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(AQ) Deathor: Son of Death!

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3/7/2014 2:21:16   

Prologue: The deal with Death!

I remember it all. Like it was only yesterday. The day my parents made a deal with Death. My parents were powerful beings. They were Elemental void avatars. They brought much to the world of Lore.
They were the ones responsible for the dangerous creatures that dwelled there. They put them there to protect the realm of the void. Each with powerful abilities to keep out trespassers.
They did not birth their children the same as mortals. No. They shaped their children with their magnificent powers. They had decided that a child that can live forever, not be hurt, nor die would be the best choice.
They were eternal. So their children should be too. They beseeched Death. They told him a great deal had been promised to him. He was most interested. He pondered wondering what anyone could offer the collector of souls.
They stated a child made from his essence would be formed in a human-like image. The catch? He mustn't tell of their existence, nor me of the truth until I was old enough to understand. In return I could be the child Death could never have.
I would be his helper in addition. Every monster I slayed when I was capable of, would be automatically reaped and sent to my father's realm. I would later discover this being the reason Death always had his quota of souls for the day and just let me leave without consequences.
Using their powers, they took a core essence of father's soul and shaped it with their powers. I did tell you birth was different for them didn't I? No pregnancy, pain, or child birth. My siblings and I were all shaped. Formed by our parents if you will.
Luckily Father felt no pain in this process. He was Death after all. A baby with gray skin, red eyes, and black hair emerged from the formation. Death cried a tear of joy. Yes. My father in this world's incarnation does have eyes in a sense. He questioned my unknown parents the reasoning behind all this.
They merely stated it was out of kindness. Father had plans for me. These plans however would eventually lead to utter chaos and destruction later on. He held me close and told me not to cry. For everything was alright. He called to his servants of his domain to care for me. until he had the time to do so himself.
But remember this. He is Death. He has all the time he'll ever need.

TO BE CONTINUED! Next chapter: Life in Death's realm: Deathor's training!

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3/13/2014 17:20:17   

Ch. 1: Life in Death's realm: Deathor's training!

It was tough growing up for someone like me. My only friends were the spirits and undead of the underworld. Father always told me I had a dark gift within me. When I was little I remember all the fun times. As well as the bad. I loved it when father and I would play chess. He always told me chess is a lot like life and death. You have to be careful where you move in life. Your actions can change your life with just one decision. Make the wrong one, and its over. Father showed me his collection of hourglasses one day. He mentioned that mortals and creature's lives were contained in every single grain of sand. But when the last grain falls, they die. It was then father's task to take their souls. He then cast his judgment upon them. Would they be cast into heck? Or the life of a beautiful eternity of peace in the heavens above? that was based on their lives up until that point. Sins of thy mortals determined their place in the afterlife. One day father told me I was ready for some serious training. Since neither of us could die, we could go all-out without consequences. We also couldn't be hurt. That made it very interesting. Father showed me how to raise the dead. Normally he'd despise such a thing. He always despised necromancers. They always prevented the suffering of a soul to be able to have freedom. Father thought this as blasphemy! Why make a human or creature suffer more than they did upon their death? Father only raised the dead of the eternally punished. The wicked. Not the pure. This was his usage of evil paying for their sins. I tried to raise my first soul from the underworld. At only the age of 5, I had effortlessly raised an undead soul. Father was so overjoyed at my adaptive nature. Then he got serious. He commanded me to come at him with all I had. He sure didn't expect a 5 year-old to have such latent power. I came at him with light speed. He went flying across the caverns and hit the wall hard. I rushed to him. I asked him if he was okay. Due to my young age, I had neglected to remember that Father couldn't actually be harmed. I leaned close to him. He stated one thing. He said I shouldn't have let my guard down. With lightning-fast reflexes he struck me down before I had time to react. I got up. Then I started laughing. He sure got me good. The next day he took me on an outing. We saw some guardians slaying dragons. I was amazed at their power! They had the strength and courage to take down such beasts of legend! They did not notice our presence. They were too busy slaying. I asked father what guardians do. He then told me they were the protector's of Lore. few could match their strength. It was then I decided that one day, when I was of age, I would become a guardian too. The dragons had fallen by the hands of the guardians. Father showed me how to reap a creature's soul. He brought out his hand. Carefully he reached deep inside the dragon's dead carcass and took its soul. He told me dragons were highly intelligent creatures. Thus they knew right from wrong. He then cast the evil dragon's soul to heck to suffer for its sinful nature. I was a bit scared, but intrigued. I placed my hand upon one of the fallen dragons. My hand melded through its flesh. In one fell swoop, I took its soul from its body. I used my mind to determine its fate. I was shocked! The dragon had very little sin. But how? Father told me not everything is how its appears. He stated the dragon was manipulated into hunting humans by evil dragons. They had threatened his family. Either he hunted or be hunted! Thus his heart was somewhat in the right place. This was enough to spare him an eternity of suffering. Father told me we were done. We left back to the underworld. he was very proud of me. He then told me I was ready to live the life of the mortals above. Little did I know this was not going to be as fun as I hoped. Father brought me to an orphanage in Darkovia. He knew he was doing the right thing. Sadly even he didn't know of the worst that was yet to come.

To be continued! Next chapter: The life of a mortal!: Deathor's sorrow!

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5/12/2014 18:41:09   

Ch. 2 The life of a mortal!: Deathor's sorrow!

Father told me one thing before he left me at the orphanage. He said I should be strong. That I had an amazing dark power within me. I shed a tear. He wiped it away with this skeletal finger. Before I knew it, he had vanished. I knocked on the door of the Darkovia orphanage. An elderly creature opened the door. Father told me they were called moglins. She had two young moglins about my age at her side. She greeted me and asked why I had come. I told her the truth. I expected her to faint. Or worse, die. She merely smiled warmly. She informed me that they had been expecting me.
But how? Father must have prearranged the whole ordeal. I sat next to the two moglin children from before. One of them looked like he had a scowl on his face. He had white hair and yellow fur. He told me his name was Kabby. He said he hated that name. So did his brother. His brother's name was Zorbie. He was a bluish-purple colored moglin with a scar across one eye. I stared at his scar. He caught my glance. He said he didn't listen to his mother and ran with an undead's bone-rip and cut his eye after falling. They stated they's prefer to be called Kabroz and Zorbak respectively.
They asked if I really was Death's son. I said yes. They looked very interested. I told them my name. They thought Deathor sounded pretty cool. They even told me they were practicing necromancy.
Zorbak seemed much better than Kabroz when they showed me their skills. Zorbak was always bragging about how great he was. Kabroz was not interested. He despised Zorbak's skills. I asked them why it was always dark. They said Darkovia was one like any other town. It used to have day and night. That was a long time ago though. Kabroz said he first tried his hand at necromany a few weeks ago. A town had suffered greatly due to it. The town was called Granemor. I watched as kids were adopted left and right. I knew why nobody wanted me. They could always sense something scary about me. But one day an elderly couple approached me. I was curious if maybe they were just a bit hard of seeing. But I was wrong. They said one thing they never accomplished in their long years of marriage was having children. They had tried many times. Sadly, they just gave up. I was overjoyed. They really knew how to cook. They told me stories about Darkovia. But also of its dangers. One night I awoke to screams of terror. I ran outside. The elderly man's wife had been killed by a creature father knows as a vampire lord. He stated his kill was for queen Safiria. I ran towards the vampire lord. He laughed at me, He saw me as no threat. But he had no idea who I really was. I spoke in a language known only to the dead. This gravely frighted the vampire lord. He turned as white as a ghost. He knew no ordinary mortal could know the language of the dead. He figured out immediately then who I was. He vanished back to his queen's castle. I wept before my dead foster mother. I then learned there was a reason behind my adoption. The elderly man was ashamed to admit he knew who I really was. He told me his wife was suffering from an unknown illness. Death was too busy to attend to her. The man knew I was death's son. He was under the impression that if I lived with them, I would draw out her fate faster. I was sickened. I ran. The man screamed at me. He tried to tell me what now I know to be the truth behind it all, but I didn't hear him. Then it got quiet. I ran back. A creature father knows as a alpha werewolf had feasted on my foster father. Although They used me, I was furious. The Alpha were Just scoffed. He warned me that the man was hardly a snack. Something snapped inside me. I felt a surge of energy. I ran so fast, not even the alpha werewolf's keen senses traced me. In a flash he lied dead before me. The elderly couple then spoke to me. They were garvely injured. But couldn't pass on. The old man told me what I must do. I cursed foul undead words at him. But then the old woman informed me of the truth. Although she wanted to end her misery, she had always wanted a child. As did the husband. They knew if heck awaited them for such a crime, they should accept it. I held their souls. They seemed in balance. It was my choice. With tears I did what was right. I raised their spirits to the heavens above. I was all alone. I thought to myself what a cruel world people lived in. But even crueler how deceit had to be used just to use me for my abilities. I vowed I would punish anyone with even slight sin murderously. I ran through Darkovia. I slayed anything in my path. All creatures there feared me. Well why not? I was death's son!

To be continued! Next chapter: Kid unkillable!: Deathor's carny days!
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5/21/2014 21:03:24   

Ch. 3 Kid unkillable!: Deathor's carny days!

I don't know why I was running. Maybe I was just heart-broken. Maybe... I was halted by what father calls a carnival. I saw many strange and wonderful things. There was a juggler, bearded lady, and even the self proclaimed "Strongest man in the world." Then I realized... I was starving. Yes I couldn't die due to my heritage, but my stomach was in knots. I had no gold to spend on any food. A man quickly approached me. He asked where my parents were. I figured I shouldn't tell him the truth. Either that could have frightened him off, or worse, make me a carny like the rest. I simply told him I was an orphan. Not really a lie in my current situation. He noticed something about me he found intriguing. He asked me why my skin and eyes were so unnaturally colored. I ignored the question. Then my worst fear came to be. He said he was going to find out what skills I had. I was worried, until I saw the cut of gold the carnies got from performing. I could buy more than food with that much gold. Heck! I could buy my own house! I didn't see any other kids who were carnies. I worried how that would affect my pay. Boy that owner sure never saw anything like me before. He asked what skills I had. I of course lied, saying I had none. He didn't buy that. He decided to take me in as his own. He was far to busy with his business to ever have children. let alone, even a girlfriend. One night after there was a break in. I saw bandits! I approached them. They were not afraid of me. They saw plenty of freaks in their day. To them, I was nothing compared to what they've seen. I tried hitting them. Now normally, I'd go all out and smash faces in. But I held back. Too much. They laughed. Then, they tabbed me. But I stood there without gasping. The bandits turned paler than banshees. They begged me to let them go. The dagger was still in my chest. The bandit couldn't remove it. I was focusing my power to keep the knife still. They ran like the pathetic dogs they were. I heard an ominous slow-clap. It was Carney himself! (Its his nickname. No one knew his real name.) He was impressed. He had been trying to catch those bandits for weeks. Nothing seemed to frighten them. Until they saw what I was capable of! Sadly this meant the worst. I was now a carny. For life! At first the public seemed concerned for me. Being a child and all, people would protest. But when they saw what I could do. They were scared. one time I fought with Mr. Steel. It was a stunt planned by Carney. Mr. Steel was the strongest man in the world. At least everyone thought he was. He was allowed to brutalize me any way he pleased. I had signed a contract stating any injuries I sustained could not be held against Carney or anyone who worked with him. Mr. Steel should have backed down. He took one swing. CRACK! His hand was shattered! He was bawling like a small infant. Carney lifted down his shades with an evil smile. He knew now what to call me after pondering for so long. Kid unkillable. Oh they tried many methods. Setting me on fire, blowing me up, and even trying to shred me. But every attempt ended in tragedy for each machine or weapon. Everything broke upon contact to my skin. I was pretty mad one day. I asked Carney why I hadn't got my gold since I started working. He merely said I needed to learn responsibility. By having no pay, that helped build character. I knew he was a filthy liar though. One day, I had enough. I walked right up to Carney's tent. Then I was surrounded! All the other carnies were there. Mr. Steel had to have a prosthetic hand magically attached to his arm back when I broke his flesh one. Carney came out of his tent. Then I told him. I told him I was Death's son. The carnies stood in fear. They knew I was not lying. Carney simply smiled and said he already knew. I questioned him how he knew. He said it didn't take long to put the pieces together. My strange undead-like complexion. My red eyes. He said I was going to make him rich. Not today though. I clenched my hand tight. Carney gasped for air. He begged me to stop. But I had already been dealt a bad misfortune before meeting him one month ago. He died. I took his soul. Stright to heck I sent it! The carnies were scared. I told them it was all right. Carney couldn't hurt anyone now. They asked where we would go. I saw a sign. It read "Battleon 10 miles North." I knew where we were going.

The End?

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