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RE: ChaosRipjaw's Pencil Gallery

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5/5/2014 10:36:36   

Hey, if you are drawing Knights, do you want to draw my Mist Knight entry? If you hav e any questions about it ask me.
DF  Post #: 251
5/5/2014 21:14:55   
How We Roll Winner

@DKYT and MDK: Well . . . didn't realize that Water Knight would be such a success

@Gorillo: Wonder who will win O_O

@DragonJax: Here.

@megakyle777: Okay sure man :)
Do you have some kind of post or anything that tells how it looks?

As DragonJax requested to see, his Dragon Shogun drawn halfway before I [nearly] trashed it.

Attachment (1)

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 252
5/5/2014 21:52:06   

@ChaosRipjaw: Yeah, I like the way you drew that horse. xD
Who knows, a maybe get the horse, draw some clouds, and it could be known as a Stormrider or whatever. *_*
Get it. . . ocean storms. . . with some lightning bolts. . . .Meh. :P

But yeah, I thought of a good name for the Behemoth character I requested. Could be called:

- Earthen Avatar
- Avatar of ??? *still thinking of the name to fill in the ???*
- Avatar of the Stormshard
- Stormshard Avatar

or depending how it looks in the end, I could re-adjust the name. . . but Avatar sounds good. XD

But yeah, nice job on the scales and spikes for Dragon Shogun. I can't do that on Sketchtoy. . .way too annoying. e.e

(edit) Ah yes, Lightbulb effect! xD Just thought of a good idea for my Roc idea. I'll call it, The Thunderhelmet. . . yeah . .a Thunder Bird. . .-ish . . . . I'll call it Thunder Helmet though.
Backstory basically includes how it rests upon the peak of a large mountain range, with its size and wingspan covering the whole mountain and casting a brilliant shadow. You know, like a
helmet for the mountain. Hah. xD

< Message edited by DidYouKnowThat -- 5/5/2014 21:57:12 >
Post #: 253
5/5/2014 22:58:46   

Here you go:

DF  Post #: 254
5/6/2014 5:04:16   

There's just something bothering me with the Water Knight.

Are his legs supposed to be a tad short? Is the, erm, "Seahorse" supposed to stand on two legs?
DF AQW  Post #: 255
5/6/2014 11:44:43   

I am very bad at drawing, so may I humbly request you to draw a Good and Evil Knight? You can put either of them for the next character suggestion contest. The Water Knight you drew was fantastic so I would love to request you to draw some Knight character. OS will need more Knight characters for they are very important in OS. Good Knights like Founder Champion will be needed to defend and protect OS from dangers.
Post #: 256
5/6/2014 21:08:33   
How We Roll Winner

@DKYT: Lolz, I get it. Pretty misleading name, though it does make sense.
You do know that the Thunderbird actually exists in mythology right?

@megakyle777: Thanks man :D, I now have a good idea of how it will look like . . .

@Lemonus: I think he needs a larger horse.
Yes, his "Seahorse" is supposed to stand on only two legs. Its backlegs are replaced with a large fish's tail. It's supposed to literally gallop ON the water, but since lake battles are fought on land . . .

@MDK: A Good and Evil Knight? Two characters? Hmmmm . . . wonder how I'm gonna make them look like.

*below* just something to amuse y'all :D
(I just modified a pic Nulgath once drew)

Attachment (1)

< Message edited by ChaosRipjaw -- 5/6/2014 21:11:35 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 257
5/6/2014 21:17:35   

Oooh. I knew the Thunderbird existed in Native American culture, but I always thought of it as just a face sitting on top of the totem pole, with the legend of it being a big bird. .
Didn't read this -> "Across many North American indigenous cultures, the thunderbird carries many of the same characteristics. It is described as a large bird, capable of creating storms and thundering while it flies. Clouds are pulled together by its wingbeats, the sound of thunder made by its wings clapping, sheet lightning the light flashing from its eyes when it blinks, and individual lightning bolts made by the glowing snakes that it carries around with it. In masks, it is depicted as multi-colored, with two curling horns, and, often, teeth within its beak."

For the picture you modified, can I see the picture un-modified to see what you did to it? Lol xD
I think I've seen that picture somewhere though. I think you added the shine to the eye, and the red energy on the hands. . .. correct me if I'm wrong. =.=
Post #: 258
5/6/2014 21:21:08   
How We Roll Winner

@DKYT: Hmmm, that's odd! Didn't realize a thunderbird would have curling horns and a beak with eeth.

Original pic.
I only did two things to it; and the hands energy is not one of them ^_^

For your Avatar/Behemoth character, I'm kinda having trouble with his face. What exactlly is his face supposed to be like?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 259
5/6/2014 21:33:44   

A Pterodactyl! :P It has a wide wingspan with teeth . . .e.e
Well you know what's interesting? There are still some people that believe the Pterodactyl still exists. Just a fun fact. . .
They say they've actually seen them flying in Papua New Guinea . . . well no one truly knows. That place is barely explored.

As for the Avatar of the Stormshard (finally got the name for it! xD)
Well here's the Sketchoy again, http://sketchtoy.com/60580220

Kind of like a Rhino-ish, or Rancor-ish if you'd say, since you know. . May 4th and all.
The horn on the nose isn't too big like a Rhino's though. Then there'd be the two curved horns on the side, connected
to the two outstretched horns. . . .. . . . ehrm . . . the eyes would look like the one on Sketchtoy, :P
And well. . . .rocky maybe. You know, ancient and all. . .. if that makes any sense, lol xD
Post #: 260
5/6/2014 21:44:17   
How We Roll Winner

@DKYT: Here's a REALLY crude visualization of your description (I'm not very good with Sketchtoy) http://sketchtoy.com/60806697
You ought to edit it
I went for a mouth like the rancor.

So Stormshard is somewhat of a monstar. Is he good guy or bad guy?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 261
5/6/2014 21:55:21   

O_O Ok maybe not like a Rancor. LOL XD
Well if you think a more wolf-like or feral look would look better, then an example could be This. (just the head)
Or if something reptilian or so, either This or the Elder Wyrm from Legend of Zelda, just the head. xD
The link shows the Final Fantasy version of Tiamat, Queen of Dragons I think?

Your Sketchtoy is good, and it reminds me of ShadowStalker. . . .:P

As for Stormshard. . . .eh. . . haven't thought about his alignment actually. . . What do you think? From my perspective, he could be a neutral dude. .
Post #: 262
5/6/2014 22:16:14   
How We Roll Winner

@DKYT: Neutral it is then. Hard to imagine him being good or evil.
He's probably a forbidden beast like Typhon >:D
Okay, I now understand the head. So it's all feral/wolfy/savage/reptilian but it's hideously smooth.

I could probably do a better job on the head using paper ^_^
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 263
5/6/2014 22:52:09   

@ChaosRipjaw: Hmm, ain't Typhon evil though? o_o
And cool! Maybe not too reptilian. More focused on the feral/wolfy/savage side, just a trace of reptilian . .e.e Not aiming for a Dragon character. xD
Thanks! I shall be looking forward to seeing it. <_>
Post #: 264
5/7/2014 6:00:43   
Warmonger DragonJax

Only the helmet is off and are you going to continue the drawing the character ?
Post #: 265
5/7/2014 6:32:33   

That "Seahorse" definitely needs to be larger. It looks like it can't handle the knight for long :c

And it looks weird for a regular sized knight to be riding a small horse who stands on two legs.
DF AQW  Post #: 266
5/7/2014 20:41:49   
How We Roll Winner

@DKYT: Just a similar idea. To me, Typhon seems more like a chaotic beast than a monster with evil intent.
Beware . . . the Stormshard has risen!

@DragonJax: Gonna start over on him. I found a samurai armor set in my history book, so I'm gonna base your Dragon Shogun around the true classic samurai ^_^

@Lemonus: I got a larger horse now. Might make a redo of the Water Knight again someday :D
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 267
5/7/2014 21:13:48   

Ain't Typhon the dude who gave birth to a bunch of monsters who Hercules had to kill or something, and he has a crap ton of snake tails. Lol. And he battles Zeus. . . .
Or are you talking about some other kind of Typhon .. I'm thinking of Mythology. o_O

Or instead of "Beware," maybe "Take heed, the Stormshard has risen!" I find Beware to be really common. o_o

Post #: 268
5/7/2014 21:30:08   
Gorillo Titan

I think you are mixing myths DYNT.
Post #: 269
5/7/2014 21:35:13   
How We Roll Winner

@DKYT: Typhon sired Chimera, Hydra, and Cerberus with Echidna. the Mother of all Monsters. (That's odd, sounds like the Mother of Monsters from AQW.)
I was thinking of Typhon's "attitude" from The Last Olympian.
Maybe "Be warned" would do a nice job. Although "Beware" is really common, it does a nice job of stating it flatly xD

< Message edited by ChaosRipjaw -- 5/7/2014 21:38:08 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 270
5/7/2014 21:41:33   
Gorillo Titan

IF you get any time can draw the 4 forms on my spider character suggestion?
Post #: 271
5/7/2014 21:47:13   

Yeah, though thinking of other things instead of common ones can catch Nulgath's eye probably. .. . .or eyes, since he has 3 pairs. . .
As for Mother o' Monsters. . . eh .. .she's the Chaos thing right. . . .I assume. . . :P
Post #: 272
5/8/2014 9:07:38   

Hey Chaos, just out of curiousity, which of your drawings did you have the most fun on? Oh, and which do you think turned out the best?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 273
5/8/2014 12:49:00   
How We Roll Winner

@Ligerbeard: Usually the revamps of my ancient drawings, the Forumite depictions, and forumites' requests and suggestions :)
As for best . . . hard to say. What do you think? :D
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 274
5/8/2014 15:58:56   

Above: To be honest, I think the Gluttony Fiend you did for me was the best! You took my advice and knocked it out of the park, man! Not only that, but you managed to make it even more terrifying than I could ever imagine!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 275
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