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Cyber Doom5's Art Gallery

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12/2/2013 16:06:03   
Cyber doom5

Hello Welcome to My Gallery

i Kind of Mix my work between template and off template, because the way i see it, i can never get better at drawing my own style if i keep basing it off nulgaths style.

feel free to leave me comments, positive and negatives, i want to know what i do good and what i need to improve on

if you have your own Art Gallery for the OS Forums i will try to leave you a comment (be it constructive or just random).

So Thanks For Stopping By

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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
12/2/2013 18:09:41   
Cyber doom5

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12/2/2013 18:22:00   
Cyber doom5

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12/2/2013 18:30:10   
Cyber doom5

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12/2/2013 18:32:48   
Cyber doom5

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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 5
12/2/2013 19:26:08   

You're 2nd one is amazing, so much detail, and the size of the shoulder plates on the 4th is fantastic.
DF  Post #: 6
12/3/2013 7:15:57   

Amazing artwork! Your 2nd and 4th artwork design is amazing! 1st is still amazing and so is the 3rd. I give both 1st and 3rd, 75/100 and 2nd and 4th 90/100.
Post #: 7
12/3/2013 13:42:01   
Cyber doom5

thanks guys im glad you like them
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 8
12/4/2013 1:25:04   

Your pictures are fairly creative and the proportions of the last three are very good! It's often the details that make a picture stand out, and you do a good amount of them in your pics.
I could tell though that the first pic, you did not base off an AQW template and thus the line work is a bit off. Try holding the picture up to the light and looking at it from behind (aka, do the flip check) to make sure nothing looks lopsided before detailing the drawing further.
Try to do more pictures without using a pose template :)

Also, please do resize your pics or thumbnail them so we don't have to click on the links to see them. That's what the Gallery Rules say, and it really does make viewing your works much easier.

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AQW  Post #: 9
12/4/2013 16:00:55   
Cyber doom5

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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 10
12/4/2013 18:02:59   
Cyber doom5

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12/4/2013 19:08:44   
Cyber doom5

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12/4/2013 19:10:46   
Cyber doom5

DF MQ AQW  Post #: 13
12/4/2013 21:07:31   

Good art gallery.
I think the 4th is your best character, the pose and the tracing lines look clearer compared to your other drawings.
An advice I can give you is to use a mechanical pencil, gives a better flow and clearer trace when drawing.
Take more time on the shading, try diffusing and blending the shadows since in some sketches they look rough and like a complete mass rather than shadows.
Study a bit of anatomy to give proportion to the human bodies, and about monsters, you could design how you want their muscles to contract and expand to make them look natural.
3rd sketch reminds me of Digimon for some reason.
Anyways hope you continue practicing and improving your style. Remember having fun is what makes you want to draw more and inspire to make cooler concepts, drawings or paints :D
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 14
12/4/2013 21:48:01   
Cyber doom5


Thanks for the comment

yeah the fourth drawing is my personal character and i literally redrew it like 15 times before i was finally happy with it, i do admit the sword was a little shorter then i had hoped.

but thanks

i try and use .5 mechanical pencil lead when ever i can, i usually use it on the off template style drawings since i can go into way more detail with them.

~thanks, expect a comment soon
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 15
12/4/2013 22:21:29   

Wow that fancy top hat/cane wielding chaos is very interesting. Forgive my memory if you have, but have you ever thought of entering him in a contest? Very interesting character.
AQW  Post #: 16
12/4/2013 22:35:02   
Cyber doom5

i cant remember if i have or not

i remember talking about it but never went through with it i think
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 17
12/4/2013 23:37:30   
Cyber doom5

New As of 12/4/13

DF MQ AQW  Post #: 18
12/4/2013 23:40:26   
Cyber doom5

DF MQ AQW  Post #: 19
12/4/2013 23:41:28   
Cyber doom5

DF MQ AQW  Post #: 20
1/21/2014 0:43:31   
Cyber doom5

Eternity Void
It is said that knowledge is the one true and timeless power one can obtain in this world.When asked the question, most would say that they would wish for power, or status, there are even those who would wish for all the knowledge life has to offer. Knowledge gained through the means of wishing, can never contain the strength of knowledge gained through experience. On the outskirts of a small town in a tiny house lived a bookworm named Tobias. He craved knowledge, with a collection of books and encyclopedias rivaling that of the largest libraries in the world. Unfortunately for Tobias he was faced with his own mortality, he was a meek and scrawny man, and knew that his dream of becoming the most knowledgeable person in all of creation. One dark knight Tobias was sitting at home alone reading by the candle light, as he read he failed to notice a shadow falling upon the room. As he finished his reading for the night he closed his book and looked up before him stood a massive cloaked figure so large in fact that its head almost touched the 9 foot ceiling of the library. Tobias trembled with fear and fell to the ground; the beast let out a deep chuckle that could put hear into the hearts of the bravest men.
“Tobias I have heard your please and come to you,” growled the being
“Wh...Hoo...Who are you,” stuttered Tobias
The cloaked figure lowered its hood, revealing a long fanged horned face, it six glowing eyes pierced the dark.
“My name is not important, what is important is that I have come to make your wildest fantasies come true,” answered the beast.
“Anything…. Interesting…. one typically would wish for power or knowledge, but I am not that simple, I must first ask what you seek in return for granting my wish.”
The beast chuckled,
“All I ask for is that upon my request that you come to my aid if I am to ever need your services.” It replied
“Those terms seem acceptable; My wish…….My wish,” Tobias began trembling with excitement, “I wish that I can experience all that the universe has to offer.”
“Gooooood then we have an agreement,”
With that the beast disappeared and everything in Tobias’s world went black. Tobias fell into a strange dream like state he stood above a ledge staring into an abyss; an invisible voice echoed “I Decree My Immortal Soul to the Overlord Nulgath.” The name sounded familiar but he just couldn’t place it. Before him stood a shadowy figure with jet black skin, clad in gunmetal armor that seemed to grow from its body. The armor was riddled with glowing gold runes in a language that was unknown to Tobias. The creature stood nearly 8 feet tall and was armed with sharp golden claws that looked as if they could slice flesh from bone with ease. On either shoulder shown two golden hourglass runes, etched into the very armor that protects it. Its eyes glowed bright gold, and looked as ageless as the heavens themselves. In its right hand it held a massive bound scroll that gave off and air of mystery. From the waist down it wore a cloak that covered up till its feet and two long bands of cloth connected at either side of the belt trailed behind it and seemed to float as if dancing on the wind. The creature and Tobias moved as one it was as if he were looking into a mirror; the voice echoed once more but with the ferocity of a hurricane, “FOOLISH MORTAL, GREED HAS DRIVEN YOU DOWN A DARK ROAD, AND NOW YOUR SOUL IS MINE, AND NOW YOUR REWARD, YOU SHALL BECOME MY NEWEST VOID BREED, YOU SHALL BE AS AGLESS AS THE STARS, AND YOUR WISDOM WILL BE AS ENDLESS AS THE ABYSS, YOU SHALL BE KNOWN FROM HENCE FORTH AS THE VOID BREED OF ETERNITY.” The crushing reality of his situation finally hit Tobias, he had traded away his very freedom for a fleeting dream, greed had consumed him and that is what had drawn Nulgath to him. All was lost and when Tobias’s gaze retuned to the Void before him but it is standing where Tobias once stood. It smiled, and Tobias knew it was over he belonged to the abyss now and there was no turning back.

News of the Great Fiends Soul Harvest travels far and wide, tales of fiendish monsters ripping soul from flesh, and dark void breeds massacring thousands, and several golden eyed fiends wander these battle fields using their power to age combatants till they are nothing more than dust, though not the strongest of the voids, using their knowledge they are the most clever creatures lurking the harvest, waiting and planning the precise moment to strike, ripping you apart at all points in your timeline, and collecting your soul from the shattered remains.

Knowledge is power my friends.

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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 21
1/21/2014 2:18:25   
Cyber doom5

Solar Legacy Michael
Or culture is one that lives in the light of the sun; we are a species that basks in the glow of the ever guiding sun. Long ago a war divided the heavens, angels each a guardian of a different aspect of the universe; forces of nature itself battled in the heavens for the future of the world. What could be described as a war could be better described as a lone angel fighting against his kind on the behalf of humanity. The strongest of the angels, known as SOL, betrayed his kind when they threatened to bring their war to the world of humanity, embodying the sun he used his power to halt the angelic war and aim the angels focus at him sparing humanity a war that would leave the Overworld in ruins. To end the threat, SOL sacrificed his angelic status and fell from heaven sealing his home world from both inside and out, trapping the angels so that there war couldn't harm other beings. When an angel falls its life force is shattered and blown to the wind. Do not confuse the process of falling with death, truthfully the angel never dies; one day it will be reincarnated, it will wander the world unaware of its power that lies within.
Growing up in a large family, 9 year old Michael was the middle child, never receiving the attention he wanted from his parents. Despite growing up in a family of seven children Michael was a lonely child, and unknown to his family and community, he possessed an unusual gift; flames seemed drawn to him as if possessing a mind of their own, and when he is exposed to the fading light of day one can see a faint golden glow bearing the likeness of the sun. Michael always knew that he was destined for greatness even though all others failed to see in him what he saw in himself.

Stories of the great harvest spread, fiendish beasts slaughtering the innocent people of the Overworld, in the name of the great fiend. Though typically the harvest stayed to the central plains of the Overworld, it was quite rare for a raid to happen as far east as Michael's home town. Michael was out playing in the forest surrounding his town; it was nearing the end of the day and Michael was returning home, as he reached the top of the large hill overlooking his village, he saw a black cloud of smoke and ash rising from the village. Terror filled Michael’s heart as he rushed back to his village. Monsters, monsters were laying waste to his town, he ran home sticking to the back streets and alleyways. As he arrived at his house he gazed in horror, his entire family lay slaughtered on the ground outside the home; their lifeless bodies lay still as the town burns down around him. Michael fell to his knees, tears welled up in his eyes, and his world came crashing down on top of him. From the inferno that was consuming his once home, a beast brandishing a large glowing sword erupted from the blaze it blood thirsty gaze landed upon the grieving child. Michael stared up at the beast that was now looming over him like death itself; he heard the stories from traveling merchants from the central plains, Michael was staring into the jaws of an Infernal fiend; the ground shook more violently with every step the fiend took and as it came upon the boy it swung its mighty sword and sent the boy flying. The beast began to walk away when suddenly, the ground shook ferociously, the fiend turned, the once weeping child now stood with tears streaming down his face and raw hatred in his eyes; a golden glow was present around his body and his arms and legs were completely engulfed in flames. With a single scream of furry that could have instilled fear into the heart of the archfiend itself; the flames of the entire burning town swarmed the boy creating a vortex of fire, all of the fiends and voids that ravaged the town stared in pure awe at the boy. Deep at the heart of the raging inferno a single glowing gold wing sprouted from the child’s back.

“GO AWAY,” Michael screamed with rage filling his voice and tears flowing in rivers down his cheeks“, JUST DIE.”

With those words he released the inferno. For miles around it was visible, a column of fire rising from the ground and piercing the heavens.

When the inferno died nothing remained except for the now winged Michael; everything had been reduced to ash. As he stood he wiped his tears and blinked in awe at the destruction he his rage had caused. For the first time he noticed that a lone wing had sprouted from his back, it gave off a golden glow like watching the sunset. He stood and dusted himself off, and simply left the ashen remains of his once hometown, that day he vowed that he would use this power to defeat the forces of the great fiend and free his once great homeland, and in the process avenge his family. He walks in the light of the golden sun heading towards the future.
11 years later; stories echo far and wide, a winged man bathed in the suns golden light fighting on the front lines; daring to oppose the great fiend. This man clad in a heavy leather frock coat and wielding the power of the sun, wreaks havoc on the archfiends forces, saving those that are prey for the fiends. Since that day 11 years ago Michael had never released a power even close to what happened in his home town. During his 11 years of traveling, he met a wise elder, who explained to him the tale of SOL and the angels of old; it became clear to him that his power was the manifestation of half the angels spirit, slowly reforming over time; this took a more noticeable form in the fact that Michael had but a single wing. Somewhere out in the vastness of the Overworld there was another person like him bearing the mark of the solar angel and Michael knew that one day they would meet and something unimaginable would happen. It was that dream that drove the warrior to continue the futile fight against the dark. He was but a spark of hope snarling at the dark.

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