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RE: =DF= ChronoZ Testing Discussion Thread

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3/16/2014 16:22:56   

I very, very much like Xanaomin's Heal Revamp and new Skip skill idea! I also agree a one-turn multi would be very useful, but I can see a new "weaker" multi and bow-bow getting buffed to be a "stronger" multi working as well as Xanaomin's suggestion in the multi regard. Totally loving the "Skip" skill idea, though!
DF  Post #: 26
3/16/2014 19:56:47   
DragonFable Boxcat

I like the ideas I'm seeing! Thanks for the feedback, guys.

I've been busy the past week with some stuff (maybe you'll hear about that soon, hmmm), so I just wanted to get this out for some ideas.

I definitely agree with you guys though, there's isn't much that makes this class "Chrono" as it is. This week, I'm gonna be able to flesh that out a bit more, and hopefully add something crazy that's come to be associated with Verlyrus!

For this test, I really just wanted to make sure all the animations worked together well, and that the combo rewind wasn't tooo broken. So for those of you concerned about this class, don't worry, there's more on the way!
AQ MQ  Post #: 27
3/16/2014 20:42:37   

Thanks Verly!

Xanaomin, I like your "Skip" idea. It'd be great with Rewind (2 finals back to back in 4 turns).

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Post #: 28
3/16/2014 23:39:08   

May I also suggest a few time- themed moves?

TIMELOCK: Applies 'Timelocked' status to the target for 3 turns, forcing them to only use the attack they used on their last turn. ( So, for example, if you are in PVP and your opponent uses their basic attack and you then use this move, they would be forced to use ONLY their base attack for the next three turns.)

UNDO: [This could be a combo finisher that is unlocked after you use any move that requires mana.]Heals the enemy last attacked for the amount of damage they took on the last hit of your previous attack and heals your mana for the amount of mana you consumed during your last turn. (So, for example, if you used 20 mana to deal ten hits of 50 damage on your last turn, this move would heal your enemy for 50 damage and heal you for 20 mana. By the same token, if you used 20 mana to deal, say, one hit of 150 damage on your last turn and then used this skill, you would heal your enemy for 150 damage and restore 20 mana to yourself).

TIME FLIES: [This could maybe be the result of the otherwise unused magic+magic+magic combo] Causes your target to deal double damage for their next two turns and causes you to deal double damage/heal on the move you use in three turns. (So, for example, if you use this move, you'll take heavier hits for a couple turns, but will have time to, say, charge up maybe your sword + sword + sword combo and deal MASSIVE damage.)

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Post #: 29
3/17/2014 8:03:02   

Okay. Now, this is my first time beta-testing so this may not be the most useful thing ever.

I've never played ShadowHunter, so I can't compare. I've also never played a Chrono class, so I can't compare.

As a complete n00b to this style of class (I generally play SoulWeaver or DragonLord, occasionally Ascendant) I find that the combos are difficult to work out and remember. I find that having to do a two-turn attack to stun or blind is quite redundant and frustrating. Those kinds of attacks should be easily accessible for when you are in trouble. An instant multi (preferably along the lines of SW's Banishment because that's awesome) would definitely be an improvement. There are many other spots that could be filled with skills - probably more time-based things, as it is a time class.

Overall, the best thing about the class is the art, although I'm not a fan of some of the battle animations. The colour scheme is cool, along with the steampunk-y theme... however, the steampunk theme can easily be accessed for free through Technomancer if the only reason someone wanted this class.

In summary? I wouldn't buy it, sorry.

Also, for some reason my running has suddenly slowed down. The animation is running at the same speed but is travelling across the screen at half the speed.

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DF AQW Epic  Post #: 30
3/17/2014 9:03:58   

Syberkatt, that has nothing to do with ChronoZ, you were probably hit by a Sneevilchaun's special attacks. I believe that if you unequips your helmet, you'll find out that your face is now Yellow.

One of the things that annoys me is the delay when using some skills. If you use the Crit Combo (Magic + Bow), your character will just stand there for a good 3~4 seconds, staring, before attacking.

This, and the lack of an instant multi, lack of an instand stun, loose connection to the Time theme, small amount of skills, and the fact that the combos are pretty much the same as Shadowhunter.

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Emperor of the Chronomancer Penguins, Conqueror of the Underworld and sushi addict.
DF AQW  Post #: 31
3/17/2014 11:54:38   

Well it is a cool class no question, but it is due a serious buff because at the moment it's attacks including the combo attacks are pretty weak.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 32
3/17/2014 13:47:44   
Dante Redorigin

Okay, I admit the combo system is interesting, but as a Calender class the ChronoZ is kinda falling short :/

I get that Tomix is working with the whole Megaman theme, and it's awesome, but I have to agree that for a Chrono class there is very little to do with time manipulation. The Rewind skill honestly doesn't do all that much in the long run because you still need to set up the first couple steps of the combo before you can use the finishers. With ShadowHunter the system does work on some levels, as it is not a quick kill class. However with a Calender class it makes it seem pretty slow, especially as there is no quickly accessible multi-hit attack.

I got the Time Killer class last year and it is leaps and bounds above the ChronoZ at this point. Keeping aspects of the combo system would work fine, but adding more usable skills that aren't combo related would do a lot for it, especially if they were time related moves. Otherwise the class is just a palette swap of ShadowHunter with a couple of tweaks, and while ShadowHunter is a good class, a Calender class should have more going for it to account for it's limited availability.
Post #: 33
3/17/2014 15:05:07   

Chromatic ArchKnight of RP

I like all of xanio or whoever a suggestions, so go with those, but I would also like to see this class added to the armor closet, as well as add the other classes, the closests outdated.

Edit: forgot to mention that damage indicators will only appear above the enemy, bug to be fixed.

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Post #: 34
3/17/2014 16:12:28   

this class has another bug.when enemy is attacking you dmg is shown on enemy,not on you.
DF  Post #: 35
3/17/2014 20:03:48   

So far I like this class. Of course, this is currently in a test mode, so any flaws can't be 100% guaranteed to be in the real version. It does seem a bit weak, and there are the bugs already mentioned, (that delay in between attacks drives me nuts!) but like I said, these flaws may be fixed.

If I were to say anything about this class, it would be to give it an instant multi that is weaker than the bow combo and a mana regeneration skill. I just can't see this class going through a long quest. Mana is eaten up faster than Kathool Adept Armor spamming shadow!

Any other empty skill slots could be replaced with filler skills if necessary. Time Trip to prevent monsters from fleeing, or a skill cooldown. That seems pretty timey. I like Xanaomin's Skip idea.

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Post #: 36
3/17/2014 20:26:00   

Hi does anyone think ChronoZ would be good to have a blink skill with it as chronomancer and chronocorrupter both had that skill
DF  Post #: 37
3/18/2014 14:32:03   

I sit here, smiling when I read the likes of my ideas. Thanks guys~
@Verlyrus: Good luck! And godspeed, shrodendinger's cat.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 38
3/18/2014 21:21:13   

You should add extra skills to make it unique [and less of a clone].add all the stuff Xanaomin said and as gryphus said: a blink. syberkatt was also right about the accessibility of the stun and heal... But I might be able to work with that. You should remember how chronomancer and chronocorruptor have major skills like the cannon of meanwhile. You should have a giant clock that sends all the little increments fly out around a giant white beam...

And maybe like soul weaver
"summon hour hand/(Pierce)" One hit with weapon stronger than attack but weaker than crit combo
"summon minute hand"/(Impact) 2 hit attack about same thing
"summon second hand"/(Retro). Basically same as soulweaver's

And then a "rewind" move that resets your health and mana [and maybe opponent's as well] to what it was before the turn. Those skills would be awesome. The class is okay right now

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 39
3/18/2014 23:12:31   

I am not fan of the combo system. It lacks a lot of skills that classic classes have. I probably need to look up a combo list or something for the class. I do not see a multi-strike skill for the class. The class doesn't seem to do much damage.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 40
3/18/2014 23:39:26   
DragonFable Boxcat

reshoku, with all the combos, the class actually has more skills than others. If you want a general skill list, you can look up the combos in the 'pedia on the forums, although a couple of them are changed with ChronoZ. And I'm gonna be adding more!

Planned for Friday-

Blink Forward- Allows you to attack twice after use <- huuuuuge cooldown and pretty big mana cost. That is a really really strong skill.
But, it'll let you do turn 1 stun/multi, as well as really strong early combos. (Combining the need for early multis/stun with earlier access to final combos!)

The thing that I'm mostly afraid of is that having access to two finals in a row would be insane. I would have to at least double the extra mana cost of it to justify being able to do that. At LEAST double. Maybe triple. Seriously. This would be waaaay overpowered. Like, 4 turning bosses that shouldn't be beaten overpowered. Maybe drain all your mana. Hmmm. *plots* Aha! I've got it! I can have it put Rewind on cooldown so you can't use them together! Genius. *chases string*


Recast- Heal 30% HP and 100% MP. Another really long cooldown skill- probably gonna have a between battle cooldown too. Only heals 30% HP because the healing combo is relatively easy to pull off and low cooldown. So this skill is more like a mana recharge, since this class uses so much mana.

Kick to the Future- A nice happy little skill that stops enemies from fleeing.

Bug fixes & stuff too!

I'll add more time based flavor to the combo names and skill text, and maybe change things up a little. But the Shadowhunter combo system was REALLY well balanced, so I'm a little bit hesitant to change more than I have done.

That stuff's for Friday though, so keep up the good feedback!
PS: If you have mana problems, try investing in some Wisdom! Yaaay mana!

< Message edited by Verlyrus -- 3/18/2014 23:52:03 >
AQ MQ  Post #: 41
3/18/2014 23:49:39   

Where is the whole "Chrono" part of it? The rewind thing is the only part of it that is remotely time related, the rest of it is just a general "hit stuff" and "hit stuff repeatedly". In chrono armors a time theme is sort of the main draw. We have a combo based armor, we have a heavy hitting armor, we have an OP armor, but there are only the Chrono armors for time-related stuff. My thoughts, if you have to go with a combo based armor (which, considering that it's already coded, can;t be helped) give it something cool.
I may be nit-picking and whiny, but the other Chrono armors have fancy time tricks, and this has a rewind button.
DF  Post #: 42
3/18/2014 23:49:57   

Sounding like some awesome changes to look forward to already, Verly! I'm definitely excited to get to test it out on Friday.

Also my favorite part of that has to be "Kick to the Future- A nice happy little skill that stops enemies from fleeing." Because I couldn't help but picture Bob Ross and his nice, happy little trees combining with Boxcats and nice, happy little skills, and it made me giggle.

Edit @The Insomniac - Verly's just stated there's some new things in store this Friday alone that are time related, and this is just the first attempt at breaking down and rebuilding as we've been promised, so it's coming :)

< Message edited by dsicarii -- 3/18/2014 23:51:56 >
DF  Post #: 43
3/19/2014 2:06:31   

i like the planned skills there verlyrus, they sound strong but balanced enough to not break this class

as for being able to do 2 finals in a row, i honestly dont think itd be as strong as you are making them out to be, but the sword final is the only really powerful final at the moment so if/when you buff the bow and magic combo skills it might be a legit concern...

i like recast but honestly i dont think it is strong enough to use the between battle cooldown, if you think its to strong just lower the mp heal so they are both 40%, the reason the pyro has a between battle cooldown on his heal is its a 100% heal all the way around which is way overpowered, just replenishing some of your hp and all of your mp doesnt feel as game breaking as all your hp and mp, maybe make it a HoT skill to help keep it from being OP, a between battle cooldown feels odd on a time based class... wouldnt they just fast forward time so they were at their best? it would kinda break the meta of a class that controls time to be limited with a cooldown that lasts between encounters
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 44
3/19/2014 8:13:45   

Is ChronoZ class more powerfull then thr RiftWalker class?
Post #: 45
3/19/2014 9:17:12   

doomtown: not as it is right now, not a chance.

should it be? yes because it is a limited paid for unique class so it should be stronger than classes available in the game without paying for them, get what you paid for and all that.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 46
3/19/2014 11:40:12   
AQW Lore-titician

best part with a time-related class: you can explain any delay in launching it without leaving the Role-playing act xD

and i'm with @snakehulk here, paid classes are supposed to be better. although I find Ascendant stronger that the chrono ones, but thats just my experience with the class talking

< Message edited by ergotth -- 3/19/2014 11:41:16 >
DF AQW  Post #: 47
3/19/2014 11:57:18   
Dante Redorigin


The general consensus isn't that the ShadowHunter combo system is bad, just that for a Calender class there should be more to it. I do like the idea of pursuing the combo system with future classes, but rather than just rehashing ShadowHunter's set up, it should be used as a stepping stone to try and incorporate the combos into the skill list set up we've had for classes from the start, which is pretty much what we're looking for in the ChronoZ.

The combos can be powerful (this is going off of testing by my level 74 offensive based character), but with a time associated class especially we're looking for something that can power through waves of lesser creatures and still do elaborate combos and high damage to stronger foes and bosses. So the quick access to multi and stun is definitely a step in the right direction.

The mana costs are a bit steep, even with a sizable mana pool, but that might be adjustable before final release, or dare I mention the idea of self adjusted mana costs for each combo? (instead of just an extra 40 mana points at the end of the sword combo, say activating the second step of the sword combo is only 10 mana instead of the initial 20, then say maybe 30 for the final step of the combo, and a different cost for the bowgun combo and healing combo, etc etc).
Post #: 48
3/19/2014 16:09:26   

Honestly, I feel like some of the combos are just piled together with no logical steps to it.

Chrono Preview

Id like to see more of the first and third skills of the ranged skills row and also more of the third, fourth, and fifth of the melee skills row.

For the sword combo, it'd make more sense if it used #one, #two, and #five of the melee row.
For the blaster combo, it'd make more sense to use #one and #five from the ranged row and #four from the melee row.

Not all the skills need to be part of combos too. #Three of ranged and #three of melee could also be their own skills?

< Message edited by Deviance -- 3/19/2014 21:57:00 >
DF  Post #: 49
3/19/2014 17:19:03   

I liked the class, but felt it was too close to Shadow hunter (or whatever its name is).
AQW  Post #: 50
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