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RE: ChaosRipjaw's Pencil Gallery

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4/14/2014 17:11:38   

@ChaosRipJaw: I am also a fan of the Alien movies and Alien vs. Predator. :D
They're tails, inner-maws, and the Alien Queen. Oh my. xD

And as for a fiery Shogun. . . . Hmmm. You know the Susanoos from the Naruto series? Ones like Itachi's, Sasuke's, and Madara's.
In the Susanoo's ultimate form, they do look like Shoguns. And the chakra they're made form makes it look kind of like fire.

Post #: 101
4/14/2014 21:53:47   
How We Roll Winner


The Susanoos look cool, but I'm aiming toward a more solid type of character. Although using that effect for the armor might be interesting . . .
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 102
4/14/2014 22:15:35   

A Shogun with phantom swords?

OR, he's solid first right? But when he attacks, he assumes a phantasm form, as shadows in the shape of samurai rush the enemy. . .
Post #: 103
4/14/2014 22:27:50   
How We Roll Winner

^That could be this card: or his 5-hit attack :D

Attachment (1)
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 104
4/14/2014 23:55:40   

Triplify? So are you telling me. . . . .Retribution, + Triplify, would mean 4,500 UNBLOCKABLE DAMAGE?! Woot woot.
Post #: 105
4/15/2014 0:30:20   
Warmonger DragonJax

Dude,crazy skills you got there ! Nice pencil work really puts me to shame to how awesome you draw(I draw well many people say but your is too good).Saw you drew how you think some forumers would look.Can I ask how you will depict me ?
Really awesome man and I am going to strangle MiltoniusNulgath if he doesn't put those in-game(or has he already,I don't play the game as I don't understand)


Post #: 106
4/15/2014 3:23:54   

Yo ChaosRipJaw, I've got something for ya.

So I got bored, and Rogue characters started poppin' in my head, you know? So I went on Sketch Toy, and drew this ->

I'm not much of a drawer, but there goes my shot. It especially sucks since drawing with a mouse is tough for me. LOL. So I think if I could somehow upload my drawings up, it'll look a lot better than that. <_<

BUT ANYWAYS. As you can see, I drew only the upper body of the character. The part below the neck, neck, and head. It's supposed to look like a rogue/bandit character, and he wraps himself up
in cloth as his armor. Cloth, or whatever material. Wraps himself like a mummy, and his eyes are covered. And for his chin, well it COULD be a chin I guess.

or you can re-draw it to make it a horn, and maybe add a few more horns, and doesn't have to be on his face. Maybe on his shoulders, neck, and knees. I'm thinking of making him a dual-bladed rogue/bandit.

Also, look at that hair! LOL. XD

And after you click the link and it finishes, you can also draw on it I think to continue my work and edit it if you want. :x

And maybe you can draw some things on it too. I don't know. xD

So yeah, try it out for yourself, sketchtoy, and see how you like it! It's a great way in my opinion to communicate with other drawers because you can exchange artworks and edit them as you wish!

By the way, when drawing, you can even use WASD or the arrowkeys to make it 3D -ish I think So have fun with that.

But again, how do you think of the character I drew so far? Lol. Looks like some kind of demon/mummy -ish rogue, yeah? For 5-hit, maybe I can make its eyes glow red, and a red circle rune with
ancient markings glow on him, and he turns into a phantom and rushes the opponent. . . mehehe.

And for his death anime, I'll have him turn into black smoke just like Headless Horseman and YoTH does, BUT, he'll leave behind his wrappings.

For the name, maybe Fearghas. . . .or something. .. . Get it. . .Fear + Ghastly. . . . .a Ghastly manifestation of fear. . . ? . . . .or a Ghastly manifestation that brings upon fear. . . meh . ..

(edit) OR OR OR! I've alternatives ->

1. Dual bladed (1 blade smaller, 1 blade longer)
2. Dual hammers. with Spikes!
3. a spiked flail
4. Guandao. (Google image it! :)) (It is similar to the Naginata, but the blade is bigger, which in my opinion looks better)
5. One hand covered in a black fire, the other holding a weapon.
6. Both hands unwrapped, the wraps touching the floor.
7. Both hands glowing.

And for the ''hair,'' could they be like porcupine quills? e.e

Welps, looks like I got carried away again with character making. ./facepalm. Did this since I think we both mentioned rogues or bandits of some sort. . . .LOL.

(edit2) Good lawd I feel like starting my own gallery and basing all of my arts on un-finished sketches. Then, I'll post the up, and people can have fun taking the art and editing them, etc.
You know what would be a neat project? Someone drawing something on a sketchtoy, then passes it on to another forumite whereas THEY draw something on it, then it's passed on to another, etc.
And in the end, we come up with a creature composed by ALL forumites! NEAT AIN'T IT?!

Oh my, the possibilities of sketchtoy. . .. .AND, people can make their own sketches too! :D

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Post #: 107
4/15/2014 11:21:12   
How We Roll Winner

@Warmonger DragonJax: Let's see, you are a warmonger, so you have many assorted weapons from many "cultures," whom you've defeated. You are also "dragon" so . . . a battle hardened, warrior Dragon man? :D


From your description of a ghostlike, mummy bandit with all those weapons, it sounds like Tomb Robbers of the Pharaoh's Tombs, who were trapped there for eternity.
Sounds like Nulgath could use a "Mummy Dungeon" xD

I'll try drawing all the variants of that, :D

PS: I know what a Guandao is; I call it a Kwan Dao :) in fact, I drew several characters which I haven't posted up using it

As for Sketchtoy, maybe you could use any touchscreen pad with it and use your finger to draw . . . ?

AND, when you use the "Clone" card, you are unable to use it for any card other than normal attack cards below 500 Damage xDDD

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 108
4/15/2014 12:32:35   
Warmonger DragonJax

@Ripjaw:Not a dragon,even though I am half-dragon(ish).I still have a human face.If you are willing to draw me,here are some pictures of myself I drew.If you want to take inspiration just credit would be nice for me.Here they are are some pictures of myself I drew of what I think I would look like-
. Asguardian UltraWarrior DragonJax
. Omega Void DragonJax
. Blessed armored DragonJax

I also have DF,AQ,MQ Galleries if you would like to check them out.Good day ! *Tips Helmet*
Post #: 109
4/15/2014 14:02:31   

Hey chaos, do you think you could try doing my Gluttony fiend possibly.
You might have seen it before, but just in case, here's the link.
One more thing. If you decide to do her, try not to go super big like most gluttony based characters, as it may be seen as overused. Just a tip.

< Message edited by LigerBeard -- 4/15/2014 15:38:35 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 110
4/15/2014 18:43:59   

@Warmonger: So you mean to say that you are a Dragon Warrior?
Post #: 111
4/15/2014 20:59:38   
How We Roll Winner

@DragonJax: I like the Omega Void best :), also the Asgardian is pretty interesting, since I rarely draw anyone with beards xD

@LigerBeard: Yeah I saw that. So . . . a giant stomach? Yeecch . . .

So to summarize this week's projects:


1) Bei IV [bei4's personal char]
2) Cyberdoom5 [Cyberdoom5's personal char]
3) Raven of ______ [a rogue based character]
4) Ancient Tomb Robber [DKYT's rogue concept]
5) DragonJax the Warmonger [DragonJax's personal char]
6) The Gluttony Fiend [Ligerbeard's Gluttony Fiend]
7) Bubble Knight [another one of GorilloTitan's characters]
8) Mystery Character! [one of mine]

< Message edited by ChaosRipjaw -- 4/16/2014 21:08:33 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 112
4/15/2014 22:02:21   

@ChaosRipJaw: Eh? Oh I only wanted your opinion on it. LOL. Personally I thought the concept was pretty nice lookin', so that's why I didn't just delete it, but instead, saved it.
But if you want to draw it then ok. Lucky me. xD And thanks.
Post #: 113
4/15/2014 22:30:30   
How We Roll Winner

@DKYT: Well, the idea was pretty cool to me, and I decided to try to combine all your variants of it into one ^_^ (such as: the kwan dao and the flail into one weapon; kwan dao blade on one end and flail maces on the other)

Also, bei4's personal didn't turn out like expected, but it worked out for the best: Instead of a mostly fire based Shogun, it looked more Molten Lava like xD
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 114
4/15/2014 22:50:01   

Ooh, you know what, I think I know which weapons I'd like for the Tomb Robber. Either a Gaundao, OR a bronze claw.
Kind of like this.

So far Aberr's Master form is the only character in-game with a flail weapon, but oh well.
Post #: 115
4/15/2014 23:13:16   
Gorillo Titan

Could you try your hand at drawing my bubble knight?
Post #: 116
4/16/2014 2:24:54   

@ChaosRipJaw: I ain't asking you to draw or anything, I'd just like you to review what I posted in Character Suggestion Discussion thread. My newest addition to my growing selection, Ragnarok of Citadel!
Just read it, and tell me how you like it! :D

P.S: It looks like you have a really packed schedule with all those drawings. lol :P

< Message edited by DidYouKnowThat -- 4/16/2014 2:25:21 >
Post #: 117
4/16/2014 3:25:25   
Warmonger DragonJax

@Didyouknow:Yes,I am the dragon Warrior.
@RipJaw:You just have to put the circle rune thing below it and give a description and a taunt thing.You can pick the art(Pick asguardian,please !).You can take weapon design from my gallery in AQ and DF Galleries for the other characters.Give credit if you use them !
Post #: 118
4/17/2014 8:18:47   
How We Roll Winner

@DragonJax: Sure :)
@DKYT: Yes I do xD

Make this as fake looking as possible

Attachment (1)
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 119
4/17/2014 14:54:26   
Gorillo Titan

That looks like a pretty good character for this game we have nothing that uses a bomb to fight with yet.
Post #: 120
4/17/2014 20:38:10   

Quick question? could you give me you're opinion of this? It was art for Lord Athor's backstory.
Also, nice job with the wallbreaker, keeping it simple yet effective!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 121
4/17/2014 21:39:17   
How We Roll Winner

@Gorillo: A bomb character would probably use that Yixarion Universe card I made (on page 4) ^_^
@Ligerbeard: The art is nice, and the backstory is just tragic. The dog was right to back away from him; dogs can sense ghosts before humans do :)
The idea of it sounds kinda like La Llorona though . . .
@DKYT The hero of the final war. Awesome! Your poem is also excellent; I've never met such a poet (literally) xD.
What would really be funny is that Ragnarok is the hero to face Nulgath, but that's not all. He, combined with his training and an Oversoul's will, spirit, and experience (and all of that Oversoul's other bodies) will defeat Nulgath xD

Notes for today: Finished bei4 and Cyberdoom5 characters. Now working on Raven of ______ and DKYT's Tomb Robber
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 122
4/17/2014 22:13:03   

@ChaosRip: A bomb character eh? Sort of reminds me of my Tick-Tock character. If you read it, you'll find that on his shoulder lies a doomsday canon/rocket. Heh. . . . That'll be one of my most prized submissions
for the next contest! :D

Eh? Thanks! I am most proud of the final stanza in my poem.

As for now, hidden behind the elder groves
Lands littered with treasure troves
The ancient lore will still foretell
Ragnarok -- of Citadel

I'm still debating whether or not he should be a Human or Behemoth however. . . .What do you think?
Description of Behemoth -> Behemoth -> A large, hulking beast. Tough hide, and shows sign of age with cracks and moss. His hide is almost like stone. On his back lies an old Citadel in ruins. It possesses a tail, with a boulder-like club
at the end. It is on all fours, with crystals (stalagbites) growing on its arms, shoulders, hind legs, tail, and a little bit on the back. An old, slowly turning windmill or waterwheel is optional on its back.
Even though it is on all fours, it still exposes its tough, rock-hard chest, kind of like a gorilla-stance, but the tail is still giving it a reptilian look.

As for human, I haven't figured out how I wanted it to look like. :P

As for him with Oversoul's will, spirit, and experience to take down Nulgath. . . Well I did a similar idea with another one of my characters I submitted in the last contest, though it was not accepted. :P

And I shall continue thinking of the story for my Felguard the Magi Hunter, Devourer of Magic.

My first thought was how the Felguards (Felguardian? Fell-guardians?!) were a race that disappeared without a trace, thus, were considered extinct. Years passed, as they return with a new mind.
Immediately they started to hunt and siphon any magic they encounter, absorbing it into themselves, holding it. They seem to move in swarms, stealing magic from whatever they can, storing it
in their Headquarters for some mysterious purpose. I still haven't thought of where their HQ was, or what it is, so for now I just refer to their base as headquarters.

Ah, working on Fearghas the Tomb Robber? xD
Can't wait to see it!

Post #: 123
4/17/2014 22:32:43   
Warmonger DragonJax

@RipJaw: How on lore are you going to draw all that in one week ?

< Message edited by Warmonger DragonJax -- 4/17/2014 22:33:02 >
Post #: 124
4/17/2014 22:41:07   
How We Roll Winner

@DragonJax: Make that 3 days xD

@DKYT: Why not make both; Human and Behemoth? The Behemoth is the Human's "Beast," sorta like when you have to fight a Chaos Beast xD
Those Felguards would be archenemies with the Inquisitors who wander around the Citadel in AQW O_O

Fearghas's weapon will be a kwan dao, held blade downward like a spear, with two flail maces dangling on chains on the other end :D

< Message edited by ChaosRipjaw -- 4/18/2014 21:15:58 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 125
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