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RE: ChaosRipjaw's Pencil Gallery

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8/23/2014 13:20:18   
How We Roll Winner

Okay, now Gorillo's stuff! First I fixed the soul doll. At first, I misinterpreted it as THREE soul dolls circling the ewww.
Now it's just one and with three monsters: The Ewww, Ammit, and the Wheelbird.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 476
8/23/2014 13:21:23   
How We Roll Winner

And Chaos Lord Death Titan! It's possible he was some relations with the Necromoglinmancer. I hope you can see the moglin on his shoulder

Will be making a Chaos version of the soul doll (Chaos Beast) and a rejuvenation of Ghost Tyrant to match the description better

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 477
8/23/2014 13:53:28   
Gorillo Titan

Its so beautiful. Man we need to do a collab for the next character contest.

How about doing a giant character whose job is to make Armor for Dragons?

Also a character that looks like Kruger with a robot visor type thing the one with the light that goes back and forward.

Also had a random though about a eyeball tail like a lizards or dinosaur tail but with an eyeball in the center with eye lids connected to another creature it would have a regular head but have a brain in both the tail and the head giving it to different perspectives.

I have a character I've been saving for a long time but never wrote anything with him do to the fact I could never see him on paper he's a human but with genetic modifications he now has the power to transform his arms into any weapon his trademark features is a special hoodie that has a cloaking device and the ability to allow him to fly he doesn't show his face he's the son of a military general and is code named The Enigma he has spent every moment of his life being condition to be the ultimate weapon.

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8/29/2014 21:25:33   
How We Roll Winner

Well, looks like no release tonight. Might as well post some stuff.

Ulric has been reskinned to use the Griffon template!

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 479
8/29/2014 21:28:03   
How We Roll Winner

Is this what you meant by the Kruger-ish thing?

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 480
8/29/2014 21:28:59   
The Void Calls

My beautiful wolf looks like he could take on a group of dragons, really great work, Chaos.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 481
8/29/2014 21:30:57   
Gorillo Titan

I was going for a more organic look over the robot look. They both look awesome though.
Post #: 482
8/29/2014 21:33:51   
How We Roll Winner

@Axel: Heh heh, thanks man :D

@Gorillo: It's a shame I don't color my pics, as those bundles of "wires" are actually tendons xD
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 483
8/29/2014 21:40:57   
Gorillo Titan

Ah, cool.

What was the hardest thing you've had to draw suggested by us?

Also how about some mummy themed characters like a 3 headed vulture mummy with medusa ish tenticles growing off the back of its wings, and a creatures that made out of paper but can turn into water just thrown out ideas maybe even a 4 head cyclops covered in knight armor holding some kind of ancient but powerful weapon?

Also can you still do volt widow and its rank ups?

Also for the eyeball creature make the tail not to massive.

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8/29/2014 21:55:22   
How We Roll Winner

I'd say the ones that I messed up on

Hmmm, I like the mummy one. Probably something Fearghas would have fought against in his tomb robbing plights.
I also got a pretty cool idea about the cyclops, though the paper creatures are strange.
Yeah I was still planning to do the volt widow; you asked me to do that a few months ago xD
Oh, for volt widow, I'm probably only going to do the master and legendary forms, seeing how the other two are just a plain spider
Oh also I was planning for the tail to be really slender

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 485
8/29/2014 23:15:04   
Gorillo Titan

Ok. How about a character with pray mantis arms growing off its back between 2 - 5 with a mouth like a fly the suction cup tub mouth and 3 eyes with a triangle shape on its forehead with a round head a orc style body template with one of the legs being fake maybe a tentacle or pegleg with ragged clothes and sores on its body.

Also a mirror with the ability to make projections of anything or anyone who stared at it giving it the power to use them as either "summoning" or it can turn into them.

Also a tritailed giant scorpion oozing venom out its stingers and a version with a rider.

< Message edited by Gorillo Titan -- 8/30/2014 18:33:19 >
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8/30/2014 19:39:55   
How We Roll Winner

@Gorillo: Oi. The scorpion sounds like Dwain Jonsen xD

Done with Chaos Soul Doll! The Soul Doll itself has been made to resemble Drakath and the other three monsters have warped totally.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 487
8/30/2014 22:01:41   
Gorillo Titan

Wasn't thinking of Dwain �� but also make one the scorpions pincers likes a needle that it can suck your inside out while it uses the other claw to grab you. Also for the three tails either make the one in the middle longer and skinned and the two on its side thicker or do the reverse thick one in the middle and two long ones on the side.

How about a character similar to the main character of god of high school but as a cyborg.

Sorry if this is a lot of stuff to suggest.

Last one for the moment a character with a magic tail idk how I would look but make it unqiue as far as the person with the tail they were just a regular farmer about 13 - 14 and awaken with a tail.

I wrote another one but it timed out so much detail �� the idea was a fisherman skinny oldish not supper skinny with a old fashion fishing rod he's a ghost have him behind a mist or fog with his outline showing and his fishing rod in hand similar to the famous Tom sawyer picture make him about 14 feet tall his quote aiming at the one fish that got away make him loom wise and mysterious and his fishing rod being in the water.

His clothes would be place like lumberjacks with overalls he would be a legendary character so make it look powerful without much effort on his part.

Also for the fisherman it would be a super low encounter rate it being a mystery character like a urban legend you only can find him when not like for him like going into Narnia lol
this might be asking to much but have like a regular person emerging from a bush to find the fisherman.

Also a lumberjack who uses a axe to cut down trees with the sickles of water that come out when he swings it.

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Post #: 488
8/31/2014 13:22:14   
Gorillo Titan

How about doing some characters based on tall tails like Paul bunion his cow babe John Henry iron bloody marry the boogie man, mothman?
Post #: 489
8/31/2014 13:36:44   
The Jop

Do you mind doing a colored version of Resonance? I'm trying to get that as my avatar, but I can't suggest something that's already in-game, so I can't just take a picture of it, and I've gotten no word back on them adding the uncolored version yet. Feel free to alter the original however you want, if you're willing to do it.

< Message edited by The Jop -- 8/31/2014 13:43:40 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 490
8/31/2014 16:45:50   
Gorillo Titan

Can you do like a cyborg of the OS godzirra character half robot half godzirra and a mecha hydra character.

http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Henry_(folklore) Ex slave turned steel working man lot more to it in his tale though.

I thought of this character around easter its called the bunny slugger uses a carrot in the shape of a baseball bat and hits eggs at the enemy also the bunny pitcher throws eggs at the enemy and also the bunny catcher all of them would be bunny humanoids with baseball uniforms on old school baseball uniforms from like the 50s


with the bugs bunny style rabbit face and give them a easterish vibe all are on the same team.

Also make the uniforms kind of dirty like they've been playing a game for at least one of them.

3 headed shark cyborg on steroids crazy ripped with a humanish form with glasses.

Also a new legendary for the samurai with a large saw-tooth sword.

A mecha aphrodites with 3 robot cupids flying around her the old tiny angle cupid with the bow version.

A boxer I came up with for one of my stories could make portals that he could punch through to hit enemys from a distance would be a middleweight boxer.

A minotaur centaur.

Some random character whose facial hair turns into worms with a gross freaky sized eye and small size eye give him a gross homeless zombie look the worms fed off him

The Huntsmen carries a sack like Santa full of heads goes around hunting wanted people like a bounty hunter give him a crazy criminal vibe dirty like he lives in the woods and scary muscular.

Follower of medusa has eyes in the middle of his palms that turn you to stone when you look at them give him cult robes to wear.

A spider that can fly.

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9/4/2014 16:56:06   

Hey Chaos, do you think you could do a fusion of Queen Ghyphosylia and Elsa from Frozen? I always wondered what that would look like!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 492
9/7/2014 15:45:28   
How We Roll Winner

@Liger: Might try that ^_^

News: Sorry everyone, I don't have time to post up this week's chars. Something unexpected cropped up in real life.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 493
9/8/2014 9:52:13   
Gorillo Titan

Its ok take your time.

How about a Unicorn queen with armour a crown and smaller unicorns around the queen is 4 times the size of a horse.

A character with the 3 bats flying around him fire ice and shadow.

The wrong one. A skinny week look man who cares the sword of excalubar image his arm only being half the width of the sword in a comic way.

A character called the swarm made of a bat from every element.

The blind dragon a boxer whose blind and has the power to take on a draconian form do his dragon and normal form.

The jaw has a huge upper jaw and a very tiny lower jaw very sharp teeth has handcuffs on and a fin on his back.

Brain storm wears a scientist lab coat but his head is a storm cloud floating above his body eyes are snow flakes not exactly the same.

Krunk Sr. the ancient one was bitten by a werewolf over 600 years ago legend say he would return when the ogres truely needed him even though he was shunned for being a monster carries a weapon made from the bones of one of the most dangerous creatures to roam the land of Oversoul the Soul phoenix a creature who literaly could destroy the soul of any creature it killed it nearly destroyed the world as each time it died it came back stronger feeding off the soul of the people it killed.

The bone incarnated the combination of a bone of every creature in OS combined looks very weird with all the bones it has.

Patches a teddy with a bunch of patches and dressed like a secret agent and a living cookie monster.

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9/10/2014 2:34:37   
Elite Tuga

This is the first time I don't neglect this side of the Forums (OS Art Gallery) LOL, there are pretty good concepts for future characters here. "Bravo ChaosRipJaw" you have good anatomy character design skills. You seem like the type of artist who get better & better with time, keep it up.

Now that i'm here I might as well suggest a character i'd love to see you draw & want for OS in the future as a contest winner. He is from the gaming world of 'Tekken' & created by 'Namco' most of you should know, if you have good taste for PS fighting games that is, of course.

Name: Jin Kazama.
Element: Neutral.
Rank: Veteran.
Fighting Style: Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts & Mishima Style Fighting Karate.

Name: Devil Jin.
Element: Neutal & Shadow.
Rank: Master.
Fighting Style: Same as above.

Name: Devil Jin Perfect Form.
Element: Neutral & Energy.
Rank: Legendary.
Fighting Style: Same as above.

If it was ever to make it to game (which I doubt) the names & looks could be changed slightly just to avoid 'copy infringement' like it was done to Godzirra a.k.a Godzilla.

Take your time 'ChaosRipJaw' & take-care.


Epic  Post #: 495
9/13/2014 22:07:28   
How We Roll Winner

Well welll! Approximately . . . 40 character suggestions! I will be posting random selections of groups of 2-3 characters once a week (real life considerations, I'm sure you'll understand).

Suggestor: Gorillo Titan
The Tritailed Scorpion is a breed of giant scorpion which makes its home in a broad variety of environment. It can be tamed, but the only way to do so is for a person to play a musical instrument. Strangely, this calms the scorpion for the player to ride it. The Tritailed Scorpion has a left pincer in the shape of a needle, which it uses to impale prey and (possibly) absorb nutrients. The only tail which truly is made for attack is the center tail; the other two are only to shield the scorpion from attacks from the side.
Note: If this ever makes it ingame, the girl's outfit will need to be changed, as it's Disciple of Crizox affiliated.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 496
9/13/2014 22:09:56   
How We Roll Winner

Suggestor: Gorillo Titan.
The Mirror of Fiend is in the possession of a malignant beast which had made a devil's deal which . . . had gone badly. Somehow, it had become hideously deformed. Thus, it hides behind this mirror, hoping that it will soon be able to switch bodies with an unlucky soul who is sucked into the mirror.
No one is sure whether the mirror itself has a mind of its own . . .

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 497
9/13/2014 22:16:41   
The Jop

Beautiful as always, but don't overwork yourself. You should enjoy your free time and not feel obligated to draw. It should still be something enjoyable to do for you.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 498
9/13/2014 22:16:58   
How We Roll Winner

Suggestor: Gorillo Titan
The "Enigma" Super Soldier is the son of a famous military general known for his zeal for technology. The Enigma has been outfitted with dangerous proton technology, a technology that modifies atoms to allow the user to change the elements of their bodies. At the moment, the Enigma has lead tubes which feed directly into his hands to pump in protons. This allows him to change his hands into nearly any weapon imaginable. However, this technology is inherently unstable; one mishap with a proton could cause a nuclear explosion. Or if less severe, he could become [temporarily] crippled. Not only that, such bombardments of protons (and also neutrons and elections) make him radioactive. To counter these side effects, the Enigma is equipped with an exoskeleton to support him and other proton generators to constantly produce potassium iodine (located at the neck and legs) to nullify the radiation. Regulators are placed at the wrists. Due to long exposure to proton bombardment, the Enigma's suit has partially metallized.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 499
9/13/2014 22:57:51   
Gorillo Titan

You don't have a problem with me suggesting a crazy amount of ideas right?

Also post more art on twitter and see if you can get feedback from AE staff if it goes well they'll most likely give you a guest artist spot in ED or AQW.
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