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=AQ= Frequently Asked Questions

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4/15/2014 23:55:46   
The Game
Pegasus Overlord

This is the AQ Q&A FAQ, where you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on this forum. If you have a suggestion for a possible addition to this FAQ, please PM one of the section staff.

Table of Contents

0. Questions about future content

1. Questions about stats

2. I haven't played the game for ____ days/weeks/months/years. What has happened while I was gone?

3. Where can I find information about the location/stats/availability of an item?

4. Questions about daily caps

5. Can I Upgrade "Rare" items?

6. Questions about Z-Token Packages

7. Questions about Golden Giftboxen

8. How do I change the element of my no-drop equipment?

9. Where can I select different no-drop equipment?

10. Can I change my default log-in equipment?

11. Questions about Awe equipment

12. What are Mastercraft items?

13. How do status conditions work?

14. Which monsters are considered unbeatable?

15. What is there still to do in The Sweep?

16. What are the perks of Guardianship?

17. Can I reset/delete my character/account?

Frequently Asked Questions

0. Question about future content
Questions along the lines of "When will _____ happen?", "When is _____ coming out?", "What is going to happen next!?", "Is _____ going to ________?", or "Why isn't _____ in the game?" are not to be asked. Unless there is a formal announcement by members of the AQ staff regarding upcoming releases, the player-base has as much information about such content as you do. As a result, proposing such questions serves little to no purpose.

1. Questions about stats
Stats influence various aspects of how well one performs in battle. For each level reached, five stats points are added to your stat pool. You then spend these points by defeating the proper stat trainer in battle. To visit the stat trainers, simply click the "Stat Trainers" tent on the right side of the screen in Battleon. This price chart documents the financial costs of stat training.

Which stats should I train?
Kaelin's Build-a-Build Workshop is the go-to resource for information about the specifics of what stats do and how stats interact with one another.

How do I reset my stats?
  • Similar to how you battle stat trainers to increase your stats, there is an untrainer you battle to decrease your stats. Sir Pwnsalot is the man you are after, but meeting with him requires that you die in battle. Once you have done so, Death will appear before you. If you notice, there is an hourglass adjacent to him. Click on it to access Death's Domain. Here, you must venture in the darkness through the purple portals until you encounter two gravestones. Click on the one labelled "Sir Pwnsalot" to reach your destination. Each battle you lose to him, you will lose five stat points in whichever category you chose. If you have already met with him once and are a Guardian, simply use the teleporter in the Guardian Tower to visit Sir Pwnsalot.
  • If you own a house, you may purchase the Battle Stat Trainer and the Magic Stat Trainer with Z-Tokens to skip the time-consuming process of losing constant battles to Sir Pwnsalot.

    2. I haven't played the game for ____ days/weeks/months/years. What has happened while I was gone?
    The current releases will usually be discussed in the "=AQ=" tagged threads in AQ General Discussion. In the case of more significant developments, the AQ Design Notes is a useful reference. If you are looking more in terms of items, AQ Equipment Comparison houses threads for almost every item released. For a more comprehensive compilation, the following release date threads in AQ Encyclopedia may be of use:

    3. Where can I find information about the location/stats/availability of an item?
    The AQ Encyclopedia is an indispensable tool that contains all the raw information you need to know about an item. It is cleanly delineated by equipment categories along with indices pinned to the top of each sub-forum for ease of navigation. If a particular item does not yet have an encyclopedia entry, especially if it is relatively new, you can find the raw stats in Info. Submission.

    4. Questions about daily caps
    If you are not receiving any gold or experience from battles, you have most likely reached your daily caps for the respective rewards. Caps are a limit on how much you can earn each day to discourage people from spending unhealthy amounts of time playing. These caps reset at 12 AM eastern/server time. If you are interested on the cap formulae, please refer to #19 of the Master List of Game Formulae. In the event of a temporary gold or experience boost, your cap is also increased by the given percentage.

    Is there a cap on Z-Tokens earned from battles?
    (X-)Guardians can earn around 50 Z-Tokens from battles while Adventurers can earn 25. Additionally, your ability to earn Z-Tokens through battles is contingent on whether or not you have reached your reward caps. If you have reached both caps, you will not earn further Z-Tokens. Do remember that your gold cap is affected only by gold earned through battles, not by buying or selling items.

    Can I see how far into my caps I am?
    You can track how much gold or experience you have earned through This App.

    What is the maximum amount of gold I can have?
    As of February 5, 2017, the primary soft cap is 1.2 billion gold. However if selling an item the cap can increase to a maximum of 1.5 billion or 300 million gold over the primary cap. Additionally upon log in on a new day gold will reduce to 1.8 billion if above that amount.
    Note: The primary cap has priority over all other caps, after any saving battle gold will reduce to meet the primary cap if exceeding it.

    5. Can I Upgrade "Rare" items?
    Yes many "Rare" items, meaning an item that is no longer obtainable can be Upgraded to a higher existing tier. This includes(but not restricted to) many Seasonal, Token, Golden Gift Box & more recent Frostval Gift Box items. A full list of items and their cost per Upgrade can be found at: http://www.battleon.com/info/aq-upgradelist.asp (Only shows lvl 50+ on the list)

    How do I Upgrade my items?
  • Log out of AdventureQuest if you are playing in any browsers
  • Go here: http://www.battleon.com/account.asp
  • Login to the account site
  • Click the "Character List" link on the menu
  • Choose a character
  • Click the "Upgrade Inventory"
  • If you have any items that are level-upgradable, you will see an arrow to click along with the cost
  • Clicking the arrow buys the upgrade!

    What does the cost shown actually mean?
  • For gold items the cost to Upgrade an item is: The price of the new item in game minus the sellback of the item you currently own.
    (new item price - old item sellback)
  • For token items the cost to Upgrade an item is: The price of the new item in game minus the price you paid for the current item you own.
    (new item price - old item price)

    6. Questions about Z-Token Packages
    When purchasing Z-Tokens, AQ oftentimes includes promotional item(s) as part of the package. These items are attractive for their art, raw power, unique flavor, or any combination of the three. It is important to remember, however, that these items are intended to be sweeteners rather than the focus of an given package. To view what promotional items that currently accompany Z-Token packages, please refer to the Z-Token link on the AQ homepage.

    How do I claim my items after I have bought a package?
    By purchasing a Z-Token package during the item's promotional period, whichever character you chose gains full access to an in-game shop where you can purchase the item at your leisure. You may access these shops even if you have not purchased a package; you just would not be able to purchase anything in that shop. The items in these shops have a 50% discount on the regular price tag. But, depending on what kind of ability the item in question possesses, the regular price tag can be higher than usual to compensate.
  • Ballyhoo and Upgrades -> Rewards
  • Valencia -> Are there Special Offers? -> Visit Ballyhoo's upgrade shops

    How long does an item promotion typically stay?
    It really depends on how well the package sells. A promotion that generates more sales will remain for a longer period of time than one that generates less. When an item promotion does end, it is usually replaced with another one.

    7. Questions about Golden Giftboxen
    Golden Giftboxes (GGBs) are the centerpiece of a special monthly promotion where you can attain powerful items with oftentimes unique flavors. These items are mostly popular artifacts from AQ's past, but can include new attractions as well. You can purchase GGBs from Valencia (Battleon -> Speak to Valencia -> What are Golden Giftboxes?) individually or in bulk; a single box will cost 250 Z-Tokens while ten boxes will cost 2000 Z-Tokens. With these boxes, you will be able to randomly access three shops of varying rarity - Common, Rare, and Ultra Rare. As one would expect, the odds of accessing a shop decrease the rarer it is. You can decide to spend your boxes all at once or conserve them for future items.

    Where can I see how many boxes I own?
    The number of GGBs you own is displayed on your character page just under "Gold" and "Z-Tokens". While any unused purchases from redeemed boxes can be checked with https://www.battleon.com/account.asp under "Unused GGB Rewards".

    GGB Tier Exchange
    From the same Account Management option as mentioned above you can also exchange unused purchases at a rate of 25 common for 1 rare and 10 rare for 1 Ultra Rare.

    Do players receive free boxes?
    Upon upgrade to Guardian status a character gains two free GGBs, Guardians will also automatically be given one free GGB when they first log in each month. (This applies to all Guardian characters on your account, so you do not need to log in to each individual character.) Additionally the estate building Museum will reward one GGB upon first log in of a month if built on your estate. (This applies to Guardian Accounts regardless of the individual characters upgrade status so long as that character has the building built.)

    What can I do if I did not receive my free box this month?.
    If you are a Guardian, you have logged in to the game this month, and you are sure you have not gotten your one free box, follow the below steps in order.
  • Step 1: Clear your cache and re-log in.
  • Step 2: Wait until the 5th of the month.
  • Step 3: See if it is a personal issue or a game wide issue. (This means see if anyone else has asked the same question)
  • Step 4: If it is a game wide issue, do nothing and simply wait.
  • Step 5: If it is a personal issue, you may PM In Media Res with your character ID if it is after the 5th.

    Please do not PM IMR or any other staff member about a missing free giftbox until you have followed steps one through four.

    What happens if I left a shop without buying anything?
    Previous unused purchases can be redeemed using the "What's Inside?" option, no additional boxes are needed. This means that, if you crash out of a shop or do not like the current selection of items, you will still retain your ability to purchase. The game keeps track of which shop you left, so do not fret about leaving an ultra rare shop.

    Is there anyway to upgrade a GGB item of lower tier to higher tier, if the item has gone rare?
    Yes, please see #5 of this FAQ above.

    How does the 5% XP/Gold boost I get from the GGB work?

    ORIGINAL: Captain Rhubarb

    The instant gold and XP rewards do NOT count towards your daily cap.
    And the +5% ongoing boosts increase your daily cap by 5%.

    By the way, X-Guardians would get 15.5% instead of their normal 10% boost if they buy the ongoing +5% prize booster.
    The bonuses multiple together. normal * 1.10 * 1.05 = normal * 1.155

    The extra 5% bonuses are currently hidden into the rewards you see for the Monster stats, and "you win" scroll.
    This is similar to when we do those server-wide bonus weekends.

    8. How do I change the element of my no-drop equipment?
    By speaking with Nimrod in the Guardian Tower as a Guardian, you can attune your default weapon, armor, and shield to whichever of the eight elements that you wish. The cost of doing so increases the higher your level, so it would be financially prudent to attune early on and only change your no-drop element once more if it is really necessary. Your armor will primarily resist the element of your choice while the other resistances will adjust according to how they relate to that element. For more information on this relation among elements, please reference The Elemental Wheel.

    9. Where can I select different no-drop equipment?
    There are three places where you can choose different no-drop items at the cost of 20 Z-Tokens a piece:
  • Yulgar's Inn contains the Adventurer equipment.
  • The Guardian Tower Armory contains the Guardian and UltraGuardian equipment.
  • Visiting Valencia privately allows you to access the Awe equipment.

    To access the UltraGuardian items, you must first complete The AntiGuardian! through selecting the "Fight as a Guardian" option. At which time, you will be given a choice of an UltraGuardian Plate along with a mandatory UltraGuardian Shield. Afterwards, you may freely access the UltraGuardian items through the Guardian Tower Armory. Do note that you can choose to keep your UltraGuardian Shield while switching to an Armor of Awe, or vice versa.

    10. Can I change my default log-in equipment?
    Guardians can choose what default equipment they want to equip at log-in by talking to Nimrod in the Guardian Tower. There, you will find three options:
  • Save: This saves the equipment that you choose in the scroll as your default equipment at log-in.
  • Save Equipped Slots: This saves what you have equipped at the moment (scroll over your face to see) as your default equipment at log-in.
  • Equip Login Slots: This equips you with the items you have set as default.

    11. Questions about Awe equipment
    The Blade of Awe is the most iconic item in AdventureQuest because of its revered Power Word Die ability. It is one piece of the Awe items that can occupy one's default equipment slots. Information on how to forge your own Blade of Awe can be found in its encyclopedia entry. It should be noted that, for the Somewhere option at the Crossroads, there is a (star lvl*3)+6 = % chance of encountering a Rare Treasure Chest at the end of each chain of battles, provided you are at least L30.

  • "Star lvl" : Crossroads is divided in to 6 distinct location based on battle background. Each of these locations has a sign post associated with it. Upon completion of the location either directly or randomly from Somewhere the corresponding location with go up one "star lvl" to a max of nine.

    How do I access the non-weapon pieces of the Awe Equipment?
    To get the Armor of Awe, you must complete both Tomb of Awethur and The Return of Awethur!. You can adjust the element of your Armor of Awe by talking to Nimrod in the Guardian Tower. To change your armor type, go to Valencia. You can also customize the color of your Armor of Awe through her. To get the Shield of Awe, simply swap your Guardian Shield for the Shield of Awe at Valencia's.

  • Mighty Armor of Awe (heals some HP every turn)
  • Deft Armor of Awe ( heals HP when you block)
  • Insightful Armor of Awe (heals some MP every turn)

    What are the !!! versions of the Awe weapons?
    The Blade of Awe!!! originated as a prize for a past competition, but was re-released along with versions for the sister Awe weapons through the Golden Giftboxen promotion. The only difference between the respective versions is that the !!! variants scale to your level while the regular variants scale to your level -5.

    12. What are Mastercraft items?

    ORIGINAL: Chii

    What Mastercraft means:

    Mastercrafted items have extra power, versatility, or abilities which are paid for by having a higher price than normal items, instead of having penalties which would otherwise balance out the item's power so that it remained roughly equal to other normal items. A normal weapon with a trigger could deal 110% damage to undead, 95% damage to normal monsters, but a Mastercrafted weapon would deal 110% damage to undead and 100% damage to normal monsters, in exchange for having a higher price. That is Mastercrafting, partner. Accept no substitutes.


    ORIGINAL: Chii

    Mastercrafting increases the cost of an item by 10% and yields one of the following:

    1) Passive increase of one of the item's parameters (such as damage or BTH) by 5%
    2) Enabling of the item to have a "free" trigger effect (generally increasing damage by 10%) without a downtrigger state
    3) Reducing penalties associated with having expensive effects
    4) Enabling the item to have a "free" skill without a compression penalty (but still having item compression pricing where applicable)
    5) Combinations of the above or other similar effects

    In other words, it gives the item abilities and whatnot in exchange for costing more, whereas normal items wind up being weaker if they have any of these.

    In addition to Mastercraft (MC) items, there is a yearly MC set released. In contrast to stand-alone MC items, MC sets contain several items of the same theme. Known formerly as "uber" sets, they were initially released as a gold-sink for players with abundant amounts of currency. The intent was that a new set would be crafted each year while the existing set went rare. But, after the Golden set went rare and the Nemesis set (then known as Nightmare) arrived, it was determined that sets should remain a permanent addition to the game. What follows are all the MC sets in order of release:

    Dragon Knight

    13. How do status conditions work?
    If you are interested in the more technical breakdown, Status System - Saving Throws is a good resource to confer with. But, in laymen's terms, inflicting a status condition is contingent on succeeding on a roll against a baseline difficulty of 51 plus modifiers. If you look at any encyclopedia entry of an item with a status condition, you will see three categories - level, major roll, and minor roll. Each of these modifiers influence the effective difficulty of the roll needed to inflict a status. Once you have the effective difficulty, the roll is simply a number between 1 and 100. If the random number is higher than the effective difficulty, the status infliction succeeds.

  • Level: If the power level of the item you are using to inflict a status is higher than that of the monster, the difficulty goes down.
  • Major: The major roll pits one of your stats against one of the monster's stats. The greater the difference is between the two values, the easier it is to either inflict or resist a status condition. On certain items, the player will use a virtual stat designed to make that item useful for players of all stat allocations.
  • Minor: The minor roll operates similar to the major roll, except its impact on the difficulty modifier is downsized. Virtual stat does not come into play here.

    To effectively inflict a status condition, you will want to use items with the highest possible power level. For the major roll, chose an item that plays to your strengths. If you have 200 STR but 0 INT, choose the item that uses STR as the major roll while avoiding those that use INT. An item that uses VStat is fine as well, of course. Lastly, an item that uses the stat of a monster that is generally low is ideal. Since monsters hardly ever have CHA, for instance, you will have a much easier time succeeding the difficulty roll if the item takes that into account. The minor roll typically uses the LUK of both parties. That can come into play, but that is generally out of your hands.

    14. Which monsters are considered unbeatable?
    As the game has progressed, there have been various monsters once considered unbeatable that have been dethroned by an ever growing array of tactics.

    The following monsters are considered truly unbeatable at the present:
    Carnax One-on-One
    Chillax One-on-One

    Ramleoness (Furious) is technically unbeatable because its HP cannot go below one, but effectively you can win.

    For a more inclusive list please as here int he Q&A.

    15. What is there still to do in The Sweep?
    According to the KoO, "The Sweep is an on-going project to adjust nearly all equipment, classes, monsters and abilities to be more cohesive as a whole and to promote game balance. This involves massive amounts of reprogramming, adjusting many numbers, and sometimes the synthesis of entirely new abilities and options."


    ORIGINAL: Kaelin

    Weapons: Weapons not released or revised since August 2010 will, at a minimum, need Special Base/Random updated to reflect current stat% standards. These updates will typically result in power increases. Other weapons may need updates for other reasons.

    Spells: Spells not released or revised since August 2010 need a stat% update -- some spells will improve, while others will weaken. A small set of newer spells may also need to be swept.

    Shields: Pre-sweep and off-standard shields, the most recent being Fujin, need updates. From a stylistic standpoint, the changes will generally make older shields more-specialized.

    Armors: Armors not released or revised since August 2010 require an update to stat%, frequently among other changes. Such changes will typically make older armors more powerful. Most newer armors that have "offense leans" below or above 1 (these range from 0.8 to 1.25) must also be updated to implement the system of incoming and outgoing damage multipliers and must receive new Res/Defense numbers. Almost every class armor will need an update for one of these two reasons, but most also require updates for general design reasons.

    Pets: Any pets released/updated prior to 2012 will require an update to stat% and/or remove a "training difficulty." Some of these older pets will not attack reliably or at all if a player does not have enough Charisma (CHA). Most such pets will become stronger with an update, but a few may lose special abilities that make them excessively powerful or useful.

    Guests: Any summon guest released/updated prior to June 2013 will require an update to remove the "turn loss" when summoning/calling a guest.

    Misc Items: It is unclear what the sweep will do with misc items, but almost every item in the game will probably require an update to the SP or MP upkeep cost so the cost is in line with the item effect's value. This changes will typically result in SP/MP upkeep cost increases.

    Player Max HP: It needs to be proportional to the power of player actions, and the effect of END on player's HP needs to be fine-tuned accordingly. Generally-speaking, player HP will increase, especially at higher levels.

    Max SP and SP regen: SP-related values need to be proportional to the cost of player actions, including skills. Like with HP, player SP and regen will generally increase, especially at higher levels.

    Potions: The Health and Mana potions that a player uses in battle must be rescaled to be proportional to the power of player actions, including healing spells. The power will decrease at lower levels but will increase at higher levels. Other changes may be appropriate concerning the quantity of potions a player can carry and their turn or per-turn usage.

    Quests: Quests will need to be updated so players encounter level-appropriate and power-appropriate enemies. Players will also need to receive heals at appropriate intervals, as older quests give them too often or not often enough to conform to present standards.

    Monsters: At a minimum, every monster will need its damage rescaled to reflect changes made to player max HP in the future. Typically other changes are required as well.

    This list of changes is intended to be minimally-speculative yet also realistic. However, other plans are expected to emerge in the future.

    16. What are the perks of Guardianship?
    Galanoth has compiled a full list of Guardian-exclusive content for easy reference. If you are an existing Guardian or are contemplating whether or not to become one, the list is worth a gander.

    17. Can I reset/delete my character/account?
    It is not possible to reset your character and start anew. The closest you can come is to either start a new character or manually sell your items and untrain your stats. Along those lines, you cannot delete your character if it is a Guardian or it reaches the L50 threshold. With that being said, accounts without a Guardian character can be deleted via "Manage Your Account" on the homepage. Since this is an irreversible process, it is usually better to simply leave your old account be and start a new one if you must.

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