!
    «You»: No way! I'll... actually, that IS a pretty big mountain....

    «Robina enters the scene.»

    Robina: Don't worry, I'll help! I'm an expert at these kinds of things!

    «Cyrus and Galanoth enter the scene.»

    Galanoth: My dragonslayers can help deliver gifts!
    Cyrus: While riding on my dragon soldiers, naturally!

    «Cenara enters the scene.»

    Cenara: I've got a whole underground network in Darkovia! You don't have to worry about presents there.

    «Warlic appears into the scene.»

    Warlic: I can teleport gifts directly into people's homes!

    «Rhubarb and Elizabeth enter the scene.»

    Elizabeth: My ninjas will deliver gifts as swift as the wind!
    Cap'n Rhubarb: Not as fast as me pirates! I'll race ya!

    «Kamui enters the scene.»

    Kamui: It should be trivial to reprogram my attack drones to deliver gifts!
    «You»: Uhh... are you sure that's such a good idea?
    Kamui: Of course! They're fully tested and everything! What could go wrong?
    «You»: Point. Okay, I think that we have enough people! Let's go!
    Zorbak: Wait!!!

    «Zorbak steps out from behind the crowd that has gathered around the gifts.»

    Zorbak: You all had to join together to stop me? Mehehe! That means that none of you losers could stop me by yourselves!
    Robina: That's right, but you'll always be a failure as long as we're friends!
    Zorbak: Bah, you'll see! One day I'll beat you all and destroy Frostvale!

    «Zorbak turns to face Robina.»

    Zorbak: Do you hear me? I'll destroy you, Frostvale!

    «Zorbak escapes away from the scene and the scene fades to black. Zorbak goes to Darkovia...»

    Zorbak: I'll destroy you, Darkovia!


    Zorbak: I'll destroy you, Battleon!


    Zorbak: I'll destroy you, Greenguard!

    «...his own lair...»

    Zorbak: I'll destroy you, Zorbak's Lair!
    Kabroz: Oh, shut up, you pencil geek!
    Zorbak: Kabroz!

    «Zorbak enters his lair to find Kabroz in the midst of controlling a zombie.»

    Kabroz: Be quiet, brother! I'm on the verge of an amazing discovery!
    Zorbak: Well, drop it! We have... PLANS... to make!

    «Kabroz ceases control on the zombie which immediately flops to the ground and disappears. Crisis has yet again been averted!»

    Kabroz: Ooh! Does that mean that you've given up on that useless banking plan?
    Zorbak: Yep, and I've got a lot of time to make up for! Those simpletons in Battleon have no idea what's coming!
    Zorbak: (simultaneously) Mehehehe!
    Kabroz: (simultaneously) Mwahahaha!

    «The scene fades to black. Back at Frostvale, a treasure chest can be seen. Sage Uldor enters the scene.»

    Sage Uldor: Congratulations, «You»! You've restored the natural order and saved Frostval, all without anyone getting hurt!

    «Gifts suddenly fly across the scene and Kamui runs across, an attack drone chasing him. Kamui screams:»

    Kamui: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! Abort! Abort!
    Sage Uldor: ...all without anyone getting killed! I think it's time to open your well-earned presents!

    «The treasure chest opens and the Frostval 2014: Delivery shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»

    Sage Uldor: Happy Frostval to all, and may your wishes come true! Be sure to check your Gift Boxes when they open on New Year's Eve! Remember, you can get your Gift Boxes in the Guardian Tower ONLY until New Year's Eve!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Replay Intro
  • Replay Part 1
  • Replay Part 2
  • Back to Town
    Frostval 2014: Delivery

  • Melee Flaming Sword [L. 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135, 145G]
  • Magic Flaming Sword [L. 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135, 145G]
  • Throwing Halo [L. 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135, 145G]

  • Angelic Robes [L. 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135, 145G]

  • Harp [L. 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135, 145G]

  • Healing Wings [L. 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135, 145G]

  • Snow Angel [L. 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135, 145G]

  • Angel Bells [L. 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 145G]

    House Items
  • Frostval '14: It's a Wonderful Life of Crime [L. 0]
  • Released.

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    1/4/2015 23:35:56   
    The Green Guy


    So...Sage Uldor's speech bubble at the very end of the Frostval Deliver war, after you are finished with the rewards chest:

    Current text:
    "Happy Frostval to all, and may your wishes come true!
    Be sure to check your Gift Boxes when they open on New Year's Eve! Remember, you can get your gift boxes in the Guardian Tower ONLY until New Year's Eve!"

    I feel I ought to point out that it's January 4th already, and that gift boxes do not necessarily open on New Year's Eve.

    I imagine the reason is someone cooked this up with the old standards in mind, when Frostval wars tended to end before New Year's eve. The last few years, this just has not been the case.

    Nitpicking aside:

    Thanks for the fun and awesome quest, the Pixel stuff, and happy holidays to y'all.
    That's right. It's always been used throughout all the years, so I doubt it'll be changed. The entries will thus remain untouched. ~whacky

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    I don't know if it's known and on the to-do list, but most of the entries for Truphma quests have slightly messed up locations that need to be updated. With the yellow word buttons compressing quests, the numbers are off.

    e.g. The Paintball War says "Location: Battleon » Click on Robina's Shop » Truphma Saga » 4: Truphma War" but now the first 3 quests are compressed into "1: Introductions", so it should be a 2.
    Got this. Thanks! ~whacky

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    Times Silent Keeper

    Hello everyone! Here to give a quick update:

    You may have already noticed, but almost all quests that were previously on backlog since 2013 have been released and appropriately linked to their respective indices. Locations, if accessible, have also been included.

    Why 'almost all' you may ask? Well, the following quests are on hold, either because the quest dialogue is not available, or I need to spend some time compiling them:
    • SnuggleFest 2014
    • Clash in the West
    • TLaPD '14
    • White Washed Walls
    • Celtic Set (I have the maps already)
    • Mogloween '14
    • 2015 quests

    • Chimeran Set update

    Expect a few of these quests to be available within this week.

    The next thing to note is regarding the change of how certain quests can be accessed now. This mainly affects the Truphma series of quests, as they have been consolidated to I suppose allow for space for future quests. Truphma quest locations which are incorrect currently will be fixed within the week, so no further corrections are required on this.

    I will also be looking back a few pages to see what needs to be credited, should I have already posted it in the entry, so I'd appreciate your patience on this matter if you find yourself uncredited for work, and I apologize if I missed you the first go.

    I also appreciate every single PM I've received that focused on correcting entries to make them even more accurate for posting up. I did not manage to reply to every single one of them, but rest assured that every PM is read and I'll fix issues accordingly.

    Should you notice any mistakes that need to be fixed, for example
    • Rare tags where it should not belong
    • Missing location for quests (except Dollmaker quests; I'll get to those soon)
    • Messed up formatting
    • Missing quest not in the list above that I forgot to post (?!)
    and other issues, feel free to drop me a PM and I'll have a look.

    Lastly, thanks again for your patience, and apologies for the delays in getting these entries up!

    P.S. Does anyone know what event happened on 27 November 2014? I don't have any records of what happened on this release date.
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    1/20/2015 18:54:19   


    ^ Wayback machine says it was another update of old items + Black Friday / Cyber Monday raffles: http://web.archive.org/web/20141126085752/http://www.battleon.com/
    Got this. Thanks! ~whacky

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    Times Silent Keeper


    2015 Preview!

    «Scene: Hall of Memories. ENTROPY speaks to Erebus from the shadows.»

    ENTROPY: Oh, but you HAVE gotten what you deserved, Erebus. Reap what you have sown.
    Erebus: This is unacceptable! You will be stopped, mark me well.
    ENTROPY: Your time is passed, old man. Flee now to your twittering doves; perhaps they will grant you sympathy.
    ENTROPY: From me you will get none.
    Erebus: ...
    ENTROPY: The shade is silenced? It warms my heart. You, manipulator, have been out-manipulated! ENTROPY is rising; shade best prepare.

    «The scene fades to black. At the Necromancer Fortress...»

    Argentum: Edress has Fallen. Your wife and son are missing and presumed dead. K'eld Ner has sealed its borders.
    Argentum: How do you propose to pull this off? ENTROPY has taken over! You no longer have a kingdom to speak of!
    Tralin: Do not count me out just yet, Lord President. Will you help me?
    Argentum: Yes, of course we will. The Brilhado people owe you at least this much.

    «The scene fades to black. Overlooking the hills, Deren can be seen ablaze. Behind the damaged castle doors, Tralin is seen lying in front of his throne. The next scene has Xov deep in her thoughts, with many of them running through her mind.»

    Xov: (thinking) Be strong, Xov.
    Xov: (thinking) Do your duty Xov.
    Xov: (thinking) Your vision must stay true.
    Xov: (thinking) How can we accomplish everything I want if you aren't pushing forward as hard as you need to?
    Xov: (thinking) Have the Truphma chosen wrongly in accepting you as a leader? You are weakening.
    Xov: (thinking) How could I have thought you were strong enough?
    Xov: (thinking) All those years wasted. On you.
    Xov: (thinking) He deserved to die. He denied you.
    Xov: (thinking) A means to an end is only a path. There isn't a wrong or right way, as long as the final result is what I want.

    «A faint image of Alana appears in front of Xov.»

    Alana: Why, Psynna? Why?

    «Xov sheds tears.»

    ???: I trained you better than this. You are failing.

    «The scene fades to black. Back at the Artistic Ruins, a tablet of sorts can be seen half buried in the sand. The scene switches over to one panning across the vast Skraeling Desert.»

    Somewhere across the sands of the Skraeling Desert...

    «A pyramid can be seen in the distance as the pan comes to a halt.»

    A pyramid is discovered, holding the secret to this year's Mastercraft set!

    «The scene fades to black. In Battleon, you find Yulgar on his knee.»

    «You»: Yulgar?! What happened?
    Yulgar: A bunch of mercenary thugs came in looking for you. I wouldn't tattle, so they decided to kick me around a bit.
    Yulgar: Don't worry «You», I gave 'em as good as I got. Well, at least 'til that one smacked me with the broadside of his battleaxe from behind.
    Yulgar: With his broadside? They didn't want to kill you then.... What did they want?

    «Yulgar pulls out a note.»

    Yulgar: To deliver this.
  • Take the scroll!

    «The scroll reads:»

    Greetings chosen one,

    Have you seen the armies rising all over
    the world?
    Have you heard the whispers in the wind?
    Can you feel the changes that are coming?
    It has been long since we last
    entangled with one another.
    Know this.
    Those who have done me wrong shall be
    made to make an accounting for the harm
    that they have done.
    Your advice to me on the matter has been
    invaluable and I shall always treasure our
    moments together.
    For it is they that have made me the
    being that I am today.


    Be prepared.


    «The scene fades to black. The next scene shows a rampaged Battleon school, with tables flipped over and the chalkboard slanting to one side. Feathers can be seen on the ground. The scene zooms in on the chalkboard which reads "S = Kb In W" as it fades to black. The darkness is slowly illuminated by Artix's axe.»

    Artix: (thinking) The Order of Paladins will rise up stronger than ever. I will bring the Light back to Lore....
    Artix: Halenro - your death will not be in vain. I swear it!

    «The light on Artix's axe expands and it slowly fills the entire screen. A chessboard can be seen in the darkness in the next scene.»

    ???: I will have mate in 3 moves.
    ???: The game is all about strategy. It is a metaphor for our actions here.
    ???: Just what is your goal in all of these things?
    ???: It is indeed about strategy. It makes a delightful metaphor.
    ???: As to my goal... would you like to know? Would you like me to show you?
    ???: I asked, didn't I?
    ???: Why merely move pieces when you can move the very board itself?

    «A fist slams the chessboard, causing it to fall off as the scene comes to an end. The following messages fade in and out one after the other:»

    He is rising.

    Her truth shall be revealed.

    The End has Begun...

    «As the text above fades away, Barry Jotter enters the scene. A stone flies across the screen and hits him on his face.»

    Juan: Barry Jotter, it is I, Juan Mongoose. You keeled my otter... prepare to die!

    «The scene fades away.»

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Barry Jotter
    And the Lively Hallows!

    Location: Battleon » Warlic's Shop » Quests » Barry Jotter! » Lively Hallows Pt. 1

    «Scene: Battleon»

    «You»: (thinking) Ahhh! A quiet day in Battleon. Maybe a little too quiet?

    «A messenger enters the scene.»

    Messenger: «You», I've found you!
    «You»: *sigh* I just had to open my mouth.
    Messenger: Barry Jotter asked me to deliver this message to you!
    «You»: Barry? Oh, Warlic's "nephew". *double sigh* I'm sure this is GREAT news.
  • Take the note!

    «The note reads:»

    I am having a picnic in the
    Greenguard Forest and
    would love
    it if you could join me


    «You»: (thinking) A picnic? That seems simple enough. And I haven't eaten lunch yet. Sure, why not?

    «You encounter some monsters on the way to Greenguard.»
      8 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2, #4, #6 and #8
    Barry Jotter: Hi «You»! I'm glad you could come to our picnic!
    «You»: Hey, Barry. And yeah, someone has to protect the forest from the results of your picnicking.
    ???: *SNORT* Hehehehe. You sure know our friend Barry!
    ???: If anyone is expecting a lighthearted frolic in the woods, they shouldn't. This won't end well. I predict a clearly unmitigated disaster.
    ???: Be nice, Lemony!
    Barry Jotter: It's okay, Henrietta. It's true, I don't exactly have a very good record with this sort of thing.
    "Lemony": Hehehehe. THAT is a massive understatement. Remember the time you blew up the dormitory? It was an outright tragedy! Juan's poor otter!
    Barry Jotter: I keep telling you, that wasn't me! I just was in the wrong place at the wrong time! Besides, she was not even in the building!
    "Lemony": Then what happened to her, Barry?
    Barry Jotter: There was this... vortex and....
    "Lemony": Pfft. Yeah, blame it on the vortex.
    «You»: Want to introduce us to your friends, Barry?
    Barry Jotter: Yeah, of course! This is Henrietta Ranger. She is a Manger.
    «You»: Isn't that a place for feeding livestock?
    Henrietta: Barry means I am a Mage-Ranger. I combine the arts in simultaneous practice.
    «You»: Impressive! How do you manage that?
    Henrietta: Multi-classing.
    «You»: Naturally. And your other friend, Barry?
    Barry Jotter: Lemony Snickey, Magi-scientist Extraordinaire! With a wicked wit and an unmitigated sense of doom.
    Lemony: Hehehehe, I wasn't always so glum. But when you are friends with Barry, you learn that things happen.
    Hans: (simultaneously) That's sure true...
    Aria: (simultaneously) That's sure true...
    Lemony: But he does have a good heart!
    Henrietta: If only that translated!
    «You»: Have you considered contacting the Leprechaun Nation? Sounds like you need some fortuions.
    Barry Jotter: We did! I'm constantly consuming fortuions. I need it to survive.
    «You»: Then why such bad luck, Barry?
    Henrietta: We don't know! Our best theory is that Barry might naturally generate his own misfortuions.
    «You»: That certainly is... unfortunate?
    Lemony: You're telling us!
    Henrietta: At least we're never bored?
    Lemony: That's true! Life with Barry is one big sequence of unfortunate circumstances.

    «The scene fades to black. Several hours later...»

    Aria: Unfortunately, I need to get back home. It's getting late, and I need to feed the animals.
    Hans: This was actually quite nice!
    Lemony: Yeah, I hate to admit it but it was really fun! I guess my prophecy of doom was overstated.
    «You»: It was enjoyable. It was a pleasure to meet you, Henrietta and Lemony!
    Henrietta: The feeling's mutual, «You». It's not everyday you get to meet a Chosen of Lore.

    «Everyone goes their separate ways after the picnic. As Barry, Henrietta and Lemony move along in Greenguard, Barry realizes something.»

    Barry Jotter: Oh, no....
    Henrietta: What is it, Barry?
    Barry Jotter: Oh no oh no oh no--
    Lemony: *SNORT* Hehehe! I told you it was too good to be true. What terrible disaster have you wrought upon the world today, Barry?
    Barry Jotter: I lost my bag of Gertie Motts Multi-Flavor Beans!
    Lemony: Is that all? Seriously??
    Henrietta: Come on Barry. We can get you some more when we get back to Frogwartz.
    Barry Jotter: But what if some poor animal eats them and gets sick?
    Lemony: If that is the worst disaster we have today, I consider it an absolute miracle!

    «The scene fades to black. Back at where the group had their picnic, Juan enters the scene with his pet Gween, which quickly starts munching on the bag of Multi-Flavor Beans left behind by Barry.»

    Juan: Barry Jotter 'as bin here berry recently. The time shall soon come for justice.
    Juan: Barry Jotter, I am Juan Mongoose. You keeled my otter. Prepare to die!
    Juan: Wat 'ave you found my Gween... oh no... candy!

    «Back at Battleon, Hallows can be seen running rampant, some hiding in the bushes.»

    Barry Jotter: They're everywhere! There is no way we can make it back to Frogwartz now! Juan has gone off his rocker!
    Henrietta: That happened a long time ago, after the dorm--
    Lemony: *SNORT* Heheehe! I just knew it; this will be an utter travesty!
    Barry Jotter: Don't you mean an otter travesty?

    «You enter the scene.»

    «You»: Oh no! What's going on?

    «Aria enters the scene.»

    Aria: We have a problem - my shop's been overrun by Hallows!
    «You»: What? Who would feed Gweens candy?!

    «A pebble flies across the scene and hits Barry right on his face.»

    Juan: Barry Jotter, it is I, Juan Mongoose.

    «Juan enters the scene.»

    Barry Jotter: Ouch... Yes, I know who you are, Juan.
    Juan: You keeled my otter. Prepare to die!
    Juan: I will 'ave my vengeance... when next we meet, Barry Jotter!

    «Juan takes a leap and exits the scene.»

    Lemony: Barry! Go get the lemon juice! I'll prepare the Mega-Saturator!

    «Barry rushes off to get lemon juice.»

    «You»: Lemon juice?
    Henrietta: An idea Lemony and I came up with. We need to negate the sugary effects of the candy on Juan's Hallow. That SHOULD return them to their normal Gween state.

    «The scene fades to black. Over at Warlic's shop...»

    Barry Jotter: (thinking) Not enough? Hmm.... Well, here's some sweetened lime juice. That's like lemon. It should be fine if I mix them....

    «The scene fades to black, and the To be continued... message appears. The Lively Hallows shop then opens. Once you exit the shop, you are returned to Battleon.»
    Lively Hallows

  • Apple Fruit Basket [L. 9, 29, 49, 69, 89, 109, 129 | 149 G]
  • Grape Fruit Basket [L. 9, 29, 49, 69, 89, 109, 129 | 149 G]
  • Orange Fruit Basket [L. 9, 29, 49, 69, 89, 109, 129 | 149 G]

    Barry Jotter
    The Lively Hallows

    Location: Battleon » Warlic's Shop » Quests » Barry Jotter! » Lively Hallows Pt. 2

    «You can skip this cutscene at any time to proceed straight to the war.»

    «Scene: Battleon. Hallows are running amok.»

    Barry: Here you go Lemony...

    «Lemony loads his catapult with the mixture of lemon juice and sweetened lime juice that Barry prepared.»

    Lemony: We need broad coverage for this. The Mountain Fog setting should dew something.
    «You»: What will that dew?
    Lemony: It should coat them all in a fine mist!
    «You»: Will that work?
    Lemony: It SHOULD, but I'm not certain.
    Henrietta: We don't have many other options at this point.
    «You»: Very well then, we need to do the... *cough*
    «You»: Do... *cough*
    «You»: Ah, just dew them already!

    «Lemony fires the flask of juice at an incoming Hallow. However, instead of transforming it back into a Gween, the Hallow duplicates itself, grows in size, and becomes livelier than before!»

    Lemony: Aaah! It didn't work!
    Henrietta: I don't understand... pure lemon juice definitely should've had the counteracting effect we needed.
    Barry: Uh oh....
    Lemony: Hehehe! I know that 'uh-oh'. Barry, what did you do to bring destruction and despair to us all now?
    Barry: Uh... Uncle Wally didn't have enough lemon juice, so I mixed in some sweetened lime juice.
    Henrietta: Oh Barry, you shouldn't have...
    Lemony: She means it! You REALLY shouldn't have! Instead of bringing their sugar 7x DOWN, you've amped it 7 UP!
    Henrietta: They're now MORE lively than before!
    «You»: They do seem a bit more Spritely-- don't look now, but here comes the army!

    «The scene fades to black...»

    Lively Hallows
    Barry Jotter's former classmate Juan has unleashed an army of Hallows upon Battleon, seeking to capture Barry and make him pay for a tragic accident that occurred several years ago at Frogwartz. Barry's strong protestations of innocence have fallen on deaf ears, and Juan will stop at nothing to avenge his lost pet.
  • Fight!
  • Explore Camp
  • Return to Town

    Twilly: Hallallows! Halllallows everywheres! Twilly's scared!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please - Full Heal, continue with dialogue below
  • Let me handle this! - Closes dialogue
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

  • Potion Bag - Refills your health potions if you have less than four on hand (Guardian Only).
  • Barry - Click on Barry's spellbook if you want him to join you in battle!
  • Barry's Spellbook - Barry Jotter will join you in battle!
  • Robina Hood - Click on Robina's bow if you want her to join you in battle!
  • Robina's Bow - Robina has joined!
  • Galanoth - Click on Galanoth's helm if you want him to join you in battle!
  • Galanoth's Helm - Galanoth the Dragonslayer joins you in battle!
  • Warlic - Click on Warlic's crystal ball if you want him to join you in battle!
  • Warlic's Crystal Ball - Warlic will help you in battle!
  • Hallows - +0.1 Ranged BTH per Hallow shot. Maximum of +20.0 BTH, or 200 Hallows.

    To Battle!
    How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Five

    «Non-ENDLESS options: You will now fight «X» wave(s) before returning to camp!»
    «ENDLESS option: You will now fight waves endlessly until you flee from battle!»

    «Each wave comprises of 2 BATTLES followed by a Full Heal. After defeating 30%, 60% and 90% of Juan's army, new cutscenes were unlocked.»


      «A stone flies across the scene and smacks Barry in the face.»

      Juan: Barry Jotter, it is I, Juan Mongoose.

      «Juan enters the scene from above.»

      «You»: Who is this rocky road sundae?
      Henrietta: Our classmate, Juan. He is an extraordinary beastmaster who has developed a strange fixation on rocks.
      Henrietta: Every time he and Barry meet he pelts him with stones.
      Juan: I' ave 'eard de rumor. I am off of my rocks. I vill find de correct stones to defeat Jotter. Be prepared!

      «Juan leaps away from the scene as it fades to black.»

      «Juan confronts Barry in the battlefield. A rock lies in front of Juan.»

      Juan: I am truly prepared dis time! I shall defeat you, Jotter!
      Juan: Barry Jotter, I am Juan Mongoose. You keeled my otter. Prepare to die!
      «You»: He really has a marble chip on his shoulder... and he is stuck on that one phrase. It's positively sedimentary.
      Geopetal: Wait a minute-- die? You never said you wanted to use me to kill him! That's not very Gneiss. I won't be a party to it.

      «Geopetal rolls away from the scene, leaving Juan without any rocks.»

      Juan: Fine den, refuse! I shall steel find de perfect rock! Hallows, continue thees while I search!

      «Juan leaps away from the scene as it fades to black.»

      Juan: Barry Jotter, I am Juan Mongoose. You keeled my otter. Prepare to die!

      «Juan hurls a stone from off-screen. However, instead of hitting Barry, it strikes you instead! Juan leaps into the scene.»

      «You»: Slow down, rock boy! No one said you were off your rocks.
      Juan: No one?! But I heard it!
      Henrietta: No one said that, Juan.
      Lemony: *snort* Hehehe! We said you were off your rocker!
      Juan: I see... so it is a chair I need...

      «Juan leaps out of the scene.»

      Lemony: This won't end well.

      «The scene fades to black.»
    «Upon the defeat of 100% of Juan's Hallow army, the following dialogue takes place:»

    Barry: Is it over?
    «You»: I don't know, Barry.
    Lemony: As long as we have you, Barry, it will never be over! *SNICKER*
    Henrietta: Be nice, Lemony. After all, this was not entirely Barry's doing.
    Barry: That's right. This was all Juan's doing.
    Barry: I may have lost my candy, but Juan fed it to the Gween.

    «Juan enters the scene... with a chair!»

    Juan: Did choo call?
    All: Juan!
    Juan: And not qwite Jotter.
    Juan: My Gweenz found your binz. After de one found it I just encouraged da rest to replicate de result. Now, Jotter, the time of reckoning for your crimes are here!
    Juan: Barry Jotter, I am Juan Mongoose. You keeled my otter. Prepare to die!
    «You»: Oh for crying out loud-- Let's see just how much of a swordsman you really are Juan.
      1 BATTLE: Juan Mongoose
      Full Heal
    Juan: Thees is not over, Barry Jotter!

    «An otter scurries out from behind the bushes near you.»

    Juan: Meggie, eez that choo?
    Meggie: Oh, Juan! I've been searching everywhere for you.
    Juan: I-- I thought you were deed! I thought Barry--
    Meggie: No, Juan! There was a strange vortex. I found myself on Paxia, near some odd ruins.
    Meggie: I had this odd dream too, Juan! I was a human! I worked as a waitress or something at a restaurant, and there were giant machines everywhere!
    Meggie: It took me a long time to make it back to Frogwartz, but when I got there you were gone! I've been searching ever since!
    Juan: Oh Barry... I am so sorry....
    Barry: I told you all I had nothing to do with it!
    Lemony: I wouldn't go THAT far. *snicker*
    «You»: Well I guess that wraps up this one.
    Barry: «You», what about Juan?
    «You»: Hmm, well... no real permanent damage was done.
    Henrietta: True.
    «You»: However, he still needs to be punished.
    «You»: Juan Mongoose, by the virtue of my authority as Chosen, you are hereby banished from Battleon.
    Henrietta: Oh my! Where will you go, Juan?
    «You»: I'm sure you all can think of a place. *smiles*
    Barry: Frogwartz!
    Henrietta: That's a perfect idea, Barry! Juan can come back to school!
    Juan: I think I would like that.
    Lemony: But how long is he banished?
    «You»: How long will it take him to graduate?

    «The scene fades to black and the Lively Hallows War shop opens. Once you exit the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Lively Hallows War

  • Mega Saturator [L. 3, 23, 43, 63, 83, 103, 123, 133 | 143 G]

  • Meggie the Otter [L. 3, 23, 43, 63, 83, 103, 123, 133 | 143 G]
  • Lively Hallow [L. 3, 23, 43, 63, 83, 103, 123, 133 | 143 G]
  • Released. ~whacky

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    Times Silent Keeper


    Twilly Kidnapped!

    Location: Travel Map » Eclipsus Cult » Bonus: Return to Barenford

    ~ A monocled owl appears carrying a message from the village of Barrenford. One of the villagers found Werewolf tracks near the Darkovian border. They desperately need your help before the Werewolves discover their village!

    «Scene: Barenford»

    Murof: Ah, «You»! I see you must have received that missive we sent you.
    «You»: Certainly did, but did you HAVE to send it through a Monocled Owl?
    «You»: It kept going on about the primal groundings of ParaElemental Amalgamations. It took the better part of an hour to chase it off.
    «You»: Anyway, you mentioned something about Werewolves?
    Murof: Yes. You see, about a week ago, one of the villagers found tracks of a Werewolf pack at the borders of Greenguard Forest and Darkovia nearest our village.
    Genira: We didn't think much of it at first, but in the days that followed we began to find their tracks deeper in Greenguard and nearing our village.
    Murof: We are afraid they may have picked up on an old scent or trails of ours from our previous Basillia Berry pickings.
    Murof: They are getting distressingly closer, «You». They may even know about the village already. Could you help us?
    «You»: Show a bunch of overgrown puppies that my bite is worse than their bark? Any day.

    «Murof's eyes glow yellow. The scene zooms in on him against a green backdrop.»


    «Someone takes a loaf of Basillia bread and whacks Murof's head from behind. Murof returns to his senses and the scene goes back to normal, revealing the holder of the bread to be Genira.»

    Murof: Thank you, my dear.
    «You»: ...Are you all right?
    Murof: Fine, fine. I just have this slight twitch from time to time.
    «You»: And didn't you stop eating Basillia bread?
    Genira: This is the last loaf remaining actually.
    «You»: It looks... pretty stale as well.
    Genira: And quite sturdy.
    Murof: Genira has taken a liking to using it to... help the occasional twitch. She's right. That loaf hurts.
    «You»: Well, as long as you aren't eating it, I suppose. I'll deal with the Werewolves. Don't worry.
    Murof: Many thanks, «You».

    «You proceed to find the Werewolves, only to be intercepted by other monsters along the way!»
      4 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal by Twilly after battle #2
    «You»: (thinking) Well, I've made it all the way to Darkovia and no signs of those Werewolves. Best I backtrack I guess.
    «You»: Although I should take a break before I run into monsters again.

    «Twilly enters the scene.»

    Twilly: Twillys can help with that!

    «Twilly raises his staff and magical sparkles surround you, giving you a Full Heal.»

    «You»: Much better! Thanks again, Twilly.
    Twilly: No proble--

    «Several Werewolf Warriors enter the scene. One of them picks Twilly off the ground.»

    «You»: Unhand that Moglin, monster!
      2 BATTLES: Werewolf Warrior
      Full Heal
    «After battle, you find the remaining Werewolf Warrior kneeling on the ground.»

    «You»: All right. Hand over the Moglin!
    Werewolf Warrior: Too late, human. While you were busy dispatching the other two of my brethren, I was ambushed by a pack of Ice monsters and the Moglin was taken from me.
    Werewolf Warrior: They fled in the direction of the Northlands.
    «You»: Sounds like I'll need to bring a jacket...

    «Reaching the Northlands, you encounter more monsters blocking your way.»
      2 BATTLES
    «You arrive at Frostvale.»

    Chilly: Heyas, «You»! What brings you to Frostvale at this time of year?
    «You»: Bad stuff I'm afraid. Some monsters took Twilly and ran off with him!
    Chilly: Oh noes!! Someone kidnapped Twilly?! Let me help you, «You».

    «Chilly raises his arm and a blue glow surrounds him. You receive a Full Heal.»

    Chilly: I'm always ready to help a friend.

    «A pirate suddenly runs into the scene and crashes into you in his hurry.»

    «You»: Oof!
    Pirate: Arr! Sorry.
    «You»: Say, did you see a bunch of Ice monsters go by carrying a furry red Moglin by any chance?

    «The pirate raises his weapon and points towards the left.»

    Pirate: Arr. They, uh, went that way.

    «Another Pirate suddenly rushes in from the left, holding Twilly above him. The two pirates swiftly escape from the scene.»

    «You»: HEY!

    «Chilly turns to the right.»

    Chilly: There they go!
    «You»: But wait... If they have Twilly, then where did the Ice monsters go?

    «A Tundra Reaver ambushes you from behind!»
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
    «Back at Barenford...»

    Genira: It's been a while since «You» left. Where is he?
    Murof: Now dear, I'm certain «You» is handling things just fine.

    «HOOOOWWWWWLLLLLL!!! fills the atmosphere... Back to your search for Twilly, you chase the captors to a clearing.»
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «You»: Wait, there's a clearing coming up.
    «You»: I can hear voices talking.
    Chilly: Hmm... I'm thinking something else is up, but I can't remember...
    «You»: You can remember later, Chilly. This is Twilly we're talking about. The longer we wait the more danger he'll be in.

    «Barging into the source of the voices, you find... balloons? The Werewolf Warrior, Pirate and Tundra Reaver are all wearing a cone hat. Twilly is here with a cone hat too!»

    Twilly: «You»!! You came to Twilly's birthday party too!
    «You»: Wait, wait... Birthday party? These monsters kidnapped you!
    Chilly: *chuckles* Oh, I remember now. Today is Twilly's birthday!
    Twilly: Kidnapping? Oh noes, «You».
    Twilly: Silly friends kept fighting over who got to take me to parties they made for me.
    «You»: Friends?
    Twilly: Of course! Twilly makes friends everywhere!
    Twilly: So sillies... Twillys told them they could all have party together! Then all of Twilly's friends can celebrate with Twilly!
    «You»: Oh... Well uh, in that case: Happy Birthday Twilly!
    Twilly: Thankies «You»!
    «You»: I... guess I might as well join in to the festivities. I'm guessing you are too, Chilly?
    Chilly: Aye! Today turned out not to be such a bad day after all.
    «You»: Yeah. Although, speaking of forgetting, I can't help but feel like I'm forgetting something myself...

    «Back at Barenford, Thrasher has brought some of his loyal pups to confront the villagers!»

    Thrasher: *growls* We have finally found your village, humans, and claim it in the name of the Pack!
    Murof: You cannot claim this village! We are under the protection of «You»!
    Thrasher: Oh?
    Murof: That's right! We called on him to get rid of you filthy mongrels. He should be coming around here any second now!


    Murof: Any minute now...


    Murof: ..Nice doggie?
    Thrasher: Hehe... Sorry, but these spiked shoulders and bracelets aren't just for show.
    Thrasher: Now that your little masquerade's done, I think it's time we inspected our livestock. They should be well in season...
    Thrasher: Soldiers!
    Werewolves: Boss!

    «Genira takes out the stale loaf of Basillia bread.»

    Genira: No!! I won't stand by and let us be rounded up like cattle!
    Murof: Genira, dear! Don't!
    Thrasher: Haha... Better listen to your father, little girl.
    Genira: Bite on this, hairy mutt!

    «Genira rushes forward and shoves the bread into Thrasher's mouth.»

    Thrasher: Ugh... That's the most dreadful bread I've ever chewed on.
    Thrasher: Anyway, prepare to be--

    «Thrasher's eyes suddenly bulges, his paws over his mouth.»

    Thrasher: *Gulp*

    «Thrasher puts down his paws, his eyes still bulging.»

    Thrasher: ...
    Werewolf: Hey, Boss. You all right?
    Genira: You don't need to inspect us.
    Thrasher: We... don't need to inspect you.
    Werewolf: What?! What are you talking about, Boss?
    Genira: These aren't the villagers you are looking for.
    Thrasher: ...These aren't the villagers we are looking for.
    Genira: You can go.
    Thrasher: Let's go.

    «Thrasher walks away from the scene, leaving behind his minions. One of his subordinates turns toward the direction where he headed.»

    Werewolf: Boss? Boss, wait up!

    «The Werewolves leave the scene.»

    Werewolf: But Boss! They were right there!
    Thrasher: Let's go... Let's go.
    Murof: ...We need to stock up on Basillia bread.
    Genira: I think that's forcing it, Daddy.
    Murof: Well, maybe we just might make some more then. Just might.

    «The scene fades to black and the Twilly Kidnapped! shop opens. Once you exit the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Twilly Kidnapped!

  • Staff of Twilly [5, 25, 45, 65, 85, 105, 125, 135]
  • Staff of Twilly G [25 G, 105 G, 145 G]

  • Moldy Basilia Bread [L. 5, 25, 45, 65, 85, 105, 125 | 145 G]
  • Released. ~whacky

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