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The Elemental Plane Record(and some weapons)

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4/9/2014 14:50:18   

1. Orion, Energy Soul-ally of Loyalty
Might add more later if people like it enough. Might even take requests.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
4/12/2014 14:27:23   
Flamehead 12

great! keep it up! and post the images directly on the gallery instead of links if you could :) (remember to resize them to below 500x500 though).


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
4/19/2014 5:19:18   
Warmonger DragonJax

The same thing as I said earlier but as you are drawing faces visualize the human face first and draw a light outline and fill in the drawing on it then go on to colouring and shading or whatever.Basic shape first and details and colouring next.Ah, another thing Blade the artist for AQW & MQ told me is too diversify so draw different stuff,I am going to draw helms and capes soon.Another problem you have which you share with a few artists are that your looks incomplete.I post incomplete art only when the basic design with details are complete or when some part of the colouring are completed.Review your own work before somebody else reviews it.Have an open mind and receive all criticism ,good or bad in the right spirit.My friend used to say I was good but when I got better he started saying you can do better and this is not your best.I couldn't handle it first but because of what he said I am constantly trying to get better and you can too.
Post #: 3
4/28/2014 16:36:03   

Thanks for the critique, I've been looking for some tutorials since you told me to work on anatomy, and I've made some good things since then.
Also, I was gonna do a personal weapon for me, so I was wondering if you had any tips as far as weapons go.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 4
4/28/2014 21:33:39   
Warmonger DragonJax

Don't ask me that.I just random gibberish on the paper and it turns into weapons. I have no set advice on weapons except that is should be as symmetrical as possible which I try and don't get.Add some unique structure to the design as a whole even if it is unusable in a real fight.Just visualize it and draw it on paper, add some effects(Fire,lightning) if the weapon is too plain and other accessories like that.You should not be asking me advice on that,just sayian
Post #: 5
4/29/2014 7:12:50   
How We Roll Winner

There's a number of things that you can follow in order to come up with a successful weapon. Let me tell you some:

1. Conceptualise

Are you trying to make a weapon similar to Fantasy games or are you trying to create realistic weapons like plain longswords, broadswords etc.?

Get this cleared.

2. Form

The outer shape of your weapon is what you start with. My preferred order for a plain sword is hilt(handle), crossguard(the meeting point of the hilt and blade) and lastly the blade.

Go into form detail. Is the hilt crooked? Is it straight? Is it long, extra long or very short?

The crossguard. How is it shaped? Like a dragon's mouth? Like a normal circle? A crescent moon?

Lastly, the blade. Research basic sword types. Or better, make your own. A blade curved towards one side is usually a single-edged blade, like a scimitar used by Persians. A Straight Blade can either be dual-edged or single-edged akin to a cleaver. As for the shape, anything goes as long as it is aesthetically appealing to you, good on the weapon's proportion and doesn't look so overly distorted that it cannot be classified as any kind of weapon.

3. Details

Completely your choice.
Does the hilt have bandages? Is it plain? Does it have runes?
Crossguard, draw the dragon's eyes, the inner details on it's head. Or any other stuff depending on what you've made.
Blade, absolutely anything goes. It can either flow with the blade's direction or against it. It can be squares, curves, zig-zag lines or a beautiful combination of all these. Anything goes here.

In case of details, the more, the merrier. Just don't make it so detailed that you yourself get confused.

4. Shading

You can shade your weapon any way you want, if you are into shading. You can either shade with a light source in mind or you can shade along the details. You can put in a shine effect by leaving white spaces amidst your shading. (Don't overdo it). Leave areas with lighter shading or darker shading.

Remember to keep the tones flowing into each other. They must transition into each other brilliantly so that you can't notice the differentiating line between the 2 tones.

That's all there is.

Start with a faint pencil outline getting in the basic form and then work on it with a darker pencil. Once you've mastered it, you won't have to think of all these separately, the whole weapon'll just jump into your mind.

Mind the symmetry. A sword must be near-perfect in symmetry or it looks unbelieveably jarring. You don't need to achieve perfection here, just work on it.

Before trying out any weapon, check out how they actually look. Then play with it as you like.

Good Luck.^^

DF MQ AQW  Post #: 6
5/2/2014 14:08:25   

My new signature weapon is finished!

Sir Jonah's Renegade Rifle-Sword!

This is also my 1st DF weapon design, so feedback it appreciated!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 7
5/2/2014 21:15:39   

The Rifle-Sword concept is interesting, but you should really add more detail to the skull itself - it would greatly improve the weapon.
Post #: 8
7/21/2014 17:48:56   

Alright, I made 2 possible redesigns of my personal character on DF and I need to know which you guys like better.
The first is more of a tech-based one,
and the 2nd is more mogloween-based.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 9
7/22/2014 11:41:20   

My personal favorite is the second one. I think Sir Jobsh looks superb in it, and as well as that the background and shading are on par with your character, who as I said looks great. Keep up the fantastic work, you'll go far :)
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 10
7/22/2014 12:06:08   

@Salene: Thank you, I was trying something new by using this thing I found while goofing around on the computer. Admittedly, it's a little limited, and I certainly would prefer photoshop or flash, but it works really well for my purposes nonetheless, despite being meant for people 18 and up.
Also, I was trying to make him explain a little about me in a sense, because my all-time favorite holiday is Halloween and I'm a fan of Kawaii artwork.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 11
7/24/2014 1:38:28   
DF Artist

I kinda feel like you could portray your character much better by not using a K-On character maker—it's a bit hard to visualize Sir Jonah in that game's style, primarily meant for creating girls rather than guys. XD

As far as those two ideas go though, I like the Mogloween Prince. I don't know what sort of backstory you wanted to give that version of Sir Jonah, but it looks more complete as a character design than the biotech version, probably because most of his machinery consists of 6 similar bracelets placed on him at regular intervals. Not to mention biotech-Jonah seems a bit plain in just that tanktop and shorts. At least Mogloween-Jonah also has a top hat, striped socks, and a bandage that makes us guess what happened to him. (High-five for liking Halloween!)
DF  Post #: 12
7/24/2014 9:00:27   

@Tybira: Thanks for the comment man. And yes, I have noticed that it's better at making girls. I just thought that, since so much of my art is with pencil, I'd try something new for my personal character to separate it slightly from my other stuff.
Also, I haven't yet come up with the full backstory for the mogloween one quite yet, but I thought about it for a long time, and I will add it into the description as soon as I get all of the details sorted out in my head.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 13
7/30/2014 17:05:25   

Alright, I decided that I wasn't quite satisfied with either of the 2 things I made with the program I found( Which is likely, as Tybira said, A K-on character maker). Also,I was not able to come up with the backstory for the mogloween one, and I apologise for that. So, In order to make it up to you all, I decided to make a new one! This one is based more on the Grim Reapers from Black Butler(One of my favorite animes of all time!). Take a look!
His weapon will come at a later date! Here's the weapon, too!

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 14
8/1/2014 5:47:34   
DF Artist

...I'll fess up, I'm REALLY curious as to how Jonah managed to make two strands of his hair stick up like little horns. XD

Again, that character maker has limitations and I think y'should try to stay off it for character concepts even if you're trying something new. (This sub-forum is meant for displaying and discussing your own art skills, after all, and not pre-made parts by someone else.) It doesn't matter if most of your works are in pencil as long as you present your ideas well. Plenty of artists, including Mark Crilley and akirakirai on deviantART, frequently go back to using good ol' graphite. One of the current AQW volunteer devs, Laken, used to only draw with pencils. Concept-wise though, Jonah looks real professional in his suit.

As for the weapon...it looks interesting to wield? I have a vague idea around how one would use it, 'cept it doesn't seem like it'd be the most practical thing to slice and dice with even if there's an electric razor attached. But hey, that's not always a bad thing. It just means y'have to be creative in how y'hold it. So I guess Jonah could wildly wing it around with one hand on the handle or use both hands if he really wanted to. : p

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DF  Post #: 15
8/1/2014 10:28:50   

@Tybira: You definitely have a point, there are many traditional artists who use pencil. The only problem is that I have a major problem with drawing eyes. As long as I can get away with making them non-human eyes, I can at least do them without covering them altogether, but it's still a major problem that I've been trying to deal with. And of course, I would like to find a flash program so I could learn how to work with programs like that, but I've been having a hard time finding one for free.
And as for the weapon, I was going for it looking like a weed-wacker, since all of the Death Scythes on Black Butler are based on gardening tools. I even went out to my dad's shop to see where to place the handle.
Also, I might try to draw out my character with the weapon one day, when I find the time.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 16
8/2/2014 2:13:13   
DF Artist

Man, dun be discouraged. : p If y'can't do eyes, go study various forms of eyes. Y'gotta practice to become proficient. The eyes don't even have to be connected to a face or body of any kind.

Unfortunately, I don't think there's really any free programs out there that're like Flash...it's a pretty one-of-a-kind thing. I can suggest Inkscape as a free vector program if you're desperate, but it's not like Adobe Flash at all.

It's also good to hear that you're dedicated enough to go out and get references in person. x)

Anywhodles. Good luck, and don't stop!
DF  Post #: 17
8/2/2014 18:21:17   

You know what? You're right, I shouldn't let a little obstacle like eyes get me down like this! In fact, I should try to revel in the challenge that it'll bring, so that I can improve in my traditional art!
And you know what else? You're absolutely right about limiting myself the way I did with a character creator! I need to make my DF personal character totally original!
And so, I've decided on a new idea that should work for my personal character that will separate him from the rest! I'll post it here when it's done!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 18
8/4/2014 12:55:14   

K, I finally drew out my new personal character design. So without further ado, I'd like you all to meet Sir Jonah, The Doll Maker of Amityvale

The idea behind the class is that they're able to make these dolls to fight for him. The type of doll varies depending on the Doll Maker. For example, my character, Sir Jonah, specializes in rag dolls or plush dolls, using his long claw-like fingernails to sew them together. He also is different from other Doll Makers because he's also able to sew himself and others back together!

The full backstory will be posted at a later date.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 19
8/7/2014 21:09:44   
DF Artist

At first, I thought your idea resembled Kankuro and his dolls from Naruto.
Then I thought perhaps Jonah was like some sort of SoulWeaver-Necromancer mix.
Third, I was reminded of Shou Tucker, the Sewing-Life Alchemist, from FMA.
Now I'm really not sure what Jonah the Doll Maker reminds me of. ;;

But hey. Joking aside, Jonah sounds like an interesting puppeteer. What sort of thread would he/other Doll Makers use? Y'mentioned he uses his fingernails (yikes, they're long) like sewing/knitting needles, but I'm guessin' he still needs something stringy to tie his creations together. Not to mention sewing up himself and other people. Also, what's up with his right eye? And...is that a pink rabbit head on his clothing?

As for art, it could be beneficial for you to go look at body proportion charts. I don't know many people whose hands are larger than their nether areas. : p
DF  Post #: 20
8/8/2014 6:36:59   

@Tybira: As I stated before, that depends on the Doll Maker in question. Also yes, I did put the bunny head there, but mostly to try to add a whimsical touch.
Now as for the eyes.... I was trying to find a way to make my character unique. The 1st idea I had was for both eyes to be buttons, but I was worried that would seem overdone.
Oh, and as for his threads, he hides them inside his sleeves.
And yes, I know it's a little off anatomy wise, but I am studying it whenever I can, so hopefully I'll improve more over time.
And as far as the healing is concerned, I had 2 ideas for how it would work:
1. He would be able to use the flesh itself to weave it back together with his claws(kind of more like a zipper).
and 2. He would have some sort of special healing thread that would dissolve into the flesh once it healed them.
Oh, and if you want, you may use the concept of the Doll Maker class to make your own character as long as you make it different from mine and give me credit!

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 21
8/10/2014 2:17:59   
DF Artist

x) Gotcha.

I'd say dissymmetry of the eyes is a nice visual effect, but if it'd fit better into his backstory to have two button eyes, then go fer it. As for healing, the first idea sounds (while neat) incredibly strong. Far more powerful than Riadne's current capabilities or other medicinal magics we've heard of so far (except for the remedy that supposedly saved Roirr's life?). Don't get me wrong, I'm not against the idea—I just expect there would be some sort of rebound, high cost to pay, or something else to counter-balance the technique.

And thank you for the offer. I wasn't planning to make a Doll Maker character, but it's something to consider.
DF  Post #: 22
8/13/2014 15:54:47   

Okay, confession time... I always wanted to have my personal character's signature class be SoulWeaver, but I've never been able to draw it out. So, eventually I think I'll try to draw a new personal character design with the SoulWeaver class.
But first, since everybody is starting to do Soul-allies, I decided to make a new personal Soul-Ally for myself

Hera, The Elemental Water Spirit of Kindness

Her virtue being Kindness, she is an Elemental Spirit of Water. She is a non-violent person usually, preferring to solve problems peacefully. However, she can toss her non-violent nature aside when needed, and while she rarely fights, she is an excellent fighter when she needs to be.

She is able to feel the flow of magic in Lore, allowing her to detect an enemy who uses magic from incredible distances. She is also able to use Lore's flow of magic to her advantage, allowing her to use it to heal her ally. Her form is also malleable, allowing her to attack by changing or extending her arms, giving her excellent reach in a fight.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 23
8/14/2014 17:46:16   

ur spirit is good but what u need to do is start learning how to draw dragonfable style my 2 sa's are both made in dragon fable style using templates of other soul allys vex is based of of ch3 ageis sie is based of of vaals soul ally try printing out soul allys and tracing them then start modifying them so u can start learning df 2d art :3 good luck and if u need templates tybira has one and i can make some
DF AQW  Post #: 24
8/14/2014 18:55:27   

@Drakath, No offense, but I don't think copying DF's style is a very good idea- there's no use in having that same style. If you trace the bases, you don't really learn anything- if you really want to draw in that exact style, use references- look at the soul-allies, but don't copy them line for line!
Just some friendly advice
DF  Post #: 25
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