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Night of Knights

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5/14/2014 4:10:42   
The White Knight

Preface, one could possibly say that I am possibly back. Maybe c: Either way I've been convinced to start writing again so here is my recent work ! I promise you guys, I will be updating once every Thursday to Friday =)!

To Criticisism


The year is 2417, people have evolved from what the previous centuries have thought they’d be. In 2382 the United States’ government laid claim to a mysterious discovery in ancient ruins located in Northern China. This discovery led by several of the world’s leading paleontologists and soldiers from the U.S.A. would disappear from all news within 24 hours, along with the paleontologists and military presence accompanying them. In 2383, a company mass-produced something called Human-Wear, they were suits of metal fashioned to bond with the user to literally create armor around the owner. These Human-Wear models came in numerous different types ranging in price, the N-Model, or Normal-Model, which was about the price of your average sedan, then there was the G-Model, which was the Great-Model. Of course one can’t forget the S-Model, or the Super-Model, this is something which ranges in price from, an affordable sports car to an extremely expensive sports car. Unfortunately, it has almost become required for kids attending school to have Human-Wear, though a few students, such as myself choose the option of learning ‘the old-fashioned’ way. My name is Paul Aghdijian, I’m a 17 year old senior in highschool, and this is my story.

Chapter 1: First Impressions

Beep, Beep, Beep

As I woke up this morning to my wonderful alarm clock, I realized it was my first day of senior year, and I already dreaded going. Unfortunately, it’s an inescapable event that I’d have to face sooner or later, so I will get dressed and leave me house anyway. To make matters worse, school is a 15 minute walk from my house, and although I don’t hate Human-Wear, a store within five minutes of my house, that I have to pass by to get to school, always makes me question why I choose not to get one. Though as I was walking today, by that very store, I saw what looked like the local store manager, throw a white diamond-shaped object out the back door onto the ground. If you have ever seen a Human-Wear; before it creates a neurological link with the host’s brain and bonds with that user, not just providing biofeedback where the Human-Wear will intercept anything that occurs and do the action in the suit, it looks like a small metallic cube. I walked up to this white diamond-like object and lifted it from the ground, from the weight of it, it seemed to be just another Human-Wear, but it would have began to form a bond with me had I lifted it. I stopped walking to examine this thing, as I thought to myself, “Maybe this is why he threw it out.” To my surprise the diamond suddenly began to expand to show a black inside with small slits in the openings that had shiny blue veins run through it. The object then proceeded to open on one end into a box, and being the curious child I am, I jammed my hand into the box immediately to be met with an extremely painful sting followed by what I recollect as a blackout.

“Oh man, what was that?” I asked myself as I woke up. As I slowly opened my eyes an unfamiliar HUD now covered my field of vision, with time on the top right, along with a transparent calendar on the left and a message running along the bottom right reading “Hello Paul, I’ve been waiting for you.” I started thinking to myself what happened, before a large message appeared center screen. “Hello, I am the armor known as Rhododactylos. I am of the unique 5 god armors. You can activate me at anytime by stating either my name, followed by execute, or activate, along with pressing the orb in the center of your palm while saying my name in your head. Further information to be included is as follows. this armor is also known as the White Knight armor, and during an initial worldwide scan I have determined three other god armors have already been activated along with seven of ten the second most powerful tier, 14 of the 15 third most powerful tier, 20 out of 20 of the fourth most powerful tier, and 19 of 25 of the final most powerful tier. My scan also revealed almost 7.9 billion weaker and unrelated models activated on human hosts as well.

I had no idea what to even say about all this, what was all this armor talk about, and why was it telling me? I had to see how far the extent of the armor was, but before I could even finish the thought it interjected with a message on the screen, “I can begin a walk to the local Saddleback mountains as you were wishing to test me. If you still wish to do so.” I agreed as the armor began walking for me, so I started to think the question can you talk in my head as well, like how I hear my own voice in my head? Shortly after a message popped up saying, “I can create a frequency for which you think my voice is, but transmitting it into your brain can cause dangers and permanently interfere with received biofeedback and neurotransmission in the future. I was interested by this but wondered more, what if I was in a fight? Would it be able to transmit things into my brain then? I waited for the message to pop up, and when it finally did it read, “The actions won’t be directly moved to your brain, but rather carried out, and your thoughts along with my own tactics will both be assessed in the time of about 1 nanosecond, although, if a fight with another god level armor has been chosen, the fight will be between you and the other user(s), due to the way god armors fight it would be a fight of standing on the ground due to infinite possibilities of the way the armors could then proceed to fight.” I had in the back of my mind that these armors could go to speeds of almost 120 miles an hour (Regular S-Model tier) so naturally I wanted to push the limit and see what the armor was capable of. To my surprise it popped up with a message saying, “288, is my speed limit, although we cannot reach that speed in our current location, so our current speed limit is 110 miles an hour as to not draw too much attention.” Before it began a sprint, I saw myself in a reflection, I could see a tattered brown cloak draping over most of my body, along with a thin white armor now covering my body, I hadn’t realized till now, but the armor felt light, as if it was a layer of paper covering me, as I examined the suit, I scanned to the face, where a white visor hung in place over my eyes, with a white helmet and two large horns protruding from the center and aiming back in an odd lightning bolt shape. I thought about the visor moving up in my head trying to imagine the look of it, and the armor’s visor slowly lifted up. I was completely unaware that the armor had even enhanced my optics as well. I could see farther and more vibrantly, along with ultra-violet being visible to me, I could see a strange wave of the faintest purple hanging around nearly everything, and only had the purple intensify when I began to stare near or directly at the sun. I think its finally time to let this armor take me to my destination so with my look back toward the mountain. The mountain was a usual 25 minute walk, and hour and a half climb, but in the White Knight Armor I made it there in a little over 15 minutes. I asked it in my head, “Do you think you’d go by W-Model, or Model-W, or whatever to be honest?”

It responded, “ After searching your memories, and everything you can remember, I believe Model-W, or a W-Model would be fitting in the situation had you needed to explain me, which will come in handy in about 2 minutes and 37 seconds.” I thought that was funny, and immediately questioned it in my head.

“One type four model, two type three models, and a type one model are approaching from the same path we took, would you like me to take defensive manners? If you wish to self activate imagine a sword being hidden in your right arm’s panel, and imagine it dropping into your hand, seeing your brain’s responses as of now, you wish to confront this situation peacefully, and I will wait on standby.”

What was coming and why was it coming for me? I imagined the visor lifting up again so that I could see clearly. Just as Rhododactylos states, four armored knights approached me each at a high velocity. I carefully analyzed each one before making any assumptions, the lead was an armor that looked almost like a silver samurai from old Japanese feudal days, he had traditional style Japanese armor on, but along with that he also, had more modern sides, of where the armor was now compensated to protect him better, along with a flowing cape, and a helmet that wasn’t tradition style either, all this was accompanied by what seemed to a naginata from where I was standing. He was followed by a large man, in a green tinted armor, gauging from the armor, it was much bulkier but allowed for his obvious more muscular build. The first person looked to be in their mid 20’s, while this man seemed to be in his thirties, his armor was also less rounded, and more flat surfaced, I couldn’t quite tell why yet, but I guess I’d figure it out, behind the two men, were two young females. The first female was directly behind the larger green armor, and whispering something to her armor, her armor was a light blue and also had a cape hanging from her back, there was no special features that were protruding from her armor, it seemed like an average S-Model except slightly bulkier, the only noticeable thing on her was the weapon hanging from her side, it was like a lance, yet at the same time a sword, I’d have to examine it further for more details later, this woman was also what seemed to be in her thirties, or very late twenties, possibly married to the green armor. The final was a young girl, seemed to be my age, but no older than twenty-one, her armor was also light blue, but had a gold and white tint along with it. Her weapon though was the weirdest, it looked like a sword of blade that had been turned into a whip and was attached to her arm, slightly hanging from the top of her right arm like a spike, which also made me realize that the first young man that had now almost reached me, also had four claws hanging from his left arm, along with what looked like a brace around it, clearly, it was also a concealed weapon. This was gonna be an interesting encounter. As they arrived at the peak of the mountain, within 10 feet of me, I heard the 30 year old woman whisper into her armor, which was most likely attached to a microphone to someone giving commands to them, “Target located, encounter beginning now. Standby.”

“Paul Aghdijian, you’re under arrest for crimes against the President. If you wish to explain your situation further, you may do so aboard our airship, where we will not immediately take you into custody, but instead to our Captain, who would like to make you an offer.” explained the Silver Samurai.

Chapter 2: The Team

The situation I was in was clearly a tense one, I was ready to draw the sword apparently hidden in a compartment on my brace, but if they wanted to kill me they would have started off with an attack. I pondered it for a few seconds wondering why Rhododactylos wasn’t assisting me, but then I realized I had moved my visor up, now I can’t lower it without seeming to transition into a state of aggression, I was stuck at a stalemate now. I had to go with them, “I’ll go with you guys, how far are we walking?” I questioned the group, but yet again, the older woman just spoke into her headset/helmet combo saying something about target secured and to ‘come down’.

“Don’t worry kiddo, the airship will drop a return pod down for us.” the green giant answered. As he had said though, a return pod landed about 10 feet behind me, it looked like a black table with five seats around it, along with accommodating seat belts, I guess this was gonna be a fun ride. I sat down and strapped myself in waiting for the other four knights. I didn’t even think if I was walking into a trap before I had buckled myself in, now it was way too late because the pod’s sides were closing in and we were about to get lifted up 50,000 feet in a minute. I closed my eyes waiting for the inevitable nausea to occur from the drastic change in height, even with the armors accompanying us our body would still take a heavy toll. Oddly enough, the nausea feeling came in later than usual, and much less than I had expected, although my travelling companions seemed to have taken the full effect. Maybe it had to do with the difference in power between our armors. Before the pod opened though I should take the time to lower my visor in case of a trap. I had the visor drop immediately, and first thing showing up was a message from Rhododactylos, “Tread carefully, there is something odd about this aircraft, I will continue an analysis and return to you shortly.” I now had the fact that this could be trap branded in my mind, either way I should walk with them anyway to see what this is about.

“Folllow me, I’ll go to the captain, everyone else, you can go rest.” stated the Samurai like knight before he let his armor retract to its source. “You can retract your armor as well, we’re not gonna attack you here, if anything we need you.” I couldn’t take anything they said to heart, but the other three knights also retracted the Human-Wear, and went in the opposite direction.

“I’m ok with keeping it on until the situation has been cleared.” I spoke cautiously, as a message popping up on my HUD now warned me reading, “It seems that there is a tablet originating from my time here, whether it is in tact or just a fragment, I am unable to determine.” From the armor’s time? Just what could that mean, I didn’t have time to think, we were rapidly approaching the deck it was less than 20 paces away now down the corridor. I knew I was about to have an interesting encounter, and just as the thought rolled through my head, the door opened, revealing a large panel of windows that would show the sky all around us, and standing at the center window on a raised window was, who I presumed to be the captain of this airship.

“So this boy is the one that got the legendary Tier-5 Armor?” I could see the captain staring at a reflection towards me as he asked about my armor.

“Yea, this is the kid.” responded the nameless samurai.

“Boy, do you know of the legend of five?” asked the captain, but due to the fact i was apathetic about the entire Human-Wear legend, left me with no clue what this guy was talking about. I agreed to let my armor retract for the first time, I felt the covering leave my body and return to an odd black ball resting above my palm.

“No, I have no idea, why do you ask?” I asked him back. I didn’t get a word respond, I was handed a paper by the Samurai, it was a scan of a broken stone tablet, on the tablet, I saw an ancient language that I couldn’t recognize along with a white diamond inscribed on it, but also a black rhombus, the broken tablet cut off the rest of that line, but as I examined further down, I saw more odd shapes. Even though Rhododactylos had been returned to my palm, my enhanced vision remained, and the armor communicated with me by translating the paper. It showed the top list of the broken tablet as ‘God L’ I took that to be ‘God Level’ since it was broken. “What is this?”

“That, boy is a scan of the secret Archorian race of people, who took refuge in parts of the world, after fleeing the future. They were kept secret by governments of the world, there are 75 total armors in the world. Your armor is the only recorded Tier-5 armor to be activated.” informed the ship captain.

“That isn’t true, three of the other Tier-5 armors have been activated, Rhododactylos, my armor, did an initial scan and determined three others were activated, it also told me that only 10 armors were left unactivated in your tiering list.” I blurted out. The captain turned around with a horrified look on his face, he seemed to be a mix of Asian, white, and black, but no matter I could see the crow’s feet on his eyes, and the white hairs popping up from his thin beard. He looked at me horrified, along with the Samurai.

“Would you be willing to join the American military special armor squad?” Asked the captain bluntly. “There is a worldwide ranking of people using the armors in the military. Our team consists of 32, 37, 44, and 49. Having a T-5 armor on our team would greatly boost our ranking. Along with that no army worldwide has an armor above T-4.” as he stated these facts to me, I pressed on the white ball in my hand and thought said Rhododactylos in my head.

“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna attack you, I just want to discuss with the armor what its opinion is of the situation.” As I thought what should we do, a message running across my screen with the single word ‘Join’ ran across the HUD. I didn’t know how to take this, and I assumed Rhododactylos had it’s reasonings but what could they be? “I will join your little squad.”

Chapter 3: Lost Resolve

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